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8.31.14 around 11pm

I just cut my finger nails on my left hand! That was so challenging cause I'm using the cutters with my right hand which I've got no fine motor control with! This is just one thing out of many this survivor deals with  every day! I was successful though my left hand is done, I'll do my right tomorrow, that will be easy though! 

8.31.14 after 10.30

I'm spending Labor day "14" doing laundry, ugg! Lisa said something about going to Wg's so then I'll see if she will do D&D's with me! If I'm gonna make that a reality I've gutta start laundry early tomorrow :)!

8.31.14 after 7.30pm

I'm having a little trouble accepting that tomorrow is Labor day! It seems like it was just the 4th of July! The older I get, time seems to wiz by faster :( ! Now I'm remembering the cookouts, parties I used to throw on Labor days! They were always a fun time! Today I took a scoot to Wg's, got just a Wg's sub 4 dinna. This place is getting so bad last night someone slashed Lisa's tires on her car! She is so maligned by too many here! All she does is try to help neighbors here, unfair! Lisa needs to get something at Wg's so we are talking about going there tomorrow! She can't take her car, no wheels :( ! 

8.31.14 11.30am-noon

I booked all my trips for the week this morning but the web site is still down for my account anyway! I find this so hard cause I am always unsure if I did them right and if I could double check them on the web site I'd be much more at ease! I book them while simultaneously looking at my pocket calendar and my online calendar, and have it repeated back to me but there's just something about being able to see my trips in black and white that makes my brain absorb the information! When its read back to me the information seems to leave my brain almost instantly :(! This is why I've had to create stadigeies to compensate for my troubles! Take one away and I'm lost :(! I don't have to do laundry today cause I've got tomorrow free cause of the holiday.   I need something to take my mind off of being bummed out cause I can no longer throw a big Labor day cookout/party in Squantum! The one day of the year I would be able to treat my family, friends,niehbors  to free f…

8.29.14 after 10pm

I'm up late a gain cause I got involved in scanning and sharing the pics I found! I've got some space in a photo album so I should start putting them in after I scan them! I'll get more organized tomorrow! Now I gutta make something to eat! I just get so involved in these things I forget everything except the task at hand!

8.29.14 after 6pm

I had a great workout at the YMCA today:) !I got help today and didn't have to wait too long to get it :)! I tried to pay close attention to the seat adjustments on the machines but unless I actually do it, I won't fully grasp how its done! I just want to be able to go to the gym and do my workout totally independently! I spoke with Allie about the pool and she was surprised I remembered when and that we're doing the pool a week from Monday! She said thou she has gutta check her schedule  to make sure! I had a horrendous return trip home from the YMCA! I was on that van for over two hours for a 30 minute trip! I've   really gutta get going on getting my learners permit to drive so I'm not wasting so much time on "the ride"! I got home and wanted to make some mac and cheese but had no milk! I called Lisa to see if she wanted to walk to the store! I scooted to the store with Lisa and got milk but now its too late to start making that so I'm just gonna n…

8.28.14 almost midnight

 I know its late for me but my mind just starts thinking non stop and I loose track of what I'm doing and time! Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA and hopefully someone will see I'm there! I think Allie is in on Fridays and she always makes sure I get help! She said she was gonna write in my pocket calendar our pool workout the following Monday after Labor day! I'm gonna attempt to write it myself but I do need to make sure of the times!

8.18.14 after 6.30pm

The hics cookout was a blast today :) The staff is so attentive to all of the survivor's needs! I never wanted for anything :) ! I can't believe that one time I took my scooter there! Roots and large rocks and sand made it hard to ambulate  around even with my walker! I got home and took a scoot to Wg's and got some  things  I use a lot of! I'm kinda beat now so I'm gonna lie down for a little bit :).

8.27.14 after 8.30pm

I'm working on trying to get used to my mouse adaptor all over again! I can't tell you how much it helps with my uncontrollable shaking! I have the ability to scroll again too! Tomorrow I'm meeting hics at Houghton's pond in Milton Mass. for our annual cook out :). That will be  so much fun! Staff always does a great job at this event! They do great barbequing, organize  games and activities for us to do there too! I've started scanning the pics I found and posting the best to fb but what I really need to do is scan them then save them to a flash drive! I'll still save the hard copies but I wanna be mostly digital :)! 

8.27.14 around 6.30pm

I had a disappointing trip to the YMCA today! I went up to the gym, sat and waited for someone to help and nobody came :( ! I should have just gone up and got my sheet and started all by myself! I already set my weight myself just adjusting the seats I've never done. I got home and needed to take a scoot to Wg's and get some quick and easy dinnas :) ! I can't tell you how much better it is working on the computer now that KJ got my mouse adaptor to work, thanks KJ :) ! Now I gutta make a quick and easy dinna :)!

8.27.14 around 10.30am

KJ was over and she hooked up my mouse adaptor so now it seems to be more user friendly! She also showed me how I can scan my pics and name the file something I can recognize! Now I'm gonna go to the YMCA :)!

8.26.14 almost 7pm

The elevator got fixed but not till after noon :( ! Then I needed to scoot to the store! The lady who works there told me the last time they got more of that good coffee ice cream in! I picked up some of that cause I was out! I need ice cream to cool my trout down! That really bugged me about the elevator  today! If it was a life or death situation I would have gotten down but I have to use an assistive devise while at hics! Tomorrow KJ is gonna make a home visit and one task I wanna accomplish is to scan all those pics I found while looking for something else! I also found two old mice! So we can connect my mouse adaptor!

8.26.14 after 10am

I went out in the hall to go to hics, pressed the button for the elevator and nothing :(! I came back to my place and called the office and got voice mail! Then I called maintenance and created a work order on this issue! This sux, my ride was here to take me to hics so I called "the ride" to let them know I'm going back to my apartment to get my walker and take the stairs down! I get my walker, go to the stairs and make the decision that it's too dangerous to take  the stairs carrying  my walker! Then I've gutta call "the ride" and cancel my trips 4 today, call hics to let them know of my issues but in doing so I find the hics phone system is not working! I then send an email off to KJ explaining my issues! I'm off to a great start today, ugg! So many things to do to maintain living a responsible independent life!

8.25.14 after 6.15pm

I've had pt this morning and I think I've gutta wait for a call to see if I can continue to have it with vna! This therapy they come to my apartment! Because I'm able to get places they are unsure if I'm eligible for this service! I wanted this kind of therapy cause it is so convenient for me! Then I went to the YMCA and had a great workout! I'm now leg pressing over 260lb 12 times! These ole hockey legs are stronger than ever! I spoke with Allie and we were gonna do the pool on Monday  but that's labor day so were gonna do it a week from Monday! Now I gutta do dinna :).

8.25.14 after 11am

I've had pt and I'm having the same old issue, bad posture! Lisa, my pt, gave me a great exercise (task) to try to make my brain get used to keeping good posture! I stand up with my back against the wall and try to keep my shoulders flat against the wall looking forward the whole time! The thing is trying to remember to think of these and then implementing  all of them! In doing this it feels like I'm loosing my balance too though! I can't tell you how difficult it is living with tbi! Everything just is so hard :( ! 

8.25.14 around 9am

I think Chris has been here b4! If my memory is working properly which 4 a tbi survivor it usually is I think he was my last pt! My brain injury affected me more physically than cognitively!

8.24.14 after 9.30pm

I've got a busy day tomorrow! Pt at 9am then a 12.14 pick up then a 2.33 return to get back home for my homemaker! I should be home with time to spare but just in case Bayada's phone number is in my cell :)!

8.24.14 around 5pm

KJ determined my mouse adaptor wasn't working because my mouse was bad! I was able to find two old ones yesterday! That's when I stumbled on  the old pics of my past life! I guess I'm different than most survivors I like hearing about my previous life! I'm proud of who I was and the many accomplishments I made! I was well known in the autoglass industry! I used to have sales people from glass distributors and adhesive manufacturers stop by the shop to get me to try their product! I remember one product was real bad, I sent them back to the drawing board and he came back with a new improved version! I had my own brand  that worked well for me and that's how I learned if something works 4 ya don't change it! I had a salesman who always wanted to take me out to lunch or anywhere! The Drinks taught me to spread the wealth so I said to him,"take the whole crew out to dinna every month"! Every mouth we would all go to dinna on Libby owens Ford (lof)! 

8.23.14 after 11pm

I started to scan the pics I found but the program is not being very cooperative with me! I scanned one pic and it's in no way like I remember scanning pics :(! I used to do everything from the computer but now it wants me to do everything choosing all my options directly from my printer/scanner! This is all different to me so I'm gonna wait and ask KJ for her help on Wednesday :)! The better pics are coming, Kenny and friends all dressed up for DeMolay functions, Kenny messing with his sisters. an old cat of mine! It's fun reliving those times, I had a great time at my apartment in NQ! I think all the kids who used to hang out did too! I earned the name "cool dad"!

8.23.14 after 9.30pm

While searching for some older computer parts I stumbled upon some old pics of me and my kids and their friends in my apartment in N.Quincy and some trips I took them on! I'll share them after I scan them if I remember the name I gave them!

8.23.14 around 4pm

I met Lisa at D&D's and we spent some great qt together then I went to Wg's and got some quick dinnas and some junk food :)! Last few times I've got a Wg's sub, buffalo chicken sub! I mainly went to Wg's for coffee creamer but I always try to have extra of what I like/use lots of :) !

8.23.14 after 10.30am

I woke up this morning to a knocking at my door. It was Jamie from downstairs, a tbi survivor, he said his land line isn't working can he use mine. I said "sure" then I asked, you don't have a cell phone? He does but he says he's out of minutes. Now I always thought or with my plan, you have so many free minutes then you get charged per minute after you go over your free minutes! I hear that a lot, "I don't have any minutes left", Lisa is always saying that! She's a lady though and you ladies tend to gab :).

8.22.14 after 6pm

I couldn't do the YMCA today cause my foot was bothering me super bad! I can't let this corn get the better of me! Next week no matter how much it hurts I've gutta make it all three days! Today I wanted to do a scoot to Wg's and make sure the new batteries solved all my scooter issues! The power gauge never moved past full power but I found the gauge to be deceiving! I've stopped dead in my tracks b4 with the gauge reading full power! It did well though and it does seem a little quicker with the new batteries :)! Now to make some dinna :)!

8.22.14 after 10am

I've got the YMCA today and although my foot is bothering me badly I've gutta make it! I'm real excited about the speed I seem to be getting from these new turbo batteries I got 4 my scooter :) ! The weather is supposed to be rainy today but will see when I get home cause I'd like to do a Wg's scoot to give it a real test! 

8.21.14 after 8.30

I think I'm recalling what went on regarding therapy!A nurse called this morning and said a therapist will call me Friday morning to set a time to have pt! I think tomorrow too! It's gonna  have to be early cause my ride to the YMCA is at 11.51am! I've gutta make it to the YMCA tomorrow I haven't been all week!

5.21.14 around 8pm

I seem to remember something about pt tomorrow! I recall a phone call with a nurse from vna and I think she said a pt will call Friday morning. I think I posted so on fb! I guess I'm gonna have to look at my old posts!

8.21.14 around 5pm

I just ended up scooting to the office! My scooter did well but the only thing I can find wrong is the power gauge doesn't seem to be shinning as brightly as b4! That could be just me looking for things wrong though! I'll give it an overnight charge and maybe scoot to Wg's after the YMCA! I think I booked trips to and from there 4 tomorrow but with Joint venture's web site down, I have no way to check and make certain! 

8.21.14 after 2pm

My batteries arrived :)! I installed them and it's charging now! I had only a few issues doing this task! The battery case is held together by machine thread screws! That made it hard putting all the screws back but I got them all but one! I'll go back lata with my cordless drill and power the last one in! Keeping my balance was also an issue doing this task! I was sitting down the whole time but even sitting my balance is bad!

4.21.14 after 10am

I couldn't do hics today cause I'm playing the waiting game! I've gutta stay home and wait 4 Fed-x to deliver my new batteries for my scooter! Things just keep on happening in this tbi survivors life so fast its hard to keep track! I just received a call from a nurse at the vna about getting therapy! She said a pt,she said her name too but I've lost it,will be calling me later on today about starting pt tomorrow! Things in my life tend to happen quickly I even have issues keeping up! I just wish the web site for "the ride" was up and running cause that makes running this tbi surviver's life successfully so much easier! I've got my pocket calendar and my on line calendar but my writing  issues tend to make it hard to just rely on my pc and I get so busy its hard to remember to create an event in my on line calendar! I've gutta start utilizing my tablet or my iphone more! I just lost track of what I'm doing now, I guess I'm just WAITING 4 Fe…

8.20.14 around 6pm

I called Fed-x about my delivery and now I'm more confused than  b4! At first they couldn't find the order then more stuff went on it got so confusing I just want to SCREEM! I've just got to go by what I've got implanted in my brain! That is Fed-x is delivering my batteries tomorrow! I emailed KJ saying I'm gonna stay home tomorrow and wait 4 the delivery, I tried to print a note saying james young apt 30 but my printer and computer are not communicating! Lisa wrote a note 4 me and put it so it can be seen! I don't know what else I can do! Oh KJ and I called vna this morning about getting more therapy! I got a call from them while all this was going on and I think they said I would get a call either in the morning or Monday! All this information makes my head want to explode!

8.20.14 after 4pm

I'm really nervous about Fed-x delivering my batteries tomorrow! I think I should stay here and wait for them! I tried to request a time or an after time but you've gutta give so many numbers it was way too confusing for me :(! This is so important to my independence I think I've got to be here! 

8.20.14 after 2pm

My idea of switching places with the batteries on my scooter made no difference at all :(! I attempted a store scoot only to run out of juice way before technical park drive! I had to get off and push it quite a ways then this super guy pushed me to the store!With all my scooter issues I'm finding there are still many of us good people out there :) ! My new batteries are supposed to be delivered tomorrow! I think I better stay home and wait for it! I need the option to be able to at least be able to get out and away from my apartment from time 2 time!

8.20.14 around 11am

KJ was over 4 our home visit and she was able to get my batteries out and we flipped them over,changed the positions of them so maybe I can get a little more life out of them! I had thought I ordered new batteries from progressive mobility but I posted on my fb page where I did so I looked back on my posts and it was progress mobility! They have a chat window where you can chat with a representative so I did! I asked if they had a record of james young making a purchase of two batteries! He asked Holbrook mass, I said yes! I asked if he could resend the info. He did and I got the mail and promptly forwarded it to KJ! The batteries are supposed to arrive tomorrow that leaves me with some indecision,with the batteries coming tomorrow, should I do hics or not! I guess I'll just see if flipping them gave me enough power to get to the store then I can wait a day! 

8.19.14 8-9pm

No scooter batteries yet,I did use my scooter to go down and see if I had any snail mail and the power gauge said full charge the whole time but I'm not ready to take it out on the road yet! I'm hoping the batteries come real soon! I've gutta go out to the YMCA tomorrow but I should be home by 2pm then I've got a decision to make! Go to the store or wait 4 my new batteries!  

8.19.14 b4 noon

I was thinking about walking with my walker to the store today but my foot is already bothering me quite a bit. I do need to add funds to my laundry card but all I've got is two $20's, I don't like to put more than $10 on it! I could walk to the store ask them for 2 10's for a twenty then stop at the office and add funds to my card! We will see how far I can make it! My buzzer rang this morning,I was thinking maybe its the new batteries 4 my scooter! It was only the fuses I ordered from Walmart.

8.18.14 around 9pm

I thought of something I can do tomorrow! I should try walking with my walker to the store and back! I don't need anything I've just gutta prove to myself I can do it :)! I've got the seat when I get legless!

8.18.14 after 8.30pm

I've got so many things on my mind right now! I'm worried about my batteries 4 my scooter, hearing the buzzer go off, answering b4 the driver gives up, being here to receive the delivery! I guess maybe I shouldn't go anywhere until I receive the delivery! I miss not being able to depend on my scooter to get me places around here! No hics 4 me tomorrow their going to Castle island tomorrow I'd go if my scooter was working :(! I gutta figure out something to do though. I'm limited thou cause I can't go far :( ! I was told by Progressive  mobility I should receive the batteries b4 this weekend!

8.18.14 around 5.30pm

Michaela,my homemaker has been here and did a great job as usual! I only had to ask her if she would fill my ice trays and put them in the freezer. I've been able to do it b4 but why take a chance of making a mess when its no big deal 4 her! Now the only thing I've gutta be alert for is I've got a peapod order coming btw 6-8pm! 

8.18.14 around 11am

I'm kinda angry with myself for canceling the YMCA this morning cause if I had waited to wake up I then would have realized I could have fought through not feeling well! I'm also a little pissed off that I let the corn on my right little toe grow back so soon! My foot again is causing me pain :(! I'm a big believer in the mind is so powerful you can put your mind to fighting off things such as my corn! Its too late now I guess it has come back again but next time I'm gonna set my mind to prevent that God blessed corn from coming back! After having a large cup of D&D's French vanilla coffee I'm feeling better! Its amazing the positive effect that coffee has on me :)! I've got some things on my mind that I guess bother me! The fact that I tried removing the batteries to my scooter and couldn't get them out! Hopefully KJ makes a home visit this week, then she can look and see if I'm just not doing something right! I made a great living working with…

8.18.14 around 9am

I woke up not feeling well at all so I had to cancel going to the YMCA today. That sux, I was really looking forward to practicing my turns in the pool :(! I've still got my homemaker coming over at 4pm and a peapod delivery btw 6-9pm! This was the week Michaela does my bed sheets too! I don't have enough $ on my laundry card, I could see if my scooter could make it over to the office and back or just wait until next week!

8.17.14 after 8.30pm

That's such a pain not being able to access "the ride's" web site! Now not only do I try to save the voice mail I create a notepad file with my pick up times,file name "trip" and the date! With me if I can visualize something I've got a better chance of remembering it! I emailed the mbta and told of my issues with my online account with I guess the company's name now is next,and asked for their help in getting this issue resolved! Last time I went right to the mbta they got somebody working on it right away! Hopefully they do this time as well! Tomorrow is my 1st day of swimming then strength training :) ! This 54 yr old man is gonna get buff! What I need to work on in the pool tomorrow is my turns after I complete a lap and get to the other side I do a flip and push off on the wall! I used to be able to do this with ease but now its so many things to think about then perform! Its so many actions I must do at the same time! I won't worry though …

8.17.14 after 5.30pm

I just had an extremely horrible scoot to the store! My scooter was out of juice b4 I left the walkway 2 my building! Then I had to push it uphill the length of technical park dr. People who are driving by always stop and ask if I need help but you know me, I always say "I CAN do it myself"! I got my needs at the store,the clerk came out to me and asked me what I needed, took my card and brought the items out to me! Now to start the push home! I was pushing along when this pretty young lady says "can I give you a push"? She was very,very pretty I asked her name I believe it was Charlene, I always remember the pretty ladies names :) ! She pushed me right to the walkway of 144 (my building) naturally I couldn't thank her enough! If I have to go to the store again b4 my batteries arrive Ill walk it with my walker! Its much too risky pushing my scooter so far! 

8.17.14 b4 noon

I booked all my trips for the week but I had to go by my online calendar, KJ hasn't been over or I haven't seen her to write in my pocket calendar! I'm going on my impaired memory on Tuesday I think hics is going to castle island and with my scooter issues I think I didn't want to chance running out of juice! I did already book a trip 4 Monday, I go to the YMCA to go in the pool and then do my strength training :)! I also told the lady at JV about my issues with my account getting the web site, we will see how far that goes! I've gutta attempt scooting to the store today! I know with the way my scooter has been acting I'm gonna have to push it quite a ways! I was thinking maybe I should try walking there with my walker! Then I thought its all downhill on the way back,I can push it some of the way there! Its been charging all night and part of yesterday afternoon,I've gutta be positive and think its gonna make it, that my "fing" around with it did …

8.16.14 after 9.30pm

Today has not been a good day at all! I've had a day where nothing seems to go well :( ! I got the cover of my battery pack off but I couldn't lift them out of the case! I WILL get them out when the new batteries arrive! I just disconnected the leads then connected them back and still the same issues :(! I'm gonna have to use it tomorrow too, I've gutta go to the store. I anticipate it dying b4 I even get to the store but I've just gutta remember  its all downhill on the way home! My mouse adaptor is not working at all :(!So all things considered its been a shxty day 4 me :(!

8.16.14 after 4pm

Today so far has been a very frustrating day! My mouse issues are really making me at a loss of what to do. I've got another mouse I hooked up but that doesn't scroll! Its funny how we get used to all our modern conveniences! My 1st computer back in 1995  didn't have a scrolling mouse! Lisa just came over,she was having trouble  putting new batteries in the cam I gave her! She is going to her son's wedding shower tomorrow! I'm so happy I gave her something she can use :)! My mouse adaptor is working fine right now, I've gutta alternate   my concentration now and start to work on removing the cover on the battery pack on my scooter!

8.16.14 after 11.30am

I didn't get out of bed till after 10am this morning :) ! I had to book my ride 4 Monday's trip to the YMCA! I book all my trips on Sunday but this would be 4 the next day and you have to schedule trips 4 the next day b4 noon! I couldn't take a chance of not getting around to it till lata, no stress! I've found that if I can think of ways to limit my stress level do them :)! I'm using my mouse that is hooked up to the mouse adaptor and I'm finding it to work well! I've got the ability to scroll again! Before and with my other mouse, that ability wasn't there! I've just gutta concentrate on making sure my arm doesn't fall down from my desk and crash in to the adaptor causing the curser 2 disappear! The only other task I'd like to accomplish today is to take my battery pack to my scooter and take the screws out to the cover of the batteries off and expose them, maybe disconnect the leads, take them out and put them back in reverse order! I'…

8.15.14 after 9pm

I've been having awful issues with my mouse adaptor! So I connected another mouse up and that wasn't user friendly for me either. I'm using the mouse connected to the adaptor now and so far the curser hasn't disappeared on me! That was the main reason I switched!   Tomorrow I've gutta take the battery pack to my scooter apart! Make sure I've got all I need to replace the batteries,maybe I can try disconnecting the leads then connect them back! Maybe get some life out of them :)! 

8.15.14after 5.30pm

I've got to really stop and think what has happened today! I think 1st I ordered new batteries for my scooter! I spoke with Lisa last night and said I got a script in the snail mail for a med that helps me to be more alert but with my scooter issues I can't scoot to Wg's to get it filled! She said she would drive me there. Let me start at the beginning. I've been to the YMCA and had a great workout! I spoke with Allie at the YMCA and I'm going in the pool again on Monday but this time I'm doing the pool and resistance training after the pool :) ! That's great I can swim some laps the weight lifting ! That should get me into great shape :)! I'm gonna be 55 yrs old in November I want to look many years younger than that, this will be a great start at that :) ! I came home and Lisa met me at the door and asked me to go to D&D's and she will also take me 2 Wg's! I said sure, I never pass up a chance to go 2 D&D's! Then she gets stung by …

8.15.14 b4 9am

KJ was gonna make a home visit this morning but something came up and she can't make it over.The only thing I wanted her guidance with was getting new batteries for my scooter! I should be able to complete this task without any guidance of ant kind except 4 the person at the web site that opens a chat window with me! I've still gutta take the cover off to the battery pack to inspect the batteries! My experience so far with this battery pack is the screws don't want to back out! I've got to think positive though, this time they will and the whole task will go smoothly :)! I do have the YMCA 2 go to today 2 :)!

8.14.14 after 5pm

I just had an awful scoot 2 the store! I had to start pushing my scooter way b4 I got to the store! Its really amazing I don't have a fall pushing my scooter so far! If I did then I'd call it a disaster! I've got to be able to go out to pick up things, maybe I should see if I can make it 2 the store and back walking with my walker! I've got the seat 4 when my chronic fatigue gets the best of me! If it wasn't downhill all the way back I'd give that some serious thought! Once I leave the store there is a pretty good incline down to tp dr then tp dr is all downhill! I've just gutta get up off the scooter to make it up the ramps to the sidewalks so I think I've talked my self out of trying to walk it! That was especially hard today 2 cause I'm battling a tension headache! I think I'm feeling so much tension cause of my scooter issues too! 

8.14.14 around 3pm

I'm gonna attempt a scoot to the store! Last time I had to start pushing it b4 I even got to the store!I'm gonna try having it in a different setting! I'm supposed to be able to have it in the locked position! Meaning the wheels are locked on the motor! This time I'll try locked and neutral position! This really sux, what if I needed a med! It would never make it to Wg's :)!

8.14.14 around noon

I couldn't do hics today cause I had a tension head ache that was unbearable! After laying down for some extra time it seems to be bearable but still there :( ! I took this time to finish paying all my bills 4 the month! I really just had the 1 I hate paying, the IRS! That is a big chunk of change too! $377. I pay them every month! I'm trying to live on a fixed income too! When I was working I made a deal with the IRS to pay an exta $150. a month on top of the over $30,000 I was paying! I was making good coin but when you had to pay $521 a week in child support, with me having physical custody of my son, I lived on my commission check I got 1ce a month! I guess it prepared me 4 how I must live now though, that is how I learned that when my check comes in I pay all of my bills! I only made $900. a week for a salary check,after taxes and child support it left me with under $100. take home! KJ did some research on local places that will work on my scooter! I called 1 and they sai…

8.13.14 around noon

I've been to my podiatrist and I'm feeling some relief on my foot :) ! The hardest thing I've got to deal with is the stress of depending on public transportation ( "the ride")! Now I've got the extra added stress of my scooter running out of juice :(! I think for the rest of the day I'll try working on my scooter! My check showed up today in my account so I gutta pay my bills! I also  placed my Walmart order of new jeans, robe, polo shirts, and fuses! Its just so nice to be home without any stress to the place I feel the safest!

8.12.14 after 9pm

I've got to try and get some sleep but I've been monitoring my scooter take a charge. The power light on the charger was on but not the charging light!I managed to get the charging light on but this is way too much stress 4 this cancer and tbi survivor!

8.12.14 gettning near 8pm

Tomorrow I'm going to my podiatrist! I hope this time I get more than momentary relief! Last time my toe started bothering me b4 I left the office!"The ride" is picking me up at 8am 4 a 9.15 appointment! I'm continuing to try my scooter, it was kinds shaky today but it survived!

8.12.14 around 3.30pm

I've been to hics today and the new office is kewl! It is smaller than the old office but very functional! KJ knew right where the owners manual 4 my scooter was, I looked in it and found a web site 4 it! I can request an on site repair but that costs $179 for the 1st hour! I'm wondering if I should have this repaired or I can get a new exactly the same scooter for $600! Then I can be sure my basket will fit and then I'll have a parts scooter! I'm also thinking if this one crapped out on me maybe I should go with a different manufacturer! There are some hints as to what I can try to get this up and running well too! KJ doesn't come 4 a home visit until Friday, I'm gonna bounce all these ideas off of her then I'll make a well thought out choice on the best way to proceed!

8.11.14 arond 7.30pm

I just tried taking my scooter 2 Wg's and it started acting up b4 I got clear of tp dr! I really though with the charge light on I beat this problem but it still lives! I'll take it to hics tomorrow but I'll bring the charge cord! I should look 4 the manual too! I had to get off my scooter and push it quite a way :(! I can't tell you how challenging that was with my balance issues but mainly it killed my foot! I'm hoping I can get some help with it at hics tomorrow! I think it in absurd that I was told because I paid cash for it they can't help me! On a positive note, I had a great time today working with Allie in the pool at the YMCA :)! It was very frustrating though too! I can't get my right side of my body working well at all :( ! I tried a few strokes but I got go frustrated but Allie did say she has no problem clearing me to go in the pool alone with no help :)!   

8.11.14 b4 9am

Today I've got the YMCA and I'm doing the pool 4 the 1st time in Quincy :) ! This will be so good 4 me I can remember how great the chlorine water used to be 4 my skin! When I had acne in my teen years, I went in the pool at the old Weymouth YMCA and it cleared me right up. I'm thinking it could do the same 4 my corn :)! 

8.10.14 going on 7pm

While working on my scooter I removed and reset an automotive fuse. I thought I should have some replacement fuses here just in case it blows! I still have my Wal-Mart  order pending so I loaded a box of fuses on my cart! I can't stand the feeling of being trapped! 

8.10.14 after 6pm

I don't know why or how but suddenly the charge light illuminated on the charger 2 my scooter :)! Maybe my monkeying around triggered something I donno but I'll leave it be overnight and as I go to the YMCA and while Michaela does her thing! I can't tell you how relieved I am my scooter seems to be charging :)!   

8.10.14 after 4.30pm

My scooter was even malfunctioning just bringing my laundry downstairs 2 the laundry room :( ! This is a major bummer! I'm hoping that maybe someone at hics can steer me in the right direction to getting this issue resolved! I shouldn't have to buy a new one do soon! The next hurdle (test) will be getting my laundry after  its dry!

8.10.14 after 3.30pm

I've booked all my trips 4 the week! I booked what I could last night but hics has a new address now and you've got to have specific destinations already in "the ride's" web site 2 be able to book a trip on line! I told them the new address 4 rehab is 1357 hancock st Quincy! Lets see if they get it right! I see my podiatrist this week too! My right little toe is causing me a lot of pain hopefully this time I'll get some relief longer than the last time! My foot started bothering me b4 I even left the office last time. Now I gutta do laundry! I hope I have enough funds on my laundry card! I don't trust my scooter to even hold a charge to the office and back! Peapod was here and delivered my order so now I at least have good food still I've gutta fix my scooter, I feel trapped!

8.10.14 b4 10am

My scooter issues are taking up all of my thinking space in my brain! I've gutta alternate my concentration to book my trips cause hics is reopening at the new facility in Quincy just down the street from the old office. I can't tell you how difficult it is to try to shift my mind on to another thought when my scooter issues are weighing so heavily on my brain! I think I'm gonna try and limp in with my scooter on Tuesday with the hope that I can get some help trying to find a solution to my crisis! I think I priced a new one at $600. so I've got at least $500. I've got 2 spend 2 fix this, if I can find anywhere that will work on it!  Maybe someone there knows of a place that will work in scooters too! This is really a dead end trying to get even a little support dealing with this issue! Where I purchased it from is out of business, they have a number to call in case of issues similar to mine, they have said cause I paid cash for it,no help from an insurance provide…

8.9.14 7-8pm

I've been working on my scooter all day! I got so frustrated I decided I'd call the scooter store only to find out they're out of business! There was a number to call if you had problems but because I paid cash for my scooter, no insurance help,they said they couldn't help me! I said what can I do now? They said to call a local repair shop! I goggled power wheelchair scooter repair and I got the scooter store and another place that sells power wc's and scooters. I priced a new scooter similar to this and I can get one for $600. I have two lights on the charger,one for power and one that says charging.The only light shinning is the power light! 

8.9.14 after 4.30pm

Even with my cordless I can't get the screws to back out! I tried putting pressure on them using a flathead screw driver and nothing :( ! I'll try it again though! My experience over the years tells me that sometimes just "Fing" with things works out! I hope this is one of those times!

8.9.14 around 4pm

I'm moving kinda slow so far today! I have yet to attempt to get the screws out holding the cover to the wire harness in place to see wtf is going on in there! If nothing else I can disconnect what I can then reconnect it all! I probably should clean what I can too! I'm doing all this while streaming wzlx on my puter 

8.9.14 around 1am

I'm up kinda late or early Saturday morning only cause I wanted to compete my walmart order for this month! I ordered new jeans, polo shirts,pack of five, and a bathrobe! That will be great to wear at night and not dirty up more cloths :)! Its not a good thing to answer my door in just my boxers like I've been doing! I'm gonna get my class back :)!

8.8.14 after 10pm

I booked Monday's trip to the YMCA while it was fresh in my mind! I'm going in the pool on Monday and Allie wanted me there at noon! I had to think of what would be an adequate return trip so I played it safe and requested a 2.30 return. This is important, I believe swimming will be great for my health not to mention how much I like it and how it helps me to tone up! :)

8,8.14 after 9.30pm

With my scooter giving me bad issues I though its a good idea to place a peapod order! I can make it to the store but scooting 2 Wg's is not happening! I'm gonna have to fix this problem even if I've got to call the scooter store! I think if I find my cordless drill and get the screws out on that plate covering the wire harness I will be able to see if something is loose or off completely, I'm just bumming I can't find my cordless drill to get the cover off easy! It just seemed I kept turning the screw driver and not getting anywhere! With the drill I know I can get it off even if the threads are worn!


:( FAILED :( I tried going just up and into the parking lot and it cut out on me a few times! It did seem a very little better charging the battery off the scooter but I can't trust it to take me to Wg's and back :( ! I've got to find my cordless drill, then I can get the screws holding that plate covering that harness off! I know its here someplace!

8.8.14 b4 8pm

Time to test my scooter! The battery has been charging off of the scooter for a while now! I'll just take it to the front and run it up and down the walkway and watch the power gauge! Please Jesus let this do the trick!

8.8.14 after 7pm

My scooter's battery is still charging off of my scooter! I found a female connection not connected to a male counterpart and can't see anything that could connect to this! There is a plate that covers the wiring harness held on by two Philips screws! I tried backing out these screws and I keep turning and turning and not getting anywhere  I had a cordless drill,the 1st tool I bought when I moved,but I can't find it :(. Lets just pray charging the battery off of the scooter works :) !

8.8.14 after 5pm

This tbi survivor is starting to get really down on himself! I'm a mechanic I should be able to fix any issues that come up with a little battery operated like power scooter! I've got the battery off charging now I've got to flip it over and check out how the power goes from the battery to the drive train to make sure everything is connected and I'll try cleaning them! Then lata try a test run just in the front! This scooter cost me more than I used to spend on cars! I used to buy $100 sboxes,fix them,drive them till it was time to take them to the auto grave yard (junk yard)! I remember the old Ace junk yard in Quincy Mass. I gave them so many cars when I needed a part I just had to go out back and remove it! I remember I needed a water pump for a late 70's pinto! I had givin them one I had just put a remanufactured water pump in! I went out back, found the car, removed the water pump, went home and put it in the ponto I was driving at the time! I loved my pintos!…

8.8.14 after 3.30pm

I didn't do the YMCA today I'm feeling lots of stress from my scooter issues! I just tried my scooter to see if it will make a Wg's scoot! I got out of my apartment,on to the elevator,downstairs to the 1st floor and the power gauge didn't move one bit! I'm thinking I've got this problem licked! Then I get to the end of the walkway to my building and it moved ever so slightly, I figure I better just go to the store and not try and go the extra distance 2 Wg's! It started conking out even b4 I got to the store! I limped my scooter 2 the store got some things to make it through a few days and started back! The scooter started giving me problems right away! The good thing is its all down hill going home! I had to get off and push it quit some way then these two ladies stopped and asked if they could help but you know me I said I didn't need any but they insisted so a lady pushed me to the beginning of 144's walkway! Then  I pushed the scooter in to my b…

8.8.14 b4 11am

This tbi survivor has so many things going through his mind right now it is very difficult to focus on things I've got to! My scooter issues are taking up a major part of my brain! I'm going to the YMCA this morning so I can't see if I fixed the issue until after 3pm! I'll just keep with my positive outlook on everything and set my mind that its fixed! I do need lots of things at Wg's but I KNOW my scooter will make it there and back cause I fixed the issue! Its kinda important I go to the YMCA today cause I've gutta speak with Allie about going in the pool on Monday! I know I came ready to go in the pool at noon time but I'm not sure what time to book a return trip! That's why I gutta make it today, I've been waiting a long time to get in the pool!

8.7.14 4.30-5 pm

My scooter woe's continued as Lisa and I were going to D&D's and it wouldn't even make it up tp dr. :( So I've got to do the next thing in problem solving this issue! Take the battery off  and clean the contact points! I tried moving the battery and it wouldn't budge so I get a slotted screw driver and try separating the battery ever so carefully! I finally get the battery off and realize it just had to be lifted up! Through my experience with electrical things if you brake the connection sometimes good things happen! I still could use some things at Wgs but now its raining but it stays light later now so it has to stop by 6pm if I'm gonna scoot  and find out if I made the issue go away!

8.7.14 around 10am

KJ was over 4 a home visit today! I was starting to doubt myself as far as remembering what we said about today cause I expect a lady 2 be fashionably late but today was getting beyond that! She helped me with many things as she always does but today I wanted to show her that if I do loose my balance and have a fall,I can easily get back to my feet with NO assistance! I also shared how I was able to advocate 4 myself and get my insurance 2 approve more pt 4 me :)! I'm just waiting to hear back if vna heathcare is on their list of preferred agencies! This tbi survivor is in total control of his own life independently and successfully!  

8.6.14 around 9pm

I told Allie today of advocating to get more therapy and she thought it was real cool I was able to do everything all by myself! Get in touch with my provider, ask the proper questions, get the answers I want! It is a very cool thing I've been able to do and do it totally independently!:)

8.6.14 around 6pm

I'm trying to process some information I got from my insurance  provider about having therapy. I know they say I can but it also says if the provider is in their network I don't need prior authorization! I think that means I don't need a referral from one of my many doctors! KJ is making a home visit tomorrow, I'll share the mail with her and see what she thinks! I have responded to the mail asking if the vna home health care is in the network! I guess I'm gonna have to wait 4 a response though too! That was the last therapy I had where the therapists came to my apartment and we worked here! That is so much more convenient 4 me! I should be walking the halls outside my apartment every night now cause I want to be pt approved to walk without any assistance! I do it now just not in public, only short distance.I'm gonna get there though :)! 

8.6.14 after 2.30pm

I had the best workout today at the YMCA! Not only was I able to work with the young and very pretty Allie, I was able to speak with her about going in the pool :)!Monday I go to the YMCA dressed in my b-suit ready for pool fun :)! I think she said to be there at noon but I can double check that on Friday! I always used to swim as a way of getting all my muscles' toned! This tbi survivor is on the fast track to getting back to buff ;) !

8.6.14 around 10am

I've got the YMCA 2 do today and although my foot is bothering me bad I've gutta make myself not think of the pain!Then I'm thinking I really need to set my mind at ease about my charging issues with my scooter! I'm thinking when I get home I should #1 call my podiatrist and make an appointment then call Lisa 2 c if she will go to D&D's 4 coffee and qt!

8.6.14 b4 9am

KJ land lined me to day she can't make it this  morning cause she's not feeling well :(, feel beta KJ :) ! This tbi survivor knows how to be prepared 4 anything that may happen! I always create a file on notepad of things I need to share,inform, ask, get help with, cause with my memory I'm likely to forget! She is gonna come over tomorrow cause I don't have hics :)! The most important thing I had to share was I sent an email to one care, my health ins provider about my eligibility 4 more pt! They responded to my email saying they would land line (call) 2 discuss this! They did although its hard 4 me 2 remember what was discussed we did open the line of communication through email! I can't stress enough how this is such an important tool 4 me 4 a number of reasons! My memory, my ability 2 reason (understand what is said), to be able 2 make a well thought out response :)! I've learned to live with my defects and make up for them with my strengths :)! 

8.5.14 around 4pm

I got a land line from one care again about a question I guess I asked through email about my eligibility for therapy. I explained to her that email works best for me cause I can take my time and really think about what is written and make a proper response :) !They or she said therapy is covered all I need is a doctor's referral! That's no problem for me, the next doctor I see I'll ask for one :) ! This is a full time job working on me :)!

8.5.14 around 3pm

I only scooted 2 the store, again my power gauge wasn't reading a favorable charge reading :( ! I've got it unplugged from charging now and I'll monitor it throughout the day! I was able to get coffee ice cream at the store though maybe a little more expensive but convenient!

8.5,14 after 11am

I've got 2 take another scoot to Wg's today! I forgot ice cream yesterday! That is like a med for my throat!It cools down my ulcerated throat! I think I see if Lisa wants to go and we could do lunch at D&D's :) !


8.5.14 b4 11am

I just had a land line call from commonwealth care, I believe they have something to do with my health insurance, they wanted to know if I had any needs! I've got serious issues being able to think quickly so the only thing I could dig out of my brain was transportation! Now I can think of other things like therapy! I've got a full time job now its working on me! MMD said to me to put the same effort in to therapy as I did working for Giant Glass and if I've got to advocate to get what I need then I've gutta do just that! I think of so many things I could have said now but its too late :( ! I wish I had gotten her contact information!Just another thought way too late :( !

8.4.14 after 8pm

Its been over a year since I bought any cloths! Lisa has been saying I need new jeans so I got onto and put a pair of wrangler jeans in my cart. I'm gonna have to wait till my check gets deposited to actually purchase them plus give me time to really think of what else I need! This online shopping is "the kind"! The things I can do sitting at my computer keeps getting to be more and more! I just thank Jesus he didn't let this brain injury take away my intelligence!

8.4.14 nearing 6pm

I booked trips to and from Best buy in Braintree for Thursday! I want to check out the latest electronic devises! I don't intend on buying anything! I just want 2 see what's out there! I called Bayada home services to cancel Michaela 4 today cause I didn't think I'd be home. I got home b4 4pm and my buzzer rang! She never got the message,that's a good thing cause she has been here and cleaned my whole apartment! Now I gutta think about dinna :) ! 

8.4.14 nearing 4pm

My scooter made it to Wg's and back but I don't think it is operating properly! I don't think it's going anyway near as fast as it did 3 days ago! I've disconnected and reconnected all the leads to charge it! Now I'll try moving the power source, plug it in to another outlet! I've gutta go back there tomorrow anyway, I forgot to get ice cream :( !

8.4.14 b4 10am

I'm pondering weather or not to go to the YMCA today! My foot is killing me and a new pain in my shoulder! I must have slept on it wrong cause I can't seem to shake it out. I still need some supplies at Wg's and Michaela (my homemaker) is coming at 4pm! It would be a good test 4 my scooter too, decisions!

8.3.14 after 9.30

I attempted a Wg's scoot today but my power gauge was reading low power so I figured its best to turn around and go home! Then a Holbrook police officer noticed I was having trouble and followed me 2 make sure I made it! I was really concerned why it read low power so I got home and checked all the connections and they seemed fine then I disconnected them and connected them back again. I used it to carry my laundry down,it seemed to be working normal! Then used it to get the laundry after it was done and no issues! That would sux if that stopped working! I've gutta get off my asx and go get my learners permit! Then my independence will be vast! I'm still just a little scared of taking tests! Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA for resistance training! I gutta do my best to make it all 3x this week!

8.2.14 around 8.30pm

Today I've scooted to the store came home,got my snail mail and there was a letter from my medical insurance company with email addresses that will answer any questions you have! I asked when I would be eligible for more therapy! I'm hopping they say "all you need is a referral from a doctor and it will be covered! That's my full time job now,weather it be working on me through pt or advocating to get pt! I'm gonna work as hard as I can to try and get back as much as I can from what this tbi took from me! I'm not one for calling these places and staying on hold for periods of time, it's so much better 2 send an email :) ! Oh I made dinna 2 :)! 

8.2.14 b4 4pm

I scooted to the store in the poring rain, used my umbrella for the 1st time! It kept some of me dry! Its already starting to tear thou, for $5 its still worth it:)! 

8.2.14 b4 10am

I'm thinking of what today's plans are gonna be! I got kinda side tracked when I started cause I booked my trips 4 the week on line this morning, not many cause hics is still closed, so just the YMCA for Wednesday and Friday, I'm still having some issues with my mouse adaptor! The curser is still all of a sudden disappearing from the screen! I have to disconnect the adaptor a few times to make the curser reappear on the screen! With my spasticity it can be a real challenge! I've been up to the challenge so far! I'm thinking that since I'm not going to hics this week its a good time to go to Best Buy and check out the latest electronic devises:)! I'll check them out then see what Dell has comparable to whatever turns me on :)! I'm very loyal to dell products ever since that time when I had my first Dell computer and technical support stayed on the land line with me while I had to format the hard drive! I will forever be loyal to Dell cause of that instan…

8.1.14 after 5pm

I was gonna go to D&D's then I remembered I needed vitamin C tablets so I went to Wg's instead! They are getting real expensive too! I paid over $5 for100 1,000 mg's tablets! I also got more protein shakes then so it wasn't a totally healthy trip got 2 bags of peanut butter M&M's :)! Now I gutta think about  cooking some dinna ;)!  

8.1.14 around 10am

My foot is causing me so much pain I dreaded the walk from where "the ride" drops me off up to the gym! I'm gonna have to call today to make an appointment! I'm even in pain just wearing a sock! This has never been this bad, I'm even in great pain sitting down there was no way to man it out today, I'm hurting :(! On today's agenda if nothing else call my podiatrist 2 make an appointment!