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12.30.12 5.30 ish

I've had a successful but scary scoot to walgreens,scary cause of all the snow and ice out there today!All the side walks weren't cleared so I had to ride my scooter over the speed bumps and once they caused me to tip over but I think I've learned how to attack them now!I've added value to my ride account,Monday it should be recognized!Lisa called when I got home and asked if I wanted some coponey,I said sure so I spent a couple hrs qt with Lisa this afternoon :) ! Now watching the pats and gutta think about dinna :)!8.40 pm,Lisa called again and came over :)!We watched the Pats secure the number 2 seed for the playoffs!

12.30.12 b4 noon

I woke up kinda spacey this morning!Maybe its cause I havn't had my two large cups of D&D's coffee yet!I've gutta book my rides 4 the week today and I'm starting or continuing therapy this week so I added value to my ride account,with the increase in fares it goes very quickly!I can use some things from walgreens,do my laundry.I can always do laundry after the ymca tomorrow so I think I'll consentrate my efforts to walgreens and my rides!

12.29.12 3.15 pm

I've been to s&s in Holbrook this morning!I couldn't find the mini blender but I was able to get some good stuff!I got a box of 8 turkey burgers but they wern't bubba bergers,they are butterball which I think is a trusted name!I got done with my shopping and my ride wouldn't be coming for 30 mins so I scooted home from s&s.I started thinking on the way home of ways I could make people aware of what I've been through!I came up with an idea to you tube tramatic brain injury therapy!I was able to share a great vid with fb!I was on the worst of all those scales they talk about,I was comatose for 3.5 months!I like how they talk about the differnt stages of tbi!I hope my young adults watch the vedio as it may shead some light on why I'm the way I am!I've got some other ideas to you tube dealing with tbi too. :)

12.28.12 approching 8pm

I'm gonna go to stop and shop in Holbrook tomorrow!I was reading the sales flyer,they are advertising a mini blender for $15.!I always had a blender to make milk shakes!I looked 4 them b4 and they were all around $40.!Thats my main goal 4 tomorrow to get this blender :)!Its supposed to snow tomorrow!I have always scooted home from S&S in Holbrook,I do have a return trip though,I'll see what its doing out when I'm finished shopping.My pick up time to go from here is 11.19 then return at 1.01,I just hate to WAIT for anything but I'm not gonna put my safety in jeopardy!

12.28.12 after 6pm

Today I've had a successful scoot to Walgreens,picked up around here cause my homemaker was coming and did come!Its been said to me by many "why are you picking up?That is the homemakers job.I'm a super clean person!There is never much picking up to do cause I always pick up as I go!If someone is coming over I want to present myself as such,and I do :)!
   Email has become such a crutch for me cause I can read it again after I forget what was said!That happens all the time too.If I've resent you an email it means you didn't respond!I think its very important to respond to email!If you don't want to answer or just don't want to talk to the person,you should send mail saying so!Just my opinion but I think of it as email edicate!

12.27.12 9pm

I had a nice chat with Bri today but girls,the best way to speak WITH me is through email!Then I can make a folder that all yur mails will go!That way I can go back and see what was said when I forget!I didn't forget today Bri!I thought I had already broken my new years resolution but,its not 2013 yet but after Jan 1st I'm sticken to it!Caps on with cause I think you can talk to or at someone but when you talk with someone your doing it the best way!Not interrupting them while they are speaking and not trying to complete their sentences.That's another reason I like to use email!

12.27.12 about 2pm

The pain from having a migraine headache has pretty much subsided!Now I've just got to deal with the next step.That is a spaced out feeling and an exhausted feeling!Exhausted because when I get a migraine the only way I've found that works,I make myself get sick,throw up!It seems to release the pressure inside my head.

12.27.12 after 10am

I didn't go to hics today cause I got a migrane head acke last night and they sometimes wipe me out for two days!I've gutta get the cobwebs away cause I really need to go to the YMCA tomorrow I've got a lot of frustraition to work outThis migrane really screwed me up too.I lost track of what  was supposed to be doing!At first I thought it was Wednesday and KJ was making a home visit!That would explain why my door buzzer went off at 8.30 but that was "the ride" cuase I think I had an 8.30 pick up time to go to hics!Then I was thinking this was the day I was starting therapy at CRC!So I found CRC's phone number,called only to find out its next Thusday I've got an appointment with CRC to start therapy!Good thing cause that is very important!I've got to keep pushing myself to progress!I guess maybe the migrane was brought on by a dissapointing and very stressfull Christmas then trying to repair the damage I could have caused!

10.26.12 9.45 pm

I had a great time tonight chinking at hics :)!I had the bestest crab rangue,beef and chicken  Came hone and had a great chat with my youngest young adult!I feel so so much better after our chat:)!

12.26.12 12.15 pm

Lisa called this morning and asked if I needed anything at Walgreens,I called to check on a med,it was ready!Lisa drove me to Walgreens and I picked up my med!Just in time,it was emeprosol,hartburn med,I'm gonna have chineese food tonight:)!

12.26.12 9.30 am

I'm really angry now!KJ was over and I was concerned about a missed call I was told was made yesterday!She checked my phone and there was NO missed call till later that day!I'm not saying this person was being untruthful but I've got to know who I can trust!I've got to think about how I'm gonna live the rest of my life and who's in my corner and who's taking advantage of me having a tbi!

12.25.12 9pm

 I never intend to hurt feelings by my blog posts but MY blog is for me!It helps me to deal with tbi!I pray nobody has to live with tbi cause I can't express to you how much it SUX!I know there is no way you can understand,all I ask is to try to understand!Please don't be offended by any of my posts but,these are my inner most and outer feelings and concerns!Living with tbi I've got to find ways to try and deal with life itself!

12.25.12 8.10 pm

The highlight of my Christmas "12" happened tonight when Lisa came over with a slice of red Velvet cake from her parents!Plus some left over ham too ;) !Tomorrow KJ is gonna make a home visit at 8 am then I'm gonna go to hics for a new years party!

You Don't Know How It Feels, Tom Petty (Lyrics on screen)

I've heard from all my young adults and I understand what was said but this song kinda says where I'm coming from


I rememberd how I got "the ride's" web site to kinda work!From the home page  click on reservations,then click on the printed jv-the ride option!I've got it to kinda work a few times now.The only thing this format is good for is to make sure I booked my rides correctly!The old format you could check to make sure everything is booked right but you used to be able to get your pick up times too!This new format as not user friendly at all!

12.23.12 9.40 pm

I seem to be staying up later as of late!I donno why,I guess its just I feel so free and safe inside my castle :)!I started my day by doing a good trim job on my beard!I think doing it every week is the thing to do,less mess.I had a successful scoot to walgreen's!I was able to get my scented votive candles :( !My place looks and smells great and at night the atmosphere is great in the candlelight.Lisa came over for a little while today,she wanted some m&ms.I try to always have m&ms in a bowl for guests and I guess Lisa too  :)!Booked my rides for the week!I had to land line to book them cause of "the ride's" web site is still down but I was able to get on it once by trying different links on the home page!I just need to constantly review my trips cause I seem to forget if I booked all my trips with the right times,guess that's a tbi thing :)!Made sure the place is neat,never got to laundry thou but lately its been Mondays for laundry.I'm gonna have to…

12.22.12 9.30pm

I've been to s&s in Holbrook today but that store sux!I think walgreens has more of what I use!Lisa came over this afternoon and we spent the whole afternoon together:).We have plans for tomorrow!She is gonna drive us to walmart!She is looking at those electric fire places that can hang on a wall!I got snail mail from dr. Katze saying I would benefit from having a pet,he mentions a cat!That's what I need to get a cat living here!I'm gonna look for a litter box and a pet carrier tomorrow :) !

12.22.12 9am

I have a trip to stop and shop in Holbrook but I'm thinking I really don't need to go to stop and shop cause I was only gonna look for a box of turkey burgers and I just checked my freezer and I have a pack of 6 of them!I'm thinking just a scoot to Walgreen's is basically all I need,I can save the $4 the trip would cost :)!The only thing that sux is the web site is not working!That means waiting on hold for too long!

12.21.12 9.45 pm

The most important thing I got done today was to get things right with Mass health!That took a great deal of patients  and worked on my problem solving skills!Its said that survivors of a tbi lack problem solving skills.I had the bestest problem solving skills b4 my tbi and now they are coming back :)!

12.21.12 530 pm

I scooted over to the office for a tenants meeting only to find its been canceled!I didn't have much to discuss but,I'll miss the social aspect that I like about these things!Now to make dinna :)!

12.21.12 almost 3pm

I had to cancel the YMCA today cause I had an issue to attend to that was super important!I got a snail mail from Mass health yesterday that said they were cancelling my account!I've got therapy coming up I don't need this so I wanted to take care of this imediatly!I've been having trouble with the web site recognizing me so I had to landline them.I was on hold for soooo long but finally got to speak with a csr!It seems I wasn't putting the right acc. # in!I have the number in a file on my puter so I can copy and paste it on the site!I guess a number was missing thats why I wasn't recognzed!I made the correction in the file and typed it in on the site and I was recognized!Now its all paid up to date!Tbi survivors are not supposed to have any problem solving skills or weak in that area!I've gutta give myself a BIG pat on the back for solving this and I did it all on my own!:)

12.19.12 after 10am

KJ has been over for a home visit and we were able to get some important tasks done!I called crc and made an appointment to start therapy!Just like an intake appointment,I've been there b4 but this is to make sure all the information they have on me is current!Now my days will really be full :) !I'm still going to the YMCA and later hics!Tonight we are going bowling at Boston bowl,dinna to at dreadwood cafe home of the bestest steak and cheese calone :)


Tomorrow KJ is gonna make a home visit at 8 am,I put everything from today's appointment in a safe place so I don't misplace them,referral for therapy,future appointments!These are things I must do to stay organized,Basically to live hassle free cause KJ keeps me organized,I'm really a lucky guy!Its kind of like b4 my accident and had Barbs as my personal assistant!KJ is my very own personal assistant :)!

12.18.12 after 5 pm


12.17.12 after 9pm

Today was a productive day :)!No YMCA but I did get a ride to Walgreens from Lisa.Thats why I burt a cd for her,she is such a nice person I wanted to do something nice for her!We are a lot alike,she wants to help people she knows just like I do!My rides are all set thanks to KJ.I am going right to the OCB and from there to Braintree rehab to get my bowtox shots!That helps so much with my muscule tone!I've gutta remember to speak with dr.K about therapy!Dr.Katze said I've gutta consult him about therapy!I'm certain its been a yr since I've had therapy,Mass health will only pay for therapy after a year has passed since the last time I had it!Therapy is working on myself,thats my full time job now!When you live with a tbi,you must accept that you will always be working on yourself if you don't,you won't progress!I want to progress bad,I will do all I can to make this happen :)!

12.17.12 almost 5 pm

I didn't go to the YMCA today cause I've got too much to do!I've got my rides all figured out,with KJ'S help!I was gonna scoot to Walgreen's but Lisa called and she drove me instead!I'm gonna start my laundry now :)!

12.16.12 9 pm

I've had so many issues trying to book my rides for the week!We are having our Christmas party on Tuesday and I was having issues with my memory!I was thinking I have to book my rides to and from The old country buffet in Walpole,and Ive got an appointment to get my shots of bowtox!Then I though about it and if I had to book my trip to the ocb KJ would have made  sure I had the address and understood everything I needed to!So because I'm a little confused about it I thought I should just book my rides normal,it only took me all afternoon to realize it!Lisa described a song to me this morning she said she liked very much.Creed "with arms wide open" I said Ive got that!I can burn it for you.I burned Lisa a copy of creeds greatest hits!Oh ya first thing this morning I made a successful scoot to walgreens!Not enough time to do laundry today,I may skip going to the YMCA so I can do my laundry but I'll decide tomorrow :)!

12.15 about 9pm

Today I started with doing a great job on triming my beard!Then I had a sucessfull scoot to Walgreens but,I did forget a few things!I'm going to stop and shop in Holbrook tomorrow so lets see if I can remember to get candle lighters and regular lighters,frozen cooked clams and scallops,swordfish steaks,turkey burger atties (bubba berger),can of boiling potatoes,canned veggies,look at the freash produce!My bananas went bad so I guess its not a good idea to get fruit that has a short shelf life so I'll look for some canned fruit!

12.15.12 10.30 am

I had trips to stop and shop in Holbrook but I don't need much and I've gutta pick up a script at walgreens so I figured I'd see if I can get all my needs at walgreens and cancelled my trips for today but just in case I can't get all I need at walgreens I booked the exact same trips 4 tomorrow :)!

12.14.12 almost 10 pm

I've had the bestest workout at the YMCA,what made it so great was I worked with the young and very very pretty,Allie :) !Its been so long since I've worked with her but she really knows me well!Like when I do the grip machine I do more wieght with my left hand than the right.When I worked with Allie b4 I would start out with my right with lower weight then add more 4 the left!After I did all my reps with my left I would try the added weight with my right!Well she rememberd and knows my wanting to do all that !Then this afternoon Lisa came over and I showed her a vid of Charlie :)!I've had a great day :)!


The weather is getting winter like,its a good thing I picked up gloves and a scarf at walgreens yesterday!I've got hics today!I'm still kinda bothered by the fact I don't know if dr.Katz is gonna recommend me for the driving eval!

12.12.12 5.15 pm

I've been to my dr. Katze appointment and he once again did  through exam!I asked him about taking a protein supplement and he said that was fine.I asked about the driving evaluation,he gave me an eye test but,never gave me a definitive answer weather or not he would recommend it :( !The memory tests he always gives me wore me out although  I did well!When he alternated my consentration I was able to remember it all with a few small hints!I asked about recommending therapy he said to consult with dr.Koabell,my doctor who regulates my pump!Good visit but just wish I had an answer on the driving eval

12.11.12 5.40 pm

I didn't go to hics today cause I really didn't feel like going to the plaza!I'm free to go any day I want to,just as long as I book my rides a day in advance!Tomorrow KJ is gonna make a home visit @ 7.30 am!That's early but I'll be ready :).Then I've got an appointment with my neurologist!This is by far my most important doctor I see!I have to ask him if he will recommend the driving evaluation for me!Driving and a significant other will almost complete my list of goals that I've worked so hard to achieve,wish me luck better yet Jesus be with me!

12.10.12 almost 9 pm

Lisa came over for a good while tonight :)!She is getting crape from all angles!She got a letter from social security saying they overpaid her by thousands and they are gonna cut what she gets and must repay thousands that they overpaid!Something dosn't sound right here!Thankfully she has a case manager that is helping her fight this!Today I got an IM on fb saying my account had attemps of being breeched!They wanted my password to my mail account!I recognized this as an attemp from a hacker to get axcess to my private information and terminated the conversation! Tomorrow I'm meeting hics at the south shore plaza/mall.


I just got an IM on fb saying from an administrator,your account will be suspended unless you don't react now!Then they asked for my password for my mail account!I just got out of that screen immediately!Hackers I think so beware!


I got up this morning and the very first thing I needed to do was to book my rides for the wk!I couldn't book them all cause I'm waiting for the mbta to get value I added to my account!I'm going to the YMCA today,the plaza tomorrow then I see my neurologist on Wednesday,important doctors appointment!

12.9.12 7.20 pm

I got some bulbs at walgreens for my window lights but I needed another light!Lisa drove me to walgreens and helped me set them up :)!Now when I light some smelly shxt (candles) there is plenty of ambiance in my apartment :)!I booked all the rides I could,I'm gonna have to call in the morning to finish booking for the wk,seemed they didn't have all the destinations I need on the web site!

12.9.12 almost 10 am

I monitor my bank accounts constantly online with online banking with citizens bank!.Last night I must have enterd the wrong pw a few times and was locked out of my accounts!I had to call the bank this morning to get a temporary pw then change my pw.I've got two pw's I generally use for all my online stuff,a primary pw then a secondary pw!I gutta remember citizens bank is using my secondary pw!Its always something when you live with tbi!I've just gutta smile and go on,the main thing is I was able to solve the problem all by myself!Today Lisa and I are gonna go to walgreens and D&D's :)!

12.8.12 10.30 pm

I've been real busy today :)!I scooted to Walgreen's this morning,did some other stuff,guess I'm having a tbi moment cause I forget!I got some light bulbs for my window lights and I couldn't get them to screw in so I called Lisa to see if she could get them in!She said they aren't the right bulbs!I've got an excuse to scoot to Walgreen's tomorrow,to exchange the bulbs I got today for the right bulbs!Lisa and I are gonna go to Walgreen's tomorrow together around noon :)!

12.7. 12 9.10pm

My phone frustrates me at times!I just missed a call and I don't know how to see my missed calls!I could just check my voice mail but that presents problems for me too!Maybe they will call back :)!I never got to Walgreen's today.My homemaker,Mikaela was over,this was the week to wash my bed linens so I had her throw in everything I had that needed washing!She always folds the cloths but I hang all my shirts,t shirts and polo shirts on hangers and hang them in my closet.That's the hard part for me,I did that today!I'm going to stop and shop in holbrook tomorrow and I'm gonna make a list with notepad so I get all my needs!I've just gutta remember the list :) !

12.7.12 near noon

I got up this morning feeling kinda lazy,so I cancelled my trips to the YMCA!I think I'll take a scoot to Walgreens,I've got to look for a protein suppliment!Then at 4 pm my homemaker makes her weekly visit :)!

12.5.12 10.45 pm

I got home tonight and realized I had book tomorrows rides for next Thursday!Your supposed to book rides for the next day b4 12 pm the day b4!I figured I'd give it a try,I typed in 12.6 and it said waitlisted,that means it took!Then I had to call to get times.I got times,my return trip is much earlier than I wanted but thats pretty good I think :)!

12.4.12 5.30 pm

I learned in the group healthy living @ hics I should be getting more protein cause I strength train!I never put any thought in to that but it makes good sense when I think about it!My next Walgreens scoot I'm gonna remember to look for protein,KJ said a brand name but I forget it now.She is gonna make a home visit tomorrow,I'll ask her to write it in my pocket calendar!I went from hics to Braintree rehab to get my pump refilled with baclophin!Its amazing how Shanon does this!There is a tiny place on the pump the med goes in,she always finds it right away,she also increased the dosage a tad on my recommendation!I've had a very productive great day!


I've got hics today but my rides are kinda screwed up.I was supposed to be droped off @ 10.They have me as a pick up at home @ 10!Then I'm going to Braintree rehab to get a refill on my pump :)!

12.3.12 almost 9 pm

I'm still having issues with "the ride's" web site!I booked all my rides on line then I thought I called to make sure all the drop offs and pick up were right,I didn't confuse or mix them up!I've got hics tomorrow and instead of a drop off time @ 10 am they have me for a pick up time for 10 am going to hics!I guess I'm gonna have to call every morning the day b4 to make sure the drop offs and pick ups are right!I didn't do too bad though cause tomorrow I'm real busy!I've got hics then from there I go to Braintree rehab for a refill of backlophin in my pump!Long day though,my last pick up at Braintree rehab is at 3.29 pm!

12.3.12 after 1.30 pm

Ann from the office called me back and I have a mtg with her on Thursday @ 4pm!I've just got to recertify my housing!Now I've gutta remember the documents she needs!I think if I just print out a copy of last months bank statement thats all she will need!I'm thinking of taking a scoot to Walgreens to get what I forgot yesterday,paper plates :)!

12.3.12 after 10 am

I had some tasks I had to attend to first thing this morning!I recieved a letter of termination from my housing!I called the office,the lady was busy so she's gonna call back.I think this happend last yr too,that is why I'm not too worried about it but it does require attention!If I don't get a call back by 1 or 2 pm I'll scoot to the office!I just recieved my rec calandar this weekend so I called to reserve a spot for me!The planning and dinna night was already full so now I'm on the waiting list.I've gotta straiten out this housing situation so I can't go to the YMCA today,prioraties!


I've been to stop and shop in Braintree,deposited my check,got a few things but,forgot a few too!Lisa even wrote in my pocket calendar paper plates!I forgot to look at my pocket calendar!Oh well just more dishes to clean :),no big deal :)!


I've got trips booked to stop and shop in Braintree only cause I need to go to the citizens bank there and deposit a check to my green savings account!I do need to get just a few things too but mainly just to go to the bank :)!

12.1.12 9.15 pm

Today I've been non-stop!I set-up my neat desk scanner and scanned and organized some recieps I need to save for taxes!Its pretty cool how this recognizes what I'm putting in then organizes it to store in the proper place :)!I'm going to stop and shop in Braintree tomorrow so I had to call early this morning to make sure I booked them right,one had a pick up that should have been a drop off!Then this afternoon Lisa came over and we spent some great quality time together :)!

12.1.12 about 1.30 pm

I was going to stop and shop in Braintree but my times just seemed too unreasonable to me so I cancelled my trips 4 today and booked trips the same place tomorrow.I've gutta go to Braintree cause there is a citizens bank there and I need to make a deposit!I could ask Lisa to drive me over but I don't like to ask anyone to drive me anywhere!Its not like when I lived in Scituate,people would mone about me needing a ride even 1 mile away.She actually likes being able to help :) !I've got my neat scanner to set up today!I've got some receipts I've gutta scan!The beauty of this it will scan and organize everything! is how I got it after watching an ad on tv!Another deduction for taxes,I need to have all my receipts accessible and organized for my taxes!