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site down

The web site for the transportation co. is down,they always call the night b4 with my pickup times but, if I see them I have a better chance of remembering them!

7.31,after noon

I went to the pool just couldnt get comfortable,so I came home!My cd player wasnt reading my cds too!Ill fix that!Problem solving Im not supposed to be good at but,at giant glass,when my guys couldnt fix a problem,I not only fixed it.I always made the customer very happy!I think I still have that talent!


This new transportation co. I have to use for "the ride" is much better than the last!I needed to book a trip for Monday and the "t" didnt recognize the $100 yet!The nice lady overrode the system and booked my ride to and from the "y"!


I think Ive done alot today now lets see if I can remember what Ive done.Grazel was here she did great as always!I went to walgreens got icecream and cigars,called the south shore y in Quincy,asked whats up with my membership,put value in my ride account,hopefully they notice my value today cause I talked to Wendy,I think is her name,I have to meet her on Monday at 4pm!If its not recognized Ill have to take a cab,this is very important to me but,thankfully its now an option.I started the day with remembering to take my dinna out of the freezer!Watch out Jamies on his way back ;)!


This has got to be the fastest summer I can remember,its almost August!Today Graszeell is commin ova to clean then I think Ill take a cruise to walgreens.


Ive had a great day :)!Hics was very stimulating cause I was exersizeing my brain!We had groups,current issues,peer tbi,team building!Those two groups we played a trivia game.Another survivor and I have to be on separate teams cause he is ALMOST as sharp as I :)!

7.28 drs,rec

My doctors visit went very well!He always does a complete exam!My visioin,to make sure my eyes focus properly,checked all my reflexes,Made sure I knew what was goin on in the world,he just made sure I wasnt loosing touch with reality.He says Im doing great!I guess I really am wasnt that long ago I was comatose,had a hole in my tummy that a tube connected to for feeding!Now look at me,Ive got my own place :)!
Sec was great!I played blackjack all night again!CmK was again the dealer,now I remember the last casino night cause she makes blackjack a blast all night!Just small things like she being the dealer,if she won,the pot wouldnt get touched then everybody anties again to make the pot even bigger!I think I won a hand like that :)!


Today I have a very important doctors appt!I see my nurologist dr Katz!He always does memory tests with me lately its been remembering numbers saying them back different ways,highest to lowest etc.Ive got to clear my mind!


Its hard for me to express how happy I am to finally be on my own again :)!I got home from hics today and I felt no fear,looked around at all my stuff,and all the pictures of my young adults!Ive got pics of some baseball and hockey teams Ive coached and Kenny played on :).It just makes me smile:)!

hics 7.27

Hics was great today!I learned that they have now found a way to detect if someone has had a brain injury by simple blood tests!Its still in the testing stage but,maybe they will learn how to get the brain to regenerate cells!Then mine could regenerate all the cells that got injured in my tbi!:)


Ive got to remember what I did today,its kinda hard at this moment cause Im kinda confused bout something but,here goes it.I went to stop and shop this morning and they actually had one of my meds ready!Did'nt need much but,I rememberd to get purex laundry sheets!May not seem like alot but,for somone who is memory impaired,its a great accomplishment,Im really proud of the fact I was able to remember not only to get them but,I even rememberd they are purex landry sheets :)!I continued my work on my puter,Ive got many tbi survivors on my facebook friends list!Many are very successfull too!Sorry if anyone dosnt like the things I post but,this is my blog and it sux livin this way,I am happy to still be of the flesh,Ive just got to deal with this injury the best I can and blogging helps me deal in many ways!


Today I have a ride booked to and from stop and shop in Braintree.Ive gutta remember to get laundry detergent!I like I think its called purex landry sheets.You just put one in the wash then use the same sheet for the dryer,easy!
I just learned a way I can edit a post so I dont have to start a new post!I rememberd to get the purex laundry sheets :)!Ive still got to work on my ride times thou,too much WAITING!


I went to church this morning and spending quality time with Jesus is exactly what I needed!How cool is it to have a paster who plays guitar,and very well?He is about my age maybe a little younger but,when there is down time,he plays songs from the 70s and 80s,how super kewl is that.
We talked about what the bible says about the devil,satan,I dont want to give him much time on my blog cause that is what he likes so Im just gonna say, thanks be to Jesus for giving me everlasting life!:)


Im kinda angree/upset with Kenny!Ive texted him a few times asking him to come ova for some help and no responce,he said thats the way to comunicate now!I can remember being at work,Kenny calls me in my truck saying the internet is not working at home,I would make time in my very busy day to stop in and fix it!I wish Lissy lived closer,I could always count on Lissy!

My id

Wow if it took 15 minites to get my id renewed at the rmv thats not too long!I was in and out,Im shocked!Then I had to wait 1 1/2 hr for my ride!


Today I have a ride booked to the registry in Braintree to get my ID renewed.Im gonna take my scooter,I antisapate alot of waiting,and maybe walking.Im just a little concerd about how axcessable it is there cause Ive neva been!


Today is a shorts day :)!Ive got hics,a day that all the discharged survivors are invited to have brunch,tell whats happend since leaving hics!Im an old timer at hics now so I should know many of the returnees!


CmD made a home visit,I did my meds,we went over my finances,I forgot to ask him to bring my 5 disk dvd changer to hics to see if anyone could use it,I dont want to throw it out if it can be used!


Ive been real busy:).Hics was great today!We continued are learning about tbi and the brain.PdJ ran the first half,what I remember is pdJ asking "what do you still have that you had before the tbi?"I said "I still have my good commen sence"and my intelligence!I think through all of this Ive progressed intellectually :)!Got home and grazelle worked,she once again did a great job!


Wow,this month is flying by!I guess thats cause Im so happy!When your down time seems to stand still but, in good or in my case,great times,you want to slow time down.I think its cause Im getting older too!I contend your only as old as you feel!Since my coma,I feel Im gettin younger ;)!

hics tomorrow

Im thankfull I have something to do tomorrow!I think just a regular day with groups and stuff but,the groups work my brain kinda like therapy for the brain!I suppose thats why I enjoy hics so much,Im havin fun,workin on me,always have a great lunch,be with my peers and a great staff :)!


Grazielle called and said she got into an accidnt this morning!Shes okay but,she couldnt make it here this morning.She said she would come tomorow afternoon!Bri said she and Taylor were gonna stop by tonight but,we just texted each other,Im not used to texting!I can go back and read the conversation but,Im much more comfortable with e-mail


Ive got church this morning then after church the lady that lives in the building invited me ova for coffee plus I should hear from Bri,she called or texted me saying she and taylor are sommin ova Monday late afternoon:)!


I really did not much of anything today!I did cruise to walgreens this morning but,neva got to connecting my turntable.Tomorrows another day :).


Ive got my new cd player workin now time to work on my turntable that connects to my notebook puter and start burning all my albums (records) to cd!:)


I finally got my new cd player working!Now its getting more and more like my life was before my tbi!Im really happy,I just rocked out to creed,stained,live,and life house :) :)!


I guess I had seen this doc before cause he knew everything about me!He wanted to know what my psa count was so he got on the phone to dr Star and dr Blacks office!My count is 1.6 I think,not high enough to do anything yet!He said just gotta keep an eye on it.He says cause I have no continece or bowll problems,no need to get alarmed.Another doctor that said my problems I was havin with my bowells was caused by my cancer!That was one issue that made it so awefull living with Ed!He used to insult my intelligence and riddicule me by saying I was just being lazy!See he works with someone with prostrate cancer but,I guess hes not intelligent enough to know it affects everyone different!While he may have side effects that cause him issues,I may not and likewise!


Today I have an individual service program (isp) meeting with and at hics!Ed cant be there,work!Thats too bad cause I wanted to make an issue about getting the statement to my trust mailed to my new address!I think its safer in that kind of forum cause I can avoid getting my intelligence insulted!Ive got rec after the mtg,jepardy tonight :)!

stop and shop

I rememberd coffee filters this morning without even a list!Its things like that,I work on my memory just repeating to my self coffee filters over and over in my head :)!

this week

Ive got a ride booked for tomorrow to go to stop and shop basically to get my meds and anything I may need,if I remember,I will cause cmD made a list where I only have to check off the things I need!:)I have an isp meeting with hics on Wednesday,isp-individual service program!Im curious as to what my attendance was,I hope they still keep track.Ive got a couple things to bring up as well!Tuesday we go to the Brockton rox baseball game,wed-isp mtg then rec-jepardyThurs-hics,Fri I see the oncologist!

church 7.11

Church was great this morning but,we discussed what the bible said about parenting,it left me wondering if I did the right thing as a father!I think I had all three in sunday school but,I dont think I impressed enough how important it is to axccept Jesus Christ as thier savior!I think they all believe but,I really dont know!The only thing I can do now is let them know (which they do) hes the reason Im still of the flesh!

7.10.10 after noon

I went to the pool this am and the sun was in and out,mostly in!I cant work on my tan without the sun :(! I then hopped on my scooter and took a cruise to walgreens.Im havin mega probs tring to connect my new cd player to my reciever!Just seems Im tring everything and nothing is working:(!


I went to my docs appt,he showed concern about my psa leval being a little too high!Gets me concernd that my cancer could be commin back!He wants me to see an oncologist.We made an appt. to see one!I really dont think it is cause I know Jesus has plans for me!


Today Ive got an appt. with the doctor that cut me open so another doctor could implant the radiation seeds to make my cancer gone!Im a little worried its commin back,just 1ce a side affect botherd me!


Hics was great today!We had groups current issues,peer tbi,team building!CmK ran our team building group and we did something a little different,it was great but,I cant remember now exactly what we did all I do remember is at the end we wrote down what we thought about the activaty,I remember my comment being"its real challenging for me to write",I think we all had to contribute to make a picture.My tremous drive me crazy!
Hics was great todayWe had our group learing about tbi,we went to some web site that really explained everything about tbi well!Im suposed to get the links mailed to me when I do Ill share!
9pm:I just took my cd changer and my turn table out of the boxes,took the boxes out to the dumpster,and all the rest of my trash!Now Im really tired!


Its been a productive day so far!I woke up,went to best buy,purchaced a 5 disk cd changer and a turn table that connects to my puter to burn all my albums,records,vinal,to compact disk!Took a cruise on my scooter to walgreens to get 2 12 packs of soda!That scooter is making me injoy life even more :)!


I hope everyone had a great,safe.4th.Today I have a ride booked to and from best buy to buy a 5 disk cd changer and I was reserching best buy on line,came accross a turntable that connects to a puter to burn to cd, vinal!Then I could burn all MY vinal to cd!Then Ill have to get to work on my labling program!That would be so kewl to burn ALL my albums:)!

thinking ahead

I have a best buy trip planned for tomorrow!I know what I need/want,a cd player #1,comp printer paper #2,look at dvr's,vdr,s,maybe george forman grills.I used to have two or three of them but,Ed said"cant find them"!It cooked my meats great and it was fun cooking with them :)!

hics crew

Hics crew survivors and staff at fenway park tour


Happy birthday America! This has kinda special meaning to me too.Im celibrating my independance everyday cause Im really totally independent :)!None of my young adult showed any interest in having a cookout today so Im gonna go to the pool,maybe some tennets will show some,maybe even some of the pretty young ladies :)!


I just got back from another successfull journey to walgreens:)!I needed some soda,and I got some charcoal and lighter fluid!Ive invited Bri and Taylor down,we can have a cookout here!Hopefully they get back to me,I should call Kenny too!


Today we are gonna have our regular Sunday service at beechwood cc cause of it bein the 4th tomorrow.I really wish I could get in touch with Bri!I wanna invite she and Taylor ova for a kinda cook out but,still no way of getting in touch with her :(!


I was able to attach my basket to my scooter today in no time flat :)!I just think thats pretty kewl given my balance and coordination issues!I think it will come in handy on Monday cause Ive booked a ride to bestbuy!I tried today to use my 5 disk dvd changer as a cd changer and no go.I gonna see what bestbuy has,I like to create a playlist from a few cds and artists!

Grazelle :)

Grazzelle (my maid) was here this am!She always does a great job and my laundry is done so I dont have to struggle this week folding and hangerizing it :)!


I was kinda freekin out!I want to go to the pool today,I got some sun screen/tanning stuff,couldnt find it!I remember putting it right on my desk to avoid this!Then I remember cmD saying "this dosnt belong here" and we moved it but,WHERE!I just thought of where would be the most logical place!I checked my mediseen cabinet in my bathroom,not there.I have like a plastic storage case with draws,I found it there ;)!I mainly want to protect my TATS!