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6.30.15 after 11.30am

I was on "the ride" for my trip to hics and I hear over the radio "take James back home, 1357 Hancock is closed"! Then I get home and KJ left me a vm saying that they lost all power at hics! Now what to do for the rest of the day. I've gutta do my normal Tuesday tasks, load my med box, create a KJ list but that won't take much time! I'm thinking maybe take a ride to no where just catch some wind :)! I could also plan a dinna for tonight! I can't seem to just go and do something cause of my brain injury I've gutta think these things through or else they won't work out well! It's part of understanding our brain injury!

6.29.15 after 6.10pm

Rose was here and she did a great job! Not quite as good as Michaela but still great! Really no need of getting so anxious over but that's what is happening to me lately! I get anxious over everything. It's really starting to sux. I gutta train my brain to discard these feelings, hope I can!


I took a great little ride to the store! I got real anxious just before I left though, I don't know about this new med! I think Michaela is coming over at 4pm but I'm not sure, she told me she was gonna take a vacation I just forget when :(! If she comes today I'll ask her to write it in my pocket calendar. 

6.19.16 7.30-8am

I got up in plenty of time for my trip to Granite medical to have blood taken but I just can't get my act in gear this morning! I'm a responsible guy, I canceled my trips now I just gutta wait till 8am to call Gm to cancel getting blood taken! That means I'll have to make another appointment, which means I'll have to use my injured brain to figure out when I can go! Sounds simple but these are the types of things I have trouble with :(! I'm really wondering if feeling this way is all caused by this new med cause I've been able to do multiple things before I started it! 

6.28.15 around half past noon

I find I'm moving very slowly so far today! It's Sunday though, I've got no need to move fast :)! The only thing I think I've got planned for today is LQ (Lisa) is gonna call after she gets done painting, I forget what room, in her new apartment! I've got so much respect for this blond babe, she makes far less $ than I, she gets ssi not ssdi, and she orchestrated this whole move by herself! I think I finally got her to accept my help and use my netbook to get on the internet :)! I know she can get a wireless signal cause we got one on the tablet! That was much to small to try and set up accounts though! We tried to set up a google account and just couldn't get the right characters to display! I'm hopping with the netbook and a full keyboard we'll have much better luck! That would also make me very happy cause I believe that's why Jesus saved me, to help not only tbi survivors but any and all people I can! It doesn't hurt that she's a blond b…

6.27.15 after 5pm

I got my snail mail this afternoon and their was an envelope from the IRS! They sent a letter thanking me for paying off our compromise! WOW I owe the IRS nothing and I got a letter to prove it :)!

6.27.15 after 2.15

I had a great ride to Wg's! I did forget DD's coffee though! Not to worry though I've got two pounds of regular coffee and plenty of creamer! I can always take another ride too :)! Now that I'm confident I've got complete control of my bike I'm a little less anxious about taking it out!

6.27.15 after 8.30am

This day didn't start out too well for me! I was pouring my 1st cup of coffee and the cup tipped over! Cause of my severe spastisody I know I'm prone to this type of thing happening so I use the strategy of pouring it in my sink so I'm protected from having to clean up a big mess! The only thing that  sux is loosing a whole cup of coffee! Then I think I'm free now to make another pot if I want! I've worked very hard to get to this point of my journey living with a traumatic brain injury I've gutta take full advantage of my success! Today I've gutta take a ride to Wg's to get some dinna stuff and I can't forget a 12pk of coke zero! I need some more DD's coffee too!

6.26.15 around 8.15pm

Tomorrow I've gutta take a ride to Wg's and pick up a few things! That will actually be fun! It seems the more I use my bike the more I'm getting used to it! I've still gutta adjust the front brake lever! I'll make it this week ends project! 

6.26.15 around 2pm

I think this new med I'm taking is really having an adverse affect on me! I've got no ambition to do anything! I rescheduled my lab appointment this morning then I couldn't get myself going at all! I then canceled going to the YMCA too! I've yet to shower I've just got no ambition at all :(!

6.26.15 after 8am

I had absolutely no confidence in "the ride" to get my trips right today so I canceled my lab appointment for today! Now my foot is killing me, just another thing to set off my angsioty!

6.25.15 after 8pm

Tomorrow I've got an appointment to have blood taken at Granite medical at 8.25 am! Then I'm gonna put my trust in "the ride" not to screw up my trips and get me to the YMCA! I've got a 10.53 return from Gm then a noon trip to go to the YMCA! That's over an hour to get me home in time! They always seem to find a way to screw up my day though!

6.25.15 after 12.45pm

The fog surrounding my head is lifting but very slowly! I'm now sure it's gutta be the new med I'm taking! I'm thinking of taking a ride to Wg's! I've gutta be careful though! My check doesn't come in for at least three weeks! I'm used to getting paid once a mouth though! Sure I got a weekly salary but that all went to the IRS and my x wife! I was left with under $50 from my salary check! I asked DD if he could increase my salary any! He was the best man anyone could ever work for! He always paid his people by their performance! I was not only the best auto glass technician around, I was also very good at managing people and customers too!

6.25.15 after 8.35am

I woke up this morning not feeling very well, not sick but extremely lethargic and confused more than I normally am! So I find myself moving very slowly and I couldn't get myself going in time to be ready for an 8.50 am pick up time to do hics! It's not that I just have to get myself ready, when you live on your own you've got many things you've got to make sure of before you walk out that door! Everything was coming at me at the same time and I couldn't just focus on one thing at a time! My brain injury limits my ability to focus but I've always been able to deal with it and carry on with my normal routine! I'm thinking maybe it's the new med I'm taking! It did state could cause confusion, but I deal with confusion constantly a little more I should be able to handle! I guess I shouldn't be so hard on myself it's just I consider myself as being an overachiever! Not a role I'm willing to relinquish!

6.24.15 after 10.45am

I decided not to do the YMCA today cause my ride times were too close and I really want to do dinna tonight! I just had to check and make sure they just canceled the trip to the YMCA and the return trip and it looks like it was done the way I asked it to be! I find I'm still getting very anxious when it comes to "the ride"!

6.24.15 around 10am

 KJ was here and naturally I set up my meds perfectly :)! I always load my meds in my med box on Tuesday night so KJ can see I did it right! I'm on a streak of many weeks in a row of being 100% accurate !:) I called this lady at Spaulding rehab about participating in studies about living with tbi! I had to leave a vm, last time I did this she never called back! This time,cause KJ was here, I'm sure I left all the right information in the vm! 

6.24.15 after 8am

KJ is making a home visit around 8.30am then I'm going to the YMCA then I'm meeting hics (rec) at Wahlburgers in Hingham Ma. for some dinna! Today is the 1st day of taking a whole tablet of that med that's supposed to help this awful anxiety I'm dealing with! The only thing I'm noticing so far is I seem to be more tremulous than normal! 

6.22.15 after 8pm

Michaela was here and she washed my bed sheets and did ALL my laundry and cleaned my whole apartment! When I had arcadia as a home health aid company when I had the homemaker do my bed that's all she did! Michaela is the BEST :)! She's gonna be on vacation for the next two weeks, she asked if I wanted another hm to come and I said yes! If I can only get them to vacuum my rugs that will be one less challenging task I gutta do! I don't know why but this has been a mentally exhausting day! Tomorrow I've got hics :)! I'm pretty sure it's just a regular day with groups that stimulate our brains :)!   


I didn't have my driver drop me off a Wg's today cause my power indicator on my scooter was reading less than a full charge! I probably would have made it home but I've got options and why take chances! I've been using this scooter for a little over two years now and learned when this gauge has moved the slightest bit it's time to hook up the charger! I only had one NEED anyway, protein shakes!  

6.23.15 after 7am

Today I've got hics :)! I find I'm even getting anxious about going there! I guess it's cause I'm using "the ride"! On the trip home I should have the driver drop me off at Wg's! I'm worried about my battery life in my scooter! Not to worry though I've got my bike to get me there if my batteries fail! I just don't want to have that happen and not going up that gradual incline on technical park dr will make a big difference!


Autumn was here from S.S.Elder services and I've gutta say she was very impressed by how I'm living doing everything on my own :)! She is gonna look to see if there are any social events in the area I could attend! The great thing is she will email me whatever she finds! I said how I use email for everything!

6.22.15 around 10am

I couldn't do the YMCA today cause my foot was causing me way too much discomfort! Then the thought of putting on a sneaker made me cringe! My spastisody seems to be bothering me quite a bit this morning! I'm not shaking any more than normal just my coordination seems way off! I've got to look at the keys on my keyboard to get the right character! Autome just called from ss elder services and she is gonna come over to meet with me at 2.30 today! She's gonna discuss  with me things I can do in this area :)! I had a vm from her to call her too, I think I had that on my KJ list for Wednesday! That is great cause although I'm already pretty busy this could be an opportunity to meet people that live nearby specifically the ladies:)! Then I've got Michaela (my homemaker) due at 4pm!  This is the week she does my bed sheets so I've got all my laundry to be done! Now I've gutta make sure this place is picked up cause I've got a lady coming over :)!

6.21.15 :)

I just heard from the last of my three kids! Lissy is doing very well for herself! She landed a job that I think pays her twice what her last did! I'm proud of all three of my children!

6.21.15 after 3.30pm

I ran my trash out to the dumpster using my scooter and it seemed the rain was letting up! I thought of this to be a good opportunity to take a ride to the store! I rode to the store and had no problems getting in and out the elevator or the front doors of my building :)! I've really got operating my bike well :)!

6.21.15 after 1pm

I've heard from my two girls wishing me  a happy fathers day :)! I want to take a ride to the store but it's raining! I'm not supposed to drive my bike in the rain :(! The weather channel says it's gonna stop btw 3-4 pm! The great thing is my bike has lights! I could go when it starts to get dark out :)!

6.20.15 around 4pm

I've had a great ride to Wg's and I saw this pretty lady who I used to see at the meetings here for residents! I actually had the hots for this babe :)! No scrapes, bumps, or burses to my bike on this ride :)! I think I'm really getting used to my new form of transportation :)!

6.20.15 around 2.30

I'm just thinking of ways I can help Lisa get happy. I think she should use the wii fii antenna to get her laptop on the net! The tablet is too small to use in the apartment, I think it would be much more user friendly if she took the antenna and used the laptop at home! She's like me though, she has issues accepting help! I don't know why but I just feel the need to help people! I gutta get started getting ready cause I wanna take a ride!

6.20.15 before 9am

I got up this morning, fired up the computer, and my keyboard wasn't working! Without a keyboard I can't even log on to my computer! So I checked all the connections, the seemed fine so then I disconnected the usb connection to the keyboard and connected it to a different port! It seems to be working fine now! Not bad problem solving skills for a survivor of traumatic brain injury! That's why I don't have to do the things that put your brain to work like crossword puzzles and such! I believe every survivor should have a puter of some sort to exercise their brain :)! Last night I went over Lisa's new place and we ordered out for dinna :)! It's like all the other units at Ramblewood but this one like mine is on the 3rd floor, no one above her! I also brought over the tablet I got for her and got her connected to a wireless network in that building! She didn't want to use my netbook but I still think she should use something else when she's at home, I'…

6.19.15 around 9.30am

I'm still feeling very anxious! I'm still only taking a half tablet a day, I guess I'll wait till I start to take a whole tablet to pass judgment on this med! It's similar to worrying  about just about everything! My trips, money, life!


Today I gutta make it to the YMCA! I haven't made it the past couple times cause of the corn on my right little toe but I gutta suck it up and work through  the pain! Working out helps me in so many ways! It makes me feel better about myself, makes me stronger at age 56, helps my balance, keeps cancer from again rearing it's ugly head! Then tonight I think I'm going over Lisa's new place! I'm gonna bring over the tablet I got for her and see if cause she's now on a 3rd floor apartment, she can connect to a wireless network! If I'm successful I'll get her a fb account so if my fb friends get a friend request from Lisa Quirk it's her! 

6.18.15 after 1.45pm

You know as I suffered through living in Scituate after my brain injury I used to dream of a life like I'm living now! I'm free, no one to say "you can't"! That's such a great feeling, I'm living my dream :)! Right now I'm listening to my stereo (cd player) and no one's yelling "turn that down"! 

6.18.15 around 9.30am

I was gonna meet hics at the Massachusetts rehabilitation commission's conference in Norwood Mass Sheraton Tara but I "Fed" up booking my trips I even had an email from KJ with the correct times and still "fed" up! That's something you've gutta learn to live with living with tbi! My brain sometimes doesn't see things as they actually are! I think I'm gonna take my bike out for a ride to get some enjoyment amidst my "f up"! Last night was great at casino night! Although KJ wasn't working I still did blackjack all night! LK was a great dealer, she made for a fun night too! I didn't start winning till we upped the anti from a nickel to a dime then I got two BJ's in a row! I probably ended up breaking even on the night but I came out on top cause of all the fun I had :)!    

6.17.15 after 11am

KJ was over and we tried to get my blog on my Iphone with no luck! We got it to view but not to post :(! It seems if I want to do mobile blogging I'm gonna have to use my tablet and hope their is a wireless network I can jump on! Later I'm going to hics for casino  night :)!


I had a great lunch and it wasn't too, too bad, $15.00 for a burger, fri's, and sml drink! I came home and the painter was finishing up the repairs from the leaky roof. He did a very clean nice job!

6.16.15 after 8am

While checking on my trips for the week I noticed that tomorrow's trip to the YMCA was a 12pm pick up from home and not a 12pm arrival time to the YMCA! I then had to cancel that trip then book another! And the say we tbi survivors can't notice things well, this survivor is right on everthing!

6.15.15 nearing 6pm

One thing got accomplished today, Michaela was here and cleaned my whole apartment! It's never a real mess but she does vacuum my rugs! That's a hard task for me to do cause of my balance issues! I've done it many times though. Next week she is gonna do my bed sheets so I can't do laundry on Sunday, shucks :)! Now to do dinna.

6.15.15 around 11.30

I put my sneakers on to get ready to go to the YMCA and my foot was causing me way to much pain to go today so then I called my podiatrist's office and made an appointment, he can't take me till 7/8 at 11am! I also called Bayada home health care to make sure Michaela was gonna make it today and she is! 

6.15.15 after 10am

I rescheduled my lab appointment this morning cause I just couldn't get going in time for an early morning pick up! I forget for when but I created a file and put it on my online calendar. I'm still planning on doing the YMCA! 

6.14.15 around 8pm

Tomorrow I've got a busy day! I've got a 7.37 pick up time to go to Granite medical to have blood taken, then I've got the YMCA to do my resistance training!I've got a 9.52 return trip from Gm then I've got an 11.46 pick up to go to the YMCA! That looks as if I shouldn't have any issues making my times but I've been screwed by them before it could happen again, wait, I'm not gonna think like that! My trips will all work out great tomorrow! I was told to drink a lot of water for this bt! I'm not one to drink much water at all but I got some distilled water at Wg's and had a bottle with dinna!

6.14.15 after 6pm

I got all my laundry DONE this afternoon :)! I eased the pain of fixing it all after the dryer dose it's thing by listening to G&R's greatest hits! It was still very challenging but with G&R I can (rock&) roll with it :)! Now I gutta make some dinna :)!

6.14.15 after 2.50pm

I don't know why but I seem to go through keyboards on my computer quickly! On this keyboard whenever I use the character "y" I've got to look to make sure it came out! It's a pain but I'll deal with it!
  I just had to cut my finger nails I used to just have trouble cutting my left hand cause it requires fine motor skills and I can't do it well with my right hand and now I'm having issues with my left hand! Life is hard but worth it!

6.14.15 around 9.30 am

Today I've gutta do my laundry! I think this is the week I have my homemaker wash my bed sheets but she didn't show last week without a call to say she wasn't so I can't take a chance cause this is the only day I have free time to get it all done! I've rediscovered a way to pass my time enjoyably! I listen to my stereo receiver! Not only is it great premium sound but someone talks to you sometimes with news updates and a little rock trivia! I could stream it on my computer but I've gutta play with all my toys :)! 

Great ride

I had a great ride to Wg's! I'm able to park my bike at the front of the store and grab a shopping cart to hold my items but even more important my balance! I checked out then lifted up my seat to put most things there! Closed the seat, position the 12pk of coke zero on the floorboard, turn the key and no power! Then I've gutta think, what could have happened? The only thing I did was to put my stuff in the storage place under the seat so I looked there and I saw a switch, it was in the off position. I flicked it to the on position, closed the seat, turned on the bile and had full power again! They say when you have a tbi our problem solving skills are impaired! I had great ps skills before my tbi, it was part of my career! It's things like this that proves this survivor has STILL got great problem solving SKILLS :)!

6.13.15 around 11am

My youngest girl turns 25 years young today, happy birthday to Lissy! When Nise first told me she was pregnant she was in tears cause we already had a boy and a girl so we were done planning to have more children! I remember this vividly, after she told me I just took her in my arms and hugged her with a great feeling of happiness! I can't help thinking back on all the joy she has given me, from coaching baseball game and she running circles around me and me grabbing her arms right then left and lifting her off the ground flying through the air! Now this young lady has graduated from Keene state college in NH! I can't put in to words how proud you make your father Lissy :)! Today I've gutta get to Wg's and pick up what seems to be a lot of stuff. The biggest and hardest to carry would be a 12 pk of coke zero so I'm thinking I've gutta take my slower scooter with a big basket on the back! Then I start to think of battery life! It's just going up technical pa…

6.12.15 around 5.15pm

I've spent the afternoon listening to my stereo  system! I've still got two more speakers to connect up to this! I listen to a great classic rock station! You can stream it at or  I highly recommend this! Today was moving day for Lisa! Just to another building a few down from this one! The great thing it's a 3rd floor apartment! I'm hopping cause it's a 3rd floor she'll be able to connect to a wireless network in that building! My goal is to lift her out of this awful depression she lives with! She already knows someone who dose have a wireless network over there and said she could use it !:) I'll just have to go over there and connect the wii fii antenna to her laptop! My plan is to get her connected then get her a browser, mark my web site and blog as a favorite then get her on FB! I broke down and fired up my ac, it's extremely hot on the 3rd floor that's another thing she's gonna have to get used to!

6.12.15 after 3.30pm

I've taken a sweet ride to the store! I'm still getting comments from  passer by's  saying "nice bike"! Today I was able to get out and in my building without an issue but I really had to think about every foot  I traveled! I've gutta do a Wgs run tomorrow to get my shopping for the week done! I donno  yet weather I'm gonna ride or scoot there yet I'll have to 1st see what the weather is outside then decide:)!

6.12.15 around 11.30am

I put my sneakers on to get ready for a trip and my foot was causing me grave discomfort! These were my older looser fitting sneakers too cause I can't find my newer ones! This place is not big at all! The will turn up! Now all I've gutta do today is take a ride to the store :)!

6.12 15 around 9.20am

I think I've chopped the last tablet in half I needed to of my new med! I think the instructions where to take 1/2 tablet for the 1st 4 days then take whole tablets! This makes the 2nd tablet I've chopped so that makes four days! I don't feel any difference yet I guess I'll wait until I start taking a whole tablet for at least one week to pass judgment! Today I'm going to the YMCA to do my resistance training :)! I'm thinking of increasing the amount of weight I'm leg pressing to 390lb! They frown on jumping up 10lb so maybe just  385lb! Whatever that is still quite a lot of weight for a 56 year old cancer, traumatic brain injury survivor! I'm extremely proud of what these experienced hockey legs can do :)! 

6.11.15 around 9.10pm

I spent some of this afternoon listening to my cd player and cds! That was great cause I've got a vast collection of cds! That has even changed, the way I listen to tunes. I find it easier and more enjoyable listening to tunes on my puter! I've got a subwoofer  on it too! I set up a track on my cd player, have my remote in hand but I do like controlling m playlists from my computer! It was good to go back to the way I used to play tunes in my N,Quincy apartment just not quite as LOUD :)!

8.11.15 around 3pm

I've been to Braintree rehab and Shannon refilled my pump! This process  still amazes me! She dose have external gauge that measures the amount of med in there  but Shannon is amazing :)!

6.11.15 around 10am

This tbi survivor can't stop thinking of what I need to do! I've got an appointment on Monday to get blood work done at the lab at granite medical! It's an early appointment, my return trip from there I booked at 9.30 am I think. I was thinking that would be plenty of time to get me home for another trip to go to the YMCA for a 1pm arrival time! I'll just speak with Ali on Friday and let her know of my scheduling issues with "the ride" then check m times Sunday night and go from there! This new med so far does nothing for my angsioty! I'm getting super anxious about just about everything right now!  My trips for today, my money, if I've done everything I need to before I leave today, will I remember everything I need to at today's appointment! I've just gutta remember to ask if dr.K is there then let him know the new med I'm taking and have him take a look at my left hand! We will see how I do!


Today I'm going to get my pump refilled at Dr.K's office by Shannon! If I see dr.K there it's probably a good idea to ask him to look at my left hand! I don't think it has anything to do with it but I think the last thing done to it was I got shots of Botox in it. I've also got to process the way to Braintree rehab from here cause I believe I can ride there on my bike! I'll just bring my charger with me and ask if I could plug it in while I have my appointment!  

6.10.15 around 8pm

I was supposed to have my homemaker this afternoon but, no show! That means in the next few days I'm gonna have to lug my vacuum around and do it myself ! Tomorrow I go to dr K's office to see Shannon, she refills my pump with baclophin! It's amazing how she can find the place the med goes in on the pump just by feel!

6.10.15 around 3pm

I took a nice ride to Wg's I got some bulky stuff and was able to carry it all safely on my bike :)! I got a four pack of water that was the heaviest item though! I picked up my new med, goggled it and this is what came up!
After reading about this I'm skeptical about taking this! I guess it's the generic name for Zoloft! I'm trying to remember back to my substance abuse days and I think Zoloft was a street drug! All the wires in my brain have been severed or crossed though so I really donno! I just pray it takes care of my angsioty! 


KJ was over and again I was 100% accurate on my meds :)! I wanted to share the letter I got from the IRS but my printer wasn't cooperating so she scanned it at the office and mailed me a copy but fb or my blog rejects it! I'm just proud of settling my back tax issues then paying off in full my compromise with the IRS :)! My pcp's office called and a med was prescribed for my angsioty  that is the med that's ready at Wg's so I've gutta get going and take a ride to Wg's! My homemaker comes at 4pm today!


I've been to hics and then m dentist! I told them I was in a lot of pain on Sunday and it's gone today! The checked all my teeth anyway! I'm just so excited that my next payment to the IRS is gonna be my LAST payment on my back taxes :)!

6.9.15 around 7am

I've got hics today! I go right from there to Lux dental! I don't seem to have nearly as much pain as I did Sunday but good to get it checked out! I'm still ecstatic about receiving that letter from the IRS! I'll have KJ read it tomorrow but I'm sure it says I'm done with the IRS :)! 

6.8.15 around 6pm

I went down and got my snail mail and there was something from the IRS! I know I haven't missed a payment the must have found a way to get more from me! This said " you have $267. left on our compromise! I thought I has to pay $377 a month for years! This is great news! Now I don't have to pay the IRS $377.00 a month :)!

6.8.15 after 4.25pm

I just looked at my Verizone wireless bill for the month and it's nearly $500.00! That's cause my new Iphone is on there! The phone itself is nearly $400. I think I'll pay them a good part of it this month then all next!

6.8.15 around 3.15pm

With Michaela not coming today there were a few things I needed to get done! I'll leave the vacuuming for her but I went around and gathered  all my trash receptacles and dumped them in my kitchen barrel then dumped that in the dumpster! Its things like carrying trash out  to the dumpster I need my older scooter for! I could do it using my walker but this makes it much safer! Doing laundry its a big help for too!

6.8.15 around 1pm

Alison from bayada home health care just called and said Michaela can't make it today would it be alright if she comes on Wednesday. I've just got the YMCA on Wednesday, no rec and I book my return trip from the YMCA at 1.15pm so that works for me :)! It's nice in my apartment, I've got a candle going in the kitchen, bathroom, and on my desk :)! 

6.8.15 around 7.10am

I had to cancel the YMCA for today I've got a tooth ache that really hurts :(! I'm seeing my dentist tomorrow at 1.30pm! I'm running out of Anbesol too! I've got to go on though I've gutta get to the store today!

6.7.15 after 6.45pm

All of a sudden I developed a tooth ache! I called my dentist and they were open! I could have been seen tomorrow but I can't get a ride until Tuesday! So on Tuesday I go right from hics to my dentist!

6.7.15 after 2.40pm

I took a RIDE to Wg's without an incident! My new bike is so much like riding again :)! I seem to do the elevator without any issues, Ive learned how to navigate the front doors and how to get out the door to my apartment with no scrapes or scratches to my bike :)! It's all a learning process :)!

6.6.15 around 6.30pm

I scooted to Wg's this morning and wouldn't you know later this afternoon I get a script in the snail mail! I do need some smell shxt ( scented candles) too! I'm hoping the still have the sale 3 4 $5 on the small jar candles! I remember buying some one inch votive candles! I'll look for those too then I can use my candle holders :)! This survivor gets a thrill out of the smallest thing :)! 

6.6.15 after 3.30pm

I scooted to Wg's today with my slower scooter simply cause I needed to get some bulky items and that has a big basket on the back! I had trouble fitting everything in that! Two items nearly took up all the space, 12pk coke zero and a case of protein shakes! I needed D&D's French vanilla ground coffee and coffee creamer too! Fiber one treats and $20 cash back! I didn't forget a thing :)! It's small minor things like this I think I beat my tbi on! I've gutta savior these small victories!

6.6.15 after 8am

I haven't been doing well with keeping up with my blogging! Since my last blog KJ made a home visit and she helped to do the necessary body work to my new scooter! I should just apply a strip of tape on the damage I got on the rear of the scooter! The super glue is holding the piece in place but this is the heaviest piece I've ever super glued before, a little extra insurance wouldn't hurt, make me feel more secure too! I went to the YMCA yesterday and had another hard workout! As hard as it is getting through it I feel great after I'm done :)! Then last night Lisa was over and we ordered out for dinna! I got a new favorite, veal with swiss cheese toasted! Then we just hung out for a few hours :)! Today I'm thinking of scooting to Wg's to get some quick and easy dinnas and some D&D's French vanilla ground coffee! I've gutta be very careful though, end of my pay period, my check gets deposited in my account this Tuesday so there isn't much left n…

6.5.15 8-9am

KJ's gonna do a home visit at 9am this morning and I've gutta repair the body damage from popping a wheelie (accidentally) yesterday! Then hopefully my foot will allow me to go to the YMCA! I've got a good pair of socks on now and it's just hurting normally! Hopefully I can withstand  the pain!

6.4.15 around 6.50pm

I took a ride to the store and everything was fine going there but when I got to the front door of my building I somehow popped a wheelie and my scooter rolled over backwards! I quickly got up and right side my bike, gathered all my stuff, then looked to see what damage was! I need to  some  body work to the rear of my bike, hopefully I've got enough super glue left! That's hard for me to try and stay motionless for even 30 seconds! KJ is making a home visit tomorrow, I'll ask her if she could help sg the pieces back! No bumps or scratches on me just my pride got damaged! 4 bloody Turkey hot dogs for dinna tonight :)!

6.4.15 around 2pm

I've been to see my PCP and he basically checks everything! 1St he checks my bp, then my breathing, then I go to the lab to have blood taken so the can do a multitude of tests on that! So far I'm fine but the blood tests will reveal my psa count, my cholesterol count, everything!  I mentioned about feeling anxious lately and he said I could either try a med or there is a kind of cognitive therapy out now to try to correct this! I really don't have the time to do therapy for my anxiety so I said I'll try the med! He didn't want to prescribe it until he talked with my neurologist to make sure it wouldn't conflict with other meds I take! I'm thinking now of taking a ride to the store!

6.4.15 around 8am

Today I'm going to see my primary care physician! I'm getting anxious about that! Will my trips workout, if I've gutta get dropped at Wg's will my scooter have enough juice to get me home, will he know what to do about how this is affecting my daily living? Its kind of stressing out but I think that is what angsioty is! Then I start to stress (get anxious) about my money! My check doesn't get deposited till next Tuesday so I transferred money from accounts so as not to stress about it! The only thing I should be anxious (stressed) about right now is my trip TO my doctor, then try to focus on my needs to try to get myself somewhat less stressed, ask how or what can help? "The ride" really seems to cause me to get anxious (stressed)! I've just gutta think of how much better it is now than when I lived in Scituate! Then I'd have to stress about getting a ride to and from Shaws in Cohasset!

6.3.15 around 1pm

While resting my foot I look down and there's a hole in my sock right where the corn is! I changed my socks hoping that will make a big difference! I also tried on my other pair of sneakers but they caused me pain too! I had a pair of slippers that had hard soles on them, I used to wear them out before! I can't find them anywhere! I won't let this God blessed corn beat me though! On a positive note, I called my doctor for a script of a med I was almost out of. This is the med I've gutta show an ID before and after picking it up!

6.3.15 around 10.30am

I put my sneakers on at 9.45am to get ready for a 10am pick up to go to the YMCA. My right foot started to give me intense pain! Needless to say I can't make the YMCA today, the corn wins. I've got my right sneaker off now relieving the pressure on my toe! I gutta wear it later when I go to Wild Willys to meet hics! 

6.3.15 around 7am

I got up way too early this morning! I've already checked my trips, bank accounts! Today I'm going to the YMCA to do my resistance training! I'm gonna stay with leg pressing 380lb 12 reps for now, when I put three days in a row and not taking a day off I'll increase it to 385 then 390 then 395 then my goal of 400lb! Then later I'm meeting hics at Wild Willys in Quincy Mass for dinna and planning for June! I'd like to have a karaoke night for sure! I know I want to do some Live and Creed and some other bands but I can't seem to locate their names in m brain right now! Oh one is Go go Dolls! Today will be a good test to see if I've solved my Wednesday ride issues! Oh I forgot to mention no KJ today she's gonna do Friday!

6.2.15 645pm

It seems I've solved my Wednesday ride issues! I now go to the YMCA at 11am! My return from the YMCA tomorrow is 12.38 pm then my pick up to meet hics at Wild Willys is 2.51pm! That should be enough time to freshen up, change  cloths, catch my ride! I'm so smart sometimes I frighten myself :)!

6.2.15 around 4pm

I've been to hics today! I remembered to tell KJ I wouldn't be in on Thursday cause of an appointment with my pcp! That kinda stinks too cause Thursday they are doing the scooper bowl in Boston! All the ice cream you can eat for a $10 donation to the jimmy fund! I think I've gone the last 10 years! I've got a gallon of friendly's recees   peanut butter cup ice cream here! I guess I'll just open that on Thursday! This tbi survivor is gonna remain happy no matter what life throws his way :)! I'm really hoping my pcp knows what can help me with this awful anxiety! I just get real stressed when I'm waiting for just about anything now! Mainly when I'm waiting for "the ride" though!

6.2.15 after 7am

I've got hics today :)! Even though I've got something to do that I like cause I work my brain I'm getting anxious  (stressed) about everything! My trips to and from, will the be on time or even show up! My rent hasn't been deducted from my account yet! I've got more than enough to cover it but will it remain there? This really sux I guess it is something  I've gutta learn to get the better of!

6.1.15 around 1.45pm

I've been able to complete one task I needed to get done today! I scooted to the store taking my new scooter :)! I got in and out of my apartment with no bumps or bruises to my scooter and I've learned just how I must get on the elevator! The only thing I've got to improve on is regulating my speed getting on the elevator! I've gutta look at my brakes to cause it feels like my front brake is in need of adjustment! It's just a cable that is very similar to a motorcycle or bike adjustment! My only concern is will I have all the proper tools I need here! That's another reason I need to get all my tools here from Scituate! 

6.1.15 around noon

Maintenance as here this morning after I called for the 2nd time for a leaky shower pipe! It's now fixed! I also had them reinsert the screen in my bedroom window! That's been out for at least a year now only cause I used to shake my beard trimmings out the window! I've found another way to take care of the mess! My homemaker is due at 4pm and I've gutta scoot to the store!

6.1.15 around 8am

I got up this morning with what was seemingly way too many tasks to preform I couldn't see getting to the YMCA :(! It was like I was having an anxiety attack! I do see my pcp on Thursday maybe there is something that can be done about this! It's starting to affect my daily routine! I've got my homemaker coming at 4pm and I do need to go to the store, with my new scooter I can make it there and back quickly but even using that makes me anxious! I get nervous about getting stuck in the elevator even though I know how I must get in and out of it now! Just one more thing this tbi survivor must learn to control!