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12.31.16 after 1.30pm

I've scooted to the store and it seems taking Longmeadow to Franklin is the ticket to beating my battery issues! My power gauge didn't budge off fully charged the whole journey :)! I still gutta do a Wg's trip but processing the way my scooter performed taking Longmeadow, I'm thinking of seeing if my bike would have the same kind of result!

12.31.16 around 10.30am

Last day of 2016! Today I've gutta get my act in gear and scoot to the store! My battery issues make me extremely anxious to scoot anywhere! I have yet to run out of juice taking Longmeadow dr. to Franklin st. avoiding the long gradual hill on Technical pk dr. It's a little longer but seems to put much less strain on my scooter! 

12.30.16 around 9.20am

2016 is coming to an end, good riddance! Today I gutta make it over to the office to drop off a voided check so my rent can be automatically withdrawn from my account! That's just cause my rent increased from $650 to $659 a month! That's just what I pay, market rate is over $2,000 a month! This morning I've cancelled my trips to the YMCA cause my minimal fractured  rib was causing   me discomfort but not as much as yesterday so I've gutta believe it's getting better :)! I put two dvd's on my Walmart cart. These were movies I had in my collection but now just empty jackets! My favorites "field of dreams" and "armageddon"! Hopefully that ends misplacing dvds! 

12.28.16 around 8pm

This survivor has been busy today :)! My day started with a home visit from KJ then I scooted to the store then went to hics for a holiday party :)!I'm pooped! :) Tomorrow all I've got is hics, don't know if I could do anymore than that, I'm really spent, in a good way though :)!

12.28.16 after noonthirty

KJ made a home visit this morning and she brought over a box that her new sneakers came in! I've been wanting to organize my meds and supplements since a therapist suggested I use a shoebox to store them in! We were able to get all my meds and supplements all together, organized in this box :). Then I scooted to the store and got back in plenty of time for my 3.06 pick up time to go to hics! We're having a holiday party tonight! I'm finding it's much better taking Longmeadow ln getting to Franklin st. then technical park dr. and taking that hill, my battery gauge reads full charge even when the journey is done :)! 

12.26.16 around 6.30pm

Peapod arrived with my order! I didn't need a whole lot but there is a minimum of $60 you have to spend using Peapod so I stocked up on some and not freezer stuff! I did want some spot carpet cleaner though and a couple candle lighters! 

12.25.16 after 10.30am

Merry Christmas! This survivor has gutta figure out just what he's gonna do today! I'm free to do whatever I want I got my battery issue figured out with my scooter, I avoid going up the hill on Technical rark dr and take Longmeadow ln to franklin st. That hill just drains all the power! I'm through with getting involved with all the fb drama! I share my blog with fb cause I've got many tbi friends who follow it! My hope is that other survivors will read what I've done and say " if he can do it after a severe tbi, I can too"! I express my thoughts probably too much too! I'm gonna try to keep my personal thoughts to a minimum so as not to create so much drama! I don't see a psychologist and this helps me get it all out! It's gonna be hard for this survivor to stick to this but Everything is hard when you live with traumatic brain injury!  

12.23.16 around 11pm

My homemaker was here and cleaned up after the nasty mess left behind after being sick! I had her wash my bed sheets cause I wanted to wash away the sickness! The dryer wasn't working well and she had to put it in another cycle! I told her "just get the bed sheets done and make the bed and I'll get the rest! That was very nice of Carmen to do this, I've washed my sheets and made my bed sheets and all but that was more challenging than folding  and putting them all away so thanks to Carmen :)!

12.23.16 after 11am

I'm still not feeling %100 yet! It seems as though the throwing up has stopped though :)! Thankfully my homemaker Carmen is coming today cause after being sick I need my bed linens washed and the bathroom needs a good cleaning! I can't do the YMCA yet I'm gonna try and have no traces of sickness left b4 I go! 

12.20.16 after 7.15am

I'm having issues sleeping at night! I'm very anxious about my recertification tomorrow @ noon! I've got to get many documents together and I'm having issues doing so :(! I'm going to hics today hopefully KJ is in, she always can calm my anxioty. 

12.19.16 around 10am

I can't do the YMCA today my rib is causing me too much pain ! I had to add value to my ride account! At first my card getting refused. I called the bank and they said "it's active,shouldn't be"! Then I tried again and it worked! I got an email from the manager here saying she hasn't heard from my case manager so I forwarded that mail to KJ hoping this all works out! I'm very anxious about this recertification! Today I should do my laundry!

12.18.16 nearing 9pm

I believe I handled my dental appointment for Tuesday. I called and rescheduled it for the Tuesday after this Tuesday,I posted it on fb simply cause it was open on my computer. These are the type of things I must do! My tbi took my ability to write away from me, this is one way to live with my issues! Tomorrow I'm hoping my fractured rib isn't bothering  so much it prevents me from doing the YMCA!

12.18.16 around 3.15pm

I went to Wg's today via "the ride" then scooted home! I got home to 1 vm that said I've got a dental appointment on Tuesday @ 11.30 am! This was news to me, I booked my trips for the week earlier and this wasn't in my pocket calendar! I'm gonna have to redo my trips for Tuesday! 

12.18.16 around 4pm

This survivor is so anxious about a few things right now! I got home from Wg's and sent an email to the property manager saying it's imperative she respond to my case manager's attempt to speak with her! That should be enough but I also left a vm saying that too!   

12.18.16 around 9am

I woke up this morning feeling so anxious! I've gutta book my trips for the week and what stands out is a mtg at the office @ noon to recertify! I am no way ready to do this! I've got correspondence from them saying I don't have to do this till early next year but it seems to me the manager is out to screw the residents here anyway she can think of! I was smart to book trips to Wg's yesterday cause a script showed up in my snail mail! 

12.17.16 around 8.15am

I've got trips to Wg's today but it's freezing outside! I'm not out of any meds and I got a peapod order yesterday so I'm thinking I don't have to put myself through going out in the cold! I know, I'll just call "the ride" and make the same trip for tomorrow then if I find I do need something I'll have a trip to do it! I need the bateries I ordered, it has such an effect on my independence! 

12.16.16 near 10pm

I've got trips booked to Wg's in Holbrook tomorrow! I had to cause the batteries in my bike and scooter don't seem strong enough to do a round trip :(! I've got a set of batteries coming for my scooter and they say it will be delivered this Tuesday by UPS! I gutta check to see if any meds are ready and pick up some coffee creamer! I got some on todays peapod order but this is a liquid coffee creamer, I like the powdered kind that Wg's has! So take "the ride" there and then scoot home :)!

12.16.16 after 9pm

Today I got my peapod order! I managed to get all my frozen stuff in the freezer but not without lots of rearranging with my arms full of stuff! I still gutta find homes for the non frozen stuff I'm just taking a break, standing and reaching seems to tire me out big time.


I'm feeling very anxious cause the property manager here told me I had to recertify sooner than I was told in a letter I received from them! I gutta have all sorts of paper work to do this and the letter states I don't have to do this till early February of next year! I'm so thankful I've got such great support! There is no way I could get all that's needed in the time allotted to me so KJ has a call in to the manager here but there has been people I know who got evicted for seemingly senseless reasons, that makes me very anxious!  

12.14.16 around 10am

KJ was over and I've been having issues getting the batteries for my bike! I shared the emails exchanged and she thought they were being very difficult with me! I asked if she would take pics of my bike and attach them to an email and send it to them! This is how it went,   ArchiveMoveDeleteMore