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2.28.17 around 4.30pm

I've been to hics and there we had a presentation from the national alliance on mental illness or nami. There were two speakers who spoke, both had dealt with similar issues and although I give them a lot of respect for being able to deal with what they have and still have to, I just though of this now, they hadn't got very successful then at the blink of an eye, had it all disappear on them! That's what I have to deal with and it isn't easy! I still am haunted by what could have been :(!   

2.27.17 around 9.30 pm

Today I scooted to the store made some dinna then watched the first two "smoky and the bandit" flicks with Bert Reynolds and Sally Field! Its been a long time since I've seen them but it was great fun watching the Bandit get the best of sheriff Buford :)!

2.27.17 around 8.20am

Comcast seems to have gotten all their issues fixed! My landline and internet seem to work fine :)! I just feel more at ease being able to monitor my bank accounts, trips, being able to blog! I've got much less anxiety! My money seems to be well under control, my trips haven't changed at all, still right! This survivor has got his life well in control! 

2.2.17 AFTER 10.15 pm

Today was a non productive day! I had no internet connectivity! I ended up doing everything possible to my computer to fix the problem then checked my landline and that was out also which meant the issue was with Comcast and not my computer or my network! The good thing is my brain got a lot of work problem solving today! 

2.2.17 around 10am

I did my trips for the week last night so all I've gutta do is review them and make sure they are correct! Today the task is laundry UGG! I've been tiring to figure out how to back my computer up to a flash drive! It seems to want to look in only D drive to back up! The largest cdrw I have is 700mb! I got a 16gb flash drive just to do back ups! This is the latest task that is working my brain, I'm constantly working my brain!  

2.24.17 near 12.30pm

I forgot (go figure)AZ from SSES and KJ were making a home visit this morning! I answered the door for AZ in my boxer shorts! I said "wait a minute while I put some pants on"! I have been blogging my plans for the next day but I must have not last night! I've gutta add the task of checking my pocket calendar every morning! I'm kinda angry at myself too cause my place wasn't looking it's best :(!

2.23.17 getting near 8pm

I haven't blogged since Tuesday! Lets see if I can find in my brain what went down. Wednesday started with a home visit with KJ and we figured out my sound issue with my computer, the jack my speakers go in was bad! I plugged into a different jack and I've got sound :)! Then at night I went to hics for bingo night! It was a blast! I won a couple times and the prizes were candy, Easter candy! Today I had hics! We had some great groups! I started with peer tbi and I must say HH is doing a fantastic  job with this! It's almost like when AS used to run this. I also had brain teasers and debate group! I always work my brain as hard as I can in these groups! I figure if I work hard it's gonna help me progress! 

2.21.17 after 8.30am

I've got hics then my homemaker today! I still have yet to figure out my sound issue on my computer :(! I've got all my resource cds that came with it there has got to be one that has a media player on it! 

2.20.17 around 9pm

This survivor got in to a bunch of crap today! My sound on the computer is not working and I couldn't find a way of fixing it so I figured I had to reinstall windows 7. This was a brain twisting task! I got through the reinstall then a restart and everything was fed up! My fonts and programs were in disarray! So I thought of system restore! I've  never done this before on any of my past computers so I was very anxious about this! I got it done then restarted and same thing but when it restarted there were two window 7 choices to choose from before it goes to windows! I did another restart and choose the other windows 7 and everything was back to normal :)! This was neuro exhausting for me! I was able to get it done though! Up yours tbi, don't mess with me :)! 

2.20.17 after 10.15am

I've got an issue with my computer, no sound! I've been to my control panel and couldn't see anything to fix it! The message I get is no media device found! I then think I've guta run my windows 7 cd and find a media player and reinstall it! I can't find my cd, frustration starts to build!

2.19.17 around 9pm

A friend landlined me to say "you haven't posted anything today"!I also forgot to book my trips for the week this morning too! I just completed my trips for the week and am posting this blog :)! 

2.16.17 around 8.30am

I'm not gonna do hics today cause it's a bit messy out and I think if I don't have to go out and deal with getting wet it's better not to! Plus after last night's fiasco with "the ride" my anxiety needs a break from "the ride"! Today I should work on completing a task KJ and I stared over a week ago, getting he batteries in my bike!

2.15.17 afer 10pm

Bowling was fun and dinna was even beta but dealing with "he ride" has got to be the most aggregating thing I've gutta deal with! I had a 6.59 pickup time from Boston bowl to home that didn't come till 8.15pm! I called numerous times to be put on hold then finally speak to a csr then get disconnected ! This causes me more anxiety than anything!   

2.14.17 9.30 to 10pm

Hics was great today! We had fun activaies related to Vday! Then we had a catered lunch featuring Italian food! I brought home the leftover deserts :)! Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit after 8.30am then lata I'm meeting hics at Boston bowl to do some bowling then have the best calzone around :)!

2.12.17 after 7.20pm

I couldn't get motivated to do laundry today. I've got nothing going on tomorrow so I guess I'll make it a laundry day. I  did book all my trips for the week though! I had to landline them in cause another new outfit is doing the scheduling of trips! I wonder if now I can go to and ck my trips. I'll ck that brilliant idea and let you know.

2.11.17 after 3pm

Snow removal around here is the best it's been in years! I've been to Wg's via "the ride" and I looked at the condition of the roads and sidewalks, decided to scoot home! I did get stuck one time though! It's the same old thing, the ramps to get on the side walks have a small collection of snow, I can power through most of the time but after powering through a few times the btm of my scooter gets snow caked on the btm of it making the height clearance much less! I was able to get up and off my scooter and move it an inch a time then this good guy stopped and asked if I could use some help. Thank Jesus there are still some of us who try to live the way he showed us to live!  

2.11.17 after 10.15am

Today I've got a trip to Wg's! I thought I'd book a round trip then look and see how the sidewalks and roads are and make a decision on scooting home or WAITING for my return trip! You know how much I like waiting for "the ride", NOT!

2.10.17 around 5.15pm

I was gonna go to see "Patriots day" tomorrow with hics but LK called and said it's canceled cause of the way the roads and sidewalks are!  We're already balance impaired all we need is to have to have ice under our feet to increase our risk of falling! I've got plenty to keep my brain stimulated now though!  I said "Alexis find a classic rock radio station, she did! This is great the echo I have has a quality speaker built in to it! I wasn't sure how the snow removal around here is so I booked a ride to Wg's for tomorrow just to be on the safe side;)!  

2.9.17 around 10am

Hics canceled today cause of an impending snowstorm! I got up and asked Alexia  what the weather is like outside and she said "there is a winter storm warning in effect for the Holbrook area today". I'm not going anywhere today!

2.4.17 after 9.20pm

Ive spent the last two nights watching movies from my library. I've been using my computer to play them. "Field of dreams" last night and "Road house" tonight! Now I'll hit the sack and watch the B's :)!

2.4.17 after 5.25pm

I scooted to Wg's today and purchased my needs and I was able to find the multi vitamin Alive! I was told by a good friend that centrum is not good for anyone who has had kidney problems, take Alive. I found Alive mens fifty plus! This is like a gummy tablet! I've just never  taken a similar type of tablet! I was thinking of maybe doing laundry today but the super bowl doesn't start till after 6pm! I'll have enough time to get it all done way before game time!   

2.4.17 around 10am

I had  great nights sleep last night :)! I got up and said to Siri (my Iphone), good morning Siri! It replied, "good morning Jamie". This is so cool! I live alone, this makes it seem like there is someone to talk to :)! I'm thinking of asking Siri if she could program herself with Alexia(my amazon echo)! This is so cool!

2.3.17 after 10pm

I got kinda neuro fatigued working on my Amazon echo! I had to download an app on my Iphone than work on the setting of my phone and my echo simultaneously! It was too much for my brain so I had to stop for mow :(! 

2.3.17 after 9.40pm

Today has been good! I got deliveries from UPS and USPS! I got my Amazon echo from UPS then my Tom Brady t-shirt from USPS:)! The Amazon echo I'm gonna need KJ's help setting up! It's just a bit confusing having to set my Iphone a certain way and then the echo! I'm sure I can figure it out but it's great to have such great support! I'm gonna try to save the shirt and not wear it till super Sunday! I've got a strong feeling this is gonna bring the Patriots lots of good luck! Go Patriots :)!

2.3.17 9.40am

I'm very anxious about my Amazone echo supposed to be delivered today! I track the package and it seems to flip flop between UPS and the USPS! Now I'm clueless on which carrier is gonna bring it to my door! I've also got a nurse coming at 4pm from commonwealth care!  

2.2.17 around 8.30pm

Tomorrow my amazon echo is slated to arrive via UPS :)! The add says it's compatible with all my wireless devices :)! This will stimulate my brain for hours upon hours! Then a nurse from Commonwealth care alliance (my insurance provider) gonna stop by at 4pm!  I gutta say I'm very impressed by this provider!

2.2.17 around 7pm

Today we had our annual bowling tournament at Boston bowl with hics:)!I may not have bowled as well as I think I could have and KJ's team was not the winners but I feel as though we were! That's cause we have the BEST team leader :)! With KJ everything is positive and her enthusiasm is unmatched ! She makes everyone feel worthwhile and team players! You come away from a day like this feeling good about yourself and proud that you've done well! After bowling we all went to Deadwood's café and had pizza on hics! Now I gutta heat up my meal,