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11.30.16 around noon

So far today has been a great day :)! I had one task I wanted her help with and that was ordering new batteries for my bike! I saved the link I order them from on my fb page and when I logged on the site today the batteries were much less expensive than the price I was quoted before! I got all four batteries for less than I was quoted for one before :)! So I also ordered a charger too cause it doesn't seem like it's working either! Then I logger on to where I saw scooter bateries at a real good price and ordered two of them! All these purchases came to less than I was quoted for one bike battery :)!

after11.18.16 3pm

I went to see a nurse at my pcp's office and she ordered x-rays be taken but the x-ray technician wasn't due in till 1pm! With a 12.05  pickup time there was no-way I could have waited. She also ordered an ultrasound of my chest! The cool thing is all my doctors print out a summary of today's visit! It has all my upcoming appointments on it!The driver was able to drop me at Wg's so I was able to get the things I needed. I'm sure I forgot something though! I'll remember it when I need it. I though my radiology appointment was tomorrow so I added value to my ride account and had myself going to get the x-rays then hics! I called and booked my trips that way, then I read the summary again and I'm not going till 12/2. Now my neuro  fatigue is starting to engulf my brain which means I gutta lay down for a bit! 

11.17.16 near 3.20pm

My right side is causing me excruciating pain! I'm just gonna show up at Granite medical tomorrow I forget what times I booked my trips for. I've got a pain med left, it's only IBuprofen but it's 800mg's, that will at least help me sleep tonight! 

11.27.16 around 9am

This survivor is in do much pain I'm on the verge of dialing 911! I did cancel out the YMCA for tomorrow and book trips to granite medical and I don't even have an appointment! I've called b-4 and been in less pain and they said "can you come in today"! So my plan is to just arrive there@ 11am and hope I can be seen by someone! I'm in so much pain I'm imagining gasping to breath so my lifeline is around my neck! 

11.26.16 nearing 9.30am

This survivor is trying to process the information he received this morning! I got fb msged by a friend who also lives in this complex saying we're finally getting a grocery store in Holbrook! This chick said Hannafords is gonna go where S&S used to be! This town has been w/o one since the S&S closed down! I've gutta straighten out my battery situation on my scooter and my bike! I've scooted to and from there b4 and if I just wanted a few things I could ride there! I've gutta remember to add this to my KJ list cause I've gutta be sure that all the information I put on the order form is the correct information! This is one lucky survivor I've got the support from hics, specifically KJ ;)! 

11.25.16 around 9pm

Today was close to being a disastrous day! I needed smokes from the store so I hopped on my bike to ride there! I just had it charging for about 30 minutes but the battery level gauge read only 3/4 charged. I decided to attempt to make the trip anyway! It didn't even make it to Wg's :(! LQ bailed me out again, she pushed me home and this chick has a bad back! Now the charger's not lighting up, geesh I don't know now if I should get batteries or a new charger! Christmas is coming  too!

11.25.16 around 9am

It dosen't appear I'm gonna be able to do the YMCA today, my left side of my body is hurting me! So bad I'm gonna call my pcp's office today to see someone cause it's in the area of my kidney and I've had issues with them! That's my priority today, call my pcp! It even causes me pain to walk, sit, coughing hurts tremendously! 

11.23.16 around 8.30pm

KJ was here this morning and I am having issues logging on to the new web host I've got! You click on the link forgot password and they email you a key to get into your account! Sounds easy but I can't copy and paste the link from the mail! It's not like I can just write it down and the link times out too! KJ was able to write it down this morning then I got in and changed the password! I try to logon tonight and have the same issues as before! I've been trying to log back in all afternoon :(! My logon information is on my Iphone! The site just doesn't accept the information! I never had these issues before when Yahoo was my host! I guess I gutta keep trying but I'm getting all kinds of frustraited now!

11.23.16 around 8.30am

KJ makes a home visit after 8.30 this morning then I'm gonna play it by ear as to what I'm gonna do next. I'm remembering an activity we did yesterday at hics. We were given a list of personality traits and we picked the ones, in order of importance, we try to display! I didn't pick the one I try to display always, integrity! Maybe cause it's a trait that just comes naturally to me!

11.19.16 around 9am

Today this survivor has gutta do the things that make his independent living so successful! Take a ride to Wg's check to see if any weds are ready and shop for things I need! I try to keep it at things I need but some things I NEED to maintain my happiness!

11.17.16 around 6.10pm

Today was the holiday party @ hics :)! I think we had the most survivors attend we ever had! A catered Thanksgiving feast with all the fixings :)! This is such a great thing hics does for us cause many of us don't get the opportunity to partake in a Thanksgiving  diner! I got a lot of  the left overs so Thanksgiving day I'm spending with a kewl friend and maybe this can be dinna :)! 

11.16.16 around 9.15pm

Today I had the appeal of "the ride" recertification! KJ met me there and it's a good thing she did! This is a very confusing building! I had to go up to the 5th floor and I found an elevator but it only went to the 2nd floor so I had to ask anyone I could find how I can get there! The appeal went well they just had to find out what went wrong when I had the last one! I had to admit last time a pretty young lady interviewed me and of course I put on my mucho image to try to impress this babe! Wrong time wrong place to do this so That's what I said to them now I wait for their ruling on this!

11.11.16 around 9.50pm

I've had a fantastic day :)! Lissy and Joel took me out for pizza! They asked what a good place to go is so I responded Lynnwood cafe in Randolph is best! It not only is the best, I've got a friend who makes the pizza there! My friend is also a tbi survivor that attends hics! I was able to introduce him to Lissy and Joel! He even took $10 off the bill :)! My homemaker was supposed to come today too but never arrived! No big deal, my place is always clean I was just holding off on laundry, I've got enough clean things till I do it Sunday! Then if I get homemaker service Monday I'll pay twice to do laundry this week, gutta do what ya gutta do :)! 

11.11.16 after 1.20pm

I didn't do the YMCA today cause my homemaker is coming @ 4.30 pm and I've lost all faith in "the ride"! I'm having her wash my bed linens which means all my laundry too! I'm not one to pay to do it twice in one week! Lissy fb messaged me and she and Joel are gonna come by around 2.30 and take me locally out for pizza :)!

11.10.16 around 7.10pm

Today got all "fed" up cause of "the ride"! I had a pick up time of 9.12 am then it got to be after 9.25am so I called and said wtf! They said the driver was nowhere near me it will be about an hour before he gets to you :(! I canceled the trip and the return, I wouldn't have gotten to hics till lunch time! I stayed home and paid all my bills after I took a ride to Wg's! That didn't work out well either! I need a refill on a med I'm not supposed to miss a dose on! They have to call my pcp cause I guess the script expired! I had to bring a scrip to be filled too! It was too early to get that filled but they can fill it tomorrow! I've gutta go back tomorrow for that med so hopefully they get a hold of my pcp so I can get both meds. I paid all my bills today too! Now I've just gutta wait till my life insurence and apt ins get deducted from my cking then I've successfully survived another month! 

1.9.16 around 9.14 pm

My day started with a home visit from KJ, she is a great help to me my life would be such a struggle if not having the support I get from her! Tonight it was casino night at hics :)! I probaly lost a little $ but most important I had a great time :)!

11.8.16 around 7am

I've yet to get used to the time change! My biological clock would always get me up at 7am! So today I was up at 6am! I can't do hics today cause of a dr.'s appointment concerning my left ring finger.

11.7.16 around 9pm

I didn't have homemaker service today! I was holding off on doing laundry cause I was gonna have my bed linens done too! I guess from now on I just gutta do it every Sunday! Tomorrow I'm going to see a dermatologist concerning my left ring finger! I hope he can dig out my hangnail! 

11.6.16 around 10am

I got started on my Sunday tasks by booking all my trips for the week! I still don't have access to my online account :(! That makes this survivor very anxious as to if they are done correctly! This reminds me of being able to drive, you don't know what a benefit it until it's taken away from you! The good thing is I'm able to still lead a successful independent life without driving :)!

11.4.16 after11pm

This survivor has gutta put his brain to rest! I've been texting with my Iphone and at the same time chatting on fb messenger! Who says tbi survivors can't multitask? I still multitask  well :)!

11.4.16 nearing 9pm

"The ride" called tonight with pick up times for tomorrow! I forgot I'm meeting hics at the ss mall for shopping and lunch! The thing I've gutta look for is a non optical mouse! I've tried twice to get this online and both times an optical mouse came!

11.4.16 around 10am

I must have neglected to book a trip to the YMCA for today :(. This is where not having access to my online account hurts badly! When I had access I could view my trips and check what was said to be scheduled with my pocket calendar! Without this tool I'm prone to having incidents like this happen :(! 

11.3.16 after 8.30pm

This survivor has had a great birthday! All my children wished me a happy birthday in different ways! Ken texted me, Bri tagged me on a fb post, then Lissy landlined me tonight:)! The many fb birthday wishes really help this survivor feel special too :)! Thank-you to all!

1.2.16 after 8.15am

KJ makes a home visit after 8.30am then lata I'm meeting hics at Pizzareano one for dinna and planning for the month of December. Tomorrow I'm gonna be 58 yrs young at 10.30 am! I'm processing exactly how I feel about that! When I had less life experience I thought of 58 as real old! Now I'm gonna live being 58! 

11.1.16 near 7pm

I started this blog around 3.15pm then a homemaker came to clean! I'll finish now! My job aval is now over! Now what happens is my job counselor and I meet with my MRC counselor discuss how great I performed on the eval then get another job counselor who will start looking for a part time job for me :)! I think I put in six hours today :)! Maybe only five but still I was able to stay focused and didn't get neuro fatigued! The last time this chic wrote up an eval on me everyone thought she embellished on it! They thought a tbi survivor can't be this good! I had an awful case  manager back then though! Now I've got a competent intelligent one! He even lost the written part of the eval! Barbs can tell you when it comes to work, I give it everything I have to give! Probably why I was so successful in the glass industry! 6.45pm, I had a homemaker just came and clean :)! My job eval is over and I'll keep you  up to date as I go through the process of working with MRC.