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3.31.15 around 7.30pm

I did the bowling thing today then came home and scooted to Wg's! I had to get coffee creamer and $20 cash back! I'm meeting hics at the 99 restaurant in N.Quincy tomorrow night for dinna and planning for May! I had $40 on me but I've always gutta make sure I've got some kind of cash flow on me at all times! Tomorrow its KJ at 8.30am then the YMCA at noon then meeting hics at the "99"! 

3.31.15 after 4pm

I've bowled better but I've also bowled much worse! Team Jones didn't win but I think I won! Just being out with people that make you smile denotes a winner in my book! KJ not only presents an extremely positive attitude, her energy,  her gamesmanship, she's just a pleasure to be around ! We didn't win the tournament but I had a great day :)! 

3.30.15 after 8.20pm now

I'm not sure what happened but my last post shared with fb! I remember pulling down something on a pull down menu but I can't remember where or what it was! I've gutta look at the positive in all of this, if I found it b4, I'll find it again! hopefully I won't have to, will see if this blog shares! I made fettuccine Alfredo tonight I thought I was gonna make a batch but ended up eating all I made, it was real good too! Tomorrow I've got the hics bowling tournament at Boston bowl! I believe the program buys pizza too :)! I'm taking "the ride" to and from there too! Go team Jones :)!

3.30.15 after 6pm

I didn't do the YMCA today it just seemed I had way too much to do! I forgot most of what I thought I needed but I did some picking up around the apartment! My homemaker was over and I like to present myself as a very clean independent man! I did have one extra thing to ask her to do for me. I asked if she could open a package of Splendor for me and pour it in a container I've got that's ez pour for me! I've done this before and spilled it all over! Now I'm gonna make a batch of fettuccine Alfredo!

3.29.15 around 9pm

Lisa came up tonight and we hung out for  little while tonight :)! Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA to swim laps then do my weights! I gutta make sure I make it three times a week now, pool season is vast approaching and I've gutta get this 56 year young body back to buff :)!

3.29.15 after 4.30pm

This tbi survivor did things today all of my therapists and supports say I shouldn't do! I multitasked big time :)! I started laundry,that goes for 30 minutes so I had to wait until that was done! Then I put the laundry in the dryer, that goes for one hour! While my laundry was drying I scooted to Wg's! I barely got back in time to just dump all my stuff in my kitchen and get my laundry! Then I've gutta do the dreaded part of straitening everything out folding and putting my shirts on hangers! This always drives me nuts! Its just to this day I don't understand why my hands and arms fight each other when I try to get them working together! I've gutta say though this survivor is STILL beating the odds :)!

3.29.15 around 9.15am

One of the things I enjoy the most about a Sunday morning is getting up and having a leisurely cup of French vanilla coffee! These are the things in life you shouldn't take for granted! My first cup of coffee is great every morning but living on my own and not having to WAIT for someone to make me a cup mainly cause I wasn't trusted is such a good feeling! It's these little things in life I'll never take for granted again! I've gutta do my laundry today! I booked all my trips for the week over the last few nights! I do need some items at Wg's too! I'm thinking get the laundry started, when I put everything in the dryer, scoot to Wg's :)! The only thing is, these are shared machines, I don't like to have my machine finish the cycle and not be there to get it out of the machine, common courtesy! Although other people do it constantly that's not me! The scooter I've got now only travels 4.5 mph, the one I want can go up to 12mph! That's qui…

3.28.15 around 7.15pm

Today, for me, has been kind of a lazy day! I did manage to pick up my place a little and do a trash run! There is never much to pick up though cause I always pick up as I go :)! I checked to make sure my laundry card had enough value on it to do laundry tomorrow and it did so I don't have to go and fight with the machine to take a bill! I guess I should make a  late dinna now!

3.28.15 around noon

It's snowing out AGAIN in the Boston Mass area! I did go to Wg's yesterday but I'm finding I could have gotten other things I didn't  think I needed at the time! I guess there's always tomorrow, this isn't supposed to add up to much but given my experience with snow removal here, I don't want to feel trapped ! I've been watching the local news about this lady wo claims she got a brain injury from the marathon bombing. She got $ from the fund set up. All her friends and family say it's changed her! If she dose have a tbi what a feeling of being alone! Here you are loosing yourself and not being taken seriously! If she is faking it, that's just wrong! I believe what comes around goes around and if she is being fraudulent she will get what's coming to her  in time!

3.27.15 after 7.45pm

Lisa was over and we ordered out for dinna :). We got a pizza from the Corner Grill here in Holbrook! They're the most expensive joint we use but it get here the quickest and tastes the best of all the joints around! As the saying goes "you get what you pay for"!

3.27.15 around 5,30pm

I didn't do the YMCA today! It seemed as if I couldn't get out of my own way today! I had to do something productive so I scooted to Wg's and picked up the med that was ready! Now I can cancel the trips I booked to go there tomorrow and save the $6 :)! The sidewalk on Technical park drive is still nowhere to be found! That means I've gutta scoot down the treacherous road! It's like an obstacle coerce with all the potholes and two speed bumps to navigate my scooter by! After tipping over numerous times when I first started scooting up this road I've learned how I must attack these speed bumps! It's a ruff ride though this scooter has no shock absorbers! This only goes 4.5 mph that's another reason I need the scooter I want to purchase from Mayfair! That says it can travel up to 14mph and it has front and rear shocks!     

3.27.15 around 8am

I got up this morning listening to the local weather and it's not good! They say rain for today then snow tomorrow! I've gutta get to Wg's by Sunday or they put my script back in stock! I booked trips to Wg's for tomorrow in case it's not good scooting weather! Today I'm going to the YMCA to do my weights and cardio!

3.26.15 around 7.30pm

I went to Wg's today to pick up meds and one I needed they said they have to call the doctor to get another script! This is omeprazole, hopefully my thought doesn't get to the point of being on fire! That's my ulcerated ashophoficus ! I get home and the land line rings, its Wg's saying my script is ready! Now I gutta scoot back there tomorrow

4.26.15 around 1pm

I've been to Wg's and remembered everything I needed! Big deal right! Well it is a giant deal when you live with a traumatic brain injury and have short term memory issues! With my writing issues its not like I can write out a list but I've found ways to compensate for those issues! I could just print a list from my computer or use notes in my Iphone but I think it's better to work my brain and try to remember on my own! It seems living with traumatic brain injury the smallest of things take a tremendous amount of work! You've gutta be willing to put the work in to lead a successful independent life! I'm putting the work in :)!

3.16.15 8.30am

Interesting fact, Ive got a link on my blog, "stats"! It shows how people who view my blog enter, from what site and what kind of devise it came from! It seems 23% of visitors are using an I phone and entering from Facebook! I used to be able to click on something and get email addresses of individual viewers but that's either not working or I forget how I did it :(! I've got a big audience from the United states and Russia!

3.26.15 around 8.15am

I don't have hics today cause the staff is going to the MBIA conference in Marlboro Mass! I'd love to attend this function but there is no transportation for me to get there and back :(! Wg's called and said a med was ready to be picked up so I gutta take a scoot to Wg's. I need some other stuff too, vitamin C, 1000 mgs, 12 coke zero, quick easy dinnas, peanut butter M&M's, coffee   creamer! Lets see how much I remember of this :)!

3.25.15 after 9pm

I've been to hics tonight for trivia  night! It was a great time! We played Jeopardy and naturally the team I was on won the game :)! Then KC read some trivia questions off some cards and I seemed to be able to dig a lot of the answers from my brain! That is what things like trivia does for this tbi survivor, it helps me to make new pathways for the information to flow down :)!

3.25.15 around 1.30pm

I canceled the YMCA today mainly cause I got all "fed" up this morning when KJ made an unexpected (to me) home visit! I tend to plan my next day in my head the night before! I didn't plan on this so I didn't have the things ready I do for a hv! Making sure my place is neat, fill my med box, have my KJ list ready! Thankfully my place is always picked up, I always pick up as I go! There was nothing I need as far as my apartment goes but I did remember to ask where I stand on the life insurance I  applied for and that is how I remembered it to be, WAITING to hear from them!

3.25.15 around 8-9am

Yesterday at hics we had my friend and mentor Jeff Sebel come speak to us about living with tbi. He talked about having champions in your life to help get you through life's obstacles and being able to live each day the way you want. I said, can that be yourself, then I got home and found a photo and shared it on my fb page that states "you are the champion of your life"! I don't mean to brag  or show conceit but to get to where I've gotten to dealing with all the issues I deal with on a daily basis I am my own hero or champion! I take that a step further too, I'm not letting myself get complacent! I want more and I'm gonna get more :)! Today I'm going to the YMCA to do my weights then to hics for trivia night :)!

3.24.15 around 7.30am

I've got hics today :)! I've gutta remember to ask KJ if she could get me after my new colonoscopy appointment! This time I made it clear I want Anastasia! I can't take a taxi or "the ride" home after being put out :(! I try to hold so much information in my head, pick up times, bank balances, thing to do, its real hard when your living with tbi! 

3.23.15 around 5.45pm

I posted an article on fb "how best to interact with someone with tbi" and I think it's good reading! He explains why you shouldn't try and finish sentences for survivors! You've gutta understand everything in our brains got disconnected and part of how we make the connections again is by doing or completing our sentences, thoughts ourselves! It takes work for us to take a thought and carry it to verbalize that thought as it was in our brain! I've not only got to try and verbalize the thought as it was in my head, I've gutta concentrate on how I'm gonna formulate my words! I took all this stuff for granted pre tbi! I'm not gonna take anything in life for granted anymore! 


I called and rescheduled it to 5.12 at noon I just had to type that before I forgot it! They planned on doing the colonoscopy without Anastasia   again! I'm not gonna put myself through being very, very uncomfortable again! 

3.23.15 around 8.30am

KJ due to make a home visit this morning at 9am to get me started on my preparation for a colonoscopy tomorrow! I donno if the doctor is planning to do the whole procedure without Anastasia! If that's the case I'm not gonna do it! The last one I did without any and that was just too uncomfortable! I found a tel# of a contact, I'll call to see what's going on! I can't let this sort of thing happen! I'm getting older and I've gutta get the most from every day! That means living each day comfortably! 

3.22.15 after 4.15 pm

I just made super efficiency of my time! I put my laundry in the dryer and it runs for an hour, I needed something at the store so I scooted to the store while my laundry is drying! I just got in with ten mins till its done :)! 

3.22.15 around 11am

Today is my not so little girl's birthday! When Bri came in to this world she scared me so much! Nise had to have an emergency C-section! The nurses moved me to a separate room while the doctors did their thing! I didn't know if Nise would survive or if my child would be born! Everything worked out though, she came through and did a great job and we had Bri :)! Now Bri has made me a grandfather! Your children are foremost  in your life!

3.22.15 around 10am

I never heard from Lisa so no church today :(! When I get that new scooter it will be interesting to see how far I can travel in a reasonable time! At 15mph I can most assuredly increase the distance I'm able to travel and make reasonable time :)! I've got an issue that's taking up most of my brain! I'm getting another colonoscopy on Tuesday! The reason for another one so soon is he said the last one there wasn't a good clean out! The last time I went through the whole procedure without Anastasia! I told him I never want to go through that again! I think he is planning to do that again! When they plan to be put out  you've gutta have a ride home, not a taxi or "the ride"! I didn't have to arrange anything like that so I'm thinking hes planning on doing the same! I'm nervous about the preparation too! KJ's gonna make a home visit at 9am tomorrow to get me started with the preparation! After I've got it in my brain exactly what I'…

3.21.15 after 6pm

I've been to Wg's and forgot a few things but I got coffee creamer and m&m's! Its probably a good thing I didn't spend money on candles and coke zero cause I really don't have the funds! I've got at least three weeks till I get my check deposited. I don't want to need to transfer money from my savings to pay rent! I'm very, very good with my limited funding! I forgot to check my laundry card before I went to Wg's so I did on the way back. There was only $1.75 left on it! I had to scoot on over to the office after I put everything in it's home, I did that, put $10 on it! The machine took my $10 bill on the 2nd feed, I didn't  have to struggle with it today :)! Now to make some dinna, at this time it's gutta be something quick and easy :)!

3.21.15 around 10am

My not so little girl's B-day is tomorrow! I think she's turning 28 yrs young :)! I knew it was not to long after Kenny's B-day but thanks to fb I was sure it is tomorrow :)! Today I did something way out of the ordinary! I made myself a very little breakfast! I just nuked up some turkey bacon! I'm thinking later getting ready to make a cheese turkey bacon turkey burger on whole wheat bread for dinna tonight! I was also thinking of making fettuccini alfreado! Maybe I'll do both. Its snowing out, I need to make a Wg's scoot! I'll wait and see if it stops before I attempt to make this needed scoot!  I'd book a ride there for tomorrow  but I'm hopping Lisa and I are gonna go to church tomorrow! If we do I'm sure Lisa will stop there so I can pick up a few items! There are things I can't get at the store like protein shakes and French vanilla coffee creamer! I gutta check to see if any meds are ready too! I'll be happy when this weather isn&…

3.20.15 around 9pm

I made a batch of mac and cheese and ate the whole batch! One whole box of S&S mac and cheese! I guess I needed fuel! Tomorrow I'm hopping the weather cooperates enough so I can scoot to Wg's cause I desperately need some coffee creamer! I can deal with the cold just not snow and rain! I'm doing rec this week too so I should get $20 cash back too :)! The store doesn't have French vanilla flavored coffee creamer! They have an ATM machine but that costs $5 to use! If I get cash back at Wg's it costs $0.00!

3.20.15 around 5pm

I'm debating weather or not to do a Walmart order now or wait till my check gets deposited. I'm running low on Sprayway glass cleaner! That's the company who makes Giant glass cleaner. It's an alcohol base cleaner! Good tip for everyone clean glass with an alcohol base cleaner! It leaves no streaks! I use it for everything around the house too! Messes I make even wood finishes, just make sure it is wiped dry, especially glass! If you wipe glass dry, no streaks!  Just a little tip from a 30 yr pro :)!

3.20.15 around 4pm

I scooted just to the store and I saw that survivor who is also a client at hics but I can't remember his name, go figure! He has got periodontics disease too! He said he just had a bunch of teeth removed so that's what I have to look forward to, having a bunch removed :(! I didn't get much at the store cause I need to make a Wg's run cause Wg's has more of the things I use! Maybe  tomorrow I can do a Wg's scoot, Technical park drive was passible so I don't believe that will give me issues unless we get a multitude of snow tonight! Please Jesus spare us of more snow! 

3.19.15 after 6.30pm

I had hics today! That stimulated my brain for most of the day :)! I gutta make a decision, I need some things at Wg's and its gonna snow tomorrow afternoon the weather channel just said! I've got the YMCA  and my trip to go is 11.52am return trip is 2.32 pm! Do I get up at 7am and go before my trip to the YMCA or do I hope its not bad after I get home?

3.18.15 around 9pm

Today has been one GREAT day! After KJ today I went to the YMCA and had a great workout! I'm leg pressing 375lb 12 repetitions, I won't say its getting easy, after all it is 375lb! Lets just say it takes less of an effort to get through all 12 reps! That, in my mind tells me its time to increase the weight! I think on Friday or Monday I'll up the weight to 380lb! These 56 year old hockey legs feel 21 :)! Then after the YMCA I went to hics for casino night! I played blackjack with KJ as the dealer! We started and I kept on getting blackjack just about every other deal! I finally had to apologize to the other survivors for winning all of the time! I said "look guys I'm sorry, NOT"! Then we got to the end of the night,last game! We decided the anti will be two quarters or 50 cents.The pot got to be around or over $2! Guess who won that hand? It was me  :)! The joke this night is that it was saint Jamie's night at hics :)!

3.18.15 around 10.30am

KJ was here and we completed the one very important task I needed to get done! We completed the application for AARP life insurance! I understand it now too! I chose 30,000,000 worth of coverage for less $ a month than the final expense policy from Met life would cost me! This tbi survivor knows what he should spend his limited funding on and NEVER spends his money foolishly! 

3.17.15 after 7.30pm

Living with traumatic brain injury is so difficult! Just getting small tasks done turn out to be major projects! I was just tying a trash bag and because of my severe spastisody  its a struggle tying off the bag! Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit and the only thing I need help with is I got something in snail mail from AARP life insurance! I've gutta find out if this would be more affordable than the final expense policy from Met life! Tomorrow I've got KJ then the YMCA for my weights then hics for casino night!

3.17.15 around 4.30pm

I decided I'm not gonna take a scoot to Wg's! Peapod didn't bring the coke zero I ordered, out of stock, I was gonna purchase  a 12 pack at Wg's but I do have a 12pk of diet Pepsi here so I'll make that work! At hics today we did some activities in the spirit of St Patrick's day! The only think I can recall is we played a game similar to bingo but, four leaf clovers with colored numbers in them and you'd have to get all you have on your game card. There were prizes too! I must have won twice cause I came home  with two prizes :)! I remember winning once and got a big bottle of iced tea! I don't drink ice tea but I was able to trade with another survivor for Irish spring soap! Oh now I remember the other activity was like an auction were we would have like monopoly money, all have the same amount, and bid on items without knowing what we were bidding on! That's the one I found I bid on a candy bar :)! 

3.17.15 around 8am

I've got hics today :)! I need some things at Wg's too, I think I'll come right home after hics then change battery packs and take a scoot to Wg's! This is the main reason I purchased an additional battery pack! One will be fully charged when I get home so I'll use that to scoot to Wg's and back! I've burnt all my candles up!

3.16.15 after 7.15pm

CLP turned me on to an app I can get on my Iphone that will read the bible to me! I think its called "bible getaway" She had a mild head injury and we both deal with similar struggles! This will be great for me cause I won't get so fatigued reading and maybe then I can remember what I've read :)!

3.16.15fter. 8.30am

I didn't do the YMCA today cause I remember getting a land line from Ali on Friday saying the elevator would be down I think from 10am to 1pm! I can do stairs but  I would need to have help carrying my walker! I just like to be able to do everything all by myself! You know me I'd probably try on my own too and that's not safe. One thing for sure I know my capabilities and sometimes go a little beyond them but I'm always very safe! I was researching mobility scooters and posted one I found on my fb page! It's in stock and less expensive than the one I'm waiting for to become available,  the only thing is it's two wheels instead of three! This scooter can reach speeds up to 20mph though! This would also be a start to reaching my goal of riding a motorcycle again! Then  I've gutta think of storage! When I get this other scooter I can keep the scooter I have now in my bedroom and leave the new scooter next to my desk charging! The other scooter doesn't …

3.15.15 around 4pm

I just scooted to Wg's and back! With all the snow and the lackluster snow removal job here I don't remember the last time I scooter round trip to Wg's! The only challenge getting over the high speed bumps on technical park drive cause the sidewalk is still nowhere to be found! I've learned if I go at the speed bumps on an angle I won't tip over! Now I gutta do laundry, UGG!  

3.15.15 b4 noon

Wg's called and said a med was ready to be picked up! They say snow today, I do need some other stuff too, I'll head out that way if its bad I'll just stop at the store and get the stuff I need, I'm not out of any meds so that could wait if it has to! It will be so much easier when I get the scooter I want! The one I'm using now goes 4.5mph at best! The one I want goes 14mph! That's 3x faster :)! I gutta go today cause I'm busy the rest of the week!

3.14.15 around 9pm

I finally got mass health paid for this month. I tried to pay this when I was paying my other bills but the web site wasn't cooperating at all! This time I got the link from my favs but it still gave me issues! I'd type in all my information,click continue and the same page would come up again without my information! I finally figured out why. It seems the expiration date to my card would change going from function to function! I learned do that function last, its paid now! Geese this is the state, you'd think they'd want to TAKE your money easier than this ! 

3.14.15 after 8pm

I haven't herd from Lisa so it doesn't look like we're gonna do church tomorrow :(! Hopefully the weather is okay tomorrow so I can take a scoot to Wg's to get some coffee creamer and $20 cash back! I like to have $20 on me at all times! I've only got $15 now :(! I got a peapod order this morning so I don't need any food they do have a scrip ready though I spoke with the pharmacy this morning and explained the weather hasn't been good for me to scoot up there but I do want it! They all know me at Wg's even in the pharmacy, they all call me Jamie!:) See if they didn't know me they'd call me james! I like being called Jamie, chicks dig it :)!

3.14.15 after 5.30pm

I got my snail mail and I received a quote on life insurance from AARP! The rates quoted with them seem much more reasonable than the final expense policy I was looking in to with Met life! This is an important decision though, defiantly have to get KJ to help make my mind up which way to go :)! Today I've had to do two trash runs, I've  been doing a lot of picking up and making room in my refrigerator!

3.14.15 after 2pm

Peapod arrived with my order! I did forget to get some coffee creamer but I must have ordered two quarts of 2% milk so although its not coffee creamer it will work. Taking things out of their boxes was a good idea! I was able to fit it all in my freezer( the freezer items :))! Now that they have been I can get in the shower :)!

3.14.15 after 9am

I've got a peapod order coming btw 10-12 today! I hope I got some coffee creamer, milk just doesn't do it for me! I could go back and check my order when I got the email confirmation but I'm just gonna wait and see! I've got an idea to not have space issues in my freezer! I'll take things out of the big box they come in! The hot pockets I got take up much less room out of the boxes! I've just gutta find a way of remembering what kind they are! I was gonna scoot to Wg's but it's raining out, cold rain! The main reason was to get cash back but it seems I've got a little cash on me, enough in case I've gutta put value on my laundry card! So the only worry I've got now is weather or not I got coffee creamer coming :)!

3.13.15 after 9.15pm

I've been to the YMCA and I had every intention to go up on the weight on the leg press but the guy who was helping me advised against. I leg pressed 375 lb. 12 repetitions today and I find it still a little of a challenge to get through all 12 reps but I did it! My form may not be perfect but that's a lot of weight! I want to get to 400lb, then when I'm at 400lb I'll work on my form :)! Then tonight Lisa came ova and we just hung out :)! I finally made a batch of mac & cheese and have some for at least two meals :)! Tomorrow I've got a peapod order coming btw 10-12am and a ride to Wg's at 11.27am! I'll probably cancel my trips to Wg's cause I looked at the roads and they are not icy at all! So it seems I can scoot there and back and not slip and side on technical park drive! 

3.13.15 around 10am

Today I'm going to the YMCA to do my weights! I'm thinking of upping the weight on the leg press from 375lb to 380 lb! Just 5lb for now but I'm gonna get to 400lb! It makes me happy to see that my work in spreading tbi awareness is not only working its appreciated  by so many :)! I share my blog with fb to try and tell the public how it is to live with a traumatic brain injury! I'm not your "typical" survivor if there is such a thing but I think we are all very determined individuals that just NEED a little help, understanding, and a lot of patients at times! 

3.12.15 after 9.30pm

I just received email notification the scooter I'm gonna purchase is now in stock :)! I'm still gonna hang on to the scooter I have now! That will be good for going places I don't need to travel far, like hics and doctor's appointments! My new scooter will be for accessing the community like scooting to the store and Wg's! With this scooter I'll be able to travel further too :)! Tomorrow I've got trips to and from the YMCA! I'm leg pressing 375lb now so I'm thinking of upping that to 380lb! It's only 5lb, I want to get to 400lb sooner than later :)! 

3.12.15 around 5pm

I didn't do hics today cause I was having tremendous head pain! Not like a migraine  just a lot of pressure in my head. Like my brain was swelling and had no place to expand! I've been copping by eating Motrin every three hours! It's better now but It was awful before! I'm thinking of making a batch of mac&cheese! I gutta use up my milk before it goes bad!

3.11.15 around 9pm

My check showed up in my account today and that means I gutta pay all my bills, ugg! I paid Comcast and verizone then tried to pay Mass health! This site always gives me problems but most of the time I can find the right link! Not tonight, I got so frustrated I had to stop! I always make the IRS wait till the late teens or early twenties of the month, I hate to give them $377.00 each month! The phone was ringing while I was doing my bills and I couldn't stop what I was doing or answer it and continue doing it! My brain is just not capable of concentrating on paying my bills and talking on the phone :(! I'm dealing with my finances, I can't make any mistakes when I'm dealing with   that! Tomorrow at  hics animal world is coming again! Maybe this time I'll remember to take some pics!


This fifty-six year young man who broke his neck, has had many concussions, is surviving prostate cancer, living with a severe traumatic brain injury, just leg pressed three hundred seventy-five pounds twelve repetitions at the YMCA today!

3.10.15 after 9pm

I'm having a nightmare with my computer! For some reason my desktop got all screwy! The windows seem to cover the date and time on fb! I can't access tabs anymore either! I lost my back round too! KJ is making a home visit tomorrow then I'm going to the YMCA to do my weights.   

3.10.15 around 7pm

I've been to hics today and pd JR ran a great group entitled, can you find happiness with a traumatic brain injury? That really made me think! I thought of my life before! In 2001 I made the most  $ I ever made, over $150,000! I had MMD's tax guy do my taxes that year! My opinion on this is, you have to find ways to make you happy! He got some ideas from some web site I think all of which I employ now! Accept your limits! I accept mine but I WON'T give in to them! Embrace your boundaries, again don't give in to them! Set realistic goals, learn from failures. One I live by is to keep a journal or in my case a blog :)! Exercise was one know your purpose was another. I believe my purpose is to help other survivors deal with this dreaded injury and I'm doing this through blogging! I hope I'm also helping non tbi folks! I've got feedback before from readers saying "if he can do it, I'm gonna too"! I've got this from survivors and other people t…

3.9.15 after 9.15pm

I've got hics tomorrow :)! We are having an in -service, Shine is making a presentation I think it is about health benefits. They came before but I really don't remember what they're all about, go figure :)!

3.9.15 around 8pm

Michaela, my homemaker has been over and this was the week  I have her wash my bed sheets! The last company I had, Arcadia, when I had them do my bed sheets that's all they did! Michaela  did all my laundry plus vacuumed all the rugs, washed  all my floors, did dishes, cleaned all counter tops! She is great, anything I ask her to do she does that too :)! I made a batch of mac and cheese tonight! I call it a batch cause it's one box of S&S mac and cheese (similar to Kraft)and I remember I used to make that for the kids when I had them all! We would have a mac and cheese with hot dogs night at Dads and Kenny's!

3.9.15 around 3.15pm

I've been bothered by getting headaches as of late! Not migraines but just head  pain, inside! I don't want to take and waste a furinal  (migraine med) so I had to take what I had! The only thing I could find was Motrin IB! This stuff seems to work great! I know I've got some Tylenol around someplace but if I find it that's good but no need to look now cause I've got plenty of Motrin left :)!

3.9.15 around 2pm

I had a good scoot to the store! This man came up to me and asked "don't you go to the head injury place in Quincy"? I forget what he said his name was (go figure)but he said he would see me there again. My scooter performed okay, it made it there and back but it just travels so slowly! I've given up on trying to hook up two more batteries cause there's just no room! I have my sights set on getting this new scooter! That advertises it goes up to 15mph! That will cut the time it takes to scoot to Wg's in 1/2 from 45miunets  to I figure 20 minuets and I could probably do the store in ten! It's got air filled tires and front and rear shock absorbers! That will make scooting up technical  park drive a little more bearable! The scooter I have now at the most does five mph! Now I'm ready for Michaela to do her thing. If I had the new scooter I would have been able to go to the YMCA AND scoot to the store after cause 15mph is so much faster the five! The sho…

3.9.15 after 9.20am

My son is thirty  years young today :)! I remember turning 30 myself. My mother said to me, "Jamie, now you going to find the years fly by even faster than you think"! She was so right so Kenny, enjoy every moment as it happens cause it fly's by and there is no slowing it down now! I couldn't do the YMCA today cause I've gutta take a scoot to the store and my homemaker, Michaela comes at 4pm! I'm having her wash my sheets this week so I've got all my other laundry for her to do too so it's important she comes and it's also important I make the store! I forget why I couldn't do a store scoot yesterday, go figure :)!


I've searched my whole apartment and couldn't locate my wii fi memory card for my camera! Now I'm remembering it came in a little sleeve card reader that connects to a usb port on a computer! Maybe I'm just looking for the wrong thing! I remember I kept it in my camera case but I've looked throughout the case and it's nowhere to be found! I'll keep looking but this time I'll look for that sleeve! It's too late now to scoot to the store so I have to change all my clocks now!

3.8.15 around 10.40am

I didn't do church this morning, it seems I need to take some time to get myself ready for the coming week! I missed the YMCA last Monday cause I didn't take time on Sunday to do just that. I know church is important in my life, I've gutta find a way to make it as important as everything else I'm involved in! What a project it was to get in touch with Lisa this morning to let her know I can't go! She is staying the weekend at her mother's in Braintree! I've got her cell # in my cell somewhere so I just tried all the numbers I have that could be her's! Then I remembered we were texting back and forth so I looked at the conversations I had on my cell,recognized one and texted her! It worked:)! So today I'm gonna take it easy and maybe make a batch of mac and cheese or fet alf. I do need some freash 2% milk so a scoot to the store is gonna be a must do :)! My check is due Tuesday and appears in my account on Wednesday so I'm making a Walmart order …

3.7.15 around 7pm

Today has been a pretty good day :)! I was able to get my script filled, my scooter performed well scooting back from Wg's! I stumbled upon another page by a survivor that's very insightful! I booked all my trips for the week! I've still got some miner issues with the web site. I've got a lot of destinations, I've gutta scroll though them all and pick the one I want! I know it sounds easy but when you have issues concentrating and can't really focus well  for an extended period of time it becomes a challenge! This tbi survivor knows what gives him difficulties and expects them, tries to create strategies to not only get the task done but to learn how to make it easier for the next time :)!  

3.7.15 after 2.30pm

I think I have anxiety issues! I tend to tense up around the times I'm supposed to be picked up by "the ride"! I don't know if that's cause of being "Fed" so many times before or just wanting to be ready for the trip! I've learned I must have my cordless home phone within reach around the pick up times but, I just feel  really anxious around the times I'm supposed to get picked up only at home though!  

3.7.15 around 2pm

I've been to Wg's via "the ride" to there and scooted home! The road, Technical park drive, wasn't too bad! The potholes and bumps always make it a challenge though! My battery indicator said full power all the way home :)! I'm using a new method to remember the things I need/want! I've got "notes" in my I phone! I create a note for the things I want/need :)! The only thing is I forget to put something in the note! Today it was milk :(! I was able to get my script filled! I said to this person right up front "I know my ID is expired"! This person who I've never seen there before said "it doesn't matter"! So I lucked out again, it seems its just the one lady who won't fill this script cause my ID is expired :) !

3.7.15 around 9.15am

Today I've got trips to Wg's right down Franklin st. in Holbrook. I just don't have confidence in my scooter to make a round trip or that the road is clear and safe to make it there and back! If I run out of juice on the way home I'll try calling "the ride", say where I am and ask to be picked up there! So I won't cancel my return trip until I'm home safely! I've got a script to be filled too and it requires I show an ID before and after I get it! I have yet to renew my ID! Lets hope I can get it done!

3.6.16 after 9.40pm

I'm gonna get that scooter I posted on fb as soon as it becomes available and I receive a check from my trust :)! I hope it's everything it says it is! I really think it will help me to be much more independent! It has lights too for night scooting:)! 

3.6.15 after 10.20am

KJ has been over for a home visit and I was able to show her the scooter I want to get and she agreed that would help to increase my independence greatly! I tried calling the persons to get at MY funds and one I left a vm and the other wasn't a good time to talk :(! I've still got the YMCA left to go to today and I'm gonna leg press 370lb 12 repetitions today on my way to 400lb!

3.5.15 after 8.20pm

Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit at 9am then I'm going to the YMCA to do my weights! I leg pressed 360lb last time and I did it with relative ease so I'm gonna up that to just 365lb! I think I'm gonna get to 400lb soon :)!

3.5.14 around 5.20pm

I've been to hics today! LK ran a great group working on penmanship! She got these great worksheets online that outlines different letters then we write them without the outline! The outline helps to get our brains to remember how to start the letter and how to finish it out! I just get so frustrated when I try to focus on moving  my hand a  certain way and it just doesn't happen :(! This forces me to practice though and that's what I need! KJ ran a great memory group about things needed when leaving the home! I've got that pretty well covered though! Everything I need will be in my fanny pack! Cell phone, pocket calendar,keys! I remember my fanny pack cause my keys are in there and I can't lock my apartment without keys! That is of major importance  to lock my place up living here! There are so many people living here that can't be trusted! 

3.4.15 around 8pm

Today has been a great day but also the scariest day! I had a great workout at the YMCA! I'm still leg pressing only 360lb 12 slow and controlled repetitions! I think Friday I'll up that to 370lb! I'm well on my way to 400lb :)! I'm 56 years old or in this case 56 years YOUNG :)! I went out to dinna tonight with hics and had quite a scare! I went to the rest room then went outside and noticed my fanny pack missing! I quickly realized what had happened,I had taken it off to use the rest room! I immediately alerted staff and it was found right away! My wallet, my Iphone,and keys were all in there! I really dodged a bullet with this tonight, thanks to the great staff at hics :)!


No KJ today she's coming on Friday! That gives me some time to think about what I feel I've gutta do! I set MY trust up with three goals, my good health, my happiness, my family's financial security! Most has gone to putting Kenny through collage now I need to use some funds! I need some dental work done and I want to purchase a new scooter! It's becoming so difficult  for me even to get a small portion of it, seems like I must go through with the dispute! Today I'm going to the YMCA then I'm meeting hics at Maria's restaurant in Braintree Mass for dinna and planning for April! 

3.1.15 after 3.45pm

Three dryers in the laundry room and two of them have a note tapped on saying broken! I got my wash done at the right time though, I got the only dryer that works :)! It's important I get the wash right when it's done today cause the other washers were being used and I'm using the only  dryer!

3.1.15 around 2pm

I've  been to Grace church today and although the pastor wasn't there today I did meet an assistant pastor Ken! Ken gave an inspirational sermon on control! When we say "I got this" we should just let Jesus (God) take it cause after all he does have everything :)! It was great to go to church, makes me feel Jesus is with me stronger :)!I gutta do laundry but all the machines are being used :( ! 

3.1.15 around 8am

Today Lisa and I are going to Grace church in I think Stoughton Ma. I've just gutta remember to meet her downstairs at 9.45 for a 10.30 service! It will be great to start going to church again and get my weekly inspiration!