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part of my resume I've been working on - 781-424-4759 WORK EXPERIENCE working manager Giant Glass - Weymouth, MA - 1993 to 2002 Started the south shore operation for Giant opening the south Weymouth location.Set up routs of mobile auto glass instalations for up to ten men Did all the hiring and dissmissal of all employees Made sure all work was done at the time promised Did 10 to 20 autoglass jobs per day myself along with all my other responsibilities working manager Settles Glass - Quincy, MA - June 1980 to 1993 to working manager for many of the 21 locations.Customer complait specialist when a autoglass job couldn't be done to the customers satisfation by other technitions I made the customer satisfied! EDUCATION education Northeasten university 1976 to 1979 graduate Carlite autoglass school LINKS

8.30.16 around 5.10pm

I've been to his today, that stimulated my brain well! I got home to LQ calling saying she wanted to walk! I needed to go to the store so I rode to the store with a blond babe walking beside my bike ;)!

8.28.16 after 6.30pm

I think I got everything I needed to get done today done :)! I'm getting used to having Jessica start my laundry on Mondays and today was no exception! I've still gutta pack my gym bag and cook some dinna! I'm in no hurry though, I live as stress free as I can!

8.28.16 around 11.30am

It's gonna be September in a few days, wow! I got one important task already done this morning! I booked all my trips for the week! Although I get them repeated back to me, without access to my online account,  I'm really not sure if I did them all correctly! Some of the times I had written in my pocket calendar seemed strange to me but they were all written in by KJ and I trust this chick, she would never do anything that would confuse me or write down wrong information! Everyone makes mistakes,and KJ is not perfect(close) but I'm able to detect when a time is not right. Monday I'm gonna start swimming laps again and then do my resistance training! My pc said 12-1.15, I do go earlier to swim laps but I do my weights after I swim, I'm expected at the gym at 1pm and 15 minuets just wouldn't be enough time to do all the machines I do, my cardio is done by swimming so that's 30 mins there but it's real important I do all the machines, I gutta get back to b…

8.27.16 around 6.30pm

This has been a very lazy Saturday! I just showered up now for the day and it's just about over! The only thing I got done was to email my bank and ask if they have any accounts that don't charge fee's (outrageous) to transfer funds between checking and savings accounts! Still waiting for a response!

8.26.16 around 10pm

I don't have to go to Wgs tomorrow cause I think I got all my needs for the week today when I went to pick up meds! Maybe I'll take a ride to D&D's and get a coolata! I haven't had one in two years! I've gutta get one before the summer ends! Today I purchased a dvd player from! $19 is all I paid for a sanyo  dvd player! I was using my newest laptop for dvds but it kept stopping at places in movies! I can't have that so I got this today so I can enjoy movies from my library again! Well this survivor is up late for me tonight but I'm getting ready to put my brain to sleep, gn all!

8.26.16 arouund 6pm

I couldn't do the YMCA today cause the corn on my right little toe was causing me so much pain when I put my sneaker on I had to remove it right away :(! I've gutta build up my tolerance for this pain!Wg's called to say a med was ready so I took a ride there! I'm doing so well on managing  my meds! KJ checks my med box every week to see if I filled it correctly and I believe its been right on for four weeks straight now 100% right :)! That's pretty good considering the challenges I've got doing this task with my tremors! This survivor is leading a very successful independent life :)!   Now I've got my sneaker off and the pain is subsiding until I get up on my feet! 

8.25.16 4.40pm

Hics was great today! I had  vocational group where I learned of this website where I could upload my resume and it will correct all my spelling and grammatical errors and organize everything  and put them in the right places! I tried it as soon as I got home! I seem to have some issues creating an account though :(! 

8.24.16 around 8.30pm

Tomorrow I'm doing hics :)! I've gutta get to Gino's barber shop too! My hair keeps growing at an astronomical pace! I shouldn't complain though cause at my reunion lots of men were loosing their hair rapidly ! 

8.24.16 around 1pm

KJ made a home visit this morning and she was able to go over the snail mail I got from Mass dot! It seems "the ride"has determined I can take public transportation and no longer should be dependent on "the ride"! That's BS, KJ says we can appeal this and we're gonna! I guess they feel I can take my scooter to the bus stop and go from there, they didn't take into consideration my memory issues along with all my other issues! That pisses me off! Until the appeal is heard my status will remain as conditional so no access to the web site, sux!

8.23.16 getting near 8pm

I did hics today! One group "memory group" I got very neuro fatigued in! That's cause we had to remember a lot of words while getting our concentration altered! That's very similar to the memory tests my neurologist gives me! I did okay but I always think I can do better! Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit after 8.30 am then LQ and I might go to D&D's in Braintree Ma. It's a bigger D&D's but also further away! I'm certain my bike can make it there and back I hope LQ can as well! I think I'll bring my charger just in case I need to put a little juice in on the way! It's gonna make it without a problem though, I'm always thinking positive :)!

8.23.16 9.45am

Now my anxioty is running rapid! I'm waiting for "the ride" and I get anxious, do I have all I need, am I gonna get the door buzzer in time, is the landline within reach, living with tbi sux! 

8.22.16 after 8.10pm

Today was a good day. The best part was speaking with Lissy. I called her cause I got texted there was a tornado in Concord! I thought she meant NH but it was in Ma. I took a ride to the store and LQ walked it. Then we sat on the steps for a bit! Tomorrow I'm doing hics :)

8.22.16 around 9.30 am

I'm really pissed off that my cooler for my meals on wheels was stolen! These are the kind of thing I've got to realize happens living in low income housing, low life! I couldn't do the YMCA today cause my foot was causing me way too much discomfort! I do gutta take a ride to the store though and I gutta be here if I want a meal for tonight! I looked all around my small apartment for that cooler and for anything else that could work but came up empty :(!

8.21.16 around 4.30pm

I met LQ at D&D's and then we hung out at the park soaking up the rays! She seems to be getting nice color and the sun is not reacting with me like normal! The amount of sun I've been exposed to in the last two days I should have much more color than I've got! I'll wait and see if my tan comes out after a day or two.

8.21.16 around 1.10pm

I'm working on keeping my anxioty in check but the inability to check my trips has the anxiety level high :(!  I think today LQ and I are gonna go to D&D's in Braintree Ma., it's bigger but further away! My bike's been charging for a while now, I don't wanna run out of juice! 

8.21.16 around 10am

I booked my trips for the week already today! My online account still doesn't work! I'm supposed to be receiving snail mail from "the ride" with paperwork that needs to be filled out but they had my phone # wrong maybe they have the wrong address too! I'm working with two agencies that make a ton of mistakes!  The USPS is not much better!

8.19.16 around 7pm

I've been to the YMCA and had a great workout! I'm starting to get where I was before my three surgeries :)! I got home and needed to take a quick ride to the store, sorry LQ! Now to heat up my meal I got today! I donno what it is yet but I do know it looked as if I won't have to struggle through and cutting of meat!

8.19.16 nearing 9am

I've got the YMCA to do today! The corn on my right little toe has grown to be very visible. It looks nasty and very painful! I've gutta suck it up and not think of the tremendous pain I'll be in when I've gutta put a sneaker on!
     I was reviewing my expenses for last month and my electric bill was over $130, that's for three rooms! I don't want to think of what it will be for this month, the AC has been on high cool am&pm! This survivor is very comfortable in my little castle though :)!

8.18.16 around 7.50pm

I had a fantastic time today at our cookout! The hics staff deserves lots of credit for making this such an enjoyable event! I never had the need to ask for anything, if staff saw I was without a drink they asked if I wanted one ;)! I brought my wireless portable speaker and listened to all my tunes I've got on my I phone :)!

8.17.16 around noon.30

I keep getting this call on my cell with a foreign person that says "this is "so & so from xxx, I'm calling about a problem on your computer"! One time I said "I don't have a computer"! That didn't stop the calls so now I say "my computer is operating just fine, don't ever call this number again"!  

8.17.16 after 10.30am

KJ was ova and she helped me with everything I could think of I could utilize her help on :)! This is the bestest benefit I receive, being a client at head injury community services (hics)! Now I gutta take a ride to the store!  

8.15.16 around 9am

The plan for today is go to the YMCA then Jessica comes then go to the store. My online account with "the ride" still doesn't work! That's a big inconvenience for this survivor! I've got to make sure of days ahead or else   I get extremely anxious! I save the vm when they call the night before but I can't easily ck what I've got after that! I can call after 8.30 am and WAIT on hold for long periods   of time but that's hard for this impatient survivor!

8.14.16 around 4.15pm

I just met LQ at D&D's for an iced coffee and to spend some some qt with a foxy babe :)! Then we went over to Wg's cause I needed some cash but also remembered I needed cleaning supplies! I think of this as a victory over my tbi! I also made her I phone a hot spot for the wireless internet! Now she should be able to plug in to the usb port on her laptop and have connectivity there:)! Her tablet should be able to connect to her new wireless network too! 

8.14.16 around 9am

I'm waiting for my Peapod order to arrive! I forgot to get the coffee ready last night so I had to do it this morning. I don't have much counter space! I put the glass pot off to the side but still on the counter. I knocked the pot off the counter, it fell on the floor and broke into pieces! I had to clean up  the broken glass then figure out what to use for a pot! Thankfully last time my coffee maker just stopped working I saved the pot so I had a spare! Too many things are happening at this moment for me, phone keeps ringing, trying to blog, my concentration is all over everywhere!   

8.13.16 after 9.30pm

Today was a good day :)!LQ and I went to the ss plaza, had some lunch and looked around a bit! The power indicator started to get too far from full charge which made me extremely anxious so that kinda ruined the great time I was having :(! It seems it must be time to get new batteries! I'm gonna wait though, I've got my bike to get me to Wg's and back and I'll just take the charger or the extra battery pack with me when I plan on being on it for longer periods of time. I figured out how I can make an Iphone like mine an internet hot spot! I just went to setting and tapped hot spot and my tablet recognized it as a hotspot! My electronic knowledge is back :)!
Tomorrow I've got Peapod delivering my order btw 7-9 am! This is my day to take a neuro rest but I've gutta rise no later than 7am :(! 

8.12.16 after 8.30pm

My meal tonight was roast beef again! I just had horrible issues cutting it up again! Nothing works well when any of my limbs must work together! I just accept this and try different ways of getting this done, I won't be beaten! Tomorrow LQ and I are gonna go to the ss plaza (mall) to get some lunch and look around! I've gutta look for some cone incense that way I can put out my little log cabin. It's cool, you lite the incense and the smoke comes out of the chimney :)!   

8.12.16 1.30-2pm

This survivor knows what he's gutta do to lead a successful independent life! My check cleared a few days ago and that means, time to pay all my bills!First I pay myself, all that's everything over $2,000 goes to savings then verizone, comcast, mass health, "the ride", peopod, and if I've got other needs Walmart order is placed! I did all that today and I've still got over $1,300 in my checking for this pay period, I've just gutta make sure there's always $650 for rent there! I've still gutta get to the store today but doing my finances tends to be neuro exhausting for this survivor but I've gutta keep moving on! 

8.12.16 around 9am

I thought I had completed a peapod order but I didn't so I did this morning and it's coming on Sunday btw 7-9 am :)! I'm not doing the YMCA today I've got to get to the store this morning and this survivor can't handle more than one task a day!

8.9.16 around 5pm

I just took a nice ride to the store! I had a pretty lady walking along side of my bike too ;)! LQ wanted to walk with me there and she really gets some exercise walking up the gradual hill on technical park dr. It was nice to get outside and enjoy a great summer day with a hot chick ;)!

8.9.16 after noon

I had a great meeting with Yin at MRC! The meeting was so I could meet the person from Road to Responsibility I'm gonna be working with. As it turns out, this is the same chic I worked with a number of years ago! She wrote up a great evaluation of my performance the last time we worked together, so good my case manager at the time thought she embellished most of it but I believe I earned everything written! That case manager is no longer with hics thankfully! This chic knows me and my people skills along with my computer skills! I'm gonna go back to work at the RTR bookstore in Marshfield Ma. "The ride" doesn't do Marshfield so she is gonna pick me up for the eval. This survivor has got great support now, KJ was at the meeting too! 

8.8.16 8-9pm

Tomorrow I'm gonna meet with Yin at Mass rehab in Braintree Ma. I'm hopping it's to find out what the next step is to becoming a certified peer counselor! This is a perfect fit for me :)! 

8.8.16 noon

I'm angry, "the ride" no showed me this morning! They said they called my home phone but they called the wrong number! They said it said no longer in service! I asked "what number did you call"? They somehow had the wrong number on file! I've never worked with anyone or agency with more incompetence than "the ride"!

8.8.16 around 9am

Today the plan is to go t the YMCA for my resistance workout then my homemaker comes by at 4.30pm. I was happy to learn Friday night that many of my young classmates read my blog! I hope everyone who reads my blog finds it enjoyable and inspirational.

8.6.16 around 6.20pm

It's real muggy out today! I fired up my ac! When it gets this bad I don't worry about using too much electricity! I took a ride to Wg's then got all the way home and realized I forgot to get smokes! I then just put away all my stuffs and got back on my bike and went to the store! My bike still read full charge so I didn't even put it charging! It still read fully charged after I got home from the store :)! I'm trying this as a new font, what do you think?

8.6.16 around 11am

Time to get down to business of running a successful independent life! Today I gutta take my weekly ride to Wg's and check on meds then get the things I need for the week ahead! I could make a list in notes on my Iphone but this survivor has gutta make it a work on my memory task :)! I realize it wouldn't be a good thing if I forgot something but it would be even worse if I didn't work on me :)! This is my full time job now,working on me :)!


I'm calming down after last night! I had so much fun! I forgot to snap some pics but thanks to LP I got all I would ever want through fb! I had my difficulties figuring who was who just by sight but we all had name tags and that limited the confusion! Don't get me wrong this survivor still got confused at times but mainly just overwhelmed! I can't explain how great it was to be able to spend good quality time with all who went :)!  

8.5.16 getting near midnight

I had such a great time at my 40th reunion :)! The chicks I graduated with, they all still look great! Some even better ;)! I saw so many friends I haven't seen in so so long :)! I remember speaking with one chick and she could tell I was a man of faith just by looking at me! I felt very comfortable there, everyone showed lots of concern for my safety! I saw hockey buddies and ones I went through grades K-12 with! I've gutta tell the truth, this survivor got overwhelmed at times but in a good way! I was leaving and the lyft driver couldn't get the app to give him the job, so this pretty chick comes over and says "how much do you need?"! She gave the diver over $20! I think I had already paid for it but that's what I'm saying, everyone made sure of my safety! I wish I could remember her name cause this chick needs a special thank-you ;)!

8.5.16 near 10am

KJ came over and we successfully got the Lyft app dled on my Iphone :)! I've still gutta do a few things to get a ride but she made it simple, I've just gutta tap a few things, all my info is there, addresses, payment info, times! This survivor is still feeling anxious though, I've probably gutta go through    the same ordeal to get a ride home but no negativity! I will do everything I need to and have a great time at my reunion :)!

8.4.16 around 8pm

Still no ride for tomorrow night's reunion:(! KJ is gonna make a special home visit tomorrow after 8.30am! I'm sure we'll figure out the issue of not being able to dl the app on my phone! I just forgot the name of the company I've been working all day on. I found it in my injured brain finally, its lyft! I started deleting things on my Iphone in preparation for tomorrow cause this chic is doing me a special favor by coming over and I want to do as much as I can so she hasn't gutta spend more time than necessary here!   

8.4.16 around 3pm

This survivor is feeling very anxious now! I still don't have a ride for tomorrow night :(! KJ called me and we couldn't dl the app for lyft on my phone! It kept saying not enough room! Then I wasn't getting the code texted to me! It's hard to see what is really happening over the land line so this great support is gonna come over tomorrow morning :)!

8.4.16 around 10.30am

This survivor is living in a world of immense confusion! I had trips booked to Braintree for a meeting with Mass rehab but Yin called and left a vm to cancel I think. I usually save my vms then have KJ listen to them cause I may need something written in my pocket calendar but somehow they all got erased! I then could do hics today and KJ could help me got a ride to and from my 40th class reunion in Scituate Ma. I emailed KJ to ask her if we could do this over the landline and she responded "sure"! That brought my anxioty down a tad but I'm gonna remain   anxious until my trip to the reunion is made! 

8.3.16 after 10.50am

KJ has been ova and I've gutta say we make an awesome team! Working for the comen goal of making Jamie successful at leading an independent life :)! You know me I think I would be successful without this chic's help but she knows me well now and what I struggle with and is right there to lend a hand :)! Today we worked on my online account with "the ride"! It seems that after my certification I'm listed as conditional whatever that means. I've gutta send in a bunch of paperwork, this is where KJ's greatness comes into play. She told me not to worry about it, she would take care of all their needs :)!

8.2.16 around 5pm

I've been to hics, we did activities that really work our brain hard, so much so I can't remember what they were, go figure! That's what happens to this survivor, when I do an activity that uses a good portion of my brain there's no room left for retention! I've learned to accept this as part of living with tbi! I will never give in to this though! I got home and took a ride to the store, I would have my driver drop me off there but they say they can't do that anymore!