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3.31.14 around 8-9pm

I did the YMCA today,had a great workout :)!This week my goal is to make it all three times :)!Tomorrow I've got hics,we have someone from MR!C coming to give a presentation which means tree food! I do have to advocate  to everyone I can from MRC! They closed my case cause of no affordable  transportation back when I lived in Scituate!I said back then I'm gonna move to a place that does.Will you reopen it then?I have it now and have asked many times but they won't do it :( !That's all I can do now is make some noise and that's what I'm trying to do!

3.30.14 around noon time

Lisa helped me set up one of my new cordless phones last night but I've got another one I want to put in my bedroom, it came with two.It's kinda a phone system!I've just got issues with bending over and reaching for things like cords!Lisa has a bad back, I wouldn't want her to make it worse so we both figured it would be a task for KJ to help me with! I used my cell phone to book all my rides this morning cause I don't have "the rides" phone number programed in my new cordless phone yet plus I like to use speaker phone when talking to "the ride" cause of being on hold for extended periods of time! I've still gutta figure out how to get my new phone on speaker phone 2!So many things but they all work my brain,it's better than doing crossword puzzles or any other brain stimulating activities! I have yet to decide if I'm gonna do laundry today! I checked my card last night and I think I had enough funds on there to do it but that's …

3.29.14 around 7pm

Lisa was over and she helped me to get my new cordless phones working :) .It was something with both of my new phone,I really don't know but they're both working now I've just gutta get the one for my bedroom set up in there,lots of fishing cords around, probably safer to wait for KJ to make a home visit! We've gutta do something about a new cord dangling around too!We have it so its pretty much out of the way now but,it needs to be secured and more out of the way, NEATLY!  

3.29.14 after 5pm

I've been working with my new cordless phone.I figured out where  the phone line connects in now if I could only figure out how to place a call!Next I'll see if it works by using my cell to call my land line :).

3.29.14 after 10am

I get so confused sometimes,I've got in my pocket calendar that KJ was taking me to marathon sports on Friday to get some orthopedic sneakers so maybe my corn wouldn't keep coming back so quickly or make it bearable to wear with a corn!I don't remember what happened! I know I didn't get sneakers but,I just don't know what happened :( ! God blessed tbi! Today I don't know what I'm gonna do. They said rain but its sunny out now, what do they know, its New England, just wait a minute and the weather will change.I think I'm gonna call Lisa and see if she wants to go to D&D's 4 lunch and coffee!The thing that makes that a challenge thou is,my cordless phone has her number stored there and it's not working!So I can try to remember the number or use my cell!Living with tbi you get so many thoughts rushing through your  head,it's really hard to focus on one!I've still got my new cordless phone to try and figure out too!Sometimes  I've ju…

3.28.14 after 9.30pm

I didn't do the YMCA today, I forget why but I did attend a tenets mtg here at the office.My internet wasn't working well!So I did all my utilities and its working okay now!I used to be able to go to my network places and click on the wireless network I use,I'd get an option to repair it! I don't get it in windows 7 so I did an error check,it seemed to work, I'm connected! My problem solving expertize :)!Its getting late but I'm going nowhere tomorrow so I'll stay up till my eye lids get heavy :) ! 

3.28.14 after 9am

My on line calendar is such a big help!I have my pocket calendar but my inability to write makes it so I can't input changes that come up!I've got a busy day today,the YMCA,a tenets mtg at 5pm then peapod will be delivering my order 7-10pm!

3.27.14 after 9.30pm

I finally got my new cordless phone out of the box it came in but I can't see where the line feeds into the phone!These kind of things used to be so easy for me!The hot water heater would go in my house in Squantum,I replaced it myself a few times!I had never done that b4 but I was good working with my hands!This is really hard for a man like me to accept!I did all my home repairs myself in Squantum!Every year I had to figure out how to take apart new year cars to get at the glass then how to get the old glass out and put the new in!Now I can't even figure out how to set up a new phone!Yes I'm real frustrated!

3.27.14 after 4pm

Today I've been able to do a successful scoot 2 Wg's and only forget 1 item but I have back up for that item :) ! I completed my peapod order and its being delivered Friday btw 7-9 pm.I also placed a Walmart order!I got an air freshener and a potato masher. The af cause I live in a bld that lots of people live in and you can't be too careful and with the pm, I'll be able to make some Jamie's cheese mashed potatoes!:).Oh and they had a cordless phone too! I've got to set it up though! That presents a whole list of challenges!Me bending over and trying to fish cords around obstacle's, I'll rest a bit b4 I get involved in that task :)!

things I gutta do

One thing I had to do 1st thing this morning is make sure I had a trip scheduled 4 tomorrow 2 the YMCA! I didn't so I did that and its a little more challenging to do cause my two cordless phones aren't working, they have the numbers in the phone book on the phone!I had 2 use my cell and we know the challenges that brings forth.I'm gonna see if Wg's has cordless phones lifeline told me that Panasonic phones don't work well with lifeline to look 4 an At & t or a V-tech but I guess at this point I'll get whatever I can!I'm putting together a Walmart order,they've got V-tech there but I gutta get something in the meantime!Plus I need some other stuff 2! 

3.26.14 4.30-5pm

I lost power this afternoon for about two hours!It happened around my pick up time to go to hicks,the elevator doesn't work when power is out so I couldn't  go tonight :( !I guess I could have used the stairs but for a guy with balance issues its not the safest alternative!Now at least I can make some dinna :) !

3.26.14 after 10.15am

KJ has been over and again she helped me complete so much :) !My Iphone was screaming at me to update but the last time I did I lost everything I had on it!!!She did it just through my phone,the last time I did it through my computer, I could have clicked on the wrong thing! Imagine that, I don't remember, go figure :) ! My printer was beeping at me saying there was a paper jam! I couldn't see anything wrong,she freed my printer so its not beeping at me anymore :) !Now I've got the YMCA then after that I'm gonna go to hics for casino night!I'm gonna win BIG too :)!

3.25.14 after 3pm

I've had a great day so far! Jeff spoke at hics and it was just so so good to listen to a peer! He knew how to make us understand the points he wanted to get across  to us! We knew we were listening to a peer when a few times he lost his train of thought!I think everyone knew then he was a real peer :) !We all have concentration issues and I think that is when all the survivors accepted him as a true tbi survivor! Jeff tried to explain to everyone that even with a head injury you can do anything you want to taking in to account our physical and mental issues!Like me,I couldn't go out and run a road race right now but,I'm not gonna say, I can never again run a road race!We talked how the public perceives us now and Jeff brought up a very good point!Think of what they see, many of us look like anything but disabled! Its much better now, more people are learning about traumatic brain injury and that is a major reason why I use my fb page to try and spread brain injury awarene…


Tomorrow ay hics we are having a guest speaker come a talk with us!Jeff Seball will talk with us about living with tbi.I met Jeff years ago online reading his blogs, he is the one who truly made me realize  I was not alone!It will be great to finally meet him face to face!I'm gonna get an Iphone pic,if I remember!The only thing is the one survivor I thought Jeff could help be more positive  doesn't attend anymore !

3.24 14 around 8.30pm

My homemaker (Michaela) was also here this afternoon. I keep my place very very clean!Its just great because she comes every week I don't have to do things like vacuum,mop my floors, all the things that give me trouble but I CAN do them :)!

3.24.14 around 4pm

I had a great workout at the YMCA but I'm feeling it though! Too many missed times going.I'm gonna do my best to get back on track and go 3x a week :) !I got home and noticed an add on fb for affordable life ins!I've been researching life ins online but I think this was the most inexpensive quote I've received! I'm getting a snail mail and an email on everything that transpired :) !

3.23.14 after 10am

I had to call Lisa and say I can't make church this morning cause I couldn't get any sleep last night!It seemed my muscles  and joints were all causing me discomfort! Similar to what my fibro friends say it causes them :(. I got a few hours extra sleep and now feel much better :) !

3.22.14 9-9.3opm

Tomorrow Lisa and I are gonna try Abington Baptist church!Its gonna be hard to listen to a different pastor than Rich still its gonna be good to spend qt with Jesus at his house :) !

3.22.14 after 8pm

I get so sick and tired of this place (ramblewood bld.144) people talk about people behind there backs!Lisa is one that is badly maligned by so many and all she tries to do is help so  many  here!She has earned my respect and my trust unlike others in this bld!The first day I was here Bobby hit me up for $ then a few times after too,still have yet to be paid back!All the crazy people here too!I just keep to myself if people find the need to talk bad about me,let them cause I know the truth!I try to lead my life the way Jesus showed me!

3.21.14 around 10am

KJ made her weekly home visit this morning and she was able to help me post a video on my fb page! She helped me with other stuff too but I just can't remember what, thats my memory, I'm memory impaired! I'm not gonna do the ymca today. I need some supplies at Wg's and there is a tenants meeting tonight at the office !Next week I've gutta make it all 3 days 2 the YMCA!

3.20.14 b4 8am

I've been thinking about my issues downloading my vids off of my cam. I was using the program that came with my cam.I'm thinking maybe I should let the computer pick what program it wants to use.The program I was using didn't give me a "save as" option!I'm thinking if I let the computer pick the program it will be more cooperative,just a thought computers are strange,they don't like to be told what to do when they have multiple options!I've got hics today then if my solutions don't work, KJ is making a home visit tomorrow.

3.19.14 arround noon

I couldn't do the YMCA today cause my feet were causing me grave discomfort! I know no excuses but its a longer walk to get up to the gym, I  just don't want to risk loosing my balance! KJ has convinced me to look for another pair of sneakers! I've got to force myself to get to the gym on Friday! I just saw my podiatrist too and its already bothering  me! Tonight is karaoke night a hics :) !

3.18.14 8-9pm

Tomorrow I've got the YMCA and I've gutta make  it no excuses!No KJ she's got prior commitments she is coming over on Friday.After the YMCA its karaoke night at hics! I'm gonna do some styx :) !I wanna try "come sail away" and "lady"! Two great songs by styx,I only hope I don't "F" them up:)!  

3.18.14 5-6pm

Hics was great today :) !I don't know how we got to this subject but in one of our groups we started talking about modern technology. I'm so happy I was able to get involved with home computers in 1993!I was able to have all three kids get involved at a very young age too! I'm sure by now Kenny can do much more than I but, back in the 90's I was the one to fix and figure things out on our home pc! Prior  to that all the computer experience I had was at work with the glaspac system. Basically a dos os!

3.16.14 after 7pm

I forgot to do a trim job on my beard this morning!I didn't do laundry either but I'm gonna see if I can skip this week. There is not much I could always have my homemaker do it tomorrow but that's not me!I take pride in the fact I handle all my domestic issues all by myself :)!I had left over steak and cheese calzone tor dinna and there is still enough left for another meal :)!I joined this group on fb about growing  up in the 70's!I made one post,"the best rock  bands come from the 70's".That was this morning and there are already over 50 likes and comments!I did check to make sure there was enough value on my laundry card to do a wash and there was a little over $20 left!Tomorrow I gutta make sure I do a trim job on my beard 1st thing!Then I've got the YMCA to go to!I have to put a string of going without missing any!Pool season will be here soon!I've got to get this 54 yr old body in good shape!Not for anybody else but for me!

3.15.14 after 9pm

Lisa just left! I had a great dinna, not only was the food great, he company was even better!We ordered from Brockville house of pizza and I got a steak and cheese calzone with swiss cheese and bacon on it, yummy, yummy :) !

3.15.14 b4 noon

I spoke with Lisa this morning and its so nice outside we're gonna go to Wg's and D&D's :) !I really don't need much but I've gutta think hard cause this is New England weather,we could get a March snowstorm.

3.14.14 after 10pm

My streak of not falling came to an end tonight :( !I fell while putting the stuff I got from S & S away :( ! I didn't hurt anything except my pride :( !It was a combination of too much stuff in my arms and the empty bags on the floor! Time to start a new streak! I've got to chuckle at myself though, my meds went flying everywhere cause I grabbed on my table to try to prevent the fall.

3.14.14 around 3pm

I was very disillusioned by the fact that the owner of Settles glass would go back on his word so I read the want ads of the local newspaper (the patriot ledger) and that night there was an add for an auto glass tech!I called and said "I am a national glass association certified master auto glass tech and a graduate of the Carlite school for auto glass techs"! At that time there were very few of us who had those kind of qualifications so the guy who took the call said "wow,the owner will probably want to meet you"!We made plans to meet at some hotel and restaurant someplace near Woburn Mass!Dennis Drinkwater explained what the company was all about and his lead man says to me "I bet any one of my guys can beat you replacing a windshield".I then said to him "well then I hope you have a lot of money" Dennis started to chuckle about that statement that's when I knew the job was mine if I  wanted it.I still wanted to learn more about how they di…

3.14.14 after 10.30am

I got involved in a discussion on a friend's wall on fb about unions!My experience with unions was not good!In 1988 I tried to change the pay scale in glazers and glassworkers local 1044!It was at a time when the autoglass industry took on a big change!It was when a windshield became part of the structural integrity of the automobile!It got very sophisticated and difficult to install a windshield to all the specifications you must now by law !Also it was a time when there was no deductible on glass and I could do a windshield in under 30 minuets!You could bill out a windshield for 3 hrs labor and list price for the glass!In 1988 we at Settles glass were up for a contract renewal!At that time the auto glass guys were carrying the componey!I believed we should be paid accordingly!I tried to convince the union of this and got NOWHERE!The owner of Settles glass had a meeting with a few of us and promised us the same pay as a union guy without the union dues if we came back to work!I h…

3.14.14 around 10am

I'm still thinking back 2 the 90's when Kenny and I started our journey through the end of jr. high on to high school. He had a guidance counselor who was also a physcologist so I asked him to look in with Kenny to make sure he wasn't living with me just out of pity cause  of the divorce! I even remember his name, dr.Wolf! He said "he is where he wants to be"! That was a big relief cause the kid had already been though so much he didn't need any more!

3.14.14 around 9am

I don't know if its the tbi or just something that happens. I keep thinking back to the 90's when I went through my divorce! I'm constantly in visioning my lawyer coming up to me and saying "I got you physical custody of Kenny"! That was  one of the happiest days of my life! It was at a crucial time in a young boys life and I believed he belonged with his father! I'm sure Nise would have done a good job raising  Kenny but it was what he wanted! I'm just so glad it turned so great :) !

3.13.14 around 9pm

I was kinda freaking out!I scheduled a peapod delivery to come Friday 6-8pm!Then I got confused that I also said on that night I'd go to a tenant's meeting with Lisa! I called Lisa and the meetings not till the Friday after this one! I'll just count that as a true tbi moment :)!

3.13.14 2.30-3pm

I'm feeling much better now!I had the lingering affects of a migraine headache!Those were the only thing that would make me miss work at giant glass!It wasn't as sever as I've had but still wiped me out the morning after!I just remembered, I got my ssdi check   that means I gutta pay all my bills so I'm gonna dwindle my checking account down :(!

3.13.14 after 8.30

I got up today not feeling very well, definitely not well enough to deal with a snowstorm so I canceled going to  hics today. There are  days I'm just not able to deal with all this world makes you deal with. Today was the bowling tournament at hics, I don't like missing that but you can only do what your mind and body allows you to, you've gutta know your limits!

3.12.14 around 3pm

I got a script for a med through the snail mail that I think really helps me a lot! This med can't be called in I've gutta take a script to Wg's and get it filled! I've been watching the weather channel to see if or when its gonna start to snow!They were saying,rain this morning turning to snow this afternoon!I can scoot in the rain,its only water but, I've had many bad experiences in the snow! I thought it would be best if I cancelled going to the YMCA  and scoot to Wg's 2  have the script filled!Now I don't have to worry about getting the script filled or scooting in a snowstorm :) . 

3.11.14 4-5pm

I've been to hics and I'm just trying to remember the most stimulating group! Today it was peer tbi! We talked more about an article I turned a staff member on to! From a  facinating  web site,!I needed something at the tobacco store and I always park my scooter then walk in without any assistance, a staff member saw this and said to me. What if you fall? I couldn't think quick enough to give him the right answer so I said I won't fall. The right answer is, I'll just get up! I learned early in therapy how to get back up if I fall! When I showed my pt he was very impressed!:)

3.10.14 after 5pm

I've had a very busy day :)!My podiatrist appointment went very well! He  shaved off my corn and callus, instant relief :) !I got home and had to add value to my laundry card!The machine wouldn't take a $10 bill again so I had to use a 20! Tomorrow I'll have to go to the tobacco store and use the atm they have.My homemaker was here too! Now I gutta think about making dinna :) !Oh yeah,I got all my laundry done too :)! 

3.9.14 4-5pm

Twenty-nine yrs ago on this day I became the happiest man in the world!That's the day after Denise went through a hard labor,Kenny was born :).Its like that creed song "with arms wide open".I did kneel down and pray but I hope I did show him everything :) That was extra special too,cause Nise and I said we would name our 1st boy after my father who passed shortly b4 Kenny's birth.Wow,it only seems like yesterday to me now!He is proof that I was the man I had 2 be though,he turned into  a FINE young adult!I'm thinking laundry can wait till tomorrow cause I can't go to the YMCA cause I've got a doctor's appointment! I go to my podiatrist and I'm looking forward to getting some relief from my acking foot

3.9.14 b4 11am

I've booked all my trips 4 the week, checked my bank accounts,maybe I'll have some breakfast now but,I don't usually eat a breakfast but its Sunday! I've got plenty of time to do whatever!Later I do need or want to scoot to Wg's and get some ice cream!Just to have to cool my thought down at night

3.7.14 after 9.30pm

I'm up  a little  late tonight cause I don't have to get up for anything tomorrow :) ! Lisa and I were talking about going to Wg's and D&D's but I don't have to get up till around 9am :)!I'm looking forward to spending qt with the long blond haired babe :)!

3.7.14 6.30-7pm

I was doing a trash run, all the boxes my karaoke stuff came in, and if fell out of the basket on my scooter! This nice lady stopped and helped me gather everything up the SHE carried them all to the dumpster 4 me! I've met so many nice people being disabled!

3.7.14 after 10.30am

Ya know I've got to sit back and laugh with myself cause otherwise I'd go crazy or fall into a deep depression! I knew what the date was today cause I blogged earlier and booked Monday's trip to my podiatrist! I went to create this blog and couldn't think of what date it was! That is an issue I've learned to live with though!I've got many ways to make sure of the date! Mostly  my phone and pocket calendar!I booked Monday's trip to my podiatrist cause that's one less worry I've  got to deal with!Will see how the pick up times work out then I'll see if I can make it to the YMCA!I've got a 10.45 appointment so I booked an 11.45 return! That should work if I later book a 1pm arrival at the YMCA but you neva know

3.7.14 after 8.30am

I couldn't do the YMCA today cause my foot wasn't just causing me discomfort, it was causing severe pain! I don't even have to be on it, just sitting it throbs with excruciating pain :( !I've been through worse though! The most pain I ever felt was when I broke my neck and there were two surgical steel bolts threaded in my head holding an 80 pound weight to make sure my head didn't move! I still quiver when I remember that!

3.5.14 after 9.30

I called joint venture, spoke to a manager, told  of the incident, he says he'll look in to it! It probably wont amount to much but my character was assaulted! I can't let this just go without saying my Pease !

calmed down

I calmed myself down listening 2 my favorite tunes! That really doses piss me off though! Nobody came and rang my buzzer or anyone's in this building! I don't want to think about it anymore, I just want to smile and be happy :)!I think I'll call joint venture after 9pm and talk to a supervisor 2 say what happened today! I generally don't complain much but I feel my character has been assaulted!


I know the drivers 4 "the ride" have a very stressful job so I try to be as cooperative as I can! I go 2 the front door of my building and wait 15 minutes b4 my pick up time! Tonight it was getting past my time so I called them and they said "nobody was home", all the apartment buzzers are right there where I'm waiting! I would have seen a driver if he came to this building! This driver is a liar then! I wish I could confront this liar cause now I've got to change how I get my trips! There was a call on my caller Id from joint venture (the co. that services me) !That means I should no longer go down and wait 4 the driver, I must wait inside of my apartment 4 the diver to buzz my apartment! I'm an honest person and I don't know if I'm more po ed about not being able to go tonight or being associated with a liar tonight! I wish I still had the email to lodge a complaint, I don't like to complain or get anyone in hot water but this time I'm…

3.5.14 after 11am

KJ has been over and she left just in time 2 greet a delivery driver that had my order from Walmart!I  got my karaoke machine! I took a pic and posted it on fb!It gave me a little challenge opening it up and making all the connections (hands trying to work together) but I did it :) !Now I've gutta think about having a little karaoke party up here!

3.4.14 around 4pm

I shared  an article I found in one of my fb support groups with a staff member and today we spent a whole group talking about "10 things you should never say to a brain injury survivor :) !I'm very thankful I don't have to hear those things anymore living alone!Our brains get overloaded sometimes too!I can remember too saying to a person to get out of my room cause my brain was on overload!His response was "you can't kick me out, I own this house"!That was very hard cause my brain needed a break from all this shxt!Now I'm not living in fear of the chance of that happening at anytime :)! 

3.3.14 around 11am

Ya know I'm very proud I've been able to beat the odds and skeptics and very successfully been able to be totally living independently! I proved many of the finest doctors wrong when I was able to finally talk,stand on my own,eat solid food from my mouth and not a feeding tube!That felt so good,to be able to eat again :) ! I've got a grip on my money,and if I need help KJ is right there :) !I had many people who didn't think I could do this as well as I have or at all!Former supports, and one family member!I used to say to the fm all the time, it will be easier now cause I've only got myself to think about and not raising a teenager!I was already used to living on one paycheck a month, my salary check went to child support,only enough left to stop at newbury comics every week to pick out a music cd and a dvd to add to my collection!So you see I was already trained to live on one paycheck a month, although its much less than what  I was used to, my needs and wants a…

3.3.14 around 9am

I had to cancel my trips to and from the YMCA cause my foot not only hurts from a corn on my little toe but now it hurts just below my big toe! The good thing is I've got no pain in my left foot!

3.2.14 after 8pm

Today I've been able to do an okay trim of my beard, book all my trips 4 the week,and dreaded laundry!I had a more challenging time doing laundry this week cause of the tremendous foot pain I'm feeling but its done :)!Now I gutta make a real late dinna.

3.2.14 after 10.30am

Peapod arrived with my order, its like rediscovering what I ordered cause naturally I forget all the things I ordered :)! I smile cause I've got to be able to laugh at myself otherwise I'd just go crazy with frustration! I put all the stuff away and not too bad a time with freezer space but now my foot is killing me so I'll rest it 4  a little bit b4 I start laundry!

3.2.14 b4 10am

I  got up this morning knowing I had some tasks I had to do and I've got peapod delivering my order btw 10-12!I  booked all my trips for the week. Wednesday I'm going with hics to grumpy whites restaurant in Quincy for planning and  I had to book a trip directly there, so I just goggled grumpy whites to get the address :) !I've also got to do laundry today!

3.1.14 around 3.30pm

I've had a successful scoot to Wg's and the store!My Iphone was saying it needed an update so I  followed the instructions, I guess everything went good but I turned it on and I had lost all my contacts,favs, everything! Then an option came up to restore all my settings so I clicked on that!I got everything back,my tunes too:) !I didn't have to get much food cause peapod in coming tomorrow btw 10-12 I think but I've put the time on fb and my online  calendar!When you live with tbi you've got to make sure you have a backup system,and I've got a great one :) !

3.1.14 b4 9am

Its actually warm outside compared to what it has been!Its in the low 30's.There is a storm coming though, more snow so I best jump on this opportunity to scoot to Wg's and pick up my needs b4 the snow starts!