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4.30.15 around 9pm

I'm ready to receive my new scooter! I think of all I had to go through to get this! I guess it will make it all the sweeter when I'm out riding it, wind in my face and power with the twist of my wrist :)!This is one very, very happy brain injury and cancer survivor :)!

4.30.15 around 8pm

Tonight I made a home for my slow scooter in my bedroom! I've gutta be able to get at it also be able to get it out when I use this one! My new scooter is gonna be an around town scooter! I'm really excited to get this :)! I keep reading the email sent that says its coming tomorrow :)!
  I just cleaned out my apartment of all unnecessary stuff! I had an older computer that I just stripped things like ram! I'm just getting ready for my new scooter :)!

4.30.15 around 4pm

I went to Braintree rehab and got my Botox injections! You would think given the size of the needles  and he places I get injected it would be very painful! This doctor gave me many shots in tender places like between my fingers and it was for the most part painless! I'll start to feel the effects in about two weeks! I'm gonna wait to do Wg's until my new scooter arrives tomorrow btw 10am and 1pm! I looked around and Braintree rehab is not far at all from my apartment! I could even scoot there using the scooter I've go now. It just moves to slowly!The new scooter advertises going 18mph! That's more than 3x as fast as this one so yes I'll be able ti scoot to Braintree rehab :)!

4.30.15 after 10.30

I am doing a lot of stressing about my return trip from Braintree rehab! I've got a 1.30 appointment I always schedule all my doctor visits for an hour! "The ride" was making the return trips a little longer but today they have a 2.30 return! I'm nervous about not being done in time! 

4.30.15 after 8.30am

I just got off the phone with UPS. They told me they will make the delivery tomorrow btw 11-1! I've now got to think of the YMCA! I guess the scooter is the priority! What a battle this has been!

4.30.15 around 7am

I'm still battling UPS to deliver my new scooter! They said they would call or email me with an appointment for it to be delivered. I've got no calls or emails :)! I'm wondering now if they have the right contact information for me. I made sure yesterday they did and KJ was here and made sure I didn't screw up! Now I'm gonna have to go through that whole painful process again!I've got an appointment to get my  Botox shots today and I'm thinking of having my ride driver drop me at Wg's after so I don't know if there will be time to fight with them today! I'm not gonna stress over that, there is still one day left in the week for fighting!

4.29.15 after 4.30pm

I've got an appointment tomorrow to get my shots of Botox and I was just reading the email to make sure! Then I was reading to let then know if 4/29 was good for me! I couldn't remember if I got back and said it was! This is a prime example why email works for me! I checked my sent folder and I did respond and say that was fine :)! 

4.29.15 after 4pm

I've been to he YMCA and had a great workout then on the return trip from the YMCA the driver had too many pick ups  then drop offs so it got to be around 2.50 pm, I knew he wouldn't get me home in time to get a 3.15 pick up to go to hics! So I first canceled my trips to hics, its a shared ride, I've gutta be considerate to other riders! I don't want to make them go to Holbrook for nothing! KC and I figured we would try a 3.15 pick up from my apartment to go to hics on an  in house event, it was working but not  today :(! You would think this company  would know they have to pick me up in Holbrook at 3.15pm and not load the driver up with so many pick ups and drop offs but NOT this outfit! It's after 4 pm and I just got home!

4.29.15 after 10.15am

KJ was over and we called UPS about the Fed up delivery! They now say someone will call with a delivery appointment! I'll believe this when it happens! I've gutta be positive though, it WILL happen!

4.28.15 around 3.15pm

"The ride" got me to Castle island way, way late! I barely had enough time to meet up with everyone and go get some lunch! The driver had to drop someone off at Mass general hospital and he thought I was going there too! I said I'm going to Castle island so he started that way only to realize he had a pick up at Mass general too! He makes the pick up now he has to drop them off before he can take me to Castle island! I got home and checked my email and there's a mail from UPS! They want my feedback from my recent dealing with them! I've got a lot to say about it but KJ is coming tomorrow and I've made a separate folder with all the mails concerning my new scooter! We will see if they can make it right when I've got KJ's help!

4.28.15 around 7am

Today I'm meeting hics at Castle island in Boston Ma. This will bring back so many memories cause Nice and I used to take our children there often when they were much younger! I always loved going out to the tip of Ci to watch the plane take off and land at Logon airport! Great view of the runway and the planes! I'm gonna bring my cam I've just gutta remember to make sure I've got spare batteries! Digital cams tend to go through batteries quickly! I've got my phone as a back up too! This tbi survivor always tries to be prepared :)! I've gutta remember too that Michaela, my homemaker is coming today around 4.30 pm! This tbi survivor's got a great memory for being memory impaired  :)!

4.27.15 after 8pm

The things this tbi survivor must remember can be overwhelming at times! I got a call from Allison from Bayada home care saying Michaela couldn't make it today. Would it be alright if she came tomorrow around 4.30pm! I'm lucky I got this call cause she called my cell, I've got issues answering it before it goes to vm! Tomorrow I'm meeting hics at Castle island in Boston! I'm hoping for good New England weather!  

4.27.15 after 5.15pm

This tbi survivor is doing the best he can to hold it together right now! Before I left for my appointment with my podiatrist I called UPS to find out what was up with the "fed up" delivery! This morning they said they have nothing by the numbers I gave! I'm boiling now! I went to see my podiatrist then it dawned on me I've gutta ask for the freight department! I get home after my appointment, call UPS ask for the freight  department, give all the necessary numbers, they  say their waiting for authorization from the shipper (the scooter catalogue) to use a truck equipped with a lift gate! This is so hard for this survivor to even  come close to understanding! UPS does this sort of stuff all the time, deliver heavy items! You mean to tell me there was nobody at that warehouse who couldn't foresee  these kind of issues! Now they are trying to get in touch with the scooter catalogue to see if,  I can only guess, to see if  they will pay for a truck  with a lift! Thi…

4.27.15 around 8.30am

Today I've gutta find out what UPS is gonna do about Fing up my scooter delivery! The driver who came here said he would handle everything but in my life experience if you want to get something done and done right, you must do it yourself! It's hard for me to do this too, my memory and not being able to write along with my not being able to focus well! I try to have everything I may need up on my computer! Mails from UPS along with mails from the scooter catalogue! I can only hope the emails I sent both parties get attention so my brain doesn't get overloaded! I'm also seeing my podiatrist today and my homemaker comes at 4pm!

4.26.15 after 8pm

Tomorrow I've gutta find out what UPS is gonna do about the delivery they "fed up"! I've got all my emails with tracking  numbers and I've got the confirmation email from the scooter catalogue so if I don't get anywhere with them call the scooter catalogue! Then I'm going to see my podiatrist! This is just physical pain, nothing like the pain I feel from "the loss of self"! I try to explain what it's like to live like this but I really can't! I've said this before and I believe this to be very true, you can be very schooled on traumatic brain injury but nobody knows it better than a tbi survivor!

4.26.15 around 10am

The sun is actually shining this morning! Lisa just land lined me to say we should got to the larger D&D's in Braintree up just a little way from the one we usually frequent! I've got both battery packs fully charged so power shouldn't be an issue :)! There are things this survivor must do every morning! One of the first is to turn on the coffee maker! Then check email, could make a change in the days plans! Check my trips and make sure of drop offs and pick ups! Things are a little different this week with my trips! I'm going to my podiatrist tomorrow and not the YMCA, going to Castle island with hics on Tuesday, taking "the ride" directly to and from there, I've got an appointment to get my shots of Botox on Thursday and I could do hics then go to Braintree rehab but I don't trust "the ride"  to be able to perform multiple trips on the same day! I missed my last appointment too cause I don't think I ever recorded it from my last po…

4.25.15 around 5pm

I took a scoot to Wg's this afternoon! I needed to get protein shakes! Wg's sells a box  has 8-12 in there! I started out on my scoot and when I started to climb technical park drive hill my power gauge started moving up and down so I scooted back home and changed battery packs and brought the one that made the gauge move! My toe is hurting too much to have to push the scooter any distance! I've gutta remove my sneaker as soon as I can to get the pressure off my toe!

4.25.15 after 8am

I started working on the UPS "f up" from yesterday and hit a dead end! I sent an email then land lined them only to be told they don't work on Saturdays, call back Monday through Friday! This tbi survivor is super frustrated!

4.25.15 after 6.30am

I got up early this morning, I couldn't sleep stressing over the UPS F up yesterday! I feel helpless so I emailed both the scooter catalogue and UPS! I've gutta do everything in my power to make this bad situation turn out good! I'm open to all and any suggestions anyone may have! Today I've gutta make a Wg's scoot, Lisa said she wanted to walk so I'll land line her and maybe we'll do D&D's too :)!  

4.24.15 around 8pm

This tbi survivor had one mentally exhausting day! The UPS fiasco really was a hard thing to try to process! I'm a man who must be able to do all I need to on my own to get everything done right and make sure everything gets completed! I've gutta get on UPS's tail about todays fiasco and follow up on it so it gets taken care of immediately! Maybe I'll go right to the scooter catalogue and let them know of UPS's F up! I guess I'll sleep on it before I make my decision! I gutta tell you though my brain is junk right now! That's what trying to process a lot of information too fast does to this survivor! Tomorrow I've gutta take a scoot to Wg's and get some quick and easy dinnas and some fiber one treats! They really make some tasty treats! I think last week I got cinnamon coffee   cake and liked it a lot :)!

4.24.15 after 6pm

UPS showed up but one guy in a tractor trailer truck with no lift! The box with my scooter weighs 300lb! The poor man no way could he carry it from his truck to the building then in my apartment! He tries to explain everything but it's just too much for my brain to process! He asked if someone is here that can help carry it in or at the very least help me understand what's happening ! There was no one to ask to help carry it and Lisa would be the only person here who would help me understand what's happening but Lisa's not home! All I need to process is the driver said he would handle everything, I think! My brain is overloaded now!

4.24.15 after 3pm

I just went through the whole process of checking on my delivery again cause I really need to go to the store! They stand firmly by saying it will be here by 4pm! It's almost 3.15pm now it seems I'm gonna have to go through this for a 4th time! I'll wait till a few minuets after 4pm now but only a few cause I think they are done at 4pm! 

4.24.15 around 2pm

This survivor is loosing what is left of his mind! I was promised by UPS I'd get my delivery by 1pm today! It got to be after 1 so I called! You've got to have everything right in front of you like tracking #, order #, cause you get switched from department to department and every time they ask for it! My first call I was told I'd get a call back within as hour! I didn't get a call so I had to go through the whole process again! When I finally got someone who would help me after being on hold for it seems like eternity I got someone to track it down! Now they say I'll get my delivery by 4pm! We will see, I envision having to go through this mind game again! I've never had so much trouble with just about anything! I've been waiting all day for my door buzzer to buzz so I didn't think it was safe to even take a shower! I hope I don't have to go through this whole process for a third time! I'll give it till 4.30pm, if no delivery by then I'm go…

4.24.15 around 11.30m

I keep on reading the email sent from UPS to remind me of the promised times of delivery and to see if I missed anything at all! I can't tell you the feelings going through my brain now! Anxiety, uncertainty, fear of having to go through the whole process of tracking down what happened, I forget how I did it too! I guess I do suffer from anxiety!

4.24.15 around 11am

I'm still WAITING for my UPS delivery! I'm trying to be patient but that's a quality that left with my brain injury! When I get it, and I am getting it momentarily, I'll try and snap some pics! 

4.14.15 around 8am

I'm real anxious to get my new scooter! It says it comes ready to ride but I wanna get it uncreated then hook up the charger! It says it weighs 300lb! I'm not at all worried that if I had to push it a little ways I know I can handle that weight! If I can avoid it though that's what I must do! I'll look for accessories after I get comfortable with this but something I must get first is a spare battery or battery pack! This survivor wants to take every precaution to make sure I never run out of juice! 

4.23.15 around 9pm

I'm all  "Fed" up cause I'm out of my normal routine! I'm not doing the YMCA tomorrow cause I am getting my new scooter delivered tomorrow btw 10am-1pm :)! Then Monday I have a podiatrist appointment! I don't like missing the YMCA but these are good reasons! Hopefully this time I feel some relief after I see my podiatrist! 

4.23.15 after 7pm

I've gutta search my brain to think of what happened today! When you live with a traumatic brain injury these things you used to be able to do without putting much thought in you find you've really got to put a lot of thought in to get it right! I saw my urologist this morning and he checked my PSA count! That was well within what it should be-no cancer :)! I emailed Ali at the YMCA to inform her that I wouldn't be there tomorrow or Monday! Monday  cause of a podiatrist appointment and tomorrow cause UPS IS gonna deliver my new scooter btw 10am-1pm :)! I know my luck is not good with deliveries but I've gutta be positive and believe it's gonna happen! Ali is so cool too, she land lined me after getting my mail just to say she got it and express her sympathy for my delivery woes! I'm really excited to get the scooter tomorrow! It says it comes fully assembled but I doubt it's FULLY assembled!I hope I won' need many tools cause I don't have many here!…

4.23.15 around 1pm

I had another great doctors visit :)! The first thing you've gutta do when you see a urologist is to give a urine sample! He does some tests on it and one test is my psa level! Mine was .02 or .2 regardless he said it was well within the range it's supposed to be :)! I really did kick cancer's butt :)! They did another test too! A nurse took a look at my blather to make sure I was emptying it completely! She said I was empty :)! There are all kinds of little electronic devices today that get results to tests that need to be done and get the results almost instantly :)! That was great news though, cancer knows better than to try and mess with me :)!

4.22.15 after7.00pm

I can't do hics tomorrow cause of an 10.45am doctor appointment! This is with the doctor who found the tumor on my prostate! Please Jesus let me continue to be cancer free! He is a urologist  as well as a surgeon! I like him, he fully explained my options when he diagnose my cancer in a way I could understand! That's not easy, imagine all  the thoughts that go through your brain when a doctor tells you you've got cancer! I can't begin to tell you how that made me feel! I kicked it out of my body though and it better not think it has the guts to mess with me again cause I'll just kick it's butt again :)!

4.22.15 around 2pm

I finally got called back and now they say Friday btw 10-1! I had to attempt to write this in my pocket calendar and it's a good thing I did cause getting ready to write this blog I kept on forgetting the times! This is an awful way to have to live when things used to be so much easier! You've just gutta find ways of getting things done! I guess I can't do the YMCA Friday too :(!

4.22.15 1.45pm

No delivery yet! I tracked my delivery and the status was exception! I had no idea what that meant so I had to find a # to land line them, found it then I've gutta have all my info easy to get, tracking # ect. I got all that, called talked to a live foreign person, someone was gonna call me back within an hour! No call so I had to start over! They had the wrong tel #! I gave the right #, now I'm WAITING again for a call :(! 

4.22.15 after 12.25

KJ and I tracked my scooter delivery with UPS and it looked like it was gonna arrive today! I figured it was important to be here so I canceled the YMCA today! I hope my luck is much better with this important delivery! I called one-care and they will cover a deep cleaning of my teeth! Just as long as its a dentist in their network so I had them check to see if Lux dental is in it, it is! :) Now I gutta WAIT to see if my luck with getting my deliveries changes or remains bad!

4.22.15 around 7.30am

KJ is making a home visit  around 9am this morning then I'm going to the YMCA just to do my resistance training! I firmly believe exercise is helping this survivor in many ways! It keeps me young, it keeps illness away, makes me mentally fit as well as physically fit, boosts my confidence (as if I needed it) level up, helping to keep cancer away! I think today I'll go up on the leg press machine to only 385 lb! I can see my goal of 400lb :)!

4.21.15 8.30-9pm

I'm winding down the day/night listening to great tunes! Bri got me "buzz ballads" one Christmas I think! It's all songs I was listening to loudly in my N.Quincy apartment! I play this so much I downloaded all the tracks on my computer! :)

4.21.15 after 6.45pm

I think I've got my trips all set now but I got interrupted by a knock on the door while doing them! I had to alternate  my concentration back and forth and this tbi survivor has trouble with this! The good thing is there's time to look at what I've done and correct any mistakes I may have made! Still WAITING for news on my new scooter! 

4.21.15 around 6pm

I went down to check to see if I had any snail mail scanning the area looking for delivery slips left from UPS! I noticed nothing and I haven't got an email from UPS saying I'm getting a delivery tomorrow so it looks like it's safe to go to the YMCA tomorrow :)! I've got an appointment with dr.Star (my urologist) on Thursday! I guess it's around 10.45 so that makes doing hics kind of not cool! I'd have to go from home to 780 main st in S.Weymouth then at 11.45 go to hics and that makes no sense at all! I better start working on my trips now!

4.21.15 around 5pm

I got home today and I had two voice mails on my land line! One from AARP life insurance saying to call this # cause they need more info then dr. Star's office saying I've got an appointment this Thursday! I didn't have this in my pocket calendar but I looked on my online calendar and here it was! KJ is making a home visit tomorrow so I've saved the voice mails so she can hear them and I'll call AARP life insurance with her here! I could manage it myself, just type the # I need to call for AARP and I've already checked to see if dr.Star's office is in my destinations  with "the ride"  but it's just so much easier when I've got help from KJ :)! With my memory I tend to loose rack of what I'm doing as I'm doing it! KJ helps me to stay focused!

4.21.15 after 4pm

I've been to hics and we had a representative from Shine speak to us.  They service the health insurance needs of everyone hence the name SHINE. She was talking a lot about one care. Is a combination of Mass health  Medicare which I have :)! I asked about dental coverage and she said one care has it! They cover crowns which I was told I need at least one! I'm wondering if they will pay for a deep cleaning which is something I've needed for well over a year! I had "the ride" driver drop me off at the store so I could get a few things! I always walk up the stairs at the store with no assistance and go in get my things, come out walk down the stairs(holding the railing) with no assistance! The driver was in awe watching me do this :)!

4.21.15 after 7.20am

I've been getting emails from UPS (the carrier who is delivering my scooter) the day before an expected delivery! I haven't   received anything on the scooter yet, I guess I'm just real nervous about this, it cost me over two grand!

4.21.15 after 7am

I got notification that my new scooter has been shipped but no estimated arrival day! I'm kind of afraid to leave my building now cause I don't want to miss the delivery! I've gutta remember to look for delivery slips downstairs!

4.20.15 after 8pm

I never made it to Wg's today, it's raining out! I did make a batch of fa though! I used a different brand of sauce this time and I like this better! I've got enough for maybe two meals left! Lisa got the rest of my Walmart order for me! She live on the 1st level so she sees the delivery trucks come and she knows of my issues with deliveries so she asks who it is for and if it's me she grabs it for me! I got the pairs of socks I bought along with a few other items! Tomorrow I've got hics :)!

4.20.15 around 11.30

I'm not gonna be able to do the YMCA today :(! I put my sneaker on  and the pressure  it puts on my toe is just way too unbearable :(! I'm gonna have to wear them cause I think I'm gonna scoot to Wg's but I can do that cause it will only be on for less than an hour!

4.20.15 around 8am

Last night Lisa land lined me and said "I just grilled up some chicken. Do you want some?" I said "yes please", this blond babe brought me up a delicious slice of chicken and corn! That's why I tend to do random acts of kindness for her as well! I've gutta be honest, I'm looking for more than just friendship but its so nice having a friend that is always thinking of you! My foot is absolutely killing me this morning and I'm debating  weather or not I can stand putting a sneaker on my right foot! I had these sneakers fitted to my feet so they fit snug! Any kind of pressure on my right little toe causes me great pain! Most times "the ride" drops me off a great distance from the gym! I don't know if I can put myself through that kind of abuse yet today, I've got time yet to decide!

4.19.15 around 2pm

Im still deciding what I'm gonna do today! I did call that blond babe and asked her to D&D's but no call back yet so I may scoot up there myself! I lost the order confirmation to my new scooter so I had to sift through all my trash, which is not easy for me cause I'm  easily distracted and with my sever spastisod it makes things very difficult. I was able to find the confirmation mail then move it to important folder!  Walgreens did have a sale on small jars of scented candles, 3 for $5! Maybe I'll scoot over there too!

4.19.15 around 10am

As I sit and enjoy my Sunday morning coffee I'm thinking of what this tbi survivor is gonna do today! I think tomorrow Michaela (my homemaker) is due to wash my bed sheets, I always then have her do whatever I have to be washed too, I'm  too thrifty to keep paying $4, wash and dry so I think I can hold off on doing laundry today :)! I'm thinking of calling that blond babe and seeing if she would want to do D&D's with me! Though first I gutta finish enjoying my coffee then do my regular Sunday morning routine! My trips for the week I've done over the last few nights, it's such a great tool being able to book my trips online! I've just got to check and make sure they are right! Paying close attention to if they are pick ups or drop offs! See not only do I have to make sure the times and addresses are correct I've gutta make sure I booked arrival times and not pick up times! Sometimes this easy task tends to be overwhelming for this tbi survivor, with …

4.18.15 after 3pm

I just got in from a scoot to Wg's and a stop at D&D's with that long blond haired babe Lisa! It's nice to spend qt with someone you know is always thinking about your best interests :)!

around 12.30pm

I've gutta scoot to Wg's and the other thing I needed to do was get $20 cash back in one 10, one 5, and five ones! I guess we screwed up last night on the dinna order! I don't remember but Lisa would NEVER take advantage of me being memory impaired!

4.18.15 around 7.30am

Oh yeah, last night Lisa came over and we ordered out for dinna :)! That's becoming a regular thing we do every Friday night! I order out for dinna then have dinna with a blond babe :)! Today I'm thinking a scoot to Wg's and I know there was something else to do but I can't  find it in my brain at this moment!

4.17.15 around 8.20pm

I've been to the YMCA today and had a great workout! I'm still leg pressing just 380lb 20 reps and it's not a struggle at all to get trough all 12 but I can feel a little strain on my legs after 5-6 reps! It is 380 lbs so its to be expected! I'm gonna  keep it at 380 all next week then go to 390 lb!

4.17.15 around 9 am

This tbi survivor  as got to take a moment to try and process the things going on right now! I'm going to the YMCA today (ride permitting)! Monday it was my fault I didn't make then Wednesday "the ride" was running so late they would have got me there just in time to catch my return trip and no time to even get on one machine! I'm hopping for better results with "the ride" today! I'm hoping Ali is there cause I'm gonna try to remember to bring my tablet and give her a little laugh and show her the vids of me doing karaoke!  

4.16.15 around 10pm

I've been thinking about my new scooter! With a 45 mile range and a top speed of nearly 20 mph this will increase my independence substantially! I can scoot to Braintree rehab from my apartment! I've got doctors I see there and now I'll do physical therapy there! Maybe even scoot to hics with this :)!

4.16.15 going on 8pm

I was finally able to order that scooter that goes a blazing 18mph :)! I post things I need to remember on my fb page, I posted the scooter and clicked on it while using my tablet! The link to put the scooter in your cart showed up on my tablet so I clicked it on the tablet! I figured when I get on my desktop I'll just view my cart then purchase it, wrong! I get on my dt, click on the scooter on my fb page,check my cart and my cart is empty :(! It seems the links are there on my dt but just not aluminated! I had to remember where they where and just click on empty space! I must say this brain injury survivor with memory issues did very, very, very well with this challenging task :)! See this is why I'm always eating late! I get to doing something and can't drop it until it's finished! Now to make a very late dinna :)!

4.16.15 around 7pm

I've been to hics today! I needed some things at Wg's so when I got home I changed the battery packs on my scooter and scooted to Wg's! The one battery pack had been on there all day and that's why I purchased an additional battery pack, so I've always got a fully charged battery pack! Now I gutta make a not too late but late dinna :)!


I'm  having my share of BAD luck with  "the ride"! I had an 11.08 pick up time to be at the YMCA at noon! It got to be 11.30 am so I called and basically said WTF! They said he was 12 minuets away! Then it got to be 11.50, no driver so I called and canceled my trips to and from the YMCA but made it perfectly clear to keep my trips for later in the day! I have yet to check to see if they screwed up that too!

4.15.15 after 10.30am

KJ was over and I called "the ride"  to make dispatch aware of my issues when going to the YMCA then hics! They said they would look in to it! We will see what happens today! I'm always very polite but in this case FIRM! Now I go to the YMCA! My foot really is hurting though, gutta man it out!

4.14.15 after 9pm

I'm getting ready to call it quits for today! I've got a 1.35pm return trip from the YMCA and a 3.08 trip to hics I'm thinking of calling "the ride" tomorrow and speaking with dispatch and letting them know of my times so they don't load my return trip driver from the YMCA with too many pick ups and drop offs! Its worth a shot but this is "the ride" and my experience with them is they are not cooperative at all! I've gutta be positive, they are gonna be very cooperative with me tomorrow :)!

4.14.15 after 4.15pm

13 Years,wow so much I miss not being able to do but I tend to forget that two lives were affected in this horrific motorcycle crash! I am forever sorry to MMD for being the cause of her lasting pain! Although she didn't receive a brain injury I tend to not take what she has to deal with on a daily basis seriously! I can't say how badly I feel about inflicting lasting pain on this lady! I've been to hics today! The weather is nice out so I've got many options as to what I can do :)! I could take a scoot to D&D's! That sounds great but I think I'm gonna brew a pot of coffee here and watch you tube cause karaoke night is at hics tomorrow night and I've got to get ready to do "here I go again" by whitesnake! The great thing is I am FREE to do whatever I want :)! 

4.13.15 around 8pm

I booked a trip to the YMCA on Wednesday. We will see if "the ride" gives me reasonable pick up times Tuesday night! If they don't I'll have to cancel the YMCA cause I've gutta get to hics Wednesday night cause it's karaoke night and I gutta do Whitesnake "here I go again" and if there's  time Billy Idol "white wedding":)! 

4.13.15 around 7.30pm

I shared a post I found in my news feed "what was your first car" and it's fun seeing everyone's comment's  some pics too :)! This survivor can make fun out of almost anything :)! The best vehicle I bought for sure in 1993 when I bought a brand new dodge caravan! That was for the family though! I had a new van every two years with Giant but the best personal   vehicle (besides  my motorcycles) was an 84 s-10 Chevy pick up! In my 20's I used to get cars that needed work and do it myself! I went through my chevy vega era,I owned two of them! Then I went through a pinto era! My best pinto I got for putting a windshield in for this lady! She said when it got to 1/2 tank of gas it would stop running! I got it home   and looked at the tank and found like a cover on the back that I had to use a screwdriver and place it on like a grove in the cover and take a hammer and tap the sd and back the cover out! When I got the cover off I reached my arm inside the tank and p…

4.13.14 after 3.45pm

I scooted to Wg's and got back in plenty of time to be here for Machala! I've just got one extra thing to ask if she will do! When she does the vacuuming, I want to move my scooter so she can do my parking place! Lets see if I remember to ask :)! Just a small thing to work my memory! 

4.13.15 around 12.20pm

I know I said no excuses but my foot was causing me great discomfort this morning and putting my sneaker on just wasn't gonna happen :(! I forgot to get some smelly  shxt at Wg's and I couldn't find scented candles  at S&S so I wonder if that sale at Wg's is still going on! Three small jar candles for $5. I think I'm gonna see if Lisa wants to walk and take a scoot to Wg's! I'm gonna have to WAIT till much later though cause Michaela my homemaker is due at 4pm! Maybe I can squeeze it in before she comes! I just donno if I need the added stress of my scooter running out of juice and not being here in time! Lisa wants me to get her out walking too but I think, if my memory is right she has an appointment today around this time! Yes she does, it's all coming back to me cause we were gonna go out after Michaela  had finished! Maybe I'll do Wg's and later we can do D&D's :)! 

4.13.15 around 8.30am

Today I've got trips to the YMCA :)! The last two Mondays I haven't been able to get out of my own way to make it there! Today I'm up early I think I've got everything done I need to so no excuses! Today I do the pool and my weights! Pool season is vast approaching, I need to do my best to get back to buff :)!

4.12.15 after 7pm

Lisa was up for a little bit tonight :)! New pass time for me is listening to you tube mixes on my computer! I've got four speakers and a subwoofer set up so it's premium sound :)! Tomorrow I've got trips to the YMCA :)! My foot will be killing me cause I've gutta put on my sneaker! Well I've got the pool so there's about 1 hour it won't be on! I'm planning on upping the weight on the leg press to 390lb! I'll do the 390 all week then next Monday it will be 400lb :)!

4.12.15 around noo

I decided not to do laundry this afternoon! I'd rather spend qt with a sexy blond! Lisa has gone food shopping at, this sounds so strange to me, Walmart! I know they do food now, it just seems strange to me to go food shopping at Wm! I'll either do laundry tonight or tomorrow! Another option is I could have my homemaker do it! That's not who I am though, if I'm able to do any adl's,I've gutta do them! 

4.12.15 around 7.30am

I'm up early on this Sunday morning cause I've gutta start my laundry before 11am. Lisa wants to walk to D&D's and I don't wanna miss a chance to spend qt with this blond babe :)! I've already scheduled all my trips for the week! I had to make a decision on weather to do the YMCA on Wednesday or not. Wednesday night is karaoke night at hics and "the ride" can't be trusted to perform multiple trips on the same day! I've missed this the last couple times cause of snow and "the ride"! I want to do all I can to make sure that doesn't happen again! I so wanna do Whitesnake, I forget what song now but I can find it cause all I need to do is go to you tube and type in Whitesnake and it will come up cause I've already viewed it numerous times :)!     

4.11.15 around 6.15pm

Oh yeah, along with everything else I also scooted to the office and battled that laundry card machine and added $10 to my card! This time though it seemed to take my $ without an issue :)! Now I have to do my laundry tomorrow! I'm still waiting for what Lesli said would happen! She said "that's where the chicks are" but I haven't seen one chick doing laundry while I am, YET! Now to make some dinna :)! 

4.11.15 after 5.20pm

I finished out my Saturday afternoon by placing my order :)! I just needed some new socks and Sprayway glass cleaner! That's the company that makes Giant glass cleaner and Settles glass cleaner for them! They just make up a different label and attach it to the can! I've used this for years working for Sg then Gg! It's an alcohol base cleaner so because of that it also disinfects! I was able (when I was working) get it for nothing so I tried it on everything and it worked on everything too! 

4.11.15 around 4.30pm

I scooted to the store without changing the battery packs! I remember I specifically ordered interstate batteries the last time I got batteries and I know that's a good brand so I had confidence I would make it to the store and back! It's getting to the middle of the month so time to pay the IRS, ugg! I had my normal issues with the web site, I've gutta type in my SS # twice and it blocks out the characters  as I type them. I guess I had some typo's while typing my ss#! It's now paid I'm just waiting for my confirmation email then I forward that to KJ! That's another transaction in my account so I've gutta see it went through too! This survivor is on top of ALL his finances the only thing is the bank says the deposit I made today is on "hold"! I guess the check has got to clear. Well at least I can see I made the deposit :)!  It's a full time job living the new life of Jamie :)!

4.11.15 after 1.15pm

I've been to the bank at S&S, made the deposit, did a very little shopping! I just got some steak tips and protein shakes! Some other odds and ends to the tune of over $50! I came home and after I got the goods away checked my transaction with my online account with Citizens bank! Now I gutta change battery packs on the scooter and scoot to the store! 

4.11.15 around 7.30am

Today I've got trips to S&S in Braintree Ma. I'm only going there cause Citizens bank has a branch office in that store and I need to deposit a check to my checking account! When using "the ride" you've gutta stay at the place you are going to for one hour, it won't take an hour just to deposit my check so I didn't do a peapod order this month I figured I'd shop while WAITING for my return trip from S&S! I just have to be careful not to get frozen and refrigerated stuff that could spoil while waiting for my return trip! This is called a premium trip with "the ride" too which means it's more than one mile away from an MBTA bus stop and costs me $10 round trip instead of $6. I guess I'll use this as an opportunity to buy some meats! See I like to see what I'm getting when it comes to buying meats! I've just gutta be careful living on a fixed income with money! The good thing is I've paid all my bills except the IRS …

4.10.15 around 4pm

I've been to the YMCA and had a great workout :)! You wouldn't  believe the amount of weight this prostate cancer/tbi survivor is pushing, I've got trouble processing it myself! I've done my last set of leg pressing 380lb Monday I'm gonna increase that to 390lb! Then the following week I'll hit my goal of 400lb :)! I know on the grip machine I'm doing 60lb with my right hand to 120lb with my left that's quite a disparity! That's cause my brain injury was mostly on the left side of my brain, the left controls the right motor functions! My goal on that machine is to lesson the gap in disparity between the two! The great progression I've made on this machine is I no longer have to stop and get a better grip half way through the exercise! I'm able to maintain the grip I started it with :)! Its not easy but I do it :)! When I attempt the 400lb I'm gonna take my tablet with me and try to get it on video of this 56 year young survivor leg press…

4.10.15 around 8.30am

Today I'm going to the YMCA for my resistance  training! I love pushing myself to do the very best I can and beyond! The only thing is I've gutta wear my sneakers! It's very uncomfortable wearing anything but a sock on my right foot but I gutta tough it out! I'm planning on this being the last time leg pressing 380lb before I increase the weight up to 390lb! I'll do the 390 all next week then reach my goal of 400lb:)! Not to bad for a survivor of prostate cancer living with a traumatic brain injury, I guess I'm very, very proud of how far I've been able to push myself to progress!

4.9.15 after 4.20pm

My mind has been wondering all around today but it always comes back to being very happy that I'm now living totally independently! It's the little things that remind me of how different it was to even live in Scituate! Don't get me wrong, Scituate was better than most hospitals I lived at until my mother passed :(! See although my mother didn't understand how it was to have to live with tbi she tried as best she could to understand why I reacted the way I did in certain circumstances! When she passed I felt so alone living there! When I used to get shxt about something, anything she used to defend me or put the other person in their place! After she passed I went through the worst time of my life and I'm not just talking about my new life! Most of the time there I felt I had no freedom to mold my new life the way I wanted to! Too many restrictions, made to feel like a little kid, not responsible, need supervision, not trustworthy, unable to do most things myself! …

4.9.15 after 2.45pm

Lisa called this morning and asked if I had a five for ones, she needed to put value on her laundry card! I told her I was going to Wg's so I'll make sure I do. She just left and we were exchanging the money and somehow I dropped one of her bills on  the floor! We check our cash and $1 ( dropped) is missing! She goes back and retraces her steps and of coerce came up empty! I dropped something else and notice a $1 on my floor! I caused this pretty blond babe a lot of stress cause my scanning abilities aren't that good cause of my tbi! The GREAT thing was I got to hang with a pretty lady for a little while this afternoon :)!

4.9.15 around 1pm

I've been to Wg's and picked up the med I needed a valid ID to get then forgot protein shakes :(! I've got trips booked to S&S in Braintree on Saturday to use the bank maybe I'll remember to get some ps then!

4.9.15 around 10am

I didn't do hics today cause it seems like I've go way too much to do in continuing to lead a successful independent life! My check got deposited so that means I've gutta pay all my bills! I've done that except for the IRS, they can WAIT! I gutta take a wet (its raining out) scoot to Wg's cause the med I need is ready and I now have a valid ID, not expired! It really is a full time job just taking care of myself and all my needs and I guess WANTS:)!

4.8.15 around 6.15pm

I've been to the YMCA and had a great workout! I'm still leg pressing only 380 lb its getting easier but not too easy after all it's 380lb but I'm gonna do 380 one more time (Friday) then Monday go up to 390lb! After I do the 390 a few times go to 400lb! I'm thinking a week from Monday Ill be leg pressing 400lb 12 repetitions! This tbi survivor may not have the best balance but these old hockey legs are sure STRONG! Its rainy out again so I'll wait on scooting to Wg's for now we'll see what tomorrow brings weather  wise  :)! Now to make some dinna :)!

4.8.15 around 10.15am

KJ was over and we did the most important task I had to do, find out what the snail mail from aarp life insurance was all about! It seems they just wanted the answer to a few more questions and a notarized signature! Where am I gonna get that! Maybe my bank can do it, I've gutta go there to deposit a check so I'll ask! Now to get ready for an 10.57 pick up to go to the YMCA then scoot to Wg's to get a med! 

4.7.15 after 5.30pm

I was gonna have "the ride" drop me off at Wg's today so I could pick up the med I needed to have a valid ID to walk out with! It's cold wet and rainy out so I figured its better to wait and see what tomorrow brings! This is an important med too, since I've been out of it some have said I look tired! I received my valid ID in the snail mail, I don't have rec tomorrow so after KJ tomorrow I need to take a scoot to Wg's!

4.7.15 4.30-5pm

I've been to hics but I haven't got a clue as to what we did! I seem to remember groups but what they were left my brain! My brain is like the Bermuda triangle! Information goes in then never to be found again! I think I do well considering all I've been through! It could be so much worse than it is! Although my tbi robed me of so much I'm thankful it wasn't more :)! 

4.6.15 after 8.10pm

I must have "fed" up booking my rides. They have me for a pick up to go to hics tomorrow instead of a 10am arrival time! So I'm not getting picked up to go to hics till 10.07 tomorrow! I'm supposed to be there at 10am! I still question that web site! I'm constantly  monitoring that site cause I know I make mistakes but to not see it over and over again and knowing it's right makes me think my account got hacked! Will see how the rest of the week goes, if it changes, time to change my pw again!

4.6.15 after 6pm

I didn't do the YMCA today cause I needed to get a script filled at Wg's! This is one I need a valid ID to get filled but the guy that works there said "it doesn't matter"! He wasn't working today and the lady wouldn't let me take it! I did the renewal process on line and I was WAITING for it to came in the snail mail! I had issues getting out of my own way today, it got to the point I wouldn't make it back in time for Michaela (my homemaker)  so I called and canceled her! I get my snail mail today and my renewed ID is in there and the check with MY money from the trust! Now I've gutta schedule trips to S&S in Braintree where there is  Citizens bank branch! Nothing is ever easy for this tbi survivor! 

4.5.15 after 3.15pm

HE HAS RISEN! Happy resurrection day! I forgot to say, last night Lisa did a random act of kindness to me, she brought me up an Easter bag! Just a little bag filled with goodies! That's why I also do random acts of kindness with her :)! Now I gutta start laundry UGG!

4.4.15 around 11pm

I just watched an mtv special on my computer about music in the 60's then 70's then 80's! I found this very entertaining! They spoke of the different artists and what they were singing about as related to what's going on in the world! Like in the  80's, the hostages in Iran to Grenada to the technology boom! The birth of mtv too! I found this to be very fascinating! To think I lived all this stuff :)!

4.4.15 around 4pm

I just got in from a scoot to Wg's. I'm just finding it takes too long to go there and back going just 4.5 mph! The new scooter I want to purchase won't be available until May, hopefully I get a check with MY money before it does cause I'm gonna have to schedule trips with "the ride" to deposit it in my checking account!  

4.4.15 after 1.30pm

I just finally got showered up to get ready to start my day :)! Lisa called me this morning to say she's going to church tomorrow with her mother and won't be able to take me :( ! I could always go to Cohasset but I don't want to have to deal with "the ride" on Easter! I've gutta get my act in gear and scoot to Wg's and get  the stuff I need! I've got to be careful though, I don't get my check deposited till a week from Tuesday!

4.4.15 around 10am

I did something I don't usually do this morning! I made myself a very little breakfast! Just a couple pop tarts  but I toasted them! It's been decades since I've had a toasted pop tart! It looks kind of rainy outside and I do want to take a scoot to Wg's! Oh the sun just started shining through my windows :)! I'll call Lisa latter and see if this pretty blond wants to take a walk to D&D's! 

4.4.15 after 2.30am

I just woke up to a memory of a time when my daughter made my mother (Gram) feel great! It seems she used to talk with her, share feelings she didn't feel right about sharing with mom and defiantly not dad! I remember how it made her feel to have a grandchild talk, share very personal things in her young life! That made Gram feel so vital and needed and overall  happy to be trusted and respected that her opinion meant so much! It kind of makes me feel good too cause I was responsible for bringing her in to this world to give her such a feeling of being needed :)! It's strange the thoughts that come through this injured brain!  

4.3.15 after 7pm

I had to go downstairs and check the value on my laundry card and now my apartment smells of pneumonia! I don't know how I must have got it on me so I lit an incense stick and a scented votive! Hopefully that does the trick! It was so strong it was burning my eyes! Now I forget how much value I have on my card! That's all it takes for this survivor to forget something just alternate my concentration the slightest bit! I'm sure I've got enough for wash and dry though cause if not I would have cemented it in my head to go and put more value on it tomorrow! I'm in a routine as I've gutta be living with a tbi! We forget things so easily if we have a routine of doing things and stick to it, it's less likely we will forget things! It happens   though, but LESS likely:)!

4.3.15 around 5pm

I never made it to te YMCA today, my foot is absolutely killing me! It is even making it a struggle to ambulate around my apartment! I've gutta suck it up and not let this pain get the better of me! I guess that's a lot easier typed than done! 

4.3.15 around 9am

I've got trips to the YMCA in Quincy Ma today :)! I'm still gonna leg press just 380lb 12 repetitions! Monday I'll up it to at least 385lb but probably 390lb! I wanna do 400lb and at this rate I see myself doing just that one week from Monday :)! Ali said I'd be the first in the partnership program to ever reach that much weight! She talked about taking a vid of me doing 400lb! I then thought I've got the technology to do that myself! The day I'm gonna do 400lb I've gutta remember to bring my tablet so I can record  this historic occasion! 

4.2.15 around 3pm

I didn't go to the SS mall today, really didn't have any $ to spend! I suppose I could  have found some but my check doesn't get deposited till a week from Tuesday and I'm still waiting for rent to be deducted from my checking! I did some research on when they took it last month and it was on the 3rd, that's tomorrow and I don't wanna transfer any  $ from my savings until after rent is deducted! Contrary to some beliefs, this tbi survivor doesn't spend a penny frivolously! I know I'm very good, great in fact, with my funds! All who know me now I'm sure would agree! I'm current with all my creditors and always have rent in my account! 

4.2.15 around 8am

Today I'm meeting hics at the south shore mall (plaza) in Braintree Ma. I don't have a lot of $ to spend so I've gutta keep it under $60! I really don't need anything I can't get at so I'm gonna be very careful!

4.1.15 around 9pm

I am compelled to share that this 56 year young man leg pressed 380lb 12 repetitions today at the YMCA! I felt it was a substantial amount of weight but I was able to complete all 12 reps, with great form too :)! I'm gonna do 380lb one more time then go up to 390! If all goes well I'll be doing 400lb in two weeks :)!

4.1.15 after 8.25pm

I've been out to dinna with hics to the "99" restaurant     in N.Quincy! I got the New England fried shrimp! That was tasty :)! We did planning too but I forget what activities we planned, go figure :). Tomorrow I'm meeting hics at the south shore mall! 

4.1.15 around 10.30am

KJ was over and I got done an important task, renewed my ID! It confuses me though, I was under the impression that it would always be free of charge cause I sent in my license to drive a motor vehicle! Maybe its just cause I did it online, it gets mailed to me, gutta pay for snail mail, but $25? The state of Ma gets you one way or another!