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Ive had a great day!I had a great workout at the "y"!I saw cmK there too!I really enjoy working all my muscules and thats what naughtillis training is all about :)!


I had a docters appointment this morning,the doctor that cut me open so another doctor could implant the radiation seeds to burn my cancer off.He said my psa count was still a little high but,Im not worried bout it!I have faith my cancer is history!:)

home visit

That was a great home visit!I think I was perfect on my pill box then we checked my account and then I was able to utillize my gift card that the south shore mall screwed upon me!It was supposed to be three $100 gift cards,they gave me one $300 one!I got some print cartrages then I got a referbished nintendo wII for under $300 !Thats gonna make a happy man even happier!:)


Today cmD makes his weekly home visit!I filled my pill box last night and I think its perfect but,Im tbi so I may not have noticed something but,its perfect :).Then I go to hics,we are having a newyears celebration :)!


The walkway is still kinda icey so I called the office asked to put some salt down,she said they are in the process of doing that now.Maybe in bout 1 hr I can scoot to walgreens!

snow sux

I just tried to get to a van and the walkway wasnt shovelled well enough for my scooter to make it!I called the office to complain just a little but,couldnt talk to anyone so I just left a message!Thankfully Ive got plenty of food!

fun in cyberland

A friend on fb got an application that calculates your top 10 followers!Thier was a link you could click on to get yours,so I did it!I was so happy to find out all the pretty ladies that check in on me!I have some family,tbi-ers,Im really happy that people I went to high school with are following my journey to try to get back as much as I can of what this tbi took from me!


I cancelled my trips to and from church this morning,kept to and from stop and shop cause Ive got meds ready.I wasnt moving quickly this morning,I dont like to miss church but,my body was saying "too much"!


Tomorrow Im kinda busy!Ive got an 8.50am pickup time to go to church then a 12.20 return from church!Im going food shopping,my pickup time for that is 1.55pm with a 4.00 return!On the go,just the way I like it :)!

really happy

Im real happy at this point in my new life!Ive got the bestest young aduts,Im progressing at an unbelievable rate now that I finally got my own place!Now Im playing cds from my vast collection of music cds,Im happy!This is Bri and I taken with my phone,Lissy didnt want her pic posted :(.

Bri called

I got a call from my oldest girl (middle child),she said they would be down late afternoon :)!The hard thing to accept is,my youngest child is driving them all here!My little Lissy,I guess thats a thing of the past :(!Where does the time go?


What did I do today?Its kindof a blurr to me now but,Im gonna try.I went to the "y" only to find out nobody was there.:( I get home,ck my voice mail and a message from the "y" saying nobody will be there.I scooted to walgreens,tipped over twice,now time to make dinna :).

crazy scoot

I just got back from a crazy scoot to walgreens!I guess it could be called kinda unsuccessfull cause on the way there I tipped over twice!The sidewalks at my complex have alot of icey areas and clumps of ice and snow!Both times passer bys stopped and asked if they could help but,you know me,I do things myself!
I have yet to hear from anyone about tomorrow!My niehbor asked me what I was gonna do on christmas,I said "no plans,havnt heard from my kids"she said"Im having dinna at my sisters.Do you want me to bring you a plate?"I said "okay".Im sure my children want to see thier dad thou!

today in review

This is working my memory,so what did I do today?I woke up this morning,I really think thats an accomplishment!I had hics and we watched a funny christmas special.I reserched xfinity mobil on line plans and found out,with my account,they offer a free personal web site but,I didnt get deep into what its all about.Im tired now so Im callen it quits,good night :)!

settling myself

I think Ive got my netflix account all updated and approved so now I can stream any movie thats out on dvd to my laptop which is connected to my LARGE tv.:)I also recieved today the karioakie cds I orderd.Bands like stained and lifehouse,singers like pink and Cristeen Agulaira!Kerioakie nights are gonna even be more fun :)!

12.23.10 afternoon

At hics today we watched a comedy Christmas special but,I forget the name of it but,I remember that this ventriloquistcomadian was bacically the whole thing!We got the movie streamed from netflix!I was thinkin,I should do that cause my laptop is connected to my 52 inch flat paneltv!I got home forgot my log on info for netflix so I created a new account!I'mhaving trouble finding the log on page but,Ill get it!

todays happenings

Lets see,I woke up this morning :)!I had a home visit from cmD,I paid a few bills electronicly (on line with my puter).I fill my med box myself on Tuesdays now and cmD just cks it but,its always perfect :)!I napped this afternoon now I gutta make dinna :).

late afternoon

No rec tomorrow I only have cmD making a home visit at 9 am.Im thinking maybe of scooting to stop and shop in Holbrook!Its right where Holbrook music is,I took "the ride" there and thought I could scoot there.Sounds like a plan.

"y" 12.20.10

I had a great workout today!They are open Friday but,Ive got to remember to change my times to arrive at 11 am then return at 12.30.I got home just in time to get my ink jet cartrages from ups!


Ive been watching A special on tv bout cancer!Im a cancer survivor,prostate cancer!That is to men what breast cancer is to wemen!I lucky,my pcp always does blood tests for all kinds of things.My psa level came back real high he then sent me to a urologist who did an ultasound,found a growth on my prostrate,I had radiation seeds implated,now its gone!Its not gonna come back either cause its not welcome around me,so cancer dont you even try cause I beat you again!


That was a very successfull and educational scoot to walgreens!Successfull cause no tips,educational cause I found out they have some quick dinnas I like to nuke!They have a small selection of hot pockets and lean pockets :)!Im rediscovering my music!Now Im playing a cd from semisonic :)!


I changed my plans this morning.I like being here at MY home so much I cancelled my trips to and from church today!Next week I gutta be there!I'm still gonna scoot to walgreens thou!


I'm a little confused as to what I should do!Ive been asked for help but,not just from anyone,one of my kids!I realize I'm in no position to give help to anyone living on a fixed income but,this is one of my kids!I'm gonna figure out a way I can help!


That was kindof a stressfulshoppin trip!Stressful cause I didn't want to miss my return trip home!I had only about 30 mins to shop!I just checked if any meds were ready,got milk,thats about it!Something great happened thou,I rode home with the former executiveassistant from hics!She lives in ramblewood with her mother!I always liked her now shes a neighbor!


Today I go to stop and shop in Braintree!My pickup times are kinda stressfull thou!10.11 from here then 11.07 return trip!Thats less than 30 mins to shop!Im gonna try it thou.


It seems as thou alot has happend today or Im just havin a tbi moment!I think Grazell (my maid) was here and she brought her sister with her cause she has got to have surgery and wont be able to come in 2 wks which is the next time!I went to the "y"and had a great workout,the voluntiers Ive been workin with the past few wks,I guess this was thier last day!Too bad,they are great young adults I asked if they had a fb page,they do!She is gonna try to look me up :)!

great workout

I had a great workout but,I had trouble on the grip machine!I couldent get my right hand to work as well as it has the last few times,I had to lower the wieght for my right hand :( but, I WILL get it working again!

having fun

Ive been having a good time with my laptop going to and watching some old shows I liked,I think I can get movies too!Ive got to see if I can get "easy rider"!Next time Im gonna check.This would take away the need to join a vedio store!


Today is gonna be a fun day!We (hics) are having our Christmas party at ocb-old contry buffet in Brockton Mass! Great food and as much as you can force down!The best part thou is sharing holiday spirit with my peers and my great supports (friends)!
Im a little po ed at the people I got my cards from yesterday,they got them all wrong!Sat, I go to stop and shop,maybe I can fix the problem at stop and shop!My great problem solving SKILLS!

At hics

I finally got here!I tried my netbook,it couldnt figure out the wireless network!Then repeadly the puter here to bring up my blog,Im here :)!I did well shopping,my young adults are done :)!Thats bacically all I need to do!Now Im ready to gamble :)!


Ive got to remember a few things to get or look at today,time permitting!I need a fanny pack!The zippers keep on not workin!Find some sheet music for my guitar,hopefully find some creed.Look at a new phone.I wanted a droid my last upgrade.I checked out how much it would cost now through verizone,they said only $100. !Maybe an early christmas gift for me :)!I need paper towells but,that could end up being a scoot to walgreens.


Today Im meeting cmD at the south shore plaza/mall to get a start and maybe a finish on my christmas shopping!Then I go from the plaza to hics for casino night,so wish me luck to at least come out ahead!


I had an important task to do when I came HOME!I wasnt impressed with "whos mikie" the band that played last yr at our dance/concert!I have this man who drives for "the ride" who also plays in a band!They do alot of biker events so you know they must be great!I had to copy the web site url then paste it to an e-mail I sent to ada!


I guess this year is almost over!I havnt got my lisence back yet,that I need to do!Hics today,Ive got my rides all booked for the week even Wednesdays!I was able to e-mail cmD,and relearned what the plan was.

12.13 afternoon

I had a fantastic workout today and weve increased the wieght on the grip machine althou I had trouble with my right hand doing 12 reps,in time I will do it :)!I have a fb friend gonna watch the move "regarding henry"!What happens to Harrison Ford is very similar to what Im living with now and some of the things Ive had to endure,highly reccomend this move to everyone!


That was such a great pats game yesterday!I love this,I get up and immediatly put on my tunes!:)Ive got the "y" today,Ive got to try to remember how I should book my rides for Wednesday!I think Im gonna meet cmD at the south shore mall but,that creates lots of issues.Should I go from the ssm,p to hics for rec?I can wait till tomorrow and ask cmD or call or even e-mail!

late (for me)pm

This was a really great day!Pats winning,wash done,great dinna,and virtually watching the game with Annie.We would kinda trash talk back and forth.She is a bears fan,in your face Annie :)!

Day in review

I woke up really tired so I called and cancelled my trips for church.I did my wash,cooked dinna!Two cheese turkey burgers,watched the pats demollish the bears,Ive had a fantastic day :)!


My laundry as done for the week!It would be real easy if or when I get my right side working with my left!Im determined to at the very least to improve that action :)!

odds and ends

I was thinking about a tittle to this post.Ive just orderd some ink jet cartrages on line!Now I get my own snail mail so Im alot more comfortable ordering things that get sent snail mail :)!


Im tring to book my rides and Im a little confused as to how or where to book them.I think Im gonna meet cmD at the ssmall but,Im not too sure,score one for tbi!

adventures with tunafish

It really wasnt bad but,the mixing of the tuna and mayo was just a little challenging but,opening the can with my new electric can opener was a breeze!These are the things Ive learned to accept!My right and left hands dont work well together so I must find ways of getting the task done!It may not be done perfect but,Im getting it done :)!

another victory

I rememberd to get $20 cash back from stop and shop to put money on my laundry card cause after church thats what I need to do!It was a little challenging feed a twenty in the machine with my tremous but,I did it:)!


Ive been to stop and shop in Braintree,they said they had no meds ready for me but,I rememberd I needed backlofin,thats a victory,I also rememberd a quart of milk!Take that tbi! :)


Today Im going to stop and shop,Im out of backlofin,a med I take to try to controle my tremors!I dont need a whole lotta food but,I have been drinking milk as of late so lets see if I remember to get a quart of milk!

12.10.10 evening

I know Ive done things today but,I kinda forget what!I did go to the "y",thanks blog!I did a trash run tonight!Oh I know,I worked on my writting!See I have an awfull time tring to write!My tbi was to the left side of my brain,the left side controlls the right side of your body.Im right handed!Writting is a real issue for me but,Im workin on it and Im determined!Tomorrow I go to stop and shop in Braintree then who knows but,I can keep myself busy :)!

12.10 afternoon

I had a great workout and my grip is improving on my right side very fast,makes me so happy to see my hard work actually doing something :)!I get home and start up my tunes!Im really loving my life!


Time just seems to be flying by now,I want it to slow down so I can make my new life prolonged!Ive got the "y" today,work my muscles,then I dont know yet what Im gonna do,I do have to get in touch with dr. Katz about the driving eval,lata Ill call Braintree rehab,a plan )!


Hics was great today!We had current issues.peer tbi,then team building!In tb we did password,I was first up for my team and got it on the second clue!It went down to the wire thou but naturally my team won:)!I may have a tramatic brain injury but,Im sharp as a tack :)!


Well my bowling was not too good last night but,I had a great time!I got fbed yesterday by cmK saying "Boston called and said they were out of steak and cheese calzones!I got to order my food and the guy knew exactly what I wanted without me saying a word!Nice try cmK but,cant fool Jamie :)!They really do have the bestest steak a cheese calzones :)!Hics today,Ive really got to make sure I always have milk!Last night my throught was on fire,milk works to put the fire out!


Hics was great today!Everybody was talking bout last nights game!Then I had a doctors appt. with dr Kobell!I got my every 3 month bowtox shots.I am always the one that ,when other doctors want to start or learn about bowtox as a therapy to help with muscule tone,he uses!I guess thats just cauase I always try to be cooperative and have a high tolerance to pain!It takes a good two weeks before I can feel the work it does!


I had a great workout and again I did 60 lbs on the grip machine not only with my left but my right too 12 reps :)!I was waiting for my ride and figured I would check my pocket calendar!I found a doctors appt I forgot to book a ride for!Im thinking by the time I get home it will be too late to book it now!I got home,called "the ride" asked if it was too late to adjust my rides for tomorow?She said "what do you need?"I was able to book a ride from hics to drKobells office at Braintree hospital


Ive got the "y" today for my nautilis training.A friend posted an ad about shake wieght on fb.Im wondering if that will work on days I dont go to the "y",its cheap and looks easy!


Church was great!I said a silent prayer while I was waiting for the service to begin,I prayed "Jesus,I'm not the type of guy that can openly,in someones face spread the good news,so I do it quietly through my social networks and my blog by sharing all the great things you've done for me in my new life as well as my previous life.I think alot of people know we are close and they ask me to say a prayer for them!I just ask you to be with all my family and friends but,can you be espesially close to a facebook friend who really needs you right now!"
Im confident he heard my prayer

It's About the Cross - Christmas Music Video

today 12.?.10

I don't know the date yet,go figure,but I do know its Sunday:)!Today I'm gonna go to church :)!I have kinda a routine I do every morning!Besides the normal bodily function's I always check my ride times on-line cause there is no way Ill remember them from last night!I keep the program open too cause I just checked em and now I forget them!I blog every morning and have for years.Coffee of Corce,I just found spell check on my blog,maybe that will make it a little less irritating to read!Oh and check my fb page cause there is always something there from one of my friends to make me smile :)!


Tonight I made myself a swiss cheese turky burger!Now Ill clean up and watch the b's!Does it get any betta than this?I know it will but,this is pretty kewl!

Meat Loaf - I would do anything for love



Ive been to stop and shop asked if any meds were ready for me,they said no.I rememberd I was out of omeprosole so he checked his puter and saw I was right!Its things like this Im very proud of myself for!I remember without anything to remind me!I just rememberd all by myself,take that tbi :)!


Ive been putting alot of thought into how Im paying my bills.Ive got comcast and national grid withdrawing right from my checking.My supports think thats good but,what if its not there!Im gonna change at least comcast,I just feel a little uncomfortable with them going in MY account and taking whatever they want!My supports will say "what if you forget" I never forgot b4 so,give me somethin to do too!Im just very very uncomfortable with it,I used to have it with verizone.Then I got a notice they withdrew I think it was 2,ooo for a bill!They said alot of data charges but,I neva used my phone for that!They did make good on it but,after alot of complaining phone calls,then I had to wait for my money!National grid I cuess is okay but,I think Im gonna change comcast!


I knew the date b-4 but forgot,go figure :).Ill just check after I post this :)!See thats what this tbi does to me,you think you know something and it just dissapears!Thankfully Ive got the names of those pretty young ladies I gonna approch in my bld stored in my brain,Lisa and Tereasa!Now they are in my blog so NO excuses!Im not seeing them around now.I know Teresa lives in apt 39,maybe Ill just rap on her door!


Grazelle (my maid) was here this morning,I had my workout at the "y",they did an inspection of my apartment which I was not here for!Im increasing the amount of lbs I lift on all of the machines and Im already lifting alot of poundage :)!


Hics was great today,we went to the christmas tree shops!I just got some window lights but,cheap!I guess my work is doing good things in many of my readers lives!I had a chance to chat with one of you today!Thanks "L" your words where so forfilling and very nice,maybe this is what Jesus whats me to do!

rec 12.1.10

I had a great dinna at the barbeque place:)!I think it was called beef brisque,spellings probally wrong but,it was goooood:)!Tomorrow we are going to the christmas tree shop.I can use some decorations,they have a great selection of candles too and cheap!Maybe they will have other smelly sxit too :)!


CmD was here and again I did my meds perfectly!Next week Im gonna do them before he comes and he will just check them to see I did em right and Im confident I will :)!We looked over my funds too!Im doing well with my money cept I must stop being a nice guy with my funds!I live on a fixed income!I have to stop my lending!If I have internet problems again,Ill just fix it the same way,shut off my surge protector strips :)!

Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever (From "Motor City Mayhem")

internet issues

I fixed my puter problems to face an internet issue!My puter said to restart my modem and router but,I couldnt find an on off button on either!So I shut off the serge protactors switches.Now Im back in the saddle;)!

mind dump

A few things that have been on my mind that I want to dump,thats what I use my blog for anyway!I find myself using my walker more than I eva did when I lived in Scituate!I just thinkin maybe its slowing down my progression!I can walk without any assitance but,just get fatiged easy!I should push myself a little more.I posted a song by stained on facebook "its been a while" and alot of my tbi friends feel as I do about some of the lyrics!Im really getting into this comcast music channell music choise "classic rock"!They play all the great,I guess I should say,old tunes!
Oh ya,I think for dinna tonight Ill cook another turky burger,I georged one last night and it was pretty good :)!


No church today cause I got involved in fixing my desktop!Good news thou,its fixed:)!Simple issue,my surge protector strip wasnt workin,that explains why my laptop wouldnt connect to my wireless network,all on the same surge strip!It took me a while but,not bad problem solving :)!

11.27.10 pm

Maura called today!;)She is in the hospital,she only goes there to get away from the people in the place she is living right now,sad isnt it!I hope to have her down but,I gutta talk to Nedy(the lady in charge of the house).Maybe lots of overnights ;)!

11.26.10 pm

Im winding down now,I must get prepared for tomorrow,food shopping!I have to get just a quart of milk.I dont drink milk like I used to but,I just need it for makin stuff like mac and cheese!Other than that just need regular stuff but,I want to find a box of burgers,I know Ive got them there before,just where did I find them?Ive got to remember my centrum silver multi vimens,for men ova 50,jeesh!


I had a great workout this morning!I got to the grip machine and did my right hand at 20lbs then my left at 60lbs,I said to Steve (the voluntier I work with)let me try the 60 with my right,I did 12 controlled reps with my right!Thats a major feat for me!My tbi was to the left side of my brain,which contols my right side!Before I couldnt even hold the levers without letting go of them!My work is starting to pay off!Look out world here comes Jamie :)!


My first major holiday in MY new place :)!I do miss seeing the people Ive been able to see the past 2 yrs thou,all my x inlaws,really I do!Joan has passed,Im thankfull I was able to spend quality time with her the past 2 thanksgivings,it really was nice!I have yet to hear from my children but,Im sure they wont forget about thier dad!
Im working with my guitar,its getting my two hands working together!At the very least its great therapy :)!

Just did a test

I just did a test on recording video with my netbook!It worked :)!Now when I get my guitar,I can show you but,its a little challenging using a touch pad,Ill just hook up a mouse!Me and technology jeesh!


Im kinda excited bout guitar shopping:)!This store dosnt seem to responsible thou,call get voice mail,wired hrs,not to knowlegible staff,wife!I just hope they have close to what Im looking for!I need some picks,sheet music,maybe they will have creed :)!


I had alot to do when I got in today!I called "the ride" earlier and booked a ride to and from Holbrook music only to call and make sure they are open,they said they will be open 2hrs after I booked my arrival time!I booked to arrive at 2pm,they said he will be here at 4pm!I was able to change my times thou,feew!Hics was great today!We had one group we looked at this holiday,Thanksgiving!All of us had plenty to be thankfull for but,what are we giving.I thought about it and came up with all the advocating I do for brain injury!I had a fb friend send me a message,I think a friend got a head injury,just woke up from a coma.I was able to send her some helpfull links.She was very thankfull!
Tomorrow cmD is making a home visit then I think Ive got my rides strait to go to holbrook music to look at and if I like buy a guitar :)!

Tring to plan

Im tring to plan a trip to Holbrook music.I dont have hics Wednesday night so Im figuring Wednesday afternoon would be the time to go!First,have to make sure thay are open,I call,get voice mail jeesh!


I called Holbrook music,"the wife" answerd the the phone said she didnt know if they had any used guitars but,said they did have new ones in my price range!It must have the rod that goes down the whole neck for me to purchase it thou!I remember my last guitar,that was an issue cause the neck tends to worp,and the rod will straiten it!


Today Im have the "y" for nautillis training.Ive got to book a ride to holbrook music to see if they have a guitar used or new in my price range,I guess I should call first :)!


I forgot to say at at church this morning I said a prayer when all the members bring thier concerns to Jesus!I said "Jesus please be with all my family,help Kenny and Alyssa continue to excell in school,help Bri as she faces the challenges of adulthood and be with the people that live in my apt building as many are dissabled or low income"!

11.21.10 pm

I rememberd to book my rides differently cause of the holiday next week!No hics Wednesday night and of corce no hics next Thursday!Im progressing,makes me very happy all the work Im doing tring to improve my memory is paying off :)!

church 11.21.10

Church was fantastic this morning!We were studying a part of the bible that,its kinda foggy,Im having issues tring to recall evactly where and what we where reading but,it made me think that my coma was like a test or,I had it but,it just left me,so frustraiting but,I could really relate to todays teaching :)!


Today Ive got my rides booked to and from beechwood cc in Cohasset!If you live in the south shore of Mass I strongly recommend you just check this church out!Its non denominational so cathlic,prodestine,jewish are all welcome!

Brain injury awareness

By many of the comments on my posting of "a letter from your brain" many are starting to be aware what its like to have to live this way!Thank-you Jesus for seeing over the creation of this wonderfull technology!Tomorrow Im gonna go to church,after church we are all picking up leaves off the church property!


Today Ive already been to stop and shop allthough I forgot to get fantastic but,I did remember splenda!I got some surgar too in case I run out again!I found my flashlights too!I can scoot to walgeens at night now too!

calling it a night

I cant get used to the time change yet!Tomorrow Im going to stop and shop,check on meds,get some food.This weeks test is see if I remember to get splender,I have none!I had to borrow a cup of sugar from the lady next door today!


Im gonna go to the "y" today for a workout:)!Ive gutta figure out if I can get to 783 s.frankin st in Holbrook by my scooter.Franklin st is the road that my road is off of,I dont know YET which way the numbers go.Ill ask my driver today :)!I wanna get a guitar!I used to play yrs ago,never real good but,now Ive got plenty of time to get good!:)


I had a fantastic time at todays party :)!Great food and even greater componey!The staff was the greatest,making sure we all had everything we needed!I really had a wonderfull time at the party :)!

rec 11.17.10

We had a bingo night tonight and I won two games and got two scratch tickets those were $1.00 tickets then,the last game,we did a cover all!You had to get every number on your card for a $5.00 ticket!I won that too!I had a great time even if I didnt win :)!


Hics was great today!I was able to post "a letter from your brain" on facebook,I told cmD about it,he printed some copies,we had a group about parts we can relate to!I can relate to all of it and more!Special thanks to Annie my fb friend for sharing this :)!


I went to myspace and its all changed for the betta!Bright colors and larger fonts :)!It also said it could link to facebook!I tried to and it seems to not be sinkin.I guess it would be much like my blog is sinked to fb!Ill keep on tring but,its a real kewl design now :)!


Today Im going to the "y" for nauhtillis training :)!Ive got to put a call into dr. Katze.They,at Braintree hosp. tell me they need a scrip for the driving eval!


Shopping went pretty well except I couldnt find a few things!I dont want to think its cause of my tbi but,its said a tbi affects scaning abilities,I have to scan the eyelses when looking for something but,Im just gonna think they had no splenda!
The best thing about living on my own in My own place is now I dont get told "you cant"!


I got my hair cut and beard trimed on Wednesday and all the ladies at the front desk at the "y" said "you look awesome"!Very hansome,much younger",kinda makes a guy feel good!;) My workout today was great!Tomorrow Im going to stop and shop,Ive got a script I need filled and I need some food!


CmD did a home visit and I was perfect on my meds again!I have gutta get some scripts filled thou but,I did great on what I had :)!Im going bowling with hics (rec) tonight!That means a great steak and cheese calzone!


Wow,I came home today and had alot of problem solving to do!My home page wasnt working!I had to call yahoo and say wtf!They said they didnt recieve last months payment!Ive really got to stop being an easy father,I lend out funds from my checking I shouldnt!This morning before hics I did transfer funds from my savings to my checking but,I guess it was too late for yahoo!They said it should be back up by 24hrs.Ive got to learn how to say NO!Then my anti virus/spywere program said it needed an update!I click on things it tells me to,restart my puter and I find the program nowhere!They did send me mail,I was able to navigate throu the links in the email but,it ended up costing me about $40.!This antivirus,spywhare software is well worth it thou!


Good morning :)!Today I go to the "y" to do my nauhtelis training!I injoy working my muscules pushing them to or a little beyond thier limits :)!I feel the need to share something that has botherd me,and still dose for a long time.Its about how MMD (the girl who was on the back of my bike in MY accidnt!Her leaving me wasnt bad,its just how she did it thats bad!She used to try to drill in my head that I just want people to feel sorry for me.That hurt,I only want the respect I deserve for living with a tbi!


I think Ive done well today!Ive done a load of wash!I folded and hangerd them all too :)!Ive taken all my meds.I worked on my pics,I just need something that will be productive for me!Ive got a plan but,Ive got to get settled with the irs before I can get started.

the boys

The boys posing for a pic while camping


I cancelled all my trips for today,sorry Jesus but,I didnt have the energy to get myself up and ready for church,my loss :(!Ive gotta do a load of wash today,washing is easy,folding and putting away is a struggle for me but,I CAN do it :)!