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Tomorrow I've got hics,nothing in my pocket calendar so I'm thinking a regular day with groups!We have a new schedule but,I'm trying to remember it without bringing it!Its not hard,Ive got tools for living,current issues,and men's group tomorrow


Today was a good day.I got some things done!I needed to get in my head about my IRS payments!I went to the site,Ive just gutta remember to start typing official payments in my browser!I always use the same password on most everything but,I tried it here and didn't work!I clicked on forgot password and got it mailed to me!Its pretty cool,they list my payments so I'll always know if I paid them!I had some emails to compose,one to KJ about the glasses I had made to help my eyes work together.I was living in Scituate at the time I got them!I'm wondering if they go by a home address or phone number!Ive got a dr.Katze appt. coming up,I want him to recommend me for the driving evaluation,Ive gutta get my eyes working together!


Tomorrow I've got the YMCA to go to for my resistance training!I work hard on this too!Pool season is vast approaching and I've got to get this 53 yr old body BUFF :)  !

MOLLY HATCHET Beating the Odds 2007 Live


I got up very early and cancelled my trips to stop and shop in Holbrook just cause I didn't feel like going.I'm gonna scoot to walgreens lata!I did search yesterday for the glasses I had made to get my eyes to work together but couldn't find them but I did find my giant glass lined wind breaker Ive been missing since I moved!


Tomorrow Ive got trips booked to and from stop and shop in Holbrook!I've scooted home from there a few times so I'll be cancelling my return trip after I get home,I'll keep it till I get home,insurance!

4.28.12 6 pm

I did all my laundry today cause I'm gonna go to stop and shop in Holbrook tomorrow,kinda flip flopping tasks :)!The store in Holbrook is less overwhelming to me,maybe I can find some of that fresh produce Ive been looking for,like spinage!


I had trips booked to stop and shop in Holbrook for today but I didn't feel like getting ready for the ride.I booked a trip for tomorrow the same place but a later arrival time.Maybe later on Ill try scooting there!Ive scooted home from there before but never round trip!I should attemp it today :)!


Ive had a great workout today!I got to work with the young and very pretty Molly :)!I've not had a homemaker show up yet and its 4.20 pm now!I'm thinking another no-show!I'll give it another 30 mins then I'm gonna scoot to walgreens!

My great day :)

My day started in the normal way,COFFEE :)!Then I had hics,we went to the big apple circus in Boston!That was fun,lots of acrobats,illusionists,animals,the most beautiful horses!Then I had an appt. with dr.Koebell for my shots of bowtox,for my muscle tone!I did have a fall today but I didn't get hurt at all!Not even my pride cause my corn on my right little toe is what I believe caused my fall!Tomorrow I'm going to the ymca to workout,pool season is approaching,gutta get this 53 yr old body buff! :)


Today I'm going with hics to the big apple circus in Boston!Then Ive got an appt. with dr.Kobell,its time to get my shots of bowtox!Its not for wrinkles,its to help my muscle tone!

4.25.12 after 6pm

I had a great workout at the YMCA today I even got to work with Molly :):)!I came home and had to lie down for 30 mins then I trimmed my beard,I did pretty well too!I'm so happy I'm free now cause its things like that I couldn't do living in Scituate!Ive got a busy day tomorrow but,I'll explain that in another post :)!


Today has been a great day!Ive had hics but I really can't remember what went on in our groups all I can remember is my brain was always stimulated!Then this afternoon I scooted to D&D's for a large hot french vanilla coffee!Bri and I were texting each other,I filled my pill box,made dinna,kinda picked up around here,I pick up as I go so there is never much picking up to do :)!I'm not taking many meds so doing my pill box is simple!I'm only taking crestor-for my cholesterol,emeprosle,heartburn,my vitamins,and I just started taking a fish oil tablet!Ive got to take my vacuum apart soon cause the homemaker last week broke it,the brush in the power heads not working!I used to work on them before,I was always changing belts on my older ones b4 my tbi!

4.23.12 5pm

Ive had a great workout at the YMCA today!I'm even increasing the amount of weight I'm resisting!The leg press,I'm doing 220 lbs at least 12 reps!I got home and then took a wet scoot to walgreens!Now I'm gonna relax for a bit then make dinna :)!


Today I'm going to the YMCA for resistance training!When I get home I need to take a scoot to Walgreen's to get a couple things.How about those Bruins!


I've booked all my rides for the week today also done all my laundry,made dinna,asked Lisa to look at my foot cause its giving me so much pain!She cut all my toe nails for me :)!She is becoming a great friend :)!


I was gonna go to stop and shop in Holbrook but,I need some meds so I'm gonna scoot to walgreens instead!Bri is gonna visit today,it will be so great to see my princess!

4.20.12 after 6 pm

Ive been to the YMCA today and had a great workout!I just got in from a tenets meeting here @ ramblewood!I asked,whats up with the pool?The very pretty Kim said they are working on it now.I guess the meeting is good so we can have our issues addressed but for me its a social event :)!Now to make dinna.


I got email confirmation of my payment to the IRS!Now the trick is to remember how I did it!Ill save the email and I forwarded it to KJ!I think that's enough to be sure of this,this is important!

figured it out

I figured out how I could pay what I owe the IRS online:)I had to create an account,I hope I remember the password,I will :)!I bookmarked the website,I think its got something to do with payments!Ive got an email confirming I made an account though :)!


Ive been super busy today :)!KJ started the day with a great home visit,we really got alot done.Then I went to the YMCA and I think worked with Molly :)!Then hics tonight,karaoke night,Ive got vids too but,I gutta find the cable that connects my camera to my pc :(!Tomorrow I've got hics :)!


KJ has been here for our home visit!We filled out what I needed for the YMCA and she looked at my printer,its seems as if they sent me a wrong cartage!We ordered another and she took the wrong one along with the info to the place I got them from to get a credit,they are not cheap!I have yet to check Lissy's fb page to see what happened last night after the gunfire!

4.17.12 after 6pm

I've had a full day!I went to hics,we had great groups,current issues,independent living skills but,my brain was stimulated all day :)!Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit @ 8am ugg!I used to be at work for giant glass at 5 am so this is no problem!After the home visit I go to the YMCA for Nautilus training,then hics for karaoke night and Ill bring  my camera!


Ive got to search my brain to remember wtf happened today!Oh I had a great workout at the YMCA!I worked with the pretty young mother again!I just love hearing the stories of a young family just starting,brings back so many found memories :) !I saw KJ there too,I said I need help filling out a form for the YMCA.I know she will help me,its just so I don't forget to have it with me!Ive got my system of checks and double checks!Ive learned I must do this!Ive had a successful scoot to Walgreen's,I think something else to but I can't find it :(!

Accomplishments of today

I got all my rides booked for the week,laundry done but,it seemed to be more challenging than ever today :)!I guess I just should be happy its done :)!Ive done some FBing,I'm really impressed,after watching a piece about him on true or this Hollywood story,Brett Micheal's!He really had to overcome lots of issues!

Every Rose Has Its Thorn- Bret Michaels Slide

I only Knew of him from the reality show "rock of love" but,I just watched this Hollywood story and it was about him!Ive gained lots of respect for Brett!


 Time seems to be flying by so fast now that I'm truely very happy :)!Today Ive got to do my normal Sunday tasks,book my rides,laundry,and maybe scoot to D&D's!Maybe go sit at the patio,good chance of meeting people!Ive got to install my print cartrages too!I was able to locate fish oil tabletes at walgreens yesterday so I started taking that today along with my vitimen c,centrum silver.I'm getting older,the more help the better :)!I'm thinking of writing another note on FB too!About 10 yrs living with tramatic brain injury.

4.14.12 after 6 pm

Well Ive survived 10yrs and one day from my motorcycle accident!Ive had a success full scoot to Walgreen's today!Ive got trips to walmart tomorrow but,I'm thinking I really don't need to go!My print cartridges came in the snail mail today,I was able to meet all my needs by scooting to wallgreens today!I guess Ill wait to see my times but my foot is bothering me so I should stay off it as much as I can!I've just got laundry and to book my rides tomorrow so I should be able to rest it :)!


Today makes ten yrs Ive been living with tramatic brain injury!I don't know how I feel about that!I do realize because of my work ethic Ive been able to progress but,I want MORE :) !


Happy Friday 13th!I'm not much of a superstitious guy but there are not many Friday the 13ths!Today I'm going to the YMCA for my workout then who knows what,maybe call Lisa see if she wants to walk to walgreens.Ill end up scooting there anyway :)


Its almost 4/14,ten years of living with traumatic brain injury!I am proud of how far Ive come but I'm no way satisfied!I want to drive again!We did something a little different today @ hics.We had two groups,AS ran the 1st about clutter in your home and to have it organized!I'm good with that,when I first moved in DM helped me to make this place super organized!Ive got an in box for my mail,a file draw holder for impotent papers.I'm thinking of scanning most of them so I have a digital file of everything,even less clutter :)!I came home and paid most of my bills!I was able to order some ink jet cartridges,they are too expensive!I am really having fun running my life as challenging as it can be but the main thing is I CAN do it and do it well:)!


Lisa called asked if I'd go for a walk,Lisa walk,Jamie scoot!I said sure,I got my errands done at the hardware store,tennis balls and electrical tape.We were strolling down rt.37,Franklin st and Lisa said that cars were beeping and people were saying hi Jamie!With my hearing issues I never got to see who they were.Lisa said one was a blond :)!That's a good thing thou,I'm interested in Lisa and this makes me look popular :)!

change of plans

I'm not gonna go bowling now cause my foot got very uncomfortable as the day went on :(!I should take this opportunity to scoot to the hardware store and get some electrical tape and tennis balls for my walker!


No home visit from KJ today she was over on Monday!I am expecting Jan though :)!She said about 11 or 12 but,she is a pretty lady,I expect the ladies to be fashionably late!My 53 yrs of life experience :)!Then I'm going bowling and I'm meeting hics @ Boston bowl :)!


Hics was great today but if I try to remember what happened,I draw a blank!I do know we had regular groups aside from that Ozzi Guion just keeps on popping in my head!I guess we discussed his latest statements in current issues!I remember him as a great shortstop but,Ive lost all respect for him as a person!
   I'm not gonna go to the ymca tomorrow cause Jan is gonna come over @ 11-12!Then lata I'm gonna go directly to boston bowl to meet hics for a night of bowlng and dinna!The deadwood cafe has the bestest steak and cheese calzones,I'm  ready :)!


I had a change of plans.My foot is just causing me too much pain to workout today :(!I must scoot to the office today and get my rent payment all fixed!


Happy Easter,this marks the day that Jesus rose up from the ashes and granted everlasting life for those of us that have accepted him as our savior!Jan called this morning,shes gonna come up on Wednesday at about noon :)!


I was gonna go to stop and shop in Holbrook  today but I didn't feel like getting myself ready for my ride this morning.I'm thinking about doing peapod or trying food mart,Ive never done food mart before,they don't have a minimum purchase!I should wait untill my check comes though!

homemaker service

I got a voice mail from arcadia (co. providing homemaker service) that said the person supposed to come,can't today!I'm very dissatisfied with this!I'm wondering if all the agencies are as bad as this one,very frustrating!

4.6.12 afternoon

I had a great workout today,I worked with steve but I saw Molly :)!I also ran into KJ too,it was great to see with my own eyes,she is fine.Everyone I work with says I'm pushing alot of lbs on every machine!I can't seem to remember all the machines but on the leg press I think I do 12 reps of 260 lbs!I was told my homemaker would be here today!Its almost 5 pm now and nobody has shown!


Tomorrow Ive got trips booked to and from the ymca!I think Molly said to me on  Wednesday she would be working with me on Friday :)!Ive got a home visit from KJ on Monday!AS had to email me about it so I don't forget!Its not so much forgetting about it,its just me knowing its real!I tend to memorize something then wonder if its real!This way I know its gonna happen.We have to work on getting me registered on the IRS website!


I had a great day @ hics!We watched a documentary on adaptive technology for people with disabilities!I'm trying to get in touch with LB from spaulding rehab about being involved in a paid study about adaptive technology,Ive emailed and left a voice mail!Ive gutta start earning something cause I'm gonna start paying the IRS almost $400. a month!


Ive had a great workout so-far today except I think my sneakers irritate my corn on my right foot too much!My foot was hurting too much to go to hics tonight!Plus I've gutta rethink how I book my rides on Wednesdays!My return trip from the YMCA and my trip to hics were only 20 mins apart!Maybe I should go from the ymca to hics or just make my arrival time just a little bit later!Ill put some thought into this matter :)!

4.2.12 after 6pm

Ive had a great workout at the YMCA today!I worked with Steve to start then Molly took over!Steve is great but Molly is just as great and she is eye candy :)!Ive had dinna and nuked up the last of my chicken tenders,gutta get some more!I think I can get them at walgreens!I've got hics tomorrow,and I'm thinking its time for a haircut,when I have to wear a hat to workout so my hair stays out of my face,its time!


April now time seems to be flying by so fast now that I'm happy in almost every way!I've already booked my rides for the week,I even remembered that Molly said on Wednesday to come in @ 12 instead of 1 :)!Ive still gutta do laundry and maybe scoot somewhere,dd's or walgreens :)!