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KJ has made a home visit and again my meds were perfect in my pill box :) !I spoke about changing my cell phone carrier to assurance wireless but after reading the application more closely,I make too much $ :(,we will try anyway!My puter was doing an error ck so we couldn't do my puter stuff!I've made a list of songs for karaoke at hics but KJ says they are having issues with email and I'm having printer issues but I was able to print the file :)!

10.30.12 8.20 pm

Today was kinda a screwed up day!I went in to hics only to find out it was cancelled!Then my day got much better!I scooted to walgreens but Lori wasn't working :(.I'll see her soon though with the amount of times I go there.I started my list of songs for karaoke,it goes from arrow smith to creed to live!Many others mixed in too I've just got to remember what I named the file.I'm sure I chose something that will stick right out at me :) !Tomorrow KJ is gonna make a home visit then I go to the YMCA!No rec club tomorrow night there must be 5 Wednesdays this month!

10.30.12 almost 11am

What a turn of events!Hics was cancelled for today and that's why my rides were cancelled!I guess KJ had called my cell and left a message saying so,I was getting alerts from my cell but I thought the alerts were texts from Lisa or one of my young adults.I guess I've gutta familiarize myself with my cell,geesh!

10.29.12 4.20 pm

I just looked at "the ride's" web site and it said my trips 4 tomorrow were cancelled!I never cancelled them!I asked if she can put them back on!She was able to do it!I guess that means everyday I must ck my trip 4 the next day b4 2 pm!I'm not real happy with all I've got to do to try and get things right with "the ride"!

10.28.12 late

I booked all my rides today made some dinna,scooted to walgreens first thing this morning and got some water!Smart water is what its called I just picked it up cause it was the cheapest :)!

10.28.12 after 2pm

I've had a successful scoot to walgreens was able to get an 8-pack of spring water!I don't drink water nearly as much as I should but this was the smallest quantity I could get unless I got single bottles,not cost effective!

10.28.12 almost 10 am

The weather report says we are gonna get hurricane Sandy tomorrow!I'm thinking maybe not a good day to go out at all so I'm thinking I probably shouldn't go to the YMCA,I'm gonna do some thinking bout this!


I've been thinking as I was getting over this little bout of sickness about my many friends stricken with fybromialga!To have to deal with the sickness constantly!You all have my greatest respect,Barbs,Kat,Tree,and now Jan!May Jesus be with you all!

10.28.12 2.10 am

I've been sick but after throwing up a few times and getting rest I feel a little beta but no where near %100 so I was gonna go to stop and shop tomorrow but I think I'm gonna rest!I've gutta try and get through booking my rides and laundry.I do need to scoot to walgreens and get some water!Maybe that is why I got sick,I don't drink nearly as much water as I should!

Got it working :)

I got my DVD rw drive in my desktop working :)!I guess my persistence and not give up attitude pays off :) !I checked my device manager made sure it said to read all kinds of cds,ran all my resource cds!I have to get it to open by going to my computer and clicking on the D drive but,it reads and writes :)!

10.26.12 10.15 pm

I've been working on my desktop,the dvd rom drive won't work,won't even open let alone read a cd!I've taken the cover off and looked to see if anything was disconnected,nothing looked wrong.I got all my resource cds that came with the computer and used the dvd drive I got for my net book to read and install the software.Still no luck :( !I did find the installation cd for my old monitor though.I'll find out lata if that will work now but I'm beat now!

10.25.12 after 1 pm

I overslept this morning and didn't have  enough time to get ready to go to hics!Lisa called early this morning,probably trying to get me b4 I left 4 hics,to ask me to go 4 a walk :)!I do need some things @ walgreens but I've got to be very careful cause I'm running low on funds!Its weird how when I get out of my routine,I loose track of the day and what I'm supposed to be doing!This is Thursday and now I've got nothing I have to do except keep track of my cking acct and my rides!

10.24.12 11.05 am

KJ has made a home visit and I took the cover off my computer and we couldn't see anything disconnected!I remembered how to open a cd rom drive manually but I have yet to ck and see if my dvd rom drive reads cds.I set up my new monitor all by myself,its bigger horizontally but smaller vertically.I've just got to get used to it.I took a pic and mailed it to myself but haven't received it yet,when I do I'll post it :).

10.23.12 4.30 pm

Ive had a great day so far!Ive had hics,we had a new group,recreational pursuits!Things to do in our spare time!One of the things mentionend was blogging!I'm an expert on that subject :) !Blogging not only makes me think of all that has happened to me on a given day,Ive always got my blog to look back on when I forget what happened,which happens many,many times :)!We also had current issues and healthy living!In h l we discussed the benefits of strength training!I do that at the YMCA 2 - 3 times a wk :)!I know its helping to keep my cancer away but,I don't know how it helps so I had to ask!KJ is gonna look into that :)I just have my issues with "the ride" now preventing me from going on Wednesdays!I got home to my land line ringing,Lisa wanting to go for a walk!Ive just got too much to do now!My dvd rom is not opening on my desktop!I've got to remove the cover and check it out,I've gutta hook up my new monitor,clean up around here


Lisa called this morning and she is gonna keep her desktop so she wants her monitor back :( !I guess that's okay cause I do have my new monitor its just smaller!The smart thing to do would be to wait till KJ comes over to connect it up!I've got the YMCA today!I can't go Wednesday cause I want to go to rec at hics Wednesday night and "the ride" won't let me book my trips the way that works for me :( !The good thing is that Lisa says she is gonna get an ISP:)!Ive also gutta talk with Sheroyle bout coming in earlier on Wednesdays!


I've had a successful  scoot to walgreens,booked all my rides.I've gutta find another way to get my rides to work on Wednesdays!Last wk the person who answer the phone said I can't do it the way I found worked!Now I'm having trouble doing it that way,so I'm gonna have to choose which one to do on Wednesday,sux!It seems my list of complaints with "the ride" is growing!


Today I've had a successful scoot to walgreens,got a knock on my door,three little girls selling cookies.I asked what is this for?They said they were tyring to raise money so they could have a decent Halloween,our parents don't have a lot so this is the only way we can do it!So I gave them $5.00,sad :( !I'm just lucky my kids never had to experience times like they are,I was,if nothing else,a great provider!I'm watching the palladia network basically a concert channel,very entertaining :)!

10.20.12 11.30 am

I did have trips to stop and shop in Holbrook but I only need a few things walgreens dosn't have!I booked another for tomorrow just in case,I'm thinking today may be the day to try scooting to and from stop and shop :)!

10.19.12 6.50 pm

I've been to Walgreens,the office for a tenets meeting,my homemaker has been here!The people that go to these meetings are so nice!I scoot to the office then park my scooter outside and walk in the office!Tonight this guy walked with me in case I needed to grab on to something!I didn't need to (of coarse)but having others looking out for you is very comforting!Lisa made me up a list of concerns but I forgot it!


I was gonna go to the YMCA today until I got my pick up times from "the ride",they were all screwed up!I always book my rides on line but with the new confusing,hard to understand web site,they say I didn't do it right!I've got to make sure this doesn't happen again so from now on I'm gonna have to call my rides in on the land line!


Wow I've got to say this day has been filled with ups and downs!My new monitor still hasn't come!I scooted to Walgreens with Lisa so I asked her if I could use her monitor!She brought hers upstairs to me,I connected all the wires and nothing!I was thinking something inside may be wrong so I took the cover off my puter,looked around,couldn't see anything wrong so I inspected the monitor real closely and found the power cord unplugged!Now I'm back on my desktop with no important decisions that have to be made,get a new desktop or pay to have mine fixed!I'm still supposed to get that monitor delivered!

angrey with "the ride"

I' furious with "the ride"!I had to find a way to go to the YMCA then hics at night.They were always having my return trip from the YMCA and my trip to hics too close together!I figured out a way to prevent that from happening!With the web site so difficult to not only navigate but understand I've had to call them to check my pick up times!Today I spoke with this girl who said "you can't do this"!Well evidently they cancelled my trips to hics tomorrow night without even a phone call to me!I'm angry!

10.15.12 5.45 pm

I spent most of the afternoon at Lisa's apartment:)!She got a desktop computer from her mom's house,it wasn't closing programs so she asked for my help :) !I used my computer common sense and removed unnecessary programs,did a disk clean up,error check,rebooted and now its working great!Now she's gonna sell it go another tenet :(.


A lot has happend already today and my brain can't handle a lot of information like it used to!I did have a doctors appointment but I was supposed to get a ride from the new case manager at hics but something came up and she couldn't make it.I had to call "the ride" cause the web site is just too difficult to understand,I think I've got all my trips right now but,I don't have a way to check and make sure anymore so I've just got to have faith they are right.Then they give me a hard time about how I book my rides for Wednesdays!I've got to book them the way I do cause if I don't they have a pick up time to go to hics that dosn't work!There is more too I'm just having trouble getting or finding it in my brain :( !

10.14 9.20 pm

I've got to remember when I call Allen to do some more complaining about the web site to ask him if he has an email address!Then I could tell him the problems as they are happening!I tend to forget things once in a while:)!Its amazing I remember the guys name :).


I got all my laundry done but I've been fighting with "the ride's web site most of the afternoon!You must use pull down menu's,you click on  pull down tab, and if you don't click on an option quickly,the menu goes away,frustrating!Gutta be positive though,my spell check is working again :) !

I'm a grandfather!

I find myself overcome with emotion right now cause I lived to become a grandfather :)!I've survived a broken 2nd cervical vertebrae,many concussions,amnesia,traumatic brain injury,3.5 month coma!Now one of the greatest joys life has to offer has come my way!Its very hard to explain all the thoughts going through my mind right now!I'M A GRANDFATHER :) !

10.11.12 almost 1 pm

I didn't go to hics today,I've got so much to do!I've already got one task done,order a new monitor online from best buy!We tried to get (KJ and I)the one I have now to work without any success so I went online to walmart then to best buy and was able to find a 21" flat panel monitor for $99.,free shipping!I've also gutta scoot to Walgreens,I need some refills on my meds and some other small things.I've got to pay bills too!

10.10.12 bout 10 pm

Well it looks as if he is not leaving the comfort of Bri's tummy   today but just imagine having a birth date of 10.11.12 !It looks like that's when my grandson wants to make a grand entrance :) !

1o.10.12 9.20am

KJ has been over and she too looked for that installation cd for my desktop monitor with no success :( but,I'm not giving up!I've got the YMCA and hics tonight,game night.I'm kinda concerned about Bri.I'm just being a father.

10.9.12 4.45 pm

 I just got a text from Bri,she is gonna be induced tomorrow!I'm gonna be a grandfather by Thursday:)!Oh please Jesus be with Bri throughout the whole delivery!Guide her,give me a heathy strong grandson!

10.7.12 almost 5 pm

I was gonna scoot to Walgreen's but its raining hard now!I'll see if I can go tomorrow!I've got an appointment with my podiatrist but its not till 4 pm!I should be able to scoot there and back b4 my pick up time to go to his office but,you never know with "the ride"!


I kinda slept in this morning!I feel great after getting late zz's :)!I don't need to do laundry today cause I had my homemaker do it on Friday.I do need to book my rides for the week,trim my beard,research dell desktop computers!KJ thinks my monitor is not working and its not but I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet!I seem to remember an installation cd for my present monitor,if I can find it I'll just throw it in and see what happens!Its time for a new desktop though,they come with a free flat top monitor from dell!

10.6.12 8.30 pm

I've had a successful scoot to Walgreens today and I was able to find peanut butter M & M 'S :).Lisa came by,she needed to see a property on-line,we found it!Now I gutta cook dinna,looks like a chicken tender night :)!

10.5.12 after 9pm

I've got trips scheduled for tomorrow to stop and shop in Holbrook but I've only got about $50. in my account!I'm supposed to get my check deposited in my account on Tuesday but lately its been on Wednesday.I'm thinking I should cancel my trips to s & s and just take a scoot to Walgreen's and pick up only my needs!Next Saturday I'll go to s & s with no worries :)!


I couldn't go to the YMCA today cause I had to wait for a technician from lifeline to come!He came @ 8.30 this morning,I could have gone but too late now!My lifeline is working great now though :)!I can't go Monday also cause of an appointment with my podiatrist.My homemaker,Michealla is coming over @ 4 pm.I've gutta have her wash my bed sheets and I'll ask if she could do all my laundry cause I've got just enough to wash and dry one load!When I get my check I'll add more value to it.My check is due on the 2nd Tuesday of the month so I should be able to add value next week :!

10.3.12 bout noon

KJ has been over and she too looked at my connections btw my puter and monitor and found nothing wrong so that means the monitor just stopped working  :( !I cancelled hics tonight,it was out to dinna and planning,really shouldn't spend the money!I do need a few things @ Walgreens so I'll do that this afternoon!


Ive been kinda electronically challenged tonight!My monitor for my desktop doesn't want to work for me,I can't seem to get my charger plugged into my phone,I wasn't connecting  to the net but I finally did!I've had a tbi night!