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12.11.17 around 10.30am

Today is laundry day ugg! I've just gutta set my mind straight and think of all who didn't think this survivor could be successful leading an independent life, makes me wanna say in your face :)! Laundry was one of the things my abuser had no faith I could make it as far as I've come. Maybe that's why he's so jealous of my abilities. He dosen't pocess the ability to never give up!
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12.10.17 around 9 pm

I had issues finding the link to post a blog!I finaly did but I got here in a round about way! The Pats are on Monday night football! I scooted to the store today and not much of anything else! I did make some dinna but I forget what it was. Oh it just popped in my head, I had a couple of chicken and cheese wraps from Wg's!They're small but very tasty ;)!Tomorrow is laundry day ugg! This is always a struggle for me but this surivor CAN do it all by myself :)!

12.10.17 10-11am

Happy Sunday! Everyday is a happy day for me cause I chose to be a happy guy :)! It sux living with a brain injury but you can't dwell on how much it sux you have to take joy and be proud of what you've been able to accomplish against all odds! Today is my day off but there is no day off for me cause even simple tasks are big projects for me! Today I'm thinking of taking a scoot to D&D's then watch the Pats on my 52inch flat panel tv. Have a happy Sunday.

12.9.17 after 6.40pm

I got homemaker service today:)! Carmen was here,she did my dishes,mopped my vinal floors, wipped my kitchen counters, made my bed with clean sheets,vacuumed all my carpets! I booked all my trips for next week too! Tuesday my check is due then clears by Wednesday. That is good cause my ride account is getting low! I usualy add $100 when I get my check,sometimes  little less but it all depends on what I've got for a balance left! 

12.9.17 after midnight

I'm still up cause I found a way I can rent movies on my computer!In rememberence of Kirk Douglas I rented the 1st movie I saw him in!"In Harms Way"!This is one of my all time favorites!A 1960's movie with John Wayne and Patrica Neal! Classic navel battle! That's pretty kewl just to type in what movie I wanna watch, then get options rent or buy,then for a few bucks rent any flick I wanna see :)!

12.8.17 around 8pm

My homemaker is gonna come tomorrow at 12.30pm! I've gutta remember to ask where my other set of sheets are at! She changed my sheets the last time she was ova and my sheets wen't in the laundry and I can't find them anywhere. 

12.8.17 around 5pm

I'mI guess I've been lax on blogging! So lets see if I can find in my brain whats been going on with me. Wednesday KJ made a home visit then I went to Tennisee's real barbaque in Braintre Ma with rec,hics for dinna and planing for January of 2018,wow! My impression of Tbq was not scooter friendly! The food was outstanding but I had my issues tring to manover my scooter around  in there! Thursday I was gonna meet hics at the south shore mall but I woke up that day so confused I wasn't doing well at all! I had one of those days .I was like scatter minded, I'd forget what I was doing,gonna do,why,all these things! That doesn't happen often but when it does I've gutta do a shutdown, then reboot my brain! I heard were in for some snow!Wg's had called and said a med was ready so I needed to scoot there today! There were 3 meds ready! Those and one more is all I'm taking now! I was gonna get homemaker service today but they called to say she got a flat and…