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2.17.18 after 5.30pm

I was watching the USA vs Russia olympic hockey game and now I feel like watching the movie Miracle! We got smoked 4-0! Peapod has yet to get here :(!   
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2.16.18 around 6.45pm

I paid all my bills today including the bills I've had issues paying in the past! I paid myself 1st for sure! I do well on ssdi cause they go by the amount you made your last full year of working! My last year was 2001! I made close to $150.000 that year so I'm able to live quite comfortably :)!Its still low income though! I also did a peopod order thats coming tomorrow btw 3.30-9 pm! Now I gutta see what I've got to nuke for dinna :)!

2.15.18 around 8pm

Today I met hics at the south shore mall(plaza)! I wanted to get some fudge but I stopped at Godiva candy and got a few candies! I didn't get enough though, it was gone b4 I got home! I went from there to Braintree rehab to get my Botox shots. Then I had my driver drop me at the store, it was dark out by this time! I tipped over on my scooter :(! I was able to right my scooter and continue on my way but someone called the emergency and I had two fire trucks come to see if I was okay and needed any help!  I've gutta be much more careful entering the ramps getting on these sidewalks!

2.14.18 nearing 2pm

No KJ today she's out,feel beta KJ! No rec tonight too! The laundry needs to be done but I'm gonna look and see if it can wait till Monday. My check cleared so I've got $, I gutta pay bills still. I paid myself though,that's the 1st bill every month :)!