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10.31.15 around 9pm

I took a ride to Wg's and naturally forgot a few things go figure! My mind is just fixated on investing my funds! I got home and went back to and emailed them a few questions I've got! Tomorrow I think I'll land line them to find out exactly where they are in Holbrook! Tomorrow's Sunday so I'm gonna have to WAIT to do more on this :(! I tried my new speaker with my tablet and couldn't get it to work! I'll keep on trying, there's no quit in this survivor! I'm using it now with it hard wired to my IPhone on a classic rock radio station! It's truly amazing the sound quality from this little guy :)!  

10.31.15 after 3pm

I finally got myself organized and somewhat ready to start my day! It's just that living with a traumatic brain injury I get distracted very easily! I just don't have or trouble staying focused on the things I must get done! I need to ride to Wg's to pick up some quick and easy dinnas and some munches, junk food! I've got no kind of chips here! That's gonna change :)! 

10.31.15 around 11am

I've been doing some research on savings banks! There in one in Holbrook, Colonial federal savings bank! They seem to have the BEST rates on Cd's, money markets, and savings! This would be a bank I could hop on my bike and take a ride to :)! They have on line banking too! I guess this is kind of very important so I think before I do anything I'm gonna discuss it with KJ! Maybe I'll end up going there and speaking with an investment councilor! Then I could be sure about transfer of funds:)! I think it must be near the old S&S IN Holbrook! If it is that would be an easy ride cause I used to scoot from S&S in Holbrook! I'm gonna have to WAIT till next week anyway this being Saturday! Today I'm gonna take a ride to Wg's to do my weekly shopping, check for meds, and have fun ridding :)!  

10.31.15 around 10am

I couldn't bounce right up this morning I just stayed in my queen size memory foam bed relaxing for a while! It's kind of weird I used to dream of a life like this, no where I have to be, basically very little responsibilities, no one to answer to, I'm really free to do whatever! The thing I feel like doing now I can't though! I feel like getting on my Harley and taking a Saturday morning ride! Go out to breakfast and leisurely drink coffee and order eggs benedict! I gutta think about going to the registry and taking the test for my motorcycle permit! Then get my bike going then you'll see one extremely happy tbi survivor :)!    

10.30.15 around 10.45am

My anxiety about my cat scan on Tuesday is over :)! I got a call from the cat scan place confirming the appointment! I asked the address and made a notepad of it, saved it as something that would spark my memory! It really doesn't matter though cause I then booked my trips for this! This survivor knows the things he must do to continue to lead a very successful independent life :)! 

10.30.15 around 9am

I'm waiting to hear back from at least one of two people as to where my cat scan is on Tuesday! My brain wants to say it's performance dr. in Weymouth but I'm just not sure! Things such as this tend to get me really anxious! I've just gutta realize I'm doing everything I can to find it! If my first try (mailing KJ and my contact at ssu) doesn't work, I'm gonna have to use  a land line and phone ssu! This survivor has learned the hard way over the years to have a back up plan then a back up plan to back up the back up plan! It's not till Tuesday so I've got till Monday noon to be able to book trips for Tuesday! I have yet to decide what I'm gonna do today! I'm thinking of taking myself out to lunch at D&D's right down the street then go to Wg's and get the things I forgot to yesterday! I'm not gonna let my anxiety take control though! I've got plenty of time to do what's right and makes me happy and feeling good about …

10.29.15 after 10.30pm

I've gutta have another cat scan on Nov. 3rd, my Bday! I was looking through my destinations with "the ride" and I thought it was entitled imaging! I found nothing with that title so I sent mail to KJ to see if she knew, then to my contact at ss urology! If I don't hear back by 3pm tomorrow I'm gonna have to use a land line! Checks and double checks this survivor wants to get everything right! Oh and today my external speaker got delivered :)! It's charging now. This will not only work with my I phone but my tablet and all my notebooks too  :)!

10.29.15 around 7.30pm

I got up at 5am to empty my bladder and couldn't! Then at 7am, same deal! I started feeling cramps throughout my whole urinary track! I couldn't do hics feeling this way! Then around noon I tried it again. I think I passed a stone! Talk about intense   pain I felt it! After going through that my track feels much better but what an ordeal this was! Then I rode to Wg's to get a med I ran out of! This is the med I'm not supposed to miss a dose of! Went to the office and put value on my laundry card! I still gutta make some dinna!


KJ made a home visit, my meds were perfect as always, she took me to Citizens bank too! That's okay cause I know what I want to do with it! She said the rates are not good there now and suggested another bank! I'm having issues remembering the bank now! I think it was city something not city bank though! Thankfully KJ was there, she will know! I can research all banks online too! I just deposited in my savings for now! Now I'm gonna go to hics for a party :)! 

10.27.15 around 9pm

Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit and she's gonna take me to citizens bank! I'll be able to invest my money there and be able to track all of it with my online account with Citizens bank :)! Just how I dreamed when my trust was set up :)! Then tomorrow night I'm going to hics for a Halloween party :)!

10.27.15 around 7pm

I love shopping on line! I just bought a portable wireless speaker for my I phone! This will be great when I'm outside and a few of us are just sitting around, like at cookouts or waiting for something like "the ride"! I buy from Dell cause I've got a charge there! I always pay the Dell bill in full after my check gets deposited! The great thing for this survivor doing it online is I can see all the information so I can be sure it's right! This time I forgot to type apt #30! I was able to catch it by seeing it! This survivor has gutta be able to use all of his senses to be able to get things right :)! 

10.15.15 after 10.20pm

I didn't do laundry today cause I've got all day tomorrow to do it! I'm gonna take the whole month of November off from the YMCA cause I've still got some kidney stones that the doctor can't do a laser surgery he's gonna have to cut me open :(! Because of this I've got many appointments so I decided to take Tuesdays off from hics and try to get all of my appointments on Tuesdays!

10.23.15 around 2.15pm

I didn't get up till after noon today! I guess my body was telling me "rest"! I'm not doing the YMCA for a while now! I've gutta get through all my medical issues first then have the doctor give me the okay to go again :(! I've got more kidney stones.

10.22.15 after 10.15pm

I've been to Braintree rehab today for my pump refill and I'm still amazed by how Shannon does this so easily and painless! On the trip home there was a Nirvana song on the radio! Got me kind of nostalgic! I did lots of goggling and posting on fb about Kurt Cobain! That was the mid 90's which was a great and fun time of my life! I was making a GREAT    income and was having the time of my life :)!


Today I'm going to Braintree rehab to see Shannon for a refill on my pump! I'm still amazed at how this pretty young lady can stick a needle in my abdomen and find the tiny hole where the med goes in! 

10.21.15 around 3.30pm

KJ made a home visit this morning and I had lots to accomplish! I had a vm with the date and time for another cat scan of my kidney! Not being able to write well I leave vms like this on my machine so KJ can hear it then write it in my pocket calendar! I had to then call dr.Tracy's office to schedule an appointment with him after I have that done! The great thing is, I've done this so much, Maryann at south shore urology knows to email me the date and time! Then I can forward that email to KJ and she will write it in my pocket calendar! This survivor is fully aware of all the tools and supports available to him and how to use them on the way to leading a very successful independent life ! :)  

10.20.15 after 2.10pm

I've been to Dr.Tracy's office, explained all the issues after the last surgery and he concluded it was all from the stint he put in to prevent another blockage from occurring! He suggested it be removed and he could do it now! My angsioty really goes off the wall now! I've got a 12.20pm pick up time I've gutta be ready for, and how he dose it is frightful! He takes a thin metal tube (wire like) inserts it through my penis and grabs the stint, no Anastasia! I survived that procedure just by barely! There are still stones in there, I've gutta have another cat scan to find them then more surgery!

10.19.15 around 8pm

Michaela was over and washed my bed sheets and all my other laundry too :)! I've still gutta put it all away though! It shouldn't be too too bad though, she leaves them nicely folded on my freshly  made bed! I can't do hics Tuesday or Thursday cause of doctor visits that are both mid day visits! Tomorrow I'm going to the doc who performed the last surgery and Thursday I go to see Shannon to get my pump filled! I've gutta remember to ask for a note saying it's okay for me to do my workouts at the YMCA! Now to do a late dinna! 

10.19.15 after 10.20am

I called my pcp's office about needing a script. I had to deal with the automated phone system but I think I got the right ext. Doesn't anyone answer the phone anymore? I had to leave a vm explaining my needs! The thing with this now is I'm not sure if my med will be ready! I guess now the thing to do is call Wg's! Nothing is ever easy for this survivor! Wg's just called and said my script has been delayed, they will call the doctor! They didn't say what the script was for though! I guess a land line to Wg's is necessary!

10.19.15 around 9.30

I went to Wg's yesterday to get a med I was out of. They said they had to call the doctor cause I guess the script had expired! I've got no call from Wg's saying a script was ready for me! This is for omeprazole which helps to keep my trout from catching on fire! I'm thinking I should call the doctor's office before I take a ride to Wg's! My trout has been on fire at night without this med! This survivor takes care of all his own issues :)! This is one of those screwy holidays though, I'm hopping someone is in the office today!


Great Patriots game last night! They're such an exciting team to watch! This is so great cause I went through the lean years of the 1960's and 70's! From Jim Nance to Jim Plunket to Steve Grogan to Drew Bleadsoe and now I've got the pleasure of watching the greatest QB of all time in Tom Brady!

10.18.15 around 6.45pm

I didn't do laundry today cause I'm pretty sure this is the week my homemaker (Michaela) dose me bed sheets! It costs me $4 to wash and dry a load so I'll have Michaela do it all tomorrow! I've still gutta get to the office here to put value on my laundry card! I can't go to the YMCA until I get a doctors vote saying I can! I'm seeing dr.Tracy ( the doctor who did my last two surgeries) on Tuesday, I've got many issues I need to discuss with him and I'll ask him to draft a note clearing me to get back to working out three time a week at the YMCA! I've still gutta get to Wgs too at some point tomorrow! Michaela isn't due till 4pm tomorrow so I'm gonna plan on taking a ride to Wg's tomorrow and either on the way to Wg's or the way back, stop at the office and load up my laundry card with value! I can't do hics on Tuesday because of a mid day doctors appointment then on Thursday I've gutta go to Braintree rehab and see Shannon t…

10.17.15 after 10.45am

I've gutta get to Wg's at some point today! I was there to get a med I had run out of, they said they had to call the doctor cause I guess the scrip had expired. That's the med that has been keeping my throat from catching on fire! Last night it started burning but I had some ice cream to sooth it! I've got my monthly peapod order coming Sunday btw 10am and 1pm so I shouldn't get much stuff but they have the coffee creamer that I like, I've tried to get it from S&S but it then comes in liquid form and I've found the powder form works so much better and tastier! I've still got a little under a grand in my checking account and I paid all my bills yesterday plus all the automatic withdrawals have been taken, electricity, apt insurance, life insurance so I've just gutta make sure rent is always there! That went down a few bucks too, from $635 to $628! This survivor knows how he must stay well within his means and does very well at doing just that :)…

10.15.15 after 11.30pm

I'm up late tonight cause I got in to fixing my desktop! I was getting blue screens on start ups, Webroot couldn't find any threats so it had to be a system malfunction! I ended up doing my first system restore! That seems to have done the trick. I did a disk clean up and an error check after it was completed! I'm doing this blog from my desktop :)!

10.15.15 after 10am

As if this survivor wasn't dealing with enough issues now (mainly health issues)! I've now got issues with "the ride" again! I was gonna do hics today but the driver came to pick me up and obviously couldn't find my building so never rang my door buzzer, my land line rang, I couldn't answer it before it went to vm so I immediately called "the ride" and stayed on hold for so long the driver no showed me! Lately they have had no problem finding my building so I didn't think it was necessary to have my cordless land line receiver by me around my pick up time, I guess now I'm gonna have to employ that strategy again! 

10.14.15 around 8.30pm

This survivor had a great time at casino night at hics! We started off with quarter antis! I started out slow then as the pots got larger I got hotter! The last hand of the night there was $8 in the pot! I walked away with that pot :)! I missed my busy lifestyle, hopefully the worst is over from the effects from my surgeries! I've gutta get a doctors note saying I can start working out at the YMCA again I can get that from dr.Tracy when I see him on the 20th of this month! I think I've got my alarm clock all fixed so no more over sleeping!

10.14.15 around 1.45pm

One of the most important things we were able to do today was, I've got an appointment to see dr.Tracy, the one who did my last surgery! Things just don't feel right to me after! I called and told them of this and they said those systems are normal! I've been through prostate cancer and nothing with that hurts as much as the after effects from having these stones removed! The feeling of always needing to empty my bladder sux big time too! When I was fighting prostate cancer I didn't get incontinence! Now I've got to be sure I know where the nearest rest room is! I've gutta explain these awful affects to the doctor! I see him on the 20th of this month!

10.14.15 after 1pm

KJ was over this morning and I think plans were made to go to Citizens bank! Then I took a ride to Wgs to get some stuff and to get meds. One of the med I was out of they say they need a new script for! They are gonna call my doctor and call me  when it's ready! Now I'm waiting for a 3.30 pm pick up to go to hics for casino night:)!

10.13.15 around 9.20pm

My desktop is still sick :(! I've connected my keyboard to my notebook so that makes a little more comfy using my notebook :)! The typos will be the same as before now :)! We all get typos though! KJ makes a home visit tomorrow and I think she's gonna take me to Citizens bank! I've got a nice chunk of change to invest :)! I'm gonna be very careful about how I do this. I'm planning ahead for things I'm gonna need to do with this! I'm thinking my full time job is not only working on me but also working on making the money I invest grow and grow more! I'm gonna start out with sure things like federal insured certificates of deposit! Then in time get in to a money market! I can research everything from my computer! I'm gonna have to see how time goes though cause tomorrow night I'm going to hics for casino night and I've got the YMCA and my check should clear by tomorrow! I need to fill a script and have very little food!

0.13.15 after 9am

It seems I've got some awful issues with my desktop! I'm using my bedroom notebook to do this blog so please excuse the many typos that most likely will occur! I'm living with a tbi and it hard enough just to get this notebook to my desk ! I overslept today so I couldn't get ready in time for my trip to hics :(!

10.12.15 after noon

I started my computer this morning and got blue screens! I then ran my Webfoot secure anywhere software, didn't find any threats, ran an error check, same thing! I then did a series of restarts and got it working! My trips to the YMCA today I must have "FED" up booking cause the trip to had a pick up time and not an arrival time which would have left me less then 40 mins to do my work out, to do my complete work out it takes me about an hour so it didn't make sense to try today      :(! The great thing going on in my new life now is that I received the check from my trust :)! My plan is to go to my bank and first talk to someone like an investment  councilor! Then put $10,000 away in a high yield cd then take $7,000 in a shorter term cd! I want to be able to help Lissy get hitched so I've got to be able to get at some! I think KJ will take me to Citizens bank Wednesday morning, I want to use Citizens cause I'll be able to track all my investments with my on l…

10.11.15 AROUND 4pm

This tbi survivor made efficient use of his time today! I did all of my laundry but while it was in the dryer, which takes an hour, I took a ride to the store! I got through the laundry with minimal struggles :)! I think that's cause I work every week to find strategies to make it go smoother for me :)! I'm always looking for ways of making this difficult life more bearable :)!   

10.11.15 around 8.30am

I'm up kind of early for a Sunday morning but that's cause I've got a lot of tasks I must accomplish today! I've already booked tomorrows trips that's only cause for the next day I've gutta do this before noon using their confusing web site! I've got time to do the rest it's just now there's no pressure, stress, angsioty to get it done, I can do it at my leisure. I've gutta do laundry today! I think I checked my laundry card yesterday and I had enough to wash and dry a load! I've gutta take a ride to the store. I'll do that when I switch the load to the dryer cause it takes an hour in the dryer and that's an effective use of my time! This tbi survivor has living totally independently down to a science :)!

10.10.15 around 2.20pm

The nurse from CCA has come and gone! I had forgotten I requested a nurse visit me when my care manager came by! I forget how often this will happen but I think it's a good thing! Now if I have anything that concerns me health wise I can explain it to a nurse! Today I showed her some discoloration on my right arm! She said what everybody has said about this. Did you bang it against something! It seems to be fading out now! At my age I think it's best to bring these kind of things to someone's attention ! After she had gone I took a ride to Wg's and got a few quick and easy dinnas and $20 cash back! I had to be very careful though cause I'm at the end of my pay period! Tuesday my check will be deposited in my account and it will clear by Wednesday!

10.9.15 around 4pm

I scooted to the leasing office to sign some agreements and drop off a voided check! My rent actually went down a few $! From $635 to $628 :)! The check is needed for an automatic withdrawal from my account! Joann called from dr.Tracy's office with a few dates to see the doctor. That's hard for me to try to process all the information and make a decision on the spot. I asked if there was any way I could get emailed the dates and times. I got the email,made a decision, responded, cc a copy to KJ so she knows to write it in my pocket calendar :)! This tbi survivor is well aware of all the tools, supports he's got, and how I must use them to live my very successful independent life :)! 

10.9.15 after 9am

This survivor made his decision on what's best for him today. I'm not gonna risk total embarrassment at the YMCA so I'm not gonna do the YMCA today! I'm just not ready to be in public for an extended period of time! It's not like I can take a urinal with me and use it if I must so I figured I'm better off staying home! I guess the good thing is that Maryann at dr. Tracys office said these kind of affects are normal after this type of procedure but that doesn't make them any easier to deal with! 

10.9.15 around 8am

This survivor's angsioty is getting to him big time this morning! I've got trips to the YMCA today but I don't know if I'm ready to chance going out! My strategies have worked out well at home but I don't know yet if I'm ready to go out in public! 


My strategy for dealing with the effects from my surgery is every hour try to empty  my bladder weather it feels like I need to or not! It worked so far today, no leakage :)! I did take a ride to the store today! I'm gonna attempt to go to the YMCA tomorrow!

10.8.15 after 8.10am

Today was our conference at Florian hall in Dorchester Ma. I just couldn't get myself to go and risk embracement cause of not being able to hold my bladder! Last night I went out to dinna and took my bike next door to Lucky Lou's and ambulated around without any assistive device and did very well! Maryann from Dr.Tracy's office called back yesterday and said these kind of symptoms are normal following this type of surgery but I forgot to ask how long I should expect them to last! Last night I barely made it home before I lost control! I was unlocking the door to my apartment when the river started to flow! I wasn't gonna risk that happening today at the conference! I guess if I'd put more thought in to it I could have brought an extra pair of pants but who wants to do that? I guess what I need to do now is to think of how I can prevent this from reoccurring again! It kind of makes me afraid to go anyplace far from home!   

10.7.15 after 12.15 pm

KJ and we attempted to make the calls I needed to make but had to leave vms! One was a call to the doctor who preformed the last surgery so I figured it would be best not going to the YMCA and WAIT for a call back! These after effects from the surgery are starting to really bother me! I'm still gonna meet hics at Lucky Lous though! I'm gonna ride my bike over and park it then ambulate around without any assisted device! 


I got up this morning with a real upset stomach! Needless to say I couldn't envision taking "the ride" and getting bounced around in the van! I've got to start eating a well balanced dinna! Before my tbi I always made a well balanced meal! That's cause I cooked for Kenny every night and my girls on Tuesday and Thursday and every other weekend! 

10.4.15 around 5.30pm

I've been very busy today! After I had my two large cups of coffee this morning I booked all my trips for the week! After I book them I go on the web site to see if they are all correct! That's a key thing I must do every week! I found one trip that wasn't correct and made correct :)! I did all my laundry after fixing my trips!I made myself some lunch today too :)!

10.4.15 around 9.30am

I got up this morning thinking of all I've been able to accomplish independently this summer! I've been able to maintain my busy lifestyle, have two surgeries, including getting transportation to and from SSH! That wasn't easy too cause I had got put out too! I've been able to make all my appointments with the help of "the ride"! Then too I had to maintain a balance in my account to be able to get to these places! I purchased my bike! That not only is more practical for getting around the community it's fun ridding! I've got closer to getting ALL my funds in my name, got even with the IRS! I'm living with a traumatic brain injury too!


I had one task I had to complete today! I scooted to the office to add value to my laundry card! I still need to give them a voided check so they can deduct my rent from my account every month! I'm gonna have to skip the YMCA Monday to take care of that!

10.2.15 after 7.30pm

I took a semi wet ride to Wg's today to pick up a med the called and said was ready! I was just about out of this med too! This med it's said not to miss a day of taking it too or bad sides could occur! I got some other stuff while I was there and I forgot some too!

10.1.15 around 12pm

I didn't do hics today cause I'm afraid to stray far from my bathroom! Plus I don't have a pair of jeans left my bladder didn't even leak a little on! I do have shorts and sweats and good pants but it's a little too cool for shorts and I'm gona need my sweats for tomorrow at the YMCA! I was thinking about doing laundry today but I think I need to put value on my laundry card! I've got a good enough cash flow to be able to but I don't receive my check until a week from Tuesday so I've gutta be cash careful! This survivor's brain is just filled with so much stuff right now.