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6.30.18 after 9.30pm

I did all my trips for the week! I only needed to do two trips cause I'm having an upper endoscopy done on Thursday and onecare is supposed to provide transportation and a companion to go with me! Without a companion I can't get anethstesia! Last time I did it without, I'm NOT doing that again! No rec Wednesday night too :(! Hopefully this time it works out well! I tried b4 and no companion came. I won't do it again without getting put out! 

6.30.18 around 2pm

Slept in today,must have needed it! I started booking my trips for the week with Monday's trip! I've gutta get an ultrasound of my kidneys done in Quincy at Harvard Vanguard! This place,as I remember,I don't have to take my gold chains around my neck off! They've got hand held instruments that they can place exactly where they want to take a pic. I do need to scoot to Wg's today. 

6.28.19 around 6.20pm

I did hics today :)! I needed an item at the store but on the way home I needed to pee! Having had prostate cancer and kidney issues I was taking a chance of bladder leakage if I got dropped off there so I came home,left a pee,then scooted to the store!I've had to make many adjustments in living a successful independent life, and I'm smart enough to recognize what I need to do :)! Now to do dinna!

6.26.18 after4.15pm

I've been to hics today! We had groups,I'm finding I write more legible with my left hand, it just feels awkward writing with my left! The object is to write so I can read what I wrote so I've gutta keep working until the awkwardness dissipates! Then I had current issues and communication group. They're two types of communication, direct and indirect! I always try to directly communicate on just about all I want to say! I'm kinda hard to understand   anyway so why beat around the bush when I want to express my thoughts!

8.25.18 around 9pm

Today I struggled through getting all my laundry done. Tomorrow I've got hics to go to.I've got penmanship group too. That's the only time I work on my writing, shame on me! I can't get too down on myself though,look at all I CAN do after having a severe traumatic brain injury!

6.25.18 around 7.30am

I had an appt. with my podiatrist this morning but I canceled it! He's just gonna shave off my corn, I can cut it off myself with toe nail clippers! I even can cut deeper than he does. I figure I can use the $6.30,cost of rides,better!

6.20.18 around 7.45pm

I went to see the surgeon who removed my kidney stones today! I guess I had an ultrasound done recently cause he went over the results with me. He found only one very small stone and he says I don't have to do anything about it now :)! I got an appt. for another us now too! I love how at most of my appts. I get a computer read out of everything that was discussed and future appts.

6.18.18 afternoon

I overslept today and didn't get my cooler out for my meals on wheels meal in time. I did call my homemaker's co. and cancel for Wednesday cause of a doctor appt. though! Today is laundry day UGG!

6.17.18 around 10.15am

I've got an issue trying to do all my trips this week!I've got a doctors appt. Wednesday and hics at night. "The ride" doesn't handle multiple destinations well! I guess I'm gonna have to pick the most important one and cancel the other! 

6.15.18 around 4pm

I was reviewing my bank account,which I do often,and noticed a charge on there twice! It was the rear basket for my scooter!I called the distributor and told about this! They said "we had a glitch in our system, you will be refunded in a day or two"! I've really gutta stay right on top of my finances! 

6.15.18 around 2.30pm

I've had pt this morning and my peapod order came while having pt! That was kind of opportune cause then he helped me get all my refrigerated and freezer stuffs away and keep the great organizing job HH did intact ! Now I've got plenty of good stuffs to eat and drink! After pt I put the rest away then paid all my bills even the ones that give me issues paying! I only had password issues with verizon wireless  ! I chatted with a rep. and got the link to change my pw,logged on and got it paid :)!

6.14.18 around 9pm

This survivor has been one busy guy! Yesterday HH made a home visit,I had pt,my homemaker, then met hics at the pleasant tree shops in Hingham Ma! Today I had hics then to Braintree rehab to get my botox injections! I've got an issue with my I phone! It's not taking a charge. I brought it to hics today to get ideas on why. My supports all agree it's the charger cord! I used a staffs charger cord and it started charging. My Ipad mini has the same cord so after finally finding it, it's charging at home :)! I got home to find a box right outside my door. It was the rear basket I ordered from!I had one but the welds broke, I tryed duct tape but that was unreliable so I needed to get a new basket! My first one cost $30. This one cost $66! I need that for doing laundry,taking the trash out, carrying things back from Wg's,the store, basic household needs! Tomorrow I've got pt at noon, peapod coming 12-2 then gutta do bill paying!

6.13.18 around 10.30am

HH has been and I showed her my corn she said it feels like a nail! She then asked "do you have nail clippers"? I then gave her my nail clippers and she proceeded to clip the corn off:)! Now it feels even better than when I leave the podiatrist's office! We researched what I need to get my health proxy all set up.She's gonna get all the paperwork and will get going on that!

6.12.18 around 3.45pm

I couldn't do hics this morning cause it was way too painful wearing a sneaker on my right foot! I had to suck it up and scoot to Wg's though! They didn't have my med ready though! They called my pcp but he has yet to call them back! This is the day I set my box for the week too!

6.9.18 around 5.30pm

I've been to Wg's and had to get the liquid french vanilla coffee creamer, that's all they had!I prefer the powder but I just used it on an instant cup and it does okay! I think the powder gives me a stronger taste of french vanilla but this is doable :)!  

6.8.18 around 9pm

Tomorrow I've gutta take another scoot to Wg's!I forgot (go figure) a med I was out of! I gutta get some coffee creamer too! I couldn't find the kind I want today! I'll ask someone if I can't find it tomorrow.

6.8,18 after 3.45pm

I had pt this afternoon! I said to my pt "I think my brain injury affected me more physically than cognitively",he said "you definitely still have all your marbles,that's important to me! Then I scooted to Wg's and got a script filled! Now I gutta take it easy for a bit, neuro exhaustion!   

6.8.18 around 11.15am

The scooper bowl was great yesterday! The staff was great too,I always had some ice cream! I just missed KJ this year. This was her favorite event, I just missed seeing her gleaming face as she enjoyed this :(. Today I've got pt at noon.  

6.6.18 around 7.20pm

Workers are on my floor replacing the carpet today. I had a home visit from HH today then pt then I was gonna meet hics at the clam shack in Quincy but the workers were working right outside my door and there was no way to get by b4 my pick up time so I couldn't get my ride:(! Tomorrow I'm meeting hics at the scooper bowl in Boston :)! This will be fun fun fun! All the ice cream I can eat for $12. I will get more than my $s worth for sure! I had pt and my homemaker was here.He was training another pt! He told me he wanted to bring him here out of all his clients! I must be doing something right. New staff at hics always come here to see what a home visit should be like! That makes me the model client :)! 

6.5.18 around 9pm

I couldn't do hics today cause I got sick last night and still felt quessy this morning.I feel so much beta now! Today's highlight was taking a scoot to the store with my friend walking to get exercize. I haven't seen her in a while and she looked fantastic! The thing that bothers me is I'm in the "friend zone" with her! I've gutta find a way to get beyond that zone :)! Tomorrow I've got a busy day! HH is making a home visit after 8am, pt at noon,homemaker 12-12.30,then hics! I'm meeting them at the clam shack in Quincy for dinna and planning for July!  I like being so busy cause that way I don't think of how it sux living with a brain injury!

6.4.18 getting close to 9pm

Tomorrow I'm gonna meet hics at faneuil hall in Boston! That will be fun cause I take "the ride" all the way to a D&D's to meet them there! I'm gonna have to get a coffee,have to :)! This is a definite  scooter function! 

6.4.18 nearing 6pm

I got all my laundry done :)! It went well until I started trying to get all my shirts straightened out! That's when my spastisody really burdens me :(. I really concentrate hard on moving my hands,arms, and fingers one way and they don't cooperate, they actually fight each fight each other :(! I get it done by remembering how a family member, who never had confidence I could make it on my own post tbi! He always said to me "what are you going to do when you have to do laundry"? I always would reply "just do it"! I just did all my laundry :)!

6.3.18 around 9pm

I got up today,did my routine,start the coffee, check vm,trim beard,shower, check email,enjoy two large mugs of coffee,scooted to the store,read email again and focused on an email from HH! Good thing cause then I realized my trips for Tuesday and Thursday were all wrong! I meeting hics in the north and of Boston on Tuesday, then I'm meeting hics at the scooper bowl in Boston on Thursday! This must be the 7th or 8th year in a row I've attended the scooper bowl! This has got to be the most fun day all year! All the ice cream I can eat for a $12 donation to the jimmy fund!