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7.31.14 after 8.30pm

Let try and remember what I did today! I woke up, that's a great thing and an accomplishment after being unconscious 4 3.5 months! I scooted 2 Wg's and got my needs! Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA! I've gutta remember to ask about going in the pool! I've got a great start on getting back to buff, swimming laps will put me way over the top :)!

7.31.14 b4 11am

I have built up a great family of tbi survivors on fb! I tend to read their statuses time after time! Its a great way of finding the support we all need! I like reading anything Debbie Wilson has to say. She has the ability to put into words what it's like to have to live with tbi! That's why I like sharing the things she writes!

7.30.14 around 9.30am

KJ has been over and I'm feeling real lucky to have her great support! I explained that my foot started to bother me shortly after my visit! We land lined my podiatrist to get a referral 4 orthopedic sneakers or in soles! I also mentioned about last weeks fiasco at rec! KJ did speak with the rec coordinator and she did say I could attend last weeks event! All I went through last week was wrong! KJ word is gospel! 

7.29.14 after 6pm

Today I've been to the pool and caught some rays 4 a little while then scooted 2 Wg's and remembered everything I needed! It was only toothpaste and spray deodorant! I believe in smelling good,both my breath and body! I remember being out with MMD and these two young chicks started talking with us, they said, "eww he smells good"!That made my month! It still makes me smile ;)!

7.29.14 b4 noon

The plan 4 today is to go and catch some rays at the pool :) ! Lisa has already called to see if I'm gonna go and also 2 c if I wanted 2 go 2 D&D's b4 the pool! The pool doesn't open till noon on weekdays so we had time 2 go! I just can't do things spur of the moment anymore! I've got to plan things out, I guess that's part of living with tbi!

7.28.14 around 8pm

I think tomorrow is gonna be a pool day :) ! Lisa was over and we looked at my legs and I already have good color on em! I've only been just one time, I guess scooting around town works 4 me  getting tan. If I put in a few hrs tomorrow just think of all the color I'll get :)`!

7.27.14 around 9pm

Today has been a normal Sunday! I started my day by doing a good trim job on my beard! I booked what trips I have cause there's not many, hics is closed an Tuesday and Thursday, moving days! The Quincy redevelopment is gonna tear the building down  we have another place right down Hancock st! The next time I go 2 hics it will be in the new office! I've done all my laundry,made dinna, emptied all my trash buckets and scooted all the trash 2 the dumpster! I'm just waiting 4 laundry to get easier 4 me. Tomorrow I've got the YMCA for my resistance training!  I'm now leg pressing 260lbs and on the triceps machine I'm pushing 180lbs,thats 12 reps on both! I do 12 or more reps on every machine! I'm lovin my workouts cause not only it makes me feel younger, I got the best lab results last time and I attribute that to all my hard work in the gym :)! 

7.26.14 after 8pm

Today I've scooted to Wg's and got all the stuff I needed, so I thought. Lisa came over and we were talking and I remembered Michaela had said I needed cleaning supplies so I had to make another scoot to Wg's to get cs!Got home and made a quick dinna :)! 

7.26.14 b4 noon

Today I gutta scoot 2 Wg's cause I'm hearing we are gonna have some inclement weather!I'm trying to forgo a peapod order and save $ :) ! I'm also working on being prepared for a meeting I have on Tuesday with KC the recreation coordinator,I'm just going over, in my head, the expected scenarios and how to respond! I'm thinking I could use notes in my Iphone to list key words   so I remember, and defend my integrity! The thing about being suspended from going to rec events is I believe I help the other survivors with my positive outlook and attitude! I've been able to accomplish many things since my motorcycle accident and I believe I give hope to many of the other survivors! I'm only trying to do what I think Jesus saved me for :)! 

7.25.14 after 9.30pm

I've been having a great time you tubing tunes and sharing them on fb :)! I've got no plans 4 tomorrow so maybe I'll see if Lisa wants to go out to D&D's! Oh I do need to scoot 2 Wg's anyway, I've gutta get some ice cream just in case my throat starts acting up! 

7.24.14 after 8.30pm

My busy new life continues tomorrow! I've got an appointment with my podiatrist! My foot is causing me so much pain I can't wait to get home most days and take my right sneaker off and take the pressure off the corn on my right little toe! I've been able to work through the pain and not miss a trip to the YMCA but it's starting to hurt doing some machines and it defiantly is very uncomfortable doing the nustep     and a real challenge walking to and from and around the gym!

7.24.14 after 7pm

I had a good visit with the ent today! I guess I saw him two yrs ago, he said my hearing hasn't changed! That's a good thing cause I'm getting up there as far as my age goes like when a car gets older certain things stop functioning properly! My ears or ear, being deaf in my left ear, are working properly :) ! I forget if I posted about my results from the blood tests my pcp had me do! Those were also very good! My cholesterol level is good and my psa level is good so I guess I did kick cancers butt :) !I firmly believe the fact that I'm exercising regularly helps so much! 

7.23.14 after10pm

Tomorrow I'm going to see the ent, ear, nose and  throught  specialist! Its been a while since I was told I had an ulcerated thought so it will be good to get that checked again! The last time I got my ears examined they said I could hear a very small amount in my left ear too! I was under the assumption that I was totally deaf in my left ear from birth! I wish I could remember the doctors name who said I could hear a small amount out of my left ear! I don't have her name in my pocket calendar and its way too far back 2 look 4 a blog post about it! I'm just gonna have to go and start a new! I will mention that the last ear exam they said I could hear a little from my left ear but my main focus will be on how my  throught is doing!  

7.23.14 b4 9pm

I had a great workout at the YMCA! KJ had said to me that the recreation coordinator said I could go to tonight's event, I take KJ's words as gospel! I get there only to be spoken AT by staff! I'm still suspended until I hear from the coordinator I'm not! One staff did talk WITH me later on."The ride"is still giving me issues on Wednesday nights! I requested a 3.30 pick up time at my apartment! They didn't get here till after 4 pm! I know if it was gonna be a trip out I'd schedule an arrival time for 4pm. This sux, I try to be as cooperative as possible! I guess its true when it is said "nice guys finish last"! 

7.23.14 after 10.45am

KJ made a home visit this morning and I had some voice mails I saved cause they entailed some writing and lots of memory! We were able to answer all my vms and all I've processed is that I now can get transportation free though another way similar to mass healh trans! We also filled out an application 4 the BAT!  Now I'm gonna go to the YMCA!

7.22.14 after 7.30am

I'm going to the Brockton Rox baseball game today with hics :)! I had a conversation with my x-wife I think yesterday through fb. That works 4 me cause I can take and see everything that is said, process  it all then make an intelligent response! I think I did very well!

7.21.14 around 7.35pm

I'm so busy I almost forgot to blog! That's a good thing though cause it keeps my mind from knowing how it sux living with brain injury! I had a great workout at the YMCA today!My homemaker Michaela was over, last week I had said this week I want you to clean my refrigerator she did that along with cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming all my rugs, washing all my floors, making my bed, any dishes I had in the sink! I don't even have to ask her to water my plant, she knows to do it ! This company,Bayada is so much better then the 1 I had b4! Michaela is top notch, even better than when I used to pay  $60. a week 4 maid service!    

7.21.14 b4 10am

Today I've got the YMCA to go to for my resistance training! This helps me in so many ways! Not only at 55 yrs old am I getting stronger but I believe it helps with my balance and it definitely reduces my tremors! My right foot (corn on little toe)  is absolutely killing me but I've gutta man it out and fight off the pain!

7.20.14 around 10pm

This tbi survivor has been so busy I haven't even had a moment to blog! Today was laundry day,ugg! Now it's done till next week! This week I'm going to the Brochton Rox game with hics! Monday and Wednasday I go to the YMCA, Thursday I see the ear nose and thought specialist at granite medical  then Friday I see my podiatrist! This tbi survivor keeps busy :)!

7.17.14 after 8pm

I had hics today :)! We had our new groups 4 this 1/4! Then I got home and my computer keyboard wasn't working properly! Thankfully I've got another! I plug that in and that's not working properly! Now I've got to put my superior problem solving skills into action! I plugged the keyboard into a different usb port and it is now working fine :)! Its said when you have a traumatic brain injury your weak in the ps area! That is one area I excelled in b4 my brain injury and I still excel in this post tbi :)! Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA to do my resistance workout! That really helps me in so many ways! I've just got to get on them about getting in the pool! I just want to swim laps! I'm extending my life doing resistance workouts just think of what swimming laps will do 4 me :)!

7.17.14 b4 8am

I've got hics today :)! I received email notification that my resent walmart order has shipped, its supposed to arrive on Monday. I've got the YMCA on Monday, KJ had said I could request it be delivered btw a certain time! I don't know how I can! It takes me a while to answer my door buzzer and I'm a busy guy! I've sighed the slips b4 and left them downstairs only to have my stuff ripped off by someone living in this bld or visiting someone here! Its great I can order things I need electronically but its a pain 4 me to receive deliveries :( !  

7.16.14 around 10.15am

KJ has been over and she helped me with many things I've just go trouble remembering exactly what they were. I do know I made an appointment with my podiatrist and she wrote it in my pocket calendar! I've now got the YMCA to go 2 :)!

7.15.14 around 8.45pm

I've had my ac on for two days strait now, its  nice in here :)! Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit I've got a few tasks I must get done.Then I'm going to the YMCA to do my resistance training! I'm thinking I need to do a Wg's scoot too.:)

7.15.14 1.45-2.30pm

I just had a great visit with my pcp! My bp and pulse rate is excellent and I got weighted ,I've actually lost weight! B4 my coma I weighed 185lbs! I gained weight while I was in a wheelchair, got using a walker, got back to 185 4 yrs now! Today I weighted in at 172lbs! He also wanted me to see the ear nose and thought  specialist! That's a good thing cause he can check out my ulcerated     thought! I remembered to mention that some nights I have trouble getting to sleep he wanted to know how many mg's the ridlen I'm taking is! I couldn't answer him cause I had no  clue! I just checked and its 10mg's. I got some appointments but now its very confusing to me! KJ is making a home visit tomorrow,she will help me sort it all out!

7.14.14 after 9pm

My homemaker Michaela was over this afternoon and I had her wash my bed sheets and do all my laundry! She also cleaned my bathroom, kitchen,washed all my floors and vacuumed all the rugs! She did all the dishes in my sink too! :) 

7.14.14 around noon

I couldn't go to the YMCA today cause my ride times were not realistic! I must have not clicked an arrival time for 1pm cause my pick up time 2 go to the YMCA was 1pm then return at 2.15pm!By the time they got me there I would of had less than a half hour 4 my workout! I'm glad I'm scheduled 2 go 3x a week just in case I "f" up like today! I checked the rest of my trips making sure the arrival times were correct! Then other things kept happening to this tbi survivor like forgetting my password 2 my yahoo account! I think I've got it now,I try 2 have all my pw's the same that way I'm less likely to forget! I was able to scan and post 2 fb my favorite pic of Bri and I but that even took a lot of brain work! I haven't used my scanner in a while so trying to remember how 2 use it was a workout! Then having to save it as a file I'd remember was hard 4 me too! See I don't need to do crossword puzzle's  and word searches 2 keep sharp! My comp…

7.13.14 around 7.30pm

Today I've been able to do a good trim job on my beard, booked my rides 4 the week, finished up my summer cleaning project! I didn't do laundry today cause I think tomorrow its the week my homemaker washes my bed sheets! I'm too frugal to spend too much $ on laundry! She can do all my laundry tomorrow! I also scooted 2 the store with that blond babe Lisa walking along :) ! Tomorrow I'm gonna go to the YMCA 4 my resistance training :)! 

7.13.14 after 4pm

I've spent the last two days doing a summer clean up in my apartment! Lisa had come over and said my place looked dirty and cluttered! I hate when people think my place is not clean so I did everything! My loveseat I was using as a place to put things so I wouldn't forget 2 do! I cleaned all the clutter off and found a home 4 it all! My kitchen table was the same way! I cleaned that too and found a home 4 all the stuff! It was a major project 4 me! When you have to deal with chronic fatigue you get tired fast and easy! I scrubbed my table and desk! Lisa came over a little while ago and she was amazed at what a great job I did! This tbi survivor can do anything :)!  

7.13.14 around noon

I booked all my rides 4 the week! Its truly amazing you don't, or I don't, think of things as there happening! I've got an appointment with my pcp on Tuesday! That was the day when I was gonna meet hics at the Halfway café right next to my apartment! I was thinking he always has me have lots of blood work done at the Granite medical lab! Therefore it makes no sense to scoot there after my appointment cause they would all be leaving by the time I got there! That sux cause I can get to and from there totally independently :( ! Today I've gutta do laundry and scoot 2 Wg's or the store and finish up my major clean up and organizing job of my kitchen and desk! 

7.12.14 b4 noon

Today I've gutta 1st thing scoot 2 Wg's 2 get a coffee maker! The 2nd one I got from Wg's just stopped working! The 1st I dropped the pot and it broke, I looked for the base and couldn't find it so I've gutta get a new 1! Then Lisa said last night my place looked kinda cluttered! I don't like hearing that so after Wg's I'm gonna come home and try and do a good pick up around here!

7.11.14 after 9pm

I've had such a great day :)!First I went to the YMCA and had a great workout! My rom was so good today I didn't even think of my issues with my right side! Not that my right was even close to my left in strength and coordination but it was much less noticeable today :) ! Then Lisa called and we went to the store then came up to my apartment and ordered out pizza and had dinna together:) !

7.11.14 b4 noon

Today I'm gonna go to the YMCA to do my resistance training! My foot is giving me great pain too! I'm just gonna have to man it out :)! When I get home I gutta take a scoot to Wg's to get light bulbs!

7.9.14 after 5.30pm

I said to Lisa my next check I want to take her out 2 dinna at the half way café right next to Ranblewood! I got my check deposited  yesterday so its time I owned up on my offer! We are gonna be doing dinna together I think sometime this weekend :)!

7.9.14 around 4.30pm

I know what has happened so far today now :) KJ made a home visit first thing this morning and she showed me a few things on word! I kinda forget them all now after what my brain  has been through from my neurologist appointment, I've just gutta remember to right click to get options on word :)! I scooted 2 Wg's, got a few things and forgot a few things! I was starting to scoot home when I remembered I had dropped a script  off 2 be filled! Thankfully I hadn't gotten too far! I scooted back and picked up my script!Lisa landlined me and asked if I had a light bulb! I used 2 have about four boxes, I looked after I said I have some and couldn't find a single bulb! Next Wg's scoot I gutta remember light bulbs :)!

7.9.14 around 1pm

I'm finding it extremely difficult to remember what has happened so far today after my brain breaking doctor's appointment this morning! It is dr.K's B-day today too :)! He did his normal thorough exam,  checked my reflexes, eyes, tone, and he did something Ive never done b4! Kind of a problem solving exercise! I'd look at a picture that has things that go in consecutive order and figure out what comes next! He had to admit I did very well on that exercise! With all my experience in the autoglass field and my mechanical inclenity  I found that easy then came the memory tests! First I'd just have to repeat words he had just said, then say them in reverse order, then memorize some words and he'd alternate my concentration by me answering  some simple math questions. He said I did well but I needed a few hints on some of the words! I remembered to ask 4 a script 4 a med I think helps me so much! It's hard to get now cause it's a controlled substance! Imagi…

7.8.14 after 8.30pm

I'm having MEGGA mouse issues! It keeps (the curser) disappearing on my screen! I've had to force a restart a few times! Tomorrow I've got an appointment with my neurologist! This appointment always gets me exhausted! He always puts me through a series of memory tests! I could just say "f" it and not spend the energy necessary to remember everything but that's not who I am! 

7.17.14 around 6.30pm

Something weird just happened to this tbi survivor! I was checking "the ride's" web site and saw no trips 4 tomorrow! I was freaking out! I monitor this web site constantly and didn't understand why there were no trips 4 tomorrow! I checked again and they appeared on there but so strange! I've got hics tomorrow 4 sure now:)! 

7.7.14 around 5pm

I thought my homemaker was coming today but I seem to remember Mickeala  saying she is going on vacation. I just don't know if that was a resent memory or I'm just remembering the last time she took a vacation! That is what goes on inside this survivors head! Think of it as a deck of cards, each card being a memory or thought, shuffle the deck and they are all mixed up! That is how I must live!

7.6.14 around 8pm

Today I've been down 2 the pool soaking up some vitamin D 4 about an hour! Its so  cool to relax listening to my playlist on my phone! I was with Lisa and she loved the tunes I've chosen! Lots of  Creed then Billy Idol, Areosmith. I got home and did laundry,ugg but it's all done 4 this week :) ! Then after I got it all away made myself some dinna! This brain injury survivor is now beat! Tomorrow I've got the YMCA 2 do my  resistance training! I can't do the YMCA on Wednesday cause of an important doctor's appointment! I'm seeing my neurologist on Wednesday! 

after 10pm

I booked all my rides on-line tonight:)! I'll just have to call jv tomorrow to make sure there computers and mine are speaking the same  language! I trimmed my beard this morning so I don't even have to do that tomorrow :)! I've been trying to get used to my new walker! It takes up much more room than anything else I've ever had b4! So its difficult to use in my apartment! That's okay though cause its all short distance I walk in here! 

7.5.14 b4 10am

I got up this morning thinking it was Sunday! I guess cause of the holiday yesterday!On this Saturday, I've got to get myself to the pool, gutta get tanned :) ! I had a staff member critique my resume and I don't agree with some of his criticisms! I know the formatting is not up to standard but a lot of that has to do with not knowing word all that well! As someone who conducted  many job interviews I think my resume is impressive! The typical person I interviewed would not have a resume though! Many autoglass technightions and some office help! I remember when I higherd Barbs, all she had to say is where she grew up! She grew up basically in my back yard in Scituate,   Tanglewood dr in Scituate! Although I didn't remember her from the old Scituate days I wanted her as my personal assistant! I made the right choice on a gut instinct! He also said you never put your personal web site on there! I don't agree with that cause I looked for certain qualities in a potential c…

7.4.14 after 10.30am

I'm still trying to get my mouse adaptor dialed in so it works well 4 me! It seems now, I'll be working on something and all of a sudden my curser will disappear! I try disconnecting the adaptor that works sometimes but other times I've gutta hold the power button in 2 do a restart! That's a trick that Dell customer support taught me! I spoke with Lisa this morning and we're gonna take a maybe wet jaunt to D&D's for something to do! I like this cause it's a chance to spend qt with a sexy blond :)!

7.2.14 around 8pm

My concentration has been altered so much after my meeting at the office it is very hard to remember what went on :(! I do know the manager had gone out to lunch at the time I scheduled the meeting for with them, not a good first impression! KJ and were able to meet with the assistant manager though and I expressed my concerns with her now lets see if my concerns are addressed! I've been thinking I want to go to the Brockton fair! They have a powder puff demolition derby (all ladies) next week! I asked Lisa to go but her car   is on its last tires (legs) and doesn't want to chance it! I'm thinking taxi service but that would be very costly! The Brockton area transit has something similar 2 "the ride", maybe I can get all set up with them! I've got to increase my area I can go for a reasonable amount of money!

7.2.14 around 10.30

Today I'm meeting KJ at the Ranblewood office at 12 noon to meet the new manager and also to express my concerns! The signage around here is poor, at least at my building! I can't tell you how many times I've missed rides cause the drivers can't find 144! I've also got deliveries that got stolen from low lifes that live in the same place! I wanna see if I can have them deliver to the office! Then hopefully some one is there 2 sign 4 it and it won't get ripped off! I should also check and make sure everything they need from me they have!