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12.29.15 around 11.30am

My land line keeps ringing with stuff I gutta remember! Now MRC in Brockton just called and said they need a letter from any one of my doctors saying I CAN work! I think I've got something of that nature here somewhere in my file draw! I put that on the KJ list 4 tomorrow :)! Then KJ can make a copy and fax it to Brockton MRC! The things this survivor must do cause of his memory impairment, geesh!

12.29.15 after 9.10am

I was gonna do hics (optional) but I was getting real anxious thinking I'm forgetting something! I get a land line after I cancel my trips from Autumn @ ss elder services confirming she is coming here at 3pm for a visit! I can't explain why this happened, maybe my brain found a new pathway for information to flow through! 

12.28.15 after 12.50

I took a cool ride to the store! Cool cause it's getting colder out and kewl cause I'm riding on a very lewl machine :)! I'm still getting random comments saying how nice my bile is! The other day I was ridding to Wg's and my speedo read 20mph! I've gutta try ridding longer distances with it! 

12.26.15 around 9pm

Today I started out by enjoying my Christmas present to myself! I give such great presents :)! I then took a ride to Wg's, picked up  a med and things I go through quickly, coffee creamer and coke zero :)! Tonight I'm gonna find something on tv to stimulate my brain and rest my brain! You just can't understand the amount of hard work it takes just to do easy tasks! The good thing is I CAN do them and I love proving my doubters wrong :)!

12.26.15 around 2pm

I've spent most of today listening to my new wireless sound system, wired though! I'll get it to work wireless even if I've gutta email customer support! I'm a guy though, we can do all without help :)! Now I've gutta take a ride to Wg's!

12.24.15 after 4.30pm

KJ was here this morning and we got my new wireless speaker (Christmas present to myself) all hooked up :)! I haven't got it to work wirelessly yet but I remember when I 1st got my portable wireless speaker I had to have it wired at 1st! I'm listening to it now on I tunes radio, classic rock station, it sounds great :)! I took a ride to the store and popped my 2nd wheelie! Amazingly I didn't get hurt and no damage to my bike :)! Lisa called and asked me over tonight! She is such a great friend, I won't be alone on Christmas eve now :)!

12.23.15 after 12.30

This tbi survivor got severely confused to start the day! I had to be here to receive a call about preregistration  for surgery from South shore hospital! They called early and left a vm with a number to call back! Then I got another call from my insurance provider. I can't write well so I use notepad to do my writing of things I've gutta remember on the spot! The thing that got all the wires crossed in my brain was being told I'm staying the night after surgery! I was under the impression it was gonna be day surgery! So my brain is all fed up now! Between finding a way to remember the numbers I've gutta call, the names of the callers, Just the fact that all my careful planning for this has got to change! My brain is on overload!  

12.22.15 9.15pm

I forget (go figure) if I posted my Christmas gift to myself arrived! I got me a wireless speaker system with a subwoofer for the apartment! It looks pretty cool! I'll work on getting that all set up tomorrow cause KJ is not making a home visit till Thursday and there is no hics cause that is Christmas eve! I do have to finish out my Christmas shopping by getting a few D&D's gift cards :)!

12.22.15 nearing 8pm

Tonight I got my grandson's Christmas present all bought and shipped to the right address or the address Brianne said it was in an email to me. I thought I had put it in my cart at but my cart was m/t when I logged on tonight but I was able to track it down again :)! Amazon then sends me a confirmation email which I then forward to Brianne! When my brain gets a little rest from all this thinking I'll post the play work bench I just bought him :)!  

12.22.15 getting near 2pm

I didn't do hics today, I'm not doing Tuesdays cause of all the appointments I'm having concerning my upcoming surgery! I didn't have anything today but it was a good thing I stayed home. I requested transportation to my surgery and someone to accompany me there! I got a land line from my health insurance provider asking ?s about my surgery! We are about to go from 2015 to 2016 which means I've got two pocket calendars! I knew the surgery wasn't taking place this month so I look in 16's calendar. I found nothing in there so I look in 15 I've got a place where I list upcoming appointments, Thankfully this survivor thinks ahead, I found it and was able to tell Kiana the date and time! What a name she has! When I think of Kiana, it screams out sexy to me :)! Then I asked if she could email me all we taked about. That's what I must do to continue to lead a very successful independent life. Then I can forward the mail to KJ so she will know to write it i…

12.20.15 around 7pm

I didn't do much of anything today :)! The only productive things I did was put value on my laundry card! I just ordered a pizza for dinna too so I didn't even cook today! The pizza just arrived so I'm ending this blog :)!

12.19.15 after 9.15pm

I took a ride to Wg's today to do my weekly shopping! I got home after that and I was remembering that Michaela, my homemaker, had said I need bathroom cleaner, I think! I usually do laundry on Sunday but there's not a lot of it! I've gutta add value to my laundry card so I'm thinking tomorrow I'll take a ride to Wg's, add value to my laundry card then make a decision on doing laundry :)!  

12.8.15 around 8pm

I saw my pcp today! He said everything looks good, my vitals and he listened to my heart and lungs! Then I went to the lab and had blood drawn! They didn't have down to check my psa level! I asked if they could anyway, she said she'd call the doctor and ask. I'm shocked he didn't have that on the order! I don't want to have to kick prostate cancer's butt again!
  Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit and I think she's gonna take me to Colonial Federal bank in Holbrook. That will be awesome then I can set up in quicken the accounts we create, like certificates of deposit and I'll know what the rate will be so I just program that in to quicken and I'll know how much it will be when it matures :)!

12.8.15 around 8am

Today I've got an appointment with my pcp. I've gutta have the driver on the return trip drop me off @ Wg's to get what I forgot to get yesterday! I don't trust my scooter to have battery life after going up the gradual hill on technical park dr. My bike seems to take it np! I just need coffee creamer and fudge stripped cookies :)! My check is due today and it clears by tomorrow. I do well on ssdi but it's still a challenge living on a fixed income but, I do very well!

12.7.15 around 8.45pm

I went to the office and signed my new lease! I was supposed to be there at 9am but I had to call and get it moved to 10am cause I had one of those mornings where I couldn't get out of my own way! As the day progressed the fog around my head seemed to dissipate. I rode to Wg's after I was through signing all that I had to. I then got home and realized I had forgotten some stuff I need! My check is due tomorrow and it clears by Wednesday so I gutta start my monthly peapod order! The thing is that I can't wait for  Peapod order to get what I forgot! I've got a doctors appointment tomorrow with my pcp so I'll just ask the driver on the return trip to drop me off at Wg's! 

12.6.15 around 8.30pm

I never got to Wg's today but I did get all my laundry done :)! I gutta sign my new lease at the office tomorrow @ 9.30 am so I'll just ride my bike to the office and go to Wg's from there! I can park it right outside the door and not have far to walk without assistance of any kind! Kind of a little bummed about the Pats :(!

12.6.15 around noon

I've been kind of lazy on this Sunday morning :)! I'm only now having my 2nd large cup of coffee! I do have some things to get done today. My trips for the week is not one though! I think I did them all yesterday, I just gutta check and make sure they didn't mysteriously change! I gutta get laundry done, take a ride to Wg's, I've got no kind of chips here! Maybe I'll do that after I put the laundry in the dryer! That takes an hour so that's plenty of time to take a ride to Wg's! Then I'll be doing what all my therapists and supports advise me against doing, multitasking :)!

12.5.15 around 9am

I had planed to go to MR's house today, I find myself getting way too anxious about my trips to and from Lexington, its not like it's Quincy or Braintree and I don't have the $ to take a cab so I canceled my trips for today! This anxiety is so tuff to deal with! I've gutta find a way to cope with this! I've fought through lots of things before, I'll get a handle on this too! It's just gonna take a little time! I just feel so safe @ home!

12.4.15 around 7.35pm

Tomorrow I'm going to see MR at her place! She too is a tbi survivor we met at hics! We both loved to go get coffee together when a D&D's was right next door! She doesn't go to hics anymore. The thing about this that's kind of nerve racking is I take one transportation company to Ruggles mbta station, then meet another there that will take me to her place then reverse coming home! My anxiety is off the charts with this! I only had to do this one time before! That's when I went to RC's place and the driver was late picking me up on the return which made me late for my pick up with the other company! They have to get me home but if things don't go right it means a lot of WAITING for "the ride"to correct the wrongs! 

12.4.15 after 5.15 pm

I took a ride to Wg's to check on meds and get some things! I was out of protein shakes, they're not only good for me they sooth my trout too! I needed Coke zero too! That left me with just a little over $50 in my debit account! I guess it's really my checking account but I very rarely write a check but I'm always paying for things with my master money(debit) card!  

12.13.15 around 9pm

I tried to organize all my older cell phones matching the charger to the phone today! I got one phone completed! I've still got two phones without a matching charging cord! I should look into getting some cash for some and just keep the matching phone charger as a spare in case I loose my I phone! I spoke with Maura today and I'm gonna go over her place Saturday! All the way to Lexington! She says she has a computer now, my plan is to go there and teach her how she can do some things with it! She is a survivor as well, I can show her how it helps me then if she wants those things like fb, online calendar, "the ride",checking and booking trips, email ins and outs, blogging! I may take a ride to Wg's tomorrow to get some food stuffs and check on meds so I don't need to do that Saturday!

12.1.15 around 6pm

I'm really impressed with the sound quality from my wireless speaker I went to and started pricing home wireless speaker systems! They a system that comes with two speakers and a subwoofer for only $160! I believe a subwoofer is a key element to have a premium sound system! I've still gutta get to getting more of my tunes from cd to digital but who's in a rush :)! I've still gutta get my tablet working with the wireless speaker I already have cause I'm gonna use that to store all my tunes! I'm just worred about taking up too much space on my I phone! Those speakers at Wm are Sony speakers too! This survivor is gonna build a premium wireless sound system!

12.1.15 after 4.45pm

My angsioty with my impending surgery continues! I sent Joann from south shore urology an email this morning inquiring if anything's been set up yet! I'm supposed to have something implanted in my kidney so it gets totally drained! I've yet to receive a response to my mail! I guess I could land line them but, I'm not a phone guy! This is something I've gutta understand completely and with my memory and lack of writing skills, I depend on email! I've just gutta deal with it all, lord knows this survivor can deal with a lot of issues! What's one more!

12.1.15 after 8.30am

For some reason I had a severe lack of motivation this morning so I'm not gonna do hics today :(! The main reason I'm having the lack is not knowing when I'm gonna have all the procedures I need to get done then my next surgery! I can't live without knowing whats ahead of me so I tried emailing the contact for surgery and forgot her email address. That's another plus about doing all my work through email! My email program saves addresses! I've just gutta know how it starts, character wise! I thought her name was Maureen so I started with the character m and nothing came up @south shore urology so I typed in south shore urology in the search mail option and found out it wasn't Maureen it was Joann@ssurology! I sent Joann an email and cced KJ a copy! This survivor knows exactly what he MUST do to continue to lead my very successful independent life :)!