Monday, October 16, 2017

10.16.17 after 7.10pm

I don't know how to react to being told a nurse is gonna visit Monday then dosn't,no call,nothing! It's really no big deal but I'm living with a severe brain injury and I try to be ready for every situation I'm part of! I've gutta gather all my thoughts and focus on each individual situation! That tends to get me very neuro fatigued!

10.16.17 around 9am

I thought I was gonna be without power today cause they were gonna be working on the system but not yet! I never got a call from a nurse last night so I've gutta think she's not showing. I tend to get overwhelmed when things don't go as I thought!

Sunday, October 15, 2017


I was told Monday by the nurse who came over that she would be back on Monday.I asked will I get a call Sunday night confirming this?She said I would! No call nothing tonight, puts me in limbo so I'm just gonna go about living as normal! Tomorrow is laundry day but I hear the electricity is gonna be shut off for 8hrs!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

10.14.17 around 9pm

Guess I haven't blogged for a bit,mainly cause I've been a little busy and frustraited! I got emencely frustraited yesterday cause nurse was coming to visit! Monday I got a call Sunday night confirming the visit and she came at 7.30am! No call this time and she didn't show till well after 10am! My anxioty get bad when I don't know exactly the way things are gonna go! I was supposed to have a homemaker come at 12.30 pm! Now I'm anxious the nurse won't be done in time! She checked all my vitals and they were all fantastic.Then my breathing and that sounded great! I'm waiting for a homemaker and it gets to be around 1.30 pm! My anxioty is real high at this point so I call the agency and say wtf! It seems she got hung up at the job b4 me and can't make it to me!I then worked on paying all my bills that went great! The ones I've got issues making the web sites work for me I did with limited issues! Then I did a peapod order. I didn't do one last month so I figured I needed everything! The order came today and I've realy gutta do better on this! I got all the frozen stuff away, but now I'm even stuggling to fit all my stuffs in my cabinets! Well I got it all away! One traite  I pocess is great determination:)!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

10.11.17 after 1.30pm

A nurse came by this morning and she checked my vitals which of course were great! Then looked at my rug burns said they look good. Then wanted to see my corn and check my feet. I took off my sneaks and socks she said they look fine then I struggled to put my socks on quick cause KJ was now due and she dosn't like feet! I got done in the nick of time! Now I'm waiting for my 3pm pickup time to go to hicks!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

10.10.17 around 9pm

I've been to hics today and that was brain stimulating! I got a text earlier from the person who runs the studies at Spaulding rehab in Boston Ma. I had a difficult time processing the infomation in the text so I asked KJ if she could help! We never got to it though! I get home to my cell phone ringing! It was that person! I started a study while I was an in pationt there so this was part of it. She asked things about how I'm living now, things I need help with and how I feel about it! She also asked about my state of mind! If I was happy with the way my life is going now! I had to compare how it was before my tbi to present day! Really there is no comparison! I got my tbi on 4/14/02, in 01 I had my best year finachialy, I made a little over $150,000 so I was living the high life :)!The good thing about the call is I get paid $60 for ten minites on the phone :)! Yesterday someone came over to talk about starting therapy again. We talked for a bit and mutually came to the conclusion what a I really need is a nurse to periodicaly come over to make sure I'm staying healthy! Tomorrow a nurse is coming by at 7.30 am! She 1st asked for 7am! Tomorrow I've got the nurse then KJ then I'm goin to hics for fall themed trivia night :)!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

10.8.17 after 7.45pm

Redsox win :)! They won BIG today! They gutta keep up this awsome hitting attack though! Price is earning his keep from the bullpen too :)!

10.8.17 4.40pm

I know this is football Sunday but after franticly serching for the Pats game I googled New England Patriots and was reminded they played Thursday night! I'm telling you living with a brain injury sux! I'm thankful of all the tools I have to make it bareable though!

10.8.17 after 11am

Sunday my day of rest! When your living with a traumatic brain injury there really in no day of rest though! I've got to focus hard on everything I'm doing to have a chance of being successful at anything I do! Simple things are big projects now! I've accepted that so I can now live a happy life, happy but very hard!

Friday, October 6, 2017

10.6.17 around noon

Got a call from a therapy place last night, called my cell and couldn't ansewer it b4 vm did, called the # back, was therapy saying someone is coming today around now to do like an intake!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

10.5.17 after 9.10pm

The speakers today at our conference were living with a brain injury too! They were all very successful living with their tbi, one emphasized education about brain injury! I couldn't agree more. I remember 1st getting on the internet after my brain injury the first thing I did was do a search on traumatic brain injury!  I gutta live with a severe brain injury for the rest of my life, I've gutta learn all I can about living with tbi!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

10.4.14 after 8am

KJ in making a home visit this morning then lata I'm doing Dave & Busters for dinna and planning for rec events for November! 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

10.3.17 around 8.30pm

I've been to hics today :)! It's always a great day when I have hics cause the staff is always very positive and that's the kind of people I like being around! This was the 1st time using my new scooter to do hics! It performed very well :)! Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit in the morning then I'm gonna go to "Dave&Busters for rec, dinna and planning for November! I think I'm gonna do some air hockey while I'm there :)!

Monday, October 2, 2017

10.2.17 close to noon

Something unusual happened this morning! "The ride" called and asked if I still needed a trip to my appt. Makes me think they will screw up going to see the nurse practitioner at my pcp's office! I've got a 2.39 pick up then a 5.15 return pick up! I get real anxious when I use this then when something unusual happens I get super anxious!  

Saturday, September 30, 2017

9.30.17 near 9pm

Today I got my trips for next week all scheduled, made some dinna, did a trash run. That is so much easier now that I've got a working scooter! Parts of this task is still chalenging for me though like tying off the handle tye bag. My hands don't work together well so tying a knot gives me a hard time but I'm always successful:)! Tomorrow I'm gonna have to do laundry cause Monday I've got an appt. to see a nurse at my pcp's office! I gutta try to not get so anxious about things that's why I plan on doing laundry tomorrow! I gutta squeeze in a Wg's scoot too!  

9.30.17 after noon

I guess I'm more banged up than I thought! I got up today with pain in my ribs worse than yesterday! I get sharp pains when I cough! I've gutta beat this pain though! I just gutta think I've been through much worse than this! I can overcome! Wg's called and said a script was ready but the weather doesn't seem conducive for a scoot to Wg's today! I've got an appt. to see the nurse practitioner at my pcp's office Monday, thanks to KJ! Monday is my laundry day though, I think I'm gonna have to do it tomorrow! That means I gutta do laundry and find a way to scoot to Wg's! I'll do it, I can do any and everything I need to :)! I've got my new scooter so I can do a Wg's scoot and this scooter seems real strong! Today I should book all my trips for next week!  

Friday, September 29, 2017

9.29.17 after 1.15pm

My new scooter arrived this morning and did very well on it's maiden voyage! I only scooted to the store but I went up the hill on technical park dr and had full power when I got home :)! It seemed to move better too, absorbing the bumps and potholes better than my last! I believe all the parts are interchangeable too! Now I gutta stow away my old scooter in a closet out of the way! I thought I paid for a technician to come with it but only the driver came and he knew squat about this and couldn't help me with the batteries on my bike :(! I'll try again myself to make the right connections but not till much lata!  

Thursday, September 28, 2017

9.28.17 after 9.30am

I fell Wednesday morning. I didn't get hurt too bad just a lot of rug burn and aggravated my busted ribs a bit! I went to hics last night too! I should have rested up but went to the store near hics using my walker and got real fatigued just walking about 50yds! KJ was making a home visit yesterday too and I could hear the door buzzer going off but couldn't get up to let her in! The typical "I've fallen and can't get up ". Me being me wasn't wearing my lifeline but after a lot of struggling was able to get myself up! I was butt naked after getting out of the shower too so I quickly put on pants just in time cause KJ called the police or 911 to make a wellness call! I was gonna do hics today and then go to my muscle tone doctor but I just couldn't deal with the pain of my clothes rubbing against my rug burn :(! This is where my scooter would be a big help! The good thing is I got home last night to a voice mail saying my new scooter will be arriving on Friday btw 8-1! I saved the tel# in notepad which was very smart cause I forgot to say "it may take a while to answer the door buzzer" so I called that # this morning and relayed that to them! They said they'd look at the battery installation on my bike too! So maybe tomorrow my two forms of transportation wall be up and running and my freedom will again be increased:)!  

Monday, September 25, 2017

9.25.17 around 9pm

My scooter having broke down really makes it harder to complete all the tasks I need to :(! I did a trash run today using my walker! That exhausted me big time! I had to think of my walking, balance, making sure the trash didn't spill! Then I had to get laundry done! I used to put the laundry in my scooter to get it down to the laundry room. Today I had to put my bulkie hamper on my walker then very gingerly get it to the laundry room not dropping it all! Well this survivor was successful on all counts :)! Now I gutta make something to eat! 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

9.24.17 after 11pm

I finally got my Bose wireless speaker to play my tunes on Itunes:)! I had to get an app, bose app! Then pair it with my Iphone! This is the best wireless speaker I've got! I've got a speaker with a subwoofer in it and not even close to the sound quality  I'm getting out of the Bose :)!

9.24.17 around 3pm

I remembered the one task I needed to get done today, call "the ride" and book Thursday's trips! I go to hics then Braintree rehab for my shots of Botox! I tried doing it online but "the ride's" web site wouldn't cooperate with me!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

9.23.17 around 7.30pm

I've been able to accomplish all the tasks I needed to today plus some! I've been able to scoot to the store. My new scooter can't come quick enough though! I can't keep pushing this one but the times it works is a big help to me! I've pushed it 1/2 way to the store then all the way home b4 but I need reliable transportation! Thats why I broke down and purchased a new scooter! The exact same as the one I've got now so the parts are interchangeable :)! Now time to make a late dinna :)!

9.23.17 near 5pm

I've been to Wg's via "the ride"! I think this scooter has had it! I made it to the store earlier but I had to do a lot of pushing to get it on the van! The return trip driver said he should have refused to pick me up! I can understand it must look dangerous a disabled man getting off his scooter and pushing the thing. Thing is I know my limits and stay within them! 

9.23.17 around 12.20pm

I've just taken a scoot to the store limping my scooter along but made it! Now I've got "the ride" coming to take me to Wg's cause I'm anxious bout my scooter!I've always been able to get it to go but when it stops my anxioty hits new levels!I think I'll try scooting home from Wg's anyway though!

Friday, September 22, 2017

9.22.17 8pm

My keyboard was "fing up" on me, used to happen  more frequently in Scituate this is the 1st time at my castle :)! I saved a lot of them seeing if idle time would rejuvenate them! I found one that works after trying a few! Tomorrow I've got a trip booked to Wg's but I'll see how my scooter performs then maybe I'll scoot home! I bought  a new scooter yesterday and got the white glove delivery! I took my scooter to hics yesterday  and it kept on stopping! KJ researched it and found my best deal! After I got done with the order it still cost me ova a grand! Mainly cause I got white glove delivery! That means someone from Pride mobility delivers it, puts it together, makes sure I can operate it then takes all the trash away! I learned this is the way to go after my bike got delivered! Maybe I can get the technician to connect the bateries  on my bike too :)!  

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

9.20.17 1.45

KJ made was here and  now g0ng t meet hcs at B0stn b0wl!G0t keyboard problems, some characters don't work! D0 what  can with spell check but ths sx!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

9.19.17 arnd 9

Couldn't du hcs cause gt Fed by "the rde"! Was gettng  30 mins late, called was told " haven't got a driver   that can  get there yet!:( !

Monday, September 18, 2017

9.18.17 after 9m

Saw my dr. today and he says everything looks great !He dd bld work and dd an x-ray my chest. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

9.17.17 around 8pm

My scooter seems to have bitten the dust :(! I had to carry the trash out using my walker! It was only tiring but successful! Tomorrow I've got an appt. with my pcp. After that I've got no clue as to what I'm doing cause my pocket calendar is blank cause KJ was out the day of our home visit, feel beta KJ. I sent emails to try to find out guess I'm gonna have to landline the office tomorrow too. I gutta landline the MBTA too! I've only got enough left in my ride account for one round trip. I paid all my bills but forgot to add value to my ride account! I researched new scooters too! I've still gutta take the cover off the transaxle to see if visibly I can see anything wrong cause one like this costs about a grand now!  

Saturday, September 16, 2017

9.16.17 around 11.40am

I've been kinda lax on blogging lately that's cause I've been busy :)! I wish I could find a place local that has karaoke! I like feeling like a rock star! I love all the comments I receive when I share them with fb. Today I should scoot to Wg's but I'm concerned bout my scooter! Last time it didn't perform well at all, I had to push it a way then a neighbor stopped,got a car, drove my scooter and I home! I could do a peapod order too! I didn't do one last month so I'm due ! Also I could work on getting my bike operational! I've just gutta finish the battery instal! Today I think I'm gonna work on my forms of transportation!    

Monday, September 11, 2017

9.11.17 after 11.30am

Today I'm gonna see my podiatrist! He will shave off the nasty corn that reappears it seems just after I leave his office :(!

Monday, September 4, 2017

9.4.17 after noon

Misplaced  aggression,it makes you put walls up to prevent that from ever happening again. I was chatting with a fb friend that got in money diffs cause of bad choices . He wasn't clear in exactly how bad it was but he started attacking the way I lead my life before my tbi and now. Maybe it's jealousy or envy. I'm living with tbi and control my   funds very well on a fixed income. I'm leaning toward envy. 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

9.3.17 after 6.30pm

Seems we are living in dangerous times. We could go to sleep at night only to be vaporized in our sleep. I'm really concerned about N.Korea. 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

9.2.17 after 9am

I was gonna do Nantasket beach in Hull Ma with a friend,via "the ride" today but today's weather is far from conducive to do so. Now I should do my normal Saturday Wg's scoot.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

8.16.17 around 9pm

I've had a great day!KJ made a home visit this morning and helped me to pay off my amazone chase visa card! Then tonight I met hics at Castle island in S.Boston Ma. I got a chance to try my new cam in my new Iphone! I can't take the credit for the pics though. KJ saw me having issues getting my hands working together and offered to take some pics for me :)!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

8.12.17 after 9pm

I scooted to Wg's today and forgot coffee,coffee creamer and dinna stuffs! I'm gonna try not doing a peapod order this month! I've got the means to but I've gutta use up the things I have! Needless to say I've gutta go back tomorrow! I've also gutta do that urine collection tomorrow!

Friday, August 11, 2017

8.11.17 after 6.50pm

My new Iphone came this afternoon :)! So I've been checkin it out and loading all my stuff from my old Iphone! It's really kinda simple cause I just connect it to my desktop and everything gets transferred from the last backup! Now I gutta do dinna :)! 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

8.8.17 around 9.50am

I just got a landline from "the ride" asking if I can get there myself! I knew I'd have trouble this morning cause all last night the web site listed me as waitlist! That means I'm put on willcall the day of my trip! My luck with this is not food :(! good typo

Monday, August 7, 2017

8.7.17 after 1pm

I couldn't get motivated to start that urine collection today either! I do gutta do laundry though and I  gutta put value on my card.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

8.6.17 after 10.30

I've had a good day :)! The best part was spending qt with my blond friend at D&D's:)! I'm happy when I'm with her! Tomorrow I gutta do that piss collection and laundry,ugg!

8.6.17 around 2.30pm

I couldn't get myself mentally prepared to do my urine collection today! I've gutta stay around tomorrow to do laundry so it's a better day! I'm gonna go to D&D's with a friend lata!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

8.5.17 around 2pm

I finally got my tail in gear and are ready to scoot to Wg's :)!

8.5.17 around 11am

I'm sleeping very well I believe my ribs are all healed up :)! Tomorrow is gonna be a day I've gutta stay home to do a 24 hr urine collection for the kidney doc. It's kinda complicated with all the steps it requires to do it properly, KJ helped me to understand  what I've gutta do and when but I'm still very anxious about it! Two things I'm prone to forget are, shake the jug up before pouring in the tube I send off and write start and stop times! There is more I've gutta remember too like putting the preservative in before and the thing it came in, record the amount for 24hrs. I'm telling you leading my life is a full time job to do it successfully :)!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

8.1.17 around 9pm

I did hics today :)! Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit after 8.30am then I'm gonna meet hics at the Clambox in Quincy for dinna and planning! I'm hoping a good band is playing across the street for the Wollaston concert series! 

Monday, July 31, 2017

7.31.17 around 8.30 pm

I did laundry today! As I struggle getting it all away after its been through the dryer I'm reminded of all who had no faith that this survivor could be successful living a total independent life! I've gutta say I do much better than some non-injured ones! 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

7.30.17 around 9.15pm

Today I was able to scoot to Wg's and get a script filled, get a few other tuffs too! Tomorrow is laundry day, ugg! The good thing is this survivor CAN do it all by himself :)!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

7.27.17 nearing 9pm

I went to Braintree rehab to get my pump filled with the med, from there I went to Beth Israel deaconess for a doctors visit and they had no record of a visit in my name! The man at the front desk did his best to try and help me but he couldn't find anything in the computer! So I had to wait over an hour for my return trip home! I made it though :)! 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I'm doing hics today :)! Right now they are saying the weekend will be rainy but it's only Tuesday, a lot can change before the weekend! I've got a great start on getting color this year, a friend and I were talking about doing nantasket beach via "the ride this weekend :)! It seems when I go to the beach I get darker quicker :) 

Monday, July 24, 2017

7.24.17 afer4.15pm

I started my laundry, it's in the dryer now, be done around 5pm! Then the chalenging part!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

7.22.17 around 9am

Today I'm doing lunch with my hot blond friend via "the ride" at the clambox in Quincy Ma. Gonna get some rays ;)!

Friday, July 21, 2017

7.21.17 getting near 8pm

It's hot on this 3rd floor apt! I think I gutta turn the ac on :(! Tomorrow a hot blond friend and I are gonna do lunch at the Clam shack in Quincy Ma. Maybe this time I'll see some Harley brothers I used to know!;)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

7.20.17 after 7.30pm

Today I had a lot going on! Yesterday though KJ made a home visit along with SC the newest staff member. It seems this survivor is the model client at hics:)! Today was hics then had my driver drop me at Wg's, then my homemaker was over! Now I gutta do another late dinna! 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I stubbed my toe with the corn on it earlier today and it was giving me quite a bit of pain! That sux, I was going bowling tonight but I'm having difficulty even ambulating around this apartment! I had to cancel going bowling and ice my toe :(!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

7.18.17 around 8.10pm

I had hics today! I had penmanship group where we practice writing! I'm not the only one who's brain injury took away the ability to write legibly! There are many of us who struggle with this :(! The good thing at least once a week I work on my writing skills :)! We had vocation  group where we discuss getting a job! I'm still WAITING for mrc to get in touch with me! I don't need to work, I do very well on SSDI it would just give me something productive to do, little extra cash wouldn't hurt too! Finished the day off with team building with KJ!  She always gets us working our brains! I'm just about ready to go back to the YMCA! Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit and calling the YMCA is on the kj list! I've got a vm I've gutta have her listen to as well! The information just comes too fast for this survivor to be able to create a notepad file on! Tomorrow night I'm meeting hics at Boston bowl! We will see how my toe and ribs do after a little exercise!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

7.16.17 getting near 11pm

I scooted to Wg's today to get a med I was getting low on, was told the script had expired! They call the doc to get it renewed! I'm very happy with the service I get at Wg's! Tomorrow I've got an appt. with the kidney doc. I've gutta put a landline in to meals on wheels! For some reason I haven't got a meal in days! Time to rest my brain now so gn all :). 

7.16.17 around 11.45am

I've gutta get to Wg's today. I was gonna go yesterday but a wire came off the charger to my scooter and I didn't make it to the store and back without having to push it quite a ways :(! I made sure all the wires were good last night!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

7.15.17 after 10.15am

Today is KJ's birthday! This is the one who deserves a ton of credit for helping this tbi survivor to lead a very successful independent life! Happy birthday KJ!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

7.5.17 around 9.30am

KJ couldn't make it this morning, she's coming Friday! The only thing I've gutta get done is I've got a vm with an apt on it, just need it written in my pocket calendar! I do have a nurse from the vna coming, I'll ask if they can. If not I'll try on my own. Tonight I'm meeting hics at the Clambox in Quincy! I used to hang across the road with my Harley! Maybe see an old friend :)! 

Friday, June 30, 2017

6.30.17 after 7pm

Today I took a scoot to the store around noon and I've been resting my ribs pretty much all day! Now to make a late dinna :)!

6.30.17 after 10.30am

I went to my uncle Ralph's service yesterday and I'm trying to process all that happened! It was great to  see cousins I haven't seen in so long, just trying to think of what was said and done is so hard for this survivor!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

6.28.17 around 10.10am

KJ was over and it was a great home visit! I usually create a notepad of things I could use help with but work my memory trying to remember it all without referring to it! This is part of always trying to work my brain! Oh and I do well with this too! I had to call my care manager at CCA about some dental work that was denied! I don't have her email so I had to call, now I gutta WAIT for a return call! KJ thinks she's got it, she'll mail it to me then I'll send a mail to my care manager and have nothing else I can do about this matter until she responds :)!

6.28.17 nearing 8.30am

KJ makes a home visit then a nurse is coming at 11.30am then hics for casino night!

Monday, June 26, 2017

nearing 6pm

I got in to  a discussion on a friends page about Mikael McCarthy being found guilty of 2nd degree murder! I just believe anyone who hurts a defenseless child should be persecuted to the furthest extent of the law! Now I gutta do dinna.

6.26.17 around 9.30am

Today I've got a podiatrist appt. then Peopod is delivering my food order btw 5-7 pm! This survivor is still in mega pain :(! Hopefully I get rid of some this morning but I'm still bothered immensely by my busted ribs :(!  

Saturday, June 24, 2017

6.24.17 after 7.30pm

I'm still dealing with mega pain :(! I've still gutta get to Wg's to get my vitamins, alive and v c 1,000 mgs! I did book all my trips for the week today and this wks trips cost almost $30! I've got a podiatrist and dentist apt this wk! I am a higher functioning tbi survivor! I'm living a very successful independent life and I know how to use my supports and tools that keep me independent:)!

Friday, June 23, 2017

6.23.17 nearing 5.15pm

I scooted to Wg's and the store this afternoon with my ribs and foot giving me pain! I think I'm learning to work with the pain..

6.23.17 around 11.30am

I'm getting sick of being in so much pain! It's stopping me from doing things I want to  :(! I do have to scoot to the store this morning and maybe Wg's!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

6.20.17 around 8pm

I couldn't do hics today there is no getting away from this awful pain! Tomorrow there's bowling and dinna, I'm praying I get some sleep tonight!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

6.17.17 after 7.30

I was reading a fb friend's page and they were talking about "the ride" so I had to chime in my opinions! This guy had to use it to get to his appts and had said how unreliable it is! I asked what he has for ins. He is a vet and on vets insurance but he's gonna get Mass health so I told him they would pay for trans to and from docs appts! My experience though it's not any more reliable but it will be an option for him! Now to make a late dinna.

6.17.17 around 7pm

I'm still dealing with lots of pain from my busted ribs:(! I've gutta find a way to alternate my brains focus on this awful pain, but it's not easy:(

6.17.17 after 1pm

Today I've gutta get my tail in gear and scoot to Wg's!

Friday, June 16, 2017

6.16.17 after 6.30pm

I took a wet scoot to the store! I didn't realize it was raining so badly, I didn't even have a coat on drying out now then I gutta make some dinna.

Monday, June 12, 2017

6.12.17 around 8.15pm

I've been busy today! First I needed to add value to my "the ride" account to book the rest of my trips for the week! Then I had pt and worked on walking without an assistive device (walker) and did well! Then did laundry after putting it all away lied down on my bed and zoned out for a few hours, took a much needed nap! I fired up the ac and it's very comfortable here :).  

6.12.17 around 11am

Renee my pt was here and now I got a call from a nurse who is coming now.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Today hics had the spring fling @ Florian hall in Dorchester Ma. I couldn't do as much dancing as I would have liked to cause of my busted ribs and sore toe but I did get some! KJ owned the dance floor! She never got down from it. I was a little disappointed the dj didn't play many songs from my playlist but still good tunes! An old staff member came too! DM my former case manager! It was great to be able to talk with the man responsible for me regaining my freedom :)! 

Friday, June 9, 2017

6.9.17 after 8pm

walflowers "one headlight"
cory hart "never surender", sunglasses at night"
bonnie tyler "total eclipse of the heart"
pink "lets get this party started"
live "lightning crashes
night ranger "sister christien"
goo goo dolls "iris"
soul asylem "runaway train"
bon jovie "wanted dead or alive"
Ted Nugent "cat scratch fever"

Tomorrow I've got the spring fling at florian hall in Dorchester Ma. These are some tunes I wanna hear :)

6.9.17 around 5.10pm

I asked both the ot and nurse if they think I'm a higher functioning tbi survivor! They both said YES :)! I just need to know all my hard work shows :)!

6.9.17 well after 3pm

I mentioned to the nurse of my difficulty picking up a script for my pain med. She got right on the phone with Granite medical and asked them to snail mail it to me!

6.9.17 around 3pm

I had an ot and nurse come here today! Ot was an evaluation! My therapists just try and think of ways of making my independent life easier! These people know it must be very hard for me to do all that I do so they offer ideas and show me products to help me with my struggles :)! 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

6.8.17 near 7.30pm

I've been to the scooper bowl in Boston today. That was so much fun, all the ice cream I can eat and hics paid :)! I've got some issues getting a med for these sharp rib pains! They can't call the script in to Wg's cause it's a narcotic, it's ready at granite medical but I'd have to book rides here to get it! All I've got to ease my pain from busted ribs is Motrin and Tylenol! I'm hoping I can control my brain to ease it now :(! Now I gutta make something to eat.  

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

6.7.17 nearing 11.30am

I've been busy this morning. KJ was ova for a home visit then a pt came over to evaluate me. It seems after I had that bad fall my insurance wants to make sure I'm safe! Renee is gonna start coming on Mondays @12.30pm! That's great, it is another way to work on me :)!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

6.6.17 around 1pm

I couldn't do hics today cause of this awful pain in my ribs:(! I had issues last night getting sleep! I can't let this pain get the better of me! It really hurts bad though!

Monday, June 5, 2017

6.5.17 around 9am

I've got some orders being delivered today! I think one is coming via UPS, maybe all! I hope so cause the driver has a key to the blding and leaves the package by my apartment door! My ribs still are causing me a lot of pain :(!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

6.4.17 afer 8.30pm

I had a nuked pizza for dinna :)! Ive got two deliveries I'm told are coming tomorrow!One from, and one from! I was speaking with MR and she told me that her computer got taken at the group home she lives at. She has a birthday coming, I was able to get a notebook at Wm for $115! Now I gutta get over there to give it to her. I've got a cordless drill with a bit set and Amy Zelmer's book coming from Amazone!

6.4.17 around 6pm

I've been resting my ribs today watching the sox win! I can't really get comfortable though! I try and find a position that's comfortable then move slightly and get these awful  sharp pains in my rib cage :(! Now to make some dinna.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

6.3.17 around 8.30am

My ribs are still causing me a lot of pain:(! I've taken a vike (pain med) hopefully that will help! It sux though, I've got a minimally fractured rib on my right side then four busted ribs on my left! Life is a struggle but I know struggles!  I've asked a friend to go to Lenard Skinner with me but no response yet.

Friday, June 2, 2017

6.2.17 after 11am

I'm still in pain from my busted ribs :(! I sleep okay though thanks to a 800mg IBUPROFEN! Today is some anniversary of the Beatles sgnt peppers album! It's weird, I remember it 1st coming out and I have issues remembering an hour ago :(! 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

6.1.17 around 4pm

I missed my podiatrist appointment this morning now my right little toe is causing me lots of pain! I can deal with this though, rib pain makes my brain focus on my ribs. The nurse was over and cked all my vitals, they were all good, my breathing sounded great too so I'm on the mend :)! I took a scoot to the store too!

6.1.17 around 9.30am

I had an appointment with my podiatrist this morning but my rib pain was making it so it is way too painful to even sit still:(! I'm praying I get some sort of relief soon! I do have to get to the store but I've got a nurse coming at 10.30 am!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

5.31.17 around 6.45pm

I was gonna go to Dave&Busters for dinna and planning for rec events for June but I twisted my body and got massive pain in my ribs :(. I thought it would be best to take a pain med and try to ease my pain! 

5.31.17 after 10.45am

KJ was ova with the newest staff member for her 2nd visit to my place :)! I look at this as quite an honor to be chosen as the client to take all new staff to see what is done at home visits! I'm one that works hard on progressing and I guess it shows! I'm the model survivor :) 

5.31.17 after 8.15am

KJ is making a home visit this morning then I was gonna meet hics at dave and busters for dinna and planning for rec events but I have no ride scheduled :(! My ribs still are causing me great pain! I got my Botox shots yesterday but that doesn't help rib pain!  

Monday, May 29, 2017

5.29.17 after 2pm

I'm trying to muster up the strength just to go down and check the value on my laundry card! This is unbelievable pain!

5.29.17 around 11am

I'm thinking there's not enough laundry to do to spend the $4 to do it, and I've got enough to last the week! If need be I'll have my homemaker start it, if she shows!

5.29.17 after 8am

Today I gutta get laundry done! This is gonna be harder cause my ribs are killing me!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

5.28.17 7.20pm

I scooted to Wg's and the store today! They say rain tomorrow, it makes for a good day to do laundry, agg!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

5.27.17 after 9.30pm

Redsox win :)! A magnificent performance by Brian Johnson! Then I watched cruising New England and started dreaming about if I didn't get a tbi. I would either buy or rent a garage and collect cars and bikes! No child support to pay now so that would be $521 a week to play with :)!

5/27/17 after 2.30pm

I'm not making it to Wg's today! I'll go tomorrow cause Monday is the new laundry day :)!

5.27.17around 10.15am

I'm still in mega pain :(! I sleep okay though! Today when I get my tail going I gutta scoot to Wg's, check on meds, then get some stuffs :)!

Friday, May 26, 2017

5.26.17 around 11am

I took an Ibuprofen 600mgs last night and it seemed to help me sleep soundly:)! I got up, started moving around and all the pain came rushing back :(! Today I've gutta get my tail going and scoot to the store!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

5.25.17 after 9.15pm

Today a nurse came ova to check on me! She checked all my vital sighs, listened to my breathing, asked me if I had any pain, I sad yes, I'm in a lot of pain! I did say the new pain med helps ever so slightly though! Best part of today was chatting with my not so little princess!

5.25.17 around 8.30am

I got up this morning, started moving around, and the pain begun to increase so bad I had to cancel hics today :(! I've taken an opioid to try to make it somewhat bearable! I've gutta try and alternate my concentration to something other than this awful pain!  

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

5.23.17 around 7am

This is so hard, trying to function with busted ribs! I'm gonna try to do hics today but I'm finding it so hard to move! I didn't sleep well last night too.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

5.14.17 after noon

"Mothers of the world, ovation and celebration, may this day be yours" I wish I could take credit for this quote but it was what Alexia said after I said "good morning" to her. I still miss mine, she passed before I accomplished my greatest goal, to get back total independence! I take pride in the fact I was able to make her proud as she left the flesh by saying and writing that speech I gave at her service. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

5.13.17 around 11pm

Peapod finally arrived at 8.30pm then I had to put it all away! Then make myself some dinna. So today I've taken a scoot to Wg's, they called and asked if I want to get a refill on one of my meds, I said "yes" they said it would be ready Sunday so I said to the pharmacist can I get that now? Tomorrow they say rain! I picked up two meds today. My order from stop&shop came,  then put all the stuffs away and I ran out of freezer space so the items that could overflowed to the fridge! This survivor has been on the go all day!  

5.13.17 around 8pm

I'm still waiting for peapod to bring my order! It's supposed to come before 9pm! I've still gutta eat some dinna too!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

5.9.17 8.30-9pm

s o 69,This an activity we did today! We had a hint, is a song and who's the artist? I got this before she got done writing it! Summer of "69" by Bryon Adams :)! We do types of stuff like this all the time, it's exercising our brains :)! Carmen starts coming on Tuesdays next week not today. She'll be here on Thursday this week! Tomorrow, KJ makes a home visit then I'm going to hics for karaoke night! I wanna do "counting blue cars" by Dishwalla and "the old apartment"  by bnl! Should be fun :)!

5.9.17 7.30-8am

I've got hics today! Then my homemaker is gonna come.

Monday, May 8, 2017

5.8.17 nearing 9pm

I never got to doing laundry today but I spoke with my homemaker on Friday or Saturday she is gonna come on Tuesdays from now on. I'll have Carmen start it then I'll get it after it's done drying. Tomorrow I'm going to hics :)! Thursday after hics I've got a doctors appointment right across the street from hics! Lets see if they get this right, the last time I saw this doctor at this place they went to hics looking for me! Lets hope it doesn't happen again! 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

5.7.17 around 10.20pm

I was thinking today, I wonder if assistive technology would come over and help me to network all my devises so they could file share! I do know there is some way utilizing my wireless network! Most everything is on my desktop but it would be so cool if I'm away from it I could use my Iphone to look up a file on my desktop :)! I'll ask KJ see what she thinks :)!
  Laundry day has officially been moved to Monday! A friend always says to me "why ruin your weekend by doing laundry on Sunday? I did it then cause I used to have the YMCA on Monday! I'm still waiting on my membership so I have it free now! I did some cleaning today, remembered I needed to book one trip today, made dinna, had Ellios frozen pizza! That is so much better when cooked in the oven then nuked! The biggest accomplishment today was remembering I needed to call "the ride" to book one return trip :)!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

5.3.17 after 9.20pm

Today has been a full day! Started with KJ's home visit! I was perfecto on filling my med box again, must be 7-8 weeks in a row now :)! Tonight I met hics at Applebee's in N.Quincy for dinna and planning! Tomorrow I plan to go to hics. Then when I get home I'm gonna file a complaint with "the ride" for that "f" up with Tuesday's trips! I'm gonna "cc" KJ, the MBTA directly, my state rep, state senator, congressman, and anyone else who comes to mind! I'm real angered about this poor excuse for a service taking advantage of me!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

5.2.17 after 4.30pm

It got to be well after10am then I called and canceled my trips to hics:(! Now I'm neuro exhausted trying to deal with "The ride"!

5.2.17 nearing 10am

My ride was late this morning (go figure) so they called  me and said "we had many drivers call in sick  today and we're gonna have to put you on will  call". This sux, almost every time I'm put on will call my ride seems to never materialize!

Monday, May 1, 2017

5.1.17 after 8.15am

I'm looking at my hamper and there just doesn't seem to be enough there to constitute spending $4 to do a load! I'm gonna skip it for now, if I am running low I can always have my homemaker start it on Thursday! Now I've freed up my day. I could use some things from Wgs, maybe that's what I'll do for today. I've checked my trips for this week and didn't find any discrepancies, my bank accounts are fine, this survivor is doing everything right in leading a successful independent life:)! 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

4.30.17 after 4.30pm

I'm changing laundry day from Sunday to Monday! I just can't seem to get motivated today. I did book my trips for the week though! That too was troubling though. Wednesday I'm going to Applebee's for rec! I know I've taken "the ride" there before but it wasn't in my destinations so I had to use the landline to do this trip! It took 4x as long calling than it took doing two trips online!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

4.29.17 around 11pm

Today I scooted to the store 1st thing after I had my shower and coffee :)! Then I got in to watching season five of Jag! That is so fascinating to me! I guess its cause it is all about the truth! I'm always interested in the truth, I'm an honest man I expect the same from people I come in contact with!

Friday, April 28, 2017

4.28.17 around 11am

I'm working on processing all that has gone on the last few days! I'm  finding it very difficult to remember exactly what I did :(! I do know one thing. This survivor has gutta give himself a lot of credit for getting to all the places I've gutta be! I don't drive yet so I'm dependent on "the ride" to provide me transportation! That entails setting up an account with "the ride", making sure my account has enough value in it to be able to pay for all the trips I need week to week and at $3.15 a trip one way it goes fast! I can either call a toll free # or do it online through "the rides" web site! Doing it online I've gutta have the places I'm going stored in my account! This new site seems to be very user friendly! It saves all the places I've been in my destinations! I live by my pocket calendar! If it's not written in my pc chances are I won't book a trip for an appointment!  I've been at this for a long time now so I know myself well! It's only when I'm thrown a curve ball and my routine changes am I prone to make a mistake! I'm giving myself credit for leading a very successful independent life living with a severe traumatic brain injury!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

4.27.17 around 9.15pm

I've been to hics and I had the group peer tbi! HH is doing very well running this group! Today we were asked "what do you say when asked what's it like living with brain a injury"? I shared what I say about my balance issues! It's like walking around while an earthquake is happening! It just seems like the ground or floor is constantly moving! I also find it very difficult to be sure of anything! Carmen (my homemaker) also came today!

Monday, April 24, 2017

4.24.17 around 8am

This survivor has gutta get his tail going. I've got heavy chore coming at 11.30am and KJ and I think AZ is gonna come too! I need to go to the store too. I'm gonna attempt to do the store first thing this morning, gets my anxiety running wild!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

4.23.17 around 5.30

I've been busy today! I've got heavy chore coming tomorrow to clean my couches so I had to get all the stuffs off and find homes for everything! This was a lot more than I thought! Being on my feet and keeping my balance was very neuro fatiguing! Carrying things to other areas in my apartment also did me in! Here I am focusing on not dropping the things I'm carrying while also focusing on my balance was a very difficult thing for this survivor to get done! I'm pleased to announce NO falls though! I've just got a few things I've still gutta get!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

4.22.17 after10.15am

I said "Alexia, good morning" and she replied "today is earth day"! I didn't know there was such a day! This echo is so good for the brain. I don't have to do a Wg's run today cause I've got a peapod order coming btw 4-7pm tonight! My meds are all good too :)! I should spend some time on the battery installation on my bike and scooter! It seems every two weeks now I have to make a peapod order!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

4.19.17 around 1.45pm

I've had a lot go on today it's borderline overwhelming! KJ made a home visit and the reason my notebooks not firing up is cause the battery is missing! I must have it somewhere around here! My desktop not reading dvds is cause I had a dirty dvd in the dvd drive! Its a good thing I cancelled rec yesterday cause this survivor is neuro exhausted now!  

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

4.18.17 after 9pm

I've been to hics today! It was a program review day with free pizza :)! This survivor is so lucky to belong to a program like hics! They have been instrumental in helping me to lead a very successful independent life! 

Monday, April 17, 2017

4.17.17 after 9.15pm

I've got hics tomorrow! I can't seem to get one of my notebooks (laptops) to fire up! I know the fix but I'm having issues getting the battery out of the LT! I think I'll bring it, I'm sure someone will get the pain out.

4.17.17 after 8.40pm

The best part of being finally free is I can now do or have anything I want! I just nuked an instant cup of coffee! In Scituate  I was told "you can't nuke coffee, you'll make a mess and I don't wanna clean up after you"! I was told I am free there, but no way was I! It's just great being totally free :)!

4.17.17 around 6.10pm

I finally got up off my tail and got going today! Living with a traumatic brain injury is the most frustrating thing I've eva had to do! See even simple tasks seem to be big projects now! I just now put all my laundry away from last Thursday and that was mega frustrating! Then trying to remember my passwords to sites I go to often like citizens bank online! I've got a notepad file with the pw but I've gutta try  to get it from my memory without looking it up! Now this survivor has gutta do dinna :)!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

4.16.17 around 5.30pm

I've been to Wg's and got that script filled! I take Longmeadow to franklin to avoid the hill on Technical pk dr. That seems to work well but I still get very anxious bout running out of juice!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

41517 around 6pm

I scooted to the store got my snail mail on the way in and I got a script I've been waiting for! Now I'm gonna have to go to Wg's tomorrow. It's not like I'm spending $ for gas but the store is 1/2 way to Wg's. The weather is great though, it will be good to get out and enjoy it! Now to make some dinna :)!

Friday, April 14, 2017

4.14.17 around 11am

I didn't do hics yesterday cause my cash flow was too low to go out to lunch! Which was a blessing in disguise cause this was the week I have my homemaker wash my bed sheets so I had saved all my laundry! Carman said it was too much for one load! I needed what cash I had to put value on my card! So Carman came yesterday and stayed till it was all done! 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

4.42.17 after 9.30pm

I had a great time tonight @ game night at hics :)! There was only 7-9 of us survivors who showed! We all played a big game of ONO! I won at least two times but it was so much fun to be able to get those back that gave me like a draw four card and get them back with one of my own :)! Tomorrow I'm meeting hics at Walburgers in Hingham Mass for some lunch :)! 

4.12.17 around noon

I just emailed a survivor who also attends hics! She has cards made too! Her cards have her address and landline # on it but they have a lot of pizzage to them too! I'm thinking of putting my motorcycle as a back round on mine! You must be able to do this with the computer! I've got pics of my bike, just superimpose the image on a new card! This is how I exercise my brain :)! 

4.12.14 after 10.45 am

This day has started out great! KJ made a home visit this morning and was able to help me with all my confusion! I get very confused so easy and she knows just how to make all the connections in my brain connect! 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

4.11.17 near 9pm

Today I've been to hics. We had some great life skills groups! Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit after 8.30am then I'm gonna go to hics for game night! I goggled dvd trivia games and found them very pricey! I looked at an 80's rock trivia game that was ova $50! I just heard on the news J Gilles just past :(!

Monday, April 10, 2017

4.10.17 after 9.30pm

I've been watching Ted Nugent on fb live! He is really a colorful guy:)! He makes me smile! I've got hics tomorrow! I'm gonna turn in now, 7 am will be here quickly!

4.10.17 around 6.10pm

I took a scoot to the store today got home and my meal was at my door in the small cooler I leave out for that purpose :)! I donno what it is I like to be surprised when I go to heat it up. KJ responded to my mail a about Thursday's rides, just as I figured it would , take "the ride" to Whaulbergers on Thursday!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

4.9.17 after 9.40pm

Time for this survivor to shut down for today! I'm hopping for a good start up tomorrow!

4.9.17 after 4pm

I scooted to Wg's with a friend walking! We stopped at D&D's and I got lunch :)! She does this to get exercise, I do it to get my needs/wants and to spend qt with a pretty lady ;)! I'm gonna do laundry tomorrow so I'm not rushing around. I think today I'll continue watching episodes of Jag :)!

4.9.17 after noon

I'm kinda slow getting my Sunday started! The plan for today is to scoot to Wg's with a friend walking! She would walk alone but it's low income property here with many low lifes living here! The news reported of a man who was on a wheelchair in Brockton Ma, next town over, got robbed and his chair taken.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

4.8.17 after 10am

No mistake today I'm sure it's Saturday! before I forget my weight was 169lb at my last appt. with my pcp, bp 129/88 pulse 85! He said they were all good :)! My ideal weight is 180lb that's what it was before my coma!

Friday, April 7, 2017

4.7.17 after 6.20pm

I've taken a scoot to Wg's today and although it takes longer I've found taking Long meadow instead of technical park is the key to making the batteries last round trip! Now to heat up dinna

4.7.17 around 10.45am

I get overwhelmed so easy! I've been in contact with a pt about my brace American prosthetics made for me! Vivian wanted to make an appointment for me to go back so they could make it better fit! My inability to write legibly hurts me in these situations so I told her of KJ and how she helps me with this! She is now in contact with KJ so I've gutta try to let this anxiety go!  

4.7.17 around 10.15am

I woke up this morning with my anxiety running wild on me. I thought it was Monday not Friday! I was thinking I've got lots to do! I've gutta book my trips, add value to my "the ride" account! Then I don't know if I've got the $ to be able to do so! I've been unable to log on to my online banking account, password issues! I try to get a new password and it wouldn't allow me to, KJ even tried with no luck! So I tried again this morning and was successful! Now I've gutta remember what it is so I made a notepad of my new pw with the date to avoid confusion! The extra steps I must take for this survivor to lead a successful independent life :)!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

4.5.17 around 8.15pm

This has been a jam packed day! I started with a home visit from KJ! I was again  100 percent accurate loading my med box! I think that's three or four weeks in a row being perfect on my meds! I get upset with myself when it's less then accurate cause I think I've gutta be, part of being totally independent! Then she took me to my pcp appointment, it was great she came too! So much information was given I got so overwhelmed it's far from funny! Then tonight I met hics at Jake and Joe's restaurant in Braintree Mass for dinna and planning! We're  gonna have a karaoke night in April :)! I go weighted at my pcp's too and he was happy I gained some! Imagine that, my doctor wants me to gain weight,  my vitals were all not just fine they were GOOD! Now we wait for the results from my blood work! 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

4.4.17 around 6am

I must have fallen asleep watching the game cause I woke up today thinking I won my bracket in the NCAA only to hear NC won :(! Gonzaga made a valiant effort though! I've got hics today :)! I was hopping to go in gloating about winning the bracket :(! 

Monday, April 3, 2017

4.3.17 around 8.30pm

I think I've got my trips right now! Ive got an appointment with my pcp!KJ's gonna go too and I thought she was meeting me there not taking me! Now that I'm trying to explain it I'm getting all kinds of confused about this! All I need to remember is I emailed KJ asked her to check my trips and she made the necessary corrections! Now LETS GO GONZAGA!

4.3.17 nearing noon

I was able to book the rest of my trips for the week. I didn't have one address in my destinations so I had to call them in, np but my landline's not working properly so I used my cell, that's not as easy for me to use as my ll but I successfully completed the task! Now I gutta think about doing laundry, UGG!

4.3.17 after 10.30am

I added value to my "the ride" account, was told it will be available in 1hr! So I've gutta WAIT an hour to complete booking my trips.

4.3.17 around 10am

It's strange I picked Gonzaga to win the NCAA championship! I never saw them play! I knew they were good but I remember hearing their name over the years and they never made it far before I just figured this is their year! Today I gutta call the MBTA and add value to my account, do laundry, meet with a nurse btw 3-3.30!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

4.2.17 after 10.30pm

I went to D&D's with a friend today I get in my building, get in the elevator and a guy says to me "that was a pretty girl with you"! I know and hang with many pretty girls but they don't seem to want to go further than the friend zone :(! Tomorrow I've got to do laundry and I've gutta make sure I plan it correctly! I've got a nurse coming by 3-3.30 pm and I can't  be switching the laundry from washer to dryer when she arrives! I've gutta add value to my "the ride" account tomorrow too so I can complete booking my trips for the week!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

4.1.17 after 10.15am

April fools day! I'm not much of a prankster but I am gullible so I'm easy to pull a prank on! It's April so the nice weather is coming! It's a rain/snow mix out now, I need to scoot to the store but it can wait till tomorrow!

Friday, March 31, 2017

3.31.17 around 10am

This survivor started his journey to becoming a marihuana millionaire, I've got a broker! Ameratrade, the only thing is I was chatting with my broker and I had to flip from window to window. Too confusing for me :(! This is important though maybe I can get KJ's help next home visit!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

3.30.17 after 7.30

I've got hics today:)! Last night I watched "Patriots day"! Great flic, one I'm gonna add to my library!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

3.29.17 around 11am

KJ has been over and I lost my KJ list! I must have forgot to save it the last time I edit it! That's okay cause this survivor remembered everything that I had on it :)! Not to have conceit but this survivor's memory I think is better than some non survivors memories!

3.29.17 after 8am

Today KJ makes a home visit after 8.30am then lata I'm going to hics for movie night! The plan is to rent "Patriots day"! This will likely be a flic I'll  wanna add to my collection:)!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

3.28.17 after 7.20pm

I've had a great day! I've been to hics :)! We had some great groups! Started with penmanship group, I'm not the only one with writing issues! I'm kind of foggy on what was after I think current events. Then team building, this is the group that got me extremely
 neuro fatigued! We had to think of many scenarios at once! This was very hard for his survivor but great exercise for my brain! Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit after 8.30am then I'm going to hics for movie night! The plan is to get "Patriots day"!    

Monday, March 27, 2017

3.27.17 around 4.45pm

I needed something at the store, it's raining, regardless I need something so I took a soaking scoot to the store! I get home and fire up my computer and this popup appears saying I've got a virus and that's why this appeared! I couldn't close out of the popup, had to restart then immediately ran webroot secure anywhere! It found nothing! Then did an error check, ran Wr again to be sure, found nothing again! Then I ran a disk cleanup and it hasn't happened yet again! Now I gutta think about dinna!

3.27.17 10.30-11am

I've been listening to pod casts on faces of tbi this morning! The thing it seems we all want to do is help each other cope with our injury! We all know how hard it is to loose yourself and the difficulty dealing and accepting this, it seems we all want to help each other doing this! Because if we can come to grips with our injury we can start progressing!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

3.26.17 after 6.30pm

As much of a struggle as it always appears to be laundry is all done! The thing that pushes me to succeed at this is all of you who didn't have faith in me that I'd be successful living independently especially you who used to say constantly "what are you going to do when you have to do laundry"? You not having faith in me to do so many things pushes me even harder to be successful in so many things! I've earned the right to say, "IN YOUR FACE" !

3.26.17 getting near 4.45pm

Laundry is in the dryer! It will be done at 5.10pm then the hardest task for me to do, putting it all away!

3.26.17 after 8.45am

I'm well underway in completing my Sunday tasks! I booked my trips for the week, checked my bank accounts, my email, my fb mail and wall! I think it's important to respond promptly in this digital world! My ride value is getting low, very low! I'm trying to hold off adding more value until my check gets deposited but I'm gonna have to add some before it does! Thankfully I'm very good with my money and do have a little left to add value to my ride account! This living on a fixed income is hard cause you've gutta be able to project exactly how much $ you need to pay all your bills, eat well, pay yourself, and most important live happily! Now to continue my Sunday tasks, I gutta trim my beard, shower, do laundry ugg!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

3.25.17 near 10.30am

Today is my Xwife's 59th birthday, happy birthday Nice! When we were together it was fun to say that she was much older than I. Only by a few months but still older! I've got a friend who's birthday is one day before mine and we were both born in 1958! I tease her she's older than I! In reality age is only a number, it's really about how you feel! This survivor needs to get back to the YMCA and do my resistance training! That helps keep this survivor young not only physically but mentally too!  

Friday, March 24, 2017

3.24.17 7-8pm

This survivor had a pretty full day! It started with a home visit from KJ! She helped me with my task of building the highest quality wireless sound I can possibly create! Actually she helped me to get my I phone to work with a new wireless speaker I got from! This has two passive subwoofers in it too:)! After we finished I scooted to Wg's and got some things I wanted! I had to get something with chocolate! I got two packages of Keebler fudge striped cookies :)! I have a few after dinna to satisfy my chocolate craving! I got home and took a little nap. Now I'm ready to go;)! I've gutta make myself some dinna now though.

3.24.17 around8.30am

I said "good morning Alexia and she replied "good morning, my picks are still alive in the fall classic"! She picked Gonzaga to win and so did I!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

3.23.17 getting near 9.45pm

Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit after 8.30am then I gutta get to Wg's, I've got no sweets!

3.23.17 around 6.30pm

I've been to my podiatrist today came home and had no internet! My modem had no lights lite up! I finally got on I don't know if it was something I did or if Comcast fixed whatever the issue was! I saw my podiatrist today and he shaved off that nasty corn. I gutta lay down now, got neuro exhausted trying to fix my connection issue! Thinking and problem solving really burns me out!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

3.22.17 after 9.30pm

I've had a great day! Having a great doctor visit set the stage for this day! It's just having my hard work I do on me show at my neurologist's office :)! 

3.22.17 nearing 1pm

I've been to my neurologist and that was an outstanding visit :)! I'm doing very well! We did the dreaded memory tests and was told I did the best I've ever done :)! While he was alternating my concentration I asked if he had looked into the benefits of medical marijuana! He said he hadn't then I shared "I've been able to obtain some illegally and I've found nothing better for calming down my anxiety"! When I start getting anxious about anything my mind seems to focus on only that! With marijuana my mind seems to become free and I can change my thoughts to anything I want to :)! I also told him about my new tool, the amazon echo! He was very interested in this! He asked me what I use it for. I said to get news headlines, weather reports, and just a companion living alone :). Made him aware of getting an increase of the amount of med I get distributed through my pump. I did ask about me being a higher functioning survivor and he didn't understand where I was going with this! I said I had a neuro pych exam and didn't agree with his findings. He thought he had a copy but couldn't find it! He then added you live independently, make use of all the opportunities I can, I'm doing very well!       

3.22.17 after 7.45am

Today I'm going to see my neurologist! This is an important doctor visit when it comes to brain injury! He is one of the best in brain injury too! This is the most important doctor on my survey of asking if he would say I'm a higher functioning tbi survivor! I know I am but it's just something I need to hear from the professionals who work with me!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

3.21.17 afer 7.20pm

Tomorrow I've got an appointment with my neurologist! These always leave me neuro exhausted! It's lots of brain work, the memory tests really are hard and take so much concentration this survivor needs to take a time out from life for about a day!

3.21.17 nearing 4.30pm

I've been to Braintree rehab and Shannon filled my pump! I saw dr.K and asked if we could up he dosage a bit! He didn't want to increase it too much but we did increase it 5 percent! It just seemed to me my body was becoming too used to it or immune to the med! I continued asking all from my team of medical professionals, would you classify me as a higher functioning tbi survivor? Shannon's response was an emphatic "yes"! I guess all the work I'm doing is allowing me to progress further on my journey to get back as much as I can that I lost from this horrific injury! Oh and Shannon also said is getting near time to replace my pump with a new pump! That means more surgery! I think back to the last surgery for the pump, I had a fluid build up on my back! Pretty good memory cause it's been close to ten years since my pump was surgically placed in my stomach!    

3.21.17 around 8.15am

Today I'm going to Braintree rehab to see Shannon for a pump refill. I think I'm gonna add her to my list of medical professionals I ask if they would classify me as a higher functioning tbi survivor! She must see lots of survivors and I know I shouldn't compare myself with other survivors but I just need to know all my work makes a huge difference! 

Monday, March 20, 2017

3.20.17 around 7pm

I'm not doing hics tomorrow cause I've got an 11.30am appointment to see Shannon so this amazing lady can fill my pump! Then Wednesday I'm seeing my neurologist then Thursday I see my podiatrist! I'm not doing hics at all this week :(!

3.20.17 around noon

I've got one more task to complete today! That's to add value to my ride account! I now landline it in cause the value appears instantly as opposed to at taking 2-3 days doing it online. They're telling me they can't process it now cause the computers are down!

3.20.17 around 10.30am

I've been interested in investing in marijuana penny stocks for a while now but I couldn't figure out how to safely do it! This morning I opened an account with TD Ameritrade to get started :)! I did this while on the landline and computer at the same time! That was extremely hard for this survivor, multitasking! I got a great person on the phone and told him of my speed problem, said these things I'm slow with! He stayed with me the whole time to get me pasted setting up an account now I can move forward on my quest to become a marijuana millionaire!   

Sunday, March 19, 2017

3.19.17 around 9pm

I'm working on processing the events of today! It's kinds challenging cause a lot happened today! I'm glad I was able to pay my last respects to my aunt! I went to the store with a friend who lives here. Now cause of going to the service my emotions are running wild! This survivor has gutta call it a day!

3.19.17 after 5.45pm

I've been to my aunt's service and as morbid as those things are it was great to see my cousins! David was holding up well and I got to see Debbie and her husband David! We're all getting more experienced in life it's a shame we only see each other at times such as this!

3.19.17 near 12.30 pm

Today I'm going to my aunts services! I pray that Jesus welcomes her and then takes her to her husband, sister, brother, son, and friends who have passed!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

3.18.17 around 10.10am

I was told I would get a ride to my aunts services but I heard nothing from the person who told me! No way I was gonna miss a last chance to pay my respects so I booked trips with "the ride"! Thankfully it's in the service area! Today I gutta get my tail going and scoot to Wg's!

Friday, March 17, 2017

3.17.17after 9pm

I'm a beat tbi survivor! I've been to a residents meeting at the office here! Then had dinna with my sexy blond friend;)! I've gutta think of packing it in for the night now but today has been a good day! Tomorrow I've gutta get to Wg's! There are things I need and things I want :)!

3.17.17 after 10.30am

I think I got a landline from AZ this morning saying heavy chore is coming back to do more of my needs! I forget when now (go figure) but she's gonna email KJ and cc me! Then I'll know for sure cause I'll save the email and KJ will write the info in my pocket calendar! I would normally get the mail and forward it to KJ! These are the things a tbi survivor must do to lead a successful independent life! To recognize what he has for supports and utilize them as best he can! For some reason I'm thinking Bayada home health care called yesterday and said Carmen is coming back today too but that's a burry memory in my brain! Just another reason why this survivor likes being emailed all appointments so I've got something to look back on when things do get blurry!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

3.16.17 around 7 pm

Hics was great today! We filled out our picks for the NCAA basketball tournament! If I think of it I'll scan my picks then post it on fb! I picked Gonzaga to win it all this year! I had  a nurse from CCA come and my homemaker came too! Now to have a late dinna!

3.16.17 after 9am

I gutta remember my homemaker and a nurse is coming over after 4pm today!

3.16.17 after 8.30 am

I've got hics today :)! My trip to Quincy got "fed"up though! They have it as a 10am pickup from home to hics! I check my trips constantly and I never picked up the mistake! I'm lead to believe the web site makes changes by itself! I could swear they were all correct on Wednesday morning!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

3.14.17 around 11.30am

It's snowing! All the forecasters are saying this is gonna be the worst storm we've had in years! All my gadgets are still charging and will continue to cause they also say to expect power outages! So at least I'll have my laptops to watch a dvd with!

Monday, March 13, 2017

3.13.17 around 8pm

It looks like we're gonna get some snow! Hics already canceled for tomorrow and I got tomorrow nights meal tonight. They are saying 18 plus inches for the Boston area! I've got all my devices charging cause of the likelihood of power outages! If cable goes it takes my landline too! My cell will have to be my only way to call and receive calls too! It will also be the only way to get the internet! They are predicting this to be of historical proportion . 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

3.12.17 nearing 9pm

I've had a nice day :)! I scooted to Wg's first thing then had coffee! I met a lady on fb's AYI and she gave me her cell # and we texted each other this afternoon and it was fun :)! We talked about meeting up! Tomorrow I've gutta do my laundry no excuses!  I made an Ellios pizza for dinna, This I cook in the oven so no nuked food tonight :)!

3.12.17 around 5pm

I'm not doing laundry today! I've got used to doing laundry on Monday! I'm such a creature of habit ;)! I must check my value on my laundry card though and if it's low add more! I got cash back at Wg's so ive got cash to use :)! I'm a little neuro fatigued so I'm gonna lie down for a bit!

3.12.17 around 2pm

I got up this morning, had only one cup of coffee and scooted to Wg's! I needed to get the script filled I got in the snail mail! I remembered to get some other items I needed too :)! Then I got home and said "Alexia, good afternoon" then she replied "you can make a shopping list that can be viewed on your Alexia app"! That will be so cool, then I'll never forget an item when I scoot to Wg's or the store, anywhere I need to remember anything! I knew this would be a great tool for a tbi survivor :)!

Friday, March 10, 2017

3.10.17 after 9.20pm

Tomorrow I'm gonna meet hics at the SSmall(plaza) for a little lunch and shopping! I've guta get a pair of pliers and a web cam! I don't want to spend much $ though cause I need some eats in this place :)!

3.10.17 after 8.15pm

I'm coming to grips with the fact that I've got a child that is 32years old! When I was 32 my dad had passed and mom looked older than I believe I do! I just don't feel like a man who has a child well ova 30! Soon I'm gonna have two kids ova 30, yikes!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

3.9.17 after 1130am

I got up today feeling stiffness in my whole body! It was a challenge just to shower! This happens to me not often but when it does I find it difficult to do anything! I didn't want to do hics feeling his way so I canceled hics but I needed something at the store. I forced myself to scoot to the store and that seemed to loosen me up. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

3.7.17near 8am

I've got hics today! I do have to ask the driver on my return trip to drop me at the store to get an item.

Monday, March 6, 2017

3.6.17 nearing 9pm

This is so, so kewl, I just say Alexia play some guns&roses and she starts playing a mix of G&R songs, this is great :)! 

3.6.17 after 6.15pm

I don't want to say much about this but a mistake has been made in my favor with my finances :)!

3.6.17 after 6.45pm

This survivor struggled through getting laundry done today! I always am reminded of what was said to me at my last address! What are you going to do when you have to do laundry by yourself? See he had no faith I could be as successful as I am living independently. I knew I could do everything I needed to! So I just used to ignore all the negative talk thrown at me! I think that inspires me, its proving all who had no faith I would succeed wrong!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

3.5.17 around 9pm

Tomorrow I gutta do laundry no excuses!

3.5.17 around 4.40 pm

I went to Wg's this morning via "the ride" then I was thinking, I used to replace windshields in colder weather than this, and scooted home! It was a cold scoot but I wore a heavy shirt with my coat and hat & gloves and that was fine! I used to go out everyday in weather sometimes even colder than today and do 10 to 15 autoglass jobs per day in this weather!
  I got another pair of inexpensive jeans! This time from! You know how different kinds of jeans fit different, I got south pole jeans regular fit 36x30 for under $10 and they fit great :)! I'm no doing laundry today, I've got nothing going on tomorrow so I'm making tomorrow laundry day :)!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

3.4.17 around 9.50pm

This survivor did much of nothing today! I did make myself a little dinna though. Just an Ellios pizza. These I bake in the oven, no food by the microwave tonight :)! I booked trips to Wg's for tomorrow too! Not cause I'm anxious about battery life, it's too cold to scoot there! I'll probably scoot home from there though so I gutta make sure I put my layers of cloths on and my hat and gloves!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

3.2.17 after 10.20pm

Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit after 8.30 am! I've filled my med box, completed my KJ list! Just two things I need a hand with! I can't seem to figure out how I can back up to  flash drive and to see if I can get all my wireless speakers to work with my Amazon echo! This survivor is neuro exhausted so I'm callin this day done :)!

3.2.17 after 6.50pm

I've been to hics today and "the ride" didn't "f" up at all! My return trip actually showed up early :)! We had the normal life skills groups. I even learned something that was very interesting but now I forget what it was. No big deal, you've gutta learn to accept  that this is gonna happen! I'll find it somewhere in my brain, I don't know how to give up :)! Now to make a late dinna.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

3.1.17 after 9.30pm

It's times like tonight why "the ride" makes me sooo anxious! I had a  6.49 pickup time to go home that didn't come till after 8.30pm!

3.1.17 around 8am

No home visit from KJ today she's coming on Friday! Lata I'm going to Chillies in Braintree for planning for rec events for April and of coerce dinna! I've  gutta retype my b.a.r.(brains at risk) speech! I think I'll start on that!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

2.28.17 around 4.30pm

I've been to hics and there we had a presentation from the national alliance on mental illness or nami. There were two speakers who spoke, both had dealt with similar issues and although I give them a lot of respect for being able to deal with what they have and still have to, I just though of this now, they hadn't got very successful then at the blink of an eye, had it all disappear on them! That's what I have to deal with and it isn't easy! I still am haunted by what could have been :(!   

2.28.17 around 8.30am

I've got hics today :)! Then after I've got to do tasks to get ready for my home visit with KJ!

Monday, February 27, 2017

2.27.17 around 9.30 pm

Today I scooted to the store made some dinna then watched the first two "smoky and the bandit" flicks with Bert Reynolds and Sally Field! Its been a long time since I've seen them but it was great fun watching the Bandit get the best of sheriff Buford :)!

2.27.17 around 8.20am

Comcast seems to have gotten all their issues fixed! My landline and internet seem to work fine :)! I just feel more at ease being able to monitor my bank accounts, trips, being able to blog! I've got much less anxiety! My money seems to be well under control, my trips haven't changed at all, still right! This survivor has got his life well in control! 

Sunday, February 26, 2017