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12.31.17 around 3.30pm

I had little faith I would get homemaker service today! It's Sunday and the day b4 a holiday! I'm gonna have to put value and get a new laundry card, at least I don't have to scoot far for this! It's still gonna be burr! Pats look good :)!

12.31.17 around 11am

Today I'm told I'm gonna get homemaker service! It's a Sunday too! I have many things to work on now!I've always got myself but I've got others too!To get familier with my new tablet,format the hard drive on a laptop a friend gave me last night then load a new os and find somebody who wants it! She say to give it away, its an old laptop but somebody could use it! I'm still waiting for a delivery from! I tracked it,said deliverd! I've gutta get to the post office to check to see if anything is there for me! UPS will drop a package there if they can't get me! This was a new cordless landline phone! My phones I'm using now don't seem to work properly! Last day in 2017, be safe and enjoy :)!

12.29.17 after 1.15pm

I scooted to the store and it really wasn't too too bad,I wore my sweats under my jeans, two sweat shirts, and my leather coat! My wool hat and the one glove I had and on my other hand, wore a sock! Worked out well. I came home and started the book "life with a traumatic brain injury" by Amy Zillmer and "101 tips for recovering from traumatic brain injury"! The tips I read I'm currenty employing but one tip that seems to be emphsived is to use a computer to help with a number of things, stressing to help with memory! That's one stratigy I've got down for sure ;)! I've also worked with my fire tablet! It seems like this is "the kind"! I've only got it to save my logon info and saved some favorites! It has an on screen keybord but I've beem able to tap the chacters I want to :)!

12.29.17 around10am

Things tend to happen way too fast for this survivor! I remembered they needed my emergecy contacts phone # yesterday at recertification, I neglected to put the card I've got all my importent numbers on in my new pocket calendar. I did that then emailed the nice lady with it @ ranblewood! I'm giving myself  kuddos for remembering I needed to do this tack :)! I've learned you gutta give yourself credid when you remember things,way to go Jamie :)!

12.29.17 after 9.15am

I gutta go out and brave the cold to go to the store this morning:(!I'm gonna bundle up! I'll wear my sweats under my jeans,put a hat on,I only have one glove but I'll wear a sock on the other hand! I've got a scarf too! I never got into wearing scarfs but it's that cold out, it's one degree out, yikes!

12.28.17 nearing 6.30pm

This survivor has been kinda busy today! Didn't do hics today cause I had a mid day mtg at the Ramblewood office to recertify my housing! That went well, I met with a very nice young lady and KJ came too! That was a good plan to have her there cause it entailed quite a bit of writting! One thing I question about todays mtg, I used to get asked to sign like a release that would enable them to check randomly my bank accounts! I always told them "I'm uncomfortable doing that"! I'd have to bring a copy of my bank statements for the past nine months then. Tatiana told me I had to sign it for her to even look at my statements! That leaves me very anxious cause it feels like I just gave axess to my bank accounts away! It's a good thing I monitor my accounts very cloesly cause I don't feel safe with my online banking! My door buzzer went off around 3.30 pm and got to it and said "who is it"! got no reponce! Then  a kock on my door,  it was a friend who …


I was gonna meet a friend at the pattio outside the Ramblewood office to go have Christmas dinner at a local church! The weather is not conducive to wait outside today! I've got untill 11.30am to make my final decision.

12.22.17 4.30-5pm

I started this day getting right in the shower cause I needed to scoot to the store and wanted to beat the snow! I need to go to D&D's too but I'm gonna wait and do it this weekend! I just did a trash run and the snow is coming down at a good clip now! Now this survivor is in for the duration of the snowstorm!

12.21.17 after7pm

We had our Christmas party at hics today :)! It was fun fun fun :):):)! We had a catered lunch with zittie chicken and brocaly and desert! One of the things was fudge too! The best thing about hics is that it's such a positive atmosphere there,both survivors and staff! With everything this survivor has had to deal with in his life, it helps me maintain my optomistic way of living this life! This survivor gets no help outside of hics. Thats why I think of it and all people envolved as family!

12.20.17 after 6.45pm

I got real sick this afternoon! I think not working out has a lot to do with it! KJ was over this morning and she told me it was still in the works getting my membership reinstated! The thing I was having issues getting done was paying my credit card! Password issues, we were able to get this task done! I gutta get rid of this bug cause we're having the hics Chistmas party tomorrow! I think I did the right thing cause I feel better than I did an hour ago!

12.19.17 around 5.30pm

I've been to hics today :)! We did group evaluations, what groups we like and wanna keep for next quarter! I like having peer tbi on both Tuesday and Thursday but the penmenship was running at the same time as one peer tbi. We voted on moving the penmenship group to another time so it dosn't conflict with peer tbi! I need the penmenship group and love peer tbi now I'll be able to do both :)! We planned for specal trips too!We're gonna do a tour of the new Boston garden,I missed it this year I think I was sick that day. I had the driver drop me off at the store and scooked  home!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

12.16.17 after 5.15pm

I don't feel like doing laundry today! I've got three pairs of clean jeans, my closet and t shirt draw is full of clean stuff plus I got a partial order from! A bag of three white v-neck t-shirts! I'm still waiting for my new cordless landline though!

12.18.17 around 11am

I can't say this enough, the best way to communicate with me is through email! Fb messenger's okay but if I'm really gonna understand mail me at! I've got the ability to check my mail from my phone now so I can give  a quick responce! I do have a new landline cordlesss phone coming from but They say it's coming UPS tomorrow and I won't be home,even when I'm home I have issues ansering my buzzer in time!

12.17.17 nearing 9pm

I got my Peapod order and now have lots of great things to eat! I got some Fiber one penut butter fudge bars! Those are gonna be yummy :)! I also got a four pack  of Jello chocolate pudding yum! I stayed away from getting a lot of freezer stuff but I did get some Tortinos pizza bites! ! Quick and easy snack!Now it's an issue getting the cabinet stuff away!  How bout those Pats :)! That has got to be one of the greatest games eva:)!

12.17.17 after 12.50pm

I booked all my trips for the week this morning! After I did this week's trips my value was low,I  haden't yet added any this month. It's Sunday,can't call it in but, I can do it online! I've just gutta be able to follow the links and the hard part of remembering my password cause I've got a different pw for adding value! This survivor remembered exactly the steps to go about completing this task and remembered the pw! I didn't even have a notepad with the pw! I've gutta say good job Jamie :)!

12.16.17nearing 11pm

Tomorrow is my day off :)! I'm thinking or scooting to D&D's, take myself out to lunch! I still gutta book my trips for the week though I just don't feel like doing it now! I can do this 1st thing while having coffee :)! 

12.16.17 around 6pm

I've also placed an order from too! I needed to get a cordless landline that works for me! This Emerson has never worked well for me! I don't even know the brand name of this one and I got a pack of three vneck white t-shirts :)!

12.16.17 around 5pm

I scooted to the store but it was too cold to continue to Wg's! So I came home and did  a Peopod order! It's even too chilly in the apt. to hang out the way I'm acustome to (shirtless)! I gutta be careful with my funds though, I don't get my check until next year! I'm just joking with you but it's true but next yr isen't far away! I've still got over  grand in my checking and I have yet to do a tranfer back to my cking from savings! I still don't spend anymore than I get every month from ssdi! I try to live on 2,000 a month!Don't forget I put everything over two grand from  my check into savings!

12.16.17 after 10am

I'm still having issues trying to remember how to navigate my way to posting a blog or even composing one!It seems I've just gutta remember to go to the blogger home page by clicking on blogger! Today I've gutta get my tail going and get to the store and Wg's! I've got issues with my web site! I pull it up okay then try to click on the links and nothing! I'll work on that lata.

12.14.17 around 10.30pm

I did hics today :)! We had a group where as we would try to figure out riddles! I really liked doing this! Some were easy then some were very hard, good job SC :)! It's things like this that really gives us a jump start to our brains! I got home and started paying bills! I got them all paid but two were ceating problems! My amazon chase cc the site wouldn't cooperate with me at all ;(! This is similar to last night when I trind to complete my Sears order! I use goggle chrome for this cause it saves my pw! One always seems to give me issues though, this month it was my amazon chase visa card! I think it was pw issues I'll just try again tomorrow! I've learned that if something is giving me issues stop and come back to it another time. That's what I did today with my order! I was having issues with the method of payent, today I was able to place the order np! I got some v neck sweaters and  cordless phones  cause the Emerson phones I have don't work we…

12.13.17 around 10.20am

KJ made a home vist this morning! I'm real greatful to have the support I recieve from this young lady! She takes all my dificult tasks and takes it upon herself to make sure they are completed! She makes sure I understand everything I must do myself! It keeps my stress and anxioty under controle :)! Now I gutta take a cold scoot to Wg's to get a script filled.

12.12.17around 7.55 pm

After being f ed by "the ride" I knew I needed to go to Wg's for a med! I scooted to Wg's and asked if any meds were ready for me. They looked but they had nothing. I forgot I had a script on me I need them to fill! I'm not sure if I'll have time to scoot there tomorrow. I've got KJ coming after 8.30am, then I'm going to hics for casino night! I think I'm gonn try though!

12.12.17 around 10.15am

I was gonna do hics today until I got Fed by "the ride"! I had an 8.47 pick up time to go there and it got to be near 9am so I called and said wtf! They said "we havn't found a driver for you yet"! I book my trips a week in advance there is no excuse for the stupidity this firm seems to operate under! I have never seen a firm as badly managed as this! They treate the help bad and are rude over the radio to them! I understand there is a high turnover rate there but if they were treated with respect they would keep more people! In my years of managing different glass co's I always treated all the help with respect! I believe if you treat people with respect they will do all they can to get the job done! I am frustraited!

12.11.17 around 10.30am

Today is laundry day ugg! I've just gutta set my mind straight and think of all who didn't think this survivor could be successful leading an independent life, makes me wanna say in your face :)! Laundry was one of the things my abuser had no faith I could make it as far as I've come. Maybe that's why he's so jealous of my abilities. He dosen't pocess the ability to never give up!

12.10.17 around 9 pm

I had issues finding the link to post a blog!I finaly did but I got here in a round about way! The Pats are on Monday night football! I scooted to the store today and not much of anything else! I did make some dinna but I forget what it was. Oh it just popped in my head, I had a couple of chicken and cheese wraps from Wg's!They're small but very tasty ;)!Tomorrow is laundry day ugg! This is always a struggle for me but this surivor CAN do it all by myself :)!

12.10.17 10-11am

Happy Sunday! Everyday is a happy day for me cause I chose to be a happy guy :)! It sux living with a brain injury but you can't dwell on how much it sux you have to take joy and be proud of what you've been able to accomplish against all odds! Today is my day off but there is no day off for me cause even simple tasks are big projects for me! Today I'm thinking of taking a scoot to D&D's then watch the Pats on my 52inch flat panel tv. Have a happy Sunday.

12.9.17 after 6.40pm

I got homemaker service today:)! Carmen was here,she did my dishes,mopped my vinal floors, wipped my kitchen counters, made my bed with clean sheets,vacuumed all my carpets! I booked all my trips for next week too! Tuesday my check is due then clears by Wednesday. That is good cause my ride account is getting low! I usualy add $100 when I get my check,sometimes  little less but it all depends on what I've got for a balance left! 

12.9.17 after midnight

I'm still up cause I found a way I can rent movies on my computer!In rememberence of Kirk Douglas I rented the 1st movie I saw him in!"In Harms Way"!This is one of my all time favorites!A 1960's movie with John Wayne and Patrica Neal! Classic navel battle! That's pretty kewl just to type in what movie I wanna watch, then get options rent or buy,then for a few bucks rent any flick I wanna see :)!

12.8.17 around 8pm

My homemaker is gonna come tomorrow at 12.30pm! I've gutta remember to ask where my other set of sheets are at! She changed my sheets the last time she was ova and my sheets wen't in the laundry and I can't find them anywhere. 

12.8.17 around 5pm

I'mI guess I've been lax on blogging! So lets see if I can find in my brain whats been going on with me. Wednesday KJ made a home visit then I went to Tennisee's real barbaque in Braintre Ma with rec,hics for dinna and planing for January of 2018,wow! My impression of Tbq was not scooter friendly! The food was outstanding but I had my issues tring to manover my scooter around  in there! Thursday I was gonna meet hics at the south shore mall but I woke up that day so confused I wasn't doing well at all! I had one of those days .I was like scatter minded, I'd forget what I was doing,gonna do,why,all these things! That doesn't happen often but when it does I've gutta do a shutdown, then reboot my brain! I heard were in for some snow!Wg's had called and said a med was ready so I needed to scoot there today! There were 3 meds ready! Those and one more is all I'm taking now! I was gonna get homemaker service today but they called to say she got a flat and…

12.5.17 after 3.30pm

I didn't do hics today cause I wasn't feeling 100%! Today was a shopping trip to the Christmas tree shop! I used to like getting inexpensive candles there but last year all they had was expensive Yankee candles! I scooted to the store today instead! Time now to start thinking about dinna :)!

12.4.17 after8.10pm

Today was laundry day! It had some axious moments. I started and my landry and said $7.5 something so I had to add value to it so I added value to it first, then started to do all my laundry!Got that task done then made some dinna!1st thing I had to do today was to add value to my ride account! Then did the rest of my trips for the week! I'm real tired now so I'm calling this weekend ova:)!                                                                                                

12.1.17 around 7.20pm

Wow December already! Today I kinda "fed" up. My homemaker was gonna come around 2pm! I needed an item at the store,now it's around 1pm plenty of time to go and get back b4 two. I started out on my journy and forgot to make sure I had all I needed. I forgot my fanny pack! I go back and get it, now it's 1.30 pm so I called bayada and cancel my homemaker and started out again but now I wouldn't get back by two! I called bayada and canceled my homemaker cause I wasn't sure I'd make it back in time! I get to the store go to get my card and it's not there! My anxioty is going crazy at this point! I get home and my card is right were I left it on my desk! Just an example of why I really need to think b4 I leave and dig deeper in my thoughts to have all that I'm gonna need!

11.30.17 around 8.20pm

I've been busy with doctor appts. this week! Tuesday I went to the  doc. who does my clonascapys. I had to do a stool sample for this visit! I was given a kit to do it at home! It had a cover to go over the toilet seat cause it couldn't touch the toilet water! When I went to do this I couldn't find the cover, I had to think of a way to collect it now! All I needed to do was stab the stool with a long thin plastic needle and put it back in the like little plastic jar! I just did my duty then wiped and collected it off  the tp! I blood was found in the sample I'd have to have another colonoscapy! I was able to read the results on my and thankfully it was negative!So no colonoscapy :)! Wednesday night it was hics for bingo night! I won a game and recieved a prize of a scratch ticket! I'm not into scratching these so I'm gonna get my friend to do it! My thing is I'll split any winnings with the scatchee!Today I went to Braintree rehab to get my pump …

11.26.17 around 8.15pm

I've had a great Sunday! It started with a call from Wg's, that woke me, saying a med was ready, I scooted to Wg's with my beutiful blond friend then we went to D&D's for lunch and to spend time together :)! Then got home in time to watch the Pats win :) Tomorrow is laudry day ugg!Just made myself some dinna! I've gotten used to making an after dinna cup of coffee! This is where the feeling of being FREE is most prevolent! It's only instant coffee but living in Scituate I was told I couldn't, I made too much of a mess! I'm thinking it was someone being abusive again! You've seen it, that's why it made me feel imprisoned! I'm doing so way better now :)!

11.25.17 around 8.45pm

I got my peopod order this morning and now I've got yummy things to eat and drink :)! Today I scooted to the store with my blond friend walking along side :)! We made some plans for tomorrow too, we're gonna go to D&D's for lunch and just to enjoy each others componey :)!

11.25.17 after 10.45am

My peopod order just arrived! I got all the frozen stuffs away but I still have the other stuffs to find homes for! These are things that get me neuro exhasted! Then while doing this task, my cell and landline start ringing! That alternates my concentraition! So I'll have to sit and take a short rest!

11.24.17 around 8pm

I've completely forgot what went down today :(! My brain is like the Bermuda triangle. Information goes in then never to be found again! I think I do pretty well for a survivor of a severe traumatic brain injury. Tomorrow I've got my peapod order coming btw 9-11 am then my homemaker is gonna be here at ?!I'll have to call and have them tell me again! Its just I have so many thoughts going through my brain it's overwhelming at times!

11.23.17 after 7.30pm

I've got a peopod order coming Saturday btw 9-11am!I keep thinking it's Friday! I just look at my confermation email and I'm remineded of the correct day and time! This and similar things is why this survivor uses and depends on email!

11.23.17 around 11.30am

Another holiday this survivor has nothing going on:(! I do know of a free Tging dinna at a church close by but just thinking about it gets my anxioty cooking! I do need to go to the store,maybe Wg's. I do hope everyone has a great day though,I'll get by, I'm a survivor!

11.21.17 after 8.20pm

I've been to hics today! The thing I remember the most is I needed to cash a check,my bank isen't far from hics. KJ walked with me to Cb!Also there is a D&D's. I went to D&D's after I cashed the check, made my own way back! Not a big deal but the last time I went to D&D's I had issues finding my way back to hics! I have to give myself cudoos for this! My brain injury seems to effect me so I've got issues remembering directions! I just remembered landmarks and that worked great! Tomorrow KJ makes a homevist after 8.30am then I'm gonna go to hics for bingo night :)!

11.20.17 after820pm

I didn't do laundry today! I'm gonna try to skip this week and streatch the value on my laundery card! If I start running out of clean stuff I can always do it then! I did scoot to the store and met up with the pretty young lady who used to live just accross the hall! We chatted a little and she invited me over her townhouse apt. here at Ranblehood :)! I also ran into Noel who used to be the execu. asst. at hics :)! Now it got to be around 6.30pm so I thought I would check my trips for tomorrow! I pull up the web site and see no trips scheadualed for tomorrow! My angsioty starts running out of controle! Then I find a memory in my brain this happend b-4 around this time! I believe around this time the computer must be busy sortting through all the trips around 7.30 I check again and they apperred on the website! Tomorrow I've got hics :)!I've gutta see if I can make my way over to Citizens bank!I've got a $25 check to cash for some work I did on a study! It's on…

11.19.17 after 10.30pm

I'm up a little late tonight cause I got into watching some of my dvd series of JAG! That was my favorite tv show! I got all ten seasons in a dvd set :)! Tomorrow I've gutta do landry, I checked my card and had plenty of value left to do a wash and dry,ugg!

11.19.17 around 7pm

Today I had to book all my trips for the week. I was getting in the habbit of doing it on Saturday night but I don't know why I didn't this week. It's done though :)! I've just been laxing otherwise :)! It's my day off! I do have to check the value on my laundry card yet to do but I'm in no hurry to do that! I should make dinna now, I'll lesurely slide into doing that though! Watching the Pats beat up the Raiders :)!

11.18.17 around 5.30pm

I dissmissed that jerk giving a hard time or abusing me! I refuse to let his nonsence take up space in my brain! I've got way better thoughts to use it for :)!  I never did a Wg's scoot today, tomorrows another day :)! 

11.18.17 after noon

I think Carmen (my homemaker) told me yesterday she would come today btw 11-12 but I may not have processed the information correctly, I'm always doubting myself whan it comes to proceesing information :(.

part of the conflict

keeping everyone afloat I ended up with over $100,000 in debt yeah that supporting other people Yeah Jamie think when were you would be if I had not agreed to let you into this house you would’ve been in a nursing home and you would still be there!!!! Once they get the money they would never let you leave no matter what your progress I helped you through a divorce what did you do with it you want to use the money to buy a fucking motorcycle which fuck you up My money Jamie mother gave it to you do you think it was hers do you think she made that kind of money where do you think it came from Wrong mine and Jamie very wrong morning yur not making any sence, yur just not being realistic