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9.30.15 after 10pm

Hics was pretty cool tonight! It was basically a bingo night! I got bingo two times and there were scratch tickets for prizes! Now I've got two more tickets to invite that sexy blond over to scratch! I got home tonight and another person who lives here said they took Lisa to the hospital! I called her as soon as I got in but had to leave a vm! She called back a little while ago and they had something  similar to a stroke but not quite as bad! She said this is the 2nd time this has happened! I've gutta get this chick exercising her brain. I stressed to her she's gutta find some time I can bring my netbook over and set her up with that! They also said it could be MS! I've just gutta find what resources I have I'm not using and then set this chick up exercising her brain the fun way :)!

9.30.15 around 10am

KJ has been over for our home visit and she AGAIN helped me accomplish tons :)! I'm not gonna do the YMCA today cause Ed promised he'd come over and give me a check for ALL that's left from my trust, priorities!

9.29.15 around 6pm

It's a good thing I hung on to my pain med! I'm finding it extremely painful to empty my bladder! Not that this med helps very well, I've  had four of them so far today! I didn't do hics today cause mainly my continence issues! I've been alright so far today it's just when I go to empty my bladder it's causing me quite a bit of pain like a sharp knife is leading the way.  

9.29.15 arond 9am

I got up this morning really feeling the affects from Friday's surgery! I'm even thinking about taking a pain med! I've got two scripts of perks, I was gonna just sell them to the pain that lives in this building but now if it helps I'll just get rid of one. I think perks used to be a popular street drug! I'm not in to this selling of meds but I'm really running low on funds this month! I couldn't do bowling today cause I'm worried about the affects happening at the bowling ally! I'm not gonna get embarrassed so I think it's best I skip it!   


I overslept this morning! The land line rang at about 9.45 am or I'd still be sleeping. My pick up to go to the YMCA was 10.35 am there was no way I was gonna be ready for that so I couldn't do the YMCA today :(! This survivor needs at least an hour before my pick up to get ready for whatever I'm going to do! I've gutta shower, have my coffee, think about what I'm gonna do, make sure I blew out all candles, check email, check fb, make sure I've got my keys, cell phone, and go through a mental checklist before I can feel good about leaving home! If I didn't do all those things I'd get real anxious I may have forgot something!

9.27.15 around 11.20pm

I did all my laundry today! I went down to the laundry room and first checked my laundry card to see if I had enough value to do it! I had to scoot to the office and fight with the card machine! It wouldn't take a $10 bill I had just for this! I had a $20 bill no way was I gonna feed that to the machine but I had two $5 bills as well! First one I tried the machine kept spitting back out! I tried ironing the bill by using the machine but I couldn't get good enough for this finicky machine! My last chance was the other $5 I had. It didn't want to eat this either so I ended up working as hard as I can to flatten this bill out! After about twenty mins of fighting this machine it finally eat my $5! I'm telling you nothing comes easy for this survivor but I never give up! I've got the YMCA for swimming laps then doing my weights and all I have to think about while I'm pushing all that weight is that God blessad laundry machine! 


It's a lazy Sunday! I still have yet to get my act in gear and shower! I'm still having my first large cup of coffee! Being Sunday I've gutta stick to routine which means, trim my beard before I hop in the shower, get all my laundry together, do laundry! I think I booked all my trips for the week over the past few nights. Pretty much a regular week, YMCA Monday for swimming and my weights, hics Tuesday but on Tuesday the hics bowling tournament is taking place, go team Jones! YMCA Wednesday then hics Wednesday night for game night. Thursday hics then Friday the YMCA just for my weights. This survivor keeps very busy that's the way I deal with this dreaded injury, if I'm busy no time to think about how much it sux living with a traumatic brain injury! I've just got to keep going foreword to be the best me I can!

9.26.15 around 11am

I had a very nice talk with the sexy lady who was on the back of my bike when WE were in OUR accident! It came close to giving me complete closesure from our relationship! We chatted on fb for a while then on the land line! She said she was sorry for all the hurt that was inflicted on me but I forgot to explain the biggest hurt I felt! I know gfs come and go but the thing that hurt the most was her saying to me the reason I blog or share my blog with fb is to make people feel sorry for me, ouch! She knows now I do that for a complete different reason now but I just still need to say that to her! Hopefully  she reads this and can understand how much that hurt and then I can have complete closure! 


Bits and pieces of the after surgery talk with dr. Tracy are coming back to me! I remember saying how it hurt to urinate that's when he said he put a stint in there. I should have asked "what's a stint"? Common sense tells me this is something that will prevent my kidney from getting a blockage again though! He said he took that one out and put in another so I've got the same issues as last surgery, pain when I urinate and incontency  but my strategy of having  a urinal by my bed still works well! 

9.25.15 nearing 9pm

The highlight of my day most definitely had to be my trip home from the SSH! I had the most stunning pretty sexy blond Brazilian chic for a driver! Her beauty was one thing but then when she talked the accent combined with her raw beauty just screams out sex appeal ;)! She was good at her job too but I had a lot of trouble seeing past this babes awesome looks :)! That's one thing the tbi couldn't change about me, my appreciation for a pretty lady :)!    

9.25.15 after 8.15pm

I had surgery today and it turned out to be quite an ordeal! First not getting calls the night before really had me confused but I spoke with KJ this morning and she knew all the details. The thing is though I was told by my care manager I would get calls the day before! The person supposed to come with me never showed before my ride came to take me to SSH! That kind of sux too cause dr.Tracy explained a few things to me and my brain couldn't process all the information well at all! That's why I needed someone to come cause I don't know if he got everything or not and if I need to have more or not! I've got more to add but right now this survivor is beat!

9.24.15 after 9pm

Still no call from the person supposed to accompany to my surgery or the transportation company I had my care manager set up! The first surgery I had no problems getting there that's cause I set everything up myself! This was supposed to be so easy getting help this time, NOT! I called and left my care manager a vm explaining what's not happening and sent KJ an email doing the same and made sure I had the phone number for the surgery in case I've gutta call and tell them my trips planed to go to ssh got all Fed up! I don't know what else I can do! Oh I did call KJ and left a vm giving her a heads up as to what's not happening! I guess all this survivor can do now is WAIT till tomorrow morning and call the person who makes my life somewhat manageable but defiantly better, KJ

9.24.15 after5.30pm

I got the call from SS hospital and it seemed like it was just a confirmation call! They were just making sure I'm coming! The thing now that is confusing to me is they said I don't have to be there till noon! I believe I told my care manager I had to be there at 11.30 am! The most important thing is I get home after the surgery though! 


I'm just testing to see if my blog is working properly!The last post didn't come out with large font and bold print but now it seems to have it :)!

9.24.15 around 2pm

No calls yet from anyone, not even the SSH! I'm now thinking they got all they need when I got the last call! I just wish they said so! Now I'm waiting for the call from the person accompanying me to my surgery! Transportation won't call until tonight!


This survivor just realized something as I was getting organized to go to hics! I'm not only supposed to get a call from the person coming to my surgery with me but around noon the south shore hospital is calling with a pre-surgery interview! This survivor may have things come back slowly to him but they're coming back :)!

9.23.15 around 6pm

This survivor is trying to process all the information he received today! KJ was over this morning and we called my care manager at commonwealth care! I got vm but she quickly returned my call. I said I was having surgery on Friday and I need transportation but on the return trip someone has to make sure I can get in my apartment or the won't discharge me! She said they will and I also got someone to accompany me to my surgery :)! I know I'm gonna get phone calls from the person who is coming with me and the company providing the transportation but I just can't seem to remember when! I know the transportation call will come the night before but I can't remember when I'm getting the call from the person going with me! I think it's the day before and that makes sense to me! I've already proved I can do it alone in the last surgery now this will make it so much less stressful! I'm trying to utilize all the benefits available to me!   

9.22.15 nearing 9pm

KJ is making a home visit tomorrow and we've gutta get my transportation done for my surery on Friday! I took the day off today so I could locate a file for commonwealth health care and found it :)! I know they're gonna want to know a return time so I had the hospital email me instructions for the preparation for the surgery and there is a telephone number to call! I'm gonna do this with KJ to try and prevent any errors!  

9.22.15 around 7pm

I didn't do hics today cause I had to search my computer for contact information to commonwealth care alliance! KJ has a number for them anyway but I found a different number with the name of my care manager with CCA! I'm hoping I can just call my care manager and she will handle it all with just one call to her. I can't take "the ride" home cause I'm getting put out and they've gutta make sure I get in my apartment safely.

9.17.15 around 7.10pm

I'm doing very well with my limited income! I no longer have to pay the IRS $377 a month so I get renters insurance and life insurance! The IRS payment would come out to be over $385 cause I used to pay it cause my inability to write so I gladly paid a fee to get them off my back! What I'm saying is my new purchases don't equal what I used to pay the IRS! I could even throw electricity in there too and except for rent that covers all that get deducted from my account! This tbi survivor has a firm grip on his finances! 

9.17.15 after 6pm

I couldn't do hics today cause my kidney was killing me! Dr. Tracy couldn't get all the stones out last surgery so his office called and left a vm with date and time for another surgery! KJ was over yesterday so I had her listen to the vm and write the date and time in my pocket calendar! I could have done this task independently but that would mean creating a file in notepad then an event in my online calendar! Too many steps when I've got the supports that can help me do it easy! It's just great to know if I didn't have all the great support I do I'd still be able to lead a successful independent life cause I'm extremely intelligent :)! 


I seem to always have a tab open on my browser to citizens bank online! I tend to forget what my balance is right after I check it. I've just got some automatic withdrawals I've gutta make sure the funds are there! It used to just be rent and electricity now I've got renters and life insurance! Electricity   $30-$60, rent $635, now life about $300 cause I just increased the death benefit from $20.000 to $50,000! I've just gutta see how this month goes and get it in my head cause when you live on a fixed income you've gutta be very careful!

9.13.15 after 3.30

There is something to be said about when you have a good day it turns in to a good nights sleep! I had a great day yesterday which lead to a great nights sleep last night! I've taken a ride to the store so far today, I'm not gonna do laundry today cause there's not enough to warrant spending $4 to do a load! I've still gutta book my trips for the week but they're all places stored on "the rides" web page so I can do it anytime! I must stay in routine though so I'm gonna do it now! This is a great time of year though, there is football on tv! 

9.11.15 after 1pm

Peapod finally arrived with my food order! I got a lot of quick and easy nuke stuff. I forgot my normal bakery stuff though but I've got plenty of fiber one treats and some ice cream :)! Now I gutta think about taking a ride to Wg's to get a card for tomorrow night!

9.10.15 after 9.40pm

I've got peopod delivering my monthly S&S order btw 9-11am tomorrow so I should turn in but I'm loving watching the Pats on my 52 inch flat panel HD tv! I guess I'm gonna have to watch the rest in my bedroom on my small 36 inch tv in my bedroom! Gronk just caught another td pass from Brady, poor it on Pats!  

9.10.15 around 6pm

This survivor feels he's getting taken advantage of BIG time! I'm working very hard to get all my assets in my name and now the person I entrusted to set up my trust is saying he needs $400 to cover the cpa's costs! I know the trust paid every year for the cpa to do taxes, NOT FAIR! This is a main reason why I NEED all my assets in my name, to stop from being ripped off!


KJ was over and she helped me get my videos from the last karaoke night at hics from my tablet to fb :)! I choose a song #1 cause I like it then download it with lyrics from you tube! I study just how the artist sings it then try to emulate just how the artist sings it! That's a fun way of working my memory :)! I share it with fb to show everybody my progression! One I stood up all the time and that's hard for me. Mainly cause of my chronic fatigue but also I've gutta multitask! I've gutta concentrate on my singing but also standing without loosing my balance! Two very hard things for this tbi survivor to do! I may not be the best singer but I'm just showing how hard I work at progressing :)! I've also taken a ride to Wg's and I remembered I needed the vitamin centrum silver! I wanted to wait until I got my check cause this is expensive! I get more tired from mental work then physical work! Being brain injured I guess using my brain just exhausts me at time…

9.8.15 around 6pm

I'm dealing with the after effects from the surgery and it's kind of hard! I got a case of diarrhea this afternoon and nobody likes that! All things considered though it's not like living with a traumatic brain injury! I started my monthly Peapod order today cause my check should clear by tomorrow! 

9.6.15 around 7.15pm

I've been busy today! First coffee of coerce then I took a ride to the store then I did laundry! I had my normal struggles putting it all away but it's done :)! I booked all my trips for the week too! Next Saturday I'm going to my cosine's place  for a birthday party for his mother, my aunt! I'm looking forward to going and seeing people I haven't seen since before my brain injury!

9.6.15 11.40am

I think I've solved my continence issues! Most of the time it occurs in the night or 1st thing in the morning so I came up with the strategy of having a urinal right by my bed! It's already saved me a few times! Between my prostate issues and my surgery this survivor really had to think hard for a solution! I've booked some of my trips for the week, one I had to call in cause I've never had them take me there before! Everyplace I've been is saved in my destinations so you can imaging how hard it is to scroll through them all to pick the right one! It's things like this that really get this survivor fatigued!  

9.4.15 after 11.20pm

I was put out by the anesthesia and I wasn't required to get a ride home from something other than "the ride"! They weren't sure it would be done in time for my pick up so they provided me with a ride home, someone who made sure I was able to get in my front door! Next time I'm gonna take Commonwealth care up on their offer to have someone accompany to the visit!   

9.4.15 after 10.30pm

That was an awful thing to have to go through! Not going through the actual thing just the after affects from it! They injected dye in to my kidney I guess so it would make things show up! This is the extremely painful part, getting rid of the dye that was injected! I've got my prostate issues now this on top of that! He couldn't get all the stones too! That means I gutta go through this awful thing again :(!  

9.3.15 around 8.30am

I'm way to anxious about my surgery tomorrow to even think of doing hics today! I've gutta find some way of dealing with this awful angsioty! I start worrying about my rides then getting to the right place, then if I'm gonna need any cash cause I've got very little and I don't get my check till next Tuesday! This survivor is a wreak!

9.2.15 around 7pm

I couldn't do the YMCA today cause I had to WAIT here for a telephone interview concerning my surgery Friday! First they called my cell and I had to explain that it's much better to call the land line so they did. I got all the instructions on my surgery, they even emailed me the instructions! It's pretty basic though, I can take all my daily meds but not any blood thinning meds! I've gutta fast starting the night before! I'm gonna start fasting at midnight! I've gutta take all my gold off too! Hope I can, I have trouble getting it on I think I can get them off!

9.2.15 after 10.45am

I've really got great health insurance! I just got a call from commonwealth care alliance wanting to know if I'm okay with the surgery on Friday and if someone is coming with me! When I said I'm going alone they asked, do you want someone to go with you? I said no but I thought that was good they care that I'm not only okay physically but mentally too!  

9.2.15 around 10.30am

I was all set to go to the YMCA today then I got a call from the contact for my surgery Friday with a time to plan a trip to go home,11.30-3 are the times I was given. Then I was told I'd be getting a call today at 3pm to get all my information for the surgery, meds I'm on, ect! I've gutta be home to receive that call so I couldn't do the YMCA today! This survivor seems to live one busy life!

9.1.15 around 8pm

Tomorrow I'm gonna make it to the YMCA! I can't remember when I made it last! Work off some of my angsioty about my surgery! Now I'm just anxious about getting home after it's over! They never told me when I should get a ride home! 

9.1.15 around 5pm

I've been to hics today but I haven't got a clue as to what went on cause after I went to a new podiatrist! This doctor didn't just shave off the corn he looked at my sneakers, measured my foot and told me the sneakers I got fitted for and paid over $200 for are too small and are contributing to the corn reappearing so quickly! I guess I'm gonna start wearing the ones I paid less than $20 for!