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2.28.13 after 6 pm

I didn't do hics today,way to much tooth pain!I guess its good he only took out one!I'm kinda angrey with myself,letting pain get the better of me.I've gutta get back on track and defeat this pain!

2.27.13 after 5.30 pm

Wow I've had an event filled day!KJ was over early this morning and she looked at my sound dilemma with my desktop but she was bewildered too!Next step was to call technical support at dell.They sub the technical support issues out,I got a call from ItTechline!For $100 I got a technician to link up with my computer and fix the issue!I've got sound now :)!The only thing I could worry about is while he is doing this he has axcess to everything on my computer!The guy was a great guy though,patient with me too!I thought that was sooo cool!I've also had a successful scoot to Wg's!I got my meds!My wireless printer also was delivered today!

2.26.13 4.30-5.30 pm

I had therapy this morning,I did lots of walking,with a walker,cain, and nothing :)!I'm much  faster with a walker and whats really upsetting to me is that I get so tired using a cain or nothing :( !So much to concentrate on,my posture,moving my legs right!I not only get physically tired,tyring to concentrate on everything makes me mentally exhausted as well!So please don't take something as simple as walking for granted!I did along with many other things!
  I got just one tooth pulled today!I've got a couple scripts to be filled but its getting dark out now so I guess its not safe to scoot to Wgs and they are saying snow tomorrow so I don't know when I can get them filled :(!

2.25.13 around 4.45 pm

I couldn't go to the YMCA today cause I had to wait for a guy from life line!He came much b4 he said he was so much so I could have made it!The first thing I did today was a good trim job on my beard :)!Then I made a sucessful but treatureous scoot to Wgs.I'l be glad when its spring :)!

2.24.13 7.30 pm

I got my desktop to connect to "the ride" web site :)! I called in all my trips 4 this wk this morning and had to call back shortly after I booked them cause I wasn't sure if I did them right!I've got an appointment to get two teeth extracted on tuesday so its great I got it up!That site can be so helpful to me cause I forget everything so quickly!Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA to do my strength training!I learned in group that strength training can slow down the aging process!I've gutta continue my strength training well in to my 60's :)!

2.23.13 after 8pm

I never made it to S&S today,I scooted to the little store near here!I'm just waking up so tired lately I've got all I can do to start the coffee brewing!I think Bri called this morning but,that's the thing with this awful injury,I'm just not sure of anything!I've accepted this as just another thing I must deal with but I can't tell you how much it sux living with a tbi!

2.22.13 after 10 pm

Tomorrow I've got trips to s&s in holbrook.I gutta see if I can find a muffin pan then I can do some healthy baking after I get the recipe KJ showed us in group Thursday!I do know I've also gutta find wheat flower and I gutta get some eggs!I'll just break a dozen box in 1/2's,I hope you can still do this.I hope my tremors allow me to do this too otherwise there could be a big mess!

2.22.13 7.00pm

I ordered my dell 525 wireless printer and got it for under $50. !With the s&h it comes to $53. though!That is a great price though!It prints,scans,copy's,I can use all my devices with it!My desktop which I'll hard wire to it,any one of my 3 laptops,and my droid (phone)!That is the only gizmo I'll buy this month.My homemaker was here and she did great again :)!

2.22.13 around 5 pm

I've been able to take a successful scoot to Wgs and forgot nothing :)!I do have trips planed for S&S in Holbrook tomorrow!I'm gonna get things to do some baking!I want to try baking those muffins KJ explained to us in group Thursday!I'm gonna have to be able to find a pan to cook them with while I look for that I've also gutta find a brownie pan!I'm broadening my horizons :)!Now my homemaker,Mikaela is here and I've got her washing my bed sheets!I've done it once myself b4 but that was as hard 4 me as folding and putting my laundry away!

2.21.13 almost 8 pm

I had therapy this morning!I did lots of walking with just a cain!My posture is much better than b4 but I've gutta work on my stamina!We try to simulate a walk from my apartment to getting in a ride.I'm telling you that's hard work!I got so tired!Makes me wonder if its a realistic goal or if I should settle for being approved to walk short distances without anything.I'm gonna just practice walking the front of the building with my cain.I'll use my scooter to carry my cain downstairs and have it when I NEED to sit!I've just got to do everything I can to try to improve!
  I went to hics after therapy and that was great!We had a healthy liveing group where KJ gave us a resipe for healthy muffens!I want to start baking things but I need to get pans and such!Tomorrow KJ is gonna make a home visit at 8am then I'm going to the YMCA to strength train,my homemaker comes over too!I'm gonna turn in soon,I can't believe how beat I am.

2.20.13 8.15 pm

I spent a good part of today with Lisa :) !I'm tring to remember exactly what we did.I think we started with her driving us to the post office so I could pick up my package,then Wgs then D&D's where we sat and had lunch :)!I came home and opened my package which is a range extender for wii fi!I've got to get her on line then I believe she won't be so depressed!I'm still trying to find an internet connectoin that works on the ground floor!There are many wireless networks in this building but it seems they don't carry to the ground floor well at all!I'm not giving up though,I'll get her connected!
   Tomorrow I've got crc (therapy) then hics.I don't think anything special just regular groups.I didn't go to the YMCA today cause I had to get the package then work on getting Lisa on line!I'm so glad I got the web site 4 "the ride" cooperating with my desktop cause now I don't get a call untill after 8 pm!

2.19.13 late

I'm gonna try to post a blog but I'm battling a migraine,I've already taken a furinol (migraine med)!I had therapy today,its going well,I think my posture is getting much better!Then I went to hics and that is always great!Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit at 8am so I get to sleep later than a day like today!I set my alarm for 7 am,today was 6 am.I hope I can get some sleep tonight,last TWO nights I've dealing with tremendous tooth pain!

2.18.13 after 8.30 pm

Lets see,today I've been to Wgs with Lisa,she drove!I inspected all the ramps to the sidewalks on the way there and if we don't get more snow they are clear enough to scoot to Wgs:) !I had a great work out at the YMCA!Lisa called  tonight and asked if I wanted to order out for dinna!We did so I've had a great day :)!Tomorrow I've got crc and hics!My 1st pick up is at 8am so I'm setting my alarm to go off at 6am!I've gutta make sure I get to crc!

2.17.13 around 8.30 pm

My programs seem to be working much better since I got rid of unused stuff,programs!"The rides" web site even works better :)!I may even try booking my rides through the site!It doesn't ask me to sign in when I flip through pages like it was b4.I'm hoping Lisa and I get are needs at Wgs quickly cause I get picked up at 11.22 am!They wait 4 nobody.

2.17.13 4.22 pm

I was gonna scoot to the store but,none of the ramps to get on and off the sidewalks where clear!I though then its not a good idea to try to scoot to the store!Lisa is going to Walgreens tomorrow early so I'll wait and go with her!I don't like winter very much!

2.17.13 2.00 pm

Lisa didn't want to go out in this stuff so I'm thinking about scooting but she did say she needs to go to Walgreens so I'm gonna go with her tomorrow early,I don't know if I can wait though.I'll go out and see how the walkway to my building is then decide!

2.17.13 afternoon

I'm tring to see if I can get to the store at the end of the street.I called Jamie,asked if he would go for me,his back is giving him too much pain.I'm tring to get Lisa but her line is always busy!I probaly shouldn't try scooting but,I may be left with no choice!Lisa just called and she can't so I gutta make my mind up,scoot or not.

2.16.13 late almost 11.30 pm

I finally got blogspot to load and work on my desktop :)!I think what helped the most was going in my control panel opening add and remove programs,then getting rid of lots of junk :)!
   There is a winter storm warning in this area!I hate when we get a lot of snow!I find it very hard and dangerous scooting places too!I know I'm gonna need/want something tomorrow!I asked Lisa today if that happens could she drive me to the store at the end of technical park dr and she said yes but I don't like to have others,or depend on others to get my needs/wants taken care of!Its probably less than 1/4 mile away but I get legless walking from my bedroom to my kitchen!Jamie is always asking if he can do anything 4 me,maybe I'll call him.I just don't like this cause I feel trapped!

2.14.13 after 8 pm

I couldn't do anything today cause last night I didn't get any sleep,the pain from my tooth was so intense!I called crc and left a message saying I wouldn't be in that promoted a call from crc,they said if I don't make it in Tuesday,they will have to discharge me!I've gutta make it no matter what,even if I gutta drag my jaw on the ground!I couldn't go to hics too :( !

2.13.13 after 10pm

Hics was great tonight!We all played bingo!I never won a game but I had fun and that's all that matters :)!Tomorrow I've got therapy then off to hics!I gutta get up at 6am!My ride isn't until 8.10 but I like to be able to enjoy my coffee :)!

2.13.13 after 11 am

KJ has been over,we did the things I needed to do!Later I'm going to hics for game night!My ride to hics is kinda late,not till 4 pm so I gave her my dinna order with the money.Tonight I'm feeling like a pastrami sub with Swiss cheese :)!

2.12.13 7.30 pm

I was gonna scoot to Wg's today but on the way my scooter tipped over!It was right near the office.Anne and the pretty young lady that helped me get my rent paid automatically every month witnessed it!They both helped me gather all my stuff then Anne asked a maintenance man who also was there to make sure I get home!That is real nice but I wanna be able to take care of everything myself!The young lady ended up going to the store for me :)!I've chatted with Alyssa today cuase I wanted to ask if Joel gave her the fairy tale proposal!He did,he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him :) !I like his style,I'm fully confident my little girl will be well taken care of :)!Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit at 8 am then I've got the YMCA then hics,game night!I've gutta see if KJ can help me install my pocket pc on my desktop!I keep trying but I get to the point of entering the serial number and it says its not enough characters!Could be my eyes not working together …

2.11.13 around 8.30 pm

I cancelled my trips to hics for tomorrow right when I found out hics is cancelled tomorrow!I get the call with my times and there is three times on my voice mail!I call again tonight,tell them I've done this and my second trip time instead of going to hics will bring me home,jeesh!

2.11.13 almost 5.30 pm

My youngest just got engaged to be married!I've got so much respect for Joel,my future son in law,he instant messaged me on fb asking for my permission:)! I said to him,as long as you put her needs and wants way b4 your own its okay!I wish them both the very best!Kinda a new way to do an old fashioned tradition!

2.11.13 after 4.30 pm

I've had an event full day so far!I scooted to the office to get my rent issues taken care of,they had trouble getting the web site to work too!Then the lovely Anne came over and got it all done.I again set up automatic withdrawal from my checking on the 1st of every month!I tipped  over on my way there so I only scooted to the store at the end of the street!On the way back I got stuck a few times!Ice on roads,they really have got to do a better job around here!The great thing is passer buys in cars that stop to see if I'm okay and need any help!

2.10.13 after 9 pm

My day got much better :) !Lisa and I ordered out 4 dinna!I got my steak and cheese calzone with Swiss cheese :) !I've got enough left 4 another dinna :)!Snow removal at this place seems to be a joke!I called maintenance about the front of this building!Lets see if they get some ice melt down!I've already cancelled the YMCA tomorrow  cause right now the entry ways to here are impassable!

2.9.13 11.10 pm

I'm really getting frustrated by how hard it is to do just about everything!Even lighting a candle took me 10 mins and I was using a candle lighter!I'd love to call Bri more but her # is in my cell and I've got issues being able to not only make a call but answering it too!Then I thought of calling with my land line but,then I would have to SEE the number on my cell to program it in my land line,with my age and the fact my eyes aren't working together,its a major project!I always work as I'm doing tasks that cause me issues to find ways to make them easier but I'm real frustrated about just about everything now !

2.9.13 b4 noon

This blizzard in no way  comperes to the blizzard of "78"!Maybe cause of the lessons the blizzard of 1978 taught us.I only lost power for about 15 mins!I started thinking of all the jobs I've had when there was no power.Manager/technician glass,son,husband,the only job I didn't do well at and I paid for that!Provider,I'd like to think my kids didn't want for anything that was out of reach.The most important job I'll have till the day I'm gone though is being a father!Its just great to have other people realize this and treat me with the respect I deserve for filling my duties!

2.7.13 after 5.30 pm

I've been to the office to sign my rectification papers!I wanted to keep getting my rent taken from my cking account but Anne said I must go to the web site and set it up!I went there and I think I set up automatic payments but,I'm just not sure.I've got to email Anne with my n-star something,acct. # or something maybe to ask what she needs!I'm trying to process the multitudes of information I've gotten today!Its kinda overwhelming me now but I've just got to remember my surgery has been cancelled for now and comcast is supposed to be over tomorrow after noon!I also scooted to wg's making sure I had provisions cause of the impending blizzard!

2.7.13 11.30 am

I didn't go to crc or hics today cause  I wanted to make sure I was here for the call from ss hospital!They said they would call at 3.45 but they just called!My surgery is on 2/11 at 11.55 but I've got to be there at 9.55!Its just so much information to absorb I'm kinda getting overwhelmed!

2.6.13 8.45 pm

To everyone out there who may be battling injury,sickness,depression,sadness,just remember to always think the best is gonna happen!The best is gonna happen 4 Brenda and Kayla :)!Gn ppls :).

2.6.13 after 5pm

I've had a lot of information to process today!I've got to be here to get a call on my land line at 2.45 pm,I think its at 2.45 but as they were telling me the time they were gonna call I emailed KJ to let her know so I can check my sent emails :)!This is important too,about getting the fluid build up on my back removed!I even changed my pick up time from hics tomorrow from 2 to 1 pm so I'm insured to be home in time for the call!That's for my day surgery to remove the fluid build up on my back caused by my surgery to get the pump in!I've just gutta get my transportation times down but,I'm lucky I've got a great case  manager,all I need to worry about is getting there,KJ is gonna pick me up and take me home after the surgery :) !I think there was other stuff too but right now all I need to be concerned about is getting home b4 2.45!

2.6.13 after 12.30 pm

KJ has been over and she tried to get "the ride's" web site to be more cooperative with my computer by deleting the cookies I've acquired over the yrs I've had this computer!Most of them were from way back when I lived in Scituate!I just checked it though and its still being difficult!I'm not gonna go to hics tonight cause I've got a busy day tomorrow and I've got to go to therapy!I don't care if my teeth hurt or my feet hurt or I'm just tired,I'm going!

2.5.13 7.15 pm

I was placing an order with best buy online and I must have missed where it said delivery or pick up cause it was asking where I'm gonna pick the item up!I land lined best buy online and spoke with a very nice csr.We found the order now we gutta cancel that order and place it again!This nice lady even got me $10. off the thing :) !I've gutta say how hard everything is for me though.I've gutta get my card numerous times,read the info,type (cause I can't write) all the info,order # ect.Things that used to be so easy are now big projects!

2.5.13 1.15 pm

I couldn't go to crc or hics cause I didn't get much sleep last night due to tooth pain along with other nagging pains!I can't let these things stop me like this!I've got to set my mind to not let these things win,I've gutta get the best of them!

2.3.13 after 10pm

I just watched a movie I hadn't seen in a very long while,dirty dancing!The star of this flick has passed too,JMV!He was great in this flick along with road house!I think that was in the 80's!He and John Travolta made their money in the 80's!JMV sadly lost his battle with cancer,I'm winning mine :)!

2.3.13 after 9 pm

I scooted to Wgs today and got a corded phone cause the cordless phones I have wouldn't work in a power outage!I'm having my issues setting it up thou!I'm gonna mount it on the wall and I've got to tuck the lines in the phone,meaning my hands have got to work with each other,NOT!Lisa is gonna come up and help me tomorrow after I get home from the YMCA :) !

2.1.13 after 6.30

I've got to get two teeth yanked!These will be the 2nd and 3rd teeth I've had to get yanked since I turned 48 yrs young!They can do this right at the office,other places I've been have to schedule day surgery and I must go to south shore hospital!

2.1.13 after 10 am

I'm going to my dentist today!The pain doesn't seem as bad today,go figure!Lisa said she wanted to go to walmart with me tomorrow!I called "the ride" they said they would have to list her as a pca that way I won't charged for her,That's  $8!