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No trick or treaters came by tonight :(,guess Im gonna have to eat all the recees myself!Today I went to church,did a load of wash,booked my rides,became fb friends with a lady who was hs sweethearts with my bf in hs!Made dinna,found a way to commemerate throu fb a great man I knew that passed recently

Church 10.31.10

Church was great this morning!I think Ive got my ride times all figured out for church!Arrival time I should book at 10.10 am cause thats what I did today and paster Rich met me at the door!He then thanked the driver for bringing me and said everybody there likes to see me!Wow makes me feel real good,like I really belong :)!


For a mans whos family was told just after my accidnt,"IF he wakes up,he wont be much more than a vegtable!Look at me now,Im living on my own,in total controle of my life in almost every way,when I get my lisence back it will be every way :)!

staying happy and busy

I have so many things that keep me happy and busy at my place!My puter naturally,my dvd player and all my dvds,my cd changer and my vast collection of music cds!If you were to name a group from the 70s and 80s to the early 90s,Ill bet Ive got something from them:)!


Ive got the "y" today!Ive figured out how I can avoid forgetting to book my rides for Mondays "y" trips.I always book my rides for the wk Sunday afternoons,sometimes to late for the next day so Ill always book Mondays trip a wk ahead!Ive still got many tasks Im workin on.Ive started scanning all my pics and sharring on fb,I still gutta install the software in my laptop to burn all my records to cd,Im still gonna make a video bout my progressoin with my tbi,just keep up with all my daily tasks :)!

10.28.10 PM

Hics was great,we had another party:)!The movie was nightmear on elm street part three.I like how the new movies depicked life like it is today,all the young adults have cell phones and when they need information on somthing they google it :)!

rec 10.27

In staying with Halloween tradition we watched not a horror flick but,a suspence thrilla,something activity.A true story bout a girl who was possesed whereva she went oh paranormal actvity!I highly recomend this flick,its in dvd now!:)


CmD was here,I did all my normal tasks!I also talked with my former assitant manerger at giant,I guess the buiseness has really gone downhill!What a shame.Im gonna go to hics lata for a party :)!

10.26.10 evening

Hics was great today!One group we thought of statigies when dealing with others.Im good with that thou,I had to use everything working at giant!Angrey customers,uncooperative help,demanding higher ups,heavy work loads.I must say I was very good at my career :)!

dinna 10.25.10

I ended up nuking a ham and cheese lean pocket!I always forget to take something out in the morning,go figure,I was in a coma for 3.5 months but,thats no excuse,I must do beta :)!

What to make

Im thinking bout what to make for dinna!Not gonna be another ham and swiss cause I need a change.Im thinkin a lean pocket with doretoes,I have ham and cheese lean pockets!Sounds like a plan :)!

woke up

I woke up and its only 2.43 am!The great thing about living alone is,no worries bout bothering others,I can get a snack,drink,go on my puter!Im FREE!


I forgot to mention we had the pretty and very talented Kathy G for our ministry of music this morning.She has the greatest voice I think Ive eva herd!She I think sounds beta or as great as Stevie,Alannis,Im telling you she is tops in my book :)!

10.24.10 after noon

Church was fantastic this morning!I said a prayer when we members bring up our conserns to Jesus.I thanked him for his help and guidence in making my new life happy and forfilled theres just one thing missing but,Im sure youve allready got her picked out!I have faith that Jesus wants me to be happy in every way!I have faith that Im gonna meet the lady of my dreams SOON!

10.23.10 pm

Im really lovin life in my sleek batchelar pad!CmD got my dvd player workin it even works with my sound system!Ive just gutta set my reciever on vcr mode,and I rememberd:)!


Today I have a trip booked to and from stop and shop in Braintree Ma!I should have some meds ready,Ive also gutta cash a check I got from speakng!Not bad $30 for less than 30 mins speaking to a few adults arrested for oui!


Ive done alot so far today!Grazelle (my maid)was here!I went to the "y",cmD made a home visit!CmD was able to get my dvd player to work for me!I had paid another person to do just that.He needed some money to get a phone so I paid him to connect my dvd player,cmD said it just wasnt connected!Im too nice to certain people!Someone else very close to me needed some money for or to get her apartment.I repeatedly asked her for help and got none!Im gonna learn from this,NO more mister nice guy!

hics 10.21.10

Hics was great today!Im tring to remember what we disscussed in groups.I think in our first group we talked about the difference between denile and hope.CmK ran a group,she gave me the url (address)to a web site that could help me fill my time but,do you think I can remember the url,not.I think it was or try em lata.Then we had team building where cmD had us do a trivia game that if you answer a question right you move along a fooball field and eventually get a chance to score!Of cource my team won :)!
tomorrow cmD is making a home visit @ 8.30 and grazelle is commin @ 9!

rec 10.20.10

Casino night was a blast!I played poker all night!I won some and lost some but,on the final hand we were beting big!I had the best hand I had all night!I had a full house,only two threes and three sevens but still a full house!I won the biggest pot of the night :)!


I didnt have a home visit today so I had to find something to occupy my time so I took a cruise to walgreens,a successfull cruise I might add:)!Tonight Im going to hics,casino night,wish me luck!


Im injoying my first cup of french vanilla coffee now :)!Ive got hics today :)!Ive gutta find out when that study is gonna start.Im not gettin rid of my facal hair till the last minite!

started a project

I started scanning my vacation pics!I took my family away every year starting in 1993

dinna 6.18

Dinna was fantastic tonight!I George formaned those steak tips and they were sooooo good!:)The only thing I must change is Ive been using a tereoakie marinade sause,from now on I must buy the terioake sause strait up :)!


Is there any other thing thats better than the taste of the first cup of coffee in the morning?Well not for me,I injoy waking and getting up for coffee!I not only like waking up cause I can but,the taste of my first cup of french vanilla coffee makes me relax!

things for Kenny to look at

I paid Kenny to connect my dvd/vcr up but,I cant get it to work for me :(!I want all my speakers connected on my puter.Im just not mobile enough to reach all the wires :(!I took out some steak tips marinading in terioaki sause,maybe he'll stay for dinna,that would be like b 4 my tbi :)!

Kennys commin ova

Kenny said he was gonna come ova sometime this weekend!I hope he lets me know early cause its already too late today to take out the steak tips I have marinading in terrioakie sauce,his loss.They will taste great using my new forman grill :)!

decision time ahead

Ive gutta make a decision on that study!Im thinking I want to do it but,I have to get rid of my bierd :(!My facial hair grows quickly but,shavin everyday is not something I want to do!I have a rechargable bierd trimmer.Maybe if I dont use any of the attachments it will work just like an electric shaver,I definatly not dragging a razzor blade accross my face!I like the five a clock shadow look!Im thinking kinda outload!


Ive been to stop and shop this morning,got some stuff,put it all away!Now I must do all my puter stuff!I think of this like a job cause I get emails everyday from other tbi servivors and care givers and family!I only hope Im helping them!


Today Im going to the "y" to workout:)!I think Kenny said he was gonna visit this weekend :).Im sure thats what he said.Im actually sure about something :)!

hics 10.14.10

I had a great day at hics today:)!We had a lady speak to us about a study she is doing with dissabled people.Its kinda like voice recognition software but,it recognizes the muscules you use to formulate words!Its a paid study too!Im thinking bout doing it but,Id have to shave off my beard!I dont know if Im ready to do that!


Kinda an event filled morning!I had to go to the office to do some paperwork!Special thanks to cmK who accomponied to the meeting :)!I just had to sighn a few papers,I could have done it all alone but,its always good to have a great support like cmK there too :)!


Hics was great today :)!We had regular groups but,in peer tbi we disscussed about becoming totally independant and I believe Ive reached that stage :) but,I still depend on some friends and all my great supports!CmD cant make it tomorrow cause of a passing in the family,Jesus please take good care of her,so cmK is gonna come instead!This will be the first time that she has seen my castle.I take great pride in showing off my place and all my stuff :)!


Im concerd about my dauhter Bri!Ive tried repeatedly texting her even calling her but,no responce!I think maybe shes working but,all day and no responce makes me wonder whats happening!


Today Im going to the "y" to workout!I really injoy doing nauhtillis training!I think it helps in many ways.Not only helps to lessen my tremurs but,helps my colesterol level too!

10.10.10 pm

Ive gutta remember what happend today or what I did.I got up for church thanks to my alarm clock,so I went to church this morning and Im glad I did!I always have a great feeling from beechwood cc in Cohasset :)!I used my new george forman grill,only cooked a burger.Next time Ill do steak tips!Fire alarm went off twice today!Everybody is getting real tired of this!Im happy Im using a george foman grill again,I used to injoy that so much before my tbi,now Ive got something back,Im gonna get alot more too!Ive only just begun :)!


Today I have a trip planned to and from stop and shop in Braintree.Ive gutta check to see if I have any meds ready,Grazelle gave me a list of cleaning supplies,I need bread and cheese,gonna get some nukeable(microwave)pizza!

recap 10.8

Lets see,I started today with a cruise to walgreens,Grazell came ova and did a great job,as usual,went to the "y" had an awesome workout,made dinna and realized I need an electric can opener!Ill see if there is one at stop and shop cause Im going there tomorrow to check on meds and get some food :)!


Grazelle(my maid) is here,she is going about her business.She always calls the day before,I thought she said 10.30 but,I guess I was confused (go figure) she came at 9.30.Good thing cause my pickup time to go to the "y" is around 11.30!If I can get away without struggling through laundry this week,Im happy :)!


I had such a great time today at our conference!I even saw a therapist I had the first time I went to crc and rememberd her name!What a memory :)!I saw many friends,therapists,and my case mamager from therapy in Plymouth!I had the bestest day:)!


I am exstreamly excited about today!Our 7th annual conference is gonna take place at florian hall in Dorchester Mass.Ive been around the brain injury field in this area for almost 10yrs so thier has got to be many people I will know,I just hope I can remember names :)!

home visit

cmD was here,I did my meds once again perfectly,we checked my accounts,savings and checking!We also were able to e-mail my lawyer some doucuments dealing with my back taxes.I love this electronic age :)!

dinna 10.5

A man who lives down the hall knocked on my door.I answerd the door,he said "Im making some ribs,would you like some"?He brought me some real tasty ribs!Im diggin this place more and more everyday:)!


Hics was great today!We had regular groups but,Thursday is our 7th annual confrence!Thats always an educational event.Thier will also be various job venders and support groups etc thier too!Food too of cource!We are having it at florian hall in Dorcester Mass.


Ive had kindof an eventfull day!I sleept a little too late to get ready to get my ride to church so I had to call and cancell all my trips for today :(!I want to walgreens,did laundry,folded and hung and put all away,made dinna!May not seem like a big deal but,my family was told shortly after my accidnt,if he wakes up from the coma,he wont be much better than a vegtable!Im proud of what I CAN do!:)

thrown a curve

While doing my wash,when I put my cloths in the dryer,put my card in to start it,not any value on my card!I rememberd I got a paper sliped through my door saying the laundry card machine is now by the outside door to the office!The only struggle with that was feeding a bill,money,in the machine!I did it thou,now Im waiting for them to dry :)!

things to do

Ive got to get organized!I gutta call Braintree hospital,talk to someone about the driving eval,install the software in my laptop to burn my records to cds,burn my best records to cd,work on my web site,do laundry,go to wallgreens!Thats enough,lets see what I can get done :)!


Shopping went very well but,putting all my food away turned into a project!I like to freeze my meats in marinade sause!first I had to make room in my freezer,then get out my freezer bags,I guess I didnt lock one tight enough so had to clean up terieokie marinade all ova my freezer!I had to clean my sticky floor too :(!All done now:)!


Tomorrow I have rides booked to and from stop and shop in Braintree to check if I have any meds ready also to pick up some food.I want to get some grilling meats so I can get back into my George Foreman grilling specialties :)!