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Bowling tornament today with hics :)!I was still finding traces of that nasty worm so Id run webroot anti virus twice daily then a disk cleanup,last scan just some spyware :)!


I went to walmart in Quincy but,they were remoldling for I guess its gonna be a food store too.They didnt have any fanny packs or ink jet cartreges for my printer but,I was able to get a George Forman grill thou :)!


CmD was here for our weekly home visit,I dont know how we got on the topic but,I said for a single guy living on my own,I do pretty well,he had to agree!In reality thou,Im a single guy living with a tramatic brain injury thats doing outstanding living on his own :)!

hics 9.28.10

Hics was great today!We had groups but,I kinda forget what was disscussed,go figure.My brain was constantly stimulated thou!I had to send an e-mail to JR saying Im going to our conference next week cause I couldnt just tell him.I think I originally sent adA an email saying so too!

church 8.26

Church was great this morning,we had a guest speaker.This mans life was touched by Jesus!Not the same way he touched mine but he really made the difference in his!This man has got my respect not only cause he changed the way he was living but,he was able to recognize that Jesus was helping him to realize what he was doing was not rightous!

pesky worm

Although I believe Ive killed that worm,it still seems to be tring to infect me!I am still getting pop ups saying "your infected with spyware and viruses".If you get this in a popup,get away quick!


I keep seein an ad for a move called social network.I think its mainly about facebook!It sounds like a flick we all should see!I have some movie passes around somewhere,Ill find them then ask a lady to go :)!


Hics was great today!We had community breckfest,and an in-sevice from phillips life lineThats what I use,you know Ive fallen and I cant get up,type of service :)!Im still getting those pop ups that say your infected with viruses and spyware!Ive just gotta make sure I dont get a tremur and click download!I dont want to have to go through all that sh-t again!


Ive got bills that automatically withdraw from my checking account!If my account gets below $1,000 I get nervous.I was at $900. so I made a transfer from my savings to my checking!I love this electronic age :)!

rec 9.22.10

Rec was great!We went out to dinna at the clam box at wally beech in Quincy!Im still getting the effects from that adware or virus but,Im determined to get the best of this!Dont forget,my determonation is unmatched :)!


Ive had to put my problem solving skills to work cause my puter was and I hope WAS infected by adware or a virus but,I ran all my utillities over and over again,thats all I can think of doing,sorry if anyone was infected cause of me!


MY puter has been acting wired,my fb acct. been doing strange things!Ive run virus and spyware scans numerous times,then delete my quarentine,do a disk clean after to hopefully make sure no traces are left!


I seem to have got an infection on my puter!I have a very good anti virus and spyware program and it found an adware program that says Im infected with spyware and a virus!I quarentine the items then delete quarentined items then run a disk clean up!Hopefully that takes care of that!

my puter

I came home today,tried to fire up my puter and kept on getting error massages and it wouldent boot up!Same thing as last time but,this time I could get it in safemode!Then I ran a virus and spywere sweep,did an error check,disk clean up,so far so good!


Hics was great today!I love to get home now though,my own castle :)!Im having puter probs again!I think the last time I had it repaired all that was done was reinstall windows xp,I can do that myself!:)


I couldnt get up this morning to get myself ready for church.I guess I needed the rest though.Its just so hard for me to function somewhat normally!


The "y" was fantastic this morning mainly cause I got the opertunity to work with this beutifull young blond lady (voluntier) Christy ;)!Not only was she very very pretty,she got to know my abilities quickly.She knew when thier was too little wieght on and added more :)!I really had an enjoyable workout today!


Today at hics we had our 18th year celebration :)!There was food,great friends and the best supports :)!I guess they were not able to get ahold of everyone last night so some people showed up!The former assistant director was one who did!I want to talk with Lisa again sometime cause not only do I like and respect her she was my first contact with hics.She interviewed me just after I got through with therapy in Plymouth!


I want to get some ink on my forearm.A knife or dagger with a snake or serpent curling around it!A knife cause Im sharp,a snake cause IM cunning!

8.14.10 afternoon

Hics was great today!Tomorrow we have our 18th year celebration!Im really looking forward to it but,not too many old staff called to say they were commin :(!Every one thats been associated with hics knows how much I wanted my own place!Now I have it,would be so nice to share that with all the people that helped me as I went from step to step achieving this great success!:)

doctors appt.

My appt. with my pcp went very well!My blood pressure is good,my heart sounds strong and my pulse rate is good,he checked my breathing,that was fine too!I told him Im going to the "y" now,he says thats great!I really believe resistance training lessens my tremurs :)!I went to the lab for the all important blood tests,I asked him to check my psa levels in my blood too.I have another doctor that I see,he does it too but,if my cancer came back,I think its important to know as early as possible!

things to do

Ive got to remain busy!Kenny connected my dvd/video player and my turn table that burns my records (albums)to cds!I have yet to see if they work!I think thats what Im gonna do today :)!

9.10 pm

Tomorrow is 9.11!Thats an awefull day but,I can remember that day well!Lets see what did I do today?Oh ya,Grazell(my maid)was ova.I worked out at the "y',Bri came ova,she needed a little help from her dad!Made dinna for myself.I spent alot of time workin on me!No fire alarm sofar today :)!


CmD was ova,we did my meds,checked my calendar,checking account,made sure I could do all my domestic chores.Next week I get to show him what a great cook I am :)!


Today cmD is making a home visit at 9 am,and yes Im up :)! Then I go to hics,rec,kerioackie night!Ill bring my digital cam see if I can make a video of it,then Ill share but,I havnt been too lucky with my electronic devices as of late :(!


That loud alarm was going off again so I went out to the hall!It seems like it was happening to everyone!The nice young lady accross the hall made it a point to make sure I was allright though :)!


Hics was great today!I do forget most of the day thou but,I do remember we had our tbi education group but,that seemed to be about coping skills,I think I cope very well with my tbi but,it does stink having to live like this but then I realize I am alive,who could ask for any more than that!I was able to see Kenny graduate from high school shortly after I woke!I have so much to look forward to!Someday I hope to be a grandfather too,lets go young adults,Im not getting younger :)!


I went to church this morning :)!Its great to go cause I missed the past two weeks for no good reason just kinda lazy but,no more Im gonna attend every Sunday!


Ive been to stop and shop already today!A tennant that lives in this building invited me to a cookout here at the picknic tables but,I forget what day its on.Wednesday the 15th at the clubhouse they are having a little get together for all tennets.I want to be there cause maybe a chance to meet single ladies ;)!


Hics was great today but,at the same time kinda frustraiting.Thats only cause two groups required writing and drawing!I think and really concentrate on my right hand to move a certain way and it just dosnt happen.Plus then I get very tremulas (shakes)!Ive got to work hard on my writing!

End of summa :(

Labor day is approching,it reminds me of the end of the summa cookout I had while living in Squantum!I used to invite all niehbors,friends,family!Hamberg and dogs for the kids then steak tips and all the beer you can drink for adults!I think when I started with Giant glass I had lobters too!Great times :)!


I overslept this morning!CmD told me yesterday he was gonna come at 9am,the buzzer woke me up!Thats so uncaracteristic for me!I usually awake at 5am without an alarm,I must have been really tired!I feel great now thou,sorry cmD.We did my meds but not all we usually do like go over my banking,I wanted to show off my new mp3 player too!Im proud of how well Im doing with my finaces too thou:)!