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I've got hics today:)!I'm just bothered by  couple things.My foot seems to be acting up again,and my stomach does't feel right today.It WILL get better thou!

Great show

I just watched a great show on vh-1 about rock bands of the 80's!Brought back memories,back then Nise and I used to go out every Friday and Saturday night to Caseys in Hull or the rexicanna in Mrshfield

great show

That was a great show!Brings back so many memories!Nice and I would go out every Friday and Saturday night to Casey's in hull or the rexicanna in Marshfield or the bell to listen and dance to all the local bands!I remember one we liked alot,I think they called themselves "the dirty dog band".

4.27.12 6pm

Ive been to walgreens and now I'm kinda tired so I'm thinking laundry can wait till tomorrow!The parade starts at 10 am so I'll maybe get up real early and do laundry!My rides are all booked for the week :)!


I got up very,very early this morning and cancelled my trips to walmart,I needed sleep :)!I can get a flash drive at the computer store next to hics!Ive checked the two I have and one I'm storing all my pics,no room left.The other I have important documents,a little room left but not much!Ive been thinking,I can always burn things to a CD but,I don't want to create clutter,plus my writing issues make organizing a problem!I'll figure something out though :)!


Tomorrow I've got trips going to walmart in Quincy!I need a flash drive and all thats needed to connect my camera to my puter!I guess whatever else floats my boat too :)!

4.26.12 almost 4 pm

I've had a successful scoot to walgreens!I was even able to pick up another 9 inch fan!Now I can have one in my living room and bedroom!I could just move one back and forth but that's hard for me!Now I'm all set up!


I cancelled my trip to stop and shop and booked trips to and from walmart in Quincy just in case cause you can get any and everything there,they now have food!


Tomorrow Ive got trips scheduled to and from stop and shop in Holbrook.I can scoot home from there!I've just gutta make sure I don't pass the entrance to ramblewood like last time!

5.25 after 6pm

Wow,what a difference a new provider makes in homemaking service!Miceala washed all my bed linens,made the bed,vacuumed the whole apartment!Arcadia,when I had them do my bed,that's all they did!This is just like when I paid for maid service!

memorial day

I've got to remember Monday the YMCA is closed!That's okay cause Holbrook has a parade!It goes right by technical park dr.!I can scoot to it again this year :)!


Tomorrow KJ IS making a home visit at 8 am then Ive got the ymca for my workout!Pool season in upon us so Ive got to work as hard as I can :)!

5.24.12 6pm

Ive had a great day: )!Hics was great,I kinda forget what we did in our groups but I know my brain was stimulated all day!I came home and scooted to the office to pick up my pool pass,it opens on Saturday :)!I got back home and couldn't find what I did with it so I called the office to see if I left it there!He couldn't find it so I asked if I could get another.He told me it would cost me $30. for another!I searched everywhere and found it :)!

5.23.12 6pm

I had a great workout at the YMCA but,Ive gutta do something about my pickup times to be able to go to hics after my workout!I'm thinking that I should book a return trip from my apartment to hics at 3.30 pm!If I have a 2.15 return from the YMCA then that will give me time to change and wash up:)!

5.22.12 evening

I missed going to hics  today but,I was able to get all my laundry done!Tomorrow Ive got the YMCA then I'll go to hics,we are going bowling at Boston bowl!That means I'll get the bestest steak and cheese calzone at Dreadwood cafe!Today I needed a day off cause Monday was real busy for me!Two doctors appointments,wow!


I cancelled all my rides for today!Ive just been so busy the last few days Ive got things I have to get done!Laundry is one but first Ive gutta take a wet scoot to walgreens!

2nd appointment

My appointment with the podiatrist went well!He explained to me its likely the corn will come back!He just basically got this tool and shaved it off!I got all my toe nails,on both feet,cut too:)!Ive got to get  his phone number stored in my puter so I can call when it comes back!


Ive been to dr.Jamora's office this morning,he did an exam and prescibed me some glasses,bifocals!I guess I am getting more experienced,not old!I've still got to see the podiatrist left today.Hopefully they can do something about this corn cause its killing me!


Tomorrow I start the day with a doctors appointment,I think a nurooptomologist.the one I think prescribed me glasses to help my eyes work together.I'm really praying this works cause then I can go to part 2 of the driving evaluation,if I can get my lisence back boy will my independence be increased!I'm also gonna go to a pediatrist!It even hurts to wear my slippers!KJ is taking me to my first appointment then the ride to the 2nd!I've got the bestest supports!

4.20.12 after 7

I've been able to stay real busy.I made dinna then did a trash run!That's not bad cause I take the trash down with my scooter.When I first moved in thou Barbs came over for a visit.I needed to do a trash run then and I hadn't got my scooter yet.I had to prove to myself I can do everything I need to by myselfI carried a bag of trash to the dumpster using my walker!Barbs saying "let me help you"I wanted to prove to myself that I can do it all :).

5.20.12 3.30 pm

Today I've been able to do a good trim on my beard,book all my rides,take a successful scoot to Walgreen's.I was even able to find those quick and easy pizzas I like,Celeste microwave pizza for one,so I got three!

5.19.12 after 9

I think I've got lots done today but,thats something I deal with daily,not sure of anything!I booked my rides for my doctors appointment for Monday and the other one KJ is gonna take me to!I cancelled the rides I booked to stop and shop in Holbrook for tomorrow.I do need to take another scoot to walgreens thou.Thats kinda cool thou,I get the win!d in my face :)!Tomorrow I gutta book the rest of my rides and do laundry.Maybe I'll remember to take something good out 4 dinna tomorrow.


I did have a trip to stop and shop in Holbrook but I cancelled that and booked another for Sunday just in case,Ill scoot to Walgreens later and see if I can get all that I need!

5.18.12 after 6pm

Ive been to the YMCA and had a great workout!My homemaker has been here,I guess she did well but,I just feel I do much better than anyone.I've been to the meeting at the office,now I gutta make dinna :)!


Today Ive got the YMCA to go to for my resistance training and there is a meeting tonight at the clubhouse about what happend in another building,I don't even know what happend so I want to attend!Lisa also called to see if I'd take a walk with her b4 the meeting!I'm staying busy!

5.16.12 6.45 pm

I had a great workout at the YMCA but my return trip was late which in turn made me late for my trip to hics.That sux cause tonight was casino night!I'm not gonna let that get me down so I took a scoot to walgreens!I was able to get some quick and easy dinnas,walgreens steak and cheese subs and a couple walgreens cheese burgers!


My day has started out great!KJ has made a home visit,I was 100% accurate on filling my pillbox!KJ is so easy to talk with,although she may not totally understand something,she has the ability to keep me grounded and not make a huge mistake!Ive still got the YMCA and hics to go to today :)!

5.15 almost 9pm

Hics was great today!Its just great to spend the day with my peers and supports :)!Ive got some important doctors appointments coming up!On 5/21 I see dr.Jamara about getting a script for glasses to help my eyes work together and on the same day I go to a podiatrist  so hopefully get my corn taken care of!Its even starting to bother me just wearing socks!Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit at 8am then I go to the YMCA for resistance training and then hics,casino night :)!

Staying busy

I've been able to trim my beard!That is a task I couldn't do while living in Scituate!Now I'm free to do all tasks I need to!It came out okay,Ill do a touch up tomorrow,I can cause I'm free!


I was gonna go to the YMCA today but,I woke up late and not feeling quite myself so I called the YMCA and cancelled all my trips for today :(!


This is really hard cause I think lots has happened today!KJ made a home visit this morning and we got lots done!I made two doctors appointments.One with a podiatrist,another with dr.Jamara,I think a nurooptomologist!I think this is who gave me a script for glasses to help my eyes work together!He is a busy man though, the only way I could see him soon is to go to his Brockton office,"the ride"  doesn't service Brockton but KJ realizes how important it is to me to get my eyes working together so I can take the driving evaluation she said she would take me to that appointment :)!I've also been to the YMCA and had a great workout!I came home and my new homemaker came!I really like this homemaker and the company!I made my dinna,cleaned up after,now I'm beat!Tomorrow I'm going to stop and shop in Holbrook!This one cause its smaller,less overwhelming.I can scoot home from there too,Ive just got to make sure this time I don't go by the entrance to ramblewood ap…

Events of the day

I woke up very very tired this morning so I didn't go to hics :( .Ive been able to keep my brain super stimulated though!I paid most of my bills!Ive only got the gov left and mass health!Rent and electric gets taken out automatically.One of the pretty ladies that live in the building needed something printed!This is what is so cool about it though,she fbed me and asked!At first I couldn't figure out how I could print it,no pull down menus available!Then I tried a key on my keyboard and that worked!Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit at 8 am then I'm gonna go to the YMCA for resistance training.Then homemaker service comes over and with this new company I'm sure someone will be here :)!


I woke up very tired this morning so I called hics and said I'm not gonna make it today and went back to sleep for a little while :) .I do have some things I gutta get done though.Ive gutta pay all my bills,scoot to Walgreens,I'm out of soda!Thats whats great about my scooter.I'd never be able to make it to walgreens and back walking let alone carrying something!I can't wait to get my licence back then I'll be home even less!

Doctor visit

My appointment with my neurologist went okay I guess!I just expect more out of myself!Physically I'm fine its just the cognitive part I think I can do so much better!I did well on the memory tests where I'd have to just repeat words and numbers,say numbers back in different ways,highest to lowest etc but,I kinda bombed on tyring to remember words when he alternated my concentration!I did mention I've noticed my eyes not working together and that once I had glasses made to help with this issue but I can't find them!He mentioned an eye doctor that sounded very familiar,thankfully KJ was there and got all the information on it so maybe we can get another pair made :)!


Ive had a great day!I had hics,that was great cause my brain was stimulated all day!The best thing is coming home to MY own castle :)!Tomorrow I have an appointment with my neurologist and KJ is gonna meet me there :) so no home visit.He will give me a complete exam!All the memory tests.The one that's really hard is when he alternates my concentration and Ive got to remember about five words!I try to employ the strategies Ive learned through therapy.One is by taking the first letter of all the words and make One word to remember!That works sometimes but most of the time I just can't think fast enough to make a word so I've just got to do my best to remember,its so hard for me though :(!

What went on today

I had a great workout at the YMCA today!Then I got home and took a scoot to Walgreens!Made  dinna,just nuked a cheese burger (hot pocket).I still get very tired very easy!I hope this doesn't last but its been the same for 10 yrs now so I'll deal with it!:)


I was making coffee this morning and forgot to put the coffee pot in place,big mess!I got it all cleaned up and brewed a new pot.Today I'm going to the YMCA for my resistance training!I wish my foot was feeling better,I think KJ is making an appointment with a podiatrist for me!

tasks done

Ive gutta think,I guess I must list the tasks I  got done today in the order in which I completed them.I booked all my rides for the week!Did all my laundry,cooked dinna!Did some fbing.I'm well done now,gonna call it,good night :)

5.6.12 7pm

I never made it to D&D's I got in to a movie!Miracle,about the 1980 US Olympic gold metal team!I own it on DvD but,I played with or against many of them!Silkie I played youth hockey with on the Scituate Braves and then in just a pickup game at Cohasset winter gardens!That was long after his professional career but I did have to do my spinaramma move on him just cause how often do you get a chance to fake out someone of his calibre !

Getting tired

I'm getting kinda tired now but,congradulations to my dauhter Alyssa,a Keen state graduate now!Alyssa,you have made your father very very proud and happy :)!

Shopping excuresion

I was able to get fresh spinage but,I had to ask the clerk.I guess I overshot the entrance to my apartment complex.I saw a someone who lives in my bld,he told me to turn around,I would have realized as I got closer to walgreens though.


Tomorrow Ive got trips to and from stop and shop in Holbrook!I want to go to this one cause I've scooted home from there a few times,maybe someday I'll get the guts to scoot there and back again!

my vacume

My homemaker last week broke my vacuum!This week Micaela (my new homemaker) and I fixed it :)!I wasn't pushing the reset button in enough!Micaela used a pen and pushed it in further and walla,it worked :) !


I was gonna go to the YMCA today but,Ive got alot to do!II wanna scoot to walgreens and my new homemaker service starts today!Ive got to make sure I'm home for the new service,maybe they will be more dependable!

almost 9pm

I got home today and was very productive:) I scanned my income statement from social security,saved to a file!Then scanned my rental agreement,saved it to a file!These seem to be papers I need to be able to do or get anything!Its just nice to have them in a electronic file!I can now email them  where I need to!I just got them back from the YMCA.If I had them on file before I wouldn't of had to bring them to the YMCA and then stress out about getting them back :)!Tomorrow I go to the YMCA for my resistance training!I need to make a walgreens scoot to,I don't know yet if I'll do it before or after my workout.              
   How about Junior Seau!He never had a diagnosed brain injury but come on,the way he played the game,he had to have had multiple concussions!RIP Junior :( !

5.3.12 almost 6pm

Hics was great today!We had regular groups,tools for living,current issues,brain injury awareness.Brain injury awareness is a group I'm really gonna like!Oh,another group was called whats next (after hics)!I'd really like to work but CS,from MRC,Massachusetts rehabilitation commission closed my case when I lived in Scituate cause of no affordable transportation in that town,she said when I get transportation she would reopen my case.Ive emailed and spoke in person with her and she still won't open my case :(!I'm tying to get in paid studies too and I'm not getting a call back from them,I'm getting frustraited with it all!


Today Ive got hics :)!Just normal groups but one of the groups today is leisure time.Things we can do to occupy our time when we really have nothing to do.I tend to stay pretty busy but thats only cause of how my life was before my tbi!Single parent to a teenager,demanding,stressful,difficult career,high maintenance girlfriend!I was always on the go!


I'm tiring to remember what happened today.I believe KJ made a home visit!Yes cause if she is late it means I get a d&d's coffee and I see an empty cup in my trash.I don't care if she's late every week :)!I went to the YMCA and had a great workout!I worked with Molly too!She is so great,I'd finish one machine and she would have the next all set up!Good for my cardio to move through the machines quickly!Got home really tired,lied down for 30 mins then scooted to the new convenience store at the end a technical park drive.That store can't replace walgreens.It just doesn't have the inventory walgreens has,plus it doesn't have Lory there!