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5.31.15 around 8pm

This is one dead tired survivor! That's what doing laundry does to me, it absolutely poops me out! Not so much the physical  part of it, the mental part of really focusing on my arms and hands moving a specific way then it not happen is very, very frustrating! I try to explain what living with a brain injury is like but I don't know how I can tell you what it's like to have our limbs do the opposite of what you are concentrating hard to have them do! Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA to swim laps then lift my weights :)! No excuses tomorrow, my hand still bothers me and my foot hurts but I gutta go tomorrow!    


I got all my laundry done today! As I struggled through straitening it all after bringing it up from the laundry room I just though of all of you who didn't think I could once again live completely independently! That ranges from case managers to therapists to some family! They obviously didn't know what this survivor is made of!  I don't give up on anything that's important to me! Living independently was a major goal of mine as soon as I became coherent after waking up from the coma! I remember hearing all the time "what are you going to do when your on your own, have you ever done laundry? Its true my mother used to take Kenny's and my laundry every week! I told her I was gonna need help if I won getting physical custody of Kenny but that was only one way she helped me! She actually helped me raise my son! We did a great job too, today he is a very respectable young adult :)! Never doubt the will of Jamie :)!

5.31.15 before 9am

Today I've gutta get laundry done! I know I checked and made sure yesterday that I had enough value on it to wash and dry a load! I will check my trips for the week too and make sure the pick ups and drop offs are correct! I'm thinking of taking a ride too! That's what I'll call it when I take my new scooter! It really is close to riding again :)! One change in my normal trips, well two changes! I see my pcp this week and I arrive at the YMCA at 11am on Wednesday! I'm doing this cause of all the confusion with "the ride" on Wednesdays when I go to hics that night! The extra hour should allow "the ride" to get me home in time to get a trip to hics! I know I got Ali to okay this change I'll just remind her on Monday! I understand even non injured people sometimes need reminders but this tbi survivor has all his strategies in place and as a survivor of traumatic brain injury I think my short term memory is pretty good! I will go out on a limb a…

5.30.15 after 6pm

I've had a GREAT day ! I started by being free to do a good job trimming my beard then I scooted to Wg's using my new scooter and I was able to store all the items I got safely and securely under the seat :)! This scooter is lots of fun to ride :) It goes fast enough I not only can get to my destination quickly but catching the wind as I scoot! I'm getting great at all aspects of riding safely with this beast :)! I came home and did some cleaning and a trash run! I seem to use a new trash bag everyday, only cause I dump all my other trash bins in my largest bin! I made a batch of S&S mac and cheese, I might eat whats left later. I can make another batch tomorrow :)! I scheduled all my trips for next week! That is hard doing on line only cause everywhere I've been with "the ride" is saved and in my destinations! I've got to scroll through them all to try to find the right one! I see my pcp next week I've gutta tell him about my    angsioty issues! …

5.30.15 after 10am

Today I've gutta scoot to Wg's and get some smelly shxt (scented candles)! I'm hoping the still have the deal of three small candle jars for $5! I wanna look and see what else they have too! I've also gutta get French vanilla coffee creamer and DD's fv coffee! I've gutta be careful though cause it's the end of the month, about three weeks until my check gets deposited in my account! I do have some reserve but only about $500.

5.29.15 after 5.15pm

I've been to the YMCA and had a hard workout! Hard cause I haven't been in days! I'm still leg pressing 380lb though! That's 12 repetitions! I'm doing 120lb on the grip machine with my right hand, the side affected by my tbi! I got home and scooted right to the store! Now I gutta find something for dinna :)! 

5.29.15 around 11.30

I'm ready for my 12.09 pick up time to go to the YMCA! My hand is still causing me pain along with my foot but I've gutta go today! My return trip is at 2.37pm, when I get home I gutta scoot right to the store!

5.29.15 around 8am

I slept very well last night! What a difference a day makes! I've got the YMCA today! I've gutta speak with Ali today about my Wednesday ride issues! I'm thinking if I be at the YMCA at 11am on Wednesdays their shouldn't be any issues with pick up times having to be at hics at 4pm! I book an arrival time of 11am then a return of 12.15 pm then an arrival time for 4pm at hics! "The ride" should be able to get me home before 2pm then have time to clean up and change my workout cloths and get ready to go out! When I first started Wednesday at the YMCA I was going at 1pm! Then I had to change that to 12pm! You would think that would have worked but NOT with "the ride"! They seem to always have to many pick ups and drop offs when I've got to be home for another ride! The know where their drivers are at all times cause of GPS! This outfit NEXT though I believe is lacking in the common sense department! This tbi survivor that is supposed to not have goo…

5.28.15 around 9.30am

I got a tension headache last night and that wiped me out to do anything today! It's not as bad as a migraine but I didn't sleep well at all! Needless to say I can't do hics today I've gutta rest up! I did take a migraine med last night to fight it! When I 1st got prescribed this med, my pcp said whenever you feel a headache coming on take one! That's what I did! When I get a full blown migraine the only relief I get is when I make myself throw up! Thankfully that wasn't the case! Its gone now I just feel a little spacey! As time passes I'm feeling better and better! I just needed to ease in to the day! When the fog around my head lifts and goes away I'm thinking of scooting on my new scooter to D&D's but I've gutta be careful of my cash flow! I haven't checked it yet today but I'm pretty sure I'm okay with cash! I think ahead of what I will need cash for in the next days and all I can think of is my after workout treat after my …

5.27.15 around 11am

KJ was here and we activated my new I phone! This is gonna be such a great tool for me, as soon as I get used to using it! I just connected it to my computer last night and it downloaded all of my contacts! It only would transfer the tunes I purchased from I tunes though but it did transfer all my pics too! I've gutta figure out how I can get to and write in m blog! The on screen keyboard is much larger than my old I phone so that should make it easier! I called "the ride" and they said the lifts on the vans can handle 800lb! I can take my new scooter tonight :)!

5.26.15 around 8.30 pm

I did have a very hectic end to my day! I did manage to get to the store though! I'm ready to take my new scooter to a hics event! Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit, I'm hoping she can help me understand my new I phone, she has it too and she's had it for a little while now! The great thing is I just connected it to my computer and all m contacts loaded in to the phone! I've yet to even try to place a call but I'm thinking it must be similar to my previous Iphone! Tomorrow KJ then the YMCA then I'm meeting hics at Castle island in south Boston :)!

5.26.15 around half past noon

Still no delivery! I did track it again they say on the truck for delivery! My homemaker is due at 4pm and I do need an item at the store but I'm not gonna worry cause if it dose get dark my new scooter has a headlight and rear lights :)! The tracking says by 8pm on the 26th! This is the week Michaela washes my bed sheets too and I saved all my laundry too! So I could be putting it away past 6pm! I guess another late dinna! 

5.26.15 after 8am

I'm not doing hics today cause my I phone 6 plus Fed-x says it's delivering today :)! Now my angsioty starts to set in! Although they said I don't have to be here to receive it something like this I don't want to leave downstairs cause of my past experience with my stuff being ripped off! Low life people that live in this building or it could be low lifers who come to visit! At any rate I think its best I be here!

5.25.15 around 3pm

I went to Wg's using my new scooter and did very well! I'm able to get in and out of the elevator without a problem now! Todays scoot gave me confidence to take it on the events with hics this week! We are doing Castle inland and web park this week! The only thing I'm not sure about is if the lifts on the vans can lift the scooter! My manual says the scooter weighs 400lb! With me on it that makes it 580lb!

5.25.15 after 1.20pm

I had to call maintenance to come and fix a leak in my shower! The hose that attaches to the shower head leaks badly when I turn the water on! My bathroom floor gets soaked, I can only imagine how bad it causes the ceiling below me to leak! Now I gutta scoot to Wg's! 

5.25.15 after9.45am

I slept very well last night! I even got up at 7am and stayed there till 8am! I guess when you don't have any worries you can get in a very relaxed state! Then after being up for a while I start to get anxious about things! I've got my Iphone 6 plus supposed to be delivered tomorrow! I start to worry I won't answer the door buzzer quick enough! I've gutta remain positive though! I mailed and land lined KJ to say I won't be in on the 26th cause I'm gonna WAIT for Fed-x to come! I'm told I don't have to be here to receive the delivery but in this building theft is prevalent I don't want to take any chances with this! I believe this will be a great tool for me! After  I get all my contacts transferred over I'm gonna let Lisa use the phone I have now! She has a cell with safelink now- free phone! I realize they won't do smart phones so we will research verizone wireless to find an inexpensive plan she can afford! She lives on less than $700  a m…

5.24.15 around 9pm

I never made it to Wg's today! There is always tomorrow! I finish the last of my DD's French vanilla ground coffee tonight setting up the coffee maker for tomorrow morning! I do have other coffee but I'm also out of fv coffee creamer! Its a must to do a  Wg's scoot tomorrow!

5.24.15 around noon

I've been able to track my Fed-x delivery of my I phone 6 plus! I got an estimated delivery date too! 5/26 by 5pm! I have hics then but this I should stay here to receive it! They said I don't have to sign for it but with getting stuff ripped off before I'm not gonna take a chance with my I phone 6plus!

5.24.15 after 11.20am

I'm WAITING to receive email notification that my Iphone 6 plus is on the way and when I should receive it! My current Iphone did get 100% charged last night so that's one worry I don't have :)! I'm thinking of skipping laundry today cause I can always do it tomorrow cause I'm not doing the YMCA cause it's Memorial day! The pool here should be opening too! My homemaker is not coming until Tuesday cause of the holiday and it's time to wash my bed sheets! I did put $20 value on my laundry card but I'm still to thrifty to spend $ on doing laundry 2x in 1 week! Maybe I'll hold off on laundry and have Michaela do it all! I've got time to think about this though! I've been trying to track my I phone 6 plus! I've got a link I've just gutta click on from a previous mail but it always says the same thing! "It's on the way" no date of expected arrival or even an estimated date of arrival! The email dated 5/20/15 said two day ship…

5.23.15 after 1.30pm

Peapod arrived and I had my normal issues trying to fit in the freezer all that must go in there! I've got this big jug of sherbet that takes up way too much room! I don't have it much, It's only for emergency when my throat is on fire and I have no milk, ice cream, or even protein  shakes! So I had to store that in the refrigerator until room becomes available in the freezer! Then their was a red baron frozen pizza making me have issues fitting it all! I ended up cooking this and had pizza for lunch :)!     

5.23.15 around 11.30am

The nurse from CC has been and she conducted a basic health interview asking illnesses, broken bones, etc! Then questions about my mental health! She asked if I felt depressed, scared, lonely, any other feelings I've felt lately! I said about feeling real anxious lately! Then asked if I could think of any other was CC could help! I then said I think a nurse should come here every 3-6 months to see I'm health and I used to get pt here! The therapists used to come here to provide pt! I said that was very convenient for me! She is gonna check in to it and said I'd get a call from them :)! Now I'm WAITING for peapod to show up with my order! 

5.23.15 after 8am

I got up early this morning cause I needed some stuff at the store and I had to get it done well before 11am! I've got a peapod order coming btw 11-1 and a nurse coming at 11am!


I've got both charging cords working on m I phone :)! The trick is when I insert the cable wiggle it a little till the screen says xx% charged! And it's said tbi survivors are lacking in problem solving, well not this survivor :)!

5.22.15 around 4.30pm

Todays workout absolutely killed me! I haven't been able to go my normal 3x a week cause of doctor appointments and my painful hand so you'd  think I'd go down on the weight for all machines but not me! I'm still leg pressing 380lb 12 reps! Someone said to me they don't believe I'm doing so much. My response was that I could care less! I know what I'm doing and I'm not out to impress anyone, except the ladies! I only need to impress myself! Today I did just that, I was even able to do the grip machine with my hurting hand without dropping the weight 1 lb! I couldn't get through all 12 reps though but still I think I'm doing 120lb with my right hand, more with my left!

5.22.15 around 11am

I got my I phone 100% charged using the frayed cable that came with it :)! That's important cause I'm using public transportation today ("the ride") to go to the YMCA! They can't leave me stranded but I need a way to contact them! I can't wait to get my I phone 6 plus! I have yet to get a mail saying it's on the way should be here by ? Then I won't have to worry about my phone keeping a charge

Oh yeah

I've received most of my resent  Walmart order it seems all I've got yet to get is the mesh laundry bag! I can go to and it tells me whats been delivered and when the other items will arrive! I've received my cargo shorts,boxer shorts, gym shorts,T-shirts! That should do me for spring/ summer! I've got an important delivery coming sometime I must be home for cause it's a very desirable item, my new I phone 6 plus! I'm waiting for an email that will give me a date and approximant time it's gonna come! I've gutta get to Wg's sometime today cause I'm out of coffee creamer and although I've got a peapod order coming tomorrow I neglected to get coffee creamer there, milk just doesn't cut it!

5.22.15 around 8am

Today I gutta make it to the YMCA! Last few times my hand has been hurting bad! It still is bothersome but I've gutta suck it up and try not to think about it! My I phone saga continues it says it's charging now, I've got it charging through my computer and the computer recognizes it! I just put the lead in my phone, moved it around a little and I heard the sound the computer makes when a new connection is made!


Today is MMD's birthday! I can't seem to forget that cause 521 was the amount I used to pay every week in child support, $521! Big birthday wishes for Michelle! I've been to hics today, one group was emotional regulation  I think, how to control our emotions! I do this well without using strategies cause I'm basically a happy guy! If something bad happens or something or someone is bumming me, I look for the good in that situation or if it's a person, I learned I don't wanna be around that person cause I'm not letting anyone bring me down! I had to have KJ try charging my I phone on her charger cable at the office cause I guess mine didn't work good enough :( I've got it hooked up now directly from the ac outlet! It says 74 % charged now I can't wait to get my new I phone now! I'm waiting for an email saying it's been shipped and will arrive at such and such date :)!

5.20.15 8.40pm

This tbi survivor is very proud of himself! I was told by JR at hics the place the charger lead connects to my I phone looks dirty! Then I had to figure out how I can clean this tiny place! I got a small piece of a paper towel, soaked it with rubbing alcohol, inserted in the tiny port, moved it back and forth! Then connected the charging cable and my I phone started to charge :)! Tomorrow I've got hics and I've gutta go next door and get a hair cut but this time I wanna park my scooter outside and walk in! Last time someone lifted my scooter up the small set of stairs in the front and Cathy had to get JR to come over and lift it down! See I hate getting in to situations I can't get out of all by myself! I know I can do this with ease :)! I'm still gonna have to really focus on everything I'm doing while doing this!

5.20.15 around 6.30pm

I went out to work with my new scooter and stopped by the benches in the front of my building and a guy started saying how nice it is and wanted a passer by to take a pic of him with my scooter and I! I did very well driving this today, didn't bump in to anything! I'm getting used to the throttle control and braking system! I did catch my pant leg on the piece KJ super glued this morning and knocked it off :( but I'm getting used to it! There is so much I NEED to get used to! The size alone I've gutta get used to! It's like going from an MG midget to a full size van! This tbi survivor will get used to this cause I'm prepared to do whatever is necessary to insure I do!  

oh yeah

I was able to receive a delivery from UPS today! I got another part of my monthly Walmart order, a tire gauge! My new scooter has air inflated tires! I wanna make sure they have the proper amount of air pressure at all times! Now all I think is left from this order is a new mesh laundry bag! My other one developed some rips, tares, and holes in it!  

5.20.15 around 2.30pm

I placed my monthly peapod order and I noticed my account getting very low almost to the point of not enough to cover rent! I had $ I had transferred to my savings but I don't like to transfer back until rent is taken but I did put $400 in my savings ! I wanted to use the gift card I won Saturday! I always would see a place to type in coupons and promotional stuff but not today :(!I just forgot what time peapod was delivering my order but I had yet to check my email for a confirmation email from S&S! It's coming Saturday btw 10am-1pm! I picked that time cause I've got a nurse coming at 11am that morning I think! That's the way my memory is, and have to use so many strategies to live a successful independent life!  KJ was able to super glue that piece that broke off my new scooter this morning too! I've gutta start detailing it! I'm kinda head tired right now though it can wait!

5.20.15 around 11am

KJ was over and we got all my tasks done I needed :)! I ordered my I phone 6 plus! I called to order this cause I did it this way when I got the 5c! I had to accept he terms and agree to something and the salesperson said I could either do it on the phone or online! I asked if it was complicated doing it over the phone, he said no! It was very complicated for me using the phone and KJ was here too! Then she suggested I check my email to see if there was a confirmation mail in my inbox! There was and I was able to do all I needed to by following the links in the email! Now I think by Friday I'm getting my I phone 6 plus :)! With all this mental exertion I got mentally exhausted! I had to cancel the YMCA cause now I not only have my physical pains, I'm mentally exhausted  :(! The great news is I'm gonna get an I phone 6 plus :)!

5.20.15 around 8am

KJ is making a home visit this morning btw 8.30-9.30 am then I'm gonna do my best to make it to the YMCA!  My hand is still bothering big time and now my right foot is too but I GUTTA make it! I guess I've gutta look at it as only physical pain that's easier to deal with than the mental pain I feel every day! My I phone went down on % charged, says I'm due to upgrade so that's on my KJ list for today! 

5.19.15 after 5.30pm

I brought the charging cable I bought at Wg's to hics and KJ tried it on her I phone and I think she said it didn't work on her phone either! Then JR looked at it and said that where the charger lead goes in the  phone looks dirty so I had to think of a way to get in this small place and what kind of solution to use to try and clean it! I thought maybe dosing a q tip with rubbing alcohol would work! I got home and tried that only to find a q tip is too fat to fit! Then I thought of a small piece of paper towel socked in ra but how would  I get it in there. I soked a piece then wrapped it around the lead that goes in there, moved it in and out then blew on it to dry it! Now I've got the old wire connected to my phone with the cable going right from an ac outlet! It says 11% charged now, I just gutta keep an eye on it!

5.19.15 around 7am

I've got hics today! I got a new charging cable for my I phone but it doesn't seem to fit properly! I'm gonna bring it today and maybe KJ or one of my other supports can tell what I'm doing wrong! My I phone says 37% charged! I'm due for an upgrade with verizone but I feel naked without a cell phone!

5.18.15 after 7.30pm

I've had a mentally exhausting day! First I get a call saying a nurse is coming here Saturday, I forget what time but I posted it on my fb page to remind me! My homemaker was here too! The confusing part of today was after I got the call about the nurse Comcast called about some kind of deal, while I was trying to process the call about the nurse, Comcast sends my mind elsewhere! 

5.18.15 after 3.15pm

I just received a call from Commonwealth care saying a is coming to see me this Saturday at 11am! I posted this on my fb page too! These are the strategies I employ living with a tbi! She did also say Friday I'll get a reminder call! The things I've gutta do with a bad short term memory and not being able to write well! Now my homemaker comes at 4pm  

5.18.15 after 2pm

I checked my computer and it doesn't show up! I've tried every way of connecting the wire to my phone too! I just hope this week KJ and I don't miss each other for a home visit! I'm just keeping an eye on % charged on my phone, now it says 45%!

5.18.15 around 1.30pm

I've been to Wg's and got the RIGHT charger cord for my I phone! I asked if we could open the package to make sure it's right! I get home and connect it up and the lead that goes to the phone doesn't seem to get snug! My computer doesn't make a little sound too! I guess I'll check in my computer and see if it's being recognized!

5.18.15 around 9.15am

I got a cord to replace my frayed charging cord for my I phone! It didn't fit! I went to  to make sure of the model phone I have! I've gutta go back and make sure it fits an I phone 5! They also say I'm due for an upgrade but that's gonna have to wait till my check gets deposited! With a discounted price it will still cost me over $300. I could take that from my savings but this frivolous spender doesn't want to!

5.18.15 around 8.30am

I was awaken at around 2am this morning by tremendous pain in my left hand! I got up only to have my right foot begin to be painful! At this point I realized that my body is telling me not to work out today so I proceeded to cancel my trips to the YMCA and called to say I can't make it today ! I used to be able to suck it up and work through the pain but I guess age is catching up with me :(!

5.17.15 after 5pm

I've been to Wg's and forgot to get some laundry stuff but I had one laundry pack left so I was able to get laundry done today :)! That's still very challenging for me! It's even hard loading the washer then transferring over to the dryer! Then having to deal with my hands not working together folding and putting my shirts on hangers and now my left finger in pain! This tbi survivor fights through all of his issues cause I'm gonna be successful at all I put my mind at doing :)!

5.17.15 around 8.30am

I had such a fun day yesterday at the spring fling! The DJ was able to play a lot of tunes from the playlist I prepared but the first song he played was "cat scratch fever" by Ted Nugent and not many people were on the dance floor yet! I just should have grabbed a chick and gone up anyway! That is my favorite dance tune! Today I've gutta get to Wg's and see if they have a charging cord for my I phone! The one I have is frayed at one end, I'm not sure if it's charging well now! Then I gutta do laundry! I forget if this is the week my homemaker washes my bed sheets or not but I've got two weeks of laundry here so it's got to be done! I try to live stress free though, if I get to it great, if I don't there is always my homemaker who comes tomorrow I can ask to do it! I did get to dance with a pretty young lady yesterday! KJ who knows a lot of my favorite tunes made sure I was up there for Billy Idol and Nickeoleback !Oh I almost forgot, I won a prize…

5.16.15 after 7.30am

Today is gonna be a fun day :)! I'm going to Florian hall in Dorchester Ma. for the "spring fling"! I wanna do some dancing but my foot seems to be causing me some discomfort today so I picked out a pair of thick socks to wear, maybe that will help! I'm gonna have a great time anyway  :)!

5.15.15 around 8pm

My hand feels a very little bit better! I ordered dinna out anyway though cause I didn't want to have my frustration level to get to high! If I had to cook tonight I can only imagine how frustrating it would be to have two hands not working well! I gutta get a good nights sleep cause tomorrow is the spring fling :)! I completed my playlist (song requests) but I'm having printer problems so I mailed KJ my playlist so she could print it at the office and bring it to Florian hall! Tomorrow is gonna be so, so much fun! Great food, great people, great music up LOUD! This 56 year YOUNG cancer/  tbi survivor wants to do some dancing :)!  

5.15.15 around 1pm

I guess KJ was here and buzzed my door buzzer but I never heard a buzz :(! There wasn't much I wanted to do just call s.s. orthopedics and ask if I had any follow up appointments with dr.Simeone! I did that, I don't! I also wanted to show her the splint they made for me and explain why I can't wear it 24-7! It just interferes  with too much I NEED to be able to do! My right arm and hand doesn't work well to begin with so I've been using my left hand for any fine motor skills I may have to employ! When I have the splint on I can't even carry something from my kitchen counter to the stove, oven,  or even microwave  or refrigerator! Thankfully spell check not only checks spelling it check grammatical  errors too! This morning I also got a call from the lady who schedules my colonoscopy  and I've got a new date but, things like this leave my brain right after they go in but she said she would send me an email along with a snail mail! This tbi survivor gets so d…

5.14.15 around 9pm

I got a call from my care manager at one care! This is a great care provider, combination of Mass health and Medicare! She wanted to know what my needs were as far as health care! She also told me I should use the transportation that they provide for all my doctor appointments! It started to get real confusing for me, too much information too quickly! I've got her phone #, KJ is making a home visit tomorrow, I think it's a good idea if I called her tomorrow with KJ! I've been thinking about getting speech therapy again too! I speak fine but st is also cognitive therapy for tbi survivors! I always need brushing up on my cognitive skills :)!

5.14.15 after 2pm

I've been to Wg's and got some quick and easy meals and I checked to see if any meds were ready for me, there wasn't, I'm not out of any but I've gutta check every time I go cause if it's not picked up within 48 hours they put it back in stock! I wanted to get $20 cash back too cause Saturday is the spring fling at Florian hall in Dorchester Ma. I wanna make sure I've got some cash to be able to buy any pretty ladies I may encounter  there something to drink :)!

5.14.15 around 7.45am

This tbi survivor has been so busy I'm loosing track of what has happened! Yesterday I saw a hand specialist and they made a splint for my left hand! The thing is though when I wear it I can't use my left hand for anything not even to hold something steady! I was able to wear it all through the night last night though! I don't know if here are any follow up appointments either! I'm usually very good about having people write upcoming appointments in my pocket calendar but I just looked and nothing! I've gutta shift in to back up mode now! Naturally I forget all the info about the appointment that's why I posted all the data on my online calendar, phone, name of doctor, association he's with! I should be able to find out all I need! Needless to say I couldn't do hics today I've gutta get caught up on all my needs just running MY life!

5.13.15 after 9.45am

Its amazing the amount of information this tbi survivor must be able to retain and access almost everyday to lead a successful independent life! Today I'm seeing the hand specialist at 2 pond park rd in Hingham Mass, swt 102! I start this blog and forget parts of the info I need to retain, pick up times, doctor's name, sweet number! Thankfully I've learned how to get the full benefits of having an I phone! I may not be able to copy all the information exactly as it is on my desktop but usually I can figure out what it means! Then I've always got access to the internet and "the ride's" web site! This tbi survivor has all his back ups in order to continue his journey of proving many people wrong and leading a very successful independent life :) !

5.12.15 around 10pm

Both nurses I've seen lately call the issue with my finger "trigger finger" why I have no idea! Tomorrow I'm going to the hand specialist so I'm hoping to get a proper diagnosis! I got my bedroom fan to work : )! I just can't justify using the ac yet! My electric bill is not bad now, under $50 a month but I'm not ready for it to double cause of AC!

5.12.15 around 9pm

Its hot up here on the 3rd floor! I had two small fans from last year and both of them don't work this year :(! The good thing is this is the 2nd Tuesday of he month so my check gets issued today and shows up in my account tomorrow :)! I've got some items in my cart at and one of them is a 20" fan! Tomorrow I should be able to check out my Walmart order! Then go through my delivery nightmares!


I started today with booking my trips to the hand specialist for tomorrow! Then I had hics and the big thing today was making sure everyone who wanted to go to the spring fling this Saturday was signed up and had transportation to and from Florian hall in Braintree Ma! I've already booked my trips for this! Then a nurse from my insurance provider came over! She was just checking how I'm doing, get to my doctor appointments, I eat, clean my place, and if I have any other needs they service! This lady could see that I do very, very well living totally independently in fact she said I'm doing well in my home (castle)! Then after she left I scooted to Wg's and forgot a few things but I did remember to get some ant traps! Now to make some dinna :)!

5.12.15 around 7.30am

I've got hics today but before I set my brain to going there I've got some important tasks I must do! I've gutta book a trip for tomorrow to the hand doctor! I've got all the info on my online calendar thinking I may have to access the info away from my desktop! I can't call and book a trip until after 8.30am! I've gutta do it before noon too! Given those restrictions I mailed KJ the details of the visit in case I don't get it done! I could get to the info on one of my other devises but I can't trust that will work out! I've got a nurse from my insurance provider coming here btw 3-5 pm too! She's gonna discuss my needs and I've gutta be alert cause this could be very important! This survivor gets very nervous when he's got multiple tasks to do! I guess it's my anxiety! I don't like this feeling at all!   

5.11.15 around 8pm

For some reason my brain is telling me that a nurse from my insurance provider is coming over tomorrow at 4pm! I though I posted this on my fb wall! I just scrolled up and down my fb wall and saw nothing! I guess I'll just be ready just in case!

5.11.15 around 5pm

I've been to see the nurse practitioner at my pcp's office and although she believes the swelling has gone down she still recommended I go to the hospital! Knowing that's not an option with me I agreed to see a hand specialist! Granite medical just called with the appointment information and I was able to retrieve it off of vm and type it in my online calendar! It's for this Wednesday so I've gutta call "the ride" first thing tomorrow morning!

5.11.15 around 9.40

This tbi survivor is starting to get overwhelmed running his life successfully! This morning my land line had a lot of calls of things I've gutta remember and it's just so hard for me when I receive information I need to remember one after the other! Too much information all at once! I try a utilize the tools available to me like my computer and my blog and fb page! When it comes at me for what seems all at the same time it's overwhelming! Then my computer starts to  "f" up then I start to get lost! I've just gutta get my head focused on the present which is going to see he nurse practitioner at my pcp's office! It's very hard for me when thoughts keep floating around in my brain!

5.10.15 around 9pm

Tomorrow I've got an appointment with the nurse practitioner at my pcp's office! My hand still is causing me a lot of discomfort! I just keep eating up Motrin tablets and I'm hoping the splint I purchased today will help me get some sleep!

5.10.15 around 5pm

Laundry was especially hard today cause my left hand not working well and in great pain! I'm just reminded of all you people who had no confidence in the will of Jamie to be very successful living totally independently! You know who you are, don't ever doubt the will of Jamie again, unless you enjoy being proved wrong :)!

5.10.15 around 3pm

Now I'm remembering some other items I wanted at Wg's! Some fiber one treats! They are very good, brownies and one I just tried, chocolate chip cookies! Milk too but I can always scoot out to the store for that! I can even go after dark cause my new scooter has a headlight and rear lights :)! 

5.10.15 around 1pm

I've been to Wg's, got my med, got a few quick and easy dinnas, got a splint for my finger! I have yet to inspect it closely but I think it read  it gets cold for swelling! I had better read up on it before I go further with this cause it may have to go in the freezer! I got some ice cream too! Now at night after dinna I can have some to cool my trout down! I have sherbet but ice cream leaves a cooling affect I don't feel from sherbet :)! The sale on small scented jar candles was still on too, 3 for $5! Now I'm burning "passion punch" :)!

5.10.15 around 10.30am

I called and Wg's is open! I'm thinking I've got a lot of stuff to get! I better take my older scooter cause it has the big basket on the back! My new one does have a place to put things but I've never tried to carry a lot of big bulky things on it!

5.10.15 around 9am

I'm not moving very fast this morning but I've gutta get going cause I've got lots to do! I'm hoping Wg's is open today cause I got a script in the snail mail I need to fill! I need some other stuff too! Lisa and I made a make shift splint up last night for my finger but I still wanna look and see if they have one. The good thing is now it doesn't take almost an hour to scoot there and back! I've just gutta remember to back on the elevator coming and going!

5/9/15 around 4pm

I tried calling Wg's to see if they were open and they still are closed! I had to stay on hold for what seemed like forever! I guess I'm gonna have to squeeze in a Wg's scoot tomorrow!

5.9.15 after 1pm

Wg's was closed! I'm told the bathrooms backed up all over the place! I'll try calling later to see if the issue has been resolved! In the mean time I'm gonna look around to see if I have anything I can use to make a splint for my finger!

5.9.15 around 9.30am

I've gutta get to Wg's today and get some quick and easy dinnas but also look to see if they have some kind of splint I can use to help my left hand heal quicker and give me relief from this awful discomfort  I'm feeling! It's just so hard to try to function and do anything that requires fine motor movements cause my brain injury was mainly to my left side of my brain, the left side controls the right side body functions! I am right handed but have been forced to use my left hand for anything that requires fine motor control! That's why I made the decision to cancel  the colonoscopy, it's hard enough having to live with traumatic brain injury, I've gutta do everything I can to live the best and limit my frustrations the best I can!Oh and I can't forget DD's French vanilla ground coffee! That will be today's test, to see how much this survivor can remember with all that's going on now in my head!

5.9.15 around 9am

I was faced with a dilemma that had to be addressed no later than today! My  hand although is a tiny bit better is being looked at on Monday at 1.45pm at Granite medical in Quincy Mass. I'm also scheduled to have a colonoscopy done on Tuesday the 12th! I'm having a very difficult time getting by without the  use of my left hand! I needed to make a decision! No way can I prepare properly for a colonoscopy and go to my hand appointment! I ended up calling my contact for he colonoscopy and leaving a vm saying I injured my hand and am seeing someone on the 11th which would leave me no time to properly prepare for the procedure!

5.8.15 after 10pm

This tbi and cancer survivor is ready to call it quits for today! Tomorrow I've gutta make it to Wg's and    get some ant traps, scented candles, quick and easy dinnas, 2%milk (quart), ice cream, maybe stop at D&D's before to get coffee and a sandwich too! Milk not so much to drink but to make stuff with like mac and cheese! Lisa was up for a bit tonight and helped super glue the broke pieces on my scooter! You can see cracks where they broke off but it definitely took the curse off the brake :)!  

5.8.15 around 5.30pm

I've been out for a very little practice scoot on my new scooter and I'm loving all the comments from the passer byes saying "nice bike"! Practicing  is important cause this scooter is much larger than my other scooter and the idol speed keeps it going either forward or backward! I've gutta have my hand on the brake lever at all times ready to apply the brake! This is why I've got to continue to practice, I've gutta be a top notch scooter operator! I'll get there too :)!

5.8.15 after 9.45am

I decided to heed the advice of the medical professionals and not go work out at the YMCA today ! My hand is still hurting me quite a bit anyway! I guess at this stage of my life I should listen  and obey the advise of medical  professionals! The only other time I did was when I broke my neck! I waited till I got medical clearance to play competitive hockey again! When I was told by my doctor "you can play hockey, your 2nd cervical vertebrate is stronger than it was before the break", that's all I needed! I was back to playing 2-3 x a week! Today I haven't yet decided what to do, I've got to get some D&D's ground coffee at either Wg's or D&D's! I do need to work on getting used to my new scooter! I also need to start detailing  it! Buff out the minor scratches I got getting stuck in he elevator! The good thing is now that I have transportation that doesn't take almost an hour to get places I've got time and options! Knowing how I must …

5.7.15 around 6.30pm

I got a new tube of superglue at Wg's today called gorilla glue! I'm hoping this is good stuff! I've got a call into Lisa to see if she will help gluing it together! With my left hand in pain and my right side being bad to begin with it seemed better to ask for help!

5.7.15 after 3.30pm

I've  been to see he np! Right away she noticed there was something wrong with my left hand so she asked if I banged or did anything to it! I don't remember doing anything so she had me get an Xray of the area and wants to see me Monday! She also called in a script for an anti biotic so I had some things I needed at Wg's anyway so I had the driver stop there on the return trip and got the things I need! Granite medical just called and said my Xrays were negative, so no broken bones! 
That was a good thing they called cause I had no time I had to be there on Monday! I forget what time now but before it left my brain I booked my ride!

5.7.15 around 8am

Today I'm gonna see the nurse practitioner at dr.Black's office about my left middle finger! Lisa Billings in suite 2f, thankfully KJ wrote that information in my pocket calendar cause no way I would be able to find that information in my brain! I think the only thing that can be done is to put on some kind of splint! I was thinking of a home remedy of taping my middle finger to my index finger! I'll only do that if I get screwed up by "the ride" today though! I'm gonna take my older scooter today cause I need some items at Wg's and they're big and bulky, I need my basket on the back to safely carry them home! I'll ask my return trip driver to drop  me off at Wg's then I don't have to worry about battery power! I've gutta remember to look for some super glue! It's gutta be a type that has some consistency to it and not runny like water! That was the problem with the sg I got at the store! Then I can start detailing my new scooter! …

5.6.15 after 11 am

KJ WAS here and she looked at my left middle finger and said it looks a little swollen! I made an appointment at my pcp's office to see a nurse practitioner tomorrow at 11.30am in suite 2f at 11.30am! We also booked and cancelled all my corresponding trips! She also wrote the appointment in my pocket calendar so as to limit the amount of confusion that WILL arise from this drastic change of plans! All I've got left to do today us I'm meeting hics a Grumpy Whites in Quincy for dinna and planning for June! She saw my new scooter too and had to admit it's a nice ride :)!  

5.5.15 around 9pm

My finger is absolutely killing me! I'm thinking about the YMCA tomorrow and I can't expect myself to be able to do my workout with this kind of pain! I think my finger is dislocated! KJ's making a home visit tomorrow I'll have her look at it! You can't see anything by looking at it though! I'll just call my pcp tomorrow and go from here!

5.5.15 around 7pm

I went to practice with my new scooter and got stuck trying  to exit he elevator! I've come to realize now I must back in to the elevator and then  I'm in perfect position to exit :)!

5.5.15 around 5pm

I've been to hics today and we had animal world came again and make a presentation! I got a few pics but I took then with my Iphone and I don't know if I'll be able to find them! I just cleaned  out my phone of older pics so it shouldn't be such a project! Now I've gutta do some work with my new scooter! 

5.4.15 around 7.30pm

I was able to super glue all the broke pieces together by myself :)! I'll get used to this though and it won't happen again! Tomorrow I've got hics! I'm gonna take my older scooter though! My new scooter is for accessing the community! 

5.4.15 around 1pm

Lisa is gonna come over later to see if she can help me super glue the pieces back on to my scooter! I was able to glue one on but I'm too shaky to do these :(! I was able to get more super glue this morning at the store.
    I'm beginning to think my problem with my left middle finger is more than just a sprain it's still killing! I'm thinking about calling my pcp! It not only hurts it interrupts all I'm doing!

5.4.15 after 9.30am

I scooted to the store and did well on my new scooter! I had to do a little back and forth in the elevator going down but coming up getting  off was good! No scrapes bumps or burses this time! I'm parking the scooter right outside my apartment door! When Michaela comes later I'll be parking two scooters there but only so she  can do  her work without obstacles!   

5.4.15 around 7.30am

My left middle finger is still causing me a great deal of pain :(! I  even had to struggle to pour a cup of coffee! I didn't sleep well at all cause of this God blessed finger! I've gutta get out this morning and scoot to the store. My homemaker is due at 4pm so I do have time! The scooter was reading full charge this morning without connecting it to the charger last night! I don't ever want to be out and run out of juice so I put it on while I get ready this morning! It does say DO NOT OVERCHARGE HE BATTERIES! I don't think for a little while this morning will be overcharging them! I've still got so much to learn about this but I'm learning, I just hope I can get it out of the building without damaging it! I spoke with Lisa last night and she said she was gonna come up tonight and try to help super glue the pieces hat broke off yesterday, darn shakes, I've been able to get one piece sged on! I'll see if they have sg at the store too, I've got some …

5.3.15 around 7pm

I don't know about the YMCA tomorrow, my middle finger on my left hand feels like I sprained somehow, it really hurts bad
:(! I'll sleep on it who knows I could wake up tomorrow and the pain could be gone!

5.3.15 after 4.30pm

I had to add value to my laundry card, good chance to get work in on my scooter! I think I've got it figured out how I need to get in and out of the elevator  but I keep hitting doors, things keep getting caught on the body work and breaking pieces off! I've gutta superglue some now but that's hard cause of my tremors! Nothing serious though :)! 

5.3.15 around 2.20pm

I wanna start detailing my scooter but my middle finger on my left hand feels like it is badly sprained! I didn't get it jammed or bent back! It's a mystery what happened but it's killing me! I find it very challenging to try and do anything with my hands! I did empty all my trash but that was hard cause I need my hands to work together to tie off a trash bag! I've tried to crack my knuckles and everything, it's absolutely killing me!

5.3.15 around 9.30am

I need to get some detailing stuff! I'm hoping Wg's has things like car wax, armorer all, I've got Spray way glass cleaner! That will make it so I don't have to hose it down before I apply wax to it! I've yet to take it apart a little bit to understand the inner workings! I don't even know if the batteries I got for my other scooter are interchangeable!  If they are that will be GREAT! First things first though, getting used to it! It is a lot larger than I'm used to which makes for a smaller turning radius! That's why the elevator gives me so many issues!

5.3.15 after 8.45am

My new scooter is much larger than my other scooter! I don't think it's a good idea to take it in stores like Wg's! In this case I'll just park it in the front of Wg's and get a shopping cart to help my balance and hold my stuff! I've gutta gauge how much stuff my new scooter can carry too! My other scooter has that big basket on so I've gutta put a lot of though in to this! I'm gonna have to do a map quest on places I go that are not the usual places I go! This tbi survivor doesn't want to leave one stone unturned!

5.3.15 after 7.30am

I'm thinking of skipping doing laundry today! It seems I've got enough clean to last the week! I wanna concentrate my efforts on getting used to my new scooter! If I can just get to be able to get on but more importantly get off the elevator without so many problems! If I get nervous about my laundry I can always have my homemaker help do it tomorrow! I wanna do D&D's with Lisa too :)! Oh and I've gutta get that med I forgot yesterday! 

5.2.15 8-9pm

Today my new scooter got all put together :) I was able to do a little test driving but tomorrow Lisa and I are gonna do a run to D&D's! That's a good thing cause today I scooted to Wg's to get a script filled, got other stuff, checked out at the pharmacy and forgot to say I've got a script being filled too! So I gutta go back!

5.2.15 after 7pm

Lisa came up to check out my new scooter and wanted to see me riding it! She's like that with me, she needs to see I'm safe with it!I had issues again getting off the elevator! Now I've gutta remember go to the right corner of the elevator then back out !

5.2.15 after 3.30pm

I just got in from a test run on my new scooter! This is a fast scooter! I took it up technical park drive to test the suspension and it was a smooth ride! I've gutta remember to get out of the elevator just back out and don't move it while going down! I had issues getting out going down the 1st time! I  used that stratify coming home getting off the elevator and it worked fine! It seems even when you have no throttle it's still moving! In time I'll get to be a pro with this :)!   

5.2.15 around 11am

Don finished putting my new scooter together :) He did a great job! His attention  to detail and to make sure everything is right is commendable! Its charging now, later I'll snap some pics!

5.2.15 around 7.15am

I got up early this morning cause I'm meeting Don downstairs right out side his apartment to hopefully finish putting my new scooter together! I GUTTA be down at 8.30am and I wanted to be able to enjoy my two cups of coffee and shower up. When someone is nice enough to donate their time for you you've gutta not be late or do anything to disrupt what they plan to do! Don went and got his tools he needed to finish the job and finish it RIGHT! What a great guy he is! With my left hand causing me great pain now, it would be very difficult for me to even put in a screw! I'm thinking now I've developed arthritis in my left hand now! This makes it increasingly difficult to do anything I may have to use fine motor skills with cause I've been using my left side when I've gutta use fine motor skills, my right side is junk! I've gutta find strategies to get by, and I WILL find them :)! I do need to go to Wg's too, I need a med along with some other stuff!  

5.1.15 around 4pm

 UPS showed up with my new scooter but it came on a pallet that made it too big to fit on the elevator! The driver was gonna try to bring it up to my apartment even though he's not supposed to, all he is required to do is get it off the truck and have me sign for it! I'm lucky I got him to bring it inside! It is all strapped down on a pallet wrapped in plastic so I get right to work removing the plastic I find myself even having issues doing his, my left hand was cramping up badly and still is! Don,who live in the apartment they dropped my scooter by came out and saw I was having problem and started to help me! We started to put it together and found we need sockets I or he Don't have :(! I try knocking on the door of another person in the building who usually has anything I may be looking for, no answer :(! Don who I think may be a little older than I put together as much as we could! I'm meeting Don  down there tomorrow at 8.30 am to see if we can get it together! I …

5.1.15 after 10.45am

The driver from UPS just land lined me saying the create was damaged and would I still accept the delivery. I asked was the scooter damaged at all? He said it looked like the side fearing got a little damaged. I said I would accept the delivery! I defiantly don't want to go through this whole process again! I'll get the scooter in my possession then go from there. I asked where it was coming from then get cut off! Caller ID to the rescue, I called back and nobody knew who made the call! My nightmares with deliveries continue! They finally figured out it was the driver and it had just left the terminal in western Mass. Now I'm between a rock and a hard place, to take a shower now or wait! I'll mull this over for a short while then decide :)! 

5.1.15 after 10am

I'm WAITING for UPS to come and I guess my anxiety is kicking in big time! I'm thinking what if I don't answer the door buzzer in time? What if the driver won't drop the box where I want to make it less challenging to uncrate the scooter? Do I have what I need for tools to do he job properly? If not is there someone here I can borrow a tool from? This is why I NEED to get my tools to Holbrook! All my life I've never had to worry if I had the proper tool to do a job, I wanna get my tools to Holbrook! 

5.1.15 around 9am

Today is the day my new life could even get so much better! My new scooter is being delved btw 10am and 1pm :)! With a top speed of 18mph and a 40 mile range on a full charge this will increase my independence greatly:)! That's been my goal since I became just somewhat coherent after I woke up from the   coma!  I remember being able to mutter a few words and all I would say is "I want a butt and a beer"! Now I've achieved my greatest goal of living totally independently:)! Now I've gutta expand my independence by finding ways to get around! I've used "the ride" for many years now even when in Scituate! Living here I had o get a ride o catch "the ride' though now I get door to door service! I'm really never satisfied though so I had to find a way I could get more independence! DM (a case manager I had at hics) thought a power chair would help increase my independence greatly! I a first rejected the idea thinking I've been confined in…