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4.18.18 around 6pm

I've had a busy day! 1st KJ made a home visit and I was given the okay to share the disheartening news she told me a while ago. KJ is leaving the program :(! She's gonna go back to school and earn her master's and get married! The man she's marrying is a military man and is going to Tennessee so she's going too:(. This is a bummer for me but I'm real happy for her. I've been with KJ for nine yrs now and I'm gonna miss her so so much:(! She knows me better than anyone! All I can say is I wish her the very best and have no idea of how much I enjoyed the time I had the pleasure of working with her! Then I had a nurse come by to look at my bum,she got right on the phone to my pcp's office and made an appt. to have it looked at! I'm gonna see a physician's assistant Friday @ 2pm! I just want not to be in pain! Then my homemaker came! Now to heat up dinna, oh just want to thank KJ for everything She's done, you are the very bestest!

4.17.18 after 9.15am

I couldn't do hics today cause I got an email from UPS saying a package is being delivered today! It's gutta be my scooter batteries :)! That's very important to my freedom living alone! Imagine being without a car, that's kinda like me not being able to use my scooter! 

4.14.18 after 6.10pm

I can remember clearly what happened now! Michelle was late picking her son up so I may have been going fast! I saw an old beat up car on a side street that looked as if was gonna pull out and cut me off! So I made an invasive maneuver and tried to turn down that same street. He didn't move which left me no room to complete my turn! I knew I wasn't gonna make it so I tried to make a controlled skid   but lost control and smashed into the car! I remember being dazed and hearing voices saying "I was stopped and he just turned right into me! Then nothing,I didn't remember this till months after I woke from the coma! I remember things while being unconscious too but that will wait till another post.  

4.13.18 after 9pm

Today a nurse came ova around 9am then a pt @ 10am! She gave me new exercises but the old ones I do seem to be much more chalenging so I'm gonna stick with the old ones! After all that I had to take a neuro rest! Tomorrow Peopod is coming btw 10-1! I need this order too! With my scooter batteries being dead I've got little here! Thankfully Wg's had no meds ready during my scooter melt down! 

4.12.18 after 530pm

I placed an order with Preopod and they are delivering it Saturday btw 11am-1pm! My scooter needing bateries made me get things I go through quick in two's! I did get an email from spin life saying my new batteries have been shipped and I should receive them on Tuesday! I feel trapped here without the use of it! 

4.12.18 after 9.40am

I'm not doing hics today cause they are doing "the big apple circus" and I don't have the cash flow to go :(! I have the $ but this is where not having an operating scooter hurts! If I did I could scoot to Wg's and get cash.:(

4.12.18 after 9.20am

A lot has been happening I'm working on processing it all! Lissy msged me today to share she's going back to school to earn her masters degree :)! This girl really  makes her daddy proud! Yesterday KJ made a home visit and brought some distressing news which I'm not at liberty to share yet but got me kinda bummed out :(! This survivor will carry on though doing the best I can to progress!

4.10.18 around 10.20am

Strange thing just happened, a driver from 1st class transportation came to my door and said he was taking me  to Boston! I've got nothing in my pocket calendar that says I'm supposed to go to Boston today, weird! 

4.7.18 around 9/15pm

Tomorrow I'm gonna attempt to scoot to Wg's! I should also do a load of laundry just so I'm not inundated with having to do so much on Monday!  Well if I get to it great and if I don't, Monday I'll have to do it all! This survivor is gonna fight the anxiety till it gives up! 

4.5.18 near 5.30pm

I started to scoot to the store and the power indicator was flickering, with my sore toe and ribs and now tail I didn't want to have to push it even a foot! I came back home and connected the charger!The power light was on but not the charging light! I've got spare everything for my scooter so I put on my spare battery pack! This had a low power reading too! I put the charger on and the power  indicator didn't read charging!I tried just about everything and now it says charging :)! I've still gutta get to the store but I'm gonna let it charge for 30-40 mins now!

4.1.18 around 8.30

This was a holiday!Never heard from any family :(! The good thing was a survivor friend got me some ham and strawberry shortcake from where she went today:)!At least someone thought of me! Tomorrow I'm going to see my podiatrist!