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9.30.14 after 9pm

Tomorrow my day starts with a home visit  with KJ then I'm going to the YMCA only for my weights then I'm meeting hics at the "99" restaurant N.Quincy for dinna and planning  events for November :) ! I gutta get everyone to do a karaoke night! Last time I did Billy Idol's "white wedding" and somehow I erased it from my memory card :(! It was a good performance too :(! That's such a great song too! Maybe next time I'll video it with my tablet then upload    right from there! I've gutta concentrate on whats more important, my exercise :)! I really feel great doing my workout 3x a week now I'm swimming every Monday! This should keep me young :)! 

9.30.14 after 3.30pm

I got my brace today! That is one class company! They put insoles in both sneakers then they strapped on the brace! I took it off and put it on a few times to make sure I could do it independently! They said again  the sneakers I got for over  $250. and got fitted for don't fit well! Maybe I should try swapping the insoles over to my other sneakers and attach the brace to the right older sneaker! I had to take them off cause my   right  foot was in severe pain! Maybe KJ and I can swap them over tomorrow at our home visit! I'm trying everything I can to get relief from this nasty corn but I will never give up! It feels okay without my sneaker on but I need to have something on my feet! We'll see if I swap out my sneakers will work!

9.30.14 around 9am

Today I'm going to pick up my brace! I'm sure they will instruct me how to get it on by myself and the where's and when's to use or wear it! Its been a great experience working with these people! Even when they had to call to reschedule my appointment, they   worked with me to find a way I could remember the new date! Of course with me its by email! They sent me mail with today's appointment! :) 

9.29.14 around 9pm

I did some great exercising at the YMCA today :)! 1st I went in the pool with Anne and Allie! Then I did my weights! Anne was reminding me how I was when she worked with me at the Hanover YMCA. She said I couldn't even open my right hand! Now I can open it completely just not like a controlled opening! Now I'm leg pressing 280 lbs 12 times! That still feels easy to me :)! Tonight Jan came to get  and we went to Boston's
wake :(! These things sux to have to go to but I've got to be positive even if it's a sad thing. Boston's sisters look so much like her! The best thing about today was spending qt with Jan! Tomorrow I'm going to get my brace that was made for me! Hopefully this will stop this corn from growing right back after the doctor shaves it off! 

9.29.14 9.30-10am

I called and canceled Michaela for today so that should leave me free to work hard at the YMCA also to tidy up a little bit cause I may have a very pretty lady coming over and I want to keep this beautiful lady impressed! 

9.29.14 after 9.15 am

I called Bayada home health care to cancel Michaela for today just a way of eliminating any stress from having to get things done with time restraints!Now I'm free to concentrate on my workout and try to get the maximum benefit from doing all this work :)! 

9.29.14 around 9am

Today I'm doing the YMCA for swimming and my weight training! I've gutta start to make the YMCA 3x a week! Jan fbed me yesterday about going to Boston's wake! I think then after 9am I will cancel Michaela (my homemaker) from coming over today, priorities! That will give me a chance to shower up and get ready to go! I should also get what I'm gonna wear all set too! I'm always thinking but sometimes too much! 

9.28.14 around 7.30pm

As challenging as it always seems to be laundry is done! While putting away laundry I packed my gym bag for tomorrow! I go to the pool 1st then do my weights! I go to the pool with two pretty ladies now Allie and Anne :)!

9.28.14 after 12.30

I like how today there are things like so you can give respect to those who have just passed! Remembering Boston  :( ! I've gutta get my act in gear and start my Sunday, trim beard, get laundry together, check  balance on card, then add more or start laundry!

9.28.14 before noon

 I guess its gonna be a laundry day! I hope I have funds left on my laundry card! I think last week I added funds to it but last week is kinda fuzzey in my head! I've gutta remember to take something out for dinna too! I think I've got some steak tips marinating in  sauce   somewhere in my freezer if not I know I've got some turkey patties so I will be GFing something! Its Sunday so maybe I'll even cook a veggie and peel and  boil some potatoes then mash them and have some mashed taters !:)

9.27.14 around 11pm

This tbi survivor did things tonight that some people wouldn't believe! I just had to climb underneath my desk and search for the receptacle and plug my two surge protectors in! This is
task   that would be difficult for a non injured individual! I did without too much trouble too :)! I got down on my back and felt the plug then with practically no light was able to insert both plugs in to the receptacle! Get up and down all by myself and maneuver around on my back without any help   what so ever :)!

9.27.14 after 6.30pm

I lost power today but only in some areas of my apartment kinda strange! Where my computer, modem, router is one area affected! My outlet in my bedroom, one of them, is working! I've got a few extension cords here I figured I'd just put them together and everything would have power just plug my surge protectors in in the cord , wrong! The surge protectors are 3 prong plugs! I got some adapters a while back that take 3 prongs  and make it into 2! I'm so smart sometimes I even shock myself:)!

9.27.14 before 11am

I just got a call from Jan, although its always great to speak with this pretty lady she had to tell me sad news. Boston passed! I think she said she passed on Wednesday :( ! I've gutta look at the paper and read her obituary! I'm remembering all those good times we had! The three of us together, Jan, Boston, and  I! Jesus please take good care of Boston! Till we meet again bye Boston :(

9.26.14 around 9am

I find myself feeling a little down emotionally this morning and I can't put my finger on as to why:( ! Times like this I've just got to pull my pants up and get over this! Mentally I feel sharp and physically I feel strong! Today I'm gonna go to the ymca to do my weights:). Then when I get home Lisa and I were taking about doing something.

9.25.14 around 7pm

There's lots of things happening in this tbi survivor's life right now but I can't share! Lets just say I was backed in to a corner and had to find a way out! I got my pump refilled today! I was gonna get my brace tomorrow but they called yesterday to reschedule and they sent email with the date and time :)! I called the YMCA today and said I WILL be in tomorrow :)! 


:) KJ was over for our home visit and we got EVERYTHING done  I NEEDED to get done :)! I'm not doing the YMCA today cause "the ride" seems to get confused when I have more than one destination to go to and tonight is karaoke night at hics and I want to do Billy Idol "white wedding and KJ is working tonight and we plan to do Sheryl Crow and Kid Rooks rendition of picture! :) This was a great home visit :)!  


Faith, a word that has a broad meaning! You can use it as like faith in God or faith in a person or people like a sports team! After everything I've been through I've got faith in myself! I've got faith in Jesus Christ! I'm a "saved" christen and I can't stand it when a  person questions my faith especially when they themselves are not saved! I believe I met my savior and he let me stay "in the flesh"!

9.22.14 After 8.30pm

I was having a great day! I went to the YMCA  and did the pool with TWO pretty ladies then my weights only to come home and get my dreams crashed! You've gutta say be careful who you put your trust in! I made a major mistake with who I have! I came home from the YMCA and although I called and canceled Michaela for today she showed up!She cleaned my apartment real good! Then after she was done I scooted to Wg's and got my scrip filled! I'm  sorry I'm just a lot pissed off right now!

9.22.14 around 7.30am

Man my week is all "f ed up! I can't do the YMCA ON Wednesday cause I'm going to hics on Wednesday night and "the ride" doesn't seem to be able to make my pick up times reasonable when I do both on the same day and on Friday I pick up my brace that was made for me to stop my corn from growing back so quickly! I can't do hics on Thursday cause I'm getting my pump refilled kinda in the middle of the day! All I need to remember now is to tell Allie I won't be in on Wednesday and Friday! It get too overwhelming for me if I store too much information in my brain! The old saying "one day at a time" I've just gutta remember to tell them at the YMCA!

9.22.14 around 7am

I'm gonna do the YMCA today to swim and do my weights :)! My foot is killing me something awful though but I gutta work through the pain cause I can't make the YMCA on Wednesday and Friday cause of other things I need to do :( ! I've still gutta scoot to Wg's to get that scrip filled and to the post office to pick up the package I missed! There are many things to do leading a successful independent life :) ! 

9.21.14 after 8pm

Today peapod has delivered my order bright and early this morning!I never got to scoot to Wg's today I took a nap this afternoon :)! I'm defiantly not a phone person and I had to get a hold of the trustees to my trust! They are my three kids!I sent one email to all three of the addresses I had for them! My plan is to get a grip on all my finances! I know the bulk of the trust is tied up in a cd for a year but there is a few thousand dollars that is not.I know there are expense's that go with the trust like the cpa's fee for doing the taxes on the trust! In the future I want to do the taxes myself with the software out there today! I want to leave 1,000 in the or not in the cd and do my own investing :)! That's been my plan ever since I lived in Scituate! I've got all day to research what I invest or plan to invest in! I'm a smart man especially when it comes to money! I'll research different banks to find the best rates on blue chip investments like cd&…

9.21.14 around 11.45am

I've got a peapod order coming btw 11am-1pm! Then I've gutta scoot to Wg's, I got a script in the snail mail for a med that's a controlled substance and really helps me to be alert! I think it does anyway! Maybe I'm just reverting back to my substance abuse days though, the fact it's a controlled substance makes me want it more. I don't think so though cause my supports notice the difference in me when I take this :) ! I'm still confused by the fact I can't find any of my older os cds around anywhere!    Peapod just arrived now to put it all away.

9.20.14 around 11pm

Just one more thing I've got to add about living with traumatic brain injury! The hardest thing to deal with in the loss of self! Imagine waking up in a strangers body! I never felt quite that bad but the me I knew was no longer there, loss  of self! This is by far the hardest thing to have to deal with! Times during the day I just feel lost then I get my head out of my axs and carry on! The loss of self is devastating!

9.20.14 aound 3.30pm

I had a not so good scoot to Wg's! My scooter tipped over as I was getting off the ramp to the sidewalk on Franklin st. (rt 37)! This is a very busy intersection and road and still great people stopped,asked me if I needed help then when I said no they helped anyway!

9.20.14 before10am

I'm battling a sneeze right now,you know when you feel you've gutta sneeze and it doesn't come right away, that's what I'm dealing with now! AH AH AH ah chew,that's better :) ! While going through all my cd's looking for an older os I came across some cds I burnt while living in Scituate! I'm playing U 2 now and "the sweetest thing" is playing now! I hear this tune and I think of my girls! They are the sweetest things :)! I find it odd that I couldn't find a cd of an older os! Today I've gutta scoot to the barber shop and get my haircut and my beard professionally trimmed! To do this I've gutta get my asx in gear and get in the shower!

9.19.14 around 9pm

I just completed a peapod order I think it's being delivered on Sunday btw 10-1 but I've got the confirmation email so I will always know for sure! Walmart will send me mail when it leaves the warehouse:)! I've gutta get back to only doing a peapod order one time a month! Tomorrow my plan is to scoot to the barber shop next to my apartment and get a haircut! Lisa said she wants to go too :)! Maybe after we'll go out to D&D's for lunch and qt with this sexy blond :)! 

9.19.14 after 7pm

Lisa brought my laptop back and  I put the ME cd in and it seems that was only a sampler cd, not the os :(! Now I'm gonna have to WAIT for windows 7 to come! It seems I've had a couple deliveries as of late I wasn't here for or didn't answer the buzzer quick enough! I tracked a couple orders from Walmart and it said "unable to deliver check local post office"!Guess I'm gonna have to call the po tomorrow and ask if there is anything for me there! My delivery nightmares continue :(! 

9.19.14 around 4.15pm

I had a great workout at the YMCA today! I started working with the young and very pretty Allie then she introduced me to another young and very pretty lady Stephanie! I love how Allie introduced me, she said "this is Jamie, he is very strong and independent"! Quite a reputation but,well earned! 

9.19.14 after 10.30am

I'm gonna go to the YMCA today for my weight training:) ! I think its really making a difference in my health! I feel so good physically and that helps how I feel mentally! I seem to be getting cooperation from those I need it from in getting all my finances organized! With Quicken as long as I enter the correct amount and know the yield I can project exactly my net worth now and years from now! I've just gutta figure out how to get Quicken to jive with my bank! I will  in time :)! Lisa is supposed to get a hold of me at some point today and bring my newest laptop over so I can try installing windows millennium in it! I don't know how or if this will work cause I guess its a form of  downgrading! I'll find a way to make it work :)!

8.18.14 after 8pm

I knew I ordered  the widows 7 os from Walmart but I had forgotten what else so I went to to find I also got a dirt devil cordless hand vac! I needed this now when I guta pick up a small mess I won't have to lug my big vacuum around :), a wise purchase!   

9.18.14 around 6pm

I called Lisa and she was on her way out the door so I couldn't try installing windows millennium in my newest laptop :(! I felt the need to do something productive so I installed Quicken  2002 to my desktop! I remember I used to use this to track all my finances! I created a savings and checking account with Quicken! I need to track all of MY finances though, I'll need cooperation from others though!  

9.18.14 after 4.45pm

While going back through what seemed like my millions of software cds I was able to locate a windows millennium cd :)! That is even better and easier to understand than windows 8! Now I gutta get Lisa to bring my laptop up then install this much easier os on my newest laptop :)!  

9.18.14 after 3.30pm

It seems when Microsoft comes out with a new os they stop stocking the older ones at best buy! I looked another place I could have possibly kept my old software and came up empty! I guess I'll go through everything again this time I'll look for any old os cd not just windows 7,xp or millennium! If that comes up empty the only other thing to do would be to order windows 7 online! Then I have to WAIT and deal with my delivery issues! I think I'm gonna order one online anyway cause I'm running 7 on two computers and need the cd in case of problems!

9.18.14 around 10am

I'm not doing hics today cause they're doing the fenway park tour and I've done this 4-6 times before and  thought my time and money could be put to better use! So I've booked trips to and from Best Buy in Braintree Ma! The only thing I've really gutta get is windows 7 os software. I'll look at all the latest gadgets they have too! The main thing is to get windows 7 though!

9.17.14 around 8.45pm

Tomorrow I'm gonna go to Best Buy in Braintree Ma. ! I am eligible to upgrade my I phone but I hear they don't have the I phone 6! I should get it directly from verizone though! That way I can have them put it on my verizone bill! Then I won't have to pay for it until my check gets deposited! I can look and dream about the latest gadgets there too! I do have to get a windows 7 cd though! My newest laptop is running windows 8 and I think it sux! My plan is to get windows 7 then install it on my laptop :) ! 

9.17.14 5-6pm

After KJ left I went to the YMCA and had a great workout, I went up the weight for my right hand on the grip machine! Raymond didn't tell me till after I finished all 12 reps! I thought it was a little more challenging but I'm happy my right side is responding to all the work I'm putting into it :)! My goal is to get my right closer to my left! My right side was my stronger side before my brain injury but my injury was mainly to my left side of my  brain,that controls the right side motor functions! When your living with traumatic brain injury you've got to be realistic! I would love to have my right to be the same as my left but I know that's not gonna happen! I'm happy with any gains I make with my right:)! I got home and made a scoot to Wg's cause they called and said a script was ready to be picked up! My migraine med! This is a different med I pray I don't get a migraine!  

9.17.14 around 10am

KJ was over and we activated my new FREE phone :)! I am eligible for an early upgrade with Verizon wireless but KJ said assurance wireless won't activate I phones with any plan they have :(! I guess I'm just gonna keep two cell phones, why not one is FREE! :)! We also called the therapy place next to my complex and as of yet they don't accept my insurance:(! They are in the process of getting approved to so I'll give them a call next month to see how the process is going! Now in about an hour I'm going to the YMCA to do my weights :)!

9.16.14 around 5pm

I've been to hics today then I got home and wanted to scoot to Wg's but the sky looked rather ominous so I didn't want to take a chance of getting stuck in the rain so I just scooted to the store! KJ makes a home visit tomorrow  and I need some help activating the FREE phone I got from Assurance wireless! Its totally free now but I remember the adds for assurance and I remember  one plan free talk, text, and web for $30. a month! I got an email from verizone wireless that said I could upgrade early! My plan is to wait till I upgrade then switch to assurance! I've gutta make sure I don't sign a contract with verizone to stay with them for years! If I can upgrade here comes my Iphone 6 :)! 

9.15.14 after 5.40pm

I'm trying to remember what happened today. I think my pcp's office called and said they would call Wg's and order that script for me. Jan called with sad news about Boston :(. Dr. Katz office called and said they would mail me a script for my med that I need to have a written script for! Michaela has been over and cleaned my whole apartment! I've still gutta search everywhere I could have kept software for my computers to find the cds for operating systems! I've gutta try to change my newest laptop's OS! I don't know what Microsoft was thinking with windows 8! I had an easier time navigating windows   3.1 years ago!

9.15.14 after noon

I got up this morning at my usual 7am not feeling well so I had to cancel going to the YMCA. So many things are happening right now I've gutta take a while to process it all. My pcp's office called,they have a new phone system and it's hard to hear voice mail clearly and I don't talk very clear either so they couldn't understand what med I was asking a script for! I've gotten three calls since then too hopefully its all set now! My bestest friend Jan called and said a mutual friend of ours is in a nursing home and doesn't have much time left :(! Jesus please be with Boston  and assure her that she will come home to you! I've got to think of what I've got for the rest of the day now! Its hard after hearing the news about Boston. I think the only thing I've got left for today is Michaela (my homemaker) is coming  at 4pm.

4.14.14 around 9pm

Lisa tried my newest  laptop and got so frustrated with windows 8 she's gonna give it back! I didn't like it at all but at least I understood how to operate it! I think I've got some old installation cd's for windows xp around here maybe I'll try to change the operating system on it! That is what computers do for me, they exercise my brain :) ! Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA for the pool then weights :)! I'm gonna work on putting a few laps together! Then I'll be well on my way to making the pool part of my weekly exercise routine! I'm thinking I should swim laps on Mondays and Fridays! I'm gonna get back to buff!:) 

4.14.14 after 5pm

Today I've watched the Patriots win in convincing fashion over the Vikings:)!I've done all my laundry, I still have a hard time after I get it out of the dryer! making them right side out!That was such a great idea Ed had to put all my shirts on hangers after I get them from the dryer but with my spasticity its hard to get things to work for me! I would never be able to fold my shirts neatly! Now I gutta think about dinna :)! Oh I started the day by doing an okay trim of my beard!

9.14.14 before noon

I'm gonna  let Lisa use my newest laptop cause its running windows 8 and I don't like windows 8! I've still got the issue of my wii fi doesn't go downstairs! I've been researching wii fi extenders but I've been down that road before! I don't have hics on Thursday, maybe I'll book a trip to best buy and talk to someone and say what I need it to do :)!

9.14.14 around 10.30am

I didn't get out of bed until after 10am this morning:)! I feel well rested though :)! I booked my trips for the week last night on line so I don't have to do that this morning! I don't have much laundry to do but I better do that today just to be sure I don't run out of anything and I gutta do my normal Sunday trimming of my beard!

9.13.14 around 8.45pm

I just saw something really funny on nick at night! A girl was doing her homework and she had an I phone! She got stuck on a question and asked Sorey (her I phone) the question.They started arguing back and forth! I like it when all things are so in the times :).

9.13.14 around 6pm

Jeff Sebell's new book "Learning to live with yourself after brain injury" just arrived via snail mail! It looks easy to read with mid size print! You can tell it was a survivor making this for survivors :)!

9.13.14 before noon

Got  a notice from management here at Ramblewood that this building the water will be shut off on the 17th from 8am-4pm! I've guta prepare for that by getting bottled water and filling containers in case I need to flush the toilet or boil water or just basically to have :)! 

9.13.14 11am

So many things are going through this tbi survivor's brain it gets to the point of getting overwhelmed! I've been researching canopies for my scooter! I've just gutta make sure its something I can attach myself! They don't seem to be too expensive, I spend more  on my electronic gadgets! I've gutta think of how the wind would affect it too! I tend to really think about my purchases big and small! This would help when its raining out which seems to happen about everyday now in New England! I'm gonna continue to think about this and maybe get KJ's thoughts on this! I do have to make my monthly peapod order but I don't need a whole lot so I'm thinking this would be a good buy!  
My workout chart from the YMCA! I'm posting this cause I'm not only proud that this 55 year old can do the amount of weight I do but to tell tbi survivors everywhere we can do anything! Maybe to shut my doubters up too :)! Hopefully you can see this.

9.12.14 after 10.30

KJ was over and we did the tasks I needed to get done except I forgot one, call my pcp for a script for my med in case I feel a migraine coming on! That's okay though I have some but they are passed the expiration date! Plus calling my pcp for a script is very easy! The automated phone system at granite medical is very easy to navigate!

9.12.14 after 8am

Today KJ is making a home visit at 9am then I'm going to  the YMCA to do my weights :)! I guess my cardio too but I get cardio by just walking up to the gym! I guess you never get too much cardio though! I gutta find some time to scoot to Wg's too at some point today :)!

9.11.14 after 8pm

I had  hics today :) We had a group where we would look at a picture then look at a  similar picture then state the differences in the two! That worked on our memory and our scanning abilities :)! I did okay but no way could I get them all! Great exercise though :)! Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit not till 9am, that's late for KJ :) ! Then I'm going to the YMCA just to do my weights! Right now I'm just doing the pool on Mondays! I've got a pool schedule, later I'll study it and find pick another day to go and swim laps :)! My goal is to get in the best shape of my life! November is coming and the 3rd I'm gonna be 56! I've gutta get in shape before I run out of time :)!

9.10.14 after 6.30pm

I had a great workout at the YMCA today! Then I came home and paid all my bills including the IRS! I've still got over a grand in my checking too :)! I always pay myself first too! I work at living on 2,000 a month so anything over that I transfer to my savings :)! I get a little over 2,200 a month with ssdi too:)!

9.10.14 after 9am

KJ called this morning and she had a family responsibility she had to attend to so she couldn't make it over today she's coming Friday! Jeff Sebell has a new book out I have yet to read it but he told me while he was writing it and waiting to publish it that it is based on his older blogs! That's how I met Jeff! It was early in my journey with tbi when I first got back on the internet and I was looking for support and not having this awful feeling of being alone living with tbi! I was living in Scituate at the time too so I needed  to alter my concentration from feeling trapped! Jeff made me realize I'm not alone and I can make my new life anything I want! Jeff if you read this post the title of your book on my page and I recommend this to anyone who would like to know what its like living with a traumatic brain injury. 

9.9.14 after 3.30pm

I had an appointment with the orthotic&prostetic center in Braintree Ma. today! They determined that the reason I keep getting this painful  corn is I tend to drag my right foot when I'm walking! So they are making me a kinda like brace for my right leg and foot! They also said my sneakers didn't fit all that well! After I just spent over $150.00 for my new sneakers! I got fitted for those too! I've gutta look back in my checking account cause now I'm thinking it was $250.00 I spent! I know I spent the most I've ever spent! The good news is my benefits will pay for everything! I go back there 9.26 at 10am! 

9.9.14 around 8am

Everything is just so hard for me! Even trying to make a simple phone call! I take my phone off the base and it doesn't seem to have enough of a charge to make a call! So I use my cell then I get caught up in automated phone systems! I get frustrated too easy! I'm going to a place that I hope has something that will help my foot feel even a little better!

9.8.14 around 8pm

Today was a great but yet very frustrating day! I did the YMCA for my weights and the pool :)! I tried doing different strokes in the pool Its just so frustrating when I concentrate on moving my limbs a certain way and it just doesn't happen :(! Allie said I did real well but I'm just not satisfied:(! I was a water safety instructor and these kind of things should be automatic to me! I have issues getting my legs and arms to work together! I did manage to put together about a 20 yd swim though! We are gonna do the pool every Monday now! I WILL get to the point where I can put a couple laps together! I'm not doing hics tomorrow cause I've got an appointment with American prosthesis in Braintree Ma. I'm hopping they have insoles that will help my corn on my right little toe!    

9.8.14 after 9.30am

I completed task #1 for today! I called the main number for "the ride" and got transferred to the company I always deal with and they said it was a problem with the web site and they don't know when it will be corrected  :)!

9.8.14 around 9am

Today I'm going to the YMCA for the pool and my resistance (weights) training! My foot is bothering me badly but I've gutta fight through the pain! I'm gonna work on my turns in the pool today and show off a bit :)!

9.7.14 after 8pm

Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA to do the pool then my weights! I've got to practice my turns! I think this will be the last time Allie goes with me so I've got to show off my many strokes and get a pool schedule! I want to swim laps  at least one time a week with doing my weights! Its good for my health and I wanna be as buff as I can :)!   

9.7.14 after 4.45pm

I'm thinking I'll skip laundry this week! I've got plenty of clean cloths to last the week and I forget if this is the week Michaela does my bed sheets. If it is she always does whatever is in my hamper! I've got just  enough value on my laundry card to wash and dry one load! I'm much too thrifty to pay more than doing laundry but once a week :)!  

9.7.14 around 10.45am

I booked all my trips for the week in doing this there was so much information I've got to process I got kinda overwhelmed! I'm doing the YMCA tomorrow for not only my weights but the pool too! I've got to work on my turns! I'm pretty positive  can do them its just that I haven't tried doing them since my tbi! I'm not doing hics on Tuesday cause I'm going to American prostheadics in Braintree! I'm hopping they have some kind of in sole that will make it so my corn doesn't came right back after I leave the office! Then the normal YMCA on Wednesday, hics Thursday and YMCA Friday :) ! Today I'm thinking of asking Lisa to go to D&D's for a little lunch :)!

9.6.14 around 6pm

It's a good thing I'm able to at least check my trips with "the ride"! Monday I'm going to the YMCA to do the pool then my weights! They had me going on Sunday! Now it appears to be correct! I gutta keep my eye on it though cause I think sometimes it just changes all by itself.

9.6.14 after 1.50pm

I guess I should just be happy "the ride's" web site lets me check my trips! I was able  to find a mistake  on my trip to the YMCA for Monday! My return trip was only one hour from my drop off time! I guess I wasn't thinking I'm doing the pool and my weights! Still my account has got to be "unFed" :)!

9.6.14 after 12.45pm

I scooted to Wg's and got my wants :)!They don't carry just coffee ice cream! I couldn't even find a chocolate or vanilla so I got chocolate chunk! That will work as a tasty way to cool my throat down! Its so nice to come home to my cool apartment! Kewl cause I live here and I've been able to personalize it a little to reflect my personality, cool cause I've had my ac on 4 2 days now :)! 

9.6.14 after 10.45am

I asked if someone was there at "the ride" who can help with my online account and they said I've gutta call the MBTA on Monday! I wish I could remember the name of the lady I spoke with but that's long gone! Maybe I've got it in an old blog! That's a great idea! I'll look now :).

9.6.14 after 10.30am

Wow, a whole lot has happened already this morning I FIND IF I blog about it I process the information much better! Allie from the YMCA called this morning and I am gonna do the pool with her on Monday :) ! So as not to forget I booked my ride already! I've got to work on my turns on Monday! I have yet to even try one but with someone who knows the proper technique  if I am doing something wrong she will inform me of it and help me to correct it :)!

8.6.14 after 9am

I never saw Allie yesterday at the YMCA so I guess I'm gonna have to book a trip like I'm just doing weights! Today I need to take a  scoot to Wg's! I'm finding the store to be way too expensive! Wg's has more of a selection too! Now I can start out on my journey to Wg's without the stress of running out of juice! 

9.5.14 around 8pm

I've had a great Friday ! I had a great workout at the YMCA then after I got home I scooted to the store then Lisa called and we ordered  a pizza and had dinna together! I so much enjoy spending qt with that blond babe :)!

9.5.14 around 10am

I'm going to the YMCA today just to do strength training! I'm a little impressed by the amount of weight I'm pushing! I wish I could remember how much on what machines but I do know I'm leg pressing over 260lbs 12 times! I'll try to remember to ask for a copy of my workout chart! I've gutta remember to find Allie today too and confirm we're doing the pool on Monday! I want to practice my turns,getting to one end of the pool then flipping and pushing off the wall with my legs! I'm sure I can still do it but it is so many things to think about performing at the same time! I survived a traumatic brain injury, I'm already doing things the doctors said I'd never be able to do again! So this will be good to work on getting my mind to work WITH my arms,legs, and breathing! I never thought so much about this but that's a whole lot of multitasking!

9.4.14 after 9pm

Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA to do my strength training! I've gutta find Allie there too! I've gutta confirm were doing the pool on Monday! I can do the pool alone but I'm not one to miss a chance to show off to a pretty young lady :)! After this time in the pool I'll check the pool schedule to see if I can do  the pool before or after I do my strength training! Then I'll be back to buff in no time :)! 

9.4.14 around 6pm

I got a call from someone with "the ride" saying my issues with the web site have been all resolved! I haven't attempted booking a trip yet but I've been able to log on to the site and check my trips :)! 

9.4.14 around 4pm

I've really got to think of what has happened so far today, this is so hard for me to do but its brain exercise! 1St thing this morning my keyboard wasn't working properly so I tried a different keyboard, same issues! Then I remembered the last time it was a bad usb port! So I checked all my connections to find my usb extender to be disconnected! I plugged it back in and all my accessories are working again! My great problem solving skills bailed me out again :)! I've taken a scoot to Wg's and my scooter did well! The power gauge never moved from full charge! I'm Leary about that gauge though! I'm working on trying to  process all the information I need to but I'm finding it so very hard! My ability to focus on one thing is so hard! Now it seems all I can think about is how much pain my foot is in! I've gutta keep busy so my brain isn't focusing on my foot! Almost time to make dinna mabe that will alter my concentration!

9.4.14 around 10am

I didn't do hics today cause they were all going to some kind of Greek thing and it didn't seem like something I would like so I stayed home! If I was still living a my previous place I would have gone just to get away from there but now I don't need to get away cause I really enjoy my place, I've got   that feeling of freedom I hadn't   had since I lived in N.Quincy :)! I'm thinking of taking a scoot to Wg's today and maybe D&D's, take myself out to lunch! My foot in giving me quite a bit of pain today though, just makes it kinda hard to ambulate around! You put that with my balance issues and its really hard not to have a fall! That's just another thing this survivor must deal with! Wg's just called and said a scrip is ready to be picked up so I've gutta scoot to Wg's today!

9.3.14 around 10am

KJ was over this morning and we accomplished many things! One thing that is very important is finding a way to get relief from this pesky corn on my right foot! We called American prosthetics ! Got an appointment to see someone there about getting sneakers made that will elevate the pain or be so that the corn won't be back as soon as I leave my doctor's office! We also called the MBTA directly and voiced my issues with the web site! They said there was really nothing they could do so I said can you at least get on them to fix the issues that's when they took all my account information down and said they would put pressure on them to get them resolved! I'm  really trying to do everything I can to make my life run as smooth as I possibly can! 

9.2.14 after 9pm

Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit btw 8-9 am then I'm going to the YMCA to do my strength training then who knows what. Maybe I'll call Lisa and go to D&D's to get lunch and hang out! Yes I wanna spend the afternoon with a blond babe ;)!

9.2.14 after 5.30pm

I've been to hics today and what really stands out in my mind is we had a group called social skills and the question was asked. Have you ever been called wired? I've been called that many times more before my tbi though but I still  handle it the same! I've always had self confidence! Before my coma I was on top of the world, great career, great family, super love life! I may not have all that now but I woke up from a 3.5 month coma which makes me strongly believe I can do anything so if someone thinks I'm weird that's their issue and I'm not gonna waste my time trying to educate them! I got home and needed to scoot to the store so I did that! All day doing all that with my scooter and the power gauge never moved past full charge :) !

9.1.14 after 8.15

Today was a very quite day! I did scoot to Wg's with Lisa. Then we went to D&D's had lunch and hung out! We also had to stop at the police station so she could ask for a copy of the report on her tires being slashed! I think that is awful all she tries to do is help people that live here and for somebody to do that to her is just despicable! I've only got a few more pics to scan and post to fb. That was very enjoyable for me to see the comments and interaction from everyone involved in the pics! Tomorrow I've got hics! I still can't get the web site to work for  me I think my account is "fed" up again! Nobody seems to be able to help me with this issue. I've mailed the mbta directly and got no response,told the vender your site doesn't work and they don't seem to care! The only thing I think is left is to land line the mbta and fill them in on everything and go from there! Ever since I had to recertify my accout has been "fed" up…