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4.30.14 getting near 6pm

I went down to get my snail mail and I got the cable I ordered to transfer my files from my old computer to my new one came!I've just gutta connect usb port 2 usb port! I know I can do this all by myself but it entails lots of maneuvering around! Maybe I'm better off waiting 4 KJ, she is making a home visit on Friday plus I like to show off my smarts to anyone but especially to intelligent young ladies :)! 

4.30.14 12.30-1.30pm

I can't believe  I just went through a whole colonoscopy with no Anastasia! It was very uncomfortable but very little pain! When you've been through as much pain as I it takes an awful lot of pain to make me scream! I just think back to when I broke my neck, two  self tapping surgical steel bolts screwed into my head holding an 80 lb weight to make sure my head didn't move! I've been though a lot since but nothing compares to the pain that caused!

4.29.14 1pm

I've tried to eat today cause I'm gonna have to fast after I do my colon prep 4 my colonoscopy that I'm having tomorrow!Lisa is gonna come over about 5.30pm to help me mix the solution together.She doesn't understand why I don't have a visiting nurse to help me with things like this and it confuses me too!Mass health says if you can bath yourself and get dressed by yourself  they won't authorize a vn! That's  Ludacris, I think I should be able 2 have a vn 2 provide service 4 times like this!I also have made sure KJ is getting me from the procedure tomorrow,called again to sign up 4 all the rec events 4 May!We are having our spring fling (dance) on 5/17 and I asked Lisa if she would go with me :) !She has got 2 check her schedule 2 c if she's free. I hope she is, I just would love to show her a good time 4 all the help she gives me!  I also spent some time updating my on line calendar,putting all the rec events in!My calendar can be viewed by anyone at w…

4.28.14 around 9pm

I asked Lisa to help me mix the stuff I've gutta take tomorrow and she is gonna help me mix the 1st batch and help me understand whats next :) !Now I can sleep tonight cause Lisa has made all my stress about this go away :)!

4.28.14 after 7pm

I just got in from my podiatrist appointment and the doctor shaved off my corn and my skin build up below my right big toe!  Hopefully    they won't come back long enough so I can break in my new sneakers! I've  gutta eat something now cause tomorrow I start preparing 4 my colon exam! I've got to read up on exactly what I need to do the last time Ed helped me with the prep,all I had to do was drink the stuff then do my clean out! This time I gutta mix the stuff the drink at certain times!I'm a little nervous bout this,what if I don't do something right!I can't think like this, I will do everything just fine :)! 

living my life

Its a real challenge to try and lead my life successfully! I've gutta employ many strategies to make it work! All the tools I've got to use like my computers!My Iphone, I don't know how a tbi survivor that has writing issues can do it without tools like I have at my disposal!I've got very,very good with the computer!I can't see running my life without one! I keep a close eye on my bank accounts, pay all my bills online! I just forget my passwords every once and a while :( !

4.28.14 b4 noon

Today I'm going 2 c my podiatrist!My right foot is causing great discomfort in two places, under my big toe and the corn I have on my little toe!My pick up time is not until 2.25pm for an  3.45 appointment my return trip is not till 5.13pm!

4.27.14 around 7.30

Today I've  done a fair job of trimming my beard, scooted  to the store, did all my laundry, booked all my trips 4 the week, not bad 4 a 54 year old man! FANTASTIC  for a 54 yr old man living with traumatic brain injury! I'm just happy I CAN do these things! I know of other survivors that can't so although a task like laundry is very challenging for me, I CAN do it :)!

4.27.14 after 5.30pm

I'm in the mist of doing laundry now! The hardest part is about to come, putting it away and folding! I get it all with my scooter then I get them out of my hamper(light fishnet hamper) then I put all my shirts on hangers,then get all my boxers and socks,then group all my socks,then put them away!I try to sit on my bed while trying to organize it all but the last few times as I sit on my bed, it feels like I'm gonna loose my balance and go 4 a tumble!

4.27.14 b4 noon

I think I've booked all my trips correctly. That's what its like having a brain injury at least 4 me,I'm not 100% sure of anything!I tried to book trips from the YMCA to my podiatrists  office and the lady booking my trips said I couldn't do that, maybe she didn't understand me. I booked a trip to 90 libby pwy 4 my colonoscopy on Wednesday without a return cause its said you can't take a taxi home which "the ride" is very similar 2! KJ I think said she would get me,there is the not being sure thing again so I emailed her to kinda set my mind at ease! I don't really have to do laundry but I think I'm gonna just to be on the safe side!

4.26.14 after 9pm

I was just looking at my  pocket calendar,I've got a busy week! I'm gonna try to make it to the YMCA and after that go to my podiatrist!My right foot is causing  me great pain!I'm not doing hics on Tuesday cause I have to prepare for a colonoscopy I'm having Wednesday at 9.30am!Then hics on Thursday and KJ Friday.I had to look for the address for Wednesday's appointment and it was right where KJ said it was!You must have a responsible adult pick you up from this so I can't use "the ride",KJ is gonna get me :)!It gets overwhelming at times leading my life independently but so far I think I'm doing very,very well living and dealing with a tbi!

4.26.14 after 4pm

I scooted to Wg's and got some stuff I was running low on!Lisa is gonna come over tonight cause she wants me to make her a business card!She is trying to market baskets she makes up for holidays and special occasions! I think she made one 4 her sons wedding!I'll post a pic on my fb page if she did. Maybe I should charge an advertising fee :) ! I'm really trying to make my new sneakers work 4 me but I got home from Wg's and couldn't wait to take off my right shoe.My corn was causing me way to much discomfort! I've gutta keep trying though,paying $150 4 the pair   I've gutta make them work!

4.26.14 b4 noon

This New England weather is getting just like the old England weather,rain every day!I want to scoot to Wg's and check out my new umbrella but,I kinda forget where I put it! I haven't looked 4 it yet,it will turn up!I booked my Monday trip to the YMCA, I book that trip on Saturdays cause I may not get around to booking all my trips in time on Sunday to book a trip 4 the next day!I'm trying to maintain living stress free :)!

4.25.14 around 9pm

I think I've got my deliveries all figured out!  I did get 2 from the usps now I'm just waiting for a beach chair and a cable from Walmart that will transfer my files from my old computer to my new one!Today after KJ I went to the ymca to work on getting buff again :) !Its a cardio workout just getting to the gym!Lots of walking and my pace is still too slow :( ! That's another reason I workout 3x a week!I don't do my resistance training to get bigger muscles,I'm working on toning up what I have already! I think for a 54 yr old man I'm looking pretty good :) ! Find a 30 yr old man and I'll bet I'm looking better or just as good! I only wish I started going to a gym when I was 30!Back in those days I just lifted free weights at home!Now I use these machines that concentrate on certain muscle  groups!  I remember when I used to say to Kenny and some of his friends to punch me in the stomach as hard as you can.Some of the guys would be shaking their hands …

4.25.14 b4 noon

KJ was over and she helped me with a very confusing task!My buzzer to let me know someone is here 4 me sometimes works and sometimes doesn't so I'm concerned if I got all my deliveries!One I haven't got yet that on the usps web site said was delivered I never got so we had to landline them!What a pain,on hold 4 very long,tracking numbers,talking to people from other places other than the USA,we had 2 1st make sure it was shipped, then by who!Call who and say "I never got it"! We got through all of that to have them say "we will investigate it"! MY mail person is pretty cool, if I'm not home sometimes he will just drop it outside my door!If that happened one of the lowlifes that live in the building took it!

4.24.14 4.30-5.30pm

I was mistaken, you can't check my psa level from a urine sample, its gutta be done from a blood sample!When Granite medical does my blood work  I always ask dr.Black to check my psa level!He examined it another way and said it looks good!He gave me paperwork for the next time I get blood work done, The psa level is most important thou!If I had a high level Dr. Black would have been right on it!I've got the bestest doctors on my team :)!

4.23.14 8.40-9.15pm

Today I booked a trip with "the ride" for my doctor's appointment 4 tomorrow, I've been to the YMCA and had a great workout!I have to do some of the machines with only my right hand and arm,then put more weight on for my left,see my brain injury was mainly on the left side of my brain!The left side of the brain controls the right side motor functions so my right side is the weaker side! I was doing the grip machine and the weight didn't seem like enough resistance so next time we are gonnna increase the resistance I do with my right hand :) !I'm doing well with making it to the YMCA I haven't missed a trip there 4 almost 2 wks!Then hics tonight, we did bingo and a very little trivia. One of the other survivors is pretty good with trivia but I think I'm the king of trivia at hics :)!Tomorrow I see dr,Star! I know 1st thing I do when I get there is give a urine  sample!He checks my pca level from that sample and get the results immediately!If my psa lev…

4.23 14 8.30-9am

I've done my most important task of my morning! I booked my trips for my dr. Star's appointment! That will be a definite scooter appointment, as I remember there is a long walk going through the corridors in that building!I've just gutta check the web site to make sure they got it right!

4.22.14 around 6pm

I got home from hics today and I had a voice mail message from dr.Stars office reminding me of an appointment on 4.24 at 11am!I had no knowledge of this, not in my pocket calendar or my online calendar! Thankfully  there is enough time to book my rides 4 this appointment but with it being at 11am kinda makes going to hics on Thursday not realistic!I didn't remember what the address is too! I googled dr.Star and too many links came up so I googled south shore urology and got the address!All this information is an awful lot to try and process but I think I've got it all under control.I've gutta call "the ride" 1st thing tomorrow and book a ride to780 main st S.Weymouth,cancel my trips to and from hics,that is backwards, cancel then book trips to and from 780 main st. s.Weymouth!My online account with "the ride" still won't let me book a trip online so I've gutta remember to call tomorrow with my 1st cup of coffee:)!So much information really I'…

4.21.14 around 8.30pm

Today I've been to the YMCA and had a sweaty workout I had to take a shower when I got home!The buzzer was buzzing just as I got out! I had forgotten Machala (my homemaker) was coming over  so I got dressed quickly so I could unlock the door!Lisa called and said she had more food 4 me!She came up and we hung out 4 a while :) !

4.20.14 6.30-9pm

I thank Jesus for bringing Lisa into my life!She went to her mothers today and she knew I was gonna be alone today.This babe brought me over food from her mothers! I had turkey, mashed potato's, corn, and lots of treats :)! I'm feeling lots of care from this babe :)!

4.20.14 3-4pm

I had a very productive scoot 2 Wg's!I got my med,while my script was being filled I browsed the isles and I found an umbrella! I've wanted one now 4 a long time! This will hopefully make my rainy scoots not as wet :)!

4.20.14 after 10am

Happy Easter to all :) !We can't forget what this day symbolizes though.It is the day that Jesus Christ arose from the grave and set out on the task of building the heavens where anyone who accepts him as their savior can go when they leave the flesh!Today I've got to make another scoot to Wg's cause yesterday I got home and checked my snail mail and got a script 4 a med that I think helps me a great deal!This med they can't call in a script, I've gutta bring a written script in  to Wg's! Its a med that helps me to stay alert! With a tbi that's a challenge even with that med! I think I do very well though with or without this med but being tbi every little bit helps a great deal! Then I gutta think about doing laundry!

4.19.14 around 9pm

I spent most of today with that blond babe Lisa :)!We went to Wg's and stopped at D&D's after and hung out for a while!Then later on I heard a knock on my door!It was Lisa and we hung out for a while longer :) !

4.18.14 4.30-5.30

I had such a great workout today! What made it so outstanding was getting the opportunity to once again work with the very,very pretty Allie! Not only cause she is eye candy but she knows that I like to push myself 2 my limits and beyond!These new machines are easy to set up how much resistance you want. Its all by air pressure! I set all the resistance up myself today!Now I just gutta learn how to get the seat adjustments right then I don't see why I couldn't go through the line alone!I'll take working with Allie any day though    :) ! I was gonna scoot someplace but      now I'm kinda tired so I'm gonna relax :) !

4.18.14 around 9am

I got woke up this morning by a phone call about my dreaded colon exam!They wanted to make sure I got all the instructions and my prep kit,the stuff that cleans you out, ugg! I've done this b4 and know what to expect!I've just gutta expect to be sitting in my bathroom for hours when I start drinking that terrible fluid!

4.17.14 after 8.30pm

I've been on a quest to find a cable or wide that will transfer my files from my old computer that's not working to my new computer! I asked a few of you then posted my question on fb then googled my question! came up with a usb to usb transfer cable.Then I had to create an account with amazon . com first then I was able to purchase the cable!Now I'm spent,so much brain work!We talked about this very thing in peer tbi at hics, being physically tired vs mentally tired, mentally really wears me out!I've got the YMCA Tomorrow and that wont even come close to wearing me out as much as all this brain work did!I'm happy though! 

4.17.14 around 1pm

I was here to sign for a delivery from UPS!Thats a good thing cause sometimes I don't see the slips the driver leaves and I've probably got some items at ups or fed x that I've missed!I got some cables to try and get my files from the hard drive of my old computer and transfer them to my new one!They look way too small though!Thats the bad thing about ordering on line!You can't really see the things you order. 

4.17.14 around 10am

I didn't do hics today cause I was gonna go to the "big apple circus" in Boston and it was gonna be a van trip.After bowling last night and getting my sneakers yesterday my foot couldn't take much walking today! I do need some supplies at Wg's though, I'm thinking of scooting 2 Wg's :).


I went to Marathon sports in Norwell Mass and actually   got fitted for sneakers! This was the 1st time I've been fitted 4 sneakers.My feet have grown too!I thought I wear an 8 1/2 now they say I'm a 9 1/2! I got a real comfortable pair and some socks 2!Now I'm gonna go bowling, I'm meeting hics at Boston bowl in Dorchester Mass :) !

4.16.14 sfter 9.30am

I'm staying real busy with a little help from my supports:)!KJ made a home visit this morning and I asked her of places that have live bands in the area. One I knew of but couldn't get it out of my brain!Hajjars in Weymouth has shows every Friday and Saturday nights!Lisa and I had talked about going to see a show but we couldn't think of where to go!Now I've got a place local and Lisa will drive us there! I'll be reliving my youth!From the time I was 17 to 25 I would go to a club every weekend night and listen and dance to a local live band! Now KJ is gonna take me and another survivor to a special sneaker place to get fitted for new sneakers! My hope,and hers is this will help prevent my foot problems!

1.15.14 around 4pm

Today was not only one year after the marathon bombing but Jackie Robinson  day too!Do you know he wasn't just drafted cause of his talent as a baseball player but cause of his great character to!I didn't know today was JR's day as well,I found this out at hics today!His character cause think of all the abuse he had to endure being the first black major league baseball player and in Newyork (Brooklyn) to boot! I had lots of respect and admiration for the man b4 but thinking about it now I've even got more!A true icon of American  history!

4.15.14 after 7.30am

I' got hics today :)! I've got some things I need to discuss with KJ but instead of trying to write them down or post them. I'm gonna work my memory and try to remember all the things :) I just hope I don't forget that I want to speak  with her :) !

4.14.14 around 5.30pm

I've been to the YMCA today and had a tiring workout,no pain no gain well I'm not in any pain it just took all I had to do my workout! Mickeala,my homemaker,has been here!That is such a great benefit, I keep my place very clean but she cleans my bathroom,mops my floors that need mopping, vacuums my rugs! I can do all these things but being balance impaired it would be a struggle!I spoke with Lisa,she said there is a black moon tonight! I've never  heard of this but I guess its in the bible, gonna   have to look it up,we are gonna get together and go out to view it! I'll see if I can snap a pic of this! :)

4.14.14 b4 9am

On this day in the year 2002 my life,as I knew it,ended but I became a new person! It happened at a time when in 2001 I made the most money I had ever made! I made over 150,000 that year, I was on the fast track living the biker lifestyle,harley lifestyle!I was in a well respected place in my career!I had salesmen from all the glass distributors wanting me to buy my glass from them!They would all try and wine and dine me to persuade me to buy glass from them! I was in a relationship with the lady of my dreams! It all changed when I decided to go out for brunch with MMD and some friends!I was having a great time talking,eating,but also drinking lots of beers!A friend tried to get me to go on a ride with them but MMD wanted to stay and party with everyone so I did. It came time MMD had to be home cause her X was gonna be dropping off her son.We left but a good friend said to me,"leave the bike and get it later and come with me"!I should have cause I was going at  fast speed ca…

4.13.14 after 7.30pm

Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA for my resistance training! I'm working on my goal of not missing a day the whole month of April!Pool season is coming and I want to look good!Yes for the ladies but mainly 4 myself. I am my toughest cretic!

1.13.14 3-4pm

I looked at what I had for laundry and it just didn't  seem like enough to justify spending $4 to do a load of wash!I was able to do a fair trim job on my beard though. Maybe I'll take a scoot to D&D's by myself :) !

4.13.14 around 11am

Its the very small things in life we shouldn't take for granted! Like getting up on a Sunday morning and having your 1st cup of coffee when you want to and being able to enjoy it without any fears! I'm so happy I've been able to get myself to the point that all I've gutta wait for is me!I've worked hard to get to this place and no one is gonna take my freedom away from me :) !I've booked all my rides 4  the week and now I'm thinking about laundry! I don't have much but I don't want it to get like last week!Thats when I got up and had no clean socks to wear!I had to miss hics and do laundry! I guess I'll just do a load to be on the safe side :) !

4.12.14 after 10pm

I'm up kinda late tonight cause my computer was doing strange things when I attempted to create a blog post,seems to be fine now :)! I told Lisa Monday will be 12 yrs living with tbi and she said we should celebrate but its not something to celebrate.Yes celebrate  I'm alive but not that I had such a debilitating injury!Living with a tbi is the hardest thing I've ever gone through in my life and I've fought off prostate cancer and came back from a broken neck!What I'm gonna be is thankful!Thankful the tbi only took away the things it did and be thankful  for everything I still have!It couldn't take my intelligence away!I consider myself a very smart man if anything the tbi has made me smarter!I can't do things like I could b4 so I had to think of ways to do things and get the same result  as b4!Your brain doesn't heal like a broken bone you've just got to find new pathways for your brain to communicate with the rest of your body!You've got to em…

4.12.14 around 4pm

I'm living well within my means! I just paid all my bills for last month and I still have over a grand in my checking :)  ! I always pay myself first meaning everything over 2 grand after my check gets deposited gets transferred to my savings :) !Some months I have to transfer it back but I haven't the last two months! I did have trouble paying mass health and the IRS last month but no issues today:) !

4.12.14 after 2pm

I've been out to lunch with Lisa :)!We just went to D&D's for a very nice time!I really like spending qt with this babe, not only is she eye candy,she really cares about my well being :)!

4.11.14 after 8pm

I've been to the YMCA  today, that makes two weeks making it three times both weeks :)!I feel strong! I'm well on my way to achieving my goal of making it there three times a week the whole month of April! I've still got to pay all my bills, I'll start tomorrow! I'm now back  to my routine of working out 3 x a week! Good thing cause pool season is coming, I need to look attractive so maybe a lady will notice and want some of this  :) !

4.11.14 after 8am

I've got the YMCA to go 2 today!My right foot is killing me in two places but I've got to try and not let that get the best of me,I've got to work through the pain.I gutta pay all my bills at some time too!Thats the great thing about paying them online.I can do it at any time of the day or night and its immediate !

4.10.14 8.30-9pm

I get so busy taking care of me I always end up making a late dinna.I'm not even hungry  now but I've got the YMCA tomorrow and I've gutta at least have a quick and easy dinna!

3.10.14 after 7.30pm

I think I got everything done I needed to. I scooted to Wg's and the store,did all my laundry, completed my monthly Walmart  order.I think I'm gonna wait to do a peapod order or just skip this month! I've got plenty of food just gonna need to do short Wg's scoots I shouldn't have to worry about getting snowed in, its April  !

4.10.14 3.30-4.30pm

I couldn't do hics today cause I've got way too much 2 do! I needed to scoot to Wg's and that is done! I gutta do my laundry now!Living my life is really a full time job!I've gutta do it today cause I've got no clean socks!

Let down by "the ride" again

I was having a pretty good day!I went to the YMCA and had a great workout and my  ride was early 4 the return trip! Then I got home,got ready to go out tonight,went downstairs to wait 4 a 3.30 pickup time to go to Tennessee barbeque and the time was about 4pm!I called "the ride" they say he is in Braintree (next town over) close by so I waited a while longer.It gets to be after 4.15 so I had to call and cancel all my trips 4 today.Just after that a driver shows up!Its now about 4.30 pm,my arrival time to meet hics at Tenasee's!I'm not one to put anyone out or cause hardship and I know its not the drivers fault he was so so late plus where as I already canceled both trips, to and from!They would have put me on "will call" for my return trip, I've been on that too many times and left hanging so I didn't want to not have a sure trip home!My plans 4 tonight were ruined by "the ride":( ! So much information to process and try to make the right …

4.8.14 after 8.30

KJ is making a home visit tomorrow and man do I have a list of things I need some help with!One that happened tonight, somehow  the power level on my microwave is on low  and I can't figure out how to get it back to high :(!Took me an hour to just heat some frozen mac and cheese.Tomorrow I've got the YMCA then I'm gonna meet hics at Tennessee's restaurant for planning and dinna :) !  

4.8.14 7-8am

I had to force myself to get out of bed this morning! I usually wake b4 the alarm goes off and I did today, its just getting increasingly harder to get these old bones and muscles to get going! I've got hics today then my homemaker coming today! This kinda throws me off! You get used 2 a certain routine and one change tends to screw me all up! I  thought I could skip laundry this week but looking ahead I don't think I've got enough to last the entire week! I'm gonna have to fit it in somewhere!

4.7.14 around 8pm

I had a great workout today!Its getting to the point where I can walk around without my shirt on!Just like b4 my motorcycle crash :)! Tomorrow I've got hics :),KJ should be back from vaca :).

4.7.14 b4 9am

I've got the YMCA today!I'm gonna do my best to stay on track of not missing one scheduled day of going to the YMCA all month! Michaela ( my homemaker) isn't coming today and I remembered that without writing it in any of my calendars or blogging it!Just a little test I do to work on my memory! I really think that is a big help, to keep challenging my brain :) ! 

4.6.14 after 7pm

I've got the YMCA tomorrow and I gutta keep on track of reaching my goal of making it 3x a week all month! I've got many tbi fb friends,its great to read the posts made by them all!It lets me know that many of my struggles they have too!When you live with tbi you've gutta accept the fact that things are gonna be much more difficult!Thats why reading all the other posts make me know I'm not alone!

air purifyer

I've never owned an air purifier b4 but,I think it cools down my apartment too!I've put some thought into setting up my new cordless phone in my bedroom too!I don't need to try to connect the phone line to it,it will work off the main base I've got a phone line plugged into :) ! Now I just gutta get it in the room,think I'll do that now :) ! 

4.6.14 5-6pm

I've basically done nothing except book my rides 4 the week today!I've been relaxing listening to my favorite tunes :).The great thing is I've got a great sound set up on my computer :) ! 

4.6.14 around 10am

I've booked all my trips 4 the week and today it was a little challenging cause Joanne ,the agent,wanted my trips all by where I was going!All the days I go to hics and the ymca instead of day to day! This confused me cause I've always done it day 2 day and it was hard to get my brain to do it another way!Pretty simple I know but its just an example of how little things screw up my brain!I had 2 use my cell too cause I have yet to program my new cordless land line phone with all the numbers I call! I guess in a way I welcome these challenges though, they keep me sharp :) ! I also had to look up an address for Wednesday night rec.. We are going to Tennessee barbeque in Braintree and that was hard 4 me too, do you know how many links pop up when you try to google Tennessee!

3.15.14 3-4pm

I scooted to Wg's and I think got everything I need.I got home and set up my air purifier all by myself!!I snapped a pic of it but that was with my phone.I've got issues finding pics on my phone :( !Maybe later I'll take a pic with my cam :) !

4.14.14 around 9pm

I spoke with Lisa tonight and she is gonna help me set up my new air purifier! I most likely could do it myself but living with tbi if I can get help with a task I've never done b4,take it! I've never owned an air purifier!

4.14.14 afer 8pm

I got my delivery from Walmart today!I got an air purifier!That I believe is important living in an apartment complex!Here with all the low life living in my building its essential!I got a metal potato masher too!Now I can make some "Jamie's mashed potato's :) 

4.4.14 after 8am

Today is opening day at fenway :) !My return trip from the YMCA is at 2.23 so I'll miss the opening ceremony but hopefully that's all!I'm excited for another season to watch on my 52 inch flat panel tv :) ! 

4.3.14 around 4pm

Hics was kewl today! It was our 1st day of new groups!I guess every quarter we decide on new groups with new topics!I kinda forget the names of the groups I chose but one had to do with working again.In this group we started with job interviews, appearance, some other stuff too,I just can't recall what, go figure!The best one was the last group!I forget the name of that too,something to do with advocacy! We talked about scams and how not to get caught in one!KC is actually gonna learn us how to create a scam!Its gonna be an exciting quarter with these great groups :)! 

4.2.14 after 3pm

I've been to the YMCA and had a great workout :)!Now all I gutta do is make it Friday and I would have reached this weeks goal!I gutta make it more interesting and make my goal to make it 3x every week of April :) !

4.2.14 around 10am

My phone (land line) has been down!The internet hasn't been working too!When I loose phone service it creates an issue with my lifeline account!The system doesn't work!I've got to then keep testing it to make sure its working!The internet being down makes me kinda depressed!

4.1.14 3-5pm

We had a guest speaker from MRC (Massachusetts rehabilitation commission) speak to us at hics today!I really didn't get into my case too much but I did get her card with her email address so I'll get more in depth when I send her mail!This lady works out of a different office than the one who closed my case and the office that now would handle my case!I've got to be optimistic and think this lady is gonna help me get back to work :)!