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11.30.17 around 8.20pm

I've been busy with doctor appts. this week! Tuesday I went to the  doc. who does my clonascapys. I had to do a stool sample for this visit! I was given a kit to do it at home! It had a cover to go over the toilet seat cause it couldn't touch the toilet water! When I went to do this I couldn't find the cover, I had to think of a way to collect it now! All I needed to do was stab the stool with a long thin plastic needle and put it back in the like little plastic jar! I just did my duty then wiped and collected it off  the tp! I blood was found in the sample I'd have to have another colonoscapy! I was able to read the results on my and thankfully it was negative!So no colonoscapy :)! Wednesday night it was hics for bingo night! I won a game and recieved a prize of a scratch ticket! I'm not into scratching these so I'm gonna get my friend to do it! My thing is I'll split any winnings with the scatchee!Today I went to Braintree rehab to get my pump …

11.26.17 around 8.15pm

I've had a great Sunday! It started with a call from Wg's, that woke me, saying a med was ready, I scooted to Wg's with my beutiful blond friend then we went to D&D's for lunch and to spend time together :)! Then got home in time to watch the Pats win :) Tomorrow is laudry day ugg!Just made myself some dinna! I've gotten used to making an after dinna cup of coffee! This is where the feeling of being FREE is most prevolent! It's only instant coffee but living in Scituate I was told I couldn't, I made too much of a mess! I'm thinking it was someone being abusive again! You've seen it, that's why it made me feel imprisoned! I'm doing so way better now :)!

11.25.17 around 8.45pm

I got my peopod order this morning and now I've got yummy things to eat and drink :)! Today I scooted to the store with my blond friend walking along side :)! We made some plans for tomorrow too, we're gonna go to D&D's for lunch and just to enjoy each others componey :)!

11.25.17 after 10.45am

My peopod order just arrived! I got all the frozen stuffs away but I still have the other stuffs to find homes for! These are things that get me neuro exhasted! Then while doing this task, my cell and landline start ringing! That alternates my concentraition! So I'll have to sit and take a short rest!

11.24.17 around 8pm

I've completely forgot what went down today :(! My brain is like the Bermuda triangle. Information goes in then never to be found again! I think I do pretty well for a survivor of a severe traumatic brain injury. Tomorrow I've got my peapod order coming btw 9-11 am then my homemaker is gonna be here at ?!I'll have to call and have them tell me again! Its just I have so many thoughts going through my brain it's overwhelming at times!

11.23.17 after 7.30pm

I've got a peopod order coming Saturday btw 9-11am!I keep thinking it's Friday! I just look at my confermation email and I'm remineded of the correct day and time! This and similar things is why this survivor uses and depends on email!

11.23.17 around 11.30am

Another holiday this survivor has nothing going on:(! I do know of a free Tging dinna at a church close by but just thinking about it gets my anxioty cooking! I do need to go to the store,maybe Wg's. I do hope everyone has a great day though,I'll get by, I'm a survivor!

11.21.17 after 8.20pm

I've been to hics today! The thing I remember the most is I needed to cash a check,my bank isen't far from hics. KJ walked with me to Cb!Also there is a D&D's. I went to D&D's after I cashed the check, made my own way back! Not a big deal but the last time I went to D&D's I had issues finding my way back to hics! I have to give myself cudoos for this! My brain injury seems to effect me so I've got issues remembering directions! I just remembered landmarks and that worked great! Tomorrow KJ makes a homevist after 8.30am then I'm gonna go to hics for bingo night :)!

11.20.17 after820pm

I didn't do laundry today! I'm gonna try to skip this week and streatch the value on my laundery card! If I start running out of clean stuff I can always do it then! I did scoot to the store and met up with the pretty young lady who used to live just accross the hall! We chatted a little and she invited me over her townhouse apt. here at Ranblehood :)! I also ran into Noel who used to be the execu. asst. at hics :)! Now it got to be around 6.30pm so I thought I would check my trips for tomorrow! I pull up the web site and see no trips scheadualed for tomorrow! My angsioty starts running out of controle! Then I find a memory in my brain this happend b-4 around this time! I believe around this time the computer must be busy sortting through all the trips around 7.30 I check again and they apperred on the website! Tomorrow I've got hics :)!I've gutta see if I can make my way over to Citizens bank!I've got a $25 check to cash for some work I did on a study! It's on…

11.19.17 after 10.30pm

I'm up a little late tonight cause I got into watching some of my dvd series of JAG! That was my favorite tv show! I got all ten seasons in a dvd set :)! Tomorrow I've gutta do landry, I checked my card and had plenty of value left to do a wash and dry,ugg!

11.19.17 around 7pm

Today I had to book all my trips for the week. I was getting in the habbit of doing it on Saturday night but I don't know why I didn't this week. It's done though :)! I've just been laxing otherwise :)! It's my day off! I do have to check the value on my laundry card yet to do but I'm in no hurry to do that! I should make dinna now, I'll lesurely slide into doing that though! Watching the Pats beat up the Raiders :)!

11.18.17 around 5.30pm

I dissmissed that jerk giving a hard time or abusing me! I refuse to let his nonsence take up space in my brain! I've got way better thoughts to use it for :)!  I never did a Wg's scoot today, tomorrows another day :)! 

11.18.17 after noon

I think Carmen (my homemaker) told me yesterday she would come today btw 11-12 but I may not have processed the information correctly, I'm always doubting myself whan it comes to proceesing information :(.

part of the conflict

keeping everyone afloat I ended up with over $100,000 in debt yeah that supporting other people Yeah Jamie think when were you would be if I had not agreed to let you into this house you would’ve been in a nursing home and you would still be there!!!! Once they get the money they would never let you leave no matter what your progress I helped you through a divorce what did you do with it you want to use the money to buy a fucking motorcycle which fuck you up My money Jamie mother gave it to you do you think it was hers do you think she made that kind of money where do you think it came from Wrong mine and Jamie very wrong morning yur not making any sence, yur just not being realistic

11.16.17 around 8pm

I've been to hics today and we had a Thanksgiving feast today :)! It was great, turkey and all the fixings! Their is always a staff member who creates a slide show of the past years events! They seem to get better every year! The staff at hics is outstanding, they try to understand what we go through doing everything! I guess what I'm saying is I'm very thankful for the great support I get from this wonderful program and feel very lucky to have the bestest casemanager I've ever had, KJ is wonderful!

11.15.17 around 11am

KJ was over and it was very good! I was 100% on my meds except I took Thursdays morning meds this morning, easy fix! I shared my conflict I had with a family member, that's whats great about fb chat, it's saved automaticaly! She couldn't believe how mean someone could be! She apologized for me having to go through such abuse! It's not her that needs to give me an apology though! I don't think he understands how wrong it was though! He sees things his way,he's never wrong in his eyes. It's always good to get a 2nd opinion!

11.14.17 around 8pm

I've been watching live chats by other brain injury survivors!It's very enlightening! They discuss things that are giving them issues and everyone says the thing that helps in dealing with a brain injury is to spend your time with other tbi survivors!

11.14.17 after 5.10pm

I've been to hics today :)! We had a regular day with brain stimulating life skills groups! I'm still processing my confict I had on Sunday! I'm thinking about sharing the text with KJ tomorrow! I gutta make sure before I react I truely understand it was way wroung to say that crap to me!

11.13.17 around 2.45pm

I've been to my podiatrist and he shaved off my corn and a calus that seems to be reapearning now! He found a couple warts too! He froze them! He also cuts all my toe nails on both feet! That is a very difficult task for this survivor to do himself! Me being me I asked, how do warts appear? He said "they come from viruses"! I'm thinking of un-friending a family member on fb! This person said I never call or ask how he is. I msg him on fb and asked how he was. Then he responded with nothing but negative talk! Putting me down and insults! I shouldn't have to take that crap! So that's one way I can rid myself from his crap!

11.12.17 around 1pm

I slept in this morning, guess my brain needed to be off for a while! Then this morning I get in to conflict! Why does everyone have to blame others for their mistakes? I accept full responsibility for mine! If you choose to do something, anything at all, you shouldn't blame it cause I had to cause of you! I booked all my trips for the week last night so one task is done :)! I spoke with a friend last night and we may do D&D's today,I'm always up for D&D's! My laundrys all done so that's another task done:)! Now I'm just enjoying Sunday coffee!

11.11.17 around 7pm

Carmen (my homemaker) was over only to wash my bed linnins! I do have another set of linnins but they don't fit as well as these do! She did all the laundry I had too :)! I'm not saving anything though cause she uses four machines at $2 a piece! I've still gutta put it all away though! That's still very challenging for me to do but they're all folded on my bed so I don't have to straiten them all out after going through the dryer :)!

11.11.17 around 8.30am

Today I'm told Carmen ,my homemaker,is gonna be here at 10am! I still have yet to figure out how I can post my ct scan from the cd I recived yesterday! I tryed downloading to my hard drive but it kept saying "bad file name"! This is how the computer works my brain! It optimizes my problem solving skills!

11.10.17 around 9.10pm

I got my head examined today! Ct scan of my brain!I asked if I could have a copy of it too! They gave me a cd with it on there I'd share but I'm having issues sharing from the cd. Already got a call saying it looks okay! LB wants to ask dr.K for my previous ct's and compare them! I think that's fasinating!I'd love to have all my ct scans and do my own comparison!

11.9.17 around 8.30pm

I was reading posts in one of my fb tbi support groups tonight and had to coment when a survivor was differing themself from a noninjured person!They called a noninjerd person a normal! We are normal too! We live with a brain injury but we're not abnormal! I call everyone who's not living with a tbi a non-injured person! I'm a normal guy who lives with a brain injury! Tomorrow I'm going to  clinic in Weymouth to get a cat-scan of my brain! This is cause of the falls I've had recently!

11.9.17 after 6.45pm

I did hics today :)! We had our life skills groups, they were all great :)! I do peer tbi both Tuesday and  Thursday now :)! I was able to have the driver on my return trip drop me off at Wg's so I could fill a couple scrips and get a few things! This survivor does such a great job managing my meds :)!

11.6.17 after 7.45

Today I struggled through getting all my laundry done! As I struggle through this task I just think about someone who had no faith I could do this,and all I need to be able to do leading a total independent life! He would always say "what are you going to do when you have to do laundry"? I would reply, "just do it"! So I JUST did laundry today, made some dinna. Tomorrow I'm doing hics :)! Wednesday is karacocike night at hics, then on Thursday hics again :)!

11.5.17 around 5.15pm

I'm trying to process the information I received this morning about "Jamies" burning down in Scituate Ma! It wasn't quiet  the same after Jamie (the owner) passed a few years ago! He was a good friend! I started to frequent there when I got separated and had to move back to Scituate for a few weeks! Jamie helped me in dealing with my new loss! Then I had to live in Scituate again when I woke up from the coma! Then we used to do dinna there 1-3 times weekly! I guess I lost a bit of my past :(!

11.4.17 around 6.20pm

It's very frustraiting living with this God blessad tbi! I thought my friend was gonna call me about going with me to the post office. I guess I didn't understand the information correctly or forgot how we left it!  There are only five roads to travl on to get there! I set out on my journy there and only had to ask for directions 1nce! Then forgot and asked a 2nd time! Found it :),then had to try to remember how to get home! I asked someone how I could get to Wg's from where I was at. Nothing was looking familiar to me so I asked someone again. I was heading in the right direction,stopped at Wg's picked up some stuffs then the store and made it back home :)! This forgetting things imeadiatly is so challenging but I'm making it :)!

11.4.17 around 9am

I survived turning 59yrs OLD :)! The bd wishes I got on fb helped emencely! It's hard to fathem I'm gonna be sixty in a year! Today I plan to go to the post office in Holbrook to pick up a package they say there was no secure place to leave downstairs! A friend is gonna acompony me which is great cause this will be the 1st time I've ever attempted to scoot there! It's only a little way from Wg's but I get severly anxious never done this b4!

11.3.17 around 2.50pm

I seem to have grown a nasty boil on my right butt check :(! It makes me comfortable sitting and even wearing pants :(! That's a physical pain though! It's not nearly as bad as the neuro pain I live with 24-7 :(!