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rec 6.30.10

It was game night tonight not trivia night but,still a blast!Tonight was cmCrta's last night workin the rec :(.Thankfully she is still with the co. just changed office but,I wont get to see her very often but the good thing is she will still be arround just not as often.


Ive had a great day sortof.Hics was great,we continued our group on learning bout tbi.There are two parts to it.1 Learning different aspects of it and a support part.In the support part adA asked "what bothers you the most daily!I said idle time!I used to be on the go constantly,with a high pressure job,being a single parent to Kenny,getting my girls on Tuesday and Thursday nights and every other weekend!Im not used to idell time.
Lifeline(Ive fallen and I cant get up)called and said check your system at home cause it seems as if its not gettin any power!I get home and find the surge protector in the off position.I turned it on,tested it,worked.They have the sweetest young ladies that work there:)!Still have yet to locate my new digital camera from the move.CmD is gonna make a home visit tomorrow,maybe he can look through my stuff cause its said after a tbi yur scanning abilities are affected so maybe its there and Im just not seeing it,I hope so!


Ive been in contact with the halfway cafe,they have trivia night on Thursdays!I always do well with trivia,Im thinkin I should check it out! They even have prizes :)!

doing a load of laundry

Im in the process of doin a load of laundry!Its dryin now but,this takes so much out of me!I bring the laundry down with my scooter but,I put the cloths in the dryer and Im beat!The most challeging part is yet to come,folding and hangerizing!

main reason Im happy

I just figured out the main reason Im so happy!Its cause I have no fear of getting my intelligence insulted!In fairness to the people I used to live with,they may not have known they where doing it but,Kenny neva insulted it once but,I used to live in fear it could happen at any time, now no fear :)!


I took a successfull cruise to walgeens this am,no tips!I asked bout sun tan stuff,they recomended hawaiian tropic uvb/spf 4 but,I really know nada bout sun tan stuff!

gutta be busy

I didnt go to church so Ive gutta do something else.I think a cruise to walgreens is in order!Ive got to find sunscreen!I tried last time but,couldnt find it.Ill ask someone this time.

no sun

I went to the pool but,the sun was kinda in and out mostly in but,I put in an hour.I brought my cd player too.I listend to my 2nd favorite group,live!


Im thinking today I need to take a cruise to walgreens to pick up just a few things then continue workin on my tan at the pool,if I could find my camera,Id take some shots so everyone could see how nice it is,maybe Ill try with my phone.

6.25.10 pm

I spent a little time this am workin on my tan!I have to get my portable cd player out to take with me tomorow!Peapod came but,I forgot a couple things,Im going to stop and shop Monday so Ill pick em up then,if I remember!


Im getting really frustraited with my dauhter Bri!She told me not to call her but text her.Ive done that a few times but,no responce :(.I want to have her and Taylor ova for dinna this weekend!


I think Im gonna take the day off,just go to the pool lay down and work on my tan!
Pea pod is so cool!I forgot what time they are gonna deliver my food.All I had to do was login to peapod :)!


I had the meals on wheels dinna tonight!Sloppy joe with delmonico potatoe but,I left the vegetable medlay,didnt look good at all.


Hics was great last night and today!Bowling was fun,I didnt do too well but,I had a blast!Today we had groups,current issues,tbi group,team building.Ive got to tear this place apart looking for my camera this weekend!


Hics was great today!We started our new group,education about tramatic brain injury!Im already pretty knowlegable bout tbi but,Ive got to live this way the rest of my life so I feel you can neva know too much so Im gonna enjoy this lots!JR helped me get my verzone attachment working on my netbook now I must get it to work on my laptop/notebook:)!


Ive got hics today:)!Lets see if I can remember a few things.I got my usb attachment from verizone,seems I need a little help getting it working properly.Ive gutta remember to bring my netbook,attachment,instructions!Maybe cmD or JR can help!

great visit

I had a great visit with my oldest and youngest young adult:)!Bri,the middle one was working :( but,Im sure she will come ova soon.Lissy was able to trim my toenails for me cause its hard for me to do it,bendng ova and such it was safer to ask Lissy to try!She did well and Kenny well he is a great young adult!


I feel getting out of my chair at the pool!I didnt get hurt,except my pride but,I must examine how it happend,think of ways to correct it so it neva happens again!


Im thinkin another trip to the pool is in order for today!i THINK I remember how to get there.I go to the rotory Ill see the tennis court then look for the pool :).


I went to the pool,did my sun worshipping for today.Ive got to get my cd (portable)working cause then my brain will be stimulated but,the 20yr old lady accross the hall was thier and she had a friend with her!Two young ladies to stimulate my brain :)!


Hics was great today even though things didnt go as planned!We where gonna have a webinare,like a seminar,about voluntiering but,someone didnt realize it started at 11 am pdt not edt.The staff was gonna try and record it with all the technology we have!Fed x was here today to drop my stuff from verizone but,I was not here to sign for it!I did right where the driver left the slip so this time they cant say I didnt!

rec 6.16

Ive had such a great day!JR had the pleasure of making a home visit this am then I went to rec and had my fried clam strips!JR also helped me get connected with verizon for my laptop and netbook so I can connect anywhere Thier is a verizone signal.That means at hics,docs appts,waiting for anything anywhere!;)


Im starting to get used to using this as my blog!Youve got to understand my blog is vital to me,it helps me remember the things I want/need to!Today,JR is making a home visit at 11am,at 12.30 Regina from meals on wheels is comin ova for an interview then I go to hics (rec) dinna at Tonys clam shop in Quincy,and a walk along wally beech,maybe see some bikers I used to hang with!


I called MR's house,talked with somone,said not avalible now,Ill have her call you back.I dont trust anyone in that house,after all someone thier ripped off the Christmas gift I gave her 2 yrs ago!
Hics was great today but,I kinda forget some of what went on,I do remember we had community breakfest!PdJ disscussed summer plans and JR confirmed he is makin a home visit tomorow cause cmD is on vaca.


Today is MR's birthday,Ive got to remember to call her and wish her a happy birthday,I wish she had a puter then I could do it as I think of it :(!


Ive been to stop and shop already this am:)!Im diggin this havin affordable transportation :)!This music station Ive found with comcast really rocks!
I went outside and sat on a bench just to get some fresh air!I talked with two other tennets Ive met before but,I forget thier names again,go figure!


What to cook for dinna!I have a few things to choose from but,Im gonna make it easy on me!I have 2 celeste pizza for ones but,instead of nuking it,Im thinkin bout using my oven or toaster oven!

things got done today

Ive taken a cruise to walgreens,got on the land line with citizens bank.I couldnt axcess my account online.I kept on getting an error message so the bank walked me through everything now I get online without a problem :)!I think I know exactly how my speakers should be hung,now I just gutta do it!


Today is the day I always used to start my weeks vacation!I would pack up the bike,pick up a pretty lady,head off to Laconia NH.I did that for 8 yrs untill 4.14.02,my coma:(!Ive gutta go out on my scooter to walgreens today and its raining.Its bike week,it always rains during bike week,I should know that!


I had such a great time at our dance/concert!I danced only a little bit but,I could have kept on dancing with the very pretty cmK,I just got tired!The staff at hics all know my capabillities,and they give me the freedom to use them!I brought my scooter,was able to leave it parked,walk up to the dance floor and dance!Mr independant :)!


Im real excited to go to the hics dance/concert today!I always have a great time,maybe MR will be there too but,I donno if her house eva gave her the mailing about it,her house is like that!My fault too cause I didnt call and tell her :(.


Tomorrow Im going to florian hall in Dorcester Mass for our (hics) annual dance/concert!The band that will be playing does songs from the 1960's and 70's :)!The food is always top notch too!Ive found a great music station to listen to!Its on comcast cable tv,its called music choise!I love it,I listen all day with my excellent sound system!


My wash is almost done!Then comes to challenging and frustraiting part,foulding and hangering!After I get all that done Im thinkin bout takin a cruise to the hardware store to get screws and mollies,I should get a hammer too,lets se if I remember :)!

fathers day weekend

This is gonna be motorcycle week in Laconia Nh.I am a little bummed Im not there but,Ive just gutta think of all the great times Ive had in the past and all the fun I WILL have in the not too distant future:)!

scooper bowl


The band playing tomorrow used to be called the phycorelics,now whos mikie!They play alot of classic rock :)!They used to have a home page,I wish they still did cause one year they said they can learn any songs we like.I just wanted to see if they could learn any creed!


Time is really passing by fast now that Im exstreamally happy!:)Im thinkin I should do some laundry today!Tomorrow I have our dance/concert to go to so time will be limited,sounds like a plan:)!

Todays excuresion

I went to the scooper bowl today!I hung out with cmC pretty much all the time there.She is fun to hang with plus the fact she got me tons of icecream!:)Then got my ride home,said to the driver "drop me off at walgreens,I had been there many times before but,I went right when I should have gone left!I asked a passer by "wheres ramblewood"!I went bout 1 mile the wrong way!Well it was a good test on my battery life,all day on my scooter:)!I wanted to stop in at the hardware store too!I got a cordless drill!That will help me soooooo much but,I forgot screws and mollies-go figure.

my evolution

Not to sound over confident or conceeded but,I think Im doing very well after all Ive been trough!Living with tbi is the main thing I must deal with but,I think Im doin that very well!I also had to fight cancer,and won :)!Im living totally independantly now!I have to thank all the staff at hics thou,especially cmD!Without all thier great help,I wouldnt be at the point I am now:)!


Today Im going to the scouper bowl in goverment center in Boston,all the icecream I can eat for a donation of $9. to the jimmy fund!Im gonna take my scooter too :)!

mind dump

Ive just gutta dump the things that have been taking space up in my brain.Im so tired of everything being so hard!Opening things is a real struggle for me!I guess I should invite the struggle cause I keep thinking about an old friend,I went to shs with,I forget if he graduated or he had his motorcycle accidnt before graduation,Billy Leanord!Ive just gutta suck it up,cause Im the lucky one!


I did okay shopping today,I rememberd the things I needed to but,I have trouble finding things!It seems once again I have issues charging my phone.I think its connected right but,dosnt hold a charge!:(


Today Ive got a ride booked to and from stop and shop in Braintree!I gutta check to see if ant meds are ready,get things I forgot from peapod,fathers day is comming,thinkin buy some beer,my young adults may come ova :)

this week

Ive got kinda a busy week planned!Monday Im going to stop and shop,get things I forgot or couldnt find with peapod.Tuesday hics,Wednesday rec,hics, mini golf,Thursday,hics,scooper bowl!All the icecream I can eat in boston!


Church was great this morning!I really cant express how great it feels to not only spend good quality time with Jesus but,all the wonderfull members of beechwood cc :)!

great dinna

I made myself a great dinna tonight!Just two grilled ham and swiss sandwiches but,the fact that now that Im in my own place nobody is saying "you cant,Im not cleaning up after you" freedom:)!


I got a real bad migrane last night!I had to force my self to throw up!Then I was able to relax.Its been a long while since Ive had a bad attack like that!I used to get them more often before my tbi but,that was the worst one Ive had since my coma.Thankfully its over now,just have to deal with the after math,no energy,confusion,mindlessneses,even worse than normal but,Im alive :)!


Grazelle is here this morning,I have her come once every two weeks now cause Im able to wash my cloths myself now but,she always recharges my laundry card for me this time I put $40. on it!


Hics was great,we had movie day but,I dont remember what flick we watched go figure :).I had a great day though.
Grazelle comin tomorrow but,I need to book a ride to home depot then I can get goin on hangin things around my place :)!


Hics today,I think a regular day with groups.I need to go to the puter store next to hics,ask if they can put a tv tuner in my laptop then Ill be able to use that as a dvr or vdr, vedio disk recorder!My laptop is now connected to my 52 inch flat pannell tv and it has a dvrw drive so I think I can get it to do what I want!:)


Good morning,what a great day to be alive then everyday I wake up is a great day :)!CmD was ova,we did my meds for the week,he made up a food shopping list for me that I can use when I go to stop and shop and when I use peapod!Im getting super organized :)!


Hics was cool today!I got gifts for MY place!One that adA picked out is like a fake sented candle,its real cool!I also got a helmat for my scooter,black like true harley riders like :)!Thats cool cause I was gonna get one now I have one :)!


Wow its June already,since I moved time is passing by even faster.Im a little po ed at citizens bank,they charged me $5 to make an on-line transfer from my checking to savings!I dont agree with that after all I have green sence checking and savings.That dosnt make you want to conserve energy by making you have to go to a branch to make a simple transaction,gas,time,paper,jeesh!