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Wow,August is just about over :(!I guess when your as happy as I am time just flys by!I started today with an eval from homemakers services,that went very well then I had pt at Braintree rehab!Guess Im a little tired right now but,there is more to say,Im just beat.


Ive had a great day!I was able to wake up ever so slowly this morning,injoy 2 cups of coffee,do all my laundry,book most of my rides!Then this afternoon I was workin on something on my puter and I get an IM from DL!She made my day,She was just curious as to how the pump was workin out for me but she was bacicaly interested in how I was!I guess it dosen't take much to hrill me!Darcy thanks.


I couldn't get myself organized in time to catch my ride to stop and shop this morning!That makes two weeks in a row not going there,geesh!I did scoot to walgreens and picked up a coupe essentials.The stop and shop in Holbrook is I believe in scooting range from here,bout 2 scoots to walgreens,maybe its time attempt a scoot to stop and shop in Holbrook!Im sure it has good enough batterey life to make it to and from but,Ill take the charging cord just in case!Still NO headakes :).

8.26.11 pm

No headaches for close to 24 hrs :)!I did nothing today except rest my head,I even tried not to overload my brain!Tomorrow I go to stop and shop in Braintree!I don't wanna get too much cause if this storm hits us bad,power could end up being out for a while!I'm worried about all my friends in Scituate!These kind of storms create havoc in a beach community such as Scituate!Jesus,Please watch over all my friends and family in Scituate and help them ride this storm out!


Where did the summer go?It seems I was just celebrating being here for 1 yr,geesh!Today Ive got no trips planned to go anywhere!Thats kinda a good thing cause it seems Ive been away from home allot!I started to concentrate on the effects of the pump I have in my gut.Im really not noticing any or very little change except my gut seems to have expanded to make room for the pump!I was workin on getting my sixpack abs back but,with the expansion of my gut Im gonna have to wait a little while to resume that!Ive still gutta put the pros up against the cons with the pump,to early now to make a decision


Its gonna be a rough day for me today cause last night I got hit with one of those headaches!Mainly lack of sleep but,life goes on!Ive got hics today,Ive got to remember to bring and ask someone to fill out a form I got from Braintree rehab!Thats the only main task for today,I think :).


Ive had quite the busy day :)!DM made a home visit very very early this morning then I went to therapy at Braintree rehab!Everone knows me there cause of all the therapy Ive had there over the years!They asked me what I wanted to work on so I said "I want to get my right and left sides to work together and not fight each other!They started me on some tasks to do this,simple tasks like,screwing nuts and bolts together and apart and using a screw driver!Its just so frustraiting cause I used tools for a living,now everythings so hard!Im gonna keep working at it thou and I will relearn how to make my right and left sides to at least get along with each other :)!I got home then scooted to walgreens!Im kinda beat now.Just a regular day at hics tomorrow,good!

8.23.11 pm

Ive really got a busy new life for myself!Tomorrow Ive got ot at Braintree rehab at 10 am!DM is making a home visit at 8 am then my pickup time to go to ot is 8.47,Im a real busy man :)!My phone rang today at hics and it was homemaker service from mrc!Ive got an eval with them on the 29th at 12.30!Thankfully AS was there too so she could write the info in my pocket calendar for me otherwise Id never remember it,and I still have issues writing!Thats great thou,I was paying my maid $120 a month!Now I can get the same service at no cost to me :)!


I'm slippin,guess I havent been posting as normal!Hics was great today!We had a lady who runs studies at spaulding rehab!I jumped right on this and sent her an email already to try to get involved!Dosent pay much but somethins better then nothing!Plus its somethin to do.


You know I don't hate Michelle for the awful way I was treated by her!She tried to I'm me I guess it was wks ago now.I just don't like her very much at all!She used to say to me,"you just want everyone to feel sorry for you",ouch!I told her as she was leaving me "your making the biggestmistake of your life"!I believe it is too!

great visit!

I had a great visit today with dr.Kobel!I got my shots,he asked me about the pump and I said,"I think its time to up the flow of the med,he agreed!Ive really gutaconcentrate on the effects of this cause its a fairly new procedure and other survivors could benefit from this just as long as I keep my head in the game!It was really cool how dr.K did it too!He took this electronic device,put it on my gut,where the pump is,just programed how much of the med gets in my system,kewl!

8/21/11 after dinna

I was just by barely able to muster enough strengh to Foreman a burger for dinna!I go to dr.Koebell tomorrow to get my shots of bowtox!Its like I have resistance when I try to move any of my joints basically my right side that's why its so hard to do any fine motor tasks like folding laundry!The bowtox has always helped me.I go to get shots bout every 3 months.Ive got hics Tuesday and Thursday,I miss my workouts at the "y" but soon I can get back to my normal routine.


I know what I have planed for tomorrow!My weekly trip to stop and shop in Braintree!My meds are all okay so just some food.I do wanna see if I can find one of those pizza cutters!Using a knife is just too frustraiting.

Just rememberd

I just rememberd KJ said to me "your pretty good with the computer"!Thats cause back in 1993 Bill S said to me youve gutta get one!I did and started out with dos and windows 3.11!Now who remembers that?


I bowled about the worst I eva had tonight but,I had a great ime doing it :)!I attribute my awful bowling to just having surgery but JR says no excuses!I guess it was tyring to make excuses but I did just have surgery designed to change my whole body chemistry!If there was a legitimate excuse,this is it!

home visit

KJ was here,the one thing I gutta do is to NOT use or put down my master money card info on anything!I get an e-mail from a dating site saying this hot chick wants to get in touch with me!I sometimes then surcome to the chance of maybe its true!Just me wanting a relationship so badly!


Ive had a pretty busy day now what the "f" did I do?Oh yeah I had hics then therapy!Lissy came ova too!She was able to help me get my gold back on!I had to remove it cause of surgery,this neck has been broken,it needs to be wrapped with gold :)!

8.15.11 well afternoon

KJ took me to four eyes,I was able to order my old man glasses with the special tint to help prevent migranes in the aviator style I like so much!I'm really blessed to have all the great supports arround me,life is GREAT!


I was just thinking,I don't really care if you like me or not but,I care if Ive earned your respect!I can like someone and not respect them or visa verse but the highest compliment I think you can get is when your liked and respected :)!

oh yeah

KJ is gonna take me to "four eyes" in s.Weymouth tomorrow to get my reading glasses!This is an age thing and not tbi related!I printed an artical on tinted glasses that help keep migranes away.I missplaced the artical but,I just found it :)!


I didn't do much of anything today!KJ booked my rides which are getting complicated with therapy I'm starting at Braintree rehab!I like this,working on me!I need lots of work to get to the point I want to be,I'm no stranger from hard work too :)!


Ive got nothing planned 4 today cept Ive gutta book my rides and do some laundry!That makes my mind wonder back to this person who didn't think I could do as well as I have being totally independent!He used to say to me all the time "what are you gonna do when you get your apt?"Id say "Ive done it for years since my divorce" hed say "but you had help".True,when I was going through my divorce,my mother and I knew the only chance 4 Kenny to have a happy childhood was 4 me to get physical custody of him,I said to her "I will need help raising him"!Yes I did have help but,I think she enjoyed it as much as I!Thats all the help I had!MMD used to come and clean but that was only to pay off a dept she owed me!I was able to do a very high demanding job and raise my son into the great young adult he has become today :)!

hodges in Quincy

My apt in Quincy worked out great,not only for Kenny,being accross the street from his high school but for me too!I was able to be a strong male influence on all of the kids that used to hang out at Kenny's place!Many did not have a father at home so I tried to teach them all my great values!I remember one wasn't gonna graduate hs unless he got his requied gym taken care of!I told him youve got to do this!He did and thanked me for stressing the importance to him!Makes me feel great to have an affect on a young life!Jamie is the cool dad :)!

keep foregettin

I keep forgetting to say about my stay at ss hospital!The first night there right after my surgery I went to like a com en room with my own bed and a kinda remote to signal when I needed a nurse.I'msusceptible to dementia even more so now after my tbi!That was really kinda strange being in a com en room after surgery.I do get dejavousallot but,I always seem to know where I am and why at all times,this put it at a real test!


My battle with this nasty headache continues but after picking up the med this morning it feels like it WILL go away!Ive been food shoppin now to just focus on getting rid of this headache!

Surgery today

I'm a strong believer in the power of positive thinking so with Jesus with me,to days surgery WILL go great and the insertion of this pump is gonna make my new life even better!I will start thinking of healing fast so I can get back to my job of tyring to get back as much as I can of what Ive lost due to my tbi!

lab results

I got my lab results in the snail mail today and he says my colesterol is GOOD!I have to make an appt to check a fasting lipid profile and liver tests in 3 months!


I just went to Verizon wireless online,they said I can upgrade to a droid 3 global for bout $100.!That's the phone that seems as if will satisfy all my needs!

today's happenings

Ive had a busy day!This morning I went to granite medical,blood tests!About one week Ill know the results.I seem to know all the staff there,they are all good people!I gave them my blood then I went to the ymca and had a great workout with the Nautilus machines!Came home and took a scoot to walgreens and remembered I need tin foil and picked up some Reynolds wrap!Tomorrow KJ is gonna make a home visit and Ive got to use this as a help to get ready for my hospital stay!I know what I need to bring but,its just hard for me to fold my cloths and NEATLY pack!


Wow August already,time seems to pass by so quickly now that I'm happy :)!Today I'm going to granite medical to get my blood tests done.I was gonna have them done when I saw my pcp but,it was getting dangerously close to my pick up time so we picked this day to do them!Then I'm going to the "y" for Nautilus training!This will be the last time I can go till 2 wks after my surgery :(!