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I've taken a ride to Wg's and I forgot to get light bulbs there! I needed to also stop at the store so I asked the clerk if they had some. I'm dealing with foreigners there so he didn't understand what I was saying, after performing a little skit he understood! I was able to purchase them there but they were expensive there! $5 for four 75 watt bulbs! At least I'm not in the dark! I should start working on putting the belt in my vacuum head but neuro fatigue is setting in now! For me to do any tasks where I'm using my brain which is all tacks neuro fatigue sets in too quickly! I've now made my afternoon pot of coffee I'm thinking maybe that will give me the get up and go to make dinna.  

4.30.16 after 10.30 am

I got up and it seems my left shoulder is causing some pain :(! I was starting my normal routine today at the same time trying to process all the stuff that went down yesterday at my meeting with MRC! What I can remember is 1st I must have a neuropsych exam done! Its been years since my last one and that was when JB was my case manager and he wasn't a good cm at all, saved nothing and I'm sure I gave a copy to him! I've gutta get to changing the drive belt on my vacuum head too! Most important of today's tasks is to take a ride to Wg's and get my needs for the upcoming week!

4.29.16 after 7.30am

Today I'm gonna meet with MRC (Mass rehab com.) to start working with them on getting my tail out there working! I've realized I do need to get a job. I'm living very well on SSDI so I don't need the money but I do need something to do that I like, that stimulates my brain, and I'll be good at! KJ is gonna meet me at the place in Braintree Mass. I think I could handle things myself but this being very important to my future, I asked KJ to accompany me to this meeting! I may not be the brightest light in the lamp but sometimes it flickers brighter than all the others :)!

4.28.16 around 5pm

I've been exchanging emails with Janet, the property manager here, and I've got a brain injury support group I'm gonna run on 5/17 at 7pm! Now I gutta start making up flyers and distribute them to all buildings! Lisa will help with the distribution :)!

4.17.16 around 10pm

I think I've been real busy today! I think it started with a home visit from KJ but I'm having difficulty finding that in my injured brain. I went to hics tonight and we played singgo! Like bingo but you gutta listen to a song and you have a paper with song names on it like a bingo card and you get 4 in a row and win! We all had a blast playing this! Tomorrow I'm meeting hics at the Big Apple circus in Boston :)!

4.26.16 after 8pm

I've been to hics today :)! One group "mood management" we talked about the moods you get in after suffering a traumatic brain injury! Anger was the 1st mood we discussed! I was angry with myself! This survivor got himself impaired and hopped on two wheels! The biggest and dumbest mistake I ever could have made! Then we talked about how we got rid or over this anger. For me it was starting blogging! I found I could release a lot of anger by hitting these keys on the keyboard sometimes HARD! That's not the hardest thing I've had to deal with living with tbi! The hardest thing has been and everyday is the loss of self! 

4.25.16 after 10.30pm

This survivor is exhausted! I saw my podiatrist this morning, had the driver on the return trip drop me off at the store then scooted home to get ready for my homemaker. It got to be around 2.30pm and didn't think one was gonna show so I had to do laundry, but I couldn't find my laundry card, np  I'll just buy a new card! After fighting the machine to take a $10 bill I find out it only takes $5 bills for cards! I scooted home thinking how I'm gonna do laundry now! I stop and check my snail male and inside my mail box was my laundry card! I checked to see if it had any value on it, only had fifty cents so back to the office to have another battle with the machine then do laundry! The good thing is I got all my laundry done today :)!

4.14.16 after 7pm

I didn't do laundry today it seems I just ran out of time to do it stresslessly! I've got a podiatrist appointment tomorrow. I'll start it when I get back. My homemaker is supposed to come at 4pm. I'll have to have her finish it cause I'm not supposed to leave when they come. I can't do the YMCA Monday or friday this week :(! Friday I'm meeting with MRC! Today I had to take a ride to Wg's to pick up a med and forgot to buy something so I could get cash back so I'd have plenty to get my haircut :(!

4.14.16 around 10.15

I had a deep sleep last night! I feel so refreshed that ibuprofen 800 mgs really put me out ! I've already booked all my trips for the week, emailed Ali at the YMCA cause I can't go on Monday or Friday! Monday I'm seeing my podiatrist then Friday I've got a meeting with MRC ( Mass rehab commission) about getting work! I don't need to work cause of $, I live well on my ssdi check! I just need something I enjoy to occupy my time :)! It seems I'm gonna have to go through the whole process again with job evaluations. I've had two job evals before one working in a factory doing the same task over and over again! I didn't like that at all so naturally didn't do well on that! The other was doing computer work at MRC's book store putting books for sale on their web site. I enjoyed doing that type of work cause I had to use my brain :)! I did so well on that they wanted to hire me to work on the payroll but the bookstore was in a town "the ride"…

4.23.16 around 9pm

I've had a kind of busy day! I started by having coffee almost didn't want to stop enjoying the moment of leisurely enjoying just sitting sipping coffee while I ponder todays tasks! I finally got myself together and took a ride to Wg's :)! I've gutta go back tomorrow cause I forgot I needed $20 cash back! I've gutta get my haircut on Tuesday and I've gutta have a comfortable cash flow on me! Then lata n the day I get a call from Lisa inviting me to order out over her place. That's a no brainer, have dinna alone or with a sexy blond babe! So I've been over Lisa's pad having dinna  tonight :)! 


I guess I could start assembling my total gym but I'm thinking I should probaly wait till KJ's next home visit! I know I can do it by myself this is a guy who did most of his own home repairs all by myself, changed gas water heaters, vinyl sided a good part of my house all by myself, changed motors in a few cars just by reading a chilton's manual, so this survivor's not afraid to attempt anything :)! 

4.23.16 around 12.45

I've gutta get my tail going cause I gutta get to Wg's today! The good thing is I have antibiotics here from previous procedures! It's just difficult I don't want to stop enjoying my coffee! I should get my tail going though then I'll have time for other stuff that I forget what :)! I've got the ambition to get going then my anxioty takes over :(!  

4.22.16 getting near 11pm

I made just some Tyson popcorn chicken for dinna now the hole my tooth came out of is hurting big time! The script the doctor wrote was only for motrine 800 mgs so I don't think that will help much at all! I got another delivery today! Part of my Walmart order! This was just a wire that goes from a micro usb port and has a standard usb connection! I got this cause now I should be able to connect things to my tablet and Iphone! I've got an axillary dvd rom drive that this should work for! Tomorrow I'm gonna take a ride to Wg's and I've got a lot of things to get there! I won't make a list, I want to make my brain remember it all! 

4.22.16 getting near 9pm

I've been to the dentist today! They got me so anxious! At first they said they were gonna yank two! I'm in pain from today's procedure! They gave me a script for a pain med and also an antibiotic! I'll get them filled tomorrow when I make my weekly ride to Wg's till then I'm gonna fight off this pain!  

4.21.16 nearing 8pm

That's a shame about the artist Prince :(! I'm the same age he was! He was a great musician, song writer, performer! Reast in peace to another rock icon! Tomorrow I gutta go to the dentist! He's gonna pull another tooth :(! I'm gonna have to talk about my options cause I barely have enough teeth left to chew my food! 

4.21.16 getting closer to 5pm

I've been to hics today :)! We had a benefit counseling agency come in and speak to us about managing benefits I think. We get the opportunity to get many of these type of agencies come in so we can live a more independent  life :)! When I try to think of all the benefits I'm receiving now it get very overwhelming! This agency will meet with you, go over all your benefits and make suggestions on how to better use them and keep track of them and suggest what else may help! Hics is such a great program for me cause I wouldn't know any of these types of things if it weren't for hics :)! I believe I manage my benefits well but I should plan a meeting with them cause I could be entitled to other things too! I'm happy to get home and get this feeling of safety and total independence :)!     

4.20.16 around 9pm

I never got to assembling my total gym :(! It took everything I had both physically and mentally just to move it so it's not in the way! It's not that the carton is too heavy it's just a long thin carton and I'm ambulatory impaired! I did some pricing on batteries and found some at a much better price but I have yet to find one that says it goes to the model number of my bike :(!

4.20.16 around 2pm

One of today's tasks got completed! Spin life responded to my email asking a price on new batteries for my bike! They are very expensive, over $500. with shipping! This is like a repair cost for a car and I'm gonna do all the labor! My total gym just got delivered! Now I've got a big job ahead putting it all together!

4.20.16 around 11am

KJ was over and we got through my long KJ list! I,m thinking I forgot something I need to get done though, it just fell out of deep, deep in my brain! I've gutta find "care one's" number for dental coverage and ask if I can get sent a mouthpiece to help me from grinding my teeth! I picked some dates to hold my next BI support group meeting and emailed the property manager, also asked if we could open it up to the public! I can't explain why but I feel the need to help as many, not just BI survivors, as I can!

4.20.16 around 8am

KJ is making a home visit around 8.30am today and I've got quite a list of tasks I wanna accomplish! I've gutta pick a date for a support group meeting then email that to the property manager so hopefully there won't be any confusion this time!

4.19.16 after 7.30pm

The hardest thing I've had to adjust to with my injured brain is many things but not to be sure of too much is getting to me now! Hey I just realized I'm sure that is ONE of the hardest things! I took a ride to Ws's today and stopped at the store, made dinna. Now this survivor is beat!3

4.19.16 around 3pm

I finally got my tail in gear and showered up! While showering the landline was ringing twice! I checked my vm and Wg's left a vm saying meds are ready to be picked up but no other vm's! Then I checked the caller ID and there was a call from Fed-x!  I tried calling the number on the caller ID and that didn't go through! I'm expecting some deliveries from Fedx but I tracked them and none said "on the truck for delivery, so I'm safe with that! Now I've gutta take a ride to Wg's and get my meds and stop at the store on the way back!

4.19.16 8-8.30

I'm not gonna do hics today cause we were going to Castel island in S.Boston and I really didn't have a comfortable cash flow on me! I've gutta be comfortable in the cash flow department which means always having cab fair if I'm stranded by "the ride"!

4.18.16 around 8.15pm

My delivery never came today so I tracked it online! Now they are saying Wednesday before the end of the day! All I've got on Wednesday is KJ at 8.30am  so I'm home all day! This is the kind of stuff that creates havoc with my anxiety! 

4.18.16 around 10am

I couldn't do the YMCA today cause Walmart says I could get part of my order today. Here we go again, my bad luck getting deliveries! I'm gonna think positive and it will go off without a hitch! My homemaker is supposed to come around 4pm today and I need to take a ride to the store! First I gutta get my tail going and trim my beard and shower up! I'm gonna ask my homemaker to just start my laundry and I'll get it after it finishes drying!

4.17.16 around 10pm

I never got to laundry today! I can't explain why it just didn't happen! I did get a chance to speak with another survivor on the phone! This chic doesn't get the opportunity to speak with and share with other survivors! I credit a lot of my progression from being around my peers a lot, to share what works for us! The main thing is I'm able to SEE I'm not alone! I know I'm not, I speak all the time with my support groups on fb! This chic doesn't get that kind of opportunity! I'm just hopping I helped this chic to deal better with her tbi!    

4.17.16 after 5.20pm

Peapod came with my order and I didn't have too big of a struggle getting things away :)! I've spent most of the day chatting with a bi survivor on fb! This pretty chic was taken advantage of after her husband passed! I feel the need to help this chic anyway I can! I think  road trip is necessary to show her strategies that will help to deal with all the bad stuff that she is forced to deal with!   

4.17.16 getting near noon

While waiting for my Peapod order to arrive I went over what I got! It seems they were out of stock of many items I wanted :)! The most depressing being the baby swiss cheese its and the peanut butter swill ice cream and the ritz bacon flavored crackers :(! 

4.17.16 around 10am

I got that thing saying Safelight purchased Giant Glass from . I'm very surprised and disappointed with the Drinks for falling to big business! That was the great thing about working for "the drinks"! He called me everyday in my truck to see what was going on not only business wise but in my life too! I think it said he was gonna stay on though "the drinks" is not one to take direction from anybody! I guess it's a sad end to an era! Oh and one thing he always asked me when he called was, "how many windshields    do you have in stock?" That was an impossible question to answer with 30-40 parts w/s going out a day! I used to ask Barbs, my personal assistant how many we have every morning to prepare for the call!

4.16.16 around 3.30pm

I finally got my Mass health bill paid! I've just gutta remember when the web site is giving me problems, close the window and open a new window! I should have known this! Now I gutta get my tail going  and shower then take a ride to the store :)!

4.16.16 after 11.40am

I navigated to the right link to pay mass health, I've got my account number saved in notepad but I'm asked for an account type! There is one letter after numbers in my acct.# but that didn't work then I'm thinking it's a personal acct. try p and no luck! The good thing is I've run into this issue many times before and missed a month then paid double for the following month without a penalty! I'll try again later but this kind of crape frustrates this survivor BIG time! 

4.16.16 around 11am

I got up today and started paying all my bills for the month! I've still got issues navigating to the right link to pay Mass health! I used google chrome to pay this morning cause it saves all my pws and IE doesn't! I also placed a peapod order along with a Walmart order! Now I've gutta be careful how I use what's left of my limited income! I don't spend my money frivolously though! The stuff I got through peapod is stuff I eat and that's important and the stuff I got from Wm is stuff I'll use like I got the total gym from Wm! This will not only help me to stay toned it will increase my life span! This survivor is always thinking rationally! I've still got Mass health to pay, I'm thinking of trying IE to get to the right link! I've always used that browser before maybe I've got the correct link in my favorites! I'm always thinking how this survivor can best deal with all I've got to deal with its no wonder I get so neuro fatigued!  

4.15.16 around 7.30pm

Sad to say Giant Glass is not the same as it was when I was there! Safelite came in and made changes for the worst :(! Now I'm recommending everyone  to Anytime auto glass! The owner was my assistant manager at Giant so you know he's very good at what he does cause he learned how to run a glass business from the best, me! I will state my reputation on this man will take good care of you and your auto glass needs! 

4.15.16 around 7pm

Today I've been to the dentist! They say I need this tooth extracted! Then said do I want it done now! I just had them file it down to get rid of the sharpness! I also spoke to the doctor about a deep cleaning! They made appointments for a tooth extraction and a consultation for a deep cleaning :)! I got the property manager's email address too! Now there will be NO misunderstandings! I've now gutta pick a date for the next support group meeting and make up a flyer advertising it then email it to the P.manager to have it printed in the flyer ;)!  

4.15.16 around 8.15am

Today I've got an emergency dentist appointment! I've got a tooth that feels like it just fell apart! I'm not really getting a lot of pain from this it just has sharp edges that irritate my tongue! I've got to also mention that I got one care to pay for a deep cleaning but when I told them before they said I have to call and speak to someone I forget the name of now! I did the leg work to get them to pay for this, I'm giving Lux dental the job, they can at least get the preapproval for it to be done! Then there was tennets  mtg last night , I've gutta bring up and pick a date to have another one and make sure it's put in the monthly bulletin !

4.14.16 after 8.30pm

There was a miscommunication btw the manager here and myself about the support group I thought I was going to conduct tonight! She says I never got back to her about it, I thought it was a sure thing when we talked! Next month I'm gonna say "so are we all set or do you need anything else from me? It's hard to get anything to go right here when management is involved!

4.14.16 around 5.10pm

Today makes it 12 years I've been living with traumatic brain injury! I just thought about this now! I've been to hics and made no mention of this! When I reflect back I've gutta realize how far I've progressed! I'm far from satisfied though, tonight is the support group at ranblewood I'm trying to put together! I was told by another tenet she would print up a notice about this and she never did so nobody knows about it! There is a tenets mtg tomorrow night, if anyone comes I'll ask to have next months printed in the monthly bulletin! 

4.12.16 around 6pm

My check for this month should clear tomorrow so I started a Peapod order, it's been two months since my last order! There are many things I need too! I'll wait till after I pay all my bills to place my order though! Living on a fixed income is such a struggle! 

4.12.16 around 4.30pm

I got up this morning, got all ready to go to hics, put my right sneaker on and the pain was unbearable! I had to cancel hics today. That's two days in a row this corn has prevented me from doing what I want! Time to call the podiatrist! I did take a ride to the store and the power level on my bike wasn't like it has been! It's been about a year I've had it, probably needs new ones! Just what I need an extra added expense!

4.12.16 around 11am

I was all ready to do hics today till I put a sneaker on my right foot! The pain was way too much to handle! I had to take a ride to the store though and had to put them on, its just such a relief to get home and get the pressure off my right little toe!

4.11.16 around 8pm

I had a homemaker come this afternoon but again it wasn't Micheala! I hope she's well, I'm concerned! The lady I had today had no idea about her :(! She broke my vacuum today too :(! I think I need a belt on the power head, I put numerous belts on vacuums  before I've just gutta find a way to get the right part! Maybe ! It's a sear's product so it should be there! I'm going to hics tomorrow, Castle inland trip was canceled due to impending bad weather!

4.11.16 after 10.30am

I got up today to a throbbing right little toe! Needless to say I'm not doing the YMCA today :(! At hics tomorrow we're supposed to be going to Castle Island in S.Boston but I hear the weather is gonna be yucky so I donno.  

4.9.16 after 5.30pm

I just finished pot #2 of coffee! This survivor not only enjoys the taste I think it helps my injured brain stay alert! I also booked my trips for Monday to the YMCA! This way I'm not anxious about getting it done by a certain time tomorrow! I really like the program that lets me text from my cell phone using my computer! 


I got up much earlier and had coffee then went back to bed for an hour :)! I feel very rested! Today I've gutta get to Wg's to get my weekly stuffs! I think my teeth are falling apart! I found another piece of tooth this morning!

4.8.16 before 9am

I had my cordless phone handset on the charger all night then the battery came back to life :)! I'm trying to fight this anxious feeling of going back to the YMCA with all I've got! I'm getting anxious about my trips, being able to find Ali's office and other things too! I've gutta be positive and KNOW everythings gonna work out fine :)!

4.7.16 around 8.30pm

I've got an issue with one of my cordless phone hand sets! It seems the battery is junk! I went to but they didn't have a battery for an Emerson cordlless phone! One looked similar and it was under $10 so I put it in my cart. Maybe before I check out I'll ask KJ to look at it! Tomorrow my plans are to go to the YMCA!I've gutta get control of my anxioty and not permit it to get the best of me! I miss working out immensely! All the paperwork I need is already in my walker so I've gutta fight off the feeling anxious tomorrow! 

4.7.16 around 5pm

I've been to hics :)! We had some great groups today! The last group was brain teasers! There was a group of letters with one letter that must go in as many words you can make from the group! Things like this really work the brain hard which we all need. I got a few early on then we had to get the last few! At this point KJ gave little clues, I was able to figure out from those clues what that word was, Sacret ! It's still accessible in my brain :)! It's good to get home though, I just get such a feeling of security and happiness in my own place!  

4.7.16 getting near 9am

I find myself getting awfully anxious  cause of waiting for "the ride"! I've got a 9.05 pick up time that means now I gutta move my scooter to a place I can talk in to the intercom, put my coat on and wait!

4.6.16 around 9pm

My plans for tonight couldn't have got any more "Fed" up! My ride was very late to get me to hics, so late I even called them after the 1/2 hr grace time they give themselves! Tonight hics was providing transportation to the place we were going so it was important to be on time! Needless to say cause "the ride"was late they couldn't wait for me and make everyone wait so I missed rec tonight :(! Its extremely difficult for these drivers to make the times they are expected to make but when more trips are added on to them it's impossible! I believe the root of the issues are from the dispatchers! Well I'm going to hics tomorrow "the ride" permitting!    

4.6.16 after 10.30am

KJ was here early today, wow! I had got a snail mail from MRC in Braintree Ma and it contained an application that needed to be filled out! She was able to help me complete this task and we called too! I naturally got vm so I left a vm with my name land line # and birthdate, it seems like I've gutta use that for all identification purposes now a days! I've gutta have an intake interview again so I left my phone# and asked KJ to accompany to this mtg! I've just gutta make sure I don't have it on a Tuesday or thursday and she will be able to :)! My experiences with MRC in the past have not been favorable so with KJ there they can't do anything that will be difficult for me to understand :)! I can't explain how much I appreciate the  support I get from this chic, I've never had such great support from anyone before, she's the best :)!

4.6.16 around 8.30am

Today KJ is making a home visit around 9am :) then I'm gonna go to hics!We're going to the Texas roadhouse in Brockton Ma for dinna and planning for May 2016!  I've got to be careful about cash flow though, no desert!

4.5.16 around 4pm

I've been to hics and we had another in service! This was about the Boston center for independent living. I'm living totally independently now but I'm thinking this agency or the one last week could help me achieve my goal of living in Quincy Ma again! I've been advised not to move to Quincy by people I respect a great deal but you gutta realize it was in Quincy I bought my house, raised a family, coached a lot of youth teams, played competitive hockey in for years too! It's like part of me is still in Quincy, I'd love to get back to that city! 

4.4.16 8pm

Bayada called to say Michaela can't make it over today. That kind of sux cause I wanted her to start my laundry. It's too late for me to start it now I'm gonna do it when I get home from hics tomorrow. 

4.3.16 7.30-8pm

I figured out how to get my I phone to work as a hot spot for internet connectivity :)! You can do it two ways, plug the phone in the computer or have a wireless card or an adapter attached to the computer! You've just gutta set the computer to recognize the phone as a hot spot!  

4.2.16 getting near 4pm

I'm so slow, I just finally got myself all ready to start my day! The only thing I've gutta do is go over to Lisa's place and get my coat I left last night. No rush though she's already done the tasks she needed to do today! I think that's great her son is coming through big time for this babe! She's gonna get an I phone 6 or 6 plus:)! It's not even gonna cost her anything! He is gonna put her on his plan too! It makes me very happy to see good things happening for this babe :)! 

4.2.16 around 11am

This survivor has too many thoughts racing through his brain it's getting overwhelming! Last night Lisa gave me some plates, bowls, and other kitchen stuff she's not using! I've got a limited number of those things so again "if it's free it's for me"! That's the kind of friendship we have, always trying to help each other :)! This is a perfect example of why I wanted to help her get a phone and a plan that would access the internet! I don't have to worry about that anymore though. Her son stepped up to the plate and offered to get her on his plan and buy her a new Iphone! He has recently leased her a new car paying all the costs for it including insurance!

4.1.16 around 8pm

I had dinna tonight with a pretty blond babe :)! We ordered out to Sara's place in Holbrook! They have the fastest delivery in Holbrook! Our food was here in 20 mins :)! I got home and was listening to my tunes on my Iphone using my portable speaker then my new speaker system! I've gutta say this survivor has premium wired and wireless sound in his place! Now I've just gutta load more tunes from my cd's to my IPhone!

4.1.16 around 8.30am

Wow April already! I'm not doing the YMCA today! I'm not %100 yet and my foot is causing me a lot of discomfort! I land lined Ali, told of my issues but in reality I'm very anxious about going back! I've gutta get over this fear! The only plan today is Lisa and I discussed ordering out for dinna tonight