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10.31.13 6,30ish pm

I had hics today,we had a pizza party for Halloween!We also did some karaoke using my idea of using the computer and the karaoke machine together so we could do virtually any song!That really worked out well,I must say what a brilliant idea I had :) !I was able to do a song from styx,"come sail away"!I forgot to ask someone to video it for me and I had my cam and my iPhone with me :(!Tomorrow I've got pt,gonna work on walking without assistance,cain or walker!I've gutta realize if I only make it 1/2 way on the walk in front of my building that's okay cause I must walk back which makes it like I'm walking the whole distance!

10,30,13 11.15-11.30

KJ was here for a home visit and we found out some things about getting my learners permit!I can just go to the RMV and take the test,I should figure about 1.5 hrs 4 my ride time and now it costs $30.00!I'm going to hics tonight,we have casino night :) !

10.24.13 after 9pm

I've had a very good day :)!I had a very good time at our conference today!I saw many survivors that I havn't seen in a long time but like last year,not too many of the vender's I used to see every year at our conference :)!The guest speaker was talking about living our lives the way I already live mine!I've said this many times,You must look at what is positive in your life and not dwell on the negative,always look at the glass as 1/2 full :)!I've been that way just about all my life b4 and after my tbi!Now even more so cause if I can wake up from a coma there is nothing I can't do :)!I've just got to take my time and try to think things through!I really believe I can do anything.I've passed part 1 of the driving eval after 2 times of not passing so things just take me longer but I CAN do it :)!Tomorrow I've got pt @10 am then I'm thinkin of callin Lisa and seein if she wants to hang out @ D&D's  4 lunch :)!

10.33,13 8,44 pm

Tomorrow at hics we have our annual conference at florian hall in Dorchester MASS.There will be many people that I've worked with b4 there I hope but its a very  educational event for tbl :)!

10.21.13 6.45 - 7pm

I'VE been to D&D'S with Lisa this afternoon then my homemaker was here.Michaela is the bestest homemaker I'VE ever had by far,Today  I had her wash my bed sheets and make the bed and while doing laundry  she washed and vacuumed all the floors as well as cleaned all my counter tops and wiped down everything!

10.21,13 11-12 am-pm

Chris,my pt,was here and we worked on my walking with no assistance,walker or cain!I WANT TO prove to myself that I can make it down to where I get a ride or just to the front of my blding!I did very well now on Friday I want to try walking all the way to where I would get into  the van 4 a ride :).Chris also said Friday is the last day my benefits will pay 4 therapy!He gave me a tel # to call to appeal the thing !Just another thing KJ and I can work on.

10.17.13 5.30-6.30

I got up this morning and had a major catastrophe,I dropped my coffee pot while making a pot :( !Glass got everywhere so I had to pick it up right away!Made it so I couldn't do hics today.I went to Wg's and got another coffee maker,lesson learned,take my time making coffee!

10.15.13 4-5 pm

Hics was great today!We watched a documentary about an Olympic snowboarder that had an horrific fall and sustained a tbi!Kevin Pearce was his name.All he wants to do is get back to snowboarding much like all I want is to get back on two wheels :)!

10.14.13 around 2 pm

I've had pt this morning and walked the hall without any assistive devise !I do tire quickly though but the more I do it the better I'll get!Then Lisa and I went to D&D's 4 lunch and great conversation :).The only thing left 4 today is my homemaker coming at 4pm!

10.8.13 7pm

I got snail mail from Braintree rehab stating the results of my driving eval and the number of a driving school to call!I'm on my way,I'll get prices then gonna have to tap the trust,get my licence for four wheels,then two wheels  ;)

10.26.13 around 7pm

Today I've booked all my rides 4 the week,done all my laundry,scooted  2 the store,made dinna,I'm beat now!I got the video card 4 my desktop but I think I'm gonna  wait 2 install it I'm way too beat now!First thing this morning I did a great trim job on my beard!I think I'm in a good routeen now!I trim that every Sunday :)!

10.2.13 6-7 pm

I've had a crew working in my apartment the last two days putting new kitchen cabinets in!I had to remove everything from the old cabinets,maintenance helped me do that on Monday and I just finished putting everything back!Lisa  called I told her my project and she asked if I needed any help!I got great help from Lisa if it wasn't for her I'd still be working on it!Maintenance called me and said they could help me on Friday but you know me,if I can do something I'm gonna :)!It wasn't safe to try and carry the containers to the kitchen so I put them on the floor and nudged them forward with my legs! ;) The work came out great,I'll try to get a pic lata now  I'm kinda beat!Oh and KJ was over this morning and mailed me a link to get the drivers manual so I can read it and go get my learner's  permit :).