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Got done today

Ive scooted to the office today to sign some paperwork about my rent!I then successfully scooted to and from walgreens!Ihe scooter is going fine but,I just sant more.I cant wait to get my moped scuoter!


Where did the month of March go?It seems it was just the 1st of March now its the 31st!Today Im gonna start my new hobby,taking and using my puter to do everything I can with pictures I take!I can share,print,resize!I think Ill take a scoot to walgreens too,see if they have picture frames :)!


I had hics today :)!Just regular groups but,KJ ran another group where we really had to work our brain super HARD!We would kinda like go throu steps in this activity having to remember the previous step we just had taken!I want to tell you that was extremely difficult for me!That tells you I need to do some work in that area!I got a call from a lady who lives in the next door apt, she said want some company tonight?Lisa and I will be ova bout 6.30!The lady that lives next to her fell and was in tears so they had to cancel :(!Tomorrow I start my Wednesday workouts at the "y"!Tomorrow cmD makes a home visit at 9 am then I go to the "y" then to hics for dinna and planning at the charlie horse.I want to plan another karioakie night!That was not only fun doing it but reading all the comments I got from posting the vid of me doing it.Then Jan reposting it on her page!Her comment then others!Its just so great to be able to do all these things but to get the super great su…


Im havin a little trouble realizing its the year 2011 now!Where did the years go?Im thinking about getting the eye fi memory card for my camera!I should be out there taking shots :)!I dont have hics on Thursday so I think I should plan on either getting an eyefi card or just start snapping!


This is the 2nd time Ive got up tonight and my balance is way off!Ive got the "y" tomorrow,I hope its better b4 my pickup which is 12.15 I think.

3.27.11 pm

Ive had so much fun reading all the great comments on my vid!Ive even had my bestest friend repost it on her page!The comment she put on it really means a ton too!She was there at the start for me,Im not sure if she came to visit while I was comatose but I do know she came all the way from Scituate to N.Andover to see me in the hospital!I love you Jan!


I haven't done much at all today!Scooted successfully to walgreens and I just got back from a scoot to the office to put $20 on my laundry card!I saw Lisa,Jane,and another guy I see all the time!He had some questions about the scooter.Go higure,I forget his name geesh!Ive also booked all my rides for the week!Ive gutta think about getting my tools brought here too!Maybe I can hire a moving co. like Burkart bros. to do it!


Ive taken the advise of many of my friends about taking a day off!I'm not going to church,I even slept to 9!That's late 4 me!I think I'm gonna take a scoot to walgreens,I forgot bread yesterday,I'll get that and if I think of anything else too but,besides booking my rides,Im off today :)!


Huum what did I do today?I went to stop and shop,laundry,made and eat dinna,got a BIG smile from reading the comments on my fb page!Im real happy from all the great support I get from all my fb friends :) :)!


Today I go to stop and shop in Braintree then who knows!The support Ive been getting through fb has been outstanding:)!Lesli is one special human being!


My day has been so kewl!Ive scooted to walgreens,gone to the"y",came home and saw Lisa in the halway.I said I had a video of me singing at kerioake!Do you wanna come ova and watch it?Ive been spending quality time with Lisa all afternoon :)!

today 3.25.11

Ive already taken a successful scoot to walgreens!Ive been able to upload a vid to my fb page.Just of me doing a great song on kerioakie night at hics.Kudos to cmK (KJ) and cmD (DM) for recording those vids on my cam for me!Me too cause I was able to figure out a way I can store the vids then upload to my fb page!I downloaded them from my camera to my netbook then to a flash drive :)!I sometimes surprise myself with my smarts :)!

3.23.11 pm

Rec was great!I was able to sing the two songs I wanted to,cmK shot vedeo with my camera,I uploaded them to my netbook.Im tring to mail them to myself so then theyl be on my desktop then I can share,they made me laugh :)!

3.23.11 late morning

CmD was here,we did all our normal stuff then we talked about me getting the moped scooter.I do gutta find out if I have to register it with the Mass rmv,think about parking,storing,operating it safely!He did understand my need to be free and the freedom a moped scooter would bring me!I believe I can operate it safely,its bacically what I have now except Ill be able to go further and a little faster!Ive got to look into getting a ul approved helmat too then!Im just gutta wait till Cory gets me settled with my back taxes!


Today cmD is making a home visit at 9 am then Im gonna go to hics (rec) tonight is kerioakie night!Im kinda excited to do those songs by stained and nickelback!Ill bring my cam and try to make a video of me kinda making or acting foolish!Ive figured out how I can download the vid from my camera and FIND it on my puter!I just have to use my netbook or my laptop!By Friday Ill have it all figured out!


Bri is 2?today!I think 24 but,not to sure,that'sawful!I tried threading a needle yesterday that lead to me becoming very frustraited!I was gonna repair my fanny pack but,Ill see if at hics today if there is a heavy duty safty pin!The one Im using now keeps coming apart!Every one say happy b-day to Bri :)!

today in review

Okay lets see,I woke up and imeadiatly made coffee!I had my coffee and got online to check my rides,no way I was gonna remember after a nights sleep!They were reasonable pickup times today.Worked a bit on my pages then got ready to workout!I spoke with Sheryl today bout going Wednesdays!She said come the same times.I like that alot!Made dinna,I formaned a burger and made a cheeseburger sub!Cleaned up plate,grill,counters and table!Now Im done!Its really not much but,Im tired now gonna call it quits.Hics tomorrow,This week we have our bowling tournament on Thursday!

3.21.11 afternoon

I just had a great workout at the "y"!I spoke with Sheryl bout workin out on Wednesday too,Im gonna go every Wednesday too same time,1pm!That's great cause cmD comes over in the morning and then I go to rec late afternoon!Just in time for the pool opening up too!Maybe I can get myself looking good enough to attract some ladies :)!

future goals

I'm over not being able to go on to part two of the driving eval cause I have goals to kinds get around not getting my licence YET!I'm getting real good on my scooter,time to upgrade to the moped scooter I posted earlier!Cory has gutta get my back taxes settled first then I can buy a moped scooter!Its either that or get my motorcycle learners permit and get back on two wheels,cause you dint need a licence to operate a motorcycle!I'm always thinking of moving forward any way I CAN!


That was a great ham steak!I got a thin ham steak cause its still hard to get my left and right working together cutting but,I did it :)!


Ive gutta remember all that has happend today!I got my printer workin :)!I had to remove then reinstall the software for it!Works great now.Ishould see what I have for photo paper then print my favs,get some frames,hang them on my walls :)!!I had a successfull scoot to walgreens!I did forget to get a candle lighter thou but,no tippin ova :)!Watched a race on tv with my surround sound on,that makes it better than being there!I took a ham steak out for dinna,Im gonna forman that up now!


Ive been to stop and shop this morning!I had trouble finding fresh produce but,with the help of a pretty young lady I was able to get a needle and thread!

250cc Trike Chopper Style 3 Wheels Road Warrior :: Moped Scooters :: Sunny Sports Inc. - Wholesale|Retail|Distributor|Importer|Trader

250cc Trike Chopper Style 3 Wheels Road Warrior :: Moped Scooters :: Sunny Sports Inc. - WholesaleRetailDistributorImporterTrader
I guess this is the only way I can progress further at this point!The eval didnt go the way I percieved it did!The therapist doing the eval said my coordination between my right and left feet are not good enough yet so Ive got to think of ways I can increase my independace and progress!This in considerd a moped,you dont need your lisence to operate a moped!Althou most of my supports recomend agaist me getting this,I need to progress!


Ive been on the go all day :)!Hics was great then I went to walmart,got a printer cable and same thing!My puters not speaking with my printer!Time to use my commen sence!I think Ill delete my printer then install it again!Maybe tomorow Ill attemp that task but,Ive got something else tomorrow!Something very important to me!Part one of the driving evaluation!If I get through part one,part two is like drivers ed in hs!Ive got to streatch well when I wake up tomorrow cause I must do everything in my power to make sure I dont start having a bad attack of tremers (shaking uncontrollibly)tomorrow!I just hope I allowed to get relaxed my way!Thats when I get real tremulos,when my muscules are tence!Ive got much better with them since Ive been doing nauhtilis training and taking a muscule relaxent but,its a tencefull atmosphere there!Part one I just watch a blinking light with my foot on the simulated accellerator,when it stops I step on the simulated brake petal!After thats over I go to the &q…


I had a great time bowling tonight! I may not of had the best score but,I had FUN :)!Tomorrow I have hics then Ive got trips to walmart then home!Ive gutta get a cable from my puter to my printer!I also need another pair of jeans,sewing kit!Ive got jeans with holes,I'mthinkin time to relearn my sewing expertise!


CmD was here for a home visit and I just had to change the batteries in my wii game remote but,it seems Ive gutta get a new cable for my printer!Bowling tonight for rec!That means great dinna at Boston bowl :)!


Ever since I had a millignant growth on my prostrait Ive had to use the bathroom alot!When I go out,b4 I go I try to empty my blatter!Even then it seems as if Im not satisfied with the results!Ive got to know where the bathrooms are wherever I go!

3.14.11 late afternoon

The strap on my fanny pack broke and Im a fix it type of guy!I could make it work with a safty pin,if I had one :(.I asked the young single mother accross the hall if she had one!She did,now my fanny pack is all betta :)!


I had a great workout today but,it seemed a little more challenging today!I thnk cause of the time change I'm just not used to it yet.


I had every intension of going to church tomorrow but,with the time change,Id neva get myself goin in time!So Ive gutta think of stimulating my brain!I think a scoot to walgreens is in order,get myself mentally prepared to get into my wii game!You may say "mentally prepared to play a video game?"You see Im tbi!Ive accepted that fact!Things dont come easy to me,Ive gutta be able to absorb and remember alot of information!So yes mentally prepared!

I may get busyer

I spoke with Kat this afternoon and we might start doing things together some nights :)!We used to go to Jamie's pub in Scituate alot!She said she wanted to go again!I used to be a regular customer there,she knows going with me means special treatment! Im really looking forward to hangin with Kat!

so far

So far today Ive been to stop and shop in Braintree,got all my food shoppin done for the week!Something really confuses me thou!I get home with all the stuff I just got and some of my neighbors are in the hall and they are surprised big time that I went to stop and shop,did all my shoppin by myself!I just don't understand!How else would it get done?I wouldn't like anyone doing my food shoppin for me,eww!Some one of these times I'm gonna see freshspinage!Ive got a craving for that but,its gutta be fresh and I gutta look at it!

great visit

I just had a fantastic visit from Kat!We just talked and talked,mainly bout whats been happing in each others life!She is a great friend!She even made sure I was wearing my lifeline!I missed Kat,shes gonna come back again soon :)!

great workout

I just had a fantastic workout at the "y"!I worked with another young very pretty lady,Venessa!She did real well setting the machines up for me so I could keep moving!She could be just as efficiant as Steve or Allie but,Allie is my favorite!Just cause she's not only efficiant,she's great eye candy :)!


Wow,I'M just real happy with the way my new life is going right now :)! Im very social,go out alot.Im not only the boss of myself but,my surroundings too!Now Im listening to my tunes without bothering anyone!I go to the ymca today to work on me!


Last nights snowball was pretty kewl!I saw many people I havnt seen for a long while!I was also able to share with the therapists the work I do tring to spread brain injury awarness through my blog being linked to fb!


The first part of todays jouneys done,hics was great!CmD was able to print my playlist for tonight too!I think that will work better than asking verbally!I forgot to also put bnl and semisonic on too thou!I can just ask bout them :)!


This is gonna be a fun day!Hics then I come home for a little bit,then to florian hall for the dance :)!Im sure Im gonna see lots of old friends maybe MR will be there!She was there last yr!I need to talk with at least one member of the staff at her house,Ive just got to find some way to make it so she can live a happy life at that house!


Tomorrow Ive got a fun and exciting day planned!Ive got hics and I booked my ride to return from hics at 1 cause then Im gonna go to the snowball :)!A dance put on by crc!Dinna and dancing at florian hall in Dorcester!I already started typing up my request list for the dj!:)

wondering mind

With the passing of Wayne,I wonder why I'm still here!In 1980 I broke my neck,2ndcervical vertebrate,all I had to do is sneeze and I would have passed or be a quad!I was in a coma for 3.5 months from a traumatic brain injury!Ive had a malignant growth on my prostrate(cancer)!I guess the old three strikes and your out doesn't apply here!My mind just keeps on asking why!Believe me I'm not complaining one bit!I'm just a little confused but,I guess that normal,for me!

hics 3.8.11

Hics was great today!CmK is so kewl,I mailed her asking if the cd pack I got for kerioakie nights at hics had a song on them,I forgot the name of the song,monetarily,she said she could find out by checking her mail again but,she knows me now,I wanted to work my memory and remember the song!I was able to remember it was "how you remind me" by nickelback!I could have logged on to party to find out too!I may have to anyway cause Imthinkin of more I want to know if are there!


Ive got hics today :)!Then tomorow night casino night at hics then Thursday,hics but,Im leavin a little early cause Thursday evening Im goin to the snowball!A dance sponcerd by crc,my last therapist place!Ive got to work on tring to remember names!

social media

Social media has come so far!With the likes of facebook for instance,I lost an old friend and I probally wouldnt have known for months but,it dosnt bring him back :(!Rest in pease Wayne,your missed!


I had a great workout this early afternoon at the "y"!I didnt loose my grip with my right hand on the rowing machine,that makes three times in a row Ive been able to focus on what I need to!The "y" is not only helping me get stronger its helping me relearn how to focus well!


Lets see,today I filled my pill box,made sure the place was tidy,Scooted to walgreens,did a small load of laundry,And Leslie,didnt bump into any chicks down there :(,made dinna,posted misic. things on fb,I guess Ive been able to stay very busy,just the way I need my life to be,Im happy!

what to do

Im thinking of what to do now!Ive killed a virus I got on fb today,filled my pill box,cleaned up a little,There is really not much cause I pick up as I go!Maybe Ill take a scoot to walgreens!Then maybe Ill dig up some laundry!Leslie says "thats where the chics are"!So maybe my wash is pretty much done,Im sure I can find something :)!

ALL Rides booked

I booked all my rides for the week!Ive got the snowball on Thursday!Thats a dance that crc(where I had therapy) puts on!Ive gone the past two years I think,a great time thou!Dinna and dancing with my peers!

3.5.11 afternoon

Ive been food shopping!The pretty young lady at the pharmacy,maybe the pharmacist was so cool!I said I'm out of backlofin she said I can fill it right now!That's great cause I can get all the stuff I need then check out at the pharmacy,no lines no waiting :)!I couldn't find rubbing alcohol,asked her,she got it for me :)!


Its really amazing the thoughts that cross my mind from time to time being tbi!Its me thinking of all the people I knew before and after my coma!I have the greatest respect for those that have stayed by my side through my progression and Ive lost respect for those that said they would and don't!I can like or dislike someone without having respect for them!For all that have stuck by me I say thank-you,for those that haven't,YOUR loss!


Tomorow Ive got trips booked to and from stop and shop in Braintree to do my weeks worth of food and household items!I have a list but,Ive gutta get rubbing alcohole!I use that for any topical sorces that appear,cuts and abrasions,nasty zits,you could also use this to remove any unwanted stains in and on your car!

3.4.11 afternoon

I had a great workout at the ymca today!I was able to do the rowing machine without loosing my grip with my right hand!Thats two workouts in a row my right hand I was able to controle my grip,that makes me very happy!All this work is helping me to progess :)!


Ive got the "y" today :)!Im thinkin bout taking a scoot to walgreens lata too!I really dont need anything that cant wait till tomorrow,when I go to stop and shop but,just me,gutta be busy!


Hics was great today!We started off with current issues!The Charlie Sheen thing is still big!Then I think we had a problem solving group.Then an activities group.That involved some writing but,cmK is so kewl,she knows how writing frustraits the hexx outa me,she was gonna have me use a laptop!I want to get to the point writing dosent frustrait me,the only way is to keep writing no matter how frustraiting it is!Im gonna write wheneva I have to,all in workin on me!I just wont bitxh about it too much :)!My maid was also here and also talked to my bestest friend Jan today :)!

3.3.11 afternoon

All the people I'm learning of that are battling cancer makes me think of how lucky I really am!Its such NASTY disease,Wayne has my bestest prayers,I only hope hes a christen cause it sounds like he hasn't got much fight left :(!


Ive got hics today :)!Just a regular day with groups but,my brain will be stimulated all day!I do like being home in my own place thou but,my brain really gets a workout at hics cause the staff always has interesting and fun groups!This weekend I gutta get into my wii game!Ive got to find some time to make a walmart run too!Just find time,not go this weekend but,find time and make a list :)!

taking care of business

CmD was here and we looked into another recreation program in Brockton Mass,the next town over but,transportation is a big problem!"the ride" doesn't service Brockton!They do have something similar to it but,they don't service Holbrook!I could take the bus but,its kinda complicated but,an option.I donno I kinda like my time in my OWN castle too thou! I took a scoot to the office to see if they had automatic withdrawal for rent!I thought I had already set it up but,I had to set it up with the lady working there today,that's done!Now my rent will be paid on the 2nd of every month without me doing anything but,I just gutta make sure the money is there :)!

love livin here

I love living in this bldg!I go downstairs to see how much money I have left on my laundry card by just sliding it into a machine but,I see lots of my pretty lady neighbors :)!

3.1.11 pm

Ive been researching internet on the go and comcast xfinity offers a plan with someone,I forget who but,its $30 month unlimited!That would be great for my netbook and laptop!All my appointments I go to,doctors,even at hics!Ive just got to stop lending out money so I have it for my wants :)!

3.1.11 afternoon

Hics was great!We had men's group where we talked about Charlie Sheen latest issues,brain injury education we talked about grief!I don't remember the correct kinds but,kinda like instant grief and prolonged grief.Then we had another group that kinda continued the brain education group,all I remember is JR asking us if life is better,worse,no change!How our personalities have changed!That really made me think!My life was allot better before but,its great now too!Im not working making in excess of 150,000 but,I'm living on my own again,I do okay with ssdi,I d0nt have a significant other YET :)!I'm still a happy guy!