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6.30.13 5am

I woke up stressing bad about the visiting nurse coming everyday for the next nine days!I'm a busy guy so does this mean I have to put my life on hold?I thought of printing my yahoo calendar but the font came out real small and I don"t know how to make it bigger!The only thing I can think of doing now is to get a land line number of someone so we can try to work around my schedule!Ill bend too but I should not have to put my life on hold!

6.29.13 9.30ish

There has got to be a bag somewhere from the hospital cause I can't find my two gold chains :( !I can remember the nurses packing them but I've really searched around here and nothing!The nurse today called the hospital,they said nothing was left behind!I've known the lady who drove me home for yrs and she wouldn't let me forget a bag!I guess it could be here and I'm just not seeing it!Just another thing to stress about!

6.29.13 7-8 pm

I've got to go to Charlestown to re certify 4 "the ride"!They have finally booked my trips to and from there!They are not charging me for this as well they shouldn't!They request this yr you go in person,sux!I'll take my scooter to see if there is anywhere around there to kill time like a D&D's,I've gutta make the best of this but it really does kinda sux!

6.29 13 4pm

I've had a nurse from the  visiting nurses association down to change the dressing on the incision from my surgery!I want to tell you man,it felt so good to let it breath even if it was just for a few seconds,that felt sooooooo good :)!She had some administrative stuff to do too!I think she said for the next seven days a nurse will be down to change the dressing!She also asked me who does your laundry and cooking?She too was amazed when I said "I do"!Now I gutta scoot to Wg's :)!

6.28.13 after 6pm

I got the impression that some of the nurses who worked with me at the S S hospital were shocked and amazed by the fact I live alone!It takes a lot of work to get as far as I have come but,I'm way away from being satisfied but I'm proud :)!

6.28.13 4.30-5 pm

Wow,so much information I've got to absorb from today!I was sent home with a couple loaded bags!There must be a Wg's in or next to Ss hospital  cause in one was my meds for this surgery!Lots of like bandages,tape and wrapes!I know he said he is gonna get a visiting nurse to come over to change the bandage!Right now it hurts really bad!Its like my skin is getting stretched by two little pins!I'm hoping its only cause it just happened but this is way worse than it was b4!I'm wondering if I just should have learned to live with the pain b4!I've just gutta believe its cause it just happened!This WILL get nothing but beta in time :)!

6.27.13 about 10 am

I think I'm ready to go!I'm all packed with all my needs I think but being tbi I'm never really sure of anything!My bag is kinda bulkie,makes it hard to carry!Hopefully I won't have to lug it too far.My pick up time to go is 11.33 then I've got a requested 
time to come home tomorrow of 11am!I want this to be over!   

6.26.13 around 7pm

I've got most everything packed except for the last second items,phone with charger wire,my laptop.I'm hoping I don't have the need 4 much cash,I'm only taking a little over $20!I'm trying to remember the last stay and I wanna say I had to buy something and they took my debit card but,thats my memory,don't know if it can be trusted :)!

6.26.13 after 5pm

I'm getting everything for my hospital stay ready!They say wear comfortable cloths to surgery so I've got my sweats 4 that and a t-shirt!I'll bring my jeans and another t-shirt 4 the next day!I've got my phone ready 2 be packed with the charger cord,can't pack it yet,needs a charge tonight!I'm gonna take my Dell inspiron 17 with me!The last time I stayed at s.s. hospital I was able to connect to a wireless network they have as I remember it was labeled public!My 17 has a wireless card just like my netbook does so I'm hoping that has the same luck!I WILL have the same luck and as soon as I can after the surgery I'll post a blog to tell everyone the surgery went great and I'm fine :)!

6.26.13 around 10am

I didn't do the YMCA this morning I've got so many things going on in my mind I just couldn't clear enough room in my brain to focus on working out!I got the call from S.S. hospital this morning,all repetitive stuff but,I got it clarified as to where I gutta go!I go to the third floor dolphin center :)!

6.22.13 after 2pm

Its getting increasingly difficult to get to where I can post a blog!By the time I finally get here I forget what I was gonna say :( !I'm starting to get real nervous about having surgery on Thursday!Its mainly about getting to and from ss hospital!I know "the ride" only drops off and picks up at one entrance but I'm taking my walker and its challenging for me to walk even short distances!Well enough of this shxt Ive got to employ my positive attitude and believe it will go smooth as silk :) !

6.21.13 bout 8pm

I just had a major catastrophe happen!The new plant I just got from Lori fell off the window sill and created one big mess!See its very challenging for me to not only (with my balance issues) to get the vacuum out then try and maneuver it around!I did it though but it wore me out!I'm gonna rest a little then make a late quick dinna :)!


I had lots of trouble getting to my blog to post a blog !I didn't do the YMCA today cause my foot was bothering me badly!I did scoot 2 Wgs and the store though!Yesterday I saw Dr.Juric concerning my surgery I made him aware of the fact that I'm not happy about having to stay the night at ss hospital    but he explained that because I'm gonna  be under Anastasia they want to be sure if any complications come up it can be handled properly!                          

6.17.13 after 7pm

I didn't do the YMCA today cause it just seemed I had too too much to do!I started the day,after coffee of cource,by doing a very good trim of my beard!Then I had to scoot to the store!Two people have told me my place was getting a little cluttered!I don't stand for that so I put some time in on making my place look declutterized and neat:)!Then Micaela(my homemaker)came over and this was the wk to wash my bed sheets!I didn't do my laundry yesterday so I had her throw it in with my sheets!She always folds everything well but I'm used to all my shirts and even T-shirts being hung up on hangers in my closet so I had 2 do that!Now I've gutta find something quick and easy 4 dinna :)!

6.16.13 9 pm

I forgot to trim my beard this morning,my pick up time is 11.42 to go to the YMCA tomorrow so that's plenty of time 2 do that tomorrow b4 I go 2 the YMCA!I didn't do laundry too!Micaela (my homemaker) is coming tomorrow at 4pm and this wk I have her do my bed sheets and what ever is in my hamper but I'll still have to do the hard (4 me) part of folding and putting everything away!I did scoot  to the office and put ten dollars on my laundry card!

6.15.13 after 7pm

I've had a wonderful fathers day:) !Lissy came over and took me to the 99 restaurant where I met all my young adults and future son in law and was taken out to linner :)!Charlie,my grandson was there 2 :)!It is so great to spend some qt with all of them :)!

6.14.13 after 8pm

Today I've paid all my bills except rent,took a scoot to the store with Lisa then we just hung out 4 a while in my apartment :) !The Internet was slow up here and didn't display some of my sites in entirety so I then did a restart of my modem and router!It seems to be working much better now :)!

6.13.13 after noon

I didn't do hics today cuase I was waiting 4 a call about my surgery and I didn't want to be in the shower when it came!I got the call and it was only to tell me I'll be getting another call on June 19th at 10.30 am!This seems like too much 4 a simple procedure! Today is my youngest young adults birthday!I think she is 22 or 23 today,happy birthday Lissy :) !

6.12.13 around 8pm

I got the call I was supposed to get regarding my surgery!She said I'm gonna get a call tomorrow from the nurse practitioner,I'm busy tomorrow so they are gonna call at 8am!I hope my pick up time is not b4 then!I got a phone number 2 call if things don't work out as planed though!

6.12.13 12-1 pm

I've been to see dr.Katze this morning,KJ was there as well!He did his normal through exam,my reflexes,my spastissady,made sure I was alert knowing what the date,where I'm at,then the dreaded memory tests!I think I did pretty well on those!I had to repeat numbers after he said them then he would say them in an order and I'd have to repeat them back in reverse order!Then he gave me some words to remember then talked to me 4 a bit then asked me what the words were,alternating my concentration!I did okay on that 2!I just needed a couple hints on only two of the words :)!He checked my coordination 2!I asked him about going back on rideline and he wrote me a script  4 provigil!I'm gonna have 2 google that drug!He is also gonna recommend the driving evaluation!The only thing about this is its gonna cost some bucks!If I can get my license back I can't explain how happy I'd be :)!

6.11.13 after 4pm

I've been to hics and made the call with KJ,it seems like an awful lot 4 a seemingly easy procedure!I've just gutta have everything I need 4 tomorrows pretest call at 7.30pm!KJ wrote all my up coming appts. in my pocket calender then at one point today I looked 4 it and couldn't find it,I was freaking out!KJ must have heard  cause she came over with it :)!I really depend on this a lot!

6.10.13 8.30pm

I never made it to Wg's today its raining so I just went to the store :) !I got a vm concerning my surgery,Jody wants me to call her b4 I get the call on Wednesday!I gutta call during the day though np just write down the number and call!I can't write well though so I've got to think of another way 2 get this done!I emailed KJ while replaying the vm,copied the number so I can do it at hics tomorrow!I'm just so so happy my brain injury didn't rob me of my intelligence :)

6.10.13 3-4 pm

I almost forgot,today is the day Michaela (my homemaker) comes over!I was gonna scoot to Wg"s too but now Ill wait until she is done!It stays light out much later now :)!

6.9.13 b4 noon

I've booked all my trips 4 the wk already this morning!Doing this on Sunday gives me a mind set of all I must be prepared for!The most important trip is on Wednesday,I go to my neurologist!I'm again gonna ask if he will recommend me 4 the driving evaluation!

6.8.13 8.30 give or take

Ive been out with Lisa today :) !She took a walk while I scooted to Wg's then we stopped at D&D's for lunch.I'm watching the western conference finals to see who the B's will sweep next!I really believe they can't be beat!Wouldn't it be great to have two of the original six teams compete for the cup!

6.5.13 almost 7.30

I GF grilled up a swordfish steak for dinna tonight!I gutta get used to GFing everything again!When I lived in Quincy I GFed all my meat!Kenny could tell you I made a great swordfish steak!I'm getting almost as good of a cook as I was before my tbi :)!

6.5.13 around noon

I've been to court with Lisa and it never ceases to amaze me how some people can lie!These low life people said Lisa was harassing them!Such a childish incident but Lisa shouldn't have to live this way!She is afraid to get her mail alone,she calls me to get mine so she's not alone by the mail boxes!

6.4.13 after 8pm

I've had a GREAT day :)!I went to the scooper bowl with hics!All the ice cream I could eat for only ten dollars!The best was from Eddys!Coffee almond flavor!I came home and did a little work on my calendar!Tomorrow I'm going with Lisa to court dealing with the incident I witness where she was accosted and harassed by some of the jerks living here!I'm hoping this will put an end to all the shxt this poor lady seems to always get!

6.3.13 almost 6pm

I've had a great workout at the YMCA today :)!Then I came home and I wasn't sure if Micaela (my homemaker) was coming so I just scooted to the store close by!There is an atm machine there,I wanted to make sure my cash flow was adequate!I just don't like paying fees to use them!In a pinch I guess its not too bad but some fees can be as much as $5.00!I've gutta make sure I stay well away from those.Micaela did come over and did her usual great job :)!Now she is gonna come on Mondays at 4pm!

6.2.13 after 2pm

Stop and shop (peapod) has been here!This has got to be the last order I make this month!I have no freezer space!I've also gutta start cooking up my meat!I got some baking needs too!I'm gonna try baking healthy stuff!

6.1.13 1-2 pm

I didn't have anything to get up for today so I stayed in bed 4 a while :)!I was thinking if my i phone has a program like notepad I could record my trip times 4 "the ride"!Then I thought KJ synced  (sunk) my yahoo calendar with my i phone so I can just edit whatever event I have and type in my pick up times from my desktop :)!I"ve still gutta get a stylus for my phone just so I have an easier time typing!I"ve been working with windows seven on one of my laptops and I find this os to be much more user friendly than windows eight!I think I"m gonna use this as my take with me computer!My keyboard seems to be "f"ing up sorry!