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1.31.16 after 9.30pm

I was just checking my accounts and I saw a debit for "cebria". I thought what's this. Then I remembered I figure I'll try this supplement that says it helps brain function! Increases memory, thinking ability, all cognitive functions! I figure it was only $8 plus shipping what have I got to loose! If it works I've got so much to gain. I'll keep you informed as to if it makes any difference to my injured brain!

1.31.16 around 9pm

I never got to laundry today! I gutta try to get motivated to get to it tomorrow! My homemaker comes tomorrow @ 4pm! I can always start it then have Michaela complete it ! That's only if time gets short for her arrival! I've gutta be here while she dose her work! Don't get me wrong, I trust her, just rules of having homemaker service! First I gutta put value on my laundry card and I got two crisp tens at Wg's today :)!

1.31.16 after 6pm

I took a ride to Wg's and tried to get my script filled but was told they can't fill this cause it's to early to fill this! I guess cause the extended care facility I was in got all my scripts filled and this being a controlled substance they wouldn't fill it! I asked for the script back and I think they said I can fill it the 4th of next month! I've got plenty left I just got the script cause I was there. I just hope I don't loose the script! Now I gutta make some dinna :)

1.31.16 after 1pm

I finally got my trips booked for the week! The web site kept telling me that one trip precedes the other. I'd go back and fix it then it would say the same thing! I called to book this trip and they said it's already in there! This survivor gets so confused by "the ride's" web site but my trips are all booked for the week :)! 


Kind of a late start for me this morning. I've got to prioritize the tasks for today! I can always do laundry tomorrow or ask my homemaker to start it! I must put value on my laundry card though! It is important for me to go to Wg's and purchase coffee and coffee creamer! I tried last night to book my trips for the week but the web site didn't cooperate at all! I'll try again now and if I get the same result there's still time to call them in! Going to Wg's is definitely a priority  though, I've got no coffee!

1.30.16 around 10pm

I checked the value on my laundry card and there wasn't much on it! I've gutta do laundry tomorrow but my cash flow is low! I've got a five and a few ones. The machine does take fives and that will be just enough to do a load! I'll go to the office after I have coffee then scoot to the office, put value on my card, start laundry, switch machines, then take a ride to Wg's, get home check on laundry, get laundry, put it away! That's the plan for tomorrow :)!

1.30.16 around 6pm

I've taken a ride to Wg's and got some of my needs but also forgot some important needs :(! I forgot coffee and coffee creamer :(! I've got a script to fill too and didn't get that done either! I'm not out of this med but I was at the doctor's office last week and thought it would be smart to ask for a script then and not have to wait to get it in snail mail! That's just a good reason to take another ride tomorrow :)! I think I've got enough coffee left to make a pot for tomorrow morning if I don't make another this afternoon!

1.30.16 around 1pm

I'm either lucky or smart or both! I'm listening to my tunes on my new wireless speaker system wired though! I'm working on knowing midnight oil's "bed are burning" well! Hics is having a karaoke night for rec soon and on Vday we are having a pizza party with karaoke! I've gutta get to know where the highs and lows are and try and remember the sequence of the words! This survivor makes everything something on working on progressing :)! 

1.30.16 after noon thirty

I kind of slept in this morning! It's after noon and I'm just having my 1st cup of coffee! The only thing I've gutta do today is take a ride to Wg's to get my needs, coffee, creamer, and some food! I've got to remember to check my laundry card to see if there's enough value to do it tomorrow! I'm pretty sure I'm almost cashless! Maybe some 1's but the machine doesn't take ones! I can get cash back at Wg's! Then maybe get a jump on tomorrows tasks and start booking my trips for next week! This survivor must stay busy then there's no time to think of all I lost on 4/14/02!

1.29.16 around 6.45pm

I got caught up doing something and forgot I gutta make some dinna! I don't wanna speak for other survivors but living with a brain injury you tend to loose track of time or you get involved in something and forget things you gutta do before it gets too late!


The pt was here and what really sticks out in my mind she said "from the looks of things, I think you are doing very w Well! My doubters take notice, to everyone who had no confidence in my ability to live independently, in your face :)! She's coming back, I forget when but I had her write in my pocket calendar !  

12.29.16 around 11.15pm

KJ has been over and again she helped me get some tasks done that I was having issues completing:)! I've still got one tack I've gutta finish completing but I'm waiting for an access code in my email to complete this task :)! 

1.28.16 around 8.30pm

Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit then I've got a pt coming here to give me therapy :)! My goal is still to be approved to walk in public without assistance but I'm thinking of modifying that to, let me decide if I need to use a walker or not! That's pretty much what I do now, I seldom use the walker in my apartment and when I go places I take my scooter and park it near wherever I'm going and ambulate around with no assistive devise! 

1.28.16 after 3pm

I've been to Braintree rehab to see dr.Koelbel for injections of Botox! It will take one- three months for me to start to feel the affects of this! Dr.Koelbel asked me a bunch of questions about the effectiveness of getting these shots. He was thinking instead of getting shots every three months could I get them every six months. I told him, not only do my muscles feel tight now, I feel resistance when I try to move them in certain ways. Dr. Koelbel very much appreciates   my feedback he said "it's good to talk with someone so articulate about this! That's the 2nd time it was said about me that I was articulate! I smile when that's said about me cause # one cause of my brain injury I'm not supposed to be understood well at all! #2, It's so nice to here that in spite of my brain injury, I'm doing well on my speech, problem solving skills,  my thinking, being able to focus on one thing at a time!

1.28.16 after 8am

Today I've got another doctor appointment. This time I'm getting my injections of Botox! The doctor who administers my shots is really kewl! I've been seeing him since shortly after I woke up from my coma! This guy works hard to find ways the Botox can help my muscle tone :)! 

1.27.16 around 9pm

I went to dinna @ Dave & Busters and had a great meal :)! I had some issues getting there though. The driver on the trip to there dropped me off not far from there but NOT there! He told me all I've gutta do is just go by Lord and Talor and it's right there. I figured that sounds easy enough okay! That was a big mistake!` I've gutta remember I'm living with a traumatic brain injury and although something sounds easy when I try to do it I get all confused! I asked passer byes if they knew where it is but most didn't one person said it's right next to the  pizza joint! I found the pizza place but not what I needed to! Thankfully hics has a cell phone for things like this so I called the hics cell, left a vm, JR called back and asked where I was! He came and got me and all was good :)! Lesson learned, don't ever let a driver drop me off anyplace but where I'm supposed to be dropped off! Tomorrow I'm gonna get my shots of Botox :)! That will be good…

1.27.16 around 1.40pm

I've been to my neurologist appointment and he says I'm doing well! I think I bombed on the memory tests though! I had great difficulty when my concentration was altered and trying to recall words I had to remember! I probably shouldn't be so hard on myself but that's me. I asked if he thought the hyperbaric chamber would be of any help to me and he didn't think so. I also shared of my research with medical cannabis and asked if I got a script would it help to get off of other meds! To that he said it's too early in the research to do it now! The great thing is I met KJ there and she was able to provide dates and places I've been for the surgeries I've had of late. This survivor has a great support system and of most importance I trust   them all :)! Now I'm gonna meet hics at Dave & Busters  for dinna :)!

1.26.16 5-6 pm

I can't fathom why every time I do laundry I've got socks without a pair! I thoroughly check the machines after the cycle is over! Where could they go? At any rate, laundry is all done :)!    

1.26.16 around 9.15am

I've called "the ride" to have them change tomorrow's trip from a pick up to a drop off! In a situation such as this I find it much easier to call and have them fight the web site to get it to cooperate! I can then check it to make sure it's right :)! I've gutta give myself some credit though, being a tbi survivor my ability to notice these things is impaired! I'm going to Braintree rehab twice this week. One for a neurologist appointment then to get my Botox shots! 

1.16.26 around 8.30am

I was gonna do hics today but I've been so busy as of late I haven't done laundry this week! I made the decision to stay home to do it today! While checking my trips for the week I noticed that my trip for tomorrow's doctor's appointment was a pick up time not a drop off time! I've gutta wait till 8.30 and call "the ride" to change it from a pick up to a drop off!

1.25.16 around 6.454pm

This survivor had a lot go on today! It started with a visit from a nurse to check and change the dressing on my incision from the surgery! I asked her how it looks, she said it looks good :)! I've now gutta remember she's gonna come again Friday to do the same. I then took a ride to Wg's and forgot some of what I needed (go figure) I'm going to hics tomorrow so I've gutta remember to ask the driver on the return trip to drop me off @ Wg's! My homemaker Michaela was here this afternoon too! 

1.25.16 around 1.30pm

I've had some things happen today and I've just gutta take a moment to process what went down. I had a nurse come over to change the dressing on my incision from the surgery! I asked her how it looked and she said it looked good :)! She is gonna come back on Friday to do the same. I was concerned about it cause this is the 1st time since I was released from that awful place it's been looked at or the dressing has been changed! I've got Michaela (homemaker) coming over around 4pm and I need to take a ride to Wg's! With my bike I should have ample time to get these tasks done :)!   

1.24.16 around 8pm

I'm still bummed about the Pats :(! I guess I'm a REAL Boston/new England sports fan! We all tend to go as our teams go! I know I'm not alone in this but we just gutta be thankful for all the excitement the Pats gave us this year. I try to get back up again by listening to tunes like I always do when I start feeling down! I've got in to listening to the playlists on you tube! I tried to pay my Mass health premium today and this is becoming very difficult to pay, 1st they wanted an account type! I tried p for personal then I for individual they didn't work, so I refreshed the page then it said it didn't recognize my account! After a few attempts I called it quits for today, the frustration level was just getting too high, I'll try again later! I won't be beat!   

1.23.16 after noon thirty

I'm sleeping real well as of late! I don't get up but maybe one time all night! A real deep sleep too :)! I find when I finally crawl out of bed I feel a good refreshing feeling :)! I'm a little concerned about I'm supposed to have a nurse stopping by to check and change the dressing on my incision where I got cut open for surgery! I got a land line yesterday from someone to stop by but I was leaving for Wg's! With the pending snowstorm, I needed to get some stuffs in case I don't have the ability to access Wg's or the store. I told her I couldn't do it right now and she said she would tell the doctor! I think I'm supposed to get someone everyday but last time the service was the vna, this time I'm using Bayada, the same service as my homemaking service! I guess I'll  just wait and see what goes down and if nobody makes an attempt to come today or tomorrow I'll spring in to action to find out wtf is going on!

1.22.16 around 3.50

KJ was over this morning and we had our weekly home visit! This chick helps me with so much stuff but this week the same thing happened when I tried to logon to ! I keep getting an error message saying " you've had too many failed logon attempts. This was the first time in a few days I've tried to logon to my account! I'm gonna have to use the land line to call technical support and say "WTF! That will be a train of thought I'll end up loosing . I've taken a ride to Wg's and checked to see if any meds were ready to be picked up and it's a good thing I checked! I wasn't out of any but there were two scripts ready to be picked up! We're supposed to get a snowstorm so It's good to make sure I'm fully stocked up on all my meds! I got some from that awful nursing home upon my discharge too! I'm ready for not being able to get out and about with the pending snowstorm now! I also made sure I got a 12 pack of coke zero…

1.22.16 after 7.30am

My mind seems to be wandering uncontrollably this morning! It seems I can't focus on the tasks I must be able to :(! Time to clear my head and just put one foot in front of the other then things will fall in to place! I'm hopping the right place! KJ is making a home visit today and I've got my KJ list ready but I didn't load my med box cause I've got lots of meds I got from that place I had to stay at and I need to organize them and KJ is just the one to help with this! I've got so much I need to get done! I've got to think about doing laundry! I've got all my cloths from being away to do I hope I've got something to wear today and value on my laundry card! I've just get to relax and take some deep breaths before my anxiety gets the better of me! I'm realizing that living with traumatic brain injury is the hardest thing imaginable! I've survived a broken neck, cancer, many minor brain injuries but nothing compares to trying to make sense…

1.21.16 after 7.30pm

 I've been lazy all day today! I have been monitoring my bank accounts all day though not cause I'm waiting for something to appear but just cause I can :)! I've gutta see if I can go to Colonial savings bank on my bike though cause I need to put some funds in a much higher yield account of some sort! I'm thinking a cd or whatever is suggested to me by any advisors there! I'm thinking it's gutta be near the old S&S in Holbrook, if so that's well within ridding range! I guess I'm just waiting for warmer weather but I should be able to withstand the weather just by wearing my cold weather ridding gear! I've got my outback ridding coat I can wear to go. That should keep me toasty all the way there and back :)! Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit and I've made my KJ list but I'm holding off doing my meds cause I've got some meds I got from that place I had to stay way too long at and I could use her expert help blending them with all my o…

1.21.16 after 3pm

Today has been a lazy day so far! I've been away from my castle for a while so I've been getting myself reacquainted with my castle :)! Locating all my chargers for all my devices then remembering the convenient places I put them for easy access to charge them and to see them so as not to forget to charge them every night  or forget them when I leave for a while! I do go through a mental checklist before I leave though! Using my fanny pack makes it so much simpler when I've gutta leave for an extended period of time though cause I've got things in there that I've gutta have when I go out anywhere, keys, wallet, master money card, then make sure I put my phone in there too! I use public transportation most of the time and there are no public phones around  anymore so I've gutta be able to call "the ride" when things go wrong with them and this happens quite frequently! My check came in while I was away so that means I gutta still pay all my bills! I…

1.21.16 after 9.30 am

This is one very happy survivor :)! I can't type in to words how happy it makes me feel to be home :)! I had the bestest nights sleep on my queen size memory foam mattress, got up when I wanted to, didn't get awaken in the night to take a med! I got a bag of stuffs, meds and paperwork upon my discharge yesterday and I had to take my meds this morning, I had a day all set up in my med box but I know it has changed slightly. I've gutta take an antibiotic cause of being cut open! I looked through all the meds they gave me and found one! I just added that to my morning meds!  I've gutta give myself a lot of credit for #1, remembering important information, #2, being able to find ways of getting these important tasks done, mainly being able to continue to live a successful independent life with all the recent changes to it :)!

1.20.16 around 4.30pm

This survivor has been through too much stuff the past few days maybe a whole week! My journey started on 1/11 with surgery to remove kidney stones from my left kidney! All I seem to remember about this is waking up all groggy and out of it and sore! I was then shipped of to a room in South shore hospital to stay a few days! That was a very uncomfortable stay cause I was made to feel like an irresponsible little kid! My bed was alarmed so that every time I went to get up an alarm would go off! Every time I'd even move a little bit it would go off though and alert the nurses I moved, they'd come to check on me to make sure I wasn't getting up! Made me feel like an infant! I talked to the doctor about this and he said there was nothing he could do, they have they're policies regarding there issues! From my previous surgeries I needed a nurse to change my bandages around the incisions so he found another place I can stay a few nights my insurance will pay for! This was a …

1.15.15 around 7.30

I haven't been able to blog or do anything except get to my medical appointments! Now I've got something!  I  had a on more than having two seftapping bolds in my skull holdin an 80 pound weight to help keep head from  did! I had the kidney bag ved today or yesterday! I actually felt it as it moved every little bit from   my kidney!  I've got the bestest case manage manager at wcs or even the south shore! KJ asked me if I needed anything from home! I  planned for day surgery so I NEEDed cloths for  one, Now pretty soon  return to my very happy totally successful independent life!

1.10.16 after 9.30pm

I think I'm ready for my 6.30am ride to SSh! I've had my dinna the breakfast for desert :)! I can't eat or drink anything tomorrow when I get up, no coffee :(! I'll shower tonight before bed that way I've just gutta get up, wash up, brush teeth, pack gadgets, and I'm ready for my ride! I set my alarm for 6am, 30 minuets should be fine! 

1.10.16 around7pm

I think I'm about as prepared mentally as one can be going under the knife the next day! My anxiety is another thing though! I'm real anxious about this! I trust this doctor but I'M GOING UNDER THE KNIFE! I've been trying to eat all day and made two pots of coffee I've still gutta pack an overnight bag but I don't really need too much. I'll go in just sweats and a shirt, wear the same upon discharge, the next day! There won't be an complications so I won't need anymore than that! Mr. positive says so :)! 


I'm trying to get prepared mentally for surgery tomorrow! So I've gutta get packed for an overnight stay @ South Shore hospital! The last time I was there I think I got my pump put in and I'm remembering they had a public wireless network! I'll take my tablet and be able to blog about my experience there! I'll leave both my Iphone and my tablet charging today then remember to pack them tomorrow before I leave! I'm getting picked up @ 6.30am and can't eat or drink anything so I've brewed a 2nd pot of coffee and had two fiber one coffee cakes so far today! I've gutta make sure I make myself a good, filling dinna tonight :)!

1.9.16 after 5.30pm

I had a great time today @ the m/c show :)! Ive still gutta download some pics from my camera but I was able to post one from my phone! This beautiful blond babe who was working a wireless table ( phones, tablets, and other gadgets. I asked if I could take her pic, she then says "you want me to take a selfie of us both? Naturally I said "sure"! So she took the pic and then I posted it on fb! The great thing is this survivor, who lives with severe spastisody, was able to post on fb right from my I phone :) !

1.9.16 around 10am

I'm going to the motorcycle show/conference in Boston Ma today :)! I don't understand why but my anxiety is off the wall this morning! I can attribute that to living with a tbi there's not too much I really understand :)! I've just gutta realize I'm gonna be in my element! Around people I'm comfortable with!  Bikers, like christens, if they see anyone in trouble or that need help, they are there to lend a helping hand :)! I've got an 11.27 pick up to go to the world trade center and a 3.23 return from a slightly different address than the drop off, 199 seaport and 200 seaport! I've just gutta remember to ask my 1st driver why.

1.8.16 after 10.20pm

This has been a mentally exhausting day for this survivor! I'm just thankful for all the support I receive! I believe I could make it without most of it but that's me! I've got so much confidence in myself I believe I can do anything! I guess when you've had to go through as much as I have, you build up a confidence level that you believe you can do it all! If I can wake up from a three and a half month coma I think nothing is more difficult than that!   

1.8.16 after 8.30pm

"The ride" called with times for tomorrow and I was thinking "I've got nothing planed for tomorrow"! I had to go to the web site to see where they were taking me! Can you believe that I, ME forgot about the motorcycle show tomorrow at the trade center in  Boston right on the water? I'm gonna take my scooter cause there will be lots of things to see there! I've got three devises to take pics and I'm gonna bring them all :)! I think I used to go to this show every year until my coma. Time to get all my biker gear out to wear :)! This will be another place all the babes will be :)! I'll be sure to get some pics of the biker chics too :)!

1.8.16 after 6.40pm

I got the email from Joanne :)! I'm gonna be picked up at 6.30 am Monday morning! I've gutta stay overnight too! I've gutta think positive and I'm gonna get pretty nurses to flirt with on my stay @ SSH :). 

1.8.16 5.34

I took a ride to Wg's this morning that was fine then I came home to my land line ringing that was my health insurance calling to make sure of my transportation for my surgery on Monday! Then south shore hospital calls to confirm my surgery and had it for a different time! That fried my brain big time! I didn't know what to do now, so I called Maureen my contact for surgery and got vm. I left a message to call me. I'm trying to remember exactly what went down and I'm having trouble recalling the information! I'm telling you living with a tbi is so hard but the good thing is Joanne called my care manager and got it all strait and will email me all the info :)! 

1.8.16 around 10am

I've been doing lots of research on how cannabis mainly THC helps with mental disorders! Now I've found that researchers have found it has a positive effect on those of us who suffer from ptsd! I've lost all my street contacts to get it illegally so I gutta find a doctor who will give me a legal script for this amazing weed! It's helping many deal with depression and many types of cancer! I always knew  this was helpful to the human mind now they are discovering new ways to use this weed! I've even read it replaces other med patients take! A natural substance too! 

1.8.16 after 9am

This survivor got hit with a lot of information to try and process this morning! Dr.Tracy who is preforming my surgery Tuesday called to see if I could get the thing to drain my kidney put in today! I told him I can't get transportation today. He's gonna see if it can be done on Monday if not he will go a head with the surgery anyway. Lets hope it can't be done Monday! If it can he will call back.

1.7,16 around 9.30pm

Tomorrow I gutta get to W's! I'm running out of things to eat and I desperately need coffee with caffeine! I've been brewing D&D's decafe but it tastes good no pick me up though! Living with a brain injury, I need help with being alert and my focus not to mention we all live with chronic fatigue and I believe coffee helps me cope with these issues!  

1.7.16 around 10am
I posted this on fb and I'm not only surprised I'm still in the flesh I'm amazed! To think a human can survive as much as I have survived I look back and I find it hard to believe! To think back and realize I was playing competitive ice hockey less than six months after my broken neck! This makes me realize that you've got to stay active and exercise goes a long way in being able to survive what life throws at you!

1.7.16 around 9am

I got up this morning with a case of the runs so I didn't want to chance being to far away from a bathroom so I can't do hics today :(! Last night I just had pizza at Jamie's in Braintree so it couldn't be from that, I'm wondering if it's from my kidney issues. Today I've gutta plug up my rear and ride to Wg's. I'm out of coffee, well caffeinated coffee! This survivor needs everything he can to help stay alert! This is hard for a tbi survivor to do! I can't speak for all survivors, but my mind seems to wander uncontrollably and caffeine helps me to stay focused!   

1.6.16 after 10.20am

KJ was over for our weekly home visit and now I'm having difficulty thinking of ways of utilizing the great support I receive from this extremely intelligent young lady! If I do think of something in an instant, she's only an email away! The great thing is I can share things that is going on in my NEW life which enforces my memory to help retain the information! I asked to check my trips for the mc show on Saturday cause the return trip wasn't the exact address as the drop off, 200 seaport  as apposed to 199 seaport! I knew the thing to do was just ask the driver why, and I figured it was cause of parking and ease of pick up! This is in Boston though, I've gutta make sure of everything, I don't want to be stranded in Boston! It's things like this that I need a cell phone for! They have to provide a return trip from wherever they dropped me off, that's so reassuring no matter how long I gutta wait :)!

1.15.16 8.50pm

I don't think I've done it yet but don't be surprised if I put 15 instead of 16 for the date :)! I had homemaker service today :)! Courtney was over and did a great job on the place :)! She is an RNA, she was doing a favor for Alison but in reality me! She did my bed sheets and two weeks worth of other stuff :)! She even noticed I've got carpet cleaner, deodorizer and sprayed that down before she vacuumed:)! I really like Michaela but she can come ova anytime :)! Tomorrow KJ is gonna make a home visit then I'm gonna go to Jamie's in Braintree for dinna and planning for the month of February! Wow time is sure passing by quickly, I guess mainly cause I choose to be happy :)! 

1.5.16 11.45am

I had an early pick up today to go to an appointment. I had a 7.50 time to go to a surgery prep appointment I usually don't rise out of the comfort of my bed much before 7am! Today though my eyes opened at 6.30 am! That gave me plenty of time to get ready for my trip! I had thought today they were gonna attach the bag to drain my kidney but all they did was check my vitals and ask questions! That's a great thing cause now I don't have to go around wearing a bag :)! I'm going to a motorcycle show/conference on Saturday and the last thing I wanted was to have to wear a bag! I didn't even chance having coffee this morning so I'm having a cup of instant now! I need more coffee too all I've got is decafe! I'm brewing a pot now!

1.4.16 after 11.30am

I feel kind of guilty cause of all the laundry Michaela has gutta do today! The thing is my tremors are still out of control, my foot is in pain, and I've got a tooth that got real sharp and irritates my me! I must try to get passed these issues and move on!

1.3.16 around 8pm

It looks like the Pats are gonna loose the top seed in the playoffs :(! I'm a 1960's and 70's Pats fan so I've been through much worse, so just be happy they are the GREAT team they are :)!

1.3.16 6.30pm

My treamors (shakes) seem to be bad today! Laundry would have been exceedingly difficult if I did it today :(! That's such a great benefit having homemaker service :)! I get through it every week though somehow! Now I gutta make dinna :)! GO SD! 

1.3.16 after 5.30pm

Bummer about the Pats today! The good thing is no injuries though :)! Always look for the good in even the bad cause believe me it's always there :)! I'm not doing laundry today cause I got a call saying Michaela WILL be coming tomorrow! She has been on vacation! Tomorrow she is gonna wash my bed sheets and I don't pay twice in one week doing laundry! I forgot to get coffee this morning! I've got enough to brew a pot tomorrow after that it's instant or decafe.  

1.3.16 after 4pm

I've been to Wg's to pick up a med I finally got a script for in the snail mail! I then stopped at the store, I haven't been able to get the cigars I like cause the people who have been working couldn't locate them! Today was someone in the know working :)! Now I'm watching the end of the Patriots game and Miami just scored. Shake it off Pats and come down the field and SCORE!