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11.30.15 around 9pm

I've found a new way to try and illustrate the effects and how to try to cope with living with a traumatic brain injury! I choose from a Varity of posts in my many on line tbi support groups and try and show how others deal with this catastrophic injury! Tomorrow I plan on attending hics! I try to plan all my many medical appointments on Tuesdays, I have none tomorrow so I'm gonna do my best to be ready for an 8.58 pick up to go to hics :)!

11.29.15 getting near 9pm

I nearly forgot, the highlight of my day was becoming fb friends with another survivor! This pretty lady wasn't unconscious for but a few moments but that's all it takes! We chatted for a bit, this babe doesn't have the opportunity to talk and be with others who have a tbi. I think that is a needed thing to progress after suffering a brain injury! I hope I made her feel better! That's what I believe Jesus saved me for, to help other survivors deal with having a tbi! The fact that this babe is so very pretty didn't hurt either :)! 

11.29.15 after 7.15pm

I've been able to get all my laundry done this afternoon! I've still got many issues folding and getting my shirts right after being in the dryer! I now expect the problems and still work on strategies to make it less frustrating! The fact I CAN do it myself helps me to deal with these issues! Plus knowing that many of you had no confidence in my ability to do it independently :)! I love proving non survivors wrong!:) Now I gutta make a late dinna!  

11.29.15 around 11.30am

I gutta do all my laundry at some point today! I've already booked all my trips for the week! That gave me a few issues completing too! Mainly cause the web site, I believe is not very user friendly also cause my computer decided to use a browser I don't usually use for this but it's done :)! I slept well last night that's cause I got off in to dream land dreaming about all the great hockey players I had the opportunity to either play with or against! The most notable would be Rod Langway! He was a bit older than I so it was just one youth hockey game! He went on to have a stellar career with the Montreal Canadians, and Dave Silk! Silkee was an Olympic gold medalist on the 1980 US hockey team! But probably the most impressive one I ever played with was Kyle Viecht this guy me speed than anyone I ever played with or against! He actually could fly on ice! Then in high school there was Mike Breen! His advantage was his family owned Cohasset winter gardens, The local rink …


Today was a normal Saturday! I started the day with my normal two large cups of D&D's coffee then I rode to Wg's to pick up meds and some things to last the week food wise! I came home, turned on the tv and got in to watching all the Rocky movies! I have them all on dvd and video tape but I can't seem to not watch a Rocky movie when it's on! Just the story in those movies inspire me! I cooked up the leftovers from Thanksgiving tonight and it tasted great! The only thing missing was the great company I had on Tging day!

11.27.15 after 7pm

I made Tyson frozen fried chicken for dinna then realized I've got leftovers from Thanksgiving dinna! I'm sure it will stay until tomorrow! This is something that gets so frustrating! I may look at something and know exactly what it is, then loose track of what I'm doing! I forgot, and know what it's for too! I'm telling you this is a difficult, confusing way to live but I'm gonna live a happy, successful independent  life :)!

11.27.15 just about 5pm

I just put all my dishes, pans, knives,forks and spoons away from the dish rack, then washed everything in the sink! That exhausted this survivor big time and there wasn't many too! When you live with a traumatic brain injury many of us suffer from chronic fatigue! I'm feeling all of that right now :(!

11.27.15 around 9am

I had trips going to and from Roxy's meat market in Quincy but I've got way too much to do! I've got a sink full of dishes and I've gutta start washing down all my walls in this place! Joel and Lissy did most of the cleaning up after yesterday's feast, there are just some pots and pans and a few items that need to be done! I got some feedback yesterday asking if my homemaker ever washed my walls cause they're dirty! I'll just take a bowl of warm water and a sponge along with Sprayaway glass cleaner and wipe all the walls down! That's the same as Giant gc and Settles gc that I used for every and any thing!

11.26.15 around 8pm

This brain injury survivor had one of the bestest Thanksgivings eva! I had dinna with two outstanding young adults, my daughter Alyssa and her fiancé Joel! It's been way to long since Lissy and I have spent good quality time together, we did just that today :)!


This has been one busy tbi survivor! I'm having company tomorrow and I believe the place you live reflects on you! I've done a total clean of my kitchen, my table is uncluttered and clean! So big deal right? It's an enormous deal when you have to live with a brain injury! My balance issues make it difficult to move things from one place to another, I've gutta make sure I can remember where things are too! It really wasn't that much it's just it takes me a long time to do even a little bit but I'm having company tomorrow :)! 

11.25.15 around 11am

KJ was over for our weekly home visit! She helped me with a couple tasks that were very troublesome for me! I was able to pay Mass health premium! I couldn't get the right link to pay it myself, I have it saved as a favorite but I'd click on it and nothing! We got the right link and now they're  paid! I saved this link as a fav now! I was also getting a monthly charge for something I had no idea what for, we also got to the bottom of this and canceled the service, that was close to $50 a month! Now I've gutta take a ride to Wg's to get some meds!

11.23.15 around 6pm

I've been to the kidney doctor and he says the reason I develop these stones is my diet! Too much processed food and I don't drink enough water! Fruits would be a good thing to incorporate in to my diet but the only fruit I really like is bananas! Next peapod order I've gutta visit the produce department!   

11.22.15 around 3.30pm

Lisa just called and said while helping her mother clean out her house she found a hockey stick signed by Bobby Orr can she list it on E-bay? I'm thinking that is something I may want! I think I'll look at it, if it looks authentic, offer her $50 for it!

11.22.15 around 10.30am

I gutta do my laundry today, I don't think I did it last week so there's two weeks worth of laundry to do! I should go to the store too but it's gonna rain so my plan is to have "the ride" drop me off at the store after my doctor's appointment! I booked a trip this morning to Roxy's in Quincy to get all the fixings to make my famous crock pot chicken!

11.21.15 around 9pm

I took a ride to Wg's today, booked the only trip I needed to this week cause Thursday in Tg! I'm thinking of booking a trip on Friday to Roxies in Quincy then I can make my famous crock pot chicken! I used to always buy a bag of chicken parts there, it's breast parts and leg parts! I can also stock up on spices from there too! I already have cream of chicken soup here and this crock pot is much smaller than the one I used to make in when I lived in North Quincy! Yes it's long overdue but this weekend Jamie is making his FAMOUS crock pot chicken :)!

11.21.15 around 9am

I got an important task done already this morning! I booked Monday's trip to a doctor I've never seen before (kidney guy)! Today I'm gonna do my weekly ride to Wg's to get my normal things, coffee creamer, sweets, quick, easy dinnas, check on meds! I've still gutta get to work on loading tunes on my I phone too! I ordered another wireless speaker from Wal-Mart! If this works in conjunction with the wireless speaker I already have and sounds primo, it will change the way I listen, store, and purchase my music :)!

11.20.15 around 3.30pm

KJ was over for a home visit and like always it went very well! Again I was perfect on loading my med box! I had to call my doctor to have a script sent to me! I want to load some more tunes on my I phone so I just was using my super common sense, explained how I think to do it and naturally this survivor had it right :)! I want to copy tunes from my vast collection of music cds! I just load the cd I want to get or even I could do individual tracks ,and use I tunes as the program to do it! I must be honest though, I didn't know to use I tunes until KJ told me! I think I would have figured it out though! This survivor knows the ins and outs of working with a computer! I firmly believe working with a computer helps an injured brain in many ways! It helps my problem solving ability cause things go wrong working with a computer and no one can say they don't! I've got to then analyze the problem then search my brain for a solution! I think that's more difficult than a cross…

11.19.15 after 9.30pm

Tomorrow KJ is gonna make a home visit @ 9am then I've gutta take a ride to the store! I don't think I've gutta go to Wg's to satisfy my wants but they could always change :)! It's late for me so I'm calling it a great day :)!


This tbi survivor is so happy now! I had a great time at the hics holiday party then I get home to my land line ringing! That was my youngest girl asking what I was gonna do Thanksgiving day! She and Joel are gonna come down here and have Tg dinner with me :)! I can't tell you how happy that makes me :)! This survivor has not been forgotten about by his kids :)!

11.19.15 before 8 am

Today I'm going to hics and we are having our holiday party :)! All the fixings for a Thanksgiving dinner! Hopefully all my trips work out! They always have a slide show of the past year's events too! I'm gonna have FUN! 


Today I've got an appointment with Dr. Tarr ( new podiatrist) in Milton Ma. My pick up to go is 9.16 am to get there in the town that is really only less than 15 mins away! My appointment time is 11am! Then my return is exactly the time I booked it for, 12pm!

11.17.15 after 4.30pm

I was gonna do hics today but, I wasn't feeling all that well this morning. I had some anti biotic here from my surgery so I took one earlier and one an hour ago and I'm feeling much much better :)! I was nearly out of a med so I took a ride to Wg's to get it! I like going out on my bike! It may not be two wheels but I still get the wind in my face :)! One of my multi outlet surge protectors just up and stopped working! It was a little more than I wanted to spend for one but now all my electronic devices are either working or charging :)! I had to get down on the floor and reach behind my desk to plug the new one in! Many wouldn't believe this balance impaired tbi survivor could do this! I can't say it was easy but my determination is like no other :)! 

11.15.15 after 5.10pm

I decided I'm not gonna do laundry today! There's not enough to constitute spending the $4 for! If I find I'm not gonna have clean cloths to last the week, there's always tomorrow! Peapod delivered my order now I've got plenty of goodies :)! 

morning routine

I've got a morning routine I must stick to so as not to forget something important! First thing is to start the coffee maker! Then check my email, my fb page, my bank accounts, then coffee should be ready! I have my coffee but with my 1st cup is when I take my morning meds! I check my mail and my fb page throughout the day too! I'm in many tbi support groups and I want to be there to help another survivor with anything I'm able to :)! Each day may have an added task but I try to incorporate all these things too :)!

11.15.15 around 10.30am

I've got a peapod order coming btw 11-1 this morning! I just get so anxious when just about anything I've got to be prepared for is gonna go down! This is great though cause I'm out of good quick easy things to eat! I just forget if I got them :(!

11.14.15 after 3pm

I've taken a ride to the store, that was fun and chilly. Something I've always wanted to do is network all my devices so they could share files. I've tried before and it just didn't work! I even tried to find a course I could take on this but everywhere I tried was part of a degree program! I'm not looking for a 2nd career just a way to learn how I can get all my devices talking to each other and sharing stuff! An on line coarse would be just what I'm looking for! Does anyone know of any? 

11.14.15 before 10am

There is something I must do today, that is take a ride to the store! I've been listening to my tunes this morning and the Creed song "my own prison" has a lyric "should have been dead on a Sunday morning"! I think my motorcycle accident was on a Sunday morning and I wasn't expected to survive! I've also gone to Not that I need anything just checking out sales! They have a pack of three flash drives for around $20, I think 3or4 gigs too! That's something in time I'll use so I put it in my cart! I want to avoid paying shipping costs so I've gutta get some other things too. That's what I like about on line shopping! When it finally gets from my injured brain to my fingers, everything I thought of before is saved in my cart :)!

11.13.15 after 9pm

I've got nothing I HAVE to do tomorrow except rest! I'm on a emotional roller coaster with all the medical issues I'm dealing with now! I think me living with a brain injury seems to magnify it all!

11.13.15 around 8pm

I've been getting real anxious about my upcoming procedures and surgery so I paid all my bills this afternoon and made a peapod order! I can't stop thinking about how much its gonna sux having to wear a bag to drain my kidney! 

1.13.15 2.30-3 pm

I had my appointment with Dr.Tracy! It was kind of confusing, I guess I'm gonna have another procedure done before I have surgery! Its my left kidney and I guess it has to be totally drained! For this I've gutta have something put in it then I'll have to wear a bag that catches all that is in there! Jesus, I've been through more than my fair share, I don't know how much more I can take! Maureen will call me with the dates and times of all I must endure!

11.13.15 around 8am

Today I've got a dr.Tracy appointment probably get a date for my surgery! I get so anxious about my trips to and from there!  I've got a 10.15 pick up to go for an 11am drop off then a 12.29 return time! I'm dealing with the anxiety  listening to my tunes!

11.12.15 around 6pm

I did hics today! It seems like foreva since I've been able to attend groups! I kind of forget the groups now cause my concentration has been seriously altered! KJ was able to print out a copy of my checking account statement so I had the driver on my return trip drop me off at the office so I could give it to them! Then I was scooting home from the office and my scooter lost all power :(! My right foot is giving me all kinds of pain, the last thing I wanted to do is push my scooter any distance! I pushed about 100 yards when a neighbor saw me and helped to get it home! Big thank-you to KJ for getting that done for me! I'm telling you she really makes this very difficult life bearable :)!  

11.11.15 after noon

KJ was over for a home visit and she accompanied me to my meeting at the ramblewood office to recertify! I'm glad that she was there cause a lot of information was given, this was different than anytime I've done this in the past! They wanted me to sign a paper giving them permission to look at my checking and savings accounts! I was very uncomfortable doing this so I asked if there was another way to satisfy their need for this. I've got to get statements of my accounts dating back a couple months, enter KJ. She is gonna get me the documents I need the only thing I'vc gutta do is call Wg's, have them print out a list of my scripts for the last few months! This survivor's life would be a mess without the great support from KJ! 

copy of mail I sent to "the ride"

hello, I've just got commend driver T-181 on the service I received today! I went to Weymouth mri to get a cat scan of my kidney! They took me right away and my appointment wasn't till 1.30pm! They started the procedure well before 1.40 pm! My return trip was not till 3pm! Driver # t181 saw that I was ready and asked if I wanted to go now! I've been relying on the ride for 14 years now and never have I got better service than I got today from driver # t181! have a great day Jamie

1.10.15 after 4pm

I've been to get a cat scan and this time it was much different than the last! Last time I had to strip down naked and put a Johnny on, take of all my gold they even put tape over my ear piece! This time they did none of that :)! They asked me if I was wearing a cell phone but the machine detected my pump in my gut! I was done at 1.30 pm and my return wasn't till 3pm! A driver that knows me asked if I was done and called dispatch to see if he can take me now! T-181 was the drivers ID# I'm tying to get in my mail now cause I want to send a letter  them now but yahoo mail is     not working very well!

11.10.15 around 9am

I'm getting another cat scan of my kidneys today. My check cleared today, it usually clears a day after it gets deposited but no complaints here! I'm not coming back from Weymouth MRI till 3pm. I've got my phone to keep my brain stimulated though :)!

11.9.15 after 8pm

Tomorrow I'm having another cat scan of my kidneys done! I'm trying to change my eating and drinking habits! Today when I wanted a soda I had a bottle of water! I'm gonna try to make a vegetable every night too! Hopefully this will help to keep me stone free!  

11.9.15 around 9.30am

I've got some catching up to do today! 1st I gutta trim my beard then get in to laundry! I've got my homemaker coming at 4pm I could have Michaela do it but this survivor will do everything he's capable doing himself by himself! I gutta call the Ramblewood office too, I need to make an appointment to recertify! 

11.8.15 around 7pm

I never got to laundry today, it's been kind of a blauh  day! I didn't even trim my beard this morning! I've got tomorrow to do these too though! I'm not doing the YMCA the whole month of November so all I've got tomorrow is Michaela ( homemaker) coming at 4pm! I gutta get laundry done tomorrow! I did take a ride to the store today and a very little picking up but I pick up as I go so there's never major picking up here unless I spill something! 

11.8.15 around 10am

I only had to check and make sure my trips this week were correct on "the ride's" web site! I had to transfer money back from my savings to my checking cause of it being the end of my pay period! Tuesday my check should be deposited in my account! Then I'll take whatever is over $2,000 and put it in my savings! It always seems though when it gets to the end of my pay period, like now, it goes back to my checking! I'm still living well within my means though :)! My largest withdrawal from my checking, besides rent, is now $277. for my life insurance policy!  That's still less than I was paying the IRS a month! If I remember correctly I was GIVING the IRS,with fees I had to pay, over $380. a month! I look at that as one replacing the other so as not to change the way I must budget my funding :)! This growing older tbi survivor has still got a good head on his shoulders :)!  

11.7.15 around 9.30pm

I booked all my trips for the week tonight! That gives me a head start on tomorrow's tasks. I'm having another cat scan of my kidney on Tuesday then I'm seeing the doctor on Friday. I think that will be about when I'm gonna get cut open(schedule surgery)! Wednesday night is karaoke night at hics :)! I am thinking about doing "Iris" by the go go dolls and "everything you want" by vertical horizon! Then hics on Thursday. Tomorrow I've gutta do all my laundry UGG!  

11.7.15 near 5pm

I've taken a ride to Wg's and it felt good to get the wind in my face! I came home and started to feel kind of bummed out! There are times I feel all alone :(! Since Lisa moved to another building it seems nobody comes to visit! I then started playing my tunes I've got on my phone with my Jabra speaker! I've just gutta think of all the good I've got in my life today, but sometimes that is even hard for me :(!

11.7.15 around 10.30am

I got up this morning, after I started my coffee maker, I started listening to my tunes I've got on my I phone! I've gutta make sure I don't forget I've gutta make sure my phone is synced with my music on my computer! I'm just really impressed with the sound quality of my Jabra portable speaker! I think there is a karaoke night coming up at hics too! I'm thinking of doing counting crows "long December" and ginblosems "till I hear it from you"!
   Today I'm gonna do my weekly Wg's trip to get food and other necessities, I've just gutta be careful cause it's the end of my pay period! I just can't get my luxury items like M&M's! They average about $5 a bag! I just gutta get some Pop tarts and hand soap! Lets see if I stick to it! Then I might go back to working on getting my tablet to work with my Jabra speaker! This tbi survivor has plenty to keep his brain busy but I've just gutta work on focusing on the task at…

10.6.15 after 9.30pm

I joined another tbi support group an fb! This one looks like the one to be more active in! I donno how many I'm in how, it's gutta be 10-20! Plus the tbi news group where I learn the most recent happenings concerning traumatic brain injury!

11.6.15 after 9pm

I started researching my latest health issue and posting my findings on fb! I firmly believe if you have health issues you've got to learn as much as you can about it! I've been researching kidney stones!

11.6.15 around 5pm

Dr.Tracy's office just called and said I've got an appointment on 11/13 at 11am! I tried writing it in my pocket calendar but it's not legible that's why I'm trying to type it in many places I frequent! I also put it in my online calendar! I'll know I'll have something by the scribbling on that date and if I can't remember what, I know to go to my back up places :)!
   I've listening to a classic rock station on I tunes radio on my phone with it working with my new Jabra speaker wirelessly all day! I'm just thoroughly impressed with the sound quality coming out of my new little gadget!  Ive gutta start loading songs from my large collection of music cds!

11.5.15 after 9.30pm

After I got no showed by "the ride" this morning I had to figure out why my scooter didn't have a full charge! I remember having these issues before about a year or so before and I remembered what the fix was! I remember there being connection issues with the charger! I looked at the charger and sure enough the cables weren't seated properly in the charger! So lesson learned, if I plan on using my scooter the next day, check all connections on the charger the night before! Then I took a ride to Wg's to pick up a med The songs I put on my I phone were not on it, only the songs I purchased were there! I had to figure out why they weren't! It seems I've got  to turn on my computer before I disconnect my phone from the usb cable to my computer and give I tunes a chance to sync with my I phone! So today I worked my memory by remembering what caused problems in the past with charging issues on my scooter and I worked on my problem solving skills figuring out th…

11.5.15 around 5pm

My my land line was ringing and I didn't recognize the number so I let it go to vm. It was Weymouth mri calling to confirm my appointment for my cat scan on Tuesday the 10th! They left a number to call back but even that takes a lot of work for me, it's not like I can just write it down, I've gutta open notepad and type it then name it something I can remember! I'm having a cat scan of my kidney done on 11/10  at 1.30pm!

11.5.15 around 4.20pm

This morning suxed! I was all ready for my trip to hics, door buzzer went off, I sad I'm coming down now, I get on my scooter proceed to the elevator, door opens on the 1st floor, I get off and my scooter suddenly looses all power! I'm forced to walk from the elevator to the front door with no assistance, say to the driver " my scooter ran out of power, just let me go up and get my walker". I had to push my scooter back on the elevator then in to my apartment, grab my walker, then lock my door and get back on the elevator then I get down and look for the driver and he's no where to be found! I immediately call NEXT and they said I was a no show :(! Granted I don't move very fast and I tend to fumble around locking and unlocking my door but I don't think it was five minuets total time and I got no-showed! Worst of all I got warned last night about my attendance at hics cause it hasn't been good as of late cause of all my surgeries and complications fro…

11.3.15 after 4.20pm

After the bladder leakage this morning I had to do a lot of rescheduling of appointments! I was able to find phone #'s for all the places I had to! One of these was difficult for this memory impaired tbi survivor! I didn't know the name of this place also all I knew was the address! I had been there before so a light went off in my brain and guided me to look back in my pocket calendar for anything relating to imaging, kidney, or cat scan! I found something under imaging from back around the time I had the last cat scan! This survivor has got to give himself a lot of outstanding credit for #1 remembering that I may have this # someplace, what to look for, and where to look! I've said this before and I'm saying it again with a big smile on, thank-you Jesus for not letting this catastrophic injury rob me of my intelligence! I may be living with a traumatic brain injury but, I'm still getting smarter every day :)! That's what I've done today plus I've take…

11.3.15 around 10.50am

Today, being my Bd should be free of any problems and issues that cause great stress. I knew that was not gonna be the case for me when I got up and realized I forgot to have my coffee maker all set to just flick the switch on this morning! I forgot to get it all ready last night! Then as I was getting ready to start my day, go through my check list, phone, fanny pack, check to make sure everything I need is in there, scooter ready to roll, door clicker (automatic door opener) readily available, I lost control of my bladder! I couldn't possibly go through a long day like this so 1st I've gutta call "the ride" to cancel my trips, I've gutta cancel all of them cause I was going from the doctor's office to the cat scan place! The line was always busy and that doesn't usually happen! My phone rings, it's "the ride" asking me if I'm still going today, I explain I've been trying to call and cancel but I couldn't get through. Then I'…

1.2.15 around 7pm

I'm gonna be 57 years old tomorrow at 10.30 am! It's quite a different feeling now as apposed to when I was a lot younger! Your B-day was something to look forward to now at my age I dread seeing the years fly by :(! Michaela was here and it was time to do my bed sheets so she did all my laundry this week :)! Tomorrow I've gutta have another cat scan to find my remaining kidney stones! First I'm going to my podiatrist then from there "the ride" is supposed to take me to the cat scan place in Weymouth Ma. It's days like this that gets me really anxious! I tend to get real nervous about getting left at one place and them not getting me to places on time! This survivor will deal with it though just like I've been able to deal with everything this difficult life throws at me. 

11.1.15 after 9pm

I didn't do laundry today cause I think tomorrow Michaela dose my bed sheets! This survivor is way too thrifty to pay to do laundry two times in one week! If it's not the week to do my bed I'll ask her to start it for me. I don't expect her to stay until the dryer finishes it's cycle but it's gutta be done! Today I kinda took a day off from doing anything :)! I did watch some football though! This brain injury survivor couldn't tell you what games I watched though, I forget! I booked all my trips last week for this week so I didn't have to do that, I just checked them to see if they mysteriously changed! Tomorrow I should get a response from Colonial bank! Then I can go back to work on investing my money! Thankfully it was all email cause I now forget what I asked! I could go in to my sent folder to find out but my questions will be in any reply I may receive! That's another reason why this survivor relies so much on email, I tend to forget things s…