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8.8.14 after 5pm

This tbi survivor is starting to get really down on himself! I'm a mechanic I should be able to fix any issues that come up with a little battery operated like power scooter! I've got the battery off charging now I've got to flip it over and check out how the power goes from the battery to the drive train to make sure everything is connected and I'll try cleaning them! Then lata try a test run just in the front! This scooter cost me more than I used to spend on cars! I used to buy $100 sboxes,fix them,drive them till it was time to take them to the auto grave yard (junk yard)! I remember the old Ace junk yard in Quincy Mass. I gave them so many cars when I needed a part I just had to go out back and remove it! I remember I needed a water pump for a late 70's pinto! I had givin them one I had just put a remanufactured water pump in! I went out back, found the car, removed the water pump, went home and put it in the ponto I was driving at the time! I loved my pintos! I had a 2 door sedan that I used to have to remove the backglass so I could carry a windshield in it back when I used to do side jobs! I've had pinto hatchbacks and a pinto wagon too! My favorite car was my 1974 chevy vega hatchback! I rebuilt the motor in that and the body was great the person that owed it b4 had a $100 maco special paint job just done b4 I got the car!Oh memories :)! Then I remember one pinto I had was a real rot box!JW and I were going to NU one morning and it was rainy and puddles everywhere in the road! I went through one then this stream of water came through the floor and all over Joe! It really wasn't funny but we both were cracking up over this! Thinking back still makes me chuckle a bit :)!


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7.10,18 close to 7pm

I've been to hics then right after the dentist! They finally started doing a deep cleaning! A person came in and said we're gonna start with the anasteadic!I said "why, I never had it before for a deep cleaning"!Then the doctor came in and just started scraping my teeth into my gums. I'm supposed  to have this done every year having periodontist disease! They also approved a partial whatever that is so they took impressions too! Now gutta make some dinna!  

7.29.18 after 11.30pm

My card got refused again today! They say now they've gutta snail mail me a new pin. Now I have to WAIT for the snail mail but they say it can still be used as a credit card. This sux cause I used up all my cash, I'm cashless!

7.23.18 around 6pm

I didn't do laundry today cause there just wasn't enough to warrant spending the $4 to do it! I did have one task to do,email HH to say I'm not doing hics tomorrow cause of an 11am dentist appt. That's part of leading a Responsible successful independent life!