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8.30.13 6-7pm

I've had pt @ 10am this morning and Chris was gonna spot me walking with my cain to see if I can do the distance from the front door of my building to where I catch a ride.My foot was bothering me badly though so I just walked up and down the halls outside my apartment!I did well even dealing with the pain!Next Friday will be the next pt,I'll walk it then pain or not!Then I went to the YMCA and did my strength training!I like it cause not only am I getting stronger its a great way to get rid of my many frustrations:)!

8.18.13 almost 8pm

I wanna say a lot  has gone on today but I'm just not sure,tbi moment!I'll start from the beginning.KJ was over this morning and she helped me to get a lot of my favorite songs on my IPhone!She showed me how I can do it but now I forget how,go figure!I've been to the YMCA,had a good workout but I pulled a muscle in my left triceps!I had to ice it down so I couldn't do hics tonight but my triceps feels much beta!I've also scooted to the store not far from here!!

8.26.13 7.30-8 pm

I had pt this morning and did alot of walking using my Cain!I walked up and down the halls outside my apartment!It really tired me out!Not only physically but mentally cause I've really got to think about having the right sequence walking with the cain!Chris suggested I practice walking with the cain in the hallways!I got very tired too and my foot started to  bother me badly so needless to say I couldn't make the YMCA!Walgreens called and said they had some meds ready 4 me anyway so I scooted to Wg's!Then later I scooted 2 the store :) !

8.25.13 around 6pm

I've had a great and productive day so far!I booked all my rides for the week,been to the pool with Lisa then we both went to D&D"s and spent some good qt together :) !Now I gutta start my laundry!

8.24.13 around 8.30pm

I've been kinda busy all day I forgot to blog :)!I did make a successful scoot to Wg's this morning then I haven't got a clue as to what I did after that!I guess I found homes for most of the stuff I got from my last Walmart order.That's about it.Tomorrow I've got plans to meet Lisa at the pool then I've gutta do my laundry,ugg!

8.21.13 after 7pm

I couldn't go to bowling tonight cause I was supposed to book my ride right to Boston bowl but I booked it to hics by mistake.Tomorrow we are going on the spirit of Boston cruise!We haven't done this for a few yrs but I used to look foreword  to this every yr!I'm just hopping the entertainment is good this yr!I'm gonna bring my cam so I can share  the great time :) !

8.21.13 5-6pm

KJ was over way long ago and we did all our normal stuff then I was thinking the stylus I just got from Walmart wasn't working!It helps to hit the screen with the right end of the stylus!I got a stylus that is also a pen.It seems like it will help me with my I phone 5 but the real test will come when I try texting someone!Ive had a great workout at the YMCA.I came home and scooted to Wg's with Lisa walking along side :)!Now I gutta do something 4 dinna :)!

8.20.13 8.30pm

Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit at 8.30 am then I'm going to the YMCA to do my strength training then to hics,bowling at Boston bowl!My feet feel okay right now so I'll be able to get the best steak and cheese calzone around at the deadwood cafe :) !

8.20.13 after 2pm

I got my pump filled!I'm good 4 the rest of the yr!I make an appointment to get it filled again but not till 2014!I don't have a pocket calendar for 2014 yet so I made sure I put it in my online calendar :)!

8.20.13 b4 8am

I go to dr. K's office today to get my pump refilled with baclophine.I wish I could remember the pretty young nurses name who fills it,its amazing how she can find exactly where the med goes in just by feel!I can't do hics today cause my appointment is at noon,with "the ride" there is not enough time 2 do both!I've got an appointment to take part one of the driving eval on 9/2!I'm gonna be able to go on to part two this time  :)!

8.19.13 almost 7pm

I've been busy today!I started with pt at 10am!Chris showed me a few more balance exercises but doing these I've gutta stand on one leg!Its just so frustrating that I can do it so much essayer standing on my left leg then I try to balance on my right foot and leg and I'm just not secure!Then I went to the YMCA and I was able to work off all my frustration,great workout!I got home and scooted to the store :)!

8.18.13 9.15-9.30

Tomorrow I've got pt and Chris comes to my apartment :)!Then I've got trips to and from the YMCA to do my strength training:)!Today I did a very good job on trimming my beard then I scooted to Wg's then I did all my laundry!I'm not even tired but I gutta try 2 get some sleep!

8.18.13 6.30-7pm

I've just solved a major issue with my blog!I couldn't sign in to my account!I know my pw is right so I'm thinkin maybe my keyboard is not displaying  the right characters!So I tried another kb and that wouldn't work either but,that was my wireless kb and I don't have the software 4 it anymore but,I had another ez eyes kb,I'M using it now!Not bad problem solving skills 4 someone who is supposed to be weak in that area :)!

8.16.13 around 11.30am

Chris (pt) was here and I walked the whole length of the hall outside my apartment using my Cain!The thing I've gutta practice is walking the whole walkway in front of my building so as to simulate getting a ride!Now what to do with the rest of my day,I'm thinking a scoot to Wg's and the store :)!I've just got the resident social at 5 pm to go to!

8.16.13 9.30-10am

I canceled going to the YMCA today cause it just seems I've got too much going on!I've got pt this morning and Chris is gonna be here at 10am and I'm gonna go to a resident social at the office/clubhouse at 5pm :)!

8.12.13 after 2.30pm

Maintenance has been here most of the day working on my bathroom.It appears they had to move the grab bars in the shower and around the toilet to bring it up to code!Thankfully they are done for now they just gutta come back tomorrow for paint!

8.9.13 after 5.30pm

Peter,my ot was over this morning!I did my exercises with the puddy!Then I worked on my writing!I can remember some large and thick giant  glass and settles glass pens that I had living in Scituate that I could write somewhat legibly with,can't find them now!I keep looking in every store I go to for something similar but no luck yet!I've also been to the YMCA and had a great workout.Got home and scooted to the store,between  showers!

8.6.13 after 9pm

I've had hics and I got my botox injections,it will take a few wks b4 I feel the effects from the botox!Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit at 8.30am then rec club is having planing and dinna at the halfway cafe next to my apartment!I'm gonna scoot there :) !

8.5.13 around 9pm

I'm thinking about the driving evaluation!Everyone is saying to me "they are just taking your money"!That's why I've asked KJ to go with me,maybe they will realize I want it badly!Its just the last time she did like an eye test and I think I answered all the questions right but she didn't!With KJ there I will feel like I'm not being taken advantage of!
   Tomorrow I get my shots of botox!I can feel its time again,I feel resistance when I try to move any muscles on my right side of my body.

8.5.13 goin on 8pm

I got a call from the people that do the driving evaluation!I've got an appointment on 9/3 at 9.30 am!This will be the 3rd time I've done this part one of it,hopefully 3 times is a charm :).

8.5.13 b4 noon

I couldn't do the YMCA today cause I couldn't get out of my own way!We've all had mornings like this but now my head is starting to get clearer.I do gutta scoot to Wg's today,I'm out of protein shakes and M&M's!I gutta go to the office and pick up a pool pass too!

8.4.13 after 8pm

I've got to find some time to scoot over to the office to get my pool pass!I"m gonna try tomorrow My return trip from the YMCA is two twenty three and Michaela my homemaker comes at  four!I'm hoping there are not any pick ups and drop offs!

8.4.13 around 5pm

I started today by doing an okay trim job on my beard!I'm in the routine of doing this every Sunday morning.Its so great to be free to do this :)!I've had a successful scoot to the store,booked all my rides 4 the week,spoke with Lisa.She is gonna come over lata 2 help me water my plant!I've just got difficulties carrying a cup of water without spilling it all over :( !

8.2.13 after 7.30pm

Today was a pretty cool day!I started with ot,Peter was over and he brought some finger puddy 4 me with him!He showed me a few exercises to do designed to get them all on the same page :)!I've worked with the puddy b4 but never had my own so I could work as hard as I'm gonna :)!Then I went to the YMCA and had a great workout!Then came home and scooted 2 the store at the end of the street!I was talking with Lisa,we are gonna go to family dollar tomorrow!Its a little further than Wg's but I'm confident my scooter will make the trip np!:)

8.1.13 around 8.45

Tomorrow I've got ot and Peter said he would come here 9-.30 :)!After ot I've got trips to and from the YMCA!So basically I'm working double sessions on me!The pool is gonna open next Wednesday so I've gutta work extra hard on this 54 yr old body :)!

8.1.13 around 7.30pm

Hics was great today!We had a cookout at houtons pond in Milton or Randolph Mass!I had the bestest turkey Berger today!It was  a Jenny something brand name but it was so so much getter than bubba burgers!Lisa knew the complete name so next time I make a peapod order I've just gutta ask her!I got home and needed something at Wg's so then Lisa and I went there and D&D's and sat down there and I had a coolada:)!I've had a GREAT day :)!