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7.31.17 around 8.30 pm

I did laundry today! As I struggle getting it all away after its been through the dryer I'm reminded of all who had no faith that this survivor could be successful living a total independent life! I've gutta say I do much better than some non-injured ones! 

7.27.17 nearing 9pm

I went to Braintree rehab to get my pump filled with the med, from there I went to Beth Israel deaconess for a doctors visit and they had no record of a visit in my name! The man at the front desk did his best to try and help me but he couldn't find anything in the computer! So I had to wait over an hour for my return trip home! I made it though :)! 


I'm doing hics today :)! Right now they are saying the weekend will be rainy but it's only Tuesday, a lot can change before the weekend! I've got a great start on getting color this year, a friend and I were talking about doing nantasket beach via "the ride this weekend :)! It seems when I go to the beach I get darker quicker :) 

7.21.17 getting near 8pm

It's hot on this 3rd floor apt! I think I gutta turn the ac on :(! Tomorrow a hot blond friend and I are gonna do lunch at the Clam shack in Quincy Ma. Maybe this time I'll see some Harley brothers I used to know!;)

7.20.17 after 7.30pm

Today I had a lot going on! Yesterday though KJ made a home visit along with SC the newest staff member. It seems this survivor is the model client at hics:)! Today was hics then had my driver drop me at Wg's, then my homemaker was over! Now I gutta do another late dinna! 


I stubbed my toe with the corn on it earlier today and it was giving me quite a bit of pain! That sux, I was going bowling tonight but I'm having difficulty even ambulating around this apartment! I had to cancel going bowling and ice my toe :(!

7.18.17 around 8.10pm

I had hics today! I had penmanship group where we practice writing! I'm not the only one who's brain injury took away the ability to write legibly! There are many of us who struggle with this :(! The good thing at least once a week I work on my writing skills :)! We had vocation  group where we discuss getting a job! I'm still WAITING for mrc to get in touch with me! I don't need to work, I do very well on SSDI it would just give me something productive to do, little extra cash wouldn't hurt too! Finished the day off with team building with KJ!  She always gets us working our brains! I'm just about ready to go back to the YMCA! Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit and calling the YMCA is on the kj list! I've got a vm I've gutta have her listen to as well! The information just comes too fast for this survivor to be able to create a notepad file on! Tomorrow night I'm meeting hics at Boston bowl! We will see how my toe and ribs do after a little exercise!

7.16.17 getting near 11pm

I scooted to Wg's today to get a med I was getting low on, was told the script had expired! They call the doc to get it renewed! I'm very happy with the service I get at Wg's! Tomorrow I've got an appt. with the kidney doc. I've gutta put a landline in to meals on wheels! For some reason I haven't got a meal in days! Time to rest my brain now so gn all :). 

7.16.17 around 11.45am

I've gutta get to Wg's today. I was gonna go yesterday but a wire came off the charger to my scooter and I didn't make it to the store and back without having to push it quite a ways :(! I made sure all the wires were good last night!

7.5.17 around 9.30am

KJ couldn't make it this morning, she's coming Friday! The only thing I've gutta get done is I've got a vm with an apt on it, just need it written in my pocket calendar! I do have a nurse from the vna coming, I'll ask if they can. If not I'll try on my own. Tonight I'm meeting hics at the Clambox in Quincy! I used to hang across the road with my Harley! Maybe see an old friend :)!