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1.30.13 8.30 pm

"The ride" again made it so I couldn't go to hics tonight!KJ and I thought there would be no problem with the pick up times they gave me but,my return trip from the YMCA was filled with other pick ups and drop offs as it got closer to 3 pm (my pick up time to go to hics)I called hics,said I couldn't make it and "the ride"to cancel my trips to hics  :(!You may say,why call them and tell them if they just screwed me?"The ride"is a shared ride,I do my best not to screw anyone!

1.29.13 8.30 pm

Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit at 8 am then I'm going to the YMCA then hopefully my rides work out as planned and I go to hics for game night!I've had lots of success pulling up "the ride's" web site on my older laptop!Its even cooperative,doesn't ask me to sign in after every page I flip,screwie though :)

1.29.13 3.40 pm

I didn't go to crc or hics today cause I've got a tooth in my lower left quadrant that's causing me pain :(!I've gutta call lux dental,get an appt.KJ is making a home visit tomorrow so I'll call then."The ride's" web site is now causing me issues on my net book but,so far my older laptop gets it good and as long as it keeps booting up I can check my pick up times on line :)!

1.28.13 5.55 pm

I didn't go to the YMCA today cause my balance was really bad today!This has only happened once b4 since I moved to Holbrook!I didn't want to risk falling!I figured out how to get the battery out of my older laptop!I removed and reset the battery and it still wouldn't boot up.I think computers are all comen sense!So the next thing would be to make sure no power is getting to the laptop!I disconnected the ac adaptor,let it sit for a while then put the battery back,connected the ac adaptor,fired it up,it worked :) !I'm thankful I've still got my keen comen sense :).

1.27.13 after 9 pm

I've had a somewhat productive day :)!I booked all my rides 4 the wk,did all my laundry!Laundry is still the most challenging of tasks I must be able to perform!I tend to lean to my left,I know when I'm doing it but,it just seems awkward and uncomfortable to stand or sit up strait!I'm working on this in pt.I just don't understand why its so hard!Lisa was over today too!She made a list of to do's up 4 me!I can get "the ride's" web site up on my net book and its way more cooperative,weird!Tomorrow I've got the YMCA to go to,I'm more than ready to push some lbs :)!

1.26.13 3.30 -4 pm

I did forget to get a couple things at Wgs!I'm gonna go to Walmart tomorrow so I'll see if I can get them there!I've been thinking about my older laptop and I seem to remember if I changed the outlet its plugged in to sometimes that works!I pulled up "the ride's" web site on my netbook and there where less issues to deal with!I'm gonna have to use my netbook to book my rides!

1.26.13 12.25 pm

I've been having some issues with my blog!Hopefully after running an error check,its all cleared up!I didn't go to S&S today cause I need to take a cold scoot to wgs!I booked trips to Walmart 4 tomorrow cause I need to get workout cloths,pair of jeans,any small electronic gismo that excites me :)!

1.25.13 after 9 pm

I've had a good day today!I've had a super workout at the YMCA!Made dinna,made sure I had a trip to stop & shop in Holbrook  for tomorrow but,I don't know yet if I'm gonna go there or scoot to walgreens!I need stuff at both that one doesn't have the other has!Things I need at wgs will take precedence over things I need at S&S!I can book a trip to S&S on Sunday :)!"The ride's"web site got very slightly better!They post my pick up times now but its still nearly impossible to book rides cause it still requires me to sign in when I click on anything!I've gutta find the software to my pocket pc,its gutta be here someplace,I haven't begun to look for it yet though!I found a screwdriver that fits the screws on my old laptop but I took one cover off but that didn't expose the battery!I ended up dropping the little screws too but took the time necessary to find them all!I think I'm gonna bring it to hics on Tuesday if I don't fi…

1.24.13 bout 7.30 pm

I've had a busy but great day :)!I had therapy first and I really like my therapist!I think we figured out why my posture wasn't good at all!I've just gutta remember to hold my head up and look strait ahead!Then hics and we had a debate group!We had to debate if women should be aloud to serve in combat.I went for the group that said yes.I quickly changed my opinion though after debating with JR cause he is right.There is about 160 lbs of equipment that has to be carried by combat solders and he would know after being a marine serving in Iraq!I guess I didn't think it through enough but you see that's why the staff at hics is so great!They really make us use our brains!I'm trying to do my daily check of my bank accounts but the citizens bank web site seems to be down :( !Oh and Lisa came over and helped me figure out how to turn the volume up on my land line :)  !

1.23.13 after 8pm

I didn't go to hics tonight but I stayed busy!I started working with my pocket pc! I didn't get far at all though,I got stuck on the aligning of the screen!The dot I was supposed to tap froze in place!KJ also tried this morning to get the battery out of my older notebook (laptop)but I need a 1 point Phillips screwdriver!I'm gonna bring it with me tomorrow cause I've got crc then hics!One of them should have one,if not I'll have to go to the hardware store next to my apartment complex!I like this though,I'm working on my problem solving skills:)!We have a guest speaker tomorrow!Someone from mass rehab commission!I look at this as a chance to advocate for myself!I can explain that Christina closed my case due to no affordable transportation living in Scituate!She told me she would open it when I moved to an area that had affordable transportation!I've done that but I've asked to open my case again but I'm not getting anywhere with her so I've gutt…

1.23.13 after 10 am

KJ has made a home visit and that worked out well!I'm gonna go  to the YMCA to work out but I cancelled going to hics tonight!I've got therapy and hics tomorrow so I thought I should slow down just a little bit!

1.22.13 3.45 pm

I've had a great day working on myself :)!Therapy was cool this morning!I mostly did lots of stretching!See my muscles didn't move for 3.5 months while I was in the coma and the bad habits  I got in to after the coma didn't help!We are working on my posture and trying to focus on my walking!The things I took for granted b4 my coma,like walking,I'd never have to stop and think of how to walk.I gutta think about standing up strait,one foot in front of the other,my feet should go beyond one another when I'm walking!So many things 2 think about so don't take something as simple as walking for granted!I did,now I'm working as hard as I can to get back to where I was!Honestly though,don't ever take little things like this for granted cause you never know when you may have to work as hard as I to get this skill back!After therapy,I went to hics after therapy and the last group I was playing scrabble!That's a brain workout !Your constantly trying to formula…

1.21.13 8.30pm

I've got a busy day tomorrow :)!I've got therapy with crc first then at 10.11 the ride takes me to hics :)!Probally a good thing I took today off cause my first trip tomorrow is at 7.35 am!I feel very comfortable taking my scooter to crc!I just find an out of the way place to park it and ambulate around with nothing,I LIKE that emensely :)

12.20.13 4.40 pm

Power was out for a few hrs this afternoon!That means no elevator!It came back on but now the elevator is not working!I was gonna scoot to wg's but it gets dark early now,not the safest thing to do!I'm hoping its fixed soon cause Ill do my laundry.I need to use my scooter to carry the laundry down and back up!The good thing is now I can watch the pats on my 52inch flat pannell tv!

1.19.13 almost 7 pm

I was thinking about a tablet but I started my pocket pc charging :) !I do need to get a stylus for it but I can make a pen work in the meantime :) !I'm gonna have to call to book my rides tomorrow the web site still sux!It wont let you go from page to page without prompting you to sign in and after you do it again prompts for a sign in :(!

1.19.13 3.30 pm

I've been watching the shopping Chanel,they have been pushing tablets!One looked real good but I've got my droid smart phone!I just can't get it to do all all I need (want) it to do like connect to my bank so I know if I can purchase something or not!These are the things that make my brain work very hard!I don't need to do crossword puzzles or word searches.I've got my electronic toys to work my brain :)!

1.19.13 almost noon

I didn't even book a trip to S&S in Holbrook today cause I've gutta eat the food I've got now!There are some things I've gutta get but I can get them at Walgreens!I save at least $4.00 in ride costs.

1.17.13 almost 9pm

I've been really busy today :)!I had therapy at 9am!I like working on me,I need lots of work to get to the point I wanna be :(!Ive got a great pt this time and I think I can convince her I'm ready to kick the walker to the curb :)!We are working on my poster mainly,There are so many things I must concentrate on to keep good posture!My pt videoed me walking with the walker,Cain,then nothing!I asked if I could have copies of the vids,she said she would try!I'll post them if I do get copies!After that I had hics!

1.14.13 almost 8 pm

I'm really frustrated with trying to excess "the ride" web site!Its totally uncooperative!I try to go to another page it prompts me to sign in to my account,I sign in,try it again,it prompts to sign in again geesh!

1.14.13 4.30 - 5 pm

I've been to the office and dropped off a copy of my bank statement that has a payment to mass health on it!That's all Anne said she needed.Anne is so cool,she knows the best way for me to process information,she said she would email me when my rectification is done :)!I've also scooted to Walgreen's!

1.13.13 almost 10.30 pm

I've been very productive today!I did a good trim of my beard,booked all my rides 4 the wk!I called them in cause the web site sux!I can't even ck the site 2 make sure they are right!I try to go from page to page and I've gutta sign in repeatedly!So it won't let me review my trips :( !The only way around this mess is to call every am to make sure my trips are right 4 the next day!I'm real busy now 2!Tuesday I go to crc (therapy)at 9am then 2 hics,then dr.Koebel's office 4 a 3.30 appointment!I won't get home till after 6 pm,long day!

1.11.13 almost 6pm

I've been to my dr.Juric visit,he looked at the fluid build up that solidified in my back,I told him that it makes sitting in a chair with a hard back very uncomfortable and said I'd get a call to schedule a day surgery to remove it!I don't have much faith in that happening,that's what I was told b4 and I never got a call!I think I'll give it 2 wks,if I don't get called,I'll call him!


I didn't go to hicks today cause I couldn't get any sleep on Wednesday night!I stayed home and rested cause tomorrow I'm going to see dr.Juric,the one who did my surgery putting the pump in my stomach.I've gutta have him remove the fluid build up on my back!


Today started with KJ making a  home visit,I went to the YMCA and had a fantastic work out then my driver was late picking up 4 the return trip and I got home too late to get cleaned up and catch my ride to go to hics tonight :( .I've gutta find a way to make Wednesdays work!I though I had it all figured out,I now go to the YMCA ~@ noon and leave @ 1.15!Now that's not working!What did work was booking a return from home at 3.30 going to hics but "the ride" says I can't do that and made the web site not let me do it!I've gutta get a number I CAN call or an email address so I can file a complaint!

1.6.13 almost 10.30 pm

I'm feeling kinda lucky my tbi didn't rob me of more than it did!I know of other survivors that lost their ability to hear,taste,smell,and feel!Some even can't control their tempers and to act appropriately in public!I'm really glad I still have my intelligence :)!


I've been thinking about getting a new desktop but after giving lots of thought into the idea I think its better to upgrade the equipment I already own :)!My desktop seems to be doing great as of late,I've got a dell inspiron 1000 I got I think in 07 or 08!It runs slowly.I'm thinking of bringing it to the computer store next to hics and having 2 gbs of ram put in also a wireless card installed!

1.6.13 after 7.30pm

I'm remembering verizone calling yesterday and upgrading my service to the share everything plan.Ive still got the family plan but this makes my cell phone a Mobil hot spot!They said they couldn't just do mine so Kenny,your phone should work as a hot spot too!I think data charges apply though so only use it as a hot spot if absolutely necessary

1.6.13 after 5pm

I've been able to do an okay trim job on my beard,booked all my rides for the week!I did it on line too,I'll just have to call tomorrow to make sure they are all correct!I really don't have to do laundry cause I had my homemaker throw it all together with my bed linnens!I never got to take a scoot to walgreens but,I really don't need anything!I still may scoot to the little store at the end of technical park drive,its much closer and its dark out now!I've been thinking about time managment!I'm going to the YMCA tomorrow and now I gutta do some (very little)laundry tomorrow so I'm thinking will there be time tomorrow for a scoot to that little store.


Tomorrow I don't have any plans,don't need to do laundry cause I had my homemaker throw in the things in my hamper while washing my bed linnens!All I should wash is a couple pairs of jeans!Ive gutta book my rides for the wk!Maybe scoot to walgrens too,I donno :)!I do know I'm in no rush to get up tomorrow :) !

1.5.13 9.45pm

Lisa called again tonight and asked if I wanted to get a pizza with her :) .Lisa and  had a great pizza and spent some great qt with each other :)!Oh yeah,I looked up some properties on line for her too!

1.5.13 2.45pm

Lisa wanted to drive to family dollar so we went to family dollar in her car!Kinda a good thing cause of a crowded store and thin pathways but I'm very good driving my scooter:)!We got to our building and I said I could carry all my stuff up myself,big mistake!My 12 pack of coke zero broke open,had to pick it all up and went upstairs to get the scooter!I think I saved lots of money going there :) !

1.4.13 after 9pm

I spoke with Lisa earlier today about going to family dollar right up the street.I'm gonna scoot there tomorrow with Lisa takin a walk :)!I can just go to family and know whats on sale!I've got to pay attention to how long it takes scooting there!I think its a shorter distance then stop & shop in Holbrook!Will see if maybe this can replace a weekly s&s trip :)!

1.4.13 after 7pm

Micheala (my homemaker)just left and wow,what a difference between agencys!Arcadia,the 1st one,when I had the girl wash my bed linnens,thats pretty much all they would get done!Today Micheala washed my bed linnens,washed the kichen and bathroom floors,cleaned all the bathroom fixtuires,tub,sink,toilet,vacumed my bedroom and living room,cleaned all my counter tops and more :)!

1.4.13 near 6pm

I had a fantastic work out at the YMCA today!Now my home maker is here and I rememberd to ask if she could come later next wk cause I've got a doctors appointment that starts at 3.15 pm!Shes gonna come at 6pm next wk :) !

1.3.13 b4 6pm

I've been busy today :)!Therapy was great!This was just an intake appointment but they wanted to know my goals for therapy this time!I told them I just wanna be able to go in public without a walker!She did a few tests,walk with a walker bout 10 ft timed then without timed!I was quicker with the walker but I think thats only cause I havn't done it enough without.They also timed me doing the same with a cain!They are gonna call and leave me a voice mail with more visits that way I can type the dates and times on my computer!

1.2.13 near 5.30 pm

Lets see,KJ has been over for a home visit,Ive been to the YMCA and had a great work out!I got a copy of my work out,how much wieght I'm pushing and my driver must have dropped it!I wanted to show the therapists what I'm doing 3x a wk!Last time I went to crc we went to the gym next door and they had me pushing what felt like nothing!I guess I'll just see how it goes.I guess my goal will be to walk with a cain this time at therapy :) !

1.1.13 6 pm

Today I think I've had a sucessful scoot to walgreens but thats what its like living with tbi,I'm never 100% sure of just about everything!You have to accept this and go on with working on trying to live as normal a life as I can!