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7.31.12 7.34 pm

Ive been extremely busy today!I had hics and that was great except I learned that AS is leaving the program :).I respect and admire her reasons,she has 3 small boys,my three sons :).She needs to be a full time mom!I won't ever forget all the great help and support I got from AS,I'm gonna miss her but,I'm a better person from knowing her.Big thanks to AS!
  I had two doctors appointments today!One with my eye doctor,they did an exam that tests my perifial vision!That was an exhasting exam!Then my pediatrist,he shaved off my corn again and my left foot had a bad caliss build up he shaved that off too!My wheels should be all beta now :)!I came home and fired up the computer to keep getting blue screens!I ran all my utillities two and three times,it seems to be working fine now :)!Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit at 8 am then I'm going to the YMCA then I'm gonna meet the rec club,hics at the halfway cafe for dinna and planning!The halfway cafe is right next to my apar…

7.30.12 7.49 pm

I've got a very busy day tomorrow!I've got hics then from there I go to two doctor's appointments!One is my podiatrist!That's good cause my foot hurts again plus my left foot is now bothering me too!Its bad enough havin balance issues,now I've got two bad wheels too!It WILL be taken care of tomorrow :)!

7.30.12 4.36 pm

Today Ive been able to do a good trim job on my beard!I'm free to do this now because when I lived in Scituate I wasn't free to do this!Ive had a successful scoot to walgreens and was able to get some of those burgers I like!Probally not to good for me but,I like them and I'm eating :)!I'm still thinking back to my time with Jan!I choose to be happy,that makes me very very HAPPY!


I kinda overslept this morning so I'm not gonna go to the YMCA!I've got laundry to do and some other things I can't think of right now but,it will come back to me :)!

7.29 7.52 pm

For some reason I keep thinking today is Saturday and not Sunday!I got a landline call from Jan today  :)!It was so great to speak with her :)!September 8th hics is gonna have our concert/dance:)I wish we could bring a guest cause then I would ask Jan!She is a great dancer,when we used to hit all the local night clubs she used to never stop!It would be kinda nice to relive some of those great times :)!I tried to get all of my pics off my camera,vids too!I thought I had some new kerioakie vids but all I could find was the older ones :( !Ive got the YMCA tomorrow!Too late to start laundry,it will wait untill tomorrow when I get home :) !

7.29.12 12.39 pm

Today,so far,I've changed the batteries in the carbon monoxide detector!Probally not a safe thing for me to do,up on my toes stretching as far as I can!I did it without even loosing my balance a little!Ive booked my rides!This week Ive got two doctors appointments so I had to tell the person taking my trips how to do her job!See Ive got a few days of multiple trips,so they have to be booked right!Some as returns not arrivals but they seem fine now.I've still got to do my laundry and scoot to walgreens,I ran out of centrum silver,a vitamin.


I loved waking up in the morning and the first person I would see was Jan!Ive got so many great memories though!I think,if my memory is working,Shaunie is gonna stop by today :)!I'm not really sure though,thats the tbi!I think I'll take a scoot to walgreens at some point.Thankfully I've got my blog to remind me of what I have done,I don't have to get an ac power cord for my older notebook,I orderd it on-line yesterday,I copied down all the shipping info on notepad.I've just got to remember what I named the file.I'm sure its got something to do with dell or shipping info,I'll figure it out  :)!I do have all my laundry to do from my trip but I may wait untill tomorrow 4 that :)!

7.27.12 8.20 pm

I'm searching my brain to remember what I did today,this is hard work for me!I started the day with my normal two large cups of d&d's french vanilla coffee then I scooted to walgreens!I got my older laptop back from Jan but,I need to get a new AC adaptor for it.I tried one place but they kept on saying my cards not working!Then I called dell directly,got lost in the automated phone system!I got it done though,I'll get it in a few weeks.I spoke with Lisa,that's who I want to let borrow the puter,get her on fb,then maybe she will get to know me better :) !Made dinna,cleaned up a little.I really miss being with Jan!I really felt wanted in a big way while I was away with her.Oh geesh,I'm getting Jan withdrawals!Ive just gutta know she is gonna try to get here more often!I just had so much fun with Jan,its just how she makes me feel!I feel so safe with Jan,not just physically but,emotionally too!She really is a great person!

7.26.12 7.53 pm

I miss listening to Jan!When you live alone its great to be able to listen to a great lady!I had two great ladies to listen to,Jan and Shawnee!Well Ive gutta get back to my normal life again!I just remembered something Jan said,she said she was gonna make it up to Holbrook more often:)!


My little get away has come to an end:(,I'm home now.I get a very little home sick,I guess its good to be home.I already miss Jan!That was such a cool get away!Jan and I had got our own rooms but when I got there Shawnee and the young adults had one that left Jan and I to share a room together :)!I had the best time with Jan,no sex I want to make that perfectly clear but last night Jan and I did some great cuddling :)


I had another great day today :)!I'm lovin life right now!Tomorow we are gonna check out a flea market!Today we went to some gift shops.I saw some nice motorcycle signs but way too much money!$20.00 for a hunk of sheet metal,way to much!


Jan is coming today to pick me up to go to the Town Crier motel (resort) in Eastham Mass!I can't help but to get a little nervous,what if I forget something!I think I'm taking precautions to make sure that doesn't happen though!I've already packed my cell phone charger,I've just gutta take it slow and think :)!I donno what time she is coming though.She needs her beauty rest though so I would think after 2 pm.


I've got to get ready for my little get away with Jan.Today I've gutta do laundry,get things ready to go :)!I think Jan will help me pack everything I'm gonna need tomorrow.There is wi fi there so I've gutta bring my netbook and my camera along with all the wires to connect it up!I'll just take my pill box so I have my meds!I've checked my bank account and Ive got plenty of $!I'm so excited :)!

7.20.12 12.04 pm

KJ has taken me to king optical to get my new glasses!I'm working with them now,its just different!I guess it takes a while to get used to them but,I think I see better without them!The real test will be when I see Dr.Katz and ask him to recommend a driving evaluation for me then he will do a test to see if they make my vision better,help my eyes work together!I cancelled my trips to the YMCA.I guess I get a little overwhelmed when I have alot going on,I do have to attend a tenants meeting today!I don't like how some of the residents are putting their trash out in the halls!If I can take mine out to the dumpster,so can they!My homemaker comes at 5 pm too!


Tomorrow I've got an 11.15 am dentist appointment.Just for a cleaning and checkup!The place I go is so cool!They show everything on a big wide screen monitor,xrays,all my teeth,gums too!I like this high tech office :).Ive got to ask,what happens if I get a tooth acke!I'm scared cause if I do I can't drive yet,Ive gutta know they have emergency service!I remember I've had some bad tooth ackes before!I need to be prepared,time to look for some anbesole,it provides a numbing affect!Just in case I should have some here :) !Then I'm gonna go to hics!Bowling and dinna at the deadwood cafe!Home of the bestest steak and cheese calzone :)!

7.16.12 8pm

I've had a great workout today!I got home and saw Lisa,we talked a little mainly about how nothing is getting done around here!She lives downstairs on the first floor.I'm lucky I live on the 3rd floor,the issues that affect her don't affect me on the 3rd floor!Maintenance is being very lax around here though,I feel bad for those it bothers!


Today I'm going to the YMCA for my workout!I've got some fun events coming up,Tuesday with hics we have our cookout at houtons pond!Next Sunday Jan is coming to get me for our get away :) !

7.14.12 7pm

Ive been to stop and shop in Holbrook and was able to get most of my wants but they don't have a good stock of frozen veggies!I was only able to get cauliflower in cheese sauce!I did get some fresh asparagus thou,Ill store it in the freezer!That way it won't go bad!


Today I've got trips to stop and shop in Holbrook.I shouldn't need my return trip cause I usually scoot home from there!I've gutta get my normal stuff then think about frozen vegies!


KJ has been over and I made a dental appointment for cleaning and I guess a check up!I cancelled my trips to the YMCA cause my return from the YMCA was too close to my pick up time to go to hics tonight!Its dinna and planning tonight,I don't wanna miss that!I didn't want to deal with the stress of making my connections when I have no control over making them work!

6.10.12 5.26 pm

Hics was great today!We had groups,nothing special but in one group we talked about meeting people (which is very hard for us living with tbi) and I shared,you just want to act like the type of person you would like to meet!I try to present my self in that fasion along with tring to live a christien life the way my savior showed me!I got home and went right to the motel web site I'm gonna be staying at,I'm really gonna have fun :)!

7.9.12 4.13 pm

Ive been able to get in contact with the town crier (motel) and made my reservation :) !Then I scooted to walgreens mainly just to get all the wires that will enable me to conect my digital camera to a computer,I can't find the one I had.Now I can share my little get away!Jan is so sensitive to my needs,she wanted to make sure I could bring my scooter!I told her that it does come apart and fits in a trunk.Now Ive just gutta pratice taking it apart and lifting it short distences!Thank godness for caller id.I don't move fast at all!The phone was ringing and I couldn't get it in time so I checked who called!It was the motel (town crier) they got one of my numbers wrong on my card!Its all set now,I'm gonna get away :) !


I've been tring to call the town crier down the cape to make my reservation but nobody answers.I left a voice mail but Ive got to be all set up to do this,computer on to the page with the details,card out,simple things are so hard!

7.8.12 7.19 pm

Ive been kinda productive today!I scooted to walgreens,booked what I could of my rides,I had to add value to my account.They say two business days till its recognized. I add value on line and I use a different password,I just think its great I can remember what the password is cause it has a cap and an exclamation point in it :)!Hey you've got to give yourself a pat on the back!Who else will :)!


I slept untill 11 today!I'm getting away this summer with Jan and some young adults :)!To anyone who thought I was gonna foot the bill for this trip you couldn't be more wrong!Jan is my bestest friend,she would never take advantage of the way I am!When I lived in Scituate she was the only one who got me out of there,she always took me to church and anything else she could do!She came to see me in every hospital I was in!She contnues to be the great friend (which I wish could be more) by inviting me to get away for a few days!


I just had  call from Jan,she is planning a get away and asked me to go:)!It would be Jan and I,some young adults,and Boston!That would be so great to spend good qualty time with Jan!

Trogen report

I continue to do my scans with webroot anti-virus/spy ware and it keeps finding the Trojan.Since Ive removed and reset the program Ive been able to quarantine and delete it so far.


Tomorrow I'm gonna go to stop and shop in Holbrook!I can scoot home from there!One of these weeks I'm gonna try scooting to and from stop and shop!Ive gutta get some veggies tomorrow,canned,frozen,fresh!


Today I've had a great workout at the YMCA,Michaela was over,her boss came first to have me sign some papers then Michaela did her thing,and very well too!I did work on getting rid of that Trojan horse and it seems I'm successful in defeating a nasty virus once again  :)!


I've been working on that trogen horse and I think I got the best of it :)!Webroot antivirus would find it but I could't quarentine it so I set up the progam to automaticly quarentine any threats!Then I couldn't axcess my quarentine to delete it so I removed the entire program!Hopefully that does the trick :)!


I'm still tring to flush this trogen horse out!It seems to make my IE hard to use!My backup browser has always been hard,its google chrome :(!

6.2.12 2.45 pm

I'm staying busy even though I didn't go to the YMCA!I scooted to walgreens,stopped at D&D's got a large iced french vanila coffee!I've seen more babes in my building than at the pool!Tree was in the hallway and I saw Lisa too :)!Lisa is gonna come over later and show me how to clean the filter for my AC!Now just chillin listening to tunes!

Dr.Jamara appointment

I guess those glasses I had made were just for reading or staring at the computer!He knows now my goal is to drive again so he perscibed another pair.He also knows my benefits wont pay for another pair so he gave me the address to a place in Braintree thats resonable if your paying cash!I've got the best team of doctors on my side :)!I'm kinda tired now after so much consentraiting on looking at letters and numbers so I'm not gonna go to the YMCA today!


KJ is gonna make a home visit tomorrow thats cause Wednesday is the 4th plus she is taking me to dr.Jamara!I'm hoping he was the one who prescibed me the glasses I had before that got lost n the move!On Thursday I'm going to get my pump refilled with backlophin!I had to really focus when I booked my rides this week!


July already,geesh!Today I've got my normal Sunday tasks to do,book my rides,laundry,I'm thinking of tring to sqweeze in a trip to the pool too but my rides this week are gonna take some thinking,Ive got an appointment to get a refill on my pump!