Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5.31.11 pm

I got my snail mail today and there was a bill from comcast!I paid them I think yesterday!I'm real good at keeping up with my creditors,thats why Im gonna change my national grid from automatic withdrawl to them sending me a bill!Its never a hole lot but Ive just got to have complete control over where my money goes and when!

Today so far

I had a great day at hics!Im not getting paid for a couple of weeks so I got home and reviewed my checking account!I saw a couple charges on there I had no clue what they were!Thanks to DM I know what to do about these.I called the numbers and cancelled them!One was a dating site and there are so many free ones why pay for one,geesh!

my week starts

This week starts today for me cause of the Holiday yesterday!Ive got hics today then the "y" and rec tomorrow then hics again on Thursday then the "y" on Friday :)!


Ive got hics today :)!Ive got to rearrange the way I pay my bills!Ive already done most of them just national grid left to get off of automatic withdrawal!Its not much but I want to leave my rent as automatic.I just get worried when things get withdrawal automatically!I never forget my bills that are not on aw so I'm confident that will continue!My rent should be the only bill on aw!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Bri's at the sox

Bri is at the sox game tonight!I just got a text saying she's right by or under the coke sign!


Things are really going great for me now!Ive found a way to talk with my young adulds throu texting and fb!Ive been texting with Bri this afternoon :)!

American chopper

Ive been watching the discovery channell and american chopper has been on all afternoon!You know I like bikes,that would be so cool to work on bikes all day!

Keeping busy

Im keeping busy today but I do miss working out today!Bruse,a niehbor,came to my door and asked if Bri found me yesterday,he wanted to know if thats my dauhter!He said your very pretty Bri!


I think Ill scoot to walgreens today cause I dont have the "y"!Happy memorial day to all!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Laundry's done

My laundry's all done for the week!That makes me think of the many people who really didnt know what I'm made of!I get asked all the time if I need help with a task I'm doing.I always say no!Ive got this drive to be able to do everything by myself!Bri may stop ova lata but,she depends on getting a ride :(!


Ive got all my laundry washed now its drying :)!

so far

So far today Ive had my coffee,booked all my rides for the week!Now I'm thinkin about doing laundry!I found another memory card.I think I got this one with my phone.I cant figure out how to incert it in my phone YET!That will be great when I do cause I can transfer all the pics I took with my phone to the card!Im always thinking!Im not having much luck finding things I havent seen since I moved but,Im not gonna give up!


I had every intention of going to church this morning until I woke up with this headache that feels like could turn into a migraine :(!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


My pickup time for church tomorrow is 8.28 am!That gives me plenty of time to get myself organized! No excuses,Im gonna go :)!

5.28.11 afternoon

Well kinda a disappointing talk with the pharmacist!He said he cant refill my baclophin till Tuesday!The rest of the shopping went okay cept Im really getting tired of always waiting!Mainly for rides!I should just be happy Ive got the service!
I did a little research at www.mass.state.gov/rmv and it seems you do need a licence to operate a moped :(!This destroys my plans to get mine so Ive got to think of a way to expand my Independence!Ive been thinking of getting a bicycle!I know with my balance issues it will be taking a chance but,thats how Ive been able to get as far as I have,taking chances!


I'm on a natural high thanks to the b's:)!Today I'm going to stop and shop in Braintree to shop for food for the week.Ive also got to straiten out my med situation!I'm out of baclophin I told them last week, they said I just got it the previous week!I looked around and came up empty!I told dr.K,he called in another script!Ive got to have a little calm serious talk with the pharmacists at stop and shop!

Friday, May 27, 2011


I had a wonderful workout today!The "y" is closed on Monday so Ill have to miss a workout :)!Ive got to go through all my stuff to see if I can find my free weights!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Todays events

Today at hics we had a Representative from waypoint adventure talk with us about programs they offer!Sounded great except its really a group thing,its not like I could just go myself!www.waypointadventure.org is the site for it but I have yet to visit myself!I got home and have yet to get a bill from comcast!That's an important bill so I went to www.comcast.net and paid my bill from there :)!There is a delay in the opening of the pool :(!Hopefully they get all the issues taken care of quickly!


Im eligable for an upgrade from verizone on 7/10/11 !I need reminders!


Today I'm going to hics :)!This weekend Ive gotta get into my Wii game system!That will be my plan for the weekend!Game seven,lets go B's!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

great workout

I had a great workout today!On the rowing machine I was able to hold my grip with my right hand for all 12 reps!I think that makes it at least 3 times in a row :)!


DM is making a home visit at 8.45 today then I'm going to the "y" for my Nautilus training but,I'm not going to rec tonight!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

4.24 evening

I had a great day at hics !We just had groups but,great groups!The last group was kinda a team triva thing.I guess Im not much of a team player when it comes to trivia cause Im told Im pretty good at trivia.I knew the answer to the 1st question and you had to make a wayger well I wanted to wayger as much as we could but the whole team didnt agree.I forget the question but the answer was Pete Rose!We won anyway,of cource,I was on that team :)!I seem to be getting back to normal as far as my balance goes :) but,thats still abnormal balance.Im not going to rec tomorrow night,they are going to Randolph cinimas to see a movie.I have netfixx and on demand here at home where I can watch almost anything on my 52 inch flat pannell tv,and in the comfort of MY OWN place!The only thing I miss is seeing everyone!


Ive got hics today :)!Im still battling the issues from yesterdays therapy but it seems to slowly returning to as normal as it was,Ive still got to be extra carefull!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Dr.K warned me I may not feel like normal tonight!My balance seems off and Im very very tired!Im making sure my walker is within reach and my lifeline is arround my neck!

Todays excuresion

Today I was at south shore hospital to start a new therapy with dr.Koeball!When I see a doctor I usually book my rides so my return trip is 1 hr after my appt. time,this time being a new therapy I thought it should be 2 hrs!I get there and dr.K said this will take all day!Now Ive got to call "the ride" and plead with them to change my return trip!That wasnt bad,they said just call when your done!I also had to call the "y" and say Im not gonna make it today!This was kindof a big deal!I get there and it reminds me of having day surgery!I had an I V put on,my own private nurses,and many other things done to me but,after the things Ive been through I just tried to injoy everything,and I did :)! Dr.K injected the baclofin to my spinal cord and I could actually feel it flowing on my cord!After a few mins he had me walk around and said it looks like its helping!One very noticeable thing was it really helps to lessen my tremous!He wants to continue this therapy but at Braintree hospital!He tried to give me appointments but I said could you mail them to me.Thats why I want to get the droid 2 smart phone!With my writing issues to have a phone that can hold my calendar,then I can use it to TYPE down new appointments :)!

new therapy

Today Im going to south shore hospital to meet dr. Koeble to start that new therapy!Then come home,change,go to the "y" :)~!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Things accomplshed today

Ive successfully scooted to and from wallgreens,done a small load of wash,booked as many rides as I could,the T has yet to recognize the value I added last Thursday.I'm almost sure it will be recognized tomorrow!

not open

The hardware store wasn't open today so I scooted to Walgreen's to see if they had the kind of bulb I need!They didn't so I got a three pack of 100 wt bulbs!The higher wattage in my lamps should make up the difference


I guess you could say I'm kinda a news junkie!Ive been watching necn,they have had excerpts from the near death experience show!One lady said "I guess Ive been judged by the best"!Id like to think I have too :)!


I seem to have so much trouble getting up and organized for church on Sunday mornings!Ive got to plan my day.I couldnt get the kind of light bulbs I need yesterday at stop and shop,and I asked a clerk too,so Im thinking of scooting to the hardwere store next to ramblewood!Ive still got to figure out my eye fi memory card for my cam!Hey I heard the world was gonna end yesterday!Are we still here?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tring to deal with being tbi

There are many times where everthing just seems so sureal to me,like Im wondering if this is real or really happening!I suppose its just part of being tbi!In those moments I just act like I always do!Its just one more thing I deal with on a daily bacis but,Im still happy :)!

life is great!

Things are even gonna get better then they are now and my life is pretty full now!The B's are on this afternoon then the sox tonight:)!


Today Im going to stop and shop in Braintree to do my weekly food shoppin and pick up my meds!Im out of backlophin,Ive just got to tell them at the pharmacy and thell fill it.I can also check out there now too :)!I noticed this morning my ride account was low!I just added value to that but Ive got to wait 2 business days for it to be recognized!I think Ive got enough so Sunday I can book all my rides for the week!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Busy day :)!

Today has been an extremely busy day :)!AS came it seems like yesterday but,this morning :).I had a fantastic workout at the "y" and I just came from a tenets meeting at the clubhouse!There was a guy there from the cooperate office.I asked about using the clubhouse for a brain injury support group meeting place!He saw no problem with it Ive just got to pick a day and time and talk to the office about it!I really think this is my "calling"!

home visit

AS was here and we had a GREAT visit!I need a refill on one med so she rearanged my meds so Id not miss an expected time to take it!I can get it refilled on Saturday!She and I have worked together for a while now,it was important for me to show her Im where I need to be at this point of my progessing!I believe I did just that :)!


Today AS is gonna make a home visit :) then Im going to the "y" to have a great workout :)!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today Ive got hics!Just a regular day with groups and such but a good day!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

casino night

I had a great time at casino night at hics!I forgot all my change I have but,I always go next door and get coffee so I just got $1.00 in change there and used what I had in my pocket!I played blackjack all night cause KJ was dealing and she always makes it tons of fun :)!It was getting later in the night so we started anting .25!When KJ wins the pot just keeps on getting bigger!I think she won when we anted .25 so it stayed in the pot!Now the last hand of the night.We all desided we would anti .50!I took a pic of the pot with my phone but it needs charging now!Okay last hand,bout $8 in the pot,I think I got 3 cards totaling 20!That was good enough for me to win the biggest pot in hics history :)!


Today Ive got kinda a busy day :)!First I go to the "y" for my workout with the nauhtellis machines then I go to hics (rec) we have casino night tonight!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5.17 nightime

Hics was great today!We watched the 2nd part of the big apple circus documentary!DM is not making a home visit tomorrow but,AS is gonna come by on Friday :)!

57 minites

Thats the name of the show that airs tonight at 9pm about near death experiences!I had one so you know I'm gonna do my best to see it!


Ive got hics today :)!Im still getting enjoyment from all the comments left by my young adults on a pic Bri posted :)!

Monday, May 16, 2011

4.16.11 evening

I'm really enjoying the interaction between my young adults on fb!Bri posted a pic of Kenny and Alyssa when they were real young!They post comments back and forth,makes me smile :)!


Today I'm going to the "y" for my Nautilus training then I don't know what I'm gonna do just enjoy being free I guess :)!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Boston bruins

Ive been watching a show about the Boston bruins!It takes you through the Eddie Shore era,Bobby Orr and the big bad bruins era to the Don Cherry era!I get into friendly arguments with JR at hics about who the greatest hockey player was!He contends it was Gretski but he wasnt as great as Bobby Orr!


I couldnt get myself prepaired to go to church this morning and my pick-up time wasnt that bad!I guess I need a day to not go anywhere!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

5.14 evening

Bri was ova and a very pretty friend!We orderd out for pizza.It was so nice to spend some qt with my dauhter :)!


I was able to get my meds,all of them!I was also able to locate potatoe buds,instant mashed potatoes but,I had to ask a clerk where they where.She sent me to the right aisle but then it was still like a needle in a haystack but,success :)!


Today I go to stop and shop in Braintree Mass to see if I have any meds ready,should be some,emeprosle,smvaststion,I think thats all Im out of!Ive got to make sure they have the right mg on the simvastation!My colesteral was climing again so my pcp doubled the mgs!Ive got to do my food shoppin too!Ive got my list but,Ive just got to get my normal stuff plus Im gonna try to find I think its called potatoe buds!You just add milk and you have mashed potatoes!Bri and a friend may be ova tomorrow for dinna so I want to make a great dinna :)!

Friday, May 13, 2011

events of today

Lets see,I woke up today:)!I scooted to walgreens,worked a very little on my puter,picked up round here,something else too but,I forget-go figure :)!

Show about near death experience

That show about near death experiences is gonna air this Tuesday night at 9 on NewEngland cable news!


Finally my blog is working :)!My rides to and from the "y" today made no sence at all :(!I had to cancell all my trips for today :(!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

4.12.01 afternoon

Hics was great today :)!We had groups the last group was alot of fun!Kinda like trivia but like basketball too!You'd roll a die and whatever number came up would correspond with a basketball play,like if you rolled a six,a slam dunk,answer the question right,2 points for your team!Naturally,my team won :)!I got home and my cell phone rang,it was Bri!She said she may come ova this weekend maybe Sunday!She and a friend may stay for dinna :)!


Today Ive got hics :)!Ive got to find out if Im due for an upgrade on my phone!Then I can figure out my finaces!Weather to tansfer funds to my savings or get the driod 2!I do have many other things to keep me busy thou!I should get aquinted with my wii system,get my eye fi memory card to work right,among other things!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Im spent

I can say Ive lived this day to its fullest!Ive had a great workout at the "'y" then bowling with hics!Im tired,in a great way thou :)!


Today I'm going to the "y" to do my nauhtilis training then from there I go to boston bowl to meet the rec club to bowl :)!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tbi moment

I thought I was having problems screwing in a light bulb so I asked Lisa for some help!Turns out the lamp wasn't plugged in,geesh a definite tbi moment!

good memory

For a survivor of a traumatic brain injury or for anyone,my memory is pretty good!I changed my password on fb,I did type it in note pad just in case I forgot,I was prompted to Logon,I remembered my password without looking it up :)!

Hics 5.10.11

Hics was great today!We had groups but I spoke at the BAR association (brains at risk)!Mainly young adults arrested for operating under the influence!It pays $30 for 20 mins work :)!I remember b4 the last high school reunion,I was in touch with Sharon Edwards through email bout speaking at the reunion but,she said the committee would have to okay it and it was too late.The main thing I try to get across is,you don't want to have to live like this so THINK b4 you take another drink!


Time just seems to be passing by so quickly now that Ive regained my happiness!Ive got hics today :)!I got an email from verizon saying pick out your new phone,I wonder if that means I can upgrade now!Maybe I can get the i phone or the droid 2!

Monday, May 9, 2011



I had a fantastic workout today :)!I push myself to get the very most I can out of all the machines!When I work on my legs I try to engage my abbs too!I want my six pack back :)!Now Ive got to relax my muscle's,so Im gonna lie down!

home visit

DM was here and he had to agree I'm doing well living totally independently!I keep up on my meds,keep a very clean place,do very well managing my money!I'm living a very happy life now that I'm where I should be at this point of my progressing with my tbi :)!


Today DM is gonna make a home visit at 9 then Im going to the 'y" for my workout :)!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Events of today

Lets see,let me work my memory!First I took my time getting myself organized this morning!I very liesurely had two large cups of dds french vanila coffee,then after showering scooted to walgreens!Picked up arround here,cooked dinna,had a great talk with Lisa!Im tring to make it obvious Ive got the hots for her :)!Cleaned up after dinna.I think I did a little work on making people on fb more aware of tramatic brain injury!I watched my favorite Patrick Swazey movie,road house,on fx today!Ive had a great day :)!


I didnt go to church this morning cause I just needed to sleep longer and wake up slowly enjoying my coffee :)!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I did well food shoppin today!I was able to locate splenda,its in by the surger and coffee!I got a new cold cut for me to try,honey roasted turkey breast!I have to call my doctor to have him renew a script for omeprasol!

things to do

Ive got to fully understand my eye fi memory card for my digital camera!Maybe installing in my laptop and or netbook will help.I need to get myself mentally prepared to understand my wii system!Weekend projects :)!


Today I go to stop and shop in Braintree,I need refills on a couple meds,baclophin and omeprosole,then get my normal stuff!I do have a list,its already in my scooter so I dont forget!Last nights dentist visit was so cool!They are so high tech at lux dental!They had a large flat pannell moniter showing my x-rays right after being taken!My dentist is a real kewl guy too!He says,and I know,I need a deep cleaning!Its been yrs since I had 1!I think I was still working at settles glass in s. weymouth,I was part of dr.Roys dauhter Maureens final exam when she graduated dental school.She had to do a deep cleaning as part of her final!I have periodontis,Deca of bone deep in the gums so I should get a deep cleaning,I think once a yr but,Ive gutta get mass health to cover that,Ive got to work on that,DM will help me :)!My beard is getting back to normal,finally:)!

Friday, May 6, 2011

rest of my day

Ive got a dentist appt at 7pm at lux dental in Quincy,my pick-up time is 6.15 then return at 8.27!Im gonna take my scooter cause maybe Ill get done way b4 my return pick-up,give me an oppertunity to see whats arround there!

Getting things done

I scooted to the office,put value on my laundry card then I forgot how much value was on it (go figure) so I went down to the laundry room,put my card in a machine.I have $29.50 for value :)!

thinkin of things I must do

Ive got to scoot up to the office and add value to my laundry card!My maid was here yesterday and it was low b4 she came!Im thinkin there is next to nothing on it now!Ive got cash from the study so now is the time :)!


I thought I booked all my rides correctly but,it appears I forgot to book trips to and from the "y" for today :(!I do go to the dentist tonight but not till 6.15 pm!Im wondering if the study is over cause my beard commin back!I dont want to take a razor blade to my face again!I could maintain the clean shavin face with my electric bearn trimers,just use no attachments!Only if I need to thou!My return from the dentist is not till around 8.30 pm.Im thinkin of taking my scooter cause I may have some time to kill!That would make it so I could get arround easyer!Maybe find a coffee shop or something :)!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


The circus was a blast today!This is a pic of the ring,they didnt allow picture taking while the show was on:(.There where great acrobates and grandma was her regular self!


Today we (hics)are going to the big apple circus in Boston!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5.4.11 pm

Its been close to 30 yrs since Ive been fully haved!This is what I had to do for the study!Its comin back thou :)!

home visit

DM was ova he's right too,I can do better on making MY place a little more clutter free!Bacically just my kitchen draws!Ive got to keep them organized but,in every kichten there is a junk draw but,Ive got to keep it to only one :)!


Today Ive got DM making a home visit at 9am then the "y" then hics (rec),we have dinna and planning at Joe's!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I did say to all the people involved in the study today Id like to do more studies if you get anymore!The pretty lady that was there said that she had one!I can make a good extra income doing this,especially if they pay cash :)!

hics 5.3.01

That was a very lucrative day at hics!I was involved in the study but,had to make my beard and mustash all gone :(!I got $100 thou:)!It grows fast thou,Ill bet Ill have a full beard by Friday!They videoed everything too,I asked if I could get a copy of the vid,he said hed have to ask his bosses!If I get it Ill share :)!


Today Im going to hics:)!I believe the study starts today,paid study!:)

Monday, May 2, 2011

b's game

I was on my way down to check and see if I had any snail mail,my cell phone rings,its Kat!she asked "are you watching the bruins tonight?"I say "yes",she said "do you know what channel its on?"I didn't,she told me but,by the time I got back to my apt,I forgot!I called her back and got it,set my tv to it while still on the phone!I don't know what channel I'm watching now but its the b's!Point being,Ive got great friends!


Im starting to get real comfortable with my george forman grill!I made the bestest cheese burger tonight :)!

todays accomplishmants

I had a great workout today but,I still cant seem to get my right side to work well at all!I can really notice that doing the preacher curl,my left does basically all the work!Sherill is great,she tried many different ways to try to get my right side to get involved but nothing is working,frustrating!I came home and worked on my beard.The study at hics starts tomorrow,the people from the study say I must shave off my beard!Ive got a problem taking a razor blade to my face!I took my buzzers and got it real fine!I think I did a better job than the place I normally go!Then I took a scoot to walgreens!Then I did a much needed trash run!Now Ive got to forman a burger I took out of the freezer yesterday!Its still good cause it went from the freezer to the fridge but,must cook it tonight!:)


Today I go to the "y" for my workout but Ive got to call "the ride" first cause Ive got places to go this week they dont have the addresses for!Then I have to call to give them the right address,I only can book online for the addresses they have,just means being on hold a while :(!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

5.1.11 early evening

Bri came ova today for a short visit :)!Then I did all my laundry!I'm still having problems folding but,I do an adequate job!I'm kinda pooped now but,in a fantastic way :)!


I remember something Billy said to me at Kenny's visting hrs!I told him of my accidnt cause he had no idea bout it!He said to me I'm sorry.I'm sure he meant it in the most compasshonet way but,I dont want anyones pitty!I just demand the respect I deserve for living with a brain injury!I think I'm not only dealing with my tbi well but now that Im finally living totally independently,progressing further!


I just joined game fly!Its a service similar to netflixx only they rent games not movies!Now if I can remember how I do everything I need to,log on,password,there is lots I need to remember but,I try to keep the same pw and logon for everything then no confision!


I'm gonna use today as a day of rest :)!I cancelled my trips to and from church last night!Ill read a very little bit of his word but,I need to give my brain the day off!Bri said she was commin ova at some point today too!I'm hoping there is some game on.I know the b's dont play till Monday,the sox are probably on and the celts have got to be starting the 2nd round of the playoffs soon!I do have to keep up with my laundry too!Laundry is easy just folding and matching socks give me trouble but,I CAN do it :)!