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3.31.16 after 6.30pm

I've been to hics today and a staff member brought up an interesting scenario, what if Donald Trump is trying to win the republican nomination just to make clear sailing  to the presidency for Hilary Clinton? He is friends with both the Clintons, has worked with them both on some issues in the past! I thought this is a very interesting thought! 

3.31.16 around 8.30am

I'm doing hics today :)! I've gutta try to make all of my places for at least two weeks strait! That means the YMCA two times a week and hics 2-3 times a week! I seem to do very well at making all my medical appointments now to stretch that to all appointments!  

3.30.16 around 5.20pm

I took a little neuro rest and feel a bit rested! This neuro fatigue is very unpredictable! I got a landline from Lisa, she called Independence Associates today and they are gonna help her deal with all she's dealing with on her own! The web site for this organization is . Sorry they only serve the south of Boston Mass area. Her therapist was very happy to learn of this agency cause now she can recommend this to many other patients! Maybe I'll be helping lots of people get the help so many of us need!    

3.30.16 around 1pm

I used the landline to let the office know of my plan to run a brain injury support group @ the clubhouse on 4/14/16 @ 7pm! I spoke with the manager, she said she would let Lynn know. I also gave my primary email so I can get all the bulletins through email! I think that's all the tasks I needed done today! Now to give myself some neuro rest :)! 

3.30.16 going on noon

KJ was ova and again this chick helped me complete many tasks that I was having issues with :)! Most important to me was itunes wasn't playing on my computer! I had to authorize my computer through Itunes! It's so much easier playing my tunes from my computer, everything is right in front of me :)! Now I gutta get up off my asx and load more songs on my Iphone! I nailed down a date and time to start the brain injury support group at the clubhouse too, 4/14/16 @ 7pm! I've gutta go to the office and let Lynn know she can have bulletins made up and posted at every building:)! KJ's gonna attend    my 1st mtg too :)!

3.29.16 around 9pm

Tomorrow KJ's gonna make a home visit after 8.30 am! I've got everything done in preparation for this, med box filled, KJ list complete! Looked around to see if any spot needs attention, I'm ready :)! 

3.29.16 after 8pm

I've been to hics today! We had someone from independence associates come in to do a presentation! That's a great agency for people with disabilities! All the things they offer are pretty much provided to me from hics though so I started to think maybe this is a agency that could help Lisa! I asked if they offer case management, the guy said they do! I texted Lisa and told her of the agency! She's gonna call them tomorrow while at her therapist's appointment! That's great at the appt cause the therapist can back her up! That's why Jesus saved me, to help others in need!

3.28.16 around 9pm

Tomorrow I'm gonna do hics :)! I've got no medical appointments in fact the only thing I've got left with my kidney issues is dr.Tracy want another cat scan done to make sure no stones are left!

3.28.16 around 7pm

I had a homemaker come but it wasn't Micheala! The thing with someone different is I've  gutta show where everything is and explain how Micheala does things! She did okay but I like how micheala does it so much better!


I couldn't do the YMCA today cause I wasn't feeling well this morning :(! I'm feeling much better now! I just think it wouldn't be a smart thing to start back at less than %100! I've still got Michaela (homemaker) showing at 4pm ! I've gutta ask her to start my laundry! I never got to it Sunday and I felt like shxt this morning so I'm gonna utilize my benefit of having homemaker service :)!

3.27.16 after 9pm

I never got to my laundry today. I spent most of today processing how to text from my computer using my cell phone. It's really cool how this works. I can send vids, pics, and even files too! I'm still learning though, I'm not good at this yet but I've been texting back and forth with Lisa today using my desktop :)! Tomorrow I'm going back to the YMCA for the 1st time since my surgeries! I've gutta start out slow but that will be hard for me! We will see :)!

3.26.16 around 9.30pm

All of a sudden I've got a busy day tomorrow! I've gutta take a ride to the store first thing! Then I've got my laundry to fight through! Loading the machines is no problem its just getting it all straitened out and put away after what the dryer does to them! It's not that it's a real hard thing to do but, with my severe spastisody combined with my slowed thinking process, that's what makes this such a project! The great thing is I CAN do it :)!

around 7.30pm

After I finally got out of my own way today, I took a ride to Wg's and got what I needed to last the week! I stopped at the store and got something that mysteriously disappeared by the time I got home :(, that cost $25. too :(! I'm gonna have to go there tomorrow and replace the item :(! I'll carry it in a different place this time. I won't get pissed at myself this time but if it happens again then I'm not learning from my mistake and I'll get real angry! 

3.26.16 around 2pm

I finally got my act in gear this morning! It's just hard living with tbi to concentrate on the steps it takes just to walk out the door! Today I gutta take a ride to Wg's and get the provisons I need for the week ahead! My foot (corn) seems to be causing me immense discomfort today! I've just gutta suck it up and get the things I need done!   

3.24.16 around 8pm

I've been all out of sorts today and I had no idea why! Then I figured out why! It's because I'm out of my weekly routine! No hics today cause all the staff went to the mbia conference! I would love to go to this but no transportation to Marlborough Mass! :( Mbia- mass.brain injury association. 

3.22.16 around 8pm

Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit after 8.30am! I've done my tasks to prepare for this, filled my med box, made a KJ list, I think that's all I need to do. I'm gonna turn in early tonight cause of neuro fatigue!

3.21.16 around 9pm

This is the weirdest thing, I checked "the ride's web site earlier and my trips for tomorrow were not there! I just checked again and I have pick up times for tomorrow! So tomorrow I am doing hics.

3.21.16 after 7pm.

I was gonna do hics tomorrow but I went to the web site and my trips were canceled. I've been told if their is a change in my trips, leave it cause it must be KJ making the change. I'm hoping that's why cause I remember doing that trip! Michaela was ova and cleaned my whole apartment! She washed my bed sheets and did all my laundry :)! 

3.20.16 around 5.15pm

I just found out about an app from verizone that lets you send and receive text messages from my cell phone on my pc :)! This makes doing texts so much easier for me! My spasticity and an on screen keyboard really doesn't work well at all. I've yet to have a conversation using this though! I'm not doing laundry today cause I think this is the week my homemaker washes my bed sheets! I'm not one to pay two times in one week doing laundry!

3.20.16 after 2.30pm

I just took a ride 2 Wg's and the store :)! Wg's cause they called and said a scrip was ready, the store cause we're gonna get a storm, make sure I've got enough smokes! It was kind of cold out but my bike gets me there and back very quickly :)!

3.19.16 after 5pm

Lisa and I have been to Walmart via "the ride" and she purchased a smartphone for under $60 only to call verizone to find out they don't support that type of phone :(! I'm determined one way or another I'm gonna get this chick internet!


Today the plan is to go to Walmart in Quincy with Lisa via "the ride".We're looking for a cell phone that can get the internet! She is gonna purchase it so we're looking for a good quality phone at a reasonable price! 

3.18.16 after 6.50pm

I just got in from a tenant's mtg at the clubhouse! They do it much better now, they go around the table and ask every tenant their concerns! I brought up how the first mtg we had I volunteered to run a brain injury support group but I had mentioned it to the office many times and was told I'd have to rent the clubhouse! I started saying that's not right! I'm volunteering my time to run it and they want $ from me? Everyone thought that was a great idea and we're moving ahead with getting this started :)! There are many people living here who have brain injuries, abi and tbi, this gives me the chance to share my vast knowledge of brain injury and help other survivors :)!This gives me great purpose in life.:)

3.18.16 around 11am

Young adults aren't like we were in the late 70's and early 80's! I can't say all are like this but most seem self absorbed with their own wants! They seem to overlook the NEEDS of others pursuing these wants! It starting to spread to some of us more experienced adults too! I just think some people don't care how much they hurt others on the way to satisfying their WANTS!  

3.17.16 around 8.30pm

I've been to hics today :)! We had a st. Patricks day party! That means free food :)! The best part was a lady survivor made brownies and they were so, so GOOD! :) I got my snail mail today and I got a hics calendar of upcoming events! The spring fling was on it. I wasted no time asking a chick to go with me! She is gonna see if she can and let me know soon! That's a good thing cause if she can't gives me the opportunity to ask many other chicks :)!  

3.16.16 around 3.30pm

I took a ride to Wg's cause I only had 1/2 jar of coffee creamer left and no Coke zero! This survivor needs his caffeine to stay alert all day! I also got a fiber one treat! I got cheesecake bars ;)! 

3.16.16 around 11.30am

KJ was ova and we were able to scan that document I got from my pcp's office and email it to Ali @ the YMCA :)! She land lined me and responded to my mail, where I've got a dialogue started through email, that's what works best for me :)! She helped with my Iphone too! I've just gutta remember to go to songs in my music to get all my tunes! Now I can load more tunes from my cd collection :) ! I worked WITH KJ on everything but how we did it all has left my brain now! This living with tbi really sux! The good thing is I've got super great support :)! 

3.15.16 around 9pm

Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit then it's up in the air as to what I'll do next :)! Med box all filled with my meds for next week, KJ list complete! I'm ready now to get some much needed rest :)!

3.15.16 around 4pm

I didn't do hics today cause my right little toe was causing me great discomfort! The only way I get relief is to not put a sneaker or shoe on my right foot :(! I did take a ride to the store though. I must take my right sneaker off as soon as I get in the door :(! I'm not gonna get bummed about this though, my life is way too good :)!

3.14.16 before 9am

Today I'm going to my pcp's office to see the nurse practitioner to hopefully   fill out the documents I've got to be able to go back to the YMCA :)! I was thinking after that's done how am I gonna get them to Ali? KJ said she would fax them over for me but I've gutta find a way of doing it myself! I put my brain to work and came up with an idea! I could scan the documents then email them to Ali then bring the originals with me when I go there! :) 

3.13.16 around 4pm

I just got in from taking a ride to Wg's and I think I remembered to get everything I went there for :)! The tbi was fighting me though! I take my bike and bring it inside and park it in front of the make up, them I get a carriage to not only hold my stuff but my balance too! The thing is that I got very tired walking the store! There are chairs by the pharmacy, I had to take a break and sit for while! I needed some more items and I asked what aisle theigue factor sinking  in, I was still able to remember the things I needed! :y were in. They were at opposite sides of the store! When this survivor is feeling fatigued bad things could happen. I sucked it up though and completed my mental list! The great thing is even with the fatigue factor sinking in I was still able to remember all my needs! ;)

3.12.16 after 11pm

I'm up late (for me) tonight cause I booked all my trips for the week! I've gutta do my laundry tomorrow and take a ride to Wg's! It seemed I should do one of tomorrow's tasks tonight :)!

3.12.16 after 8.30pm

Tomorrow I gutta take a ride to Wg's! I did go to Roxies today but they didn't have all my needs for the month there! I still need my toiletries, toothpaste, deodorant- spray, quick easy meals, cookies, and cologne! I worked a bit on a order today too! My dentist recommended I get an electric toothbrush! I found one there and put it in my cart! I should be able to afford a Wm order this month, after paying all my bills, making a roxies trip, the only things left to be auto wd from checking is, $377. life ins, $650. rent, $60-$90 electricity, and I've got a little over $1,600 left :)! This survivor does well with his limited fixed income :)!    

3.12.16 getting to 4pm

I've been to Roxies market in Quincy today :)! I took my scooter there the thing about this was narrow aisles in that store, when a carriage was coming the other way, it was challenging for me to squeek  by! I got my bag of chicken parts :)! It wasn't as I remember it though, the way it was wrapped seemed way different to me.  Still the same quantity though so I'll have to just cook 1/2 of it tomorrow and freeze the other 1/2 :)! I also found some small ham steaks:)! Plenty for just me! On the return trip there was a lady who also was shopping there that lived in my building at Ramblewood! I couldn't get all I need for the month there so I'm gonna have to take a ride to Wg's and get things like toothpaste and other toiletries but that's gonna have to wait until tomorrow, this survivor in overwhelmed and neuro fatigued! I came home and immediately started brewing a pot of coffee :)! 

3.11.16 around 8.30pm

Tomorrow I've got trips to Roxies market in Quincy! I'm hoping I can still get that bag of chicken breast and leg parts! Then this weekend I'll make my crockpot chicken! This will be the 1st time I've made this since my coma! In N.Quincy it's legendary! 

3.11.16 7.30-8pm

I paid all my bills using Google chrome today and found this to be a much better browser than IE! This saves all logon information and pws! I even paid Masshealth without any issues!

3.11.16 around 6pm

I paid all my bills that didn't get automatically withdrawn from my account! I believe most tbi survivors need a representative payee to help handle their finances! I took control of mine shortly after my discharge from Braintree rehab! I don't mean to sound conceded but I've gutta give myself a lot of credit for how I've been able to handle all aspects of living an independent life :)! If it wasn't for online bill paying  I'd need help cause of my writing issues! This survivor has the smarts to master the computer then the internet, and make it work for him! I guess my brain injury affected me more physically than cognitively!

3.11.16 around 10am

I got up and did my normal routine, start coffee, check online bank accounts, check upcoming trips. This is very important cause I've got two trips that are out of the ordinary trips! Saturday I plan to go to Roxies market in Quincy mass! I want to get the bag of chicken I used to get to make my crock pot chicken :)! I'm forgoing a peapod order this month to stock up on my meats! I've also got a trip planned to see the nurse practitioner at my pcp's office! I've got all the paperwork I got from Ali at the YMCA to be filled out and I'm told this is the way to go about getting this task done! I really miss my workouts at the YMCA! I believe that helps my overall health! I've been bothered by neuro fatigue lately and I think that's a lack of exercise! That's a term I'm probably gonna use quite frequently! I'm always trying  to think of ways of progressing and that tends to use all I've got mentally! That in turn drains me of everything phys…

3.10.16 around 6pm

I,ve got ladies saying "hi handsome" and other things with that! If people keep saying it, it must be true! If so why am I not in a relationship! The only thing I can think of is all the ladies are unsure about a brain injury survivor :(! 

3.10.16 after 4pm

I've been to hics and the last group was memory group. That's where we learn ways of improving our memory! Today JR did an exercise where everyone got a dime, we were told to look at it for a while! This being memory group, I tried to soak up as much information as I could! I focused on remembering the date on the dime, it was 1998! Then he asked us what the date was on our dime. After everyone said the date he started asking us to name the date on other survivors dimes! Then other things about the dime. This was a great group! It really worked our memories hard! Oh when I was asked to name another survivor's date on his dime naturally I was right :)!

3.9.16 around 9pm

I had fun at trivia night tonight! We ended up playing like a jeopardy game! The thing that hurt me was we had to raise our hand when we knew the question to the answer! That seemed to be too much for my brain to handle! I wasn't able to find what I needed to in my brain and make all the connections to raise my hand! My life is filled with challenges! At least I had a super fun night :)! 

3.9.16 around 11am

KJ was ova for our home visit and although I'm a little foggy about went down I think I was 100% on loading my med box :)! She goes through my snail mail every week to help me understand it better! This week I had something from the IRS! I thought it was concerning my online account with them but in reality it was a letter saying they believe a 3rd party was trying to use my ss # for something! They gave me landlines to call and prevent this from happening! We called one and the automated phone system got me so confused I had to hand the phone to KJ and let her try and work her way through! This survivor is so grateful he's got KJ's help cause I got lost even just listening to her navigate through this system! Talk about neuro fatigue I've got it now  big time! I think we got it done and I believe I'm gonna get a snail mail concerning this along with a copy of my credit report! KJ's the bestest :)! 

3.8.16 around 9pm

Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit after 8.30am then I'm gonna go to hics for rec, trivia night :)! For me trivia works my brain hard! I know the answer to most questions but I've gutta find it in my injured brain then try to make the connections to verbalize the answer! It sounds so easy but I've got a limited amount of neurons left to complete the task! I believe if I keep working my brain it will find new pathways to get the information out!

3.8.16 after5 pm

I've been to hics and the last group was mood management! We were discussing stress and how it affects the whole body! Then some ways of dealing with it! I got kind of confused as to the difference between anxiety and stress! I'm still confused about it but we are gonna have a group about anxiety in the future! I hope it's on a day I've got no medical appointments cause anxiety is the one thing that seems to be bothering me the most at this stage of my journey with tbi! First dr. Katz spoke about brain injury! I could tell this man speaks a lot about brain injury. We were able to ask a lot of questions too and you know I wanted to ask many! I tried to ask things that would be beneficial to all survivors though! I asked if he could talk about what happens when we age with tbi! I've done my research on this   subject and kind of know but to just hear it from him to know I'm understanding my research correctly! He never said this but from what I've read we are…

3.8.16 around 7.30am

Today is payday :)! My ssdi check is due today and clears by tomorrow :)! I should have my driver drop me off @ Wg's today, I need protein shakes and ck on meds! I've gutta get my head back in the game of life! 

3.8.16 around7am

I finally got to sleep last night, my mind just couldn't stop focusing on who's next from SHS class of "76"! I'm one lucky guy I'm not one of the departed from my class! I'm doing hics today :)!

3.7.16 after 9.15pm

I'm gonna do hics tomorrow! I've got to get my brain thinking of something other than Tommy! I remember the late 1970's and early 80's hanging with all the Bilbo brothers! I still find this hard to believe! I've gutta make it to our 40th class reunion!

3.7.16 after 7pm

After learning of Tommy's passing this morning I'm positive I made the right choice to treat my prostate cancer immediately before it had spread! I was told by many you don't have to do anything right now! I wanted to make it GONE though! The radiation seeds burt that tumor off,one of the best  choices I've ever made :)!

3.7.16 around noon

I was gonna go to see the nurse practitioner at my pcp's office just to get something saying I'm good to start working out at the YMCA again but I don't have the paperwork Ali gave me to be filled out! My neurologist in coming to hics to speak about brain injury and I think KJ and my plan is to hit him up to do what's needed! I can't tell you how much I miss going to the YMCA!!

3.6.16 after4.40pm

I've been to the Apple store in the south shore mall and got discouraging news about my old Iphone. The technician there took the battery out and tried a new one with the same result :(! My old Iphone is junk! That makes me come to the conclusion that Apple products have poor longevity!  I was thinking of an Ipad too! No way now, if my first apple product just lasted a little over a year that's pitiful! I'm gonna see how my new Iphone does but if I have any issues with that I will leave Apple forever :(! 

3.6.16 around 9.50am

I land lined Lisa this morning to make sure she was still gonna go. It's just my past experiences with this chic of canceling at the last moment! Then we're gonna come to my apartment and see if I can add that phone as an extra line on my account! Then she will be able to share everything my plan has to offer, unlimited data, texting, and what free minuets I have for calls! She knows though if she must make a call to use her safelink phone and to NEVER dail 411! I shared my plan before and there was a lot of  411 calls on the bill and I was charged over $2 per call! The main thing is to finally give her internet access :)! 


Today I'm going to the Apple store with Lisa via "the ride"! We're gonna see if someone there can get my 1st Iphone to work! We were also thinking of getting lunch there someplace too!

3.5.16 around 8pm

Tomorrow Lisa and I are taking "the ride" to south shore mall in Braintree Ma! I've gutta go to the Apple store to remove the battery from my 1st I phone! Hopefuly I've just gutta remove and reset it and it will work! If not I don't want to have to buy a new battery!

3.5.16 around 5pm

I've been to Wg's and picked up that med! I got a few other stuffs too! I've gutta be careful though, it's the end of my pay period and I've gutta make sure I have at least $100 in my checking account!

3.5.16 after 1.50pm

Lisa and I didn't go to the verizone store today cause her son told her you have to go to an Apple store! There is an Apple store at the south shore mall in Braintree! "The ride" can take us there! I booked a trip for tomorrow and I said a PCA is going with me! Pca's can go with a client for free! That will save me $6 round trip :)! Now I've gutta take a ride to Wg's to pick up a med and some other stuffs!


Today I needed to take a ride to the store 1st thing after showering and coffee! Then I did laundry, its been almost three weeks since I've done it! I booked Monday's trip today cause I'm not gonna stress about getting that trip done in time! Tomorrow Lisa is gonna drive us both to the Verizon store in Braintree Ma. They will have a tool that can take the battery out of my older Iphone :)! 

3.3.16 around 8.50pm

Thinking of what I should do tomorrow is laundry! I haven't done it in almost three weeks! I've got nothing else going on tomorrow so that would be very good time management! Maybe take a ride to the store too :)! 

3.3.16 after 8.15pm

I hads hics today :)! I was asked by a staff member on a scale of 1-10 rate your memory. I said six. I said six cause I'm constantly working on it in all that I do! He didn't think that was realistic and gave me a test. He wanted me to remember how many games the Redsox were projected to win this year. I focused on 60. This was in the 1st group of the day! Two groups passed and my concentration had been all over the place! Then he asked me and I said 60! Somehow my brain got locked on 60!