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5.31.17 around 6.45pm

I was gonna go to Dave&Busters for dinna and planning for rec events for June but I twisted my body and got massive pain in my ribs :(. I thought it would be best to take a pain med and try to ease my pain! 

5.31.17 after 10.45am

KJ was ova with the newest staff member for her 2nd visit to my place :)! I look at this as quite an honor to be chosen as the client to take all new staff to see what is done at home visits! I'm one that works hard on progressing and I guess it shows! I'm the model survivor :) 

5.31.17 after 8.15am

KJ is making a home visit this morning then I was gonna meet hics at dave and busters for dinna and planning for rec events but I have no ride scheduled :(! My ribs still are causing me great pain! I got my Botox shots yesterday but that doesn't help rib pain!  

5.27.17 after 9.30pm

Redsox win :)! A magnificent performance by Brian Johnson! Then I watched cruising New England and started dreaming about if I didn't get a tbi. I would either buy or rent a garage and collect cars and bikes! No child support to pay now so that would be $521 a week to play with :)!

5.26.17 around 11am

I took an Ibuprofen 600mgs last night and it seemed to help me sleep soundly:)! I got up, started moving around and all the pain came rushing back :(! Today I've gutta get my tail going and scoot to the store!

5.25.17 after 9.15pm

Today a nurse came ova to check on me! She checked all my vital sighs, listened to my breathing, asked me if I had any pain, I sad yes, I'm in a lot of pain! I did say the new pain med helps ever so slightly though! Best part of today was chatting with my not so little princess!

5.25.17 around 8.30am

I got up this morning, started moving around, and the pain begun to increase so bad I had to cancel hics today :(! I've taken an opioid to try to make it somewhat bearable! I've gutta try and alternate my concentration to something other than this awful pain!  

5.14.17 after noon

"Mothers of the world, ovation and celebration, may this day be yours" I wish I could take credit for this quote but it was what Alexia said after I said "good morning" to her. I still miss mine, she passed before I accomplished my greatest goal, to get back total independence! I take pride in the fact I was able to make her proud as she left the flesh by saying and writing that speech I gave at her service. 

5.13.17 around 11pm

Peapod finally arrived at 8.30pm then I had to put it all away! Then make myself some dinna. So today I've taken a scoot to Wg's, they called and asked if I want to get a refill on one of my meds, I said "yes" they said it would be ready Sunday so I said to the pharmacist can I get that now? Tomorrow they say rain! I picked up two meds today. My order from stop&shop came,  then put all the stuffs away and I ran out of freezer space so the items that could overflowed to the fridge! This survivor has been on the go all day!  

5.9.17 8.30-9pm

s o 69,This an activity we did today! We had a hint, is a song and who's the artist? I got this before she got done writing it! Summer of "69" by Bryon Adams :)! We do types of stuff like this all the time, it's exercising our brains :)! Carmen starts coming on Tuesdays next week not today. She'll be here on Thursday this week! Tomorrow, KJ makes a home visit then I'm going to hics for karaoke night! I wanna do "counting blue cars" by Dishwalla and "the old apartment"  by bnl! Should be fun :)!

5.8.17 nearing 9pm

I never got to doing laundry today but I spoke with my homemaker on Friday or Saturday she is gonna come on Tuesdays from now on. I'll have Carmen start it then I'll get it after it's done drying. Tomorrow I'm going to hics :)! Thursday after hics I've got a doctors appointment right across the street from hics! Lets see if they get this right, the last time I saw this doctor at this place they went to hics looking for me! Lets hope it doesn't happen again! 

5.7.17 around 10.20pm

I was thinking today, I wonder if assistive technology would come over and help me to network all my devises so they could file share! I do know there is some way utilizing my wireless network! Most everything is on my desktop but it would be so cool if I'm away from it I could use my Iphone to look up a file on my desktop :)! I'll ask KJ see what she thinks :)!
  Laundry day has officially been moved to Monday! A friend always says to me "why ruin your weekend by doing laundry on Sunday? I did it then cause I used to have the YMCA on Monday! I'm still waiting on my membership so I have it free now! I did some cleaning today, remembered I needed to book one trip today, made dinna, had Ellios frozen pizza! That is so much better when cooked in the oven then nuked! The biggest accomplishment today was remembering I needed to call "the ride" to book one return trip :)!

5.3.17 after 9.20pm

Today has been a full day! Started with KJ's home visit! I was perfecto on filling my med box again, must be 7-8 weeks in a row now :)! Tonight I met hics at Applebee's in N.Quincy for dinna and planning! Tomorrow I plan to go to hics. Then when I get home I'm gonna file a complaint with "the ride" for that "f" up with Tuesday's trips! I'm gonna "cc" KJ, the MBTA directly, my state rep, state senator, congressman, and anyone else who comes to mind! I'm real angered about this poor excuse for a service taking advantage of me!

5.2.17 nearing 10am

My ride was late this morning (go figure) so they called  me and said "we had many drivers call in sick  today and we're gonna have to put you on will  call". This sux, almost every time I'm put on will call my ride seems to never materialize!

5.1.17 after 8.15am

I'm looking at my hamper and there just doesn't seem to be enough there to constitute spending $4 to do a load! I'm gonna skip it for now, if I am running low I can always have my homemaker start it on Thursday! Now I've freed up my day. I could use some things from Wgs, maybe that's what I'll do for today. I've checked my trips for this week and didn't find any discrepancies, my bank accounts are fine, this survivor is doing everything right in leading a successful independent life:)!