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2.28.11 pm

Ive had a great day!I had a great workout,made a great nuked dinna!Just being free is the bestest thing!Now I can work on my puter in comfort,that makes all the difference being comfortable :)!.


I had a great workout today at the "y"!I worked with Sherill,The lady who runs the partnership program!It was good to work with her cause she knows the machines and how I can get the most benefit from doing Nautilus!:).


The only thing Ive got goin on today is I go to the ymca for my nauhtillis training but,Im sure I can find plenty of other tasks to do like clean all my glass!


I was planning a steak dinna but,nothing was cooking!I have power surge strips all my appliances plug into so I tried screwin with them!Didnt do anything so I coulnt tell if the recepticals where also tripped!I got Bobby next door to take a look see.What I did was when I turn off and on my surge protector I gutta remember there are two things Ive got to press for it to power up!Sometimes I just feel so ignorent!

Things to do today

I didn't go to church so Ive gutta keep busy doing other things!There is plenty to keep me busy for a little while.I'mthinkin of doin laundry,there is not much but,keeping up with it!I could do some vacuuming too!Maybe Ill do them both at the same time!Multitasking,I know I shouldn't multitask but,you know me,Ive got to push the envelop


I think I did well food shoppin,just things are so expensive!I usually try to get my scented candles there but,they wanted ova $10 for a small jar candle so I got a few kinda votive candles,they where .79 each!I used to go to a candle store in Quincy called "candles in the wind"!I dont know if its still there.I got all my smelly shxt there!They had a great selection of incence their too and candle holders too,exotic candle holders!


I go food shoppin this morning and I have a script to be filled plus Ive got some meds I'm out of,Ive just got to remember to bring the empty containers!


Okay,I know I had a great day so what did I do?I went to the "y" for nauhtillis training!I got to work with the young and very pretty Alie!She had all the machines ready for me!Id get done with one and the next one was already set up for me!Thats a good thing cause it also then works my cardio!I got home,then worked on cutting my toenails!That was very hard for me but,I did it and no blood :)!I then decided to look at my desktop!I took just one cover off,checked all connections,tried it with nothing connected,lights where coming on so I connected all the wires,it worked :)!So yes,Ive had the greatest of days:)!


I opened my puter to see if their was anything not connected!Everything looked good to me so I just made sure all the connections where tight!I made this post with my desktop :)!


Im thinking bout looking inside my desktop to see if maybe there is just something loose or dissconnuterted!I put ram in one of my older puters b4 so I believe I can do it.

great visit

I saw dr.Musto,had a blood test to check my psa leval,he said "its so low I'm surprised" and he recomends no treatment :)!Makes me so happy when I think of all I've been through,it almost brings tears to my eyes!Cancer has met its match,its beaten :)!


Ive got an appt. with my onclogist today!We are gonna check my psa level to see if there has been any change to it in the last two weeks!I still believe my cancer is gone thou but,Im blessed with the very best care!

be happy

It really sux I or my desktop fell and now dosnt work but,Im getting more comfortable with my laptop on my desk and now I:) can take my netbook in my bedroom!Ive got my laptop hardwired to my router so I can manage my wireless network and not loose conection!I think Ill see if the puter store can fix my desktop but,this time Ill ask cmD if he can drop it off for me!I was just tring to be as indpendent as I thought I could be but,this didnt work out :(!Ive just got to realize things I should wait untill I get the proper help for and stop tring to be a superman!JR came through big time!He got me the cd that came though broke for my wii game system!

"f"ed up

I was all excited to get my desktop back I really wasnt being carefull and my desktop fell from my scooter and now it wont start up :(!I dont know what Im gonna do now!In the mean Ive moved my laptop to my desk to try to get as comfortable as I can!This really sux being tbi,geesh!

h v

CmD was ova and he had to admit 4 a single guy my place looks great!I like to think it looks great for anyone,guy,girl,whatever!I like to think its cause b4 my coma I was living just Kenny and I plus having my girls every Tuesday and Thursday night and every other weekend!I always had a crowd there too!I lived accross the street from Kennys high school so I was always having at least one stay for dinna!So all you people who didnt think I was ready,including former case managersIN YOUR FACE :)

giving up

I give up tring to beat this virus!I got it to boot up but,it wouldnt let me run a virus scan!Oh well its loaded in my scooter to go to the puter store tomorrow!

still tring

Im still tring to get my desktop to work properly,I guess Ill bring to the puter store and let them flush it out!I had the "y"today and I worked with another pretty young student!


Ive been tyring to get my desktop to boot up but,no luck!Ive made it a little more comfy on my netbook!Still not near as my dt.Ive unplugged it from the power source see if that works.Thankfully I have vast resources to stay connected!


I cancelled my trips to and from church today cause it seems Ive got alot to do!My maid is stoppin by at 3 to drop off my laundry card,Ive got to take a scoot to walgreens!See if I can find trash bags and spoungs,pick up a Sunday paper too!After I get my card back,do a load of laundry!


AHH an afternoon cup of coffee!I love living without any restrictions!I love havin an afternoon cup of french vanilla coffee!Its been a long time since Ive had the freedom to do this!


I go food shopping at stop and shop in Braintree this morning!I got in touch with my maid and she does have my laundry card!Shes gonna drop it off late afternoon today!At least I wont have to buy another card!I have a list for stop and shop but,I want to glance it ova,then shop on memory,then just check it when Im done!Im always working on my progress!:)


CmD made a home visit,we did all the tasks we usually do but,I sometimes make my creditors wait for thier money as long as I dont get a late charge!Verizone is one,they will get thier money when Im God blessad ready to pay them :)!

2.17.11 pm

This was a busy day!I had hics,that was great!CmK had us do some more activaties that work the brain hard!I kinda got what I was supposed to do but,it involved writting!I just get so frustraited whenever I have to try and get my right hand to do what I tell it to :(!JR is still a sore LOOSER!He tries to say I cheated but,with electronic scoring there is no way to cheat!HES only being a sore looser!All in fun though but,Im the winner :)!The meeting with Marlene,the new resident service coordinator went well!She wants me to call her cause she thinks I can get things cheaper!My maid was over too!A busy day,just the way I like it :)!Tomorrow cmD is gonna make a home visit at 8.30 am,Ive got the "y" too,gutta keep busy!


Im kinda busy today :)!Ive got hics,I had to book a ride to arrive home at 2 pm cause of a meeting with the new resident service coordinator,my maid is also gonna come today!

rec 2.16.11

Bowling was so much fun!JR and I were tied after nine frames so we start talking shxt to each other!He says "if you win Ill buy your dinna for everytime bowling for a year,if I win you clean my office for a year" but,what he didnt know is when the pressures on jamies at his best!Knowing that myself I said no I dont want to take your money!The 10th frame I got a spare and I have no clue what he got but,I won that little battle!

role model

I just saw something on tv bout bullieing.Made me think back to a time when I was dropping my girls off at moms house and mom started throwing punches at me,in my face!I didnt get hurt by any of her blows,I just grabbed her arms and twisted untill she calmed down.Then after I got back in my car,called Quincy police and said "Ive just been assalted"!The police came,arrested her,so she had to spend a few hours in the blue light motel!I had to go down to the station to fill out some info but,she tore my shirt so I had to go home and change it!Kenny said "what happend"I told him his mother assaulted me so he wanted to go to the station with me.I told them what had happend and said she has just got to know she cant do this anymore!So why am I sharring this?I just was showing my kids the right way to handle a difficult situation!Thats part of being a good role model!That show made me remember that incident!I think I did the right thing and hopefully my kids learned from …


My weekly routine keeps changing ever so slightly,cmD is not making a home visit today but,I do have rec!We are going bowling tonight at Boston bowl!That means the bestest steak and cheese calzone for dinna :)!

rec tomorrow

I havnt got a home visit tomorrow but,I am gonna go to rec,we are gonna go bowling at Boston bowl,that means the bestest steak and cheese calzone Ive eva tasted :)!

2.15.11 pm

Since Ive been home Ive made dinna,did a little vacuming,cleaned up after dinna but,not much to clean up just my George Forman grill but,I got it done :)!Now I can relax and listen to my tunes:)!

2.15.11 afternoon

Hics was great today!Im tring to remember what went on,OH yes,we had groups,current issues and brain injury education!Im bi edu I remember JR talking bout venting,different ways of venting as he called a friend and left him a venting voice mail :)!I tend to do all my or most of my venting through my blog but,since Ive got my own place now,I havnt had too much of a need to vent!Sure there are some things Id like to have,do but,Im just so happy living in MY own place,everything else seems minor!Im really happy being the king of my castle :)!


Ive got hics today :)!Ive been thinking about writing another piece for my home page but,I think Ill just post a note in fb,Im thinking of calling it,choices!I choose to be happy,why cant we all choose to be happy!I can explain all that Ive lost and all my issues living with tbi but,still I choose to be happy!If I can do it Im sure we all can!


Lisa was just ova :)!She had just been to a wake for an aunt that had just passed.She needed someone to talk with,I'm just glad she could talk with me.I have very sympathetic ears.I'm just happy to be here for her!

Tring to remember today

Today I went to church this morning,I missed going the past couple weeks and all the members were concernd about me!Kinda makes me feel good,they really care :)!I did laundry too today!Never got to tring out my new mop!Tomorrow cmD is gonna make a home visit at 8 am then I go to the "y" for my nauhtilis training!I guess I am a busy guy :)!

2.13.11 mid afternoon

The only thing Ive been able to accomplish this afternoon is booking my rides for the week.I had to make sure on my Thursday return from hics I make an arrival time of 2 pm at home cause they are having a meeting here about this new person that just started!Her job tittle is multi-site resident services coordinator!Shes gonna help residents enhance their quality of life by providing information,referal and supportive sevices,as well as introducing programs that can promote independant living!Sounds like something I want to be here for!

church 1.13.11

Church was great this morning!Ive got to remember sevice starts at 9.30 am from now on but,my return driver came early:)!Ive got the kewlest paster!We were learning what it means to be a good christen.In the spirit of valentines day,one thing Jesus tauht us was to love everybody.Paster rich said I think "I dont know if I even like everybody",thats really down to earth!Its things like this that makes me love this church :)!
Now Ive got to focus on things I want to do around here!Im thinkin of doing a load of laundry,washing my kichen floor,with my new mop.Ive got to clean this puter screen!Im hoping to run into Lisa!I made her a valentine present!I just burt her another cd but,she really appreasiated the last one,get my good guy points up there I hope :)!

2.12.11 pm

Ive had a sort of busy day!I did my food shoppin,had to take some time and organize my freezer!Its not perfect but,adaquit!Made lunch then dinna,found links dealing with tbi,then shared them on fb!Im going to church tomorrow,no excuses,my pick up times seem resonable so I can spend some quality time with my savior :)!

to do

Things Ive got to get done,1,rewrite my card with all up to date info,try to get in touch with Cara.She had said when I get my own place she would help me organize things!I really dont need any help,cmD has givin me lots of help and its a very functoinal,safe place but,she has been a great support since early in my progression,I guess I just want to show off how far Ive come!Im not being or showing conciete,Im just proud of what Ive been able to accomplish :)!Im thinking too its time I should write another chapter in my home page.I like what my fb friend Arnie has but,I dont need another page to maintain so when I get around to it Ill just add to !

oncologist visit

That was an okay visit with my doctor.He took some blood to check my psa levels and is gonna check it again on 2.24 @11.45 to see if its any different!I got a little scared that my cancer was comming back and I'd have to go throu kemotherapy!He said there were other treatments before all that but,anyway I wont need anything cause I'm certain I beat prostrate cancer!Bri was here when I got home and of corce asked me how it went!At that point she made me realize exactly how much her Daddy means to her!Kinda made me a little teary eyed but,only cause I realized just how important I am to her,Bri nothing to worry about!Im gonna be here a long,long time :)!


Today Im kinda busy!I see a doctor (oncologist) but,Im not really sure why dr. Star wanted me to see him.My psa count he said was a little high but,he didnt want to take a look at my prostrait.Im certain my cancer is gone for good :)!Then I go from there to the "y".


I took my time getting organized today cause cmD wasnt making a home visit and Im not leaving for hics (rec) untill 2.36 or so they say!Just been hangin listening to tunes :)!

2.7.10 pm

Ive had just the bestest day!I had a great workout at the "y" came home and saw Lisa in the hallway!I offerd my help getting her connected to the internet but,I couldnt get her puter to recognize the wireless networks in the bld,even mine!We talked for a long time,learning about each other,shes a real good lady,a mother,good mother,she also is a christen!That is very important!I really had a great time hangin out with Lisa so I burt her a cd,we talked about music we like so all I had to do was burn a copy of buzz balleds same one I did for Bri!


Today Im goin to the "y" for my nauhtillis training!I see the fire dptm in here alot.I wonder why.Hopfully "the ride" dosnt screw up my trips today like the last time!Ive got to get a 9 volt battery for my electronic door opener!It opens the font door to my bld!Its a usefull tool when I use my scooter!

my need to help others

I did have a chance to speak with Lisa yesterday and we were talkin bout puters!She has one but cant afford the net!I was able to connect in this bld b4 I got comcast!Ive found my old wireless adapter,Ive printed a note saying I can help,printed cause of my writing issues,Ill tape it to her door :)!


I was planning on attending church this morning but,my trip to was okay but my return wasnt untill 12.30!I think I booked a return for 12.Oh well next week.

my date cancelled

I went downstairs at about 5 pm,saw Lisa and she said she couldnt go tonight :(!She had good excuseses and said she tried knockin on my door earlier but,tv too loud :(!Another time I guess or next victem :)!


I did well food shopping today except things are too expensive!I found the light bulbs I needed now I gutta figure out how this system goes together!How many tbi survivors does it take to replace a light bulb?


Today is food shopping day!I have trips booked to and from stop and shop in Braintree!Ive got to see if they have the kind of light bulbs I need!I just get my regular stuff plus I want to find ham and cheese lean pockets.Thats my memory test for today:)!


CmD is making a home visit at 8 am this morning,thats early but,Im up :).Then lata I have the "y" for nauhtillis training!Doing resistance training is really making me progess physially,my tremous are much less,even dr.Katze said so!:)


I knew the date all day then I had to use it to title this post,I had to look at my phone to remind me,geesh!Hics was great today,we just had regular groups but,my brain was stimulated all day :)!

Comcast on demand

Comcast "on demand" has "social network" as one of the movies they are offering!I got it cause for me the 2nd time I see it I can understand it better.I really recomend this especially to all you fb users!

doctors appt.

My appt. with dr.Katz went very very well :)!He did a very therough exam today!He checked my reflexes,vision to make sure I dont have like double vision,coordination tests,and the dreaded memory tests!Althou my left side is much more functional than my right,he did say he would recomend a driving eval for me :)!He noticed my treamours where not nearly as bad as they were before but,He was concerd about if I cant go on to the 2nd part of the eval how Id take it mentally!I told him,Ill still have "the ride" and my apt.I think my happiness just generates all around me :)!

Im ready

Im all ready to see dr.Katz!I feel great physicaly,emotionally,mentally!Ive got to clear my mind thou!He always puts me through these memory tests.I usually do pretty well but,when he alternates my consentration its real hard for me!Id say wish me luck but,Im gonna impress him with the amount of progess Ive made :)!


At hics today we watched a movie that Ive been wanting to see badly,social network!Bacically about the startup of facebook!I dont want to tell everything cause you should get it!I was surprised that the creator of fb was friends with the creator of napster but,after fb got big!