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tbi moment

I was checking my rides for tomorrow and I see a ride going to hics!I said something is wrong,then I checked my pocket calendar,I'm going out to lunch!I forgot (go figure)!At hics we all made predictions on the Stanley cup finals,winner to get a free lunch!I picked the B's in 7 :)!

havin fun

It really doesn't take much to amuse me!I'm listening to music choice,the comcast classic rock channel,see a song I like then you tube it,share with facebook!Im really a simple man :)!

events of 6.29.11

DM made a home visit and he brought news,he is going back to school!He is still gonna work at hics but only part time!So he has gutta lighten his workload!He told me this morning,he is NOT gonna be my case manager anymore!DM played a major role in me getting my own place!I can't express how greatfull I am to have had the best case manager Ive ever had!Thanks goes out to DM!You have made this survivors new life a happy one :)!Im looking forward to working closely with KJ,my new case manager!I know pretty big shoes to fill but,I know KJ and she will be up for the chalenge!

Todays happenings

I went to hics,we just had groups but I learned in mens group Dunkin donuts next to hics in closing :(!I guess that kinda addicting anyway but still Im dissapointed!I came home and had to cut open some tennis balls for the legs of my walker!Kind of a pain but its done :)!Tomorrow night for rec we are gonna walk along wollaston beach!Right by where I used to hang out with my harley!Maybe see some old biker buddies :)!

Events of my day

I had a great work-out at the "y" then came home had a drink,scooted to walgreens,stopped at creasent ridge farms got a coffee shake!That place is great cept a little pricey!$5. for a shake but it was gooood :)!Never stopped at the hardware store I figured Im getting by with the lights that are workin now so stop spending :)!

Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me - Hard Rock Live


Today I go to the "y" for my Nautilus training,my return trip is almost 3pm!I'm gonna try to scoot to the hardware store when I finally get home

more independance

I guess I'm kinda blowing my own horn but,I'm kinda proud of me!I was able to go get clothing without any help from anyone except "the ride" and I actually asked a clerk for help at walmart!I was able to get everything I needed except the kind of light bulbs I need,they didn't have them!I need to scoot to the hardware store next to ramblewood!


Ive been to walmart,I was able to get two pairs of I guess gym shorts for cheap money!I also got an old fashioned toster!My toaster oven I dont think did well enough for me with toast!They wanted way too much for blenders so if I still have the need or want for it next month,Ill get one!I stayed well under budjet!


Today Ive got trips booked to and from walmart in Quincy!Ive gutta get some gym shorts that I can use for the "y' and maybe the pool too!Ive got some other items too but,funds permitting!Ive got my list :)!

6.25.11 afternoon

Food shoppin went okay its just hard for me to locate things!I forget what I forgot,geesh!I got notice of a class of "76" reunion in Cohasset!That I CAN go to cause "the ride" services that town!


Today I go food shopping at stop and shop in Braintree,I need a med refilled,I always have issues with backlofin,DM and I did the math yesterday and they should give me a refill!Ive gutta watch what I spend thou cause Ive got a ride booked to walmart tomorrow to try to get some needed items!


Ive got hics today :)!Barbs may be commin ova this afternoon too!My homemaker is supposed to work this afternoon too!Wow,alot to keep in my injured brain but,I CAN do it :)!

6.22.11 pm

I had a great workout at the "y" then I went to hics and played bingo!Won a game and got a $5 gift card to Duncan donuts!I had fun playing bingo!Tomorow is our reseptionist last day at hics :(.We are having a little going away party in honer of Jennifer!I wish Jennifer the best as I know she will make her own way in this world but,she has earned my respect and I know she will succeed in whatever she sets her mind to do!Best of luck to Jennifer!

6.21.11 afternoon

Hics was great but the highlight of my day was seeing the young and very pretty Ellen!I was out having a smoke then out of nowhere Ellen appears :).This young lady has earned my greatest respect!She realized she had a problem and on her own sought out help to beat it!Kudos to Ellen,I'm proud of you!

6.20.11 pm

I had a great appt. with my urologist!My psaleval is being monitored by another doctor and he said he's surprised its so low!I don't have to see him for a year now!I really believe my faith has so much to do with my success with all my medical issues!I went to the "y" after the doctors!I came home and now Im doing laundry cause yesterday I had two of my three young adults over :)!

Dads day

Ive had a great fathers day :)!Kenny and Bri were both here;)!The interaction between the two of them is priceless!Ive had a really good day :)!

6.18 pm

Im looking forward to not having to get up for anything tomorrow but,I do miss church thou!Well there's always next week!I can't seem to wipe this smile off my face,Boston Bruins hockey action!


The rolling rally is today,the B's load up the duck boats and form a parade through the streets of Boston :)! I hope I can see most of it,I go food shopping today at stop and shop in Braintree my return ride is 12 pm!


Ive had a great workout today at the "y"!I forgot the young and very pretty ladies name who worked with me today,darn tbi!Im still elated about the B's!I can't stop watching all the highlights on tv!I get into friendlydisagreements with JR at hics.I say the B's are a team of destiny!He disagrees,you don't win three game sevens and not be considered a team of destiny!I rest my case!

6.13.11 afternoon

Ive had a great workout at the "y" then I got home and wanted to experience some of this nice spring weather so I sat down at the benches outside my building!A neighbor came by and he sat too!Now I gutta cook dinna :)!

a good day

Ive had a pretty good day!Had an enjoyable few large cups of coffee,got all my laundry done for the week,booked my rides,a successful scoot to Walgreen's :)!


I didn't even book a trip to and from church today I knew I needed a day to sleep late!Ive still got some tasks to do,book my rides for the week,some laundry,scoot to walgreens,look around here pick up anything out of place!Its raining out now so maybe Ill start with laundry!I keep hearning about that kid that had his wheelchair stolen!I remember I had to buy one when I first got released from Braintree rehab.I think I paid $800 for it! Thats more than my scooter cost me!Some people just need a good dope slap!


Today I go to stop and shop in Braintree to food shop for the week.Ive gutta see if I bring some expired meds if they will do a refill on it!This is an important med,I take this for migranes!I want to get some neslies quick too!A cup of hot chocolot at night would be great!Too bad about the B's but its a seven game series :)!


Ive worked out at the "y" today!I got home and scooted to the office to get my pool pass while I was there I spoke with Ann about using the community center to house a support group for residents with brain injury!She said to mail her the request so I did.My keyboard seems to be workin okay now,few!


Today I'm going to the scooper bowl with hics!All the icecream I can eat for $9!All the icecream makers will be there just dont loose your spoon :)!

6.6.11 afternoon

I had a great workout today!I came home then my buzzer rings!The DVD set of every season of JAG I ordered came :)!I was able to hold my right hand grip on the rowing machine again but,I must do my reps quickly!


My week starts today!I go to the "y" for nauhtillis training then hics tomorrow,Wednesday,the "y" then bowling with hics,then on Thursday I go to the scooper bowl in Boston!All the icecream I can eat for only $9. :)

proud dad

I'm so proud of my youngest young adult!She moved into her own apartment off campus this week!Lissy,your so much like me!Congrads goes out to Alyssa,you make me very proud :)!


My ride times really didn't work for me to go to church today :(!I must have not clicked on departure time cause they had me there for only 30 mins!


Today I go food shopping at stop and shop in Braintree Mass!Ive got to see if they have ant traps!So many people live in this blding.


I got an e-mail from another resident at ramblewood she got from management saying the pool should be open by the middle of next week :)!That's gonna be so cool!Ive already been asked by a few of the ladies in my blding if I'm gonna go!Hopefully working out will make me even more arrestable!


Today Ive got hics :)!I got the newsletter from ramblewood.They have computers at the office for resident use.Im thinkin about telling them or making up a flyer offering help to anyone who wants to learn the how to's about the internet!Just basic stuff,e-mail,web surfing,and what not to do!


June already,geesh wheres the time going?Today DM is making a home visit at 9 am then Ive got the "y" then rec (hics) we are having a review but mainly FREE pizza!