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5.31.18 around 9/30pm

I had a busy day! Hics then to Braintree rehab to get my pump filled with the med! They all knew about my pump going dry too! That was a situation I could have avoided too! I just didn't recognize the alarm! Live and learn I guess,that will neva happen again!

5.26.18 around 10pm

I got my Wg's scoot in today and stopped at the store to finish my errands out! I just got done doing all my trips for the week! Thursday I've got multiple destinations to  go to! After hics on Thursday I'm going to get my pump refilled! The web site dosen't let me change the destination when booking a round trip! The way I got around this was to book three one-way trips   

5.25.18 around 10.30pm

I had pt today! I just go through all my balance exercises then walk out in the hall! Thats neuro fatiguing  cause I must focus on so many things at the same time!I've got to remember to stand tall, make sure I'm not dragging my right foot and most of all don't fall! Tomorrow I need to scoot to Wgs and pick up some stuffs but gutta be careful,running low on funds! 

5.21.18 around 7.45pm

I got another set of batteries from spin-life!There really trying to keep me as a loyal customer!Now I've got new batteries for all three battery packs :)! That would come to $300 but instead it cost me $100 and an assertive email :)!Tomorrow I've got hics :)! 

5.14.18 nearing 6pm

I thought the new scooter batteries I got from spinlife were no good.I sent them an assertive email saying, I expect you to send me another pair free and I'm not paying any shipping costs! Today UPS brought a new pair :)! 

5.9.18 approaching 9am

Today KJ and HH are making a home visit then I'm gonna go to hics for karaoke night:)! I wanna do "hard to handle" by the black crows and "behind blue eyes" by the who! I'm still thinking about how well I did yesterday at the neurologist :)! 

5.8.18 after 9.30 pm

I had a busy day! I went to hics from there I went to Braintree rehab for a neurologist appt. I was very happy with the way I performed in the memory tests:)! This survivor even did well when my concentration was altered! I quickly repeated the words I was asked to remember! I did really well! This from a guy who's never satisfied,always thinking I can do better! There is no better than I did today, I'm very proud of how I did today :)!

5.6.18 around 9.30pm

I got my writing task  done today. That took a lot out of me! I've got to deal with the frustration of my hand not operating the way I concentrate hard to make it :(! This takes so much out of me!  

5.6.18 around 10am

This is Sunday my day off! The only thing I've gutta do will involve a bit of writing.That is very frustrating for me! I can take my time but once it's there it's there for good! All my worries are gone, my scooter appears to work great! I'm thinking of buying another set of batteries for one of my other battery packs! That will have to wait till my check comes though! 

5.5.18 around 5.45pm

My scooter is working fine now :)! I scooted to Wg's without a problem :)! The power indicator never left full power :)! It's a good thing too cause a med was ready for me! My furinal,would have suxed if I got a migrane! Now gutta see what I got for dinna  !

5.4.18 around 9pm

I had a hunch that maybe my scooter chargers charging light doesn't illuminate cause they're fully charged so I used it to go down to get my snail mail, plugged in the charger and wala, the charging light illuminated :)! I am one very smart tbi survivor! 

5.4.18 after 3pm

HH was here making a special home visit to try to get my new scooter bateries to accept a charge and to help with my blog issues. We got my blog issues all figured out,as you can tell but my batteries are either junk or I need a new battery box! I'm a little bit bummed about my scooter but I'm super happy about my blog;)!