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3.31.13 2.30 pm

I've booked all my rides 4 the wk and it was kinda challenging!I've got a dentist appointment and a doctors appointment on days I go other places.I was able to book my trips 4 Wednesday online the way that worked so many times b4!

3.29 11.30 pm

I woke up with a troubling thought,if someone really cares about how you are they would be concerned about your well being!Now I live alone,the only one who tries to make sure I'm alright and above all,not alone 4 the holidays!Jan is always making sure I'm okay :)

3.29.13 after 8 pm

I've had a successful scoot to the store today,my homemaker has been over and did her usual great job!She vacuums my whole apartment!I've done this many times b4 but with my severe spastisody and short endurance its great to have this benefit!I've got a trip to S&S in Holbrook tomorrow that I've got to keep so I can get the stuff that Wg's doesn't have then after scooting home from S&S I gutta call Lisa cause we have plans to go to D&D's for coffee and to just hang out :)!

3.29.13 after noon

I didn't do the YMCA today cause of some pain I'm still getting from my teeth!I'm really questioning now if he pulled the right one!So I've got to do things 2 keep my mind off the pain!I'm thinking a scoot to Wg's will help :).

3.28.13 6.30ish pm

I had therapy this morning but I had a rediculas pick up time,b4 7 am so needless to say I didn't make it!Hics was cancelled cause the  staff was attending a conference at the Mass brain injury association headquarters.I'm just resting today!

3.26.13 after 8pm

The dentist went well its just that I question weather he took the right tooth out!I still feel sharpness on a tooth.Tomorrow KJ is gonna make a home visit then I go to the YMCA then hics for karaoke night.I've gutta figure out how I can burn  a cd from you tube.They have versions of songs in karaoke style

3.23.13 after 9pm

I've gutta start making better dinnas!I've got to take the time to make a potato,veggie,as well as meat!Lately its just been nuke a Wg's  Berger!Lisa was up for a little bit this afternoon,I really enjoy spending qt with that lovely lady :)!Tomorrow I've gutta book my rides,Lisa and I are gonna do brunch at D&D's at 11-11.30 then I really have to do my laundry!

3.23.13 around 6pm

I woke up this morning very lethargic so I didn't do S&S!I scooted 2 Wg's instead!I did forget to get fiber one brownies though!I find those very tasty not 2 mention good 4 me 2 :)!I'm doing brunch with Lisa at D&S's tomorrow so I can go back then and pick them up :)!

3.22.13 near 9 pm

I'm tring to accept the fact that my not so little girl is 26 yrs young today!Bri,enjoy your twenties cause your gram said to me the day I turned 30.Now the yrs will go by even faster!She was so right!Happy bithday to Bri :).Tomorrow I'm going to S&S in Holhrook.I need to get the things I can't get at Wg's!

3.19.13 bout 10am

Mary (pt) has been here and she stretched me out on my couch!We walked up and down my hallway,that is something I've gutta start doing everyday,just to build up my endurance for one!I get so tired so easily :(!

3.18.13 5.30 pm

Things keep on happening,its so hard 4 me to keep track of it all :( !Dr. Black's office called but I wasn't prepaired to make an appointment with them so they said to call back when I was ready and say...... I forget what I'm supposed to say to whoever answers the call,tbi moment :( !Mary,my pt called my cell and I think said she is gonna come a little early tomorrow,I think btw 8-8.30!That's what my tbi does to me,makes me so unsure of everything :(!

3.18.13 2pm

I didn't do the YMCA today,I just couldn't seem to get out of my own way.I did have to call my pcp dr. Black about an appt. to see him,I need authorization to get that fluid build up on my back removed!What a hassle,they wanted to know when the surgery is gonna be so I said I can't schedule it until I see dr.B!They left it that someone will call!That's hard 4 me cause I need to be all set up 2 see what dates I've got available,easy access to my pocket calendar and my computer cause of my writing issues!Today I think I'm gonna scoot to the store and do my laundry!

3.17.13 around 10.30 pm

I'm up kinda late 4 me tonight!I keep checking my rides and my bank accounts!I just need to remember my rides look good and no one is attacking my bank accounts.I've got the YMCA tomorrow then when I get home I gutta do my laundry!I've got another day if I don't get to it though.Tuesday crc is gonna make a home visit!She wants to see how I get around in my apartment!I like this,not only do I get to show off my place but I'm very proud of what I'm able to do after all I've been through not to mention what I had to endure living in Scituate.I guess I really have come a long way and I'm not stopping,I've got much further to go :)!

3.17.13 7.30 ish

I never got to doing laundry today but if I feel I need to I can always do it after the YMCA tomorrow :) !I did book all my rides 4 the wk,scooted to the office to add value to my laundry card,proceeded to scoot 2 the store down the end of the street,kept an eye on my bank accounts (just something I do daily)!Now I gutta cook dinna :).

3.16.13 11.30-12 pm

It feels so good to be able to sleep at night :)!I just spilled my coffee all over my desk!These God blessed tremors really frustrate me!The plan 4 today is a scoot to Wg's with Lisa,do some tiding up around here then I donno,I'll see what the day brings!

3.15.13 after 10pm

Lisa was over and we spent qt together :) !She has yet to see if her laptop can conect to my wireless network down in her apartment but I think I've convinced her that if it dosn't to try her desktop!I did have a trip booked to S&S in Holbrook tomorrow but Lisa wants to walk.I'd rather scoot to Wg's with a pretty lady than go to S&S by myself :) !I've still gutta install the software to my wireless printer on my net book and two laptops but,it prints from my phone :) !

3.15 almost 6pm

I slept so well last night,the med I got really did well!I could have gone to the YMCA today but I just took the day to rest up!Michaela (my homemaker) was here and did great as usual!I've been watching "that 70's show" and the actors are the same age I was then and I can remember doing the same types of things!Like going over a friends house with everyone who used to hang together or meeting down the town forest and all of us getting baked :)!

3.14.after 9 pm

I'm gonna sleep great tonight cause I got my script filled at Wg's today!I took one a few hrs ago and I can tell this will help me get all the sleep I was missing :)!Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA for strength training well rested!

3.4.13 about 7 pm

I've had a hard working day,just the way I like it to be :) !At crc Mary stretched out my lower legs and thighs and it feels real good to have these muscles all stretched out,it really feels like never b4 :)!Then hics and we had a very interesting peer tbi group where we discussed "does your brain injury have any impact on the aging process?"No,having a tbi you should age just as if you didn't have one but I brought up that it is more likely we could develop all timers or dementia want to avoid anything that would compromize my independence but I believe all the work I do with my computers exercise my brain more than anything I've seen yet!We did get some links to check out but that too is using the computer :)!Next Tuesday Mary is gonna come here for therapy!She wants to see how I move about around here!I like showing off how I live and my apartment :)!

3.12.13 around 7 pm

Lisa has been over and I got her laptop conected to my wireless network then I was working on getting her a yahoo ID and email address and its much more confusing than when I did it plus her laptop is old,not much ram,slow too much waiting for the programs to work!She is gonna have to try and figure things out by herself but,she has a basic knowledge of computers :) !

3.13.13 around 2.30 pm

KJ has made a home visit and I've been to the dentist.I've found a way I can remember to speak with KJ about any concerns I may have!I just create a file in notepad,KJ date and I've got it :)!This is the way I've gutta compensate for my inability to write!That is how I try to deal with this tbi.I realize my inabilities then use my abilities to compensate 4 them! :)At the dentist I met this very pretty young mother so I figured a good chance to network,I gave her one of my cards with my web site and blog url on it,also my email address.I was also able to post a blog from my phone while waiting 4 my ride.These posts might not be good gramer or perfect spelling but something I can do while waiting,if I remember how I got there :) !

3.12.13 2.30-3 pm

I couldn't do therapy this morning cause it seems I'm not sleeping at night.I do sleep but I don't get in a deep sleep!I had to cancel my trip to crc which meant I would also have to cancel bowling too!I go back to the dentist tomorrow,I'll see if there is a pain med that dosen't space me out as bad!

3.11.13 8-9 pm

Today has been pretty cool!I scooted to the store,got home and staples had delivered my usb devises to connect to the wireless networks.I'm installing 1 now on Lisa's laptop!When I get her all set up I'm gonna get her to join fb!I hope all my fb friends will friend her.She helps me with so much!
  Tomorrow I've got therapy 1st then I go from crc to boston bowl!Hics bowling tournament!I think there is free pizza too!My ride is booked to go from crc to boston bowl then home at 1.16!All my other times are similar,start at 8.10 then 10.10,I'm just thinking of ways I can remember them,I've got my 1st two cause they are both 10 afters but the last time will be hard,I wish I could write legibly!

3.11.13 after 12am

I'm up cause I was worried my rides were wrong!I checked and they seem right but that's what its like living with tbi,even though I see they are right,I'm still not sure.I've just gutta except this as part of living with tbi,could be worse!
    I've got the YMCA tomorrow but I need some things at Wg's!My return trip is at 2.35!I think I'm gonna go and go to Wg's after!I've got laundry to do as well!Looks like I'm gonna be working late tomorrow :)!

3.10.13 almost 8 pm

This time change has me really "fed" up!I'm just cooking dinna now!I'm not the only one thou,"the ride" just called with my times 4 tomorrow!I'm so glad I got the web site working so I can understand it!

3.10.13 3-4 pm

I really slept in today :)!I'm just having my  1st cup of coffee now!I have booked most of my rides 4 the wk thou and cked them on line to make sure they are right!I should do my laundry today but,it will be there tomorrow,I've only got the YMCA on Monday then I get busy with crc and hics and I've got another dentist visit on Wednesday.
  I've been hanging out with Lisa a lot lately,last night I think she said I was hot!That is a great compliment but if it was true why don't I have a gf!

3.9.13 just after 3pm

I just had a very lucky scoot to the store!Snow removal is kinda rough around here the ramps to the sidewalks are not clear and the streets are icey!I was able to stay up right but I kept on getting stuck on the ice!Lisa came too and was able to give me a push when needed but I don't wanna have to relie on help of any kind.Then on the way back this very nice man saw I was having problems getting going, stopped and loaded my scooter in his truck,drove me home!

3.9.13 12 pm

My son is 28 yrs old today :)!Happy B-day Kenny!I'm not gonna go to S&S today!I'm gonna trust that the snow removal is good enough around here to safely scoot to the store!


My oldest is gonna be 28 yrs young tomorrow :)!Its hard 4 me to think soon he will be 30 yrs OLD!I guess I've gutta be thankfull I'm here to see it!He is gonna find out when you reach the age of thirty the yrs seem to fly by!It seems you blink your eyes and all of a sudden your 40!
  Tomorrow I've got trips to S&S in Holbrook but I donno if I want to go there or attemp scooting to Wg's!Wg's has more of what I need right now,maybe I'll see if the driver will drop me off at Wg's then I'll just have to scoot home!My  pick up is not till 11.30 so maybe I'll get up early and scoot to Wg's b4 my ride to S&S!I'll still be able to stay in bed till 10.30!I'll be up way b4 then so I think a scoot 1st is a plan :)!

3.8.13 after 8 pm

The snow sux!I get the feeling of being trapped when its not safe to get out and even scoot to the store just down the street!Thinking positive,its March,spring time,this crap won't be around 4 long :) !

3.7.13 5-6 pm

Wow,I got a script 4 a new pain med from the dentist and it really knocked me out!I just now got going.Needless to say I didn't do crc or hics today!It sux out (snow),I need some things at the store too!The office did say if this ever happens to call them and they may be able to help,don't try scooting!I'll wait till tomorrow.

3.6.13 12-12.30

KJ was over and she helped me with so so much I've really gutta think about it b4 it escapes me!We (she) was able to install my print cartridges correctly and finish the install of the software.She even got my phone able to print a page on it :)!Now I've just gutta install the software on my net book and my two notebooks (laptops)!I can print from my phone now :)!She was also able to help me with my phone quite a lot!She got my phone to access my on line banking account,my blog,The ride's web site!!I've just gotta remember to go to favorites and pick what I want!I now even know how to make the screen (fonts) bigger so I'm able to work with it more efficiently :) !I'm not gonna go to hics tonight cause I really shouldn't spend the money plus I've got therapy and hics tomorrow and I need to scoot to Wg's to pick up meds!I'm really creating a happy life for myself with all my technology! :)

3.5.13 after 7pm

I've been on the go all day :)!I had therapy early this morning,I say early only cause I get picked up b4 8 am 4 a 9 am appointment!I've gutta get up at 6 am to be bright eyed for that!Then I had a dentist appointment,all he did was check my tooth extracktion to make sure its healing properly.I made another appointment to have another one taken!I did get a script for stronger pain med thou,now I gutta find time to scoot to Wgs!I did scoot to the little variety store not to far from here but it was getting late and didn't want to be scooting in the dark!Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit and I wanna see if she can help install my print cartridges in my new printer!

3.4.13 12.22 am

I'm up real late tonight!That is cuase I was trying to find a usb devise on line I can order so Lisa can keep the one I have.I found it at .It was really a pleasent experience.I had a sales person start a chat with me,I explained what I wanted,she showed me a few items,I picked one then proceeded to checkout!I got 2 because I want to have a spare.Late,I'm gonna go to the YMCA tomorrow for strength training!I just love pushing as many llbs as I can 4 12 reps :)!

3.3.13 after 7 pm

I've been to the store down the street and got most of what I wanted but they didn't have coke zero or pepsi max so I got a 12 pk of diet pepsi :)!It doesn't taste nearly as good as pepsi max but it will suffice!I've booked all my rides 4 the wk!I'm able to get on the web site to ck and make sure they are right and to ck my times.I never got to laundry today,I'm gonna have to do it after I get home from the YMCA  tomorrow!I've got Lisa's laptop trying to get it to connect to my wireless network.I'm doing a repair this connection and its taking a very long time!I'm still having issues trying to install my printer cartridges in my new printer but you know me,I don't know how to give up!I'll keep trying until KJ comes over and looks at it 4 me!Then if she gets it I'll have to undo it and do it again myself!I so want to be able to handle all of my needs all by myself!

3.2.13 nearing 11 pm

I'm ending my day by listening to G&R :)!Lisa and I ordered out for dinna tonight and I had something a little different for me,a chicken cordon blue calzone!Lisa helped me get my new printer on my desk but I'm having the same issues with this I had with my last one.I can't seem to get the print cartridges seated properly!Its very frustrating!

3.2.13 nearing 5 pm

I was gonna scoot to Wg's but I slept a bit longer so its kinda too late to safely scoot anywhere now!I just needed a 12 pk of soda but I think I can make what I have left last till tomorrow!I should work on setting up my new wireless printer and getting on and try to locate that adapter that plugs in a usb port and finds a wireless signal and allows you to connect to a wireless network!

3.1.13 after 10 pm

I keep checking my bank accounts for changes cause I use my master money card for just about everything!I've run in to things b4 that I've got hidden charges that accompeny a purchase I ledgitimatly made!When you do this its important to check it often,especially with on line purchases!I'm on line with my bank 3-4 times a day!

3.1.13 9.30ish

I just got in to a little bit of a project!My index page on was coming up without struggle on it!I think its fixed now but if anyone notices its coming up wrong again or something is missing please let me know!I guess I must do a better job maintaining my home page!

3.1.13 btw 6-7 pm

I went to family dollar with Lisa and was able to get most of what I needed,wanted but I think I'll keep my trips to S&S tomorrow cause they didn't have a 12 pk of coke zero or Pepsi one!I think the weather is gonna cooperate so  can scoot home when I'm finished!Its so cool having sound again!I'm listening to creed as I'm blogging :) !

3.1.13 going on 2pm

Lisa came over and I talked to Marlane about her issues with the guy above her now we are gonna go to family dollar.I'm thinking maybe I can get all my needs and not have to go to S&S tomorrow!

3.1.13 11.30-noon

I did it again,I let my pain get the better of me:(!I cancelled my trips to the YMCA today.Lisa is gonna come over at I think 3 pm so I can call someone in management about her issues with the guy living above her!All I can say is how it affects her!I see her all stressed out cause of lack of sleep!She hates living here because of him!My homemaker is due to be here at 4 pm,I'm gonna see if I can squeeze in a scoot to Wg's b4 she comes